Where is that great revival in America?

If you believed some of the Christian revival hype that was going around this year, you might have been lead to believe that by Thanksgiving our nation would be in sack cloth and ashes humbling themselves and praying and repenting so God would heal our land. That is what some Christian media hucksters tried to sell you, but reality turned out quite differently. It seems that the camp-outs for Black Friday that will be ushering in the commercialism of Christmas will supersede any post Thanksgiving national repentance.

There have been Christian rallies this year that were advertised as the kick off for this American revival but they brought little response. The Billy Graham message, “My Hope for America” on November 7th, was to be the big event that would really get this revival going. Therefore, I have to ask, have you seen any evidence of a revival starting anywhere in America? Let me know if you have seen any real revival taking place across our land because I see no signs of it.

Oh, I know we have Charismatics on TV saying that revival is taking place wherever they go, but it is always the same people who are getting revived in these continuous false revivals. I have heard about their revival claims for 40 years. Heck, if you believe the Charismatic media hucksters, they must have revived Africa ten times over by now. However, if you look at reality, most of their converts in Africa have a hybrid Christianity that mixes Charismatic signs and wonders hype, with its twisted scriptures, with traditional African spiritualism. It is easy to claim Christian converts when confessing Christianity by many Africans just means putting new names on old spirits and pagan practices.

It is much the same in Charismatic America, except they mix Jesus with New Age spiritualism. There are those that are always claiming to have a prophetic word from the Lord about everything, but their words and works promote themselves or produce money in their own pocket. Revival of false Christianity is not the revival that we need in America. I have had enough experiences with these Word of Faith believers over the years to know that they fall in two main categories. There are the self promoting hucksters and there that are those caught up into endless delusions.

Do we have any evidence that Americans are beginning to repent and revival is coming?  There is more evidence to the contrary.

As I speak, black youths are still roaming around cities looking for a victim that they can knock out with one punch. Other black mobs are looting stores and all of this lawlessness is downplayed by the perpetrators and the media as being some sort of game? It is not a game; it is murder and stealing. Black christian churches are so repentant about this black violence and lawlessness that the pastors will not say a word of correction from the pulpit or to the media, and black American parents are so repentant that most do not supervise, correct, or teach morality to their children. I see no revival in the black American community.

Americans as a whole are so repentant of their own ways that they allow the destruction of the family unit to continue. I believe homosexual marriage will be the law in 16 states by Jan 1st. You can’t just blame federal government if the majority of people in our states are going to vote to legalize and sanction this abomination. Virtually all couples now shack up together before they get married (if they ever do). Many children are not allowed to be born by their mother and almost half of the children in America are brought up by a single parent. I see no revival among the John and Jane Doe’s of America.

If God’s people are supposed to lead the revival you might think that they might start with the Christian media and purge out the heretics and those endorsing destructive behavior. Instead, once respected teachers are now losing all credibility by aligning with the perverted and by endorsing false teachers. By hobnobbing with the perverted and the heretics, often in the name of Christian unity or patriotism, they have allowed heretical fringe teachings to come into the mainstream. Now,  the whole loaf is slowly being leavened with doctrines of demons and unstable men and women. Few Christian leaders take a stand against any unbiblical teaching. I see no revival in Christian leadership.

If there were any revival in our land, you might think that congregations would hold certain Christian pastors accountable for their aberrant teaching and the ungodly associations that they even allow in their own pulpits. I see no revival in our congregations.

Repenting in blue jeans and marijuana ashes and choosing not to rock the boat that is going down the way of Willow Creek and its many tributaries is not going to forestall judgment on America.

The “revival” in America seems to be well on its way to change a democratic republic into an atheist theocracy if you ask me. With the removal of the filibuster in the Senate, many more socialist atheist judges will be appointed that will legislate from the bench and force all to recite their own pledge of allegiance. It just might read – I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Socialists States of America, and to the Social Democratic Atheist Party for which it stands, one Nation under the Potentate, with oppression and injustice for all dissenters.

This stunning Christian revival in America is likely to bring about the following unless something worse happens first, and that is even more likely:

  • The Constitution will be changed to reflect the collective consensus of the Socialist Atheist Democrats (SAD)
  • There will be a revolt by some Christians and conservatives. The best outcome is the divorce of some conservative states, the worst outcome is a civil war
  • A domestic militia that will enforce a police state mainly through nationalized and militarized local police forces
  • Guns will be confiscated and there will be armed militia on every block to keep law and order
  • Any American foreign military will totally be under international control
  • Amnesty for criminals except for political prisoners and violent felons – drugs will be legal and taxed
  • Most sex crimes will be decriminalized
  • Forced re-education (indoctrination) camps
  • The end of most of the middle class
  • America will default on its debt and international bankers will dictate economic policy and taxes
  • The living standard will become about equal to that of Mexico
  • Government will control everyone and everything. They will use electronic surveillance and snitches to bring about total control
  • Mexico and Canada will build border fences to keep Americans out
  • For all practical purposes America will only have a one party system (SAD) – anything like the Tea Party will be outlawed
  • The economic crash will force America to disarm. America will no longer be a world leader
  • Israel and Jews will be hated in the cities of America and Jews will find it necessary to immigrate to Israel
  • The Med Union (now EU, North Africa, and Middle East), Russia and allies, China and allies, and India and allies will run the world
  • Christianity will only be allowed in state approved churches and the Christian message will be watered down to accommodate other so-called paths to God. There will be no proselytizing. Evangelical Christians will be persecuted
  • Parents will not be allowed to teach religion, sex education, or anything that is not politically correct to their children. Violations will be seen as child abuse. Children will be encouraged to report any such abuse.
  • There will be no tax deductions to support anything that is religious based
  • Home schooling will not be allowed
  • Private property will only be by State permission and all land use will be dictated by the State

