The EMP generation starts when power ends in America

We are rightly concerned with the political and economic situation in America, but nevertheless, there is a very high likelihood that the failure of our national electrical grid and national infrastructures is what will get most of us killed within this decade.

The probability of a solar or nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) occurring over America this decade is probably more likely than not. It is a scientific fact that an EMP can put America back to the infrastructure conditions of the 1800’s but trying to support ten times the population.

We should be aware that an EMP can happen at any time but most in America are either not aware of this threat or they are treating this threat to our society as if it were little more than science fiction.

It is critical that Americans wake up and do something about this threat because this is by far the number one reason why the majority of Americans may not even see the next decade. So before you start making plans for the 2020’s, you had better make sure that your representatives in Washington have taken the action necessary to make your survival to that decade even a likelihood.

They need to make the hardening of America’s electrical, communications and electronic infrastructures the number one priority for the self defense of this nation.

There are at least three ways that most of this nation could find themselves literally in the dark for weeks, months or even years within this decade (the percentage is my best guesstimate):

1. Successful nuclear EMP’s over America originating from an enemy.  > 50%

2. A Solar EMP due to an explosion on the sun.  >10%

3. A coordinated enemy cyber attack on our grid, power plants, and communications infrastructures.  > 90% (An enemy cyber attack is probably not going to lead to millions of deaths in America although fairly long local power outages could bring riots in the cities that have been impacted by the power outages and also bring local shortages and martial law)

America simply cannot support its present populations without modern electricity, electronics and communications. The estimate from the experts is that 70 to 90 percent of the population of the United States would die if they could not get the national power grid restored within weeks.

Whether you would be one that survives to live in the EMP generation might depend on where you live, divine providence, or on your own preparation for survival without electrical power. Will you be able to survive in an environment of no electricity and a complete breakdown of society? Most will not. There are small areas in America that are not dependent on the grid but those people would still be vulnerable to the other general infrastructure failures.

This danger is well known by your politicians because the experts have explained it to them over-and-over-again since 2004 but they have done nothing to protect you from this EMP danger. Within the last year the bill to protect our huge high voltage transformers from an EMP passed in the House but died in the Senate. Under the politically correct guise of not spending more money, many are willing to risk most of our lives for about a billion dollars!

There is a lot that needs to be done to minimize the damage from an EMP induced grid failure but the number one thing is protecting these 300 or so very high voltage transformers. Even if the power plants are up and running after an EMP they will not be transmitting electricity large distances without these transformers. These huge transformers take years to build and they are not made in the USA. So we must protect the high voltage transformers that we now have and we also need to put in place some spares around the country.

Another thing that we can do fairly easily at modest cost is to produce many more local backup generators than we have now and put them in place around the country in case of power failures. There are countless needs for back-up generators even in the local power failures caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, snow and ice storms and such.

Sure, we might lose this country to communists or fascists within this decade and even have an economic meltdown but even if those things happen most of us will still survive the decade to try to deal with the situation. However, if we lose our modern infrastructures because the power grid failed, most of us will never even see the new decade. So call your representatives and tell them to get going on protecting this nation from an EMP.

We have a solar maximum coming at us right about now and it will last for two or three more years. In those years there is about a ten percent chance that an explosion on the sun will blow out at least some of our huge high voltage transformers if nothing is done to protect them.

Both Iran and North Korea are developing ICBM’s and nuclear weapons. They are also acquiring surface ships and subs to deliver shorter range missiles. China is a threat and so is Russia (they even told us so). Any of these nations might think that they could pull off an EMP from sea without America even knowing who it was that did it.

We can fret about politics, our national debt, and all the rest but it will all be in vain if we are destroyed because we took no action to protect our modern infrastructure.

We in America are really going to look pretty stupid laying in our graves destroyed because of our own modern achievements. We are stupider than those godless fascists that hate us, if after becoming dependent on our modern inventions, we do not even know enough to protect their vulnerabilities from those in the world that want us dead.

If God wants to destroy this nation in a day, an EMP would be one way to do it. If Americans keep putting stupid wooden headed idols on thrones don’t expect these dead-heads to suddenly get smarts. It is time that Americans took the number one threat (lawlessness) and the number two threat (EMP) seriously.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


55 thoughts on “The EMP generation starts when power ends in America

  1. At the moment, I have a hurricane to deal with. We’ve talked about various preparations in the past, and I think those links are above.

    One poster in the past said that there would be no EMP because Satan/anti-christ needs technological devices. Well, I beg to differ on the assumption – An EMP destruction / marginalization of the Americas (noting one EMP blast would take out [potentially] the entire continent from Canada to Mexico) would have no effect on the prophecy of the tribulation(s) – in fact, it might hasten it (if that were possible). For example, it would hasten the development of bio-chips which are immune to EMP to a large extent. Also, the rider on the white horse will pretty much confiscate all the world’s weaponry (or what’s left of it) – thereby preventing another EMP scenario elsewhere.

    The key of survival, in a nutshell, is renewability/sustainability. Hording food and arms is short sighted and generally out of balance for a number of reasons – most of which Don has already explained in prior threads on the subject matter.

