Want to predict the top news stories of 2014 in advance?

What do you think will be the top news stories of 2014? If you give what you believe will be the top 5, 10, or 25 news stories of 2014, they will be posted as long as what you say is civil, legal, and what you say passes a basic sanity test. If you are going to use the Bible as a reference, but what you say shows that you never read it, don’t expect me to post it. That also goes for just quoting false prophets and loons like Ed Dames that appear on the Coast-to-Coast radio program and elsewhere. We may vote to decide who was the most accurate, if this Blog is still up in 2015.

I will give my  25.

1. The cold case posse of Arizona will reveal information about the Obama birth certificate forgery and who was involved and what they reveal will blow a lot of minds.

2. Obama may resign in 2014 or may be on the ropes by the end of the year. In other words, all of his lawlessness and all of his lies might catch up with him in 2014.

3. The Republicans will regain the Senate and both houses of Congress will become more conservative.

4. There will be a rise in nationalism in America.

5. The recovery will continue to flounder at best. There could be a significant downturn in 2014. If not, interest rates will start rising rapidly by the end of the year and that would mean economic catastrophe in 2015.

6. The stocks and bonds markets will crash in 2014.

7. Some black teens playing the knock-out game are going to get killed and that will lead to black riots.

8. Obamacare will be rejected and probably will be ruled unconstitutional. The House and Senate will have their work cut out for them to come up with a new health plan.

9. The Speaker of the House will be replaced with a more conservative Republican.

10. Immigration reform proposals will fire up the lackluster Tea Party movement. Border security will become the main issue to be solved before any paths to citizenship passes Congress.

11. Israel will destroy the Arak reactor in Iran to send a strong message to Iran. That will bring Hezbollah rocket fire on Israel, so Israel will take over Lebanon.

12. The peace talks in the Middle East will fail.

13. Al Qaeda will have made a major come back in the nations that we fought in and elsewhere. Many that fought in Iran and Afghanistan are going to be very angry when they realize that Obama’s foreign policy made their sacrifice for democracy in Iraq meaningless and a mockery.

14. There will be significant terrorist attacks on the United States both at home and abroad.

15. There will be Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe. Nationalists will take over the parliament of the EU.

16. After the terrorists attack in Russia this winter, Putin will send in forces that will brutally attack the Islamic resistance in Chechnya.

17. Japan will get into a military confrontation with China, where that leads is anyone’s guess. The nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan will continue to be a great threat to the people of Japan and elsewhere.

18. China and Japan are going to have their own debt crises in 2014.

19. North Korea will certainly be one of the top news stories of 2014. The “Great Leader” of N. Korea might even make a fatal mistake.

20. The Pope will continue to be a top controversial figure in the news as he tries to unite people of the world on a false gospel of social justice and even gets protestant evangelical leaders to sign on to his rhetoric.

21.Those pushing the homosexual agenda in America will start to fall out of favor with the majority population in 2014.

22. Those supporting global warming legislation are going to start losing elections. The junk science hype about global warming is growing old and people are catching on that global warming is not happening and the government regulations on carbon emissions are going to cost them. As rising electricity prices start hitting people in the pocketbook they are going to wise up. People in Australia already figured that out and are changing their laws.

23. Civil war will be the top news story in Africa in 2014.

24. Statists will attempt to take away rights of free speech on alternative medias in America, they will attempt to limit conservative talk radio and censor Internet sites in 2014 (including mine). I do not think they will prevail.

25. There is the high likelihood of limited Martial Law in America in 2014 due to some real or false flag crisis.

What say you? Please put space between your predictions for easy reading.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


23 thoughts on “Want to predict the top news stories of 2014 in advance?

  1. 1. There will will be a claim that alien life has been found on another planet.

    2. The left-wing media will begin a systematic take-down of potential candidates that they think might be a challenge to Hillary Clinton being elected president in 2016.

    3. War will break out in the Middle east.

    4. There will be a large volcanic eruption.

    5. More and more evidence will surface that radiation is reaching the U. S West Coast. The United States government will lie and try to cover up the dangers.

  2. Here is my opinion of what we will see in 2014

    1 Government will try to control free speech even more.(This is probably a coincidence, but I am unable to create a new yahoo email account after posting questions that are contradictory to the leftist agenda.)

    2 Borders will stay wide open despite talks about defending them.

    3 Iran will continue to try to obtain a nuclear bomb and nothing will be done to stop them

    4 Obama and Kerry will up the pressure on Israel to divide their land.

    5 I agree with Don’s opinion that we will see a rise in nationalism.

    6 Government drone surveillance will increase.

    7 Tougher gun and hate speech laws will try to be passed

    8 Agree we will see an attempted terrorist attack here in the US. (Maybe drones will be used to foil it and they will use it as an excuse to have them)

    9 More scandals from the Obama administration will be made public.

    10 mass protests over obamacare.

