The godless cannot take away liberty with a God fearing military

Have you noticed that every time someone goes crazy with a gun, the humanistic “progressive” people want to take guns away from the sane people that could stop other crazies from shooting people? Are they afraid of the crazies getting guns, or are they really afraid that sane armed people might oppose the evil tyranny that many of these godless progressives promote?

I wonder how many Jews would have been spared, if they did not trust the Germans and armed themselves instead of giving up their guns to the state? You might think that with all their world history that they would have learned a thing or two, but even now, most Jews in America think that people should not own guns.

Would Stalin have been able to kill tens of millions of people in Soviet death camps if the people were armed, or would there have been a revolt? Would the purges of freedom loving people in China, Cambodia and elsewhere been possible if the people in the killing fields had the guns to defend themselves?

Should Christians blindly trust humanistic tares sown by Satan who think that mankind can evolve into the heavens and become like God? I think not. The tares are godless people with an evil Satanic agenda and when left unrestrained they will cut off our heads.

I know that when good men do nothing, evil people take over. Today, in the United States and elsewhere, George Orwell’s “1984” has arrived. Everything you electronically communicate will be monitored by government. What you communicate or what others communicates about you will be stored in your own personal folder on National Security Agency databases. Many other government agencies will have access to this information. I am sure many in the government can rationalize doing this in the name of national security but surveillance tools will certainly be used by tyrants toward their own agenda.

They say just trust us, if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to fear, but the godless humanistic progressives define for everyone else what is wrong. If you obey their mouthpieces on liberal media, that tell us what is wrong, you have nothing to fear.

The Nazis have taken over most of the world by pretending to be liberal progressives but now they have high-tech surveillance capabilities. The spirit behind Hitler did not die in 1945, it is what drives modern globalists toward a one world fascist agenda.

Call godless socialist control freaks what you will: Nazis, Fascists, Communists, Islamists, or humanistic progressives. Their agenda always is to take over the world and also to persecute Jews and premillennial believing Christians. They cannot accept any Christ coming back to rule, because they are antichrist. There god is themselves or whatever the human mind can invent. Anywhere these progressives prevail they work against the kingdom of Jesus Christ being established. By these rotten fruits, you should know them.

The latest antichrist just took over Egypt and he is calling for the death of every Jew on earth, He calls God’s covenant people descendents of apes and pigs. And what makes Christians supporting Islam think that Christians in Egypt will not be on the Muslim Brotherhood hit list? The rise of this fascist Muslim Brotherhood will certainly bring death to many Christians in the Middle East.

Will America stop the fascist Muslim Brotherhood agenda with our present leaders that aid and support them? How is that even possible? We war against one group of Islamists only to support another that is more devious in its methods toward that same Islamic world conquest.

If America disarms because progressives running America believe that their own goodwill brings about world peace, how will America stop the fascists in the Islamic block of nations or Russia, China, etc., from taking over the world? It seems to me that the progressives in America actually want godless world fascism and believe like Hitler that this system leads to some utopian kingdom on earth. I have news. That is not Utopia it is Babylon.

Freedom loving Americans should not be thinking about giving up their guns because the police cannot even protect us from the local crazies. The right to bear arms was put in the Constitution so free people would have the weapons to oppose tyranny. Even so, things have changed over the last 200 years. Small arms cannot stop government tyranny in our age if the crazies control all the heavy weapons?

Take Syria for example, there are crazies on both sides, but most of the 60,000 deaths last year have been among those that are opposing the Assad government. Why? Because, Assad has all the heavy weapons. If much of the world was not intervening and cheering the rebels on, Assad would have already crushed the rebellion. The rebellion can only succeed if heavy weapons are used against the Assad forces. I suppose they will, but then the Muslim Brotherhood crazies will have the heavy weapons and tyranny will continue.

There is a lesson here for us. Americans should not give up their weapons but they also should not think that they can fight our own super power military using small arms. Having small arms will be useful against criminals and crazies and perhaps even an unconstitutional paramilitary, but to try to fight our own modern military with small arms would be suicidal. If we ever get into civil warfare because our government has become totalitarian, patriots need to make sure that at least some of the heavy weapons would be supporting the side of liberty.

I suspect that the real reason that progressive crazies have not already declared martial law and disarmed Americans is that they have real doubts that our military would follow their orders. We need to keep it that way. I believe that is why they are now building up paramilitary police forces to do the job and increasingly giving them heavier weapons. They can’t trust the military to be on their side. They plan to keep any military coop out of the picture through force cuts, moral subversion, and by overextending them overseas.

Even through the progressives are doing all they can to weaken our military and to subvert it morally from within, we need to work to make sure that we keep people in our military on the constitutional liberty side of the equation.

If the Communist Soviet Union of the 20th century still existed, we would have to believe that this subversion of our nation was orchestrated by them. Actually, that is where it first began, and it is still being orchestrated by fellow travelers that are now controlling much of our education system, media, federal government and even some religious institutions and churches.