    I don’t know if there is enough time to prepare to survive, frankly. I’m attempting to get fruit bearing bushes and trees, but they take years to be of much utility. I used to have a good apple tree, but it more or less succumbed to a hurricane. But I’m doing my best with small gardening. And my fishing skills need work. I ordered a foldable boat, which has advantages over gas guzzlers and even kayaks. Ultimately, it’s back to the 1800’s and resources.

    Even if the power is restored, who’s to say anything works? Furthermore, where are you going to get replacement appliances? China? Korea?

    All I can hope for is time – a few more years worth. Let the fascists/communists/liberals/god-haters/truth-haters/big-government-voters continue the dreadful slide toward the American toilet expirement, but they are the first to go when the lights go off.

    Out of work juveniles will be a major source of danger and volatility when their toys stop working.

    As for the Lord’s will, I can see witnessing possibilities, but who knows for how long?

    The stats on fatalities listed are much worse than I believe had been put out there before. 70 to 90 percent is unfathamable. Where these deadbeat politicians think they’re immune to catastrophe or that they won’t die is ludicrous.

  2. Don,

    I totally agree about the EMP and other dangers that lie ahead in the U.S. and the world as you’ve stated.

    What I don’t understand is that “the experts have explained it to them over-and-over-again since 2004″…and…, “So call your representatives and tell them to get going on protecting this nation from an EMP.”

    Is there a way in this point in history that, we the people, can truly have an influence over those stupid wooden headed idols ‘elites’ that make these decisions ?

    If we were talking about men and women of integrity in office, I’d say yes, we can do this…but that is not the case the way I see it.

  3. David,

    The bill to protect the high voltage transformers passed the House but failed in the Senate. It has been reintroduced recently so perhaps if the Senators gets some response from the voters it will pass this time. If not we can get rid of 1/3 of the Senate next year. If Americans really understood the threat they would get it done but the lamestream media is almost silent besides the solar threat. Of course the high voltage transformers are just the first step that needs to be taken to protect America from an EMP.

    The candidates for President should make protecting America from the EMP threat a national security issue. The only one that I know that has done that so far is Newt Gingrich.

  4. With a greater than 50% chance of an emp over America in the next decade I sure wish I owned my own farm or at least a basement with 3 years supply of food.

    Kind of hard to see the benefit to Russia doing something like that since they are the worlds largest producer and exporter of oil and America is the largest consumer and importer of oil. An emp attack on America wouldn’t help Russia’s economy at all. I suppose China might try something like that but China would probably need an inducement for doing it, if America was to reneg on the debts we owe them, certainly a possibility in the years ahead.
    I could see N. Korea or Iran trying something like that, especially if they thought they could pull it off without the US knowing who launched it. The thought of it reminds me of the missile that was launched off the coast of Los Angeles last year heading out over the Pacific.

  5. Hi Don,

    I curious how you arrived at the 50% figure. What criteria did you use and how were they weighed? What do you think is the possibility of a man-made EMP event being initiated yet not being successful? Has this ever been determined? Also, the 70-90% death toll seems to me an extreme number. Can you point us to the study that came up with this figure? Thanks for all your thought-provoking articles.

  6. Doug,

    I said that my >50% chance of an EMP this decade is my own guesstimate. I also believe I have heard such figures from others.

    Iran and N Korea will have the capability to send ICBM’s over American soil by 2015 even according to our own intelligence agencies. China has said that they will take over Taiwan by 2020 and I believe them. Russia is totally KGB fascist run and thinks it can survive a nuclear war especially as we get rid of most of ours. So I think the likelihood of an EMP is pretty high.

    There are a number of sources where you can get that 70 to 90 percent death toll figure. I believe that 90 percent figure was even reported to congress.

    You might read the Congressional report link that I have in my article and maybe also get the book “One Second After” it gives a 80% die off.

    This site has some good articles if you want to do further research on what was said about this EMP danger from the experts.

  7. Thanks for the links, Don. I’d like to read that book, “One Second After”. I can see massive die-off in the cities, but somehow I think rural America will find a way to survive. But then again, if you don’t have your own well and a means to pump the water, I suppose water borne disease will kill a lot of people. Makes me even more anxious to get out of the city and move to our rural Ozark house. At least there we have a year-round spring.

  8. Frankly I hope I am part of the 90% that dies when a EMP happens and sends us back to the 1800s. Why would anyone want to live in this hellhole once that happens. What is the point ot preparing much beyond food and water for 90 days. Tis self centered narcissistic country would be a rats nest of a sewer hole to live in. People who do survive would be zombie animals at best.

  9. Abba, each of us have our “stuff” and we are at different places with You in our growth: You know that some of us are all ready to give-up, or all ready to stay-come-what-may…You know that most of us are somewhere in between, and we blow in the winds of our circumstances and our faith, our ability to trust you, tacking back and forth between these extremes…

    Please Abba, take us each where we are and work in us so that we can be like Paul where he expressed his desire to be with You now (the best thing), or to remain here to serve his bothers and sisters (better for them).