For those still expecting some great revival in America I would like to ask, revival to what? Revival to the ways of our past that brought us to where we are now? Revival to only then be taken away in the Rapture? Revival to give the gospel of salvation to a world that has already largely rejected it? Revival so that we can have more wealth and materialism in America? Revival for revival sake, like many of our churches have each year?

What would God have to do to get Americans to repent of their sins and make Him Lord of their life? Love did not work, they reject the Jesus that died for them. Wars do not work, we have had wars for centuries. Storms do not work, we saw that in Sandy and Katrina. Earthquakes and tidal waves do not work, we saw that in Indonesia, Hatti, and Japan. Anyone see any mass repentance and great revival coming as a result of these recent events?

Unbelievers will explain away most anything as a natural or man caused event. It seems that the only thing that is going to get America or most nations in the world to take notice that there is a God in Heaven that actively determines events on the earth, is something like what happened in Egypt in the days before Exodus.

In those days, God determined that He would bring out Israel by sending ten judgments on a very defiant nation. By the time Egypt was all but destroyed they could not deny that God was involved, but they still chose to rebel against Him by attacking the people that He chose to deliver. Something like that will have to happen again before America and the world in general will even believe that God is actively involved in the world. Even then most would not repent.

Come to think of it, that is what the tribulation is all about. The role of the two witnesses will be much like that of Moses and Aaron. The testimony of the two witnesses will not even bring national repentance but their message will bring about some individual repentance. In spite of all the hype you hear about some great American revival, it probably will take tribulation judgments to produce revival in America.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


45 thoughts on “Where is that great revival in America?

  1. what a good article…bumbling Barry, the mainstream media, the non-reverends Sharpton and Jackson and of course the queen racist okra, I mean oprah, lead the pack in their refusal to condem black on white crime but scream their heads off when one lousy thug is killed by a “white Hispanic”…there is no going back for the good ole U S of A and there will be no revival b/c most of the population is too busy on their stupid smart phones…I hate to say this but personally I am sick to death of this country…it just proves how patient our God is to have not completely judged us by now…

  2. Don,

    It seems that this nation, the U.S., is going exactly 180 degree’s from the direction a dying nation would need to be going to salvage itself, in every respect…and most importantly away from The Lord God Almighty at every turn.

    In the context of the topic, I have read that there is a revival happening in Persia (Iran), China, Africa, and Arab nation(s) at a very high rate….so, it likely is happening, just not in the U.S.

    Why give any credence to these reports ?

    Well, we do know that an Arab, Persian, African, or Chinese converting to Christianity is punishable by death, imprisonment, or both.

    We have read in our daily news about people like American Pastor Saeed Abedini and many like him, Egyptian firebombing of Churches, Chinese imprisonment for Christians, African mass slaughter of Christians, etc.

    It is difficult to get exact figures but it still is an Awesome Revival To The Lord, if you ask me.

    The typical U.S. citizen would just as soon shake his fist at The Lord rather than go through any trial or tribulation as the Christians in these other nations have done.

  3. Hi Don
    It is sad but true that Americans fail to see the warning signs that our merciful God has given to them. I live in Illinois but near St. Louis and was in the city the night that they passed the same sex marriage law. They proudly displayed one of their government buildings with rainbow lighting and I said to my wife “I wonder what God thinks of that”? The next week Missouri was hit with a rain storm that killed many. Two weeks ago Illinois proudly signed same sex marriage into law and even had to bring Lincoln’s desk to the signing to make it extra special. Last Sunday Illinois was hit by numerous tornadoes that killed many. What will it take to get the people of this nation to repent? Maybe when the lights go out. Maybe then people will fall on their knees and realize who the savior is.

  4. Hi Don,

    Along this line… Not that America is at the center by any stretch.. But that verse that talks about the “full number coming into the kingdom” makes me wonder.. Could the lack of revival be evidence that we are getting close to the “fullness”? Things seem to be winding in a downward spiral for sure.

    Revivals might take place if the gospel message were being preached… But people are more focused on the next techie gadget… Maybe the Iphone 6?


  5. Don, there has been a coup of the US govt and office of the President. Is there a chance that those that are God fearing patriots would try to ouster the current administration, those in Congress, and military who refuse to uphold the US Constitution or are we past the point of no return? I don’t think this country will need an EMP as we will self destruct via our economy and morality. Only a few years ago I thought we might be able to sway the people into electing better candidates, but every single day I see on the news the reports of everything going wrong and personally experience the coldness of people. I believe what I read in “One Second After” May come to fruition after all. I have food, water, arms & ammo for several weeks but believe that anything longer is not having trust in The Lord. One cannot put their life savings into preparedness and what happens, happens. We can only hold off the bandits for so long. Very scary times we live in and I believe the visible start of our demise started with the tech bubble prior to Y2K and 911.