We should keep in mind that all that served in the armed forces took an oath to God to defend our Constitution and nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. The words domestic and God were certainly written in the oath for good reason. Constitutional patriots and Christians need to keep those in the military and those that once served, fully enlightened as to the extent of the domestic subversion being orchestrated against our Constitution and nation.

I think constitutional patriots and Christians of means should get together and start communication networks to keep freedom loving people fully informed. What use is your wealth going to be when it is taken away by big government collectivists? Believe me, unless your listed among the elite they will find ways to do that. You might as well put your wealth to some good use while you still can.

Leaders in the Church also need to keep people fully informed about the rising domestic enemies of Christianity. Christian leaders need to inform others about the moral subversion of our nation and the threat to our Christian liberty. Playing see no evil, and not taking sides between good and evil, or worrying about your tax exempt status, is not shepherding the sheep. Not doing your job allows the wolves to come in to devour the flock. Romans 13 does not tell us to blindly obey rulers who are working evil and who are in rebellion against God.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


55 thoughts on “The godless cannot take away liberty with a God fearing military

  1. Don,

    Thank you for addressing a hot topic once again with God given wisdom and in a timely fashion.

    “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

    I also think this quote from a NRA spokesperson hits the nail on the head if we’re being realistic from a personal self defense point of view, of course, these tragic events are being used as enablers for tyrannical idealism by the “powers that be” as this article addresses.

  2. They talk about gun control every time something happens but it won’t get done. We have elections coming up, the jobless rate is abysmal, the future is not so bright and I don’t think Obama has the guts to sign such an executive order. I understand the fear and I confess I have it as well, the “jiggies” about the way things are going but people want hand-outs and someone to blame, a scapegoat until it’s them and their food stamps, their games and their guns, then all bets are off. His group is all fickle that way. The Senate will change if anyone gets serious about this. I am hoping it does either way.

    Those senators want to be re-elected and I don’t think the Supremes or any federal judge will let them control guns. I know you were upset about the Supremes on health care but they saved us from being dictated to with the commerce act; cut off dead the ability for anyone anytime, anywhere to use it, ever. They must uphold the constitution.I think when we need heavy arms to live in this country we will be gone but I know they are preparing the way.

    We still don’t have the whole story on Benghazi and we don’t have the whole story on the “shooters” at that CT school. We do know his father was getting ready to testify in the LIBOR case so someone will speak up. It gets easier and easier to read through their lies.

    I think gun control is a loser in the states. Here in Ohio a few citizens picked off some burglars, car jackers and store robbers and conceal carry was considered a positive change. Chicago is a mess and they couldn’t get gun control through but they are getting us and the younger ones ready for it. Let us pray that our leaders follow the laws of the land, as written in the constitution and that Jesus will leave that lawless day to the lawless ones.

  3. My extended family were having a discussion about this around the BBQ last night (it’s summer here in Oz) and my bro-in-law brought up what you’ve said here about the military:

    I suspect that the real reason that progressive crazies have not already declared martial law and disarmed Americans is that they have real doubts that our military would follow their orders. We need to keep it that way. I believe they are now building up paramilitary police forces to do the job and they are increasingly giving them heavier weapons. They can’t trust the military to be on their side. They plan to keep any military coop out of the picture through force cuts, moral subversion, and by overextending them overseas.

    I had not considered the real possibility that a contingency plan may already be in place for just such a situation.
    Thanks for another interesting and informative article, Don.

  4. Julie,

    Don’t sell Obama short. The elite progressives put him in office to get their agenda accomplished. He is doing that and if he breaks the law there are not the votes to remove him. The Supreme Court can only define the law they cannot enforce it. That is the job of the Justice Department that is in the Executive Branch and they have already shown that they are lawless. Besides, with one more progressive justice on the Supreme Court the second amendment will just be redefined, and by the time anything about the gun bill gets to the Supreme Court they will most likely have a couple of new Justices. You have another Hugo Chevez in office here, you have seen nothing yet.

  5. Julie, I think it too obvious that these things ARE upon us and we don’t have the wherewithal to turn things around. The world is entering a time of storm where our stand for Christ will be tested as never before.

    When Peter took his eyes off the Lord he began to be overwhelmed by the tempest, but the Lord was there to steady him and keep him above the waves.

    Even at 71 (44 years as a Christian) I am not free from apprehension of these foretold events, but need constantly to recall God’s many assurances so as to keep my heart from failing… and the Lord is always there to lift my spirits and keep me stabilised.

    Let us pray that he will keep us looking unto him day by day and moment by moment.

    That is my prayer for my brethren on this blog and throughout the world.

  6. Hi Brian, I’m freezing while looking at the fallen snow and envy you at the barby right now.

    My parents are heading towards their mid eighties and are glad their days are winding down. They pray for their kids and grands. They know we face a bad time. Dad discusses the depression with me and politics through the years and the changes that have happened. Both my parents grew up on farms and have college degrees, something not everyone did here in those days. It was their generation that built this country. I am the tail end of the boomers (women never tell their age lol) and I grew up in the 70’s, when industrialization had peaked and we began to lose our edge in the world ie the gold standard was replaced by market value instruments.