    Some days I just want to leave **NOW**; I’m *so homesick* for Heaven, and I want to be laid bare before You once and for all where my “stuff” will be completely resolved…Some days, I realize that You’ve put me here for a purpose and I need to apply the day-at-a-time grace that You supply to me…My brothers and sisters are like this to whatever degree too: Please don’t let us lose our desire for You in the former, but strengthen us to enable us to cooperate with Your Spirit as You get Your work done in this world (as You remake us too!)! Please make our desires to match Your desires in this, and continue to make us more like Jesus. We so very much need You, and we cast ourselves on You in dependence, but also in joy!

    Abba? for those who don’t even know You yet, and especially the ones You have put into our lives, please use us as Your Spirit draws them to Yourself! Please give them saving faith! Please make us attractive to You and attractive to them, for You.

    We praise You: Father, Jesus and Spirit!

  10. Thanks Brett – that puts it where it is.

    If there’s a nuke and I / family go, in some respects shall we say, problem solved. But an EMP scenario is that people/plants et al are left intact (all other threats aside, which likely will be a compilation of threats — although the timing / probability / actualities of all of this is unknown (to us all).

    My emphasis on survival of an EMP is more the scenario that Paul is left with us to do His work – and that’s where we will still be. Witnessing opportunities should abound and that’s a way that we can glorify the Father even in those circumstances.

    However, I have a hurricane to survive. It’s a pressing matter at this very moment. Actually, there’s a mandatory evac deadline in just a couple hours, but I’m staying put. I have prior experience in these matters. Suffice to say, we’ll take all the prayers everyone can muster.

  11. To Jeff, I agree. It ceacks me up when I hear of people stocking up for 1 or 2 years worth of supplies. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but exactly WHY does anybody think they could survive more than a month or so before they WERE KILLED FOR WHAT THET HAD? How long exactly can you hide the fact you are burning something for heat, fuel, etc., or have cooking smells that won’t attract people OR animals to check you out? Everybody wants to talk about being self-sufficientand prepared, but a whole lotta more prople ARE NOT! Why anyone think they wouldn’t be whacked for everything they had? Why does anyone think because they are Christian that anyone else who would happen upon then WOULD BE AS WELL? I firmly believe in the goodness, holiness, and love of Jesus…It is MAN I don’t believe if to love me when the poop hits the fan. Brett, I love you brother, but I have one question…have we got to the point where, as in Jeramiah, it is too late to pray for people who don’t want to hear OR believe? I am coming to the conclusion, personally, that it IS to late for the bulk of people. Am I wrong? Is my heart or spirit not right? I am not beyond rebuke OR correction…I am just looking for an answer.

  12. “have we got to the point where, as in Jeramiah, it is too late to pray for people who don’t want to hear OR believe”?

    Michael, Just my two cents worth. I think it always was a waste of time to pray for people that do not want to hear or believe.

    The real question might be, has this nation as a whole become that rebellious or apathetic?

    I think tyranny is the next thing on the time cycle for any nation where the answer is yes.

  13. Michael ,
    Personally I believe we should never stop praying for others. I understand there are those who
    do not want to hear about the love of Christ, but it is The Holy Spirit, not us that brings
    people to faith and belief. Only God can decide when it’s too late for someone. I so wish I
    could be optimistic about our country, but I see things getting worse and worse. The future
    however is certain , HE will appear at the appointed time. BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Good question Michael Angelo,

    I don’t think things are that bad yet.
    As Don said, we have seen nothing yet.

    As things continue to get worse, even during the last three and half years of the tribulation (when things are VERY bad) and all hell really breaks loose, doesn’t the Bible tell us that great multitudes will be saved ?

    I remember after 9/11, the churches were filled past capacity…many were talking unity and love for one another…it seems in the years of The Judges, Jeremiahs day…and unto this day, that people disregard The Lord until disaster strikes…then the cries and the prayers to the Lord become quite intense to be delivered from their calamity.

  15. I think some, if not many politicians, are aware of the EMP matter. It would not hurt to contact your elected officials in your home area and tell them your concerns.

  16. The SHIELD Act (H.R. 668) starts the process and it will be going through the House. You need to tell your House representative to support it. After it passes the House you need to tell your Senator to pass the bill

  17. Ok, so I need to tell my state senator Or Washington? Another question, if there were to be an EMP, what point during the decade do you think…middle or end?

  18. Hi Michael,

    When I wonder if it’s too late for some to hear God and be saved, I think of myself and how many times I rejected Him by rejecting the people He sent…then I think of the thief on the cross and his coming to faith…

    We don’t know if people are a “lost cause.” I agree with Don that there are some people who are so hardened that our speaking may only harden them further. That’s why I often ask Abba to re-make the hearts of those who that are seared, enabling them to possibly hear His Spirit if only for a final time…I think this is not a wasted prayer because I don’t think it would occur to us to pray for “lost causes” if it weren’t by His Spirit’s prompting. We simply don’t know what He will do in His *extravagance*, and thrilled and humbled when I think of what He can do in our hearts, even in final moments. Prayer will break a boundary that words and even loving deeds may harden…

    When a plane flies near, a train blows its horn, a siren screams in the distance and we are moved to pray for all aboard or so connected and even their families, we read a blog post, who knows who we will meet in Heaven (in part) because His Spirit asked us to pray in those moments for people we don’t even know, who might now be very far from Him…He knows and He loves, and we are *blessed* in this…

    God wastes nothing and nobody, and we will see all the many and unexpected ways that does this, very likely at the Bema! We will see what He has done on His Day and we will marvel and give Him richly deserved praise!

