The bombing of Syria will gain more support as Assad cons America

If I were a fly on the wall in the Oval Office the other day, I might have believed that I was watching a Laurel and Hardy rerun when”O” says to the long faced nincompoop “here’s another fine mess you got me into”.  A fine mess indeed.

If amateurs are going to go one-on-one on the world arena against a hardened Russian leader, former KGB officer, and judo expert they will probably be thrown for a loop and then find that Putin put their own foot in their mouths. Now the Obama administration is still struggling to get off the mat.

John Kerry gave President Putin enough rope to gag Kerry with Kerry’s own words, so this loser must now play out the game of War and Peace with the infamous Bashar of Syria. Even so,  President Bashar Assad like the typical Arab dictator is just conning America. Assad has no intention of playing by the rules they set up. Assad plans to change the rules as the game goes along.

Obama and Kerry have said that is something they will not allow to happen. The problem is that Obama has already lost all credibility in the Arab world. If you listen to what Assad recently said yesterday to the press, it already is quite apparent that Assad has already changed the rules of the game.

The facts are that Arab dictators never learn and America never learns that you cannot trust what Arab dictators say. The Arab dictators always make the mistake of thinking that America’s reluctance to use force means that Americans fear a fight or will not fight. You would think that by our past military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11 that they would learn that Americans can only be pushed so far.

Americans do not want to get into another war trying to civilize the insane and so they do not want Obama to get us into the civil war in Syria. However, if tyrants take our reluctance to pick sides in civil wars when both sides are evil, for inability to act when evil confronts us, they have just made a fatal mistake.

Americans know what Putin promised and what Assad agreed to for President Obama to delay the planned military actions against Syria. If Assad is now going to play us like fools, he will assure swift destruction on himself when Americans turn against him and authorize Obama to take him out.

We have shed too much blood and spent trillions of dollars to at least try to make the Middle East a more civilized sane place. We are not now going to allow Assad to make America look impotent so that Iran gets the wrong idea and starts building nuclear warheads to threaten Israel and the West. We might have poor leadership at this point in American, but common sense usually prevails among the people. I suggest that President Assad follow through on his promise, rather than telling America what they must first do before he actually complies with what he and Russia promised.

In case you did not hear what Assad said yesterday, he said that the U.S. must stop working to overthrow him and must stop supporting the rebels fighting against him before he complies with any agreement on giving up his WMD. He also suggested that Israel would need to give up their WMD. None of that is going to happen.

No matter what I think about us supporting the Islamic rebels in Syria, we should not allow Assad to now put any conditions on the agreement that stopped the looming military action in the first place. If Assad now does not follow through on the agreement, Americans can and should remove him. Assad would be very foolish to think that Americans would not support military action against him if he now thumbs his nose at America. Even so, nobody ever accused ruthless Arab dictators of possessing wisdom.

Therefore, knowing that Assad is not likely to comply with the agreement, military action is almost a certainty at some point. Next time it may not be the exceedingly small military action that John Kerry stupidly telegraphed. If Assad has conned America, and will now use Israel as the excuse to renege on signing the Chemical Weapons Ban treaty, a strike from America could still take place this fall.

If Assad signs the treaty but does not comply with it, there will be more general international support for the use of force by the middle of next year or even before that time if nerve gas is used again. However, Russia would again veto any actions against Syria, so the U.N. will do nothing and it will again be up to America to stop Assad from not using WMD. So what was the point in this whole exercise of futility, other than that Putin’s realization that Kerry and Obama made it just too easy for Putin to rope-a-dope them?

In order to deter any future U.S. action and shore up Assad, Russia says it will send more weapons to Syria and Iran including S-300 antiaircraft systems. I do not recommend that they do that or Israel may take these missiles out.