    In order to make the world go round in business school the boomers were downsizing the middle class and developing instruments of trade like stock options, which turned into derivatives, worthless pieces of paper when “called” brought the world to its financial knees and is being replaced with more worthless “printed” paper. Throughout all this I grew up and had kids knowing I would never achieve what my Dad’s generation did but I was happy carving out my own “backyard” and fiercely have protected it. Now that things are coming to a grinding halt I have neither riches on earth or a future as the boomers paint of retirement. I am OK with that. I grew up knowing the end was coming.

    I traveled extensively in my 20’s, chose SE Asia and business, history and politics to study and lived there to understand the mindset that was up and coming at the time. Kissinger was of the elite and I followed suite to be in the know but I have always been in this world and not of it. The elite have made no mystery of their plans for decades. Eisenhower and Kennedy both warned us of it.

    Obama is a useful idiot, a tool for the elite and he bought votes with money we don’t have and the joke will be on them, not me and those who know and understand. I have never been a tool for the industrial-military complex, just a small cog in local business and voice. Many complainers these days are those who have enjoyed the benefits of the complex and taxation and are mad it is taking it’s toll on their liberties. That is what they bargained for they just didn’t know it. They bought the koolaide, so to speak.

    I guess my point is Brian, sorry for the soap box, if man can figure out his end in a plan I am sure God is watching and waiting for the bottom to fall out. He’ll come for us in His time and plan and while I have the jiggies about what may happen it is already done, it can’t be undone and while we may hope the end as we see it slows we can only pray for it and our leaders and vote our conscious. I am trying to be like Peter, that narrow path as I know it.

    For the record, I am here because I know the signs are growing stronger and my “radar” has given me the jiggies so I came to learn and grow in the signs and times of the end days for gentiles.



  7. Julie, I put some paragraphs in your comment to make it more readable. You need to come up for air, also try to stay more on the post topic.

  8. Don,
    Have you read any articles from the DHS Insider on the Canada Free Press? It is absolutely terrifying, and I can see this as a major step to one world govt. I feel absolutely powerless. I am just trying to trust God that HIS will be done…

  9. Hi Heather,

    I have read some of the insider claims that come from these conspiracy sites. There are four kids of insiders. 1. Real, they are called whistle-blowers and they would probably go to Fox News or Drudge not a conspiracy site. 2. Actors, contacting someone pretending to be who they are not. 3. Those web-owners or article writers that just conspire a story to get a following. 4. Someone in the government giving disinformation to mislead.

    The bottom line is that I don’t think these “insiders” that are appearing on these sites actually exit. If you have been following these “insiders” for awhile you should know that they just make it up as they go along. They hope you forgot what they said in the past or they make up reasons why everything suddenly changed. Anyway, this stuff gets a following and selling fear is the business that some of these website owners are in.

    Anyone can say anything anonymously on the Internet and that makes anonymous information about worthless.

    Anyone out there want to play my high level government insider? I hope you realize the NSA would figure out who you were in a heartbeat.

  10. This is not in response to recent posts but due to what i came across regarding Tony Blair and this Third Way of politics. I am not a conspiracy person but as you are more politically aware than i. So i just wanted to know if you had any thoughts.


  11. David,

    Tony Blair is one of the top global elite that is trying to bring about world globalism and a one world religion. The Third Way is statist crony capitalism. It really would be like China’s present system. Hitler would know it as Fascism. Yes, Fascism is a form of socialism. There are the “more highly evolved” elite that would run everything, then there are the worker bees, and finally there are the misfits that they will try to find ways to eliminate or remove.

  12. Obama is waiting for another radical judge he can appoint to Sp Ct. They will rule 2nd amendment is a collective right,and not personal. Then State can outlaw all guns.

  13. J,

    The Supreme Court’s redefining of the 2nd amendment is certainly coming when liberals are the majority, but it could be a couple of years before that justice gets in place. I think there will be a major push this year to see what they can get away with.

  14. In or before a couple of years, Islan should take care of the Americas for good.

    I don’t see any of these “liberalism is the majority” scenarios causing the necessary “non-mention” from occuring as prophesied.

    If I’m not mistaken, Islam is not “liberal-friendly.” They would rather take out the Americas versus see liberalism continus it’s encroachment on their agenda.

    I could be wrong, but I am fairly positive the “liberal majority” is only a preliminary effort exploited by various “powers” for their end games that ultimately don’t care about the liberal agenda at all. Liberalism is like a cancer – it ends up just killing itself.

    Otherwise, in difference to the “don’t worry be happy” “God is in control” mindset, I prefer to take the mindset that I am here and I might as well figure out what God wants of me – not just the big tenants, but actual things I can do as an “individual” who has called on the name of the Lord.

    Correct as ya see fit. Just wading in.