    Presently, we mostly see the confused, tangled parts of the back-side of His tapestry, a vast woven collection comprised of the threads of each of our lives. It can be disheartening, but sometimes The Master Weaver, in His grace, gives us small glimpses of the other side, peeks that hint at the overwhelming greatness of His work. THEN on His day, He will reveal the grand scene depicted by His tapestry in which there will be *many* unexpected threads in unexpected places, and we will be overwhelmed by the beauty and poignancy of it all where even the (ultimately) lost will have been found to have a part in His plan…

    Like our tears, our prayers for others are not wasted…

  19. Don, i am about 3/4 of the way through ” One Second Later “. Absolutely terrifying. I can see people currently who are so cold, rude, and look like robots with blank stares. This and we are still living in times when you need something you go to the store and buy it. I don’t know if i personally would want to survive, i guess it depends on who you are or the strength God gives you. Though i am a Christian and the lord say “for i have not given you the spirit of fear….” i am still fearful of what may one day come to this nation and how ill prepared we as a country and people are. Brett, you have a beautiful spirit which when you are praying comes right to the point and makes one feel that prayer is specifically speaking just to them. Bless all of you here.

  20. I don’t beleive an EMP attack or solar flare is going to wipe out our electronics! 1. We have great protection of our air space. 2. The rulers of this world wouldn’t allow it. 3. Solar flare, come on.

    If we did have something to wipe out electronics you really beleive we would lose 70-90% of the U.S. population in a matter of weeks? Not me. IT would make it tougher to get food and water, yes. Us who live in the country could boil our water from the local creeks and lakes. The ones in the city can have it delivered on in repaired trucks. Same thing for the food, in the country we can kill the animals. In the city food can be deliver on repaired trucks.

    Yes we would quickly become a third world nation. Yes our standard of living would quickly fall until we repaired the electronics. That is of course, if you beleive that having TV and cars and cell phones means you are living better! I don’t beleive its gonna happen, but if it did I can envison it being good for the U.S. Kinda like when a natural disaster happens to a community. People start relying on each other. People get out of the house and from in front of the TV and start meeting and helping their neighbors. This “great” lifestyle we have in the U.S. is not good for the soul! Have you ever watched the TV show survivor? People can live on a LOT less than we do now. Look at all the extremely overweight people we have in this country. Yes everyone might go on a diet and yes everyone might become grateful for their food and water. Yes we might not be exporting food to other nations.

    Not sure if you will post because I am in disagreement with you. I do beleive the U.S. is quicly becoming a 3rd world nation and I do beleive we can be brought to our knees any time the powers that be in this world want too. But it would, will be done through the total devaluation of the dollar. This is what I beleive the bible is speaking of when it says all of mens riches will be turned to nothing overnight. I can then see the guns that are in our homes being turned in for food. I do beleive its coming soon to a bank near you! But America can’t keep going the way it is. I don’t have time to get into the morals of our country and the unGodly things we practice here. No one wants to hear it anyway! But the Lord is not going to allow us to continue for long in the direction we are going. And I for one think its a good thing that we are forcibly changed as a nation. Its not the house ya got, or the cash in the bank or the fancy car or the ease of life that God is interested in. Its whats inside your heart and tough times build character and cause us to rely on and become closer to the Lord.

    God Bless you all and thank you Don for this site. May not alway agree with you or the people who generally post. But often I do agree and anytime I come here it cause me to think! And to consider alternative ideas.

  21. David,

    Do everyone a favor and at least read what the experts have said before you post contrary information to what they said here. I do have a link to the committee that reported to our Congress on this EMP threat in this article.

    1. We do not have good protection of our airspace, contrary to what you said.
    2. The rulers of the world would not allow it?? Like they control Iran and N. Korea or even Russia and China?
    3. Solar flares have already knocked out power grids in the past. If a flare like the one in 1857 happened most of the high power transformers in this nations would fry. Again check out what the expert said.

    How do all those trucks in the city get fuel to deliver the water even if you had the generators to pump the water? Where is the food going to come from? Remember, all transports are down and animals in the country will last about a week before they are hunted out of existence.

    Our modern infrastructure will not work without modern communications everything is interlinked. It is not just a matter of not having cell phones and TV.

    The main danger is not that people are actually going to starve to death right away. Long before that they will be killing each other in riots to horde what they can for themselves. In hours there will be no food available in the cities for most.

    In short, contribute informed information. Just giving your uninformed opinions that conflict with all the experts is part of the problem in this country.