  6. Robert Rivera,

    We are not going to have a government abide by our Constitution without a large conservative grass roots movement and that of course would produce a violent backlash from the Left that control the big cities and the coasts. We see the lies that the Left make up about supporters of the Tea Party. If Conservatives actually could take control of the Republican Party and this nation, I think the Left would resort to lawlessness and terrorism. It would be the 1960’s phase II. We are almost there now in inner city Black America. Let’s face it, half of this nation has already lost their mind and much of the rest of the minds in this nation are hanging by a few loose screws. I think the best we can hope for is some realignment of the states into two nations that allows for an exodus of the conservatives that would be living within the Communist state.

  7. Thanks Don, for being one of the only voices out there with the guts to call it what it is and the insight to know where this all leads. I’m afraid we do not have much time before we self destruct. I wish there was a way to get your blog more mainstream. Everyone needs to know what you are saying.

  8. Get the Panamanian Pensiado Visa and join me in Panama.US is toast.Relax on the beaches and tell nice stories of the Late Great USA.Yes we can Podemos si.

  9. J.

    What makes you think that a Panama that is tied to the dollar and that is enticing people that are dependent on U.S. retirement checks will not have the same fate?

  10. Don,

    I enjoy your insight and biblical understanding but I don’t see your hope. I feel as if you are giving up and just waiting on the Day of the Lord. Despite how hopeless it looks we still need to spread the Gospel and have compassion for the unsaved. You seem like Jonah sitting on a hill mad that God hasn’t destroyed America yet. These Revivals might not sweep the country and turn us all from evil but they might reach a few and God is patient even for that few. Let’s not rest until the race is over.

  11. Excellent post Don, I’m right there with you brother. I don’t see nor do I think a great revival will happen in this land. Unless it is an app you can load on your smartphone. I believe we’ve gone past the point of return. The MSM (liberals) are now calling me and my kind terrorist because we believe in the constitution. We believe as our founding fathers, that the constitution was designed for God fearing people. The more they strike down God and Christianity from everyday events in the USA. The further we are distancing our selves from him.

    Yet, when speaking of other religions like Islam. They practically praise it and welcome it with open arms. Have the LGBT community even looked to see what happens to their kind in those countries? How about the crimes versus punishments, Sharia law says I can beat my wife on if she doesn’t do what I ask of her.

    While I have a difference with John MaCarthur, I thought his sermon about the Anti Christ and how the Koran has a book like revelations. Except their is the exact opposite of ours. If what he says is true, then Islam will be the one world religion. (I’ve thought political correctness would be the new one world religion.)

    2nd Timothy chapter 3, it’s no joke.

  12. @Kevin

    What was the dates on those incidents you speak of Missouri?

    I was able to find Illinois.
    Nov 20th: Illinois governor signs law legalizing same-sex marriage (on Lincolns desk)
    Nov 25th: A total of 24 tornadoes cut across Illinois during a violent 4-hour stretch of unseasonably warm weather last weekend

  13. Andrew

    My hope is in the Lord, not in some phony American revival hype that in reality is only taking place between the lips of those that are promoting or selling it.

    If I were giving up and just waiting on the Lord I would not have been working 40 to 100+ hours a week for the last 15 years on this website and Blog. I am not saying that Christians should not carry out the great commission. I do not know where you get that impression from anything that I wrote. I am saying just the opposite, that most calling themselves Christians are not doing it.

    These revivals???? What in the world revivals are you even talking about, there are no major true revivals taking place in America. I wish there were true revivals taking place but it simply is not happening and it will not happen until those claiming to be Christians get their head out of the world.

  14. TheTram,

    I see no way that Islam will become the universal religion of the world. Islam has eschatology opposite of Christians because Islam is a bastardization of Christian teaching. Muhammad was taught by Christians. Muslim clerics have been twisting Christian scriptures for centuries to form their own eschatology because the Qur’an has no eschatology. Their eschatology will not play out any more than the Mormons and everyone will witness that fact, but Christian prophecy will play out as written.

    Islam is an oppressive religion that only exists over 1/6th of the world. There simply is no way that most of the rest of a hedonistic pagan world will ever accept Islam with its oppressive laws. The Antichrist will have his own religion. That is to promote Himself as God and to oppose the God of heaven and he will have lying signs and wonders from Satan to convince people.

  15. Yes, our hope is in the Lord and His truthful word to us. His spirit, working through us, shall surely not come back empty. But, we do have to stick to the truth. If we’re not on the truth, then the spirit is not working through us. Sort of definitional there.

    Moving along to prophecy… So, I am not really looking past the breaking of the first seal. John’s observation back to earth at the breaking of the first seal is the rider on the white horse.

    To me, I speculate the reason for the rider on the white horse is war. Granted, there is more war as we read further in the book. Anyway, why I bring this up / set the stage for my comment…

    I tend to think that war is going to interrupt what Don has written (his own speculation – apologies to you Don if I have misrepresented anything). If there were no war / rider on the white horse, I think things would go pretty much as Don has written.