  15. Sorry Don.. I love a lot of your posts and respect your teachings, but I am diametrically opposed here. Sure – you can’t trust your government. None of us can really trust government because it is man led and therefore satan led. On the other hand can you see Jesus toting around military style weapons if his first coming was now? Hardly. The madness which has taken over America is not just those socialist crazies as you refer to them as – its also the genuine crazies who think that limiting dangerous weapons means you are out to get him or limit your rights. I am Australian – we have gun control laws, and we are as safe from our government as you are from yours. Australia has around 0.12% of our population injured or killed from gun crime each year – thats around 230 people. America has (from stats I can find on the web) around 2.53% of its population injured/killed each year (thats around 76,000 people). Gun control doesn’t mean we don’t have guns – obviously we do. We just don’t have military styled sub-machine guns whose only purpose is wholesale death. We also don’t just let anyone walk into a gun store (not that we really have a lot of gun stores) and buy guns over the counter. We have police checks which take weeks to ensure you are not a crazy before getting a licence. The belief that you must rely on yourself to protect you from Satan and his forces is obviously not biblical. If/when my government decided to take me out – they are going to win (in the short – mortal – term) regardless of how many Uzi’s I have hidden under the bed, but I know my team wins in the end and thats all I need to rely on. Personally I feel way safer living in Australia and I ever would living in America.

  16. Wayne,

    Jesus did not have to carry around weapons. He was God, Nobody could kill Him before His time came to lay down His life for His sheep. Even so, we know that Peter did carry arms at least once. I am sure he knew what to do with it, if he could cut off someones ear with it.

    I suppose you think our forefathers were wrong to take up arms to oppose the tyranny of the King of England? I suppose you think Israel was wrong to do what God told them to do? Sometimes God told them to kill their wicked enemies. We could go on…the Bible does not teach pacifism.

    Don’t kid yourself you are not safe from your government in Australia, you’re already under soft tyranny. You only have the free speech and the freedom of religion that your government allows. Its not just the second Amendment to our Constitution that you do not have, you have no Bill of Rights at all. We do not want to become like you and much of the world, and that is why we intend to keep our Bill of Rights. Constitutional patriots in the United States believe in liberty, freedom, and justice for all. Much of the world is ruled by Statism. This country was founded on the God given inalienable right of individuals to be free of government tyranny.

    I guess if people did not have guns people would be killed by something else, they always were since Cain. How many people were killed with machetes in Africa over the last few decades? The murder rate in the US is average for nations of the world and if we did not have black on black murder and drug wars in our inner big cities (where gun possession for the most part is illegal) the murder rate in the rest of our country is as low as most of Western Europe and Australia. Even with all the guns in our rural areas there is a murder rate as low as yours.

    By what you said, it sounds like you have been sucking the wind of the liberal press. Someone ought to inform you that it is illegal to have automatic weapons in the United States. To possesses those you have to be a licensed gun collector and the weapons have to be disabled.

    I would have you know that unless you have a single or double shot weapon, everything else is semi automatic, bolt action, or revolvers. Just about everyone in this country hunts with semi-automatic rifles. You have to squeeze the trigger for it to fire. Nobody has sub machine guns in this country except criminals and our government. No gun laws are going to stop criminals from breaking the law and possessing illegal weapons.

    We also do not just allow anyone to buy a gun from a gun store. They first must pass a FBI background check. Felons cannot own guns. The problem with letting government decide who is crazy is that the liberals running our government think that anyone that opposes their agenda is crazy. They think anyone on medications should not be allowed to defend themselves. They think all war Veterans that had any war trauma should not be allow to have weapons in their home. They think anyone on the Far right should not be allowed to have weapons. They think anyone that believes in the literal return of Jesus Christ should not be allowed to have weapons. In fact, in a humanistic progressive world only the progressives would have weapons and many of them are downright crazy.

    People have been defending themselves from predators and predator nations since history began.
    A rightful war is acting in your nation’s self defense and rightful self defense is protecting others including yourself (unless you want your family to become orphans and widows). Self defense is scriptural.

    You might thank God that you do not live in the lawless parts of the United States. If you lived in the inner cities, there is good reason why you might want to own a gun. You cannot expect the police to protect you in these lawless places. The police do not even like to go there themselves. These lawless people will not mess with people in rural areas because they know that they have guns and they know how to use them.

    What the liberal press is not telling you is that even in spite of the gang wars in our inner cities. The murder rate is half of what it was just two decades ago. All this gun possession in not increasing the murder rate. The murder rate is steadily going lower. Twenty times more people are killed each year by stupid mistakes made in hospitals than are murdered in this country. So should we outlaw hospitals?

    Frankly, we do not need people in other countries telling Christians here that they cannot follow the laws of the nation that they dwell in. The highest murder rate in the world are in places where they have strictest gun laws. For example Honduras and Venezuela and Chicago and Detroit.