Russia is making a big show of force by sending some ships into the area but Russia is not going to directly fight the U.S. over Syria or Iran. Putin is tough, but he is not suicidal. Putin knows the present limitations of the vastly downsized Russian military and without the gas markets of Europe the Russian nation would totally self-destruct. One reason Russia tries to keep the tensions in the Middle East high is because it raises oil prices and their GDP bottom-line.

The real danger in striking Syria is the unknown response from Assad, Hezbollah, or Iran against Israel and Sunni oil nations. If Assad just takes a military strike and licks his wounds, that might be the end of it for a while. However, if Assad uses chemical weapons against Israel, or if Hezbollah and Iran strike out against Israel, then Israel and America could find themselves in a world war spanning from North Africa to China. Securing the WMD in Syria and even Iran would be a cake walk compared to securing nuclear weapons in Pakistan and North Korea.

That wider war really is inevitable anyway. No matter who controls these Middle East nations the Sunni vs Shiite war will continue and it will expand. The only question is who will ultimately control these areas?  The Arab Spring was the start of open civil war in Islam and the long Arab Winter will determine whom will end up in control of the Arab lands. I would bet on the Sunni Muslims under a soon forming Roman led Mediterranean Union.

Defeating the Iranian led Shia and helping most of the Sunni radicals also get themselves killed fighting the Shia forces probably seems like a pretty good strategy to the global elite. That probably is the overall big plan of the globalists to bring about peace in the Middle East and that also is why our own government is supporting the Sunni with its Muslim Brotherhood. Anyway, don’t be conned, this regional war is still going to happen.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


37 thoughts on “The bombing of Syria will gain more support as Assad cons America

  1. There is no way a Al Qaeda rebel controlled Syria is any better than Assad. Look at Egypt for example. If we take Assad out they will most certainly come to power. Also I fear Assad may go down swinging if he thinks he has nothing to lose because he’s a dead man either way. Either we kill him or the rebels will much like Gaddafi. He might ignite WW3 on his way out by launching chemical weapons on Israel.

  2. Well Don,

    Assad is being asked to provide the secret locations of his chem-weps within a week…oh yeah, sure he will.,7340,L-4429495,00.html

    Well, it’s obvious he’s not going to give them all up…so, when it is found out that he is not being forthcoming with the information, we’ll see how cooperative Vlad and the Ruskies are to supporting a strike in Syria when it proves to be a bust…perhaps what you just said in this article will play out.

    If there were a way to get rid of these chem-weps and not get involved with this Sunni/Shiite war, I’d be all for it but I don’t believe that will prove to be possible…we’ll find ourselves knee deep in the middle of this civil war…we can’t do it with air power so boots on the ground are going to be required….and probably our own soldiers will be dying by the weapons that we just gave these America hating, Christian murdering rebels.

    Perplexity indeed.

  3. I read the other day that one of the main reasons Russia supports Assad is because Assad will not allow a natural gas pipeline to be built from Qatar, through his country (Syria) and on to Europe, and that benefits the Russian-owned company Gazprom because Gazprom sells natural gas to Europe. Qatar and Saudi Arabia want the pipeline to go through, so Obama is wanting Assad out. Period.

    Obama can literally kill 2 birds with one stone. 1.) Supporting al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups (al-Nusra Front, which we are already doing). 2.) Enable the natural gas pipeline to be built if/when Assad falls.

    What a fine mess.

  4. Frank,

    Actually, there is another option. Take out Assad and then support the secular military and the Christians that will take out al-Qaeda and the al-Nusra Front. I don’t think Obama will do that. He is bought and paid for by the Muslim brotherhood, but like in Egypt the people of Syria could get fed up with these Islamic butchers rather quickly. What is likely to happen if Assad is removed is the end of Syria as a nation.

  5. Way too early for the ISA 17 Destruction of Damascus scenario. Well, I’m not looking for it.

    Closer to home – I can’t believe we would flirt with suicide so casually (OK, maybe not). I would have hardened the power grid at least a decade ago (certainly, post 9/11). I believe the saying is “watch your flank.” That’s not happening at any level, other than appearances, for which adversaries can see through. We are in no position for anything approaching “rope-a-dope” when we’re a few milli-seconds away from being a “non-mention” in all current world events.