    It’s really about timing. Is the rider more than 10 years off? How quickly can the evil wicked perpetrators of the day (Democrats, statists, lame duck Republicans, Obama’ites, etc) implement their evil across the backs of the people (whether they want it or not)? Hard to say. But, I think the march of subtle evil on America shall be pre-empted by war.

    I could be wrong. But I won’t be caught with my pants down either.

  16. Craig,

    I said in the article, “that I expect even worse things will happen first” I have said elsewhere that I think we heading into a world war, so I agree with what you said, except for the White Horse representing war. Also, If we have another world war in this decade that does not mean the seals will be opened in this decade. It seems to me that there has to be another world war just to get the world to the point where they agree to force peace on everyone by any means necessary.

  17. @Tram
    My mistake on the same sex marriage act in Missouri. It was in celebration of the St. Louis pride fest June 24. I apologize for the misinformation. The rain came a week after their proud proclamation. St. Louis also prides themselves as one of the most “gay friendly”. I heard also that the cost was something like $15.000 to pay for the special lighting. More of our tax money wasted on others sinful habits. What ever happened to SIN tax anyway?! Let THEM pay for it!

  18. Speaking of judgement on America. Reading Rev 18 I can’t help but wonder if it isn’t speaking of the USA? “All who had ships on the sea became rich by her wealth” isn’t that how trade is done with the USA, via ships? “in one hour she is made desolate”. The NIV calls it a city, but there is no city that has made the world rich with trade currently. Maybe that translation should say nation because much of the world has become rich by trading with the USA. Become desolate in one hour sounds more like a nuclear attack than an EMP.

  19. Don, when do you see in our history where we changed from a Christian nation to a nation that has been flushed down the toilet?

    When do you think the church stopped being revelant in the sense of true revivals, and the gospel preached from the pulpit?

  20. Kate,

    There are no Christian nations. There are Christians in nations and we have a lot of those in America. America obviously has not been flushed down any toilet but many people in America are now swimming in a cesspool.

    The Church is always relevant in giving the gospel of salvation to the world but if those calling themselves Christian do not do it or the people in the nation reject the gospel there will be no true revival. Preaching the gospel from the pulpit is not going to reach most of the unregenerate. The gospel needs to be preached in the public arena and people have to believe it for there to be any revival in America.

  21. No “Christian” revival. No national repentance.

    Humanism has replaced the fear of God, how you going to revive from that?

    America is totally controlled by the Internationalist through corporations, banks and media. There is only one way to throw such control off a people and no matter what a few of my redneck brethren may say in moments of enlightened anger, the likelihood of an uprising is small and would be squashed immediately. I see the US sliding deeper and deeper into an Orwellian future.

    It’s at this point we as believers should remember we look towards the Kingdom of God on earth. Because the present kingdom we are living in is controlled by the Adversary.

  22. From what I read about Armenia, it became the first state in the world to adopt Christianity as its religion. Not saying this is 100% truth but thought it was worth noting.

    @David, I would say that some states would break free from the union before total Orwellian. I cannot see California taking Texas down the same destructive path. Just my .02¢

  23. TheTram,

    Many nations have declared themselves to be Christian nations and had adopted some institutional church as their state religion. Most of Europe mixed the Institutional Church with the State but they were never truly Christian nations.

  24. Hey Don,

    In many ways I agree with your article on a national level God has given the nation what it asked for to be out of His protection and grace. Now we see the results of Him leaving America to its own will outside of Him. I also agree that the Billy Graham type Revival is not here and may not be coming because if it did it would quickly get hijacked by the Mega church new age movement. The prospect of filling football stadiums would be attractive to them. Having that said as a person in the outside sales world with the honor of speaking with all types of people in a 1 on 1 or small group setting many times every day. I would take a different view based on what I see in the people I come across. Group 1 would be the committed Non-believer you can see where a lot of the policies of America are coming from and yes many are hostel to Christianity unlike say even 10 years ago. Group 2 true Christians convicted of there sins by Christ and saved. In smaller non-church settings I find Christians not only much more open with there faith but in a more personal way. 10 years ago I would not be surprised to hear John 3:16 but shocked to hear an unsolicited personal testimony. Today its different and is getting much more common. The same people that I would expect to tell why the president is not a Christian a few years would today likely tell why they are a Christian. Group 3 The lost I think society has made it difficult for them to walk into a church and maybe just walking into any church is more dangerous than ever before. Having that said people are searching for answers like never before. I think the vast access to so much information like never before and still not getting the answers makes them more frustrated. This group seems to be more willing to engage in others as long as they are not to open to many ears and eyes around them. My point of this is not say Revival is here or not here coming or not coming. The point is if and when it does it may not look like we would expect. Remember group 1 is not only more hostel than anytime in history to Christians there belief system is the direction this country is going. Revival if it comes in my opinion will be kin to kin friend to friend neighbor to neighbor millions coming to Christ at the dinner table as opposed to a stadium. Keep up the great work Don

  25. @The Tram

    A minority of Texan’s might try to revolt, but what success will they have against the world’s most powerful military? If anything their devastating defeat/death would be an example for the rest of the country to not contemplate rebellion.

