The Middle East is on the brink of a much wider war

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What is happening in the Middle East today does not fit the prophecies of the Psalm 83 or Ezekiel 38, 39 war. I think that those that are thinking that one of these wars is about to play out as soon as there is some military attack by Israel or against Israel are not reading the situation correctly. That is not to say that a much wider war in the Middle East is not about to take place. I think a war this year with Syria, Hezbollah, Iran and others is all but inevitable for Israel but that war will be neither of these two biblical wars.

Syria is in civil war and many factions are fighting against each other. Hillary Clinton specifically said that Assad would be removed from power within weeks but two years later Assad is still hanging on. With support from Iran and Russia there is no telling how long Assad can stay in power. Meanwhile, advanced weapons are being moved from Iran to Hezbollah and Russian S-300 anti-aircraft defenses are being moved from Russia to Syria.

Israel will not permit these weapons transfers to take place but further airstrikes against these weapons are going to lead to a missile response from Syria and Hezbollah. Then of course there will be a further response from Israel with the distinct possibility of Israel removing Assad out of the Syrian civil war equation.

Even so, removing Assad from the civil war just makes for a much more unstable situation because most likely radical Islamists would gain control over the WMD that are in Syria and still are under Assad’s control. Israel will not allow radicals to get access to those weapons. That means in the aftermath of Assad, Israel would have to send in ground forces to secure those weapons.

I do not see Iran and Hezbollah just allowing that to happen without a major response. The war would then involve Hezbollah (Lebanon), some factions in Syria and some involvement by Iran. Hezbollah alone has about 60,000 missiles. Israel would have to invade Lebanon and Syria to stop the missile attacks on their people.

It is hard to say what Iran will do because Iran risks its nuclear program if it takes direct action against Israel and it will lose face if it does nothing. If Israel determines that it is necessary to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons program then it will almost certainly drag the US into the war because Iran would attack US forces in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere and attempt to bring about a depression in the West by disrupting the flow of Middle East oil.

The last American administrations played the fools game with Iran. Their nuclear program should have been halted more than a decade ago before Iran became a real threat to the world. Now, there will be hell to pay for a strike on Iran. The Iranian leadership used that decade where the American led world did little more than talk, to build the hardened support facilities for a world-class nuclear weapons and delivery program.

Iran may or may not have actual nukes but the plans that they have are more sinister than just building a couple of nukes so they can one day have bragging rights. They are building an underground complex that will have the capability to develop scores of nuclear weapons each year anytime they wish to start mass weapons production. In other words, Iran intends to become nothing less than a nuclear superpower.

They are so far along with this nuclear and missile project, and they have built-in so much redundancy, that they do not believe an air attack can stop their program. They may be correct. Just one of Iran’s top-secret complexes covers a hundred square miles and much of it is underground, it is not likely that any conventional air attack is going to put that site out of business. It would equate to trying to take out China’s underground nuclear facilities by conventional means. It simply is not going to happen.

The world has let Iran’s nuclear program to go on for far too long. The Western allies are not going to be able to take out Iran any quicker than we took out Germany in World War II unless we go nuclear and that capability is a last resort and is also being decimated by the Obama administration.

So let’s face it, the war against Iran is going to take a lot of troops on the ground or else we will be fighting the war again within three years and by that time they will have intercontinental missiles than can EMP us back to the 1800’s. During that time Iran and others would also be fostering terrorism all over the world.

Simply put, the world cannot allow Iran to repair and continue their nuclear development program after the airstrikes. Therefore, following any air war against Iran a massive ground war build up scenario will take place sooner or later. Then US, Israel, NATO and Middle East Sunni nations will end up fighting the Shia led by Iran and the Shia will be supported by Russia, China, North Korea and others.

The first war will be mainly an air war but the follow-up ground war to defeat Iran will become very deadly and costly because at the same time Europe will be in civil war because of all the Muslims living there. The US also will be in turmoil because of the political and economic situation here. An EMP over the US might even take the US out of the equation.

I don’t see China and Russia getting directly involved in the war with their own troops but China will use this world turmoil to extend their influence over South East Asia and Russia will use it to form a Eurasian Union on nearly the same lines of the old Soviet Union.

After that, I expect the ecumenical religious Harlot to somehow rise to help end the war and she will call the shots until the Beast rises in the area of the old Roman Empire.

It seems to me that because of the Western appeasement of Islam and Iran that there will soon be many more fallen men to honor on future Memorial days.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


12 Responses to “The Middle East is on the brink of a much wider war”

  1. Don, I hope you deem this staying on topic, but I have a question/postulation: even though old Hugo is dead as Julius Caesar, does anyone else here forsee a possibility of either Iran OR N.Korea going in cahoots with Venezuela or any other like minded country to launch a missle strike within 600-1000 miles from Central America to put us in the EMP scenario? Seriously, what on Earth do they have to lose? N.Korea is being led by a generationally compromised looney, Iran believes that the Madhi will come back ONLY when the world has been turned into a toilet bowl, and the majority of our country would never see it much less believe that it could happen here. I mean, come on…this is AMERICA…no one would dare do that to us, right?!? If you want to delete this last part, I understand Don…I can get a little worked up at times… but this country acts like a tease at a Rapist convention, then is all shocked when the inevitable happens. This country is RIPE for a cataclysmic “surprise” strike from some demented satan inspired 3rd world cesspool.