  6. Craig,

    Actually the dope has already been roped and the EMP attack if it happens is still sometime in the future. That is another topic anyway.

  7. Hi Don,

    It continues to amaze me how ignorant our government is with regards to the culture of the middle east. The way these tribal cultures work is to “make a deal”, then, constantly haggle and try and bend the deal in your favor. We have seen this with multiple middle eastern leaders, and they all do the same thing. Our government got sucked into the “haggle” vortex, and is showing no wisdom in dealing with it. I guess it is amateur hour.

    Rod in Oregon

  8. Faith,

    I have not read that yet, but Iraq is led by a Shiite. Saddam sent his nerve gas to Syria. Seems like the Shiites would rather play musical chairs with WMD rather than giving up those weapons for destruction.

  9. All this talk of “peace and security” just brought to mind 1 Thess 5:3. The world may be saying peace and security as it is now but that does not mean it will be a time of peace and security. It is just the mindless mantra of those who believe that we can transcend or skirt this coming conflict and all future conflicts. However as you read further “sudden destruction” will come. It is very obvious that the world and these leaders are both blind and lost stumbling toward the eventual appearance of the anti-Christ. Just puppets on the same set of strings.

  10. Don, if this isn’t on topic enough delete it, no problem…but I can’t help but wonder how the general population in the U.S. who may believe that we should go ahead and get involved in this circus would feel if this was a country like, oh say, Northern Ireland? Basically, its the same scenario except instead of different factions of islam, you have the RC versus the Protestants(an excuse for secular governmental power and subjectation(sp) in my opinion). Really, if either side decided to up the ante with their weapons or tactics, would we back either? Judging from the amount of Irish and English people we have here, it seems to me we would have more skin in the game. This scenario reminds me of the demonization that was cast on Serbia(half of my heritage,thank you very much) during the Balkan War period. That war has been going on for around 800 years, islam (gee what a surprise) is involved, there were admittedly atrocities committed on ALL sides, but the WORLD and the U.S. backed the muzzies. I guess what I am trying to convey is that we as a country have absolutely no business whatsoever getting involved in this trainwreck of a conflict. I honestly believe that we won’t get involved militarily, but that this is just another step in isolating Israel from the rest of the world, forcing them to do the dirty work. I don’t know if I am scriptually correct in this summation, and am willing to be corrected if need, but that is how I see it.

  11. Michael,

    I don’t why you honestly believe that we won’t get involved militarily? We got involved in Kuwait when Iraq invaded. We got involved in the Balkin war when the liberals cried over the airwaves over the Muslims. We then got involved in Iraq again. We got involved in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We got involved in Egypt and Libya and we are now militarily involved in several Muslims nations and using covert warfare against Assad. I am willing to bet that a lot of boots will be on the ground in Syria and Iran before this thing plays out.

    Can the world policeman just mind his own businesses? Can a Chicago policeman disobey the police chief and can the police chief disobey the politicians that put him in office? I think you know the answer, and that is why we will get militarily involved. Western politicians have already taken the side of the Sunni.

  12. Hi Don,

    We already have boots on the ground if you count the “advisers” from the U.S. military, and CIA. I would also venture a guess that we have some special forces in Syria as well.

    Rod in Oregon

  13. Nice article Don, I just saw one thing which was “We might have poor leadership at this point in American, but common sense usually prevails among the people.”

    Sadly common sense isn’t in our favor, Things that are right will be wrong and things that are wrong will be right. Everyday we see more and more of this common sense sort of things.

    No matter what we do (attack or not) the end times will happen as it is prophesied. I am in the camp that we will take military action against Syria regardless.