  26. Ryan

    I think what you are saying is that there will be more conversions to Christianity and more Christians taking things seriously when the Church is under persecution or America has moved into a civil war situation. In that I agree.

  27. David,

    How long will we even have the world’s most powerful military under Obama? He is destroying our military while rapidly building up domestic para military forces that blindly follow his orders.

    The problem with Texas and many other states is that the state authorities are sometimes more tyrannical that the federal. So even if Texas broke away you certainly still would be under a tyrannical dictatorship. Who had liberty during the last civil war?

    It is not our military that will fight against any resistance to tyranny, although some might. It more likely will be the local police forces and para military forces that are now being built up and are getting heavy weapons from the federal government. They will get paid high wages and be nationalized in any martial law situation and they will act like the socialist liberation armies of recent history.

  28. Don, I agree with you that there wont be any great revival, in that with the premise you posed about exactly what we would be reviving back to would be; its almost like someone wishing like we could go back to the good old days when the great and powerful wizard living in the Emerald city was ruling things and everything was great…there never was such a time as that. However, I have a question for you or anyone else who would care to answer…if the Lord really, really tarries (and I really,really hope He dosent) and we are here longer that we thought, or we actually did get the timing of the Rapture wrong, who would you side with? The Dominionists, the Ammilliniumists, who? As Thoreau said, no man is an island. I have often wondered about this, because no one could survive by themselves. Who would actually be trustworthy enough to partner with? Expatriate to Israel ffor ground zero? I hope we never have to find out.

  29. Michael,

    I think we need to align with true Christians, if there is more delay, persecution is probably a given for true believers in America. The Word of Faith dominionists have other heretical problems besides their eschatology and their dominion presumption could lead them to the world religious harlot and she will be hated and burned by the ten world leaders, so I would not go there. Getting eschatology correct is not required for salvation. The Church has been mostly ammillennial for 1700 years and the gospel of salvation is still preached by some amillennials. I do not think a few decades more is going to change that.

  30. Don,

    You raise really good points, it’s why though we have doctrinal and eschatological differences, I still enjoying reading your articles and discussions.

    The Military/Industrial complex is more powerful than President Obama.

    On Texas, if they should try to secede I would envision them having a constitutional convention of sorts to rid themselves of tyrannical laws and rewrite from a patriotic mindset. I also think patriots from around the US would move to Texas increasing their numbers exponentially. Local police forces would then represent the Republic of Texas.

    Enter a false flag attack on a Federal bldg. blamed on Texas terrorist, then we have the start of another war, this time between the US and Texas. Which would be short-lived because they would be going against the mightiest military the world has ever seen.

    Thus ending the last gasp of the people who still believed in the ideals of Constitutional Republic. People in other rural areas of the country who have espoused patriotic talk would of course be rounded up at this time and put in camps. Patriotic talk would be a crime against the state, cameras and drones everywhere keeping an eye on you.

    With the actions of the NSA we very close to Big Brother type of surveillance at the moment. It will become Orwellian when this surveillance is used against us much more openly and people are punished for their speech thus conforming peoples ideals to the states ideals through force unlike the present propaganda only campaign that has been endured for many years.

  31. David,

    You apparently read too much hype from the Alex Jones paranoid types. The American military is not going to fight Texas. The American Military has a lot of Texans. Americans are not going to be rounding up other Americans before any total break down in order. And the mightiest military the world has ever seen is having its own problems and is largely overextended overseas. Any large scale roundups and internment can only happen because of social breakdown like after a complete economic collapse or infrastructure failure. Even world war is not likely to bring about roundups of patriots. Young people will be drafted and older people will have to work.

    The Military Industrial complex is the military and the people that they contract from. These contractors live and have families in America. They are not going to take any action to destroy our Republic.

    If anything like you said were to happen, it would produce a revolt in the military and even most Democrats would revolt. What you need to prepare for is possible realities like an extended grid down situation in this nation and all the turmoil that will bring. God never promised Christians electricity.

  32. David,

    By the way, your last topic about comet ISON is not going to get posted here because it is off topic. I wrote an article on Comet ISON and that is where you should post it. Just look in the top 100 on the sidebar.

  33. I certainly don’t watch Alex Jones, that came from my own imagination of possible future events which would of course only be possible in the event of Texas seceding. I don’t think Texas secedes, your take on events is much more likely.

    Have you heard the rumor going around that Obama was pushing to launch three nukes over the US causing the very EMP event you have been predicting? Which was rejected by some of the Nuclear Missile Commanders resulting in them being fired very publicly.

    Probably rubbish, but too much noise was made by Lindsey Graham about the SC nukes and all the military firing for there not to be some fire behind all this smoke. Something happened behind the scenes of which we will probably never know.

  34. David,

    You are a contradiction. You say you don’t listen to these paranoid people but then you quote them. What you suggest is not logical nor would our military ever carry it out. If they were ordered to do it they would be talking to the Joint Chiefs, Congress, and the press and the president would be arrested. Why would Obama want to preside over a nation where up to 90 percent of the people are dead and the rest will not be controlled by him anyway?