  22. Craig,

    Irene proves that people should have a generator for other reasons besides EMP’s. Imagine if a Cat 4 hit the East coast.

    Electricity is not guaranteed to anyone (especially if you cannot pay the bill or if people allow government to outlaw all reasonable energy sources).

    Happy to hear that your preparation came in handy already.

  23. Don, I went online today and submitted about 3 letters in support of the Shield Act 668 on EMPact america. Also another website I dnt remember the name of in support of the bill. They wil be forwarded to my states senate and the Washington.

  24. In regard to what David & Don were debating on transportation through trucks…

    I was in the truck driving profession for quite awhile and I can tell you from experience that today’s semi trucks are extremely on-board computer dependent…and so are the mechanics that maintenance them.

    When a computer in a truck goes down or has serious computer problems, it is regarded as ‘dead’ and the entire truck is towed back to the manufacturer to be rebuilt or specific computer components are sent to the mechanics via the manufacturer VIA TRUCK courier.

    Today’s truck maintenance mechanics are computer readers first, wrench turners second, which means with few exceptions, that it would be a very long process to get minimal trucks working again.

    If an EMP took down the majority of the trucks in the U.S. at once, this alone would grind everyday commerce in the country to a halt…and this is not even addressing the communications factor as Don was referring to.

  25. Thanks for the information ~David, besides the communications and electronic factors for trucks we also need to address the fact that there would soon be no fuel for trucks or autos even if you can find stations that have back-up generators. How do refineries even make fuel without electricity?

  26. I am not entirely sure why, but the only real piece of electronics I concern myself with powering and securing is a fridge/freezer. A small dorm fridge might (I have no idea) be power-able via wind source (I’m grasping at straws here – I haven’t tried it in that I don’t have a wind generator yet).

    I can say with proof – don’t waste your $$$ on a solar panel. That is a complete waste. The solar cells probably couldn’t withstand an EMP hit anyway (read the report, there’s a lot of information about the E1 and E2 components).

    As for a wind generator, the charge controller stuff needs to be pulled out and secured (foil wrap). You’ll have to assemble the generator *after* the event. I think I will invest in one (just one) and play with it and see just what it might do.

    If anything, maybe I can get enough energy to run a trolling motor on a small boat (or I’m rowing). I did order a 10′ “porta-bote”; I can say that fishing yesterday evening, post Irene, was spectacular.

    Don – thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated.

  27. I’m not an expert on ‘green’ power but from everything I’ve read, solar is way too expensive for the limited power you get with today’s technology…the windmill power can work in consistently windy areas, however, you have to have chargeable batteries for any sustainable appliance like a fridge…the good news is that windmill power can be built cheaply…this is just basic info from what I’ve read.

  28. Any chance for a mini hydro generator? I looked into it on my own place but I only have a fraction of the water flow needed most of the time.

  29. Wow, so I am uninformed and not an expert. I guess since I haven’t studied EMP disaster my whole life I can’t voice an opinion huh? Well Don, I do have a degree in Electronics, A lot of experience in Industrial Maintenance, and most importantly a God given ability to look around at the world in which I live. Yeah I have opinions, just as you and everyone else on here. I am not saying that if we were to have an EMP attack our electrical grid wouldn’t be damaged. But even the experts say from what I have read that it could be repaired. But that isn’t the point that I am arguing against. What I am disputing from what the experts are saying is the American reaction to the disaster. We will call out the National Guard in their quickly repaired Trucks to haul food. First what we have in Reserve. Then what is in the grain mills. Then what is in the fields if necessary. I have worked at Quaker Oats and General Mills in Cedar Rapids Iowa. We can get those plants up and running fairly quickly. They produce a lot of cereal gentlemen. Our midwest used to feed the world. We can feed the United States even with temporarily reduced production. I already mentioned in my previous post about boiling water that can be done in the city as well. To say that America would just fall apart socially is not provable it is only a theory, while the physical damage is a fact. But praise God only thing a man needs is clothing and food and God will provide those. Yep times would be tough and some would die because of the rough conditions but our country would survive. To say otherwise is a very pessimistic theory even if it does come from a so called expert.

    The actual danger to the US in the unlikely event of an EMP event would be of course an immediate overwhelming invasion. But guys really now, who is going to invade us? China….shoot they make all kinds of money from us, not in there interest. They have never been an agressive country in their entire existence and don’t have the technology. Just don’t see it. Russia….I thought they were gonna be invading Isreal or something. N. Korea….They do what China say. Iraq….The Isreal thing again and honestly guys they just want to be left alone. And Don the problem with this country isn’t standing up to the experts with our opinions. Actually it is just the opposite, we don’t stand up to the experts. You know like the experts who tell me about Evolution. Abortion. Homosexuality. War. I could keep going but said in previous post wasn’t gonna get into the morals. Or maybe you mean the experts who said we need to get off the gold standand, or the ones who thought it was a good idea to borrow 14.3T or all those experts who said free trade was a great idea for America. I sure wish a bunch of uninformed non experts would have stood up against a lot of things.