  2. With a few details added, you have summarized my fears. Barring a miracle, I think a major war in the cradle of civilization is inevitable and soon. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, I’m trying to get my spiritual house “in order” for what I believe is ahead for our country and the world.

  3. DonNo Gravatar says:


    Iran already has or is building a medium range missile base in Venezuela that can deliver nukes over the heart of America. We should kick the Iranians out much like we stopped the Russians missiles that were heading to Cuba. By the way in 1962, in certain respects, Russia was less advanced in nuclear weapons technology and missiles than Iran is today. So where are we hearing about this threat on the MSM?

    It is only a matter of time before Iran can provide other nations with nukes if we do nothing. As for North Korea they probably already have missiles that can put up an EMP weapon over the United States and that is why we moved our anti missile missiles.

    I agree with your assessment of the state of the nation.

  4. Don

    What is your take on Jeremiah 49:35-38? It would seem the Lord will use the world (four winds) to attack and destroy Elam’s ‘bow’. Her leadership will be destroyed and the people scattered sometime prior to the ‘latter days’ when God will once again allow them national status. Seeing we are approaching those days (even if twenty years down the track) couldn’t we now equate Elam to all Iran not just the south-western part of that country? Iran’s nuclear sites are all concentrated in the western parts of the country and an attack on them could then be construed as an attack on Elam thus fulfilling this prophecy (???).

    This attack and destruction of Elam IS going to happen, and must be the prime candidate for Iran not being part of the Psalm 83 judgement; so I see Iran’s military destruction as being the next massive event in the ME. Then the judgements of Psalm 83, then Ezekiel 38-39 judgement on Gog etc.

    AND because of everything else that must happen worldwide we are running out of time (even if we have another twenty years).

  5. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Brian,

    It certainly seems that Elam will be evacuated from Iran to all the nations of the world. My take on this prophecy is that millions will have to be evacuated due to radiation. It would only take a nuclear melt down at the Bushehr reactor on the gulf to contaminate that part of Iran. It could be caused by war or a massive earthquake. But the four winds mentioned suggest that it will occur during a world military action against Iran.

    Elam only occupied the Western part of Iran where this reactor is located so I do not think the prophecy is referring to the entire nation of Iran. I think the rest of Iran will align with the new Russian block that will be set up and that is why Persia comes with Gog in the Ezekiel 38 39 war. The return of Elam could very well be after the tribulation.

    I agree that Iran has to be taken out of the Middle East picture until the Ezekiel war. It is also possible that the part of Iran that escapes the radiation and evacuation will no longer even be identified as Iran.

  6. Thanks Don, that broadens the view nicely.

  7. Caitlin LaneNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Don. You wrote: Iran does not believe an air attack can stop their program.
    I did a google search and found an article I remembered reading. Published May 3, 2013 by
    ‘” The Pentagons biggest bunker-busting bomb has been upgraded with one task in mind: taking out suspected Iranian nuclear facilities built deep under the mountains of the Islamic Republic’s northern region.”‘
    The article pointed out that the U.S. probably has only about twelve of these upgraded MOP’s but they have contracted with Boeing for twenty.
    My question is do you think the U.S. will actually use them to stop Iran’s weapons program or continue to blah, blah, blah until Iran actually starts a war?

  8. DonNo Gravatar says:


    I think the U.S. would use the biggest bunker busters but even hundreds of such bombs would only delay Iran’s nuclear program a few years. Israel is going to hit Iran when they feel threatened and Iran said if they do that they will attack our bases in the area. So we will be drawn in even if the U.S. wants to keep talking.

  9. BMF_212No Gravatar says:

    “Iran already has or is building a medium range missile base in Venezuela that can deliver nukes over the heart of America”…what world are you living in Don?…it seems your opinions are biased, dig deeper, provide us with legit documents to prove.

  10. Tom PorterNo Gravatar says:

    I just read that the IDF has a plan to streamline its ground, air and naval forces and focus more resources on intellegence gathering and cyberwar efforts. Could this be the beginning of some sort of “Gideon Option” to sow confusion amongst its enemies in a future war? And, of course God did say of the Ishmaelites that every hand would be against his brother. Cyber warfare, if employed with cunning and stilth, could certainly confound and confuse a coalitions of Israel’s enemies. Your thoughts? Tom

  11. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Tom,

    Cyber warfare has already been used in Iran and it is certain to be a tool in the future. I think EMP options are very likely to be used in any future war. Just about all able body men are in the reserves so its not like Israel is going to be any weaker if it streamlines. I don’t see any “Gideon Option” in the works because there are no prophets in Israel and most of Israel’s faith is in their own military might and not in God.

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