    There were nukes that were unaccountable for a short period and commanders that can’t keep track of our nukes ought to get fired.

  35. This came from some guy who linked a story on facebook a couple of weeks ago, but no, the story didn’t have many facts and was mostly speculation, which is why I called it a rumor.

    I only mentioned it to you because I know of your belief in the likelihood of an EMP coming to American shores, not because I believed it.

  36. David,

    I actually just saw what you brought up on the site of Steve Quayle today. He is a post toastie hyper-pentecostal that is peddling fear or is actually totally paranoid himself. I think the latter applies.

    The article on his site claiming that Obama planned to nuke the US comes from a source that is actually an anti right wing site that is mocking the beliefs of the tea party as if tea party people actually believe this nonsense. In other words, they are saying this is what these loons believe because they found a claim like this on an Alex Jones site.

    By the way, I am not about to have a continuing personal conversation with you on what you may or may not think is a fair response. That is why your last two comments were not posted. Unfounded conjecture about Obama like you suggested on this post is not helpful and only leads to rabbit trails anyway. Read my commenting policy and abide by it if you expect to get posted on this site.

  37. Hi Don-

    I have been praying for some sort of “Third Great Awakening” event in America. Not for a return to prosperity but for something transcendent and God-glorifying.As time goes on, I become less-and-less optimistic–some days I think “no way” it’s going to happen. But then I remember the account of Nineveh’s repentance. What do you think? Is Nineveh an appropriate example of what could happen to America? I don’t mean to ask an obvious question–it doesn’t seem so obvious to me right now.

    Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  38. Thanks Chris,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and all readers.

    Anything is possible but Nineveh was sent a Israelite prophet and the people of that kingdom must have learned of what happened to Jonah. His bleached appearance from being in that fish probably made the truth of the story obvious. Why was Jonah sent to Nineveh? They were enemies of Israel so it probably had something to do with Israel and God’s timing for Israel. Nineveh was judged anyway a century later for her oppression. I don’t think there are Jonah like prophets today. Yes, there will be two prophets from God in Israel again before the Day of the Lord and there will be a great world revival but that is post Rapture. So no, I don’t see the greatest to the least in America repenting in sack cloth and ashes like Nineveh. Nineveh is an example in many ways of God’s mercy, but no other kingdom in the history of the world has ever repented like Nineveh.

  39. Hey Don, Interesting post, mainly because I’m one of those who feel that its God’s desire to bring change to our country. What I have heard from the Lord is, God is not finished with the United States yet. Please understand what was meant by this:

    The USA is no different than any other nation. God raises up nations and he puts down nations according to His will. We are not “special”. The US was put here for His purposes, and He used man’s (often errant) will to accomplish His will, such as when this nation was founded (Prov 16:9)–not as a Christian nation, but a nation with freedom of religion by men who happened to be mostly Christian (enlightened, of course) with a few Diests thrown in. Of course, the first immigrants came from (“Christian”) Northern and Western Europe.

    Things have changed over the past century or so, however, and we have had an influx of Southern Europeans and Asians and others come into this country, plus with Darwinism gaining ground, its no wonder we have seen changes over the last 100 years. (I believe that Darwinism has opened the door (floodgate) to more error than I care to go into.)

    So when I say that He is not finished with the US, it is just that; He desires to use us (the Church in the US) a little longer to further His Kingdom…just as the Church in the US has done in the past. For example, in the past, the US trained and/or sent out more missionaries than just about any other nation, despite our failings. (Sadly, now we are in need of missionaries!) It was in this country that the concept of being born again, of coming into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ was introduced–during a spiritual awakening in the earlier days of our country, by the way.

    Now, as I was praying I understood it to mean that judgment must come first to His House. The renewal that He desires is in His Church first, and it is something we must respond to at His call. As you mention in your article, there is much to repent of in the Church overall–and I’m talking about true believers who acknowledge Him as Savior. Its time to start living what we preach and make Him Lord. You may never see it happen among the hucksters, but in sparks here and there that spreads among His Church. So, before we ever see any kind of “revival” in our country, it will be after the Holy Spirit has moved on His people to repent and put aside everything that stands between us and Him.

    Having “revival” come is nothing to be proud of. It means that we have fallen so far out of step with God as individuals and as a Church that we need to get back into step. There has always been a Church within the church–this is nothing new. God’s people are everywhere, sitting in pews next to tares all over this nation (and world). This is just fact. God knows those who are His. It isn’t a denomination that’s better than all the rest, either. God didn’t make denominations, we did. This is a call for His people to repent; to prepare, nothing more.

    It is the Holy Spirit who initiates this. It is the sense in our hearts that we are missing something, and that something is more of Him. The Holy Spirit, I believe, is putting a longing in His people’s hearts to seek Him for renewal; its a Holy dissatisfaction in the state of the Church–that’s really all that is going on IMO, and, should we listen, it will affect those in the world. (But why bring new babies into a nursery that is ill-prepared and has no care givers? Discipleship is practically non-existent in our churches!) If we choose to listen and repent (meaning change our direction 180 degrees from where we’re now heading), then we will see the change that He desires–not because He likes the USA better, but because He wishes to bless us for use in His Kingdom. For all I know, He is speaking to believers all over the world and not just the USA, but I only heard this country. Perhaps because, to whomever much has been given, much will be required.

