The Iranian Syrian North Korean 2013 EMP Conspiracy

It seems to me that Americans are missing the obvious. Iran, Syria and North Korea are planning a surprise attack on Israel and the West and that attack will include nuclear Electromagnet Pulse (EMP) weapons. I think they will put off this attack as long as possible in order to get more weapons in place but I think the plan will be operational no later than sometime in 2013.

Anytime after 2013 the implementation of their conspired plan to destroy Israel and the West will be based on their threat assessment and we know that with North Korea that it does not take much of a threat for them to go ballistic (pun intended).

North Korea already has the nuclear warheads for EMP weapons and they will have the missile capability to reach the U.S. by 2012. The chance of stopping North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles once they are launched from reaching the U.S. are slim. If the N. Koreans have well executed EMP’s at high altitudes we could semi-permanently lose operational infrastructure for hundreds or thousands of miles. North Korea could also simultaneously put an EMP over South Korea and Japan and nuke and overrun the American forces in South Korea.

Iran already has nuclear weapons or they can develop them within months anytime they desire. In two years they will have enough nuclear material to make dozens of nuclear weapons. They already have the warhead designs and the missiles to deliver them. North Korea, Iran and Syria are sharing nuclear secrets and missile technology and equipment. By 2013 Iran will have the capabilities to launch missiles at Israel, Europe and American bases and fleets in the Middle East simultaneously and they could do it simultaneously with a North Korean and Syrian attack.

Syria may still be trying to acquire or develop nuclear weapons but her main attack would be against Israel using hundreds of chemical and biological loaded missile warheads.

Any such simultaneous attack would obviously put the West on the ropes but there still would be enough firepower left at sea and at NATO bases that the war would be devastating to Syria, North Korean and Iran. Syria would be obliterated by Israel and Iran’s military would be taken out (there will be no Mahdi coming to Iran’s rescue). The United States forces would nuke the North Korean military and it would fall to the South.

The more powerful democratic nations will certainly win this war but if this conspiracy ever goes operational, hundreds of millions of people could die. That high death count is because there would be food riots in Europe, South Korea, Japan and the United States from the aftermath of these EMP’s due to the resultant loss of electrical and electronic infrastructures. We have less than two years to take action to prevent the Iranian Syrian North Korean axis of evil from carrying out what I believe will prove to be a coordinated EMP conspiracy to destroy us.

I am not saying the EMP attack will actually happen, or that their conspiracy will be successfully executed, because Israel has very good Intelligence, so Israel will more than likely protect herself and Europe with a preemptive attack on Syria and Iran before they even launch. However, the U.S., and especially this administration, has not been proactive and they probably will not preempt North Korea from launching an EMP attack. Maybe the aftermath of the planned EMP attack is why America cannot be found in Bible prophecy.

Many Christian Jonah types have warned that judgment is coming to America if we do not repent of our debauchery, excesses and human idol worship. An EMP attack just may be the way this judgment occurs especially if we retain an administration that seems to be given for America’s destruction.

America might no longer be a viable nation in the end times because she went the way of Nineveh and Sodom and Gomorrah and even though God’s word was found throughout the land in most people’s homes, they simply refused to read it or heed it.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


26 thoughts on “The Iranian Syrian North Korean 2013 EMP Conspiracy

  1. As noted in a prior comment, if the US attempts to close the gap (e.g., harden the power grid), the adversaries of a free west will come crawling out of the woodwork to attack (like Art Modell jumping at the MD NFL offer when the offer was [long overdue] being withdrawn and then moving the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore).

    It’s bad enough the adversaries of freedom are destroying America from within.

    Of course, God may take the reigns (e.g., solar).

    America and the west are not even mentioned in end times prophecy – if that’s not a red blaring flashing danger light in your eyes, I don’t know what is. That disaster prophecy sure seems like it was a reference to the west.

    When the world economy collapses shortly thereafter (or before?), the world will not have the resources nor the will to step in to assist or rebuild the west, nor do I think a foreign “peacekeeping” force (farce) would be something the strapped world would consider. What’s the point? They’ll be too busy dealing with their own problems. Once the world economy collapses, there will be no reason for any part of the world to respect the west. America is a sitting target. Maybe the natural resources might be a temptation, but that’s a long haul to China or Africa – especially when there’s no transportation overland. Hawaii is a goner along with Taiwan. — of course, this is all speculation —

    But we’ll have a new state – southern CA (LOL).