  17. As an Australian and one who has never lived in the USA I cannot say if I would feel safer here than there. I do think our country is the best, but many from other nations feel the same about their countries.

    What I do believe is that if the US is destroyed as a super power and is totally taken over by the pagan left it will be open season for the fascist/pagan agenda throughout the western world, and that means us.

    We do indeed live under a soft tyranny now, but a prime minister that is capable of deceit and treachery against her own, won’t be squeamish against those diametrically opposed to her socialist way of thinking.

    Give the Devil a yard and he will take a mile and so it will be with the pagan left. Satan was a liar from the beginning and a murderer, and those who follow his ways will be the same. Under such a system the destruction of freedom (and people) is necessary collateral damage.

    My heart goes out to the freedom loving US citizens, but also for my own people.
    I have two consistent prayers; Keep us strong O Lord, and come quickly Lord Jesus.

  18. Hi Wayne,

    You don’t seem to understand the intent of the 2nd Amendment. Don’t feel bad, most people in this country don’t either — especially liberal politicians. I won’t go into details, but in a nutshell, we’d just come off a bloody war with King George, and overthrown his and England’s tyranny. The Founders of our new country wanted to make sure “We The People” would be able to do so again, should the need ever arise, hence, some of the Founders demanded the 2nd amendment be added before they would sign onto the Constitution. In theory, the 2nd Amendment should allow no restrictions on any arms.

    And you don’t seem to understand Jesus either. He came not to bring peace but a sword. The sword was the “Assault Weapon” of the day. Read Luke 22:36:

    Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    Replace the word sword with Uzi; the meaning and intend doesn’t change.

  19. The real deterrent to gun violence is Christian values and morals.But the left have removed that deterrent. Now we’re back in the jungle headed for destruction. As TS Eliot has said:”If you won’t live by God’s laws,then be prepared to meet Mr. Hitler and Mister Stalin.”

  20. As another Aussie reader of this blog I agree with Brian’s comments above. We here in Oz do live under a soft tyranny (very apt description, Don). Most of the media in both our countries seem to be very left-leaning so they will spin the stories they want people to hear; stories with a bias that furthers a socialist agenda. Oz media, for the most part, is not a reflection of reality and I would hazard a guess that the same could be said for the American media.
    I second Brian’s prayers – for all of us.

  21. That was a great response to Wayne’s comment Don. You hit the nail right on the head with, “The problem with letting government decide who is crazy is that the liberals running our government think that anyone that opposes their agenda is crazy.” Thank you, that is all there is to it. very well said.

  22. Doug,

    I’m not sure that would be a correct interpretation. Jesus knew that the coming of His Kingdom would bring about great conflict and wars right to the end of time. However based on His life and teachings His Kingdom is a spiritual one and as such the real battles we face are also spiritual. He said in this world we would have persecution and trouble but this was not the basis for an argument for armed conflict. A sword is also a defensive weapon for protection from man or beast. Jesus never taught His disciples physical fighting or combat skills and neither do you find this thinking anywhere in the NT.
    This is not an argument either for or against the American 2nd Ammendment. As a Canadian I am no stranger to guns but I do wonder if people really need a 30 round clip. As well, I’m not sure if a civil war in the US would result in anything good even though the right to over thow a bad governemnt is a legitimate agruemnt. However I can only see it breaking into multiple factions an all with their own adgenda and the result would be nothing less that we see in Syria. Just my opinion on that, but when you start talking about Jesus and Uzi’s then I do have a grave concern about the path you are presenting and what you are implying about Jesus’ intent and character as God.


  23. Let me clarify my position for all.

    I am not suggesting that we use arms against our government. I want Christians and constitutional patriots to make an effort to keep our military on the side of freedom and liberty through communication, education, and Christian conversion. If those in our military respect the oath they took to God and country, unconstitutional actions by domestic enemies of our nation would be kept in check.

    We are not going to have liberty by using guns against our government. In fact, the exact opposite will happen.

    And If there is another civil war we all lose.

  24. David Little, thanks for making the point I could not. His kingdom is coming and we have had warnings of it since Eisenhower. We have seen it in Nam, Kosovo, Africa, the ME and the US has had their finger in it; bankers, industry, military. The EU is no different. Chaos gives them the edge to take over. We have all been part of it, gained from it and now that we are cut off from the income with our abysmal jobless rate everyone is having fits here. The extremes here are mind boggling and sickening. I remind myself that the wrath of man is not the wrath of God. Self defense is one thing and chaos brought on by believers is quite another. I can’t believe that is His plan.

  25. Hi David Little – Canada

    You said, “His Kingdom is a spiritual one and as such the real battles we face are also spiritual.”

    True, “we battle not against flesh and blood”, however, that was probably a moot point to the Jews in the late 1930s when the Nazis came knocking on doors. How different might it have been if they’d not registered their guns and turned them over to the German authorities and instead welcomed the Nazis with Schmeisser machine pistols holding with 30 and 40 round magazines? What’s the problem with 30 round magazines? You seem to be assuming that people up here own weapons strictly for hunting. They are owned for self protection, therefore, the more rounds the better protection.