  14. Here is another thing your article made me think of. Let’s say that this isn’t the Isaiah 17 event most people assume it will turn out to be, but lets say, that Assad is removed. Lets’ also say that the US or UN steps in to take over the Chem weapon sites and puts ‘security forces’ in there. To me, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Obama work out a deal that puts a Hashemite ruler in there (as in Jordan) as long as the Saudi’s call off the Muslim brotherhood/al Qaeda thugs. he could be the man the world is waiting for, esp if he works out a significant peace deal.

  15. Pete,

    I can’t see any scenario where a Hashemite ruler rules over Syria. I also do not see the Saudi’s calling off the Jihadists when they are the ones that sponsor them. At least not before the war between the Islamic factions. What is more likely in time is that NATO forces will take over North Africa and the Middle East.

    Sorry Bill Salus, I don’t think it will be Israel, but Israel will join with the EU/MU union that empowers NATO and gives Israel the security prophesied before Gog comes down.

  16. I have a friend who is in the marines that is shipping out to Syria very soon with his unit. Apparently this is all being kept quiet but we ARE planning for an imminent confrontation. Whether they are “advisers” or not the bottom line is we are sending a lot of guys over there as we speak.

  17. Don, as usual, an excellent analysis of the machinations going on in the Middle East. It is so sad that the USA has become so un-Christian among its leadership that they are completely blind to the spiritual realities driving these very real physical confrontations.

    Now I can certainly envision a sizable war in this area of the world about two years from now. Things can stretch and stretch but when they keep doing that – they usually also snap.

    This war two years from now would not be along the lines of a Psalm 83 event but something much larger – like the Ezekiel 38/39 catastrophe.

    In the Ezekiel 38/39 event I don’t see the USA as having much skin in that game. We seem to be among those distant countries asking the invaders “are you not being nice now?” However, in their typical Muslim fashion somehow or another they have pulled together the key factions that are actually fighting one another now in Syria. Ezekiel 38/39 specifically names these currently warring factions of Islam as being then united against Israel: Libya & the Sudan (representing the Muslim Brotherhood), Persia/Iran (representing radical Shia) and Turkey (a power hungry for their old days as the leader of the Caliphate). Then, “presto” and then “something occurs” and the current enemies are united against their ages old enemy – Israel. (It is complicated to imagine what series of events that could include on the physical level but it is quite easy to see when you realize that Satan is truly the one master of all factions of Islam).

    Fortunately we know whose side God is on during that one…

  18. Fount,

    There is no way that I can see the Ezekiel 38 39 war taking place in two years. It won’t even happen in a decade. Russia does not have the necessary army or the means or will to assembly a great collocation of nations against Israel. If you don’t believe me ask Putin. If you read his latest Op-eds in the New York Times he sees Islam as the world treat and he sees Himself as the third Rome Orthodox Christian savior that will save Christianity from the Muslim hordes down the line. He actually wants the US to join him in this.

    Israel does not have the security nor the spoil necessary for Ezekiel 38 to play out. Not to mention that nobody could build a collation with the names mentioned in Ezekiel anytime soon. The Sunni and the Shia are not now going to work out their differences. There will be a war for control of the whole region and our President is obviously siding with the majority Sunni.

  19. Don

    There are certainly some differences between your interpretation and mine. Would be boring if we were all the same… but I submit mine are pretty well thought out too.

    I do not see Russia as leading the Ezekiel 38/39 event – I see “Rosh” in that passage as the Hebrew word for “head” (as in Rosh Hashanah). I have also already opined in another forum that Putin will be playing the “Orthodox Christian” card and not be supportive of Islam anytime soon. That doesn’t mean Russia is not a leader of apostate Christianity (nationally only 3% of them attend church weekly). What is most likely is that since the anti-Christ will be saying he is the Christ Russia will line up behind him as one of the “Christ supporters” (really the anti-Christ’s power players). See the bear of Daniel 7.