  2. I am not sure what your point is you seem incredibly fatalistic.

    The West is mentioned in Bible prophecy. What makes you think it takes modern economic prosperity to field an Army? For example North Korea is an economic basket case and has one of the most powerful armies in the world. How do you think the oil states or the East are going to be prosperous and field their armies if nobody in the West is buying their oil or goods?

    All any country needs to fight a war is a means of getting weapons and power to conscript people to use them. The world will go on as it always has until the end. If there is a war there will be an end of the war and the usual recovery. Even the last world leader is not going to rise to power on a platform of poverty.

    Some nations might rise and fall but they always have.

  3. Don,

    There are a few points in there, not one binding point. Fatalistic is more or less running with the blog. As for the west being mentioned in prophecy – my mind escapes me… I’m referring specifically to end times prophecy, not already realized prophecy. I don’t recall seeing it and you state the west isn’t mentioned in prophecy in other blogs – so if you have some specific references, I’d like to know them / your thoughts: please enlighten me / us.

    I don’t believe I stated it takes modern economic prosperity to field an Army. When I mention foreign force, I’m thinking more like there is some other “world policeman power” out there with the resources to spare – that I find questionable, particularly if the scenarios you describe play out (or it spreads much further, as it likely could).

    As for America bouncing back (but not all the way back) – sure. That’s why I wonder about time lines – and why I guess the events should be later than 2013 (all speculation, of course). A later “usual recovery” seems to fit versus events happening too soon (or the resultant America, more resourceful and self sufficient with all the otherwise liberal facets destroyed from natural causes, would be a bigger player in the world — again, pure speculation.

    These blogs can be a bit of a challenge to communicate since, with good reason, we can only proffer up small thought fragments – but that’s good because it’s more interactive and the blog can “twist and turn” (a good thing). Kind regards.

  4. Craig,

    I don’t know what you think you read, but I never said that the West would not be in end time Bible prophecy. The West is certainly mentioned in Bible prophecy. The United States does not make up the entire West you know??

    The revived Roman Empire is mostly what is called the West and the merchants of Tarshish with all her young lions mentioned in Ezekiel 38 is certainly the West.

    It makes no sense to believe that half the world is simply not going to be involved in end time Bible prophecy. Even the kings of East that kill a third of men on earth must be coming from the East with that 200 million man army to fight the West.

    I would think that the World policeman of the future is the revived Roman Empire until the Beast.

  5. Don ,
    It has long been my opinion that North Korea is merely a stepchild of China. I believe China
    controls North Korea to whatever extent they so desire at any particular time. Economic disaster to us is bad for China’s economy. We seem to be well on the way to self destuction of
    ourselves , outside help may not be needed. I think it’s anyone’s guess how the unrest in Syria turns out except they will always be anti Israel as will Egypt. I might be Israel that
    saves us if God so chooses. Things change so fast that only God knows the exact timing of
    anything for certain . BLESSINGS !!!!!

  6. I just don’t understand why the USA would be destroyed for it’s sins when almost every other nation is more immoral then we are. If we are to be punished then Europe, southeast Asian countries, etc should be in even more danger if we base this purely on a countries morality. I just hear how America will be punished for being sinful all the time but I never hear talk about all the rest of the world getting the same treatment. We just have more to lose that’s all.

  7. Jim,

    I think European nations and Southeast Asian countries were devastated in World War II and America was largely spared. Nevertheless the seeds of destruction are already again sown in Europe and they are found in their large Islamic populations. They will have a civil war on top of a war with Islam in the near future. So Europe is not going to escape judgment for their evil and neither is Southeast Asia. If you read Revelation the other nations of the world are not going to escape the Judgments that are coming.

    What we are saying is that the U.S. will fall first before the end time events. America is the only present superpower in the world. America has been given the honor of leading the world because of her relationship to God but now the people in this nation have largely departed from God. God exalts and pulls down nations To whom much is given much is required. All world powers have fallen in history and America will not be an exception. America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy and that says wonders.