  3. Here is my opinion for 2014:

    1. Increase in intensity of earthquakes and in diverse places.

    2. Hail stone size will increase.

    3. Increase in rain and flooding.

    3. Increase in drones and surveillance around the world.

    4. Increase in terrorist attacks.

    5. Increase in dependability on technology.

    6. Civil war and unrests in Africa (Southern).

    7. “UFO and alien” sightings (evil spirits) will increase.

    8. Russia will become a force to be reckoned with.

  4. 1.Russia will continue to present itself as the moral solution to the US. More allies will jump ship.

    2. The rush to continue to legalize marijuana will continue. Increased tax revenues are really the driving force at this point.

    3.Things are in place for one of these false civil emergency situations..for some of us to experience black outs and restricted movement, or even FEMA camps.

    4. More Christians will die in Muslim countries. but more rumors of miraculous conversions will also increase.The Muslim countries will be confounded as too how to stop those professing Christ.

    5.Although the country will appear to become more conservative after next fall’s elections, it is far too late to unwind the damage done.They will however attempt to cut off those on unemployment, medicaid and food stamps.All the hidden taxes and restrictions the current administration has put in place will be held in reserve to control the population (we’ll all be guilty of something)In other words…still a Godless government.

    6.The increased rumbling of volcanoes and earthquakes (some caused by fracking) will continue and possibly increase.More people will report strange noises hums and the like.

    7. Watch for those you love or even just know, who have mental disturbances.Evidence of demonic tampering will become more evident. It’s already gotten strange…it’ll get worse.

    8.Some immigration reform will be pushed through. these huge companies are desperate to make as much money as possible, and pay as little as possible, getting their stashes hidden away for the collapse they know is coming.

  5. I think What will lead to your 21st headline will be an all out attack on Christian schools and home schools. It has already started in my state of Georgia. With attempts to cut schools tax credits for not allowing gay students or teachers. There will also be a major push to regulate the curriculum to mirror public schools and said that these schools are teaching hate. We have already seen the beginning of that in Canada.

  6. My top 5






  7. 1. Impeachment process proceeds and appears will remove Obama from office.

    2. On the eve of the impeachment America is hit by a cyberspace attack seizing up to 2/3 of US bank accounts.

    3. Americans find out a short time later that the US government is behind the attacks. Riots begin and marshall law is set in place to intimate.

    4. Israel is attacked by rockets that cause much damage to Tel Aviv. Hezbolla is blamed and Israel hits Iran in retaliation.

    5. All hell breaks loose in the Middle East and Israel gets no help from the US.

    6. Obama resigns and goes into hiding

    7. Congress tries to find a solution but the riots continue to increase.

    8. Due to the amount of rioting and looting the government shuts down the power grid to keep the masses at bay.

    9. People sit in their homes and try to wait out the crisis only to starve.

    10. Israel kills millions with their weaponry and the hand of God.

    11. Come lord Jesus!

  8. Don,

    1. Increasing apostasy as more churche’s go for the prosperity gospel messages and more people will begin seeking their relationship with God in small group settings.

    2. Israel smites Iran’ nuclear reactors. But it’s to late to stop the program, so it will only be a symbolic gesture.

    3. Increased weird weather.

    4. Should Obama’ birth cert show he is ineligible to be President, it will not be acted upon because that would be deemed “racist”. So we will be stuck with this guy until 2016.

    5. Don adds video updates to his site as he gets faster broadband. :)


  9. Here is my slightly different take on this. I am just addressing some of your predictions Don. And as is often my way, not to be taken too seriously.

    1. Cold case posse MAY find something but never amount to anything and wouldn’t be surprised if some met with “accidents”.

    2. Obama may resign. Ain’t gonna happen. Too much evil power behind him, both spiritual and secular. We can dream though. Ok, I AM secretly hoping you are right!

    8. Obamacare will be rejected. One of my top 10 fantasies (along with number 2) but not holding my breath.

    11. Israel destroys the Arak reactor. Would like to see that happen but there have been so many false predictions of war and attacks either on Israel or by Israel that I view them all with a jaded eye. But then again, Israel doesn’t like to keep to everyone else’s schedule.

    12. Peace talks will fail. C’mon Don that’s a no brainer!

    13. Al Qaeda will have major comeback. Since this has been in the news for a bit I am not sure this qualifies as a prediction. Nor should it be a surprise.

    22. Support of global warming legislation waning. The truth of the matter is, that so much “hot air” has been generated by the warmists it is now rising and pushing out all that “bad” CO2 off in to space. But now we are left with the problem of what to do with that hot air.

    24. Attempt to take away free speech on alternative media. Again, this has been happening for quite some time. I can’t count the number of times over the last several years they have tried to get rid of Rush, Hannity and others. Hopefully, just plain economics will keep us safe (at least for a while).