    I see the rest of the ancient countries being listed in Ezekiel 38/39 as having existed within what is now Turkish territory. This means the Ezekiel 38/39 coalition is ALL Islamic. The Shia and the Sunni can only work out their differences if there is a substantial force finally being applied against them (which the world might be able to get around to in two more years time) or if they decide their only way out is to join together to strike their real enemy – the “little Satan” of Israel. Remember that as much as these two forms of Islam hate each other – they really have a common BOSS – Satan.

    Now you and I and everyone on this forum thinks that Israel is not secure and not at peace. However, recent polls of the Israel public actually shows that they feel MORE SECURE THAN EVER! This is truly unbelievable to us – but they think they are dwelling in peace!

    As to the spoils – the offshore natural gas finds and onshore shale oil finds in Israel have been astounding. Israel now has about 10% of the world’s gas reserves – Turkey has already said they will stop Israel from exporting it. Israel also has an estimated 250 billion barrels of shale oil reserve – second only to the US with this type of oil. (For reference Saudi Arabia only has 260 billion regular barrels proven reserves). Two more years of development of these vast resources will certainly provide Israel with some “real spoils”.

    I do see Obama as siding with the Sunni. After all, this is the type of Islamic school he attended while living in Asia. His father was certainly African Sunni. However, with his great identification and empathy towards Islam – I can’t see him really pulling a significant trigger against the Sunnis during the remainder of his Presidential term. He basically becomes a non player in this drama.

  20. Fount,

    I do not agree with any of your Islamic Antichrist theories. I have explained the reason why enough times in previous posts so I am not going to do it all over again.

    Some united Islam (if that were even possible) led by Turkey is not going to come against Israel to take a spoil anytime soon. Turkey would get nuked and that would be the end of that. There is not one reference to religion in Ezekiel 38 or 39. The invasion has nothing to do with religion. It is strictly to take a spoil. And as I said elsewhere it probably happens because of a general world shortage due to prior wars or drought. You think the Antichrist comes from Islam and I find the whole theory ridiculous.

    You also cannot carry off oil and gas reserves, they are not spoils. Besides, it will be decades before any shale oil reserves could even be developed. Even the U.S. is a long way from getting any significant oil out of shale.

    What I think you are doing is playing the predictable contemporary news paper headline Bible prophecy game that people have been playing for decades to try to make Bible prophecy play out on their contemporary schedule, which in your case is this decade. It simply is not going to happen.

  21. Don

    I definitely hold no Islamic anti-Christ theory. I’ll even offer up the best scriptural proof that I have seen to date on why Gog is not the anti-Christ. It is quite clear that the Ezekiel 38/39 event will occur either before or during the great tribulation period since Ezekiel 40 – 48 covers in great detail the “fourth” Temple in Jerusalem that will be built during the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth. We also know that the anti-Christ will be condemned to the eternal lake of fire at the beginning of that same 1,000 reign of Christ.

    Then go to Revelation 20:7 – AFTER his 1,000 year imprisonment (which is contemporaneous with Christ’s 1,000 reign on earth) Satan will go out to “the nations at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle”. Since we know Gog is the leader of Magog (from Ezekiel 38:1) then Gog CANNOT be the anti-Christ (since he can never get out of the lake of fire). For me it seems pretty clear that Gog is the leader of the Muslims who are violent towards the Jews & the Christians. Since there is a 1,000 year + gap between the first appearance of Gog and his last – it also seems clear that Gog must be a title of the Muslim leader rather than a real person.

    Every attack that Islamic countries have made or ever will make upon Israel has nothing to do with spoil – it has to do with Satan versus God. The spoil comment in scripture is referring to what the foolish “earthly” countries think the invasion is about. One reality is that you certainly don’t have to carry off oil and gas reserves if you own the land above them. Witness the immense net present value of the future oil production of Saudi Arabia in the 1930s – hence the Americans pouring in to help them through what is now Saudi Aramco.

