The postmodern media plague of unreliable sources and information

Have you noticed that a lot of information obtained from main stream media, alternative media, religious media, intelligence, and the Internet cannot be depended upon? How are people suppose to sort out the truth if they can’t find reliable sources for information? In this postmodern media plague where truth is what certain factions want it to be, we get half-truths, disinformation and outright lies. The media “facts” given to us today turn out to be fabrications tomorrow. Whatever the headlines of great interest are this week will not even be mentioned next week if it does not advance the government or media agenda.

In the acute phase of some perceived crisis all we really get is information overload followed by little reliable follow-up information, if any at all. It seem like the sources of information jump from crisis to crisis just for the sake of jumping from crisis to crisis instead of getting Americans in-depth truth about what really occurred. The news released to the public today is mostly what government, media talking heads, or what special interest groups want us to believe.

I will give a few of the recent high profile examples:

U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder was charged with contempt of congress for withholding information on the Fast and Furious government gun running operation but what is Congress even doing about it and why is the media not digging up and presenting the facts on Holder’s illegal cover-ups?

This Obama Administration’s illegal gun running operation helped get hundreds of people killed in Mexico but where is the outcry and indignation? Obviously, the government controlled media does not want the truth to get out that this administration wanted American guns to be found killing Mexicans. Some in U.S. agencies were complicit in allowing this murder, just so that some in the Obama administration could claim that U.S. guns were killing people in Mexico. People high up in our government should be tried for accessory to murder and conspiracy to defraud but most media is silent.

Who is getting to the truth of what really happened at Benghazi with the killing of our Ambassador and three other Americans? It is obvious that there has been illegal activities, cover-ups, irresponsible actions, and perjury but main stream media just reports government fed disinformation or are silent.

Congress could not agree on the programs to be cut in government so they agreed upon sequestering some of the increase in Government spending. This small cut in the increase in annual spending was supposed to bring the near end of the world according to the Obama administration and their liberal media mouthpieces, but who is reporting on the fact that none of the fear mongering that Obama spouted on liberal media actually happened?

Did we get the whole story on the shooting at Sandy Hook? I am not so sure. How was a lone gunman able to kill 27 people but only wound three? This death to wounded ratio simply has not ever happened before in the real world by any lone shooter, but who in the media even dares to question the information released to the public? Was there more than one shooter? Were kids unable to escape for some unknown reason that someone does not want the public to know about? Reliable information is not being given, so who knows?

Was there any doubt that the Far Left was just waiting for such an event to try to take away guns from the citizens of America? How about someone reporting on the vast Left Wing gun control conspiracy? Gun control legislation was all over the news a couple of weeks ago but now that the bill failed in the Senate, there is silence. Even so, Harry Reed can bring the bill to a vote again in the Senate any time he wants. Who is reporting that some in government are now just waiting for another mass shooting to try to push the bill through again? Next time the bill will be ready at the height of the story and emotions will prevail over reason. Some “progressives” are even counting on a mass shooting to happen, but few report on that.

If the expected shooting does not happen, the gun hating conspirators will try again after the 2014 elections or when one of the aging Conservative Supreme Court Justices is replaced by another liberal. Then the Second Amendment will be redefined by a liberal court. I think you can bet that something like what I said will happen if the citizens allow it, but what media will tell you about the conspiratorial “Progressive” agenda in this nation to disarm everyone but the real criminals and the progressively militarized police?

Heck, if law enforcement could even deal with gangs, drugs, crime, and control freak politicians wanting to run everyone’s lives in America, most Americans would see little need for guns outside of their use for hunting. However, there is a real threat from increasingly statist and tyrannical government, criminals, and from complete society breakdown. For those reasons, common sense drives many normal people to want to own guns for self-defense. However, who in MSM is reporting on the real reason why Americans want to own guns? The latest Pew survey even says that more Americans now fear our own government than they do terrorism.