  8. Jim ,
    It is my opinion that the United States is the most blessed nation in the history of mankind.
    That blessing is at the hand of God. We have become the least grateful nation , even worse than
    ancient Israel in my opinion. God says he is not mocked, what you sow is what you reap. We as
    a nation have done much to help others ( God’s blessings on us allowed us to do that) , we have
    become arrogant and prideful. Depending on ourselves rather than God is just plain stupid. Jesus said we can do nothing without him, even the so called church has forgotten that. A pastor recently told me that 75% of the people who go to church on a regular basis never read
    the Bible outside of church. This is a man who has been a pastor for 35 years. Think about how
    sad that is. I believe God judges to get people’s attention and desires they repent so HE can
    forgive. America has forgotten that God is responsible for our sucess.

  9. More than 75 percent do not read the Bible outside of churches and more than that no longer read the Bible in churches. Even those who go to Sunday school just read magazines with opinions and applications on certain passages in the Bible.

  10. Hi,

    This is exactly what I was trying to get at, and others (including yourself Don — I would have to go through past blogs to dig them up) have, IMO, implicitly referred to this as the “west”:

    >> “America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy and that says wonders.”

    When I think of the West, I’m thinking of the America’s. So, from now on, when I’m referring to the America’s, I won’t use the word “West” – that should clarify and not cause any confusion.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m Mel Gibson in the beginning of the movie “Conspiracy Theory” with one key difference: We have the book of Revelation.

    All I have to offer is just feelings from the gut, based on, besides studying the book of Revelation, various news web sites, the Heritage Reports, and this blog. I tried reading through the transcripts of the congressional hearings et al, but they are just too dreadful. But, I’m trying to watch (and pray, of course). So I proffer up some thoughts on the blog because engaging is learning and, I think, it benefits us all. My intuition and gut has been right more often than not. I think we are all in this boat.

    Which gets back to time line – I do believe that America can bounce back somewhat, albeit the landscape will be drastically altered. But, getting back to the above statement — “America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy and that says wonders.” — my gut tells me that something as dramatic as an EMP / world war event must come later, based on Don’s end events time line. I was actually thinking more around 2015 than 2013. Again, just a gut feeling.

    Kind regards and blessings.

  11. Craig,

    When I talk about America and the West I distinguish between the two unless there is something mutually inclusive so they can both be covered with the term “the West”. For example, the ongoing apostasy from true Christianity in most of the West.

    Yeah, it will sure help if when you are actually talking about America that you will not use the term the West.

    For anyone that does not know, Craig is primary referring to the EMP threat to America even if he did not mentioning it in that paragraph that includes the dreadful congressional hearings (on the EMP threat and the aftermath of an EMP over America).

    Craig, You say, “something as dramatic as an EMP/ world war event must come later”
    I think you lost me there? Later than 2013 I assume? That is yet to be determined.

    I think there will be a high EMP treat to America until our Congress does something to harden our electrical and electronic infrastructures. I don’t expect any significant hardening this decade except “maybe” the grounding of grid high voltage transformers.

    Even though I said North Korea and even Iran will have the EMP plan operational by 2013 that does not mean they will attempt to carry it out that soon. It is to their advantage to put it off for a few years if they can. I would put the likelihood of an EMP attack against America by 2025 at about a 70 percent. Remember I think the judgments of Revelation are likely in the late 20’s and 30’s

  12. Hi Don, et al, thanks, much appreciated… Yes, your assumption is correct – EMP/world-war would come later. I was hunching 2015 or later, but maybe not into the 2020’s. I sort of chuckle about how putting it off is advantageous for the adversaries, in that putting it off is advantageous to us (the ones who are preparing, slowly but surely). I could use a few more years to prepare, but I would like to have essential preparations in place by 2013, if not 2012. My fishing skills need a LOT of work, chuckle.

    I have started to get some hard copy books (non-digital), things like home first aid, fishing in my area, small electronics, etc. I shrug at getting some arms, but I can’t put that off indefinitely.

    I view God’s [pending] judgment as a blessing (in disguise?), and also an opportunity – We can share scripture to those who realize the need, unfettered by a Godless and perverted official society that continually muzzles freedom, particularly free speech.

    Watch, pray, trim your lamps. Take care.

  13. re: EMP Threat


    I am of the opinion that if the U.S. government would get the hell out of the way, have no red tape bureaucracy involvement in it, and appoint private company conglomerations to insure our power grids are prepped for possible EMP attacks, it could get done.