    In Conclusion : ) I have no problem with us spending a Billion Dollars to protect our Electrical Infrastructure from an EMP event. I think its wise for us to protect our country by actually doing something to protect our country from invasion. Definitely much more cost effective than doing something unwise like invading another Middle Eastern country such as Iran or Syria. I just don’t see an EMP event happening because of the reasons I listed in my previous post and definitely beleive we would pull together as a nation and with our American ingenuity we would far outshine the so-called experts.

  30. I also worked at a Hydro-electric power plant for the Corp of Engineers. What goes on at such plants isn’t supposed to be discussed by people who are in the know because of national security. But I will tell you while employed for the Corp, one thing I was proud of was that I was entrusted to get the place back up and running and supporting the communities needs in the event of national emergencies or disasters.

  31. David

    Of course there is going to be some kind of government and military response but you’re still totally misinformed. You think you know more than the people that are advising our government.

    In an EMP that hits most of the nation I do not know how you think the military will even be able to get into all those cities and provide food and water without any transportation or communications? In case you do not know it the Guard and Reserve in the United states live in cites of the United States in civilian areas and they do not have their weapons and equipment with them. It would take weeks or months to even gather a military unit together and then how many cities can our entire military even police and aid at the same time in their crippled state?

    The real danger to our country is not an invasion. The real danger is people doing whatever is right in their own eyes and killing each other for whatever it takes for them to survive.

    Unrealistically optimistic attitudes like yours is why nothing gets done to fix the problem. People like you are really the problem with your disinformation and you are likely to get many killed if it prevents action and doing what is necessary.

    We can believe people like you that get your information out of your feeling or we can believe the scientists that actually studied the facts and reported on it to Congress but we can’t do both.

    Then you want us to believe that because you worked at cereal companies and know that there is cereal in silos that the grain will suddenly appear on peoples tables. You also want us to believe that because you worked for the Corp of Engineers that you know something. Hydro power plants do not power most of this nation. I worked for the Bureau of Reclamation so I suppose that makes me someone able to refute what you think you even know.

    Optimistic attitudes do not produce reality. I hope I never have a optimist in a foxhole with me. I may have to shoot him myself to save the unit from being overrun.

    Do yourself and everyone else a favor and at least find out the facts about the dangers of an EMP. If you’re not going to take the time to do that you should not be commenting on this issue at all. I really have to wonder what drives people like you to dispute all the experts when there is no reason in the world to do so.

  32. Abba? Thank You that we have each other, throughout the Body of Christ, and here in this small part of Your family. Thank You for letting me see Your *extravagance* on display in the lives of others here, and thank You for giving each of us feedback by the words of others and testimony of Your Spirit, that we too are part of Your plan and that You welcome our contributions as friends and fellow laborers, AND that they have a positive impact! We are *so blessed* to be used of You and we give You this glory, even as You polish us to reflect it better! Praise to You, our God, our Lord, our Love: Father, Jesus and Spirit!

  33. OK Don, you go right on beleiving we are gonna be hit by an EMP burst and sent back to the pre-industrial revolution era. Sorry I just don’t buy it. I do appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Thats why I come to this site. Lord forbid that I should spread disinformation. The Lord knows the heart and has righteous judgment, Praise His name.

    I don’t see the danger from a rogue nation. I do see a danger from a collapse of our monetary system. The USA isn’t an independent republic, rather a nation in a world government. This world government is the second beast of revelations. I can’t fathom how people are waiting for some EU or some Arab Union to rise and take over the world. The beast is already here, I honestly don’t see how people don’t recognize this. The beast is grabbing up more Arab nations as we speak and would like to take over two more being Syria and Iran. The only danger of an invasion for America is after the economic collapse we try to re-assert our independence from the world. They have been slow boiling us for a long time and many have already been conditioned to depend on the government and accept an erosion of constitutional rights.Good grief we accept our sons and daughter and wealth being used as the military arm of the world government. I don’t know how the people will react when their money is worthless. Will we submit or rebel, they don’t know either! Only if we rebelled can I envision a scenario where we have an EMP event over the UNITED STATES.

    But to say that we know what is going to happen would obviously mean that we think we are prophets. I do not. All we non-prophets can do is read our bibles, trust in the Lord, read the signs of the time and be as much like the Bereans in all ways as the Lord gives us the ability and inclination.

  34. David,

    For your information I believe an EMP is only one of several dangers that can do the United States in. I wrote about the others.

    I agree that a collapse of our monetary system is very likely if God allows us to even last that long as a world power.

    I disagree with most of the rest of what you said. The Beast is not here and is not the United States. I find it amazing how Americans love to hate America and eat up conspiracy and Islamic propaganda like it was candy. I do not believe your conspiracy theories that the whole world is controlled by a Satanic elite that can do anything they want anytime that they want. What people like you seem to forget is that God is in total control of this world and nothing will happen until and unless He allows it. Anyway, that conspiracy nonsense will not fly on this Blog. Read my commenting policy and also read my Revelation Commentary and get that nonsense that the United States is the Beast out of your head.