Why is Homeland security arming to the teeth? Why do they need 2 billion bullets, many of them hollow points? The director of Homeland Security thus far has not even answered the inquires of Congress about why she feels she needs all those bullets and media is not getting to the facts about their huge ammo purchases either. You can’t tell me that an outfit as large as the Department of Homeland Security would not have some people who would spill the beans to real reporters that they knew would not endanger them by revealing their source of information. However, when whistle blowers have no protection by either media or the U. S. Attorney General, don’t expect people to risk their careers and their lives for a story that will not make the MSM news anyway.

Two weeks ago the North Korean crisis was all over the news and we were led to believe that a Korean war was a distinct possibility any minute. Has anything changed on the part of the North Koreans? In reality, they have taken even more provocative actions, but have you heard anything more about the North Korean threat on the news lately?

Iran has not stopped their nuclear program but what have you heard on the media about the nuclear advancement going on in Iran lately and who is reporting on the actions the Obama administration will carry out if Iran does not stop its nuclear weapons agenda?

In Boston we had an Islamic terrorist attack but much of the information given to us was wrong and misleading. The two bombers made five bombs from pressure cookers. Some in government and media were telling us to believe that they acted alone and that nobody else in the Islamic world knew anything about it. However, others source say there are 1000 FBI agents tracking down a terrorist cell group. What is the truth? Does anyone in media even know how to investigate these things?

The alive one of the two brothers that was caught is telling people what they want to hear, so now they will bring his Jihad Mama over to pat him on his head and tell Americans what a good Muslim boy her son is. After all he was just unduly influenced by his dead older brother and his older brother is not talking.

Of course the Saudis had nothing to do with the Boston bombing, just like they had nothing to do with 9/11. That Saudi student of interest was just in the area of the bombings by some strange twist of fate and He was taken to the hospital for burns on his hands because he was playing with matches in spite of Jihad Mama’s intrusions.

He smiles, so he must be innocent.  Let’s not mention that this Saudi is connected to the same Saudi clan that pulled off 9/11. Let’s also not tell people that the visitor logs say this Saudi student made a visit to the White House before the bombing.

Let’s also downplay the mention that Michele Obama reportedly visited this Saudi student while in the hospital. We also should downplay the fact that the Saudi Foreign Ministry came here to talk to President Obama right after that this student was hospitalized and then the FBI promptly downgraded this person from a suspect to a “person of interest”. Someone might think that investigative reporters could get to the bottom of all this, but it seems that investigative reporters are now an endangered species.

Debka File is an intelligence news organization that said that the Tsarnaev brothers were double agents. In other words, they say our government thought they were working for them but they were in reality working for the Wahhabi jihadist networks. The report sounds credible but then again, how reliable a source is Debka proving out to be? How is the average American supposed to know what is the truth when the truth is whatever the story teller wants it to be?

In any case, Debka wants the following questions answered.

a) At what date did the Tsarnaev brothers turn coat and decide to work for Caucasian Wahhabi networks?
b) Did they round up recruits for those networks in the United States – particularly, among the Caucasian and Saudi communities?
c)  What was the exact purpose of the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath at MIT in Watertown?
d) Are any more terrorist attacks in the works in other American cities?

The 30,000 Saudi Muslim students in this country are of course no security risks at all if you listen to our government. So they put them on the trusted travel list. And of course, that train full of people that budding Islamic student engineers in Canada planned to divert into the Niagara Falls Gorge was just some Saudi amusement park prototype.

Anyway, I am betting that by next week little will be said about the Boston terrorist attacks anymore by information sources in this country because something else will be their headline obsession by then. Maybe, it will be how our own gang of eight in the Senate plan to shove 40 million illegal aliens down our throat over the next ten years while claiming it will only be 11 million and while we are being continually distracted with all these other stories?

Or maybe the reported Syrian gas use will become the next crises. As I write this they are playing up how gas was being used on the Syrian government resistance. Media tells us that this clearly crosses Obama’s red line so they think he needs to do something about it. If that does not become next week’s crisis I am sure some new crisis that you do not know about yet will surely come along to keep these weekly crises continually flowing. Remember, the Democrat motto is “never let a good crises go to waste”.