    I think if government tries to do things the way they usually do, it will be a mess, inefficient, overly expensive, and won’t get the job done…as usual per past history.

    If what I just said has any merit, what are the odds that government would do the right thing at this important juncture ?

  14. David,

    Government role is in regulating for public safety and for the benefit of all. Let’s face it manufactures are not going to spend one nickle to harden electrical and electronic infrastructure to protect from a EMP unless government passes a law telling them they have to build that into all new equipment.

    A prime example where government did not do their job was not regulating or enforcing regulations that make GPS manufactures to use a filter in their devices to operate only within the allotted GPS radio spectrum. A filter would have cost the GPS manufactures about a nickle. Because that did not happen, “LightSquared” true 4G Satellite/terrestrial Internet technology is being delayed for everyone until the interference problems are resolved.

    In this age some things just have to be policed and regulated by the government or you will have MadMax anarchy.

  15. Hi’ya Don,

    I should have been clearer in my statement, I realize any nationwide U.S. work has to be paid and appointed by government.

    I guess your right though, there is no option, government has to regulate it…which is where the messy red tape and inflated costs will come from.

    So, we can either have “MadMax anarchy” if we do nothing & are hit by an EMP strike…or we can have Moe, Obama, & Curly efficiency after government fixes our grids.

  16. There is a way to protect your own personal electronics against the threat of an EMP whether it is generated by a weapon or the sun. is a great website for information and products to use in preparation for either type of event. The product is a metalized bag. uses the same technology that the US military uses to protect their electronics. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  17. Maybe it will protect your personal electronics devices but if the infrastructure is down nationwide I hope you also made them eatable.

  18. Having to put electronics into two heavy metalized layers of aluminum laminated together bags after every use will be a fun daily routine…odds on anyone who buys these bags actually doing it after every use ?…I think zero.

  19. The North Koreans can barely make any nuclear weapon, and it takes them months to set up a test. And you guys actually think they are going to pull of a surprise EMP attack? And that their missiles will actually make it US Soil? And that our missile defense will prove ineffective? And that will bring the entire nation down?

    The only conspiracy going on is within your small minds, trying to concoct some story that magically aligns with your biblical beliefs. See you all in 2014, EMP free.


  20. SnotNose, Kid

    I suppose the amount of research you actually did on this topic was to read the title and the Google description on this article and you think that makes you an expert on the subject?

    For your information, It takes anyone months to set up a nuclear test and unless you are an insider in North Korea you do not know what they can achieve. They have already demonstrated two nuclear tests. We are also aware that they have at least a half dozen other nuclear devices and we know that they had several long range missile tests that had the signature of an EMP prototype. We also know that they are continuing to extend their missile range. They also could carry this off from ships off shore. I believe even the CIA said that Iran will be able to reach the US with intercontinental missiles by 2015.
    All It takes is one.

    I also did not say that they will actually attempt it before 2014. I said the Iran N Korean conspiracy will have an operational capacity by then.

    By the way, what long range or off shore missile defense is that, that you think we have?

    I suggest you read what our appointed congressional committee said about this threat over a half a dozen years ago and they continues to report to congress about this threat. Read what they said a nuclear EMP could do to this nation. In addition, Iran is getting close to having the capacity to pull this off from the Caribbean.

    I do not see what beliefs of a an EMP danger to the United States has to do with biblical beliefs. The Bible says nothing about it. But how would you even know?

    If your going to come here and act like a SnotNose kid rather than offer something constructive get lost.

  21. This first statement of this article: “It seems to me that Americans are missing the obvious.” says it all. I completely agree. It seems like we are doing NOTHING to protect ourselves. Then there are the people that are in denial about this happening. When really, it’s going to happen even sooner than we think- I’m betting on it. It’s the scariest thing to think about, honestly. I feel like our government is NOT preparing for it, and aren’t trying to prepare us for it either. One good thing I think that they’ve done is try to protect some of our military stuff from an EMP. I know that a guy named George Baker used to help with that. He’s also going to be on a radio show Wednesday the 10th to inform people on EMP and other important things. If you want to be SMART and listen to this; here’s the link:

  22. AmandaK,
    Our government or lack of government ( in my opinion) lacks the ability to prepare for this.
    Consider the cost , where do we get the money ? we are broke and everything Congress does is
    smoke and mirrors , they have no clue. Any members of congress who tell the people the truth
    will not get re elected, so they invent a campaign stratedgy to get re elected. Most people
    don’t want to hear the truth anyway, cut spending , but don’t touch my government benefits.

