Unless Americans reject evil, Obama will destroy this nation.

On May 10, 2011 · 34 Comments

A country gets the leader the people deserve. Obama was obviously given for America’s destruction. I think the evidence of what he did thus far leaves little room for doubt.  After 2 1/2 years of Obama you would think Americans would have learned something, but that does not seem to be the case. Unless Americans suddenly turn from their evil ways Obama will finish the job given to him.

We are less than 18 months from the next presidential election and as of right now Obama has a 50+ percent approval rating in the polls and not one potential Republican candidate matches up with Obama in the polls.  After 2 1/2 year of having the most destructive president in the history of America more than half this nation thinks he is doing a fine job. It becomes obvious that Americans have become so socialized and dumbed down that they can no longer discern the difference between truth and lies and good and evil.

I knew when this nation elected a statist and Marxist with no credentials that the nation was going to get the leader they deserved. I guess I wished by now that Americans would have wised up some. The Tea Party movement gave me a little hope for awhile but the latest polls tell me that Americans still just react to what they hear from the talking heads controlled by the élite that are controlling the airwaves. You might think with Obama’s record that Americans would see the picture by now but they are oblivious to the facts or just don’t care or actually agree with his destructive agenda.

I don’t believe I can make the blind see but here are some facts.

  • Obama is bankrupting this country. If he does not cut spending drastically the economic crisis will continue. You can also be sure they will not let more economic crises go to waste
  • Obama has shunned our best allies
  • Obama has kowtowed to all our enemies
  • Obama’s environmental policy is anti-jobs during a time of very high unemployment
  • Obama’s energy policies are doubling the price of energy and destroying jobs and the middle-class
  • Obama’s health care plan is intrusive, expensive and unconstitutional and the extra bureaucracy will result in higher costs and health rationing choices made by medically uneducated idiots
  • Obama’s wars are not winnable
  • Obama’s immigration policy weakens America
  • Obama’s moral positions are anti-Bible and anti-Christ
  • Obama’s Justice Department is there for Obama and team and not for true American Justice
  • Obama’s position on religion is all-paths pluralism and universalism rather than the Christianity faith he claims
  • Obama has and will continue to put the UN and world organizations above US national sovereignty
  • Obama’s position on Israel, the Arabs and Iran will lead to world war
  • Obama’s position on dealing with China is for the US to continue to commit economic suicide by unfair trade
  • Obama’s nuclear arms agreement with Russia is naïve or a move made on purpose to destroy America as the remaining world superpower.
  • Obama’s abortion policy means death to many unborn
  • Obama’s homosexual policy and marriage policy is really pushing perversion in America. It will also weaken our military and it means Christian chaplains will now be muzzled
  • Obama’s military policies have produced the lowest morale in the military since Vietnam
  • Obama’s economic policy favor huge multi-national corporations and international bankers
  • Obama’s is creating a permanent slave underclass that will depend on statist socialist government for survival. Handouts are promised for votes

So It’s not like the issues are not out there, it is more like the American people, especially in the big cities, have already had their brains removed. They are incapable of rational thought and instead just repeat drivel fed to them from the far left mind controllers. America has now become communistic and it happened by a democratic vote.

There was a good reason why everyone did not get to vote in early America. What kind of a nation can you have when the people get their morality and marching orders from insane media entertainers rather than from God and acquired knowledge from history?

America has 18 month left to find its roots or it will go down in the ash heap of history and it will happen this decade.

America cannot survive 4 more years of Obama for many reasons, here are but a few:

  • The Supreme Court will soon be filled with people who think like Communists and they will rule for decades. They will totally subvert what is left of our Constitution
  • Small businesses cannot survive the over regulation and taxes that the Obama administration has planned
  • Health care will deteriorate tremendously and you will be required to go through far less trained gate-keepers just to see a doctor and there will be a long wait unless you are one of the privileged class
  • Most of what is left of the middle-class will be government bureaucrat control freaks that totally support the UN agenda.
  • Savings and retirements will be wiped out through inflation
  • Housing will be affordable to everyone except the owner
  • Unemployment will remain in double digits and wages will fall rapidly relative to the real cost of living
  • America will be under the control of the UN on all world matters
  • With their CO2 climate change non reality, they will put the coal power plants out of business and electricity will soon double or triple in price and there will be rolling blackouts. Electric cars will become useless and outlawed for most
  • Gas will be well above $5 a gallon and you will also be taxed on how much you drive
  • Free speech will only exist for the politically correct leftists. Views of conservatives and religious people will be called hate speech
  • Free speech on the media and the Internet will cease
  • They will make it too expensive and too restrictive to have guns or ammo
  • Obama’s foreign policies will just lead to more wars

That is only a small sample of where we are heading if Americans do not pull their head out of their butt. When I see Obama running at 50+ in the polls after 2 1/2 years of his total disaster, I cannot be optimistic about people in this nations suddenly gaining sense. I do not see brain-dead Americans that have aborted God from their lives suddenly getting wisdom.

Unless Americans reject their evil ways and their idols you can be sure that Obama was actually given to America to help destroy her. So what will the moral minority do after the socialists consolidate their hold on America and there can be no more solution from the ballot box? I think the states that still have a somewhat moral majority will have to form a new Union and just allow the liberals to take the path of destruction that they obviously insist on taking.

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