    I certainly do not play the predictable contemporary news paper headline Bible prophecy game. I have been studying the Book of Revelation since December 1986 and have taught my own interpretations of it in weekly Bible classes for over six years. I am currently writing a very literal interpretation of that same book – full time for almost four years now – and my findings are completely unique to all of the many hundreds of other writers and theories I have ever examined over the decades. I do think the true message of Revelation will drive future news headlines (so the relationship is reversed – we can’t gleam Bible truths from the headlines; Bible truths drive the headlines) and I do think the end of the age will be a few years sooner than you think.


  22. Fount,

    You are totally off topic and what you say makes no sense and this is not the first time.

    You do not believe Gog is the Antichrist? Okay fine, neither do I. However, then you say Gog is the leader of Muslims. So I guess from your Lake of Fire statement we are to assume that Gog is also the head of Muslims after the thousand year reign. Give me a break!

    Besides, there is absolutely nothing said about Gog being a head of a religion. He is called the chief prince of Meshech, and Tubal. Princes are not religious leaders. You just make things up as you go along to fit the contemporary news and your early tribulation beliefs and then you claim that you stick with the Bible. That is nonsense, there is nothing in the Bible to support anything that you said.

    Your idea that Islam will not come to take a spoil from Israel because it has never done that in prior wars is circular reasoning. First you assume the invasion comes from Muslims and then you assume that Saudis would be asking other Muslims if they are invading Israel for Spoils. If it were a Muslim invasion and not for spoils, the Saudis would not be asking the question for the invasion, they would be among them. Who in their right mind would assume that the Saudis that head Islam would not come in a Muslim invasion against Israel? This thinking is so convoluted that it is hard to respond in words to do it justice.

    If your writings on Revelation are completely unique to all the other writers on Revelation as you said, I can assure you that you are the one that has it wrong.

    Sorry, but that is your last word on these points. I am tired of you getting my posts sidetracked onto your biblically unfounded presumptions.

  23. “…and my findings are completely unique to all of the many hundreds of other writers and theories I have ever examined over the decades.”

    I must say that this comment from Fount is disappointing. If true, “completely unique” is an admission to having never taken heed of others to whom God has given the gift of Pastor Teacher. In reality it is a statement of being ‘one of a kind’ and of having no need of those gifts in others; a dangerous ploy if ever I heard one.

    Perhaps it was badly worded.

  24. Don, In your comment to Frank you said, —“Take out Assad and then support the secular military and the Christians that will take out al-Quaeda and the al-Nusra Front.”
    Who are the Christians you refer to? I haven’t read anything about Christians defending themselves against Islamists butchery and I struggle with “what should I believe about this?”
    I realize there are some differences in cultural thinking but I can’t see letting some one break into my house and slice me up with a machete while I try to defend myself with my arms. Or worse, watching helplessly while they slaughter my family. As of this morning the report is that the Syrian rebels who have gained control of Christian villages are saying “convert to Islam or be beheaded.”
    Do you remember the five missionaries killed by the Acuas in Ecuador in 1956? The missionaries were all armed but they chose not to fire on those they were trying to bring the gospel to. I understand that. Later, Elizabeth Elliot and Rachael Saint went back to that tribe and won them to Christ. I can’t see the current situation as being the same. The Acuas killed out of fear, the Islamist kill out of hate and a belief they are going to rule the world. And yet the Christians in the middle east, Asia and Africa don’t defend themselves or their families. Not that I have read about.
    How are we as Christians to think about this? I would like feedback from any one. [I am American and I’m armed.]

  25. Caitlin,

    There are many Christians in Syria. Some of these fled the areas held by the Islamists and some are fighting against Islamists with the secular forces. I was not suggesting that fighting Christians can determine the outcome of the civil war. However, if America and the world really wants to deal with the problem in Syria they would take out Assad and the Islamists and give direct military support to those forces that want a secular state.