  23. Hi Don,

    Wow, the weather is gonna be in the 70s here in NW AR next week! Gonna enjoy it after this hot summer! I have a couple of questions for you and of course an opinion : )

    Opinion first: Seems to me I can’t find any mention of the Americas in scripture because they didn’t know it existed. I have seen 2 or 3 scriptures that some people have said could perhaps refer to the Americas but I couldn’t see the connection and it seemed highly speculative.

    To the questions:

    1. Where is the notion coming from of the Iranian, Syria, North Korea Conspiracy? Do you have some inside information that I would not be aware of by watching the western media which is obviously biased against those countries. Even our own media is not making this connection that I can tell. If you already have an article explaining this please refer me to it. From what I have been able to discern from paying attention to whats going on in the world, I am much more concerned with us invading or at least trying to advance regime change in Syria and Iran. ie: Iraq, Afghanistan for invasion and Egypt, Libya for regime change.

    2. We did a test where we successful shot down a missle, if I remember correctly we didn’t hit a few of them, then we did hit one and it was called successful. Even as I was watching this go on in the media, it all seemed fishy to me. I remember back in the 80’s we put a bunch of money into missle defense known as Star Wars. It also seems and I have “heard” that our military is many years ahead of the technology that we know about. Of course as a matter of national security we don’t want those we perceive as our enemies to know the level of technology we have, ie: the stealth aircraft. What is the liklihood in your opinion that we have the hidden technology to down at least a limited number of ICBM’s sent our way?

    In agreement with you that our nation would be wise to protect our electrical infrasture as a matter of national defense. Upon reflection, it almost seems the Federal Government is in violation of the Constitution under which the Federal Goverment is required to provide for our National Defense.

    Brother, I hope you get to enjoy the wonderful weather we are having this Labor Day weekend! The tops off the Jeep and I am looking forward to my sunburn 🙂

  24. Hi David,

    Anything about America in prophecy is conjecture at best but I think God knew America would exist and He could have told His prophets by using an illustration. Issiah 18 comes to mind, we really do not know what nation God is talking about there. Some conjecture it is America, but who knows?

    David I read a lot of information from various sources for 3 or 4 hours every day and I just put 2 and 2 together with the information I find.

    We know that Syria, Iran and North Korea are working together to develop nuclear technology and missile systems to deliver nuclear warheads. It is no big secret that they are working together on this stuff. Israel even had to take out the Plutonium reactor that N. Korea built in Syria.

    We also know that the signatures of the missile tests from N Korea and Iran match that of nations trying to developing an EMP delivery system. For example the missiles going for max distance and exploding at high altitude and not aimed at land targets. Also, the nuclear test in N Korea that some suggested were failures apparently went for maximum EMP rather than high yield. It is very likely that they were not failures at all.

    What would you do if you were crazy like them and wanted to destroy America? You certainly could not cripple the US with a couple of nuclear ground bursts. They know it and we know it. the fact that they are trying to get EMP capability is no big secret.

    There are categories on the side bar that will help you find what I wrote about in the past about EMP’s and Iran etc. I can’t keep up with all I wrote over the last four or five years on this blog. A lot of information is also in the comments. The best way to find anything that I wrote is to go to the homepage of this website and type in keywords in the search box near the bottom of the page.

    I wish our media was biased against those countries. A sane media should have been demanding action long before N Korea and Syria, I mean Iran, even got nuclear capabilities. We know quite well their evil intentions.

    The problem is that this goes all the way back to Jimmy Carter’s limp wrist inaction. Now there are no good options in the Middle East or N. Korea but if Iran gets the means to deliver nukes we will live to regret it. I think N. Korean leaders do not exactly have a death wish although they are quite nuts but Iran’s leaders want a war to bring in the Mahdi.

    I hope we do have secret technology that can take out missiles launched at us because Obama gutted our missile defense program. I know they are working on things but I doubt if anything significant is fully operational and with the cuts coming down the road they may never become operational.

    Have a great Labor day weekend it looks the heat is over for the year.

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