Further, during the Boston bombing there was the Ricin poison letters being sent to Obama and a congressman or two, but what was that really about?  And that fertilizer plant near Waco Texas just blew up all by itself around the 20th anniversary of the Waco massacre? It seems Media is buying the accident story. Maybe it really was just an accident. I don’t know. However, I do know that I can’t trust much of what is reported by government or media anymore.

This nation can’t even act like we are under Islamic terrorist attack except when we lock down the entire city of Boston for a manhunt for one Muslim person and use 9000 police dressed as storm troopers to force people out of their homes at gun point in a 20 block area of Watertown Mass. It apparently does not matter to the media that this paramilitary invasion of homes was a clear violation of the fourth amendment to our Constitution. Any perceived threat trumps the Constitution every time in our brave new world.

Someone in our government ought to admit that Islam is at war with us or else they should just disband the police state that they are obviously creating to deal with the Islamic terrorism that they ought to know is coming. Calling Christians or right-wing patriots the terrorist threat in this nation just shows that “progressives” are in denial of the obvious truth and have a mental disorder.

Reporters or government agents cannot even say the words Islamic Jihad without their bosses or our leaders foaming at the mouth or wetting their beds. It is much more politically correct to say the threat is law-abiding conservatives and Christians then to admit that radicals in Islam have declared war on the West and that they really want all “infidels” converted or dead.

We know that MSM is biased and a mouthpiece of government so we should not expect to receive reliable information from there. After all, all major news organizations are owned by elite billionaires that do not want to rock the boat or to have their own globalist agenda hindered. Did you know that a Saudi billionaire even owns about 20 percent of Fox?  How fair and balanced can Fox be when they probably fear to report any Saudi connection to terrorism?

Even Christian media has its own agenda. Don’t expect to get the truth from the few dozen people who control all of Christian media. They push people who are popular and that sell concepts that appeases the world and the itching ears within anything called Christianity. Those teaching what the Bible actually says and pointing out the dire condition of the world and the Apostasy in what is called Christendom are not likely to get Christian air time or books published by Mainstream Christian media.

Even Alternative news sites seem to be driven by sales. They promote theologically shaky authors because their books bring in revenue. That is bad enough, but then they also do hit pieces on discernment ministries that oppose the aberrant books that they promote. It seems the owners and reporters for these sites seldom come up with anything more solid than endless speculations based on conspiracy theories. How about some proof in the pudding?

Unreliable sources of information have become a plague in this postmodern generation. It is now very difficult to come up with the truth from what you find on most media sources in America. A manipulated public where truth is only what people in government or media want it to be will have dire consequences for the people of America.


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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


24 thoughts on “The postmodern media plague of unreliable sources and information

  1. I don’t have time to organize my thoughts at this hour but I have found this to be one of the more troubling articles that you have posted. Maybe it is just having all these issues itemized line after line that is grieving my heart so. To see the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ responding to these events like this is heart-wrenching. I’m thinking of Habakkuk 1:5 “Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days-You would not believe if you were told.

    My spirit bears witness with yours on these matters Don. I’ve noticed a change at Fox also. My sense is that this Saudi fellow who has acquired a 20% interest in Fox is already beginning to influence the news there. I see it in the pictures that are placed on the website. Terrorists are typically depicted with angelic photos constantly. It only takes a few well placed individuals strategically positioned to have a profound influence on what we “see” as reality. May we all hold closely to the truth of God’s word in these perilous times we are entering. Very sobering but well done my friend.

  2. What a great read to start the day.. Great in it’s information, but truly sad in the truth it contained. With each “crisis”, the 24 hour news cycle cannot even keep the facts straight as they are reporting. There truly both an attempt to confuse and manipulate the story as it unfolds. This is done by all the news outlets now. North Korea was recently ready to fire nukes, and the media had us all wondering if my state (Oregon) was going to be in the crosshairs… For the last week or so, no mention at all… Did North Korea decide to turn off the lights and go on vacation?