  35. I didn’t write anything about a conspiracy theory. You think it is a conspiracy to say that the United Nations is a world government? Do you think it is a conspiracy to say that corporations and banks greatly influence the world government? I don’t get it, though I know it is a trick of the mainsteam media to label someone a conspiracy theorist who disagree with their world views! Just as is is also their trick to name someone as homophobic, islamaphobic, Right wing, Left wing or Christian radical. I never said that the US is the beast. I said the beast is the present world government. US is just keeping bad company! I love this country and it people. I am just an America first American. I have read just about everything you have wrote on here Don. I am sure you truly beleive everything you write. I don’t think you are some kind of intentional dis-information artist. I respectfully disagree with you on some things.

    7] For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.
    [8] And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:
    [9] Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,
    [10] And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    [11] And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

    Put this scripture in here to introduce what I do beleive Don. Surely you believe the beasts in Revelations are world governments. Almost all who subscribe to futurism do. You just don’t believe that the present world government is this second beast right. You are still waiting for it to show up, correct? Now me, I see this present world government being that beast, thats the only difference. I see this present world government continuing to gain even more domination over the world and at some point in time an introduction of that Wicked whos coming is after the workings of Satan. I believe the Wicked will come in the guise of an Evolved Alien and claim their is no God. People have already been conditioned to get them ready for this lie through evolution teachings and the focus on Aliens for the last 50 years. I beleive the vast majority of people on this earth are gonna beleive this LIE. Even the elect if it were possible! Praise God its not possible! I will not beleive, I will wait for the Lord to come for me and the Translation that brings. I have read your articles under the great deception. I don’t see where we differ much in our beleifs actually. You beleive the Elite are simply misguided and influenced by Satan. I agree. Although I would say they are very nefarious in bring about their ideals. You say you also beleive the Fallen Angels will come claiming to be God. I beleive they will come as “aliens” claiming their is no God. But rather they are just much more evolved than we are. The evolved alien will be our god and what they will promise we can become. On these things I don’t see much disagreement between us.

    As far as God being in control. Look at the above scripture where it say God allows strong delusion and causes us to beleive a lie. I know you beleive we will be out of here before any of this happens. I don’t! I think we are gonna go through this and have to overcome to the end. We will have to stay trusting in Jesus Christ and not throw it all away and beleive in evolution and these “aliens”

    I know its hard to beleive anything bad about your own country. Man I love this country and its people and the ideals we were founded upon. But I am enough of a realist to see how far we have fallen from those ideals! Look at our fruits are we not greatly deceived and do the fruits not prove it? It sure is easy to label someone an America hater and a conspiracy nut. Try again Don, those don’t stick to me! I actually happen to be a well studied, well read, well reasoned, well bibled, well informed, well experienced Beleiver.

    I inagine you want print this one since you didn’t the last one. You don’t seem to like any opinion that is in the least diverse from your. Let me ask you a question. Are you one of those who beleives that if the don’t believe exactly like you do that they are unsaved and going to hell? Or are you one of those who believes that if you Beleive on the Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah and confess this toward men that you will be saved? Which are you. I am thankful to say that I am the later!

  36. David,

    Way too much emotion to the point that it’s overshadowing any valid points that may have been made. The whole “Which are you” is way over the top and totally uncalled for.

    From where I stand, I can see where the hate is coming from. When you go on and on about how great you are in every way, all I see is selfishness.

    I’m sure you will respond by telling me all about who I am. You probably comment in the same manner on other people’s Amazon reviews. I’m sure you know more about the latest Nikon than the reviewer who owns it – and you know all about the reviewer and will marginalize and character-assassinate the owner / reviewer of the Nikon just because of some point the reviewer made.

    It’s always about you.

  37. Well, one thing is for certain…if/when the U.S. gets hit by an EMP, we won’t be able to come to your (Don’s) blog and talk about it : )

  38. David,

    I did not print your last post because it had nothing to do with the post topic and was rather abrasive and annoying. I also do not like it when people pile on with multiple comments. I have limited time. If you have been reading my posts one of the things I will not allow is someone getting the topic way off point.

    Just a short comment on what you said here, The Beast is a world empire but it does not come into place until the last 42 months so we are not going to agree if you think it already exists. Like I said, read my Revelation Commentary. If you’re going to throw out views here that are not based on proper exegeses of Bible prophecy that disagrees with premillennial futurist theology you can expect to be misunderstood or not believed. In any case, this comment section is on the EMP threat it is not the place to discuss your eschatology.

    I do agree that aliens demons are likely to bring the deception. I do not think they will claim to be God like you said I did, I think they will be demons claiming to be aliens.Perhaps their message will be that there is no God, like you said, but if that were true they would not be blaspheming the God of heaven and worshiping the Beast Antichrist on earth that claims to be God. More likely they will be calling those in heaven a hostile alien race. That is and has been a topic on different posts. So this is the end of this rabbit trail here.