    It could be the last serious move of God before the end. It may be His way of preparing His people for the onslaught that might be just around the bend. I don’t know. I only know that He spoke to my heart and said that He wasn’t finished with this country yet, and this was several years ago, and I’m still praying and seeking the Lord on this, and yes, hearing others who are hearing the same from the Lord. Whether we listen or not is up to us.

  40. Kim,

    What you say you and others are hearing from God cannot be verified by scripture so what you think you hear is unreliable at best.

    If God is speaking to believers all over the world telling them there will be world revival as you suggest, then He is contradicting His own inspired scriptures that teach quite the opposite.

    You seem to think that the Church needs to repent. That really is an oxymoron. Those in the true Church already repented or they would not even be in the body of Christ. The sins of the Church are covered by the blood of Christ. The only thing those in the Church can do to be more productive on earth is to die to the flesh daily, live by faith and and walk by the Spirit. Even if all those in the Church stopped sinning there would not be any change with the vast majority of unbelievers in the world that cannot help but sin. Those in church institutions that have never been saved are not going to start any true revival in the world (they only could start a false Harlot revival).

    If the whole Church got to some sort of repentance as you suggest, would it really bring revival in an unbelieving world? I thought the Holy Spirit leads people to salvation? Where is an end time revival taught in scripture anyway?

    You believe that you are hearing from God by direct personal revelation rather than through His written word and you also seem to believe in some sort of Dominion Theology. Both are heretical views. The only reliable revelation from God is the written scriptures. Conversions of nations on earth before the Lord returns in not a biblical concept. There was and will be a Harlot religion speaking in the name of God and many of our top “Christian” leaders are sure to take part in the end time culmination of her role. However, don’t get caught up in the soon coming false revival of the religious Harlot of Revelation 17!

  41. Don, I never said that believers all over the world are being told of a world revival. Read what I wrote, please.

    You would have to define what you mean by “revival”. What most people “see” by that term is a mass influx of unbelievers into the Church. This isn’t what I meant at all. I called it a renewal in God’s Church.

    Brother, the churches I’ve seen aren’t ready for a mass influx of unbelievers. Currently the churches in America are relying on a shallow 30-45 min Sunday School lesson and an equally shallow 20 minute Sunday morning sermon to disciple new believers. The weekly Bible Studies and prayer meetings are the least attended meetings and often die from lack of interest. And you think the Church is just hunky-dorie? I think not. And the Bible Studies I attend are shallow, but that’s okay because no one is listening, anyway. And the prayer meetings? Mostly it is ‘God bless Aunt Tillie because she lost her dog last week’, and ‘please pray for my sister who is having gall bladder surgery next week’. Few are listening for what is on God’s heart to pray according to His will, because that would mean a surrender of our will to His, and we have no idea what that is.

    The New Testament was written to the Church, not to the world. In Rev 1, he called most of the Churches in Asia to repentance–only one of the churches was simply told to hold on to what they had already. So to say that the “true Church already repented” and just needs to keep doing what its doing is, well, naive at best. We have become a Religious Organization of programs and gimicks devoid of the leading of the Holy Spirit. And we keep doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over again, hoping that it will work this time. Yes, we repented when we came to Christ, but too often we’ve been taught by our pastors a cheap and easy grace that never required total surrender. Mainly because the pastors, themselves, have never known it. And our pews are filled with people who have sat there for 10, 20, 30 years and have never grown at all. And don’t get me started on the fact that few read their Bibles–the knowledge of Scripture in today’s churches is abysmal. Church growth? Mostly people moving from church to church. Very few people are being born into the Kingdom in our country.

    The God of the Church in America is Programs and entertainment and materialism. The power of God is absent for the most part, and we have “leaders” in the Church telling people that the Holy Spirit no longer ministers to His people the way He did in the disciples’ day. God help us.

    “Behold, I stand at the door and knock” was never meant as a sermon to unbelievers. It was a call to God’s people to repent. My previous post was to those in the Body who know that God is calling them to a deeper walk with Him.

    I am no prophet, and never professed to be. The Lord speaks to me through His Word, and in the still, small voice that He uses with all those who belong to Him. Mostly He speaks words of either encouragement or conviction. But the Holy Spirit speaks to me. Is not this your experience, as well?

    I rarely actually pray for our nation; perhaps I should. I did not “seek” a special revelation, either. I was reading my Bible and praying, and He simply spoke to my heart that He was not finished with this nation, and that He was calling His people to repent.

    The presence of God with believers has an affect on those around them. In the disciples’ day, unbelievers either were drawn to that Presence, or they feared it…and many fought it. Who actually comes into the Kingdom through this renewal is in God’s hands. And should God grant us new believers in large number, we in the Church had better be ready to work. It will require sacrifice of time, money and our beloved programs and “church as we know it”, and yes, there will be resistance on a major scale, as you suggested in your original post–very possibly from those inside the Church who don’t want change. Obviously, the enemy will not sit idly by and not try to hang onto his domain. We are, after all, at war, are we not?