    BTW, the Kingdom is physical and will be on the earth, and Jerusalem will be its capital.

    You said, “A sword is also a defensive weapon for protection from man or beast.”

    I don’t understand the differentiation you are trying to make. So can be an AK47, AR15, and a Barrett BMG 50 be a defensive weapon. Regardless, Jesus told them to arm themselves. That’s what the bible says, unless you have a much different translation than I have. I strongly suspect He had self protection in mind. I doubt he intended for his disciples to attack the local kindergarten.

    You said, “Jesus never taught His disciples physical fighting or combat skills and neither do you find this thinking anywhere in the NT.”

    True again. He had more important things to teach them, and He was physically with them, and could have called down a legion of angels should they have needed protection. Being a realist, however, Jesus knew that when He would no longer be with them, they’d have to defend themselves. Hence, the “sell a cloak and by a Smith & Wesson” admonition.

    I only used “Uzi” because Wayne used it above. If light sabers had been available the Lord would probably have admonished his disciples to buy one of them instead.

    You said, “I do have a grave concern about the path you are presenting and what you are implying about Jesus’ intent and character as God.”

    In truth, neither one of us fully understands the character of God, but Jesus did not seem to be opposed to righteous conflict. A few money changers will attest to that.

  26. Doug,

    I enjoy the NASB thanks for asking.

    I totally agree with Don’s position and it fits as a response. Thanks Don I appreciate the clarification and wisdom of your statement.

    When it came right down to this was Christ’s response and it is a caution to all through the ages. No again I’m not making argument against self-defense nor for passivity either.

    Matthew 26:52 New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    52 Then Jesus *said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.

  27. All I know is that I will not be dragged off to some “camp” (by executive order, apparently), nor am I going to allow adolescent thugs raping and pillaging on my watch (when the power grid goes out). If I “perish by the sword”, then so be it.

    Completely off topic, my pet project this winter/spring is to build my own wind turbine generator. I also have a new shepherd (ok, greyhound / shepherd mix), whos presence is somewhat intimidating when it wants to be.

    Ultimately, it comes down to community. If the community is gonna shoot it up, then it’s over. Hopefully enough good guys can stop enough bad guys. If it comes down to executive order and the military doesn’t step in, then it still comes down to numbers. Again, if I “perish by the sword,” then so be it.

    For other situations, a little pepper spray can come in handy.

  28. don i’m in disbelief, the most prominent church in usa has just ok’d gay marriage!!! wow they say the bible leads them to accept it. the church is falling away fast

  29. God tells us that it is he who sets up kings and tears them down and it seems an evil king would be set up as an instrument of judgement. As believers, do we pick up a sword to bring down a king whom God has set up? We may be found fighting against God’s purpose.

    Can we assume from this that a paramilitary style response by Christians would be out of the question? We could find ourselves siding with those whom God wants to chastise.

    If these things are true I am unsure how the US 2nd Amendment was meant to work. Perhaps against external military attack and/or lawless individuals.

    A Smith & Wesson in the home is probably a good thing against petty criminals but if a government thinks you guilty and sends their forces with a warrant, wouldn’t it be best to have lived at peace with all men so that any accusations might be as ‘coals of fire’ on the heads of your accusers (Romans 12:17-20).

    The bottom line is that whatever our situation may be, our best defence is in God and that is a very personal thing, we must be led by his word not by the opinions of others.

  30. Brian, Craig,

    I see I need to take a position on this. First of all true Christians have always been a small minority in any country. They should not be the first to use weapons against anyone.

    Historically, for the most part, Christians have always fought when they were conscripted. That conscription could have come from the King in power or from an opposing force in a civil war. We really have little choice when the leaders where we dwell conscript people into their service.

    Now, when you do have a choice, but still have to align with a side, I think Christians know better than anyone else the difference between good and evil. Christians should have resisted fighting for Hitler if they knew that he was rounding up and killing civilians and the same goes for Christians rounding up people to be executed under Stalin and Mao.

    One prime example of this, played out was in the US civil war. People for the most part did not have a choice which side they fought on, it really depended on which side controlled their area. Those that could follow their conscience, did. But, no matter what choice they made, for the most part, they could not escape the fighting. There were plenty of good Christians on both sides.

    The clear meaning of our Second Amendment was that people would have the right to bear arms against domestic enemies of our Constitution so that we would never again live under tyranny like we did under King George. That was verified in too many different places in the writings of our forefathers to be ignored. It even is written into our oath of service to our country.

    We have no king, in this nation “we the people” are the king and our Constitution is the supreme law of our land. When I entered the service of this country I had to swear an oath to God to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and Domestic and to obey the lawful orders of our President. So should I take that oath seriously and defend that Constitution from domestic enemies, or just blindly obey unlawful orders by the same? Do I keep my oath to God, or do I obey unlawful men? That is the real issue for God fearing patriots.