    So there you have it Don, me, not quite smart enough to come up with my own predictions but always eager to give my “stellar” analysis of others! Ha!

    Keep it up Don, and all my best to you in the new year.


  10. J W,

    I guess an Atomic bomb could go off in NY and that is a valid conjecture but there is no way that a city the size of NY can be destroyed by an Islamic Atomic Bomb.

  11. John,

    Let me just address some of what you brought up.

    1. The Cold Case posse has said that they have already found catastrophic and illegal information. So they may not need to find anything more. Illegal activity has now been found and it is now being treated as a criminal investigation. That is the reason that the information cannot be released to the public before the indictments are handed out. They should be ready in about 2 months. Accidents are not going to help, there are many people on the Cold Case posse that have knowledge of the investigation. One of the key signs that this is serious and that it is not going away is that for the first time they are using paid professionals to make sure that it is done right. The county would not be funding the salary of these law enforcement agents if they did not have something criminal.

    2. Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment and removal of office. I can see the “powers that be” giving Obama a similar choice behind closed doors. For public consumption and to try to prevent black riots the reason for the resignation might be health, mental, or marriage problems.

    8. Obamacare is becoming extremely unpopular in Congress. The whole House is up for reelection in 2014 and the Senate also could fall to the Republicans. The Obamacare horror stories will continue. Something will have to be done before the election.

    11. If Israel would just limit their action to the Arak reactor like they did in Iraq and Syria, it probably would not bring any significant reaction from Iran that would start any all out war against Iran’s nuclear program. The problem with the Arak reactor is that it is a plutonium reactor and once it goes operational it cannot be taken out without making that part of the Middle East a radioactive wasteland. The Current plans for Iran are to have this reactor operational by this fall. Israel is not going to allow that to happen.

    12. Peace talk failure is not a no brainier to most of the progressive world, or they would not be pushing them. Peace talks have been going on for scores of years and progressives like to think that they continue to make progress. They will find out differently in 2014. Peace probably won’t be a major emphasis anymore until the third world war.

    13. Al Qaeda is increasing in the news because it is on the rise over much of the world. However, the rise of Al Qaeda military victories and terrorism has only just begun. This is the major comeback that I refer to. Remember Obama said Al Qaeda was finish just two years ago. However, the reality in 2014 is that Al Qaeda will be much stronger then ever and we will do little to get the root of the situation unlike after 9/11. Therefore, 2014 is going to be the turning point and bring a vast increase of Islamist violence against infidels.

    Happy New Year John.

  12. Hi…I am a huge supporter of the deployed troops. You misspelled an important word in number 13.

    My prediction is that the black on white violence in this country will cause a huge problem in 2014.

  13. 1. An 8.8 or higher on the Richter scale strikes somewhere in the US.

    2. Fukushima has another catastrophic accident and the public finally comes to understand the significant effects of this spreading radiation on the American west coast.

    3. China through it’s proxy state, North Korea, makes a small military strike against Japan and threatens both America and South Korea with nuclear attack if they respond in any way.

    4. The Dollar is removed as the world currency after Iran trades oil directly to China and Russia while refusing to take the worthless dollar in exchange, after Israel makes a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    5. Syria drives the Saudi backed terrorist from their country.

    6. Sightings along with great video is made of UFO’s all around the world, a coming out party so to speak.

    7. Some form of civil war erupts in at least one European country against the invasion of immigrants.

  14. Don – a good posting. Not only good in your micro predictions but good in allowing your entire reader base to see how well informed their fellow readers really are…

    I too have worked on my own prediction of 2014’s top headlines. My approach was driven by a “working backwards” concept. I know four things will happen in our relatively near future (certainly none of these four will fully occur in 2014).

    My four longer term truths (post 2014 headlines if you will):

    1) Everyone who is not a born again Christian will hate both the God of the Bible & His born again Christians
    2) Through technology that cannot be blocked (not by his own power) the anti-Christ will be able to monitor and regulate ALL commerce on the entire planet
    3) Everyone will either be a born again Christian or be marked by the beast with a 666 – showing that they belong to the anti-Christ
    4) In the end game God eternally wins – by eternally defeating all evil in two stages. The first stage is when Jesus the Christ comes again – defeating the anti-Christ and his followers – ushering in His 1,000 years of ruling of the world. The second stage is 1,000 years later at the final defeat of Satan and his followers – ushering in a blissful eternity for all of God’s followers in the New Jerusalem.

    Holding those four truths in mind we can then see that in 2014 the trends towards realizing those truths needs to continue with these 2014 headlines:

    1) The United States government and all other major governments of the world grows in size, surveillance capacity, spending and debt. The conservatives begin to win back some ground in both the US and the West but the growth of those four items still continues. (This is because the anti-Christ is building his infrastructure necessary to control the whole world.)