    Have a blessed Christmas, and fruitful New Year.

  42. Kim,

    I missed “for all I know”

    I agree with your assessment of our Christian institutions that are often called churches but you seem to confused these institutions with the true spiritual body of Christ called the Church. Most people in our church institutions are not Christians so there will be no revival in Christendom unless they first hear the word of salvation, repent of their ways and believe in God’s remedy for man’s fallen nature like all true Christian must.

    Few people have read the Bible in our Christian institutions called churches because they do not actually believe that it is the inerrant word of God. That is the state of Christendom in America today, it is largely cultural, if it were actually spiritual you would have a different reaction from the churches over the moral decline in America than the apathy that we see in most of the churches today.

    The NT was written as instruction to the Church, but the point is that most calling themselves Christians today are not in the Church. They have departed from the faith because they were never born of the Spirit. They are unbelievers and the only way unbelievers become believers is to have a spiritual rebirth. Now, if everyone calling themselves a Christian in America would become a true believer obviously things would change but obviously that is not about to happen. The institutional churches of America are moving toward the Harlot of Revelation 17 rather than Christianity.

    Revelation 1 gives no instruction of the church to repent. I believe you are talking about Revelation chapters 2 and 3. You must understand that these were city churches that represented church types that were filled with overcomers and unbelievers. Jesus was talking to the seven church types that would represent Christendom on earth through the church age. Five of the seven letters were letters of correction that made it clear that most of the members needed to find salvation from Jesus. The two church types that Jesus was generally pleased with was the early martyrs and those that keep His word and the message of His soon coming. Don’t confuse the external seven church types in the church age with the invisible Body of Christ in true believers. These letters are like Acts II beforehand, even in Acts I not all identified with the churches were believers.

    The letter to the seventh church type was obviously largely about unbelievers that identified with Christianity. They made Jesus sick, He could not stomach them. He vomited out the whole movement so they would not be identified as being in His body. Christ did not indwell them. That is why He said to these people, He stands outside the door and knocks and each individual that hears Him knocking has to open the door and let Him in. We are in that Laodican age and like you indicate the churches are full of cultural Christians going through the formalities and rituals. However, Jesus takes no pleasure in this, They makes Him sick. Don’t confuse the Church with those caught up in the world even if they call themselves Christians in America.


    The still small voice that you claim that God speaks through is really a misapplication of that scripture. I know many teach what you said, but they are confused by popular teachers. You might do a study on this. Getting into that really is beyond the scope of this post. God speaks to those in His body through His word, and understanding of His word comes from properly discerning what He said in the context that He said it. It does not come from subjective voices and impressions that anyone can conjure up in their own minds and say that God spoke to them.

    I am not sure how we would even know how to pray for our nation? Praying for blessings seems to bring the puffing up and self achievement that is so prevalent today. Praying for judgment could lead to true repentance from some and hate of God or denial of God by others.

    God uses Gentile nations according to His own purposes. America helped evangelize the world and help set up the return of Israel and was blessed to help carry that out those objectives. However, America is now corrupting the world and has become a hindrance to world morality and is now hostile toward Israel.

    Unless that radically changes, the purpose for America may no longer exist. Obviously God is not finished with this nation or we would not exist. However, the future of this nation, good or bad, probably depends on the future moral choices of the general population of this nation and not repentance by anything you call the church. Repentance from sin by the true believers in this nation will have minimal impact on American society, we are a small minority. What the true Church needs to do is what it has done throughout the Church age and that is delivering the gospel of salvation by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus to all those with an ear to hear. A nation that once sent missionaries apparently now needs missionaries sent here because our churches only evangelize the evangelized or don’t evangelize at all.

    Don’t confuse God’s purpose for a nation with individual salvation. God rose up many kingdoms and nations for his own purpose that do not even acknowledge Him.

    We are to be salt and light but only the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of people dead in their sins. Christendom has been the religion of great Kingdoms but it did make the Kingdoms truly Christian. Even if this nation or the world were to establish Christianity as the religion it would result in the Harlot of Revelation 17. Our “Christian” institutions are too far gone, they are corrupt from the top on down. If there will be any rise in true Christianity in America it will come from outside the established institutions as a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit and it probably will come after a great deal of tribulation in this nation (For example, like after the first civil war).

    Again I say, where is that great revival in America that was suppose to have already started?

    Merry Christmas and a Godly New Year to you and all.

  43. Don,

    I consider what you just said in the above comment reply to Kim almost a “valid article”…I like it.

    For many in the “church”, I just have to wonder why most even waste their time going…it’s too often treated like a health club membership or just something that one was taught to do.

    I think we should be in daily awe of what The Lord has given to all of us…and His Word.

    A relationship with The Lord is not a casual man made experience, it is to hold Him in the Highest Reverence.

    There will be no Revival in our churches unless those who are going understand and turn their hearts and soul towards The Lord God Almighty.

    If those going to church right now cannot see what is happening in this world and it doesn’t set off an alarm that THIS is what HE was talking about…then, I think most in our churches do not have The Lord in their hearts and souls.

    Just my opinion.

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