    I know which side I am on. And if liberals like it or not the Second Amendment is still part of our Constitution until “We the people” change it. There are ways to change our Constitution if they can get sufficient support to do so. Until that day comes, those that do not obey the laws established by “we the people” are national outlaws and domestic enemies.

    Has God changed? Did He not use His people to kill evil people around Israel? When the Jews went into captivity, God raised up Esther but Mordecai still had to conspire to save the Jews from the evil Haman who actually ruled over him, and the Jews still had to pick up weapons and kill those that wanted to kill them. Will not Jesus overthrow and kill evil people with the sword of His mouth when he comes?

    Yeah, we are to go as sheep to the slaughter rather than give up our Christian beliefs, the Bible is clear on that. You do not win converts by killing your enemy. However, this is a national civil issue.

    It is true, that those that live by the sword will die by the sword but Christians are not offensive people that live by the sword. That does not mean that we cannot defend our country or our families with the sword.

    Anyway, those that just throw Romans at us, and tell us to die for nothing, does not cut it. It is never quite that simple. When godless people disregard the law of our Constitution that keeps our government in check, the outlaws can and will disregard any law that they do not like. Then “we the people” with our Constitution would no longer be ruling America it will be led by tyrannical peeople that many came to America to escape from. Should Christians do what is right and defend our land and our laws or be complicit in national evil?

  31. Thanks for that answer Don. It was comprehensive and very telling.

    From what you say it is obvious the 2nd Ammendment is a powerful piece of legislature. We clearly have not been cognisant of its full purpose and therefore have a real ignorance of the store set by it by US patriots, but you have helped dispel that ignorance.

    You have also given powerful argument for Christian patriotism.

  32. Don,
    You make a valid point, one I’ve tried to point out (with little success) to some people in my church. We don’t have a king. The Constitution is the “king” so to speak, and Congress and the president are merely our employees, whom we can, and ought to, fire.

  33. Good day to you all.

    The best way for people to rule without God, is to rule with standards God put forth in his word. Therefore we will have God with us. That’s just a plain truth. We can’t rule unless God is with us. The nations wont have that, so they choose stupid standards which they know is destructive. Just because they want to rule without God.

    I think they know what is holding everything together. They know they can’t afford to lose us, but at the same time they persecute us, discriminate against us and revile us.

    I am 21 in the 21st century, and that means alot of temptation coming my way. I just hope I have enough time to build, before things get too out of hand.

    Love your insight Mr Koenig.

  34. Hi Don: I think that what we are seeing in our country is lining up with biblical end times but what would be the Christian way to be if indeed our world was turned upside down with an EMP or solar flare? Would we kill our neighbors in order to survive? Would we stoop to a dog eat dog world? There are a lot of things to consider here in order to survive don’t you think? I don’t have any answer for these things. I just pray that the believers won’t have to endure such things.

  35. Kevin,

    If that scenario happened, the outcome for godless people is quite predicable. Some have written books about it. God knows how to take care of His own, we do not need to kill people for stuff to survive on. However, we would have to defend those we watch over from the two legged wild beasts that certainly will roam our land.

  36. Don and All,

    It is my understanding that a U.S. Economic Crash could also result in those “two legged wild beasts” roaming our land…and an economically crippled US military enforcing some sort of Martial Law in our streets…likely to happen in this decade.

    Don, I think you defined all that (in your previous articles) much more efficiently then I could possible say here, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Whatever the scenario, I would also bet that if/when it plays out…there will be some sort of government declaration that will warn against using those 2nd Amendment rights.

  37. Theres a lot I could comment on pertaining to this article(great one, by the way and right on the money) but I will only pose this point. True, Jesus said that those who live by the sword will die by the sword, but someone answer me this…did He say you would lose your salvation and be damned for all time if you did? I think not. My point is this; I really dont believe that He was referring to self-defense of you or yours, only mindless satanic violence. The same goes for pacifism for Christians. I honestly believe it is a cop-out and an extreme form of cowerdace. If Jesus was anything, He was,and is, a realist. He sees how mankind is, and he gives you the ability to react. He was not, nor ever will be, the gentle,meek,hindu,buddist,new age metrosexual fraud most of the world wants to believe He is. He IS the Lord of Lords and WILL come back as a conquering hero and ruler. With that being said, I honestly believe one of the things He can tolerate the least is a coward. Its one thing to be martyred if you CAN’T fight back…its entirely another thing if you can but won’t. My 2cents worth,anyway.

  38. Hi Michael,

    I agree, believers cannot lose their salvation but they can lose their life. However, there is nothing nobler than to risk your life so that others may live. I think Israel sometimes knew that and I think modern heroes instinctively know that.

    Can you imagine a coward among David’s mighty men or among modern police officers enforcing the law with guns (swords) against evil gangsters? Also look at Samson, he killed more people in his death than he did in his life. Did God answer the prayer of Samson to give Him strength one more time to bring the whole house down on himself and the Philistines, or did God say no you can’t kill those people or get yourself killed? For God death of the flesh is not the end of life, it is just the beginning.