    2) Internationally the country of Israel becomes more targeted as a “pariah state”. In response, feeling alone, Israel attacks the nuclear bomb building capacity of Iran through a very precise attack designed to minimize consequences to Israel. This attack most likely occurs after the six months “temporary” international agreement expires in failure (on 7/20/14) – yet before the fall when Iran can most like commission their Arak nuclear plant. Despite their mitigation efforts Israel will experience responsive attacks by Iranian proxies.

    3) Worldwide technology continues to rapidly grow in its capacities. Specifically we will see better and faster computers, stronger and possibly even practically un-stoppable malware and more monitoring capacity (online, cell phones, land line phones, credit cards & airborne drones). All in the name of stopping terrorism (except of course it is also enabling the future terrorism of the anti-Christ reign).

    4) Religion continues to be more “radicalized”. The radical Muslims will expand their verbal and physical attacks on Christians & Jews. The radical Atheists will expand their verbal and physical attacks on Christians. Christians will be continuing to divide into two groups. The first group are those who believe the Bible is still the very word of God and should be followed in all things (pretty much the born again Christians) – they will be called “radical” by their enemies. The second group of Christianity are those who are growing in their disdain for the Bible as the word of God – this group in 2014 will be strongly driven by their growing acceptance of homosexuality as an “acceptable lifestyle” (I call these cultural Christians). Cultural Christians will not be called “radical” by the enemies of Christianity because those enemies know that they are no longer relevant to the struggle between good and evil. There will be a growth in the “UFO” religion worldwide (already in the US more people – 77% – believe there are signs that aliens have visited earth than the 68% who believe Jesus is the son of God) – their message will become more radical in proclaiming that aliens are our true creator (not the God of the Bible) and that our friendly “space brothers” (related through DNA) will soon be coming to help us “solve” the financial and spiritual “confusion” that our entire world is currently in. Believe it or not these UFO “religionists” will not be called radical but “rational”!


  15. so u are saying,that you do not believe in aliens? right? Well what would you consider ANGELS, that OUR FATHER , THREW OUT FROM HEAVEN? OR VISITING ANGELS WHO VISITED LOT AND HIS FAMILY?

  16. Hi Mckinley,

    It would really help if you would identify who on this thread your comment is directed at so we can know what it is that they said that you are addressing.

    I believe angels are among us. The conjecture that fallen angels will deceive people in the last days to get them to believe that they came from another dimension or planet is quite possible.

    Also, keep in mind that this article is not about aliens and angels although alien deceptions certainly fits within the projected predictions for 2014. I do ask commentators to try to stay on the post topic as much as possible.

  17. There is the common sense stuff of course.
    The state of the earth will get worse: earthquakes, storms, and other natural disasters. A lot of people will die from these.
    Before this though I think there may be a move towards a united world church. Just a few days ago the Pope and a friend of his made a big movement trying to unite protestant churches back into Catholicism. Eventually, this may present itself as a resolution to some of the governments problems by entering into deals with the new superpower of religion. At which point, after having already lost many of our rights and ultimately our will to fight, our freedom of religion will be infringed upon in order to create a more united and peaceful world. Those who refuse to accept the ways of this religion will be seen as “terrorists” or people against peace and harmony. In reality these are those who hold to the commandments of God and will be the surviving servants of God in the end times.

  18. 1. Continued movement in Self Worship (Calling themselves the Light and I’am) such as Light-Workers.

    2. Secret Societies pretty much rule/control most countries.

    3. GMO foods continue to overtake more of the Market.

    4. Pope continued to be praised like a Christ like figure.

    5. Continued growth in the dislike/hate of Israel and an increase in Wars/Conflicts.

    6. Movement of not needing to repent for ones sins. Saying Christ death makes it where one needs not to repent. Taking away peoples Guilt for their sins.

    7. Growth in Greed, Lust and Self.

    8. Increase in Weather events, Famines, Earthquakes/Volcanoes, Sunspots and the such.

    9. Growth in the One World One Love movement.

    10. Stock Market becomes more unstable while debt continues to rise.

    11. In Movies and TV an increase in mocking God and his Word.

    12. More things that have been hidden in plain sight now understood by more people.

    13. Continue growth in Spying/Stalking – Control of People.

    14. Population Control efforts.

    15. More Violent/Pagan Movies, TV programs, Video Games.

    16. More people unknowingly worshiping things such as superhero idols such as Superman (Zeus), Aqua-Man (Neptune), Batman (Apollo), Thor and then there is Santa Claus. A false Christ figure where people force there kids in believing this and then having kids asking (praying) to this figure for toys & gifts and also saying how good they have been over the last year, because he knows if you been bad or good so be good for goodness sake — ‘Pagan Worship’). Understand hidden in plain sight.

    Well, these are just a few guesses off the top of my head. Take Care

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