    It’s funny (strange) how back in the 70’s, what Richard Nixon ordered that turned into “watergate” would be the equivalent of a parking ticket compared to what this administration has done in terms of outright crimes and violations of the constitution. The media, and I mean all of the media, have certainly thrown in with the agenda.

    A great reminder Don of the clear direction this is all headed…

    Thanks for the new article, it went great with my morning coffee.

    Rod in Oregon

  3. Great article ,i also wanted to add kermit gosnell {the baby killer} has barely been mention on main stream news probably because of the abortion rights that they are protecting. The guy is a monster and deserves death himself. And i was shocked to hear obama say in his latest speech at “the planned parenthood” ‘god bless the larget abortion provider for planned parenthood’. is this guy serious? This guy is delusional if he thinks god is going to bless the idiots who kill his own little ones!

  4. Don, your are correct as usual (unfortunately). I’m not sure what is more depressing…knowing and seeing all this stuff happening or reading your article and confirming it! I have asked many of your questions myself, but only get more depressed as I realize we are witnessing a veritable tsunami of evil. And there seems to be no way to stop it. This country is filled with the willfully ignorant and liars. Evil seems to be the new normal. Black is white, immoral is moral, justice is just a word and god is anything that makes one feel good. Perhaps I am seeing a glass half empty but it seems to me that the last days are nearly upon us and any chance for this country to turn aside from evil are way past. Depressing…really depressing. But then I remember. God is in control and we were warned these days were coming.

  5. John

    What you said is true, but so far the remarks on this post make it seem like I need to find Christians treatment for depression. I try to see the world the way it is. I am a realist. Even so, it is not like Christians should be overly concerned about what we were told was coming in the last days anyway. Whether this country goes down the tubes or not has nothing to do with a believers eternal salvation. We actually should be excited and more hopeful than unbelievers because seeing these things means that our redemption draws near. I see you acknowledge that fact in the end, so you probably are just rightly vexed or disgusted with what you see with people choosing evil and rejecting so great a salvation, and are not really depressed yourself over the inevitable choices of a God rejecting world.

  6. I think this is an exciting time to be alive… To think that we may very well be the generation that sees the Rapture… Wow…

    Best keep sharing the gospel…


  7. Don,

    The heart of this article explains exactly why some of us hold your blog here in such high esteem, you are committed to seeking the truth, something that most other forms of main stream information fail at, for the reasons you mention.

    Ya’ know, I never really thought about the “Fast and Furious” scandal as being something to promote the disarming of Americans….interesting, and certainly not beyond a corrupt government to sacrifice lives to make a statement and promote a political cause.

    Benghazi, is it all too convenient that Hillary suffered a concussion that ended her stay as Secretary Of State, which she certainly doesn’t want on her resume’ if a 2016 run for The White House is in her future ?…oh, but does it really matter…by then, the media fed American public will have forgotten about Hillary’s involvement and, of course, the Main Stream Media certainly won’t bring it up.

    Just like Major Hasan and the Islamic sponsored Fort Hood massacre…oh wait, that wasn’t a massacre, that was just workplace violence, excuse me.

    Yeah, Islam really isn’t dangerous to the American way of life, they’re the “Religion Of Peace”, aren’t they ?…it’s “those” Christian fanatics that speak against abortion and homosexuality that are the true enemies of the state…right ?

  8. Depressed ?

    How can anyone who has their trust in The Living God be depressed in these last days ?


    The types of people who do what Isaiah 5:20 says…

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
    Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

    …these people rightfully should be depressed because they have no hope, only where their worldly leaders lead them.


    I would further be depressed too if I believed that I somehow evolved from a single cell bacteria, to an ape, to the human condition we see today.

    From the covenant by the Living God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to the history of Israel to this day, to The Glory of The Lord Jesus Christ…even a spiritually retarded atheist should see clearly what is and what is about to come.

    We, who love The Lord Jesus should be excited and joyful.