    My Blog is about my views on certain topics and they will mainly reflect my views. I do not just post anything in my comments section especially if they do not abide by the rules of my blog..I also find your last statement very insulting. You made a big deal of claiming to have read my material and then you ask such a totally out of place question. Like I said, you have been an irritation here and you have distracted from the topic rather than enhance the message. All your diversion is really just wasting my time. I cannot be writing a new post and dealing with all your rants at the same time.

    This post is on the EMP threat to America,Therefore any more diversions on side issues from you on this post will not get posted. I also am not here to have an endless argument with you on your worldviews or your eschatology views.

    Also put a valid URL in the URL block or just leave it blank.

  39. Last winter an ice event left us without power for part of a week. The idea of an EMP event is not comforting! I hope I / we never find out with certainty just how that would all work out. At best, it would be very, very bad. I work on heavy trucks for a living, and with everything going as we are used to, it is always a battle to get things repaired and running again. No internet, and poor communication would mean no parts; (paper parts books don’t exist any more for the newer stuff) thus no repairs. Older mechanical trucks are rare, and wrenches (mechanics) able to work on them are too. Could get real ugly…….

  40. Don,

    I hear many rich people are building underground bunkers at a record pace. Do they know something we don’t?
    Also on an unrelated note have you heard of Rick Wiles? He is an endtime newscaster that I started listening to. I don’t agree with him on everything (he doesn’t believe in a pre trib rapture). His website is I was wondering what your opinion is on him.

  41. Jim,

    They might be worried about a terrorist attack and a general nuclear war. They would not be building underground bunkers for protection from a EMP since a EMP would not be directly dangerous to humans. However an EMP could result in a nuclear response and there are other reasons nuclear war could break out and put significant amounts of radiation in the atmosphere. Then you would wish you had a underground bunker.

    Rick Wiles once wanted me on his Radio program but I was in the middle of a relocation at the time and put him off. Then after checking into him I decided I did not want to be on his program. I don’t remember the specific reasons why but I think he was too conspiratorial and I probably did not like his eschatology. He never told me what we would be discussing.

    I have a old friend that tells me Rick Wiles is her favorite. But this woman never heard a conspiracy theory that she does not buy into.

  42. Don,

    That’s interesting that he contacted you he must be a fan of your site. I understand why you decided against going on the more I listen to him the more I realize he is a fearmonger who has his eschatology messed up in many ways like you said. That doesn’t mean I disagree with his basic premises of Jesus is returning in a couple decades and the world will be on fire very shortly. He just talks like we are always one second away from chaos. I’m trying to decide if he is someone I should be listening to.

  43. Jim,

    I don’t even think he knew about this blog then. It probably had to do with the articles on my original website.

    I personally think your listening time would be better spent elsewhere.

  44. Don:

    Great article. I see that you have many writings on the topic of EMP’s. I am a married father of two and I have been doing what I can to be prepared, including water storage (rain barrels / gallon jugs), food storage (lots of food),a small generator, propane tanks, mini gas burners, first aid kits, medicines, munnitions etc. Some of my long time friends think I am fringe, but I believe it is my responsibility as a father and husband to protect my family. On a note that may or may not be related to EMP’s, what signifigance do you place on this whole Elenin comet thing that is being talked about? I would like to clarify I am a Chrsitian and not a “Hale Bopper” by any means, but there have been several articles on Elenin and prophecy, inluding “restarting of Daniel’s 70th week”, on Rapture Ready, which is very interesting and provoking. I bring this up as I value your opinion on these matters and wanted to know what you think about the whole issue and how this comet may cause things like EMP’s and for that matter it’s prophetic relation since it is supposed to pass through around Rosh Hashanah.

    Let me know,


  45. Hi Steve,

    Comet Elenin broke up because of the heat of the sun and exists no more. I think the whole speculation about it being a spaceship or something was quite silly. Now some are saying we blew it up with secret space weapons. I find such thinking loony.

    Some on the Rapture Ready forum are always looking for some reason the end will start within the current year. They sit there all day every day grasping at the latest straw to fulfill their obsession of escaping the world without seeing trouble or death. They need to do something productive.

  46. Gotcha. Like I said, I am no “hale bopper”. I had not heard it being called a space ship, but if “they” were, that is flat out looney.

    Thanks for the insight, that’s why I wanted to get your opinion. Take care and thanks.

  47. Don,

    Everyone knows that Comet Elenin was a spacecraft and after we secured them with a tractor beam, we transported up there to talk to them, and when they refused to pay space tax, that’s when we destroyed them with the Photon Torpedoes.

  48. Don,

    I know this section is mostly about the EMP threat and what I’m reading in national news could be a prelude to that or perhaps something else…I’m no expert on these matters, just a news observer.

    Helped by highly sophisticated contraband weapons smuggled out of Libya, Iran and Hizballah are getting the Palestinian Hamas equipped for another round of hostilities with Israel.

    TEHRAN — Iran raised the prospect on Tuesday of sending military ships close to the United States’ Atlantic coast, in what would be a major escalation of tensions between the long-standing adversaries.

    France: Iran faces high risk of military strike. Russia practices Iranian reprisal.

    …I don’t know, it just seems something is coming up pretty quick.

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