  39. Pray constantly and let your heart not be troubled. Maybe don’t spend lots of time running around scared and worried. Or Jesus was a liar and you should worry about things you can not change.

  40. David,

    I mostly agree, but for the sake of freely giving the gospel and so that we will not be persecuted by tyrannical government for giving the gospel, Christians should try to establish or retain liberty where they dwell and can influence society. We are the salt and the light to the world, there are things we can change for the better while we are here. Worrying is fretting about thing you cannot change. Taking positive action is doing what you know is right even in the face of evil.

  41. Don, AGREED. My heart was in the right place though.

    Not sure if you’re aware of Paul Washer, but I’ve heard him preach on and he presents the Gospel concentrated, not watered down. I can’t think of a Church anywhere near me or on TV that preaches the word of God and not this feel-good message. I believe Christians need to repent and live a radically different life. But it is not easy, and I am not there yet.

  42. This discussion set me to thinking about the current state of religious beliefs held by our US military. Statistics from 2009 from the DMDC (DRS #28432) say we have 68.6% of our military as Christian (PEW shows 78.4% for all of the US in 2013). This fits very well with the fact that the younger we go the less Christians we have. (The US Military “nones” are 23.4% versus 16.1% in the PEW overall numbers.)

    Looking to the future direction I am encouraged that of the US Military chaplains 66.9% are Evangelical Christians and only 2.1% of Chaplains are non Christian. Also, I work with a group that goes every week & provides free New Testaments to the MEPS (where they go into the military) – we were at one point shut down for almost 2 years by Obama from distributing – but we are now back in with a 90%+ acceptance rate here in Houston, TX!

    Of that 68.6% who are Christian in our US Military – 29.9% are “other” Christian; 20.2% are Roman Catholic and 18.5% are Evangelical. I think it would be difficult with that mix to get the military to turn on the American population and act like the troops did in the 20th century in Russia, China and Germany. This military will stand against tyranny…

  43. Fount, thanks for the stats and don for this article.

    Interesting that I just received this email yesterday. (all things considered; minus Prison Planet)


    “I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new “litmus test” in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. “The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not”. Those who will not are being removed,” Garrow wrote on his Facebook page, later following up the post by adding the man who told him is, “one of America’s foremost military heroes,” whose goal in divulging the information was to “sound the alarm”

  44. Good to hear the stats. I remember when they were not going to allow the chaplains to pray or mention God. I remember something about taking talk radio out of the military and then I remembered Biden stating the military is made up of people who can’t get jobs anywhere else. I would say the military might be a problem for anyone who is not supportive of them. I don’t know how that would work out if they were turned on Americans but I have a feeling that is the next step in the plan of the grand deceiver, whichever one is in power.

  45. Hi AnnS,

    Informing article on where it’s all headed.

    Will the military fire upon U.S. Citizens ?

    Sure they will when given the right (wrong) manipulated information and the motivation.

    I look for the scenario where some big “event” happens, the government uses the excuse to take our guns, there is a great revolt against government at first, and after a few Ruby Ridge and Waco’s take place, most in this nation will adhere to the government request to give up the guns.

    The prideful gun owners who say slogans like, “they’ll have to take my guns from my cold dead hands” will change their tune to preserve their lives (and their family lives) in a crisis.

    I see it as an inevitability.

  46. ~David,

    I think that is what the Progressives would like to believe. In fact, I think it would play out just the opposite. After a few sieges other Americans would start showing up with their guns to resist the next unlawful action. It almost happened at Ruby Ridge and the government wisely backed off that type of action. If the government started firing on patriots it would more likely turn into the start of a Civil war that the Left cannot win. Even many local local police forces would turn against the Feds or they would soon answer to the militias in their own county.

    Sure, maybe only one or two percent of the men in our country would actually use armed resistance against a move to confiscate their guns, but that would still be a million man guerrilla resistance force that would have the support of most people in the heartland areas. The resistance would use asymmetrical warfare. By the way, I do not think that most of the rank and file military would even continue to fight against the people. They would be fighting against their own families.

    It would be the end of the Far Left in America because they are clumped in big cites and are total dependents on the infrastructure. The patriots forces would quickly take out power to the big cites and people in the big cities would start killing each other just to try to survive.

    Our military could not win in VietNam or Afganistan against a hostile people that looked like civilians in the day but were guerrillas at night. They certainly will not win in a country like ours that has millions of well trained war veterans that are very well armed.

    People are not buying guns and ammo like there is no tomorrow at inflated prices only to give them up to some unlawful government that will not abide by the Second Amendment to our Constitution. If the Far left overreaches on guns it will be their end. If they are smart they will back off and continue turning the screws very very slowly until most over thirty die off before they try to pull that Australian disarmament stunt here.

  47. Do you mind if I bookmark this, The godless cannot take away liberty with a God fearing military, on a few sites? I just wanted to ask before doing so.

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