    From ~David (NOT a monkeys uncle ; )

  9. Don’t worry Don, you are not nuts. The truth of the matter is that you can’t find the truth any more. Good ol’Fox News USED to be at least somewhat objective, but lately it is anyones call who is worse….Bill “I am never wrong” O’Reilley, Shaun “please rev al, let me kiss your booty just one more time” Hannity, Megan”aw gee, ain’t I cute AND witty AND blond all at the same time”Kelly, etc. How many times can they report the same lies before they implode because of the politically correct bs they either are mandated to or choose to spew? It is becoming apparent that a guy named Winston has been VERY busy at the Ministry of Truth lately, or so it seems.

  10. We know that this is how the Lord said it would be at the end and we are very happy that He is coming and we are going withto be with Him, however, there are many others, including friends, acquaintances, and family that we know that will not be going in the rapture and that is rather depressing. Yes it is more of an incentive for us to witness and pray, but nonetheless, at times thinking about what is coming upon this earth for those left behind is depressing…and because the Lord didn’t promise us a trial free existance either, thinking that we may be here during some more very ugly days can be depressing as well. I have a little child and I am an older single parent with absolutely no family support, as they are all deceased. To think that we may have to endure very scary times, moreso than this, it does get upsetting to me, but that is when I have to remember to put my faith in the Lord’s faithfulness to His own. If we must suffer, I pray we will endure and if we die, well, hallelujah, we’re home anyway. But I agree that thinking about the fact that we may very well indeed be the generation that sees the Lord rapture us home, that is indeed exciting…and I do hope it is soon. Amen!

  11. Great insight Don. I should have considered my words more carefully. I’m certainly not looking for that “Prozac” solution. It is as you said, vexing…with a Capital V I might add!

    In fact, I often tell people that this is an amazing time in which we live, seeing prophecies that have come to pass in my lifetime (Israel becoming a nation for starters) and others seemingly right on the cusp, just waiting for God’s perfect timing.

  12. Yes, I have noticed just exactly what you’ve written about today. I don’t have my television hooked up to reception so I get all my news from the internet. I do still think Fox is more reliable than MSNBC and the like, but I do wonder how reliable. I read just a while ago that it looks like N. Korea, S. Korea, Japan and China are about to go to war. I also read that there are four whistle blowers with information on Benghazi and they’re getting lawyers because their careers have been threatened by the White House. I read more about the Boston bombers, the evidence against abortionist and on and on and on. As you said, Don, next week the headlines will be about something else. I’m not depressed over any of it but I’m angry as heck. One of my mother’s favorite threats was “Do you want me to shake some sense into you?” If only we could. I thank God often that He knows what’s going on and it will accomplish His purpose.
    This website has become very important to me also for learning truth.

  13. Don, there is so much disinformation out there that I don’t know who to trust anymore. The workplace is just as insane, a constant mind game with employees to be politically correct, yet stress individuality.
    Even though I am saved and know these times were foretold, it is still hard for me to grasp since the 90’s tech bubble how rotten people, the govt, and companies have gotten, and it is coming each day at a more accelerated pace.
    Thankful that I found you and your site Don, and that I wasn’t crazy after all in what has been happening in the world.

  14. The thing that is so depressing is hearing people – especially friends and relatives – completely deny the truth and buy into the crap that is feed to us by the government. They actually believe this stuff. Or perhaps it’s that they find it hard to believe the alternative, that the government could actually be so corrupt. I find great solace in my salvation, and I know that although I may suffer great harm, pain and even death, my eternal salvation is secure. Here’s a link to an article about the Pentagon threatening to court-martial/prosecute soldiers for sharing and practicing their faith as Christians in the military. This even applies to chaplains. It is being spear-headed by uber left wing nut Mikey Weinstein. The filth and hatred being spewed from his mouth is unbelievable, and he has the audacity to call Christians unbelievable things. Worth a read and then much prayer to combat We are definitely seeing the world turn to all things evil as the preferred norm!