    Christians are not going to convert Muslims to Christ by just letting them kill them. If they want to be a martyr they should die giving them the gospel like that Pastor in jail in Iran. Being an evangelist to Muslims is noble, but the Christians in Syria are generally not evangelizing Muslims and most of them are cultural Christians anyways.

  26. Hi Don,
    Pastor Saeed is still alive, praise the Lord, but still suffering in an Iranian prison. Sekulow has drawn a lot of attention to his plight. There was a world wide prayer day for his release on Friday. A letter has been written to the new Iranian president urging his release. Only God will work this miracle.

    As to supporting the secular fighters against Assad, not sure how many of those are still around. According to Charles Lister, “The insurgency is now dominated by groups which have at least an Islamist viewpoint on the conflict. The idea that it is mostly secular groups leading the opposition is just not borne out.”

    10% in Syria claim the “Christian” faith. I once dated a “Christian Syrian” and as much as he hated Assad he did not stick around to fight. Managing a 5 star hotel in Beverly Hills.

    I just think we will mess this one up just as we did in Libya etc. I am for sending humanitarian aid to the hospitals, (although that will probably get into the wrong hands as well)but no weapons.

  27. Kate,

    I am not suggesting that there are many secular forces still fighting Assad. I am saying that someone will have to put boots on the ground and hand Syria over to the secularists if they expect anything less than an Islamic state. Of course, that is not likely to happen until the next world war and after that war radicalized Islam probably will be replaced with the Roman led inclusive Harlot.

  28. That makes sense. You are way above my pay grade in understanding prophecy. I guess my perspective on what overseas cultures are really like is some what jaded by my time living and working overseas. I think history is more hits then misses on the role America has played as world referee, but it seems to me, and I may be wrong, that this sudden change in Iran’s position, is to somehow make Obama look better since he utterly failed in his early talks on Syria. Now why would they do that? Hmmm would it be that they have made some back room deal on Israel? It’s pretty obvious that Obama does not care for Israel but he can’t show it here in the US directly.

    Don could you give your take is on this diplomacy between US and Iran after 35 years? It wasn’t even a year ago when Obama was playing hard ball with them over their nukes, now all of a sudden they are talking peace?

  29. Hi Kate,

    My take on Iran is that they know they have run out of time on their nuclear program unless they can sucker the U.S. into thinking that they have changed. They also hope the UN sanctions will be removed. North Korea did the same thing and the U.S. fell for it and now N. Korea has nukes and is still expanding its nuclear program.

    Iran will play out the diplomacy card for as long as it allows them to meet their objectives. Those objectives are to broaden the base of their nuclear program so that when they do decide to go for nuclear break-out they can make many nuclear weapons within months of that decision. They also want to have ICBM’s developed so that America would not dare attack them. Meanwhile, Israel can do nothing or they will be ostracized by Obama and the western media.

    Let’s face it, we have enemies of America running America and at their very best they are fools.

  30. David V,

    I totally agree with the first part of the article. The nerve gas attack did not come from Assad’s forces. Turkey provided the gas and it was done by the forces that were opposing Assad. I believe I read a UN finding on that about a month ago. The rockets found were much too small to travel the distance that was claimed and the Saran gas was not the type that Assad has.

    The second part of the article sounds very plausible but I have read nothing that can verify that was the way it actually played out.

  31. Question: I have read that China is preparing for the immanent collapse of North Korea. (1) How many months away do you believe the collapse of the NK regime to be and (2)where do you think the nukes will end up?

  32. Bob from Texas,

    I said in my 2010-2020 worlds trends article (#16 on sidebar) that “North Korea’s military will be obliterated and South Korea or China will take over North Korea”. I think it will happen before the end of this decade. As for the nukes, I think they will be destroyed by air strikes or special forces unless N. Korea is able to get a couple of them through the defenses first. Of course your on the wrong post to be talking about N. Korea.

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