  15. Once again, thank you, Don, for your insightful information. I wonder about the ammunition buying government–if people have guns and can’t buy ammunition–isn’t the government satisfied that way? They don’t want the general public to have guns and yet they can’t get guns banned yet so why not do the next best thing–buy up the ammunition? Anyway, yes, this world is passing away and I for one praise God that He has a better home for us. I praise God that He gave those of us who love His word and take the time to read and study it can find ample information that these days were foretold long ago. We are very quickly advancing toward the end as far as morality goes. I can hardly watch TV anymore. The commercials are enough to give this grandmother a blushed face. I do watch Huckabee sometimes and he seems to stand up for God’s ways. Recently he had a reporter who showed the almost empty press area at the courtroom on the Gosnell trial and how pathetic the media has been in covering this story. Oh, but it interests our great God and He will be the judge! This reporter stated anyone even the most liberal would cringe at what is going on there. May God have mercy! We need to cry out for the Lord Jesus to come quickly and truly long for His coming. He suffered so much for His church and knows the ache in our hearts and the longing we have for His righteousness! Thank you again, Don!

  16. Tim,

    I read the link you provided and couldn’t believe what I was reading. If this is true and this is the direction the military is heading then I am very disappointed. Anyone who disagrees that the leftists are vehemently and deliberately attacking our military and christian morals is delusional.

  17. Hi Don:
    I see where these lies and cover up by the media will go right along with explaining the rapture. People have become numb from what the news reports these days. Our church is hosting the telecast of the global leadership conference with Bill Hybels this summer. This may be off topic a bit but what I have read it seems like this a way to join different faiths with the government. Do you or any of your readers know the agenda of these (so called) leaders?

  18. Hi Kevin,

    I have been talking about it quite often it all leads to Rome and the Harlot of Revelation 17.

    Here is a post I put it up 2009. It has a link to a Jan Markell article that talks about Hybells leadership conference.

    You might also read this post since it is really all related.

  19. As an example of media bias and the way they attempt to manipulate the people’s thinking I took this quote from an article by Penny Young Nance on Fox’s Opinion page. ‘On air, Huff Post Live host Marc Lamont Hill admitted “For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial [Gosnell} because we worry that it will compromise abortion rights.”‘
    As an aside, on this National Day of Prayer, I saw a headline that read America Needs Prayer Like Never Before. In the same column another headline announced Rhode Island Legalizes Same Sex Marriage. I decided not to pray with them.

  20. Bon-Jore (since you can’t believe everything on the internet),

    The Air Force… Plenty to comment on, but I reduced it all to this in my head: “They” (namely, satan’s minions coming out in unabashed full force these days) are attempting to outlaw the Holy Spirit.

    Which is obviously impossible and yet still attempted numerous times throughout history, but coming back in vogue in full force in these last days.

  21. Yep-Jesus is coming soon. And yes-God only knows the exact day. But it seems to be getting sooner and sooner. Along the topic line I am asking for some prayer from some righteous believers about a local issue. Here in our local area a school board president with a documented felony refuses to step away from his position. The county has sent him a letter and he refused to step down. They filed a lawsuit and it is still unresolved. This is a local example of evil being right and righteousness being denied. How can we expect high school children to obey any rules or any laws when a felony cannot hold office in this state. Thank you for your prayers. But this is a true story that reflects what is really happening in our country as the time for the return of Jesus Christ is getting sooner and sooner

  22. Rosebud,

    Part of the problem is that perspective employers cannot even ask for information on a person’s work history or criminal past due to laws forbidding it and the likelihood of lawsuits. You can fire them if they lied on an application but how are you suppose to even find that out? Then if you hire a felon and they defraud or harm someone the employer will be the one that will be sued. The progressive criminals in our government are making is so that nobody even wants to start a small business anymore.

    This is the state of the nation under “progressive rule”.

  23. WOW.!!!.

    Could find nothing to which I could disagree. Sadly, this nation and the American people, with the exception of a very small minority, are oblivious to the approaching dangers.

    I pity those whose foundation is anything other than the LORD.

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