Will America avoid the coming foreign wars or coming civil war?

If America gets involved in a major war in the Middle East or in Asia, the usual rallying around the flag might make it possible for America to avoid a civil war unless the war becomes unpopular or the draft is restarted. If a foreign war and the rallying around the flag does not happen, the future for America could be even more bleak than a foreign war because race baiters and socialistic radicals are fueling divisions in America that very well could lead to civil warfare.

The increasingly lawless unconstitutional government of the Obama administration with its Big Brother and anti traditional America agenda, socialist wealth redistribution programs, and anti Christian social activism could bring about civil warfare before the next presidential election. Elitists that push Fascism and statist socialistic collectivism are in control of most influential or positions of power in America. They prefer to call themselves “Progressives” but the progress they work toward is establishment of powerful tyrannical centralized governments controlling everything on the planet.

Civil warfare and foreign wars could even take place at the same time. It happened in the Vietnam war era to some degree and the same discontents and their red diaper babies now largely run our government, media, and educational institutions. These people hate what traditional America stands for and they are working to change it into a socialistic state. They hate the traditional America way with its free enterprise system and its Judeo-Christian values and its individual freedoms and they are fighting against it. If this attack against traditional Americans continues it can only lead to violence.

The chances of America even avoiding another foreign war in the next couple of years looks pretty dismal. The foolish appeasement foreign policy of the Obama Administration makes it quite likely that the Middle East will explode. When that happens, China, Russia and other nations will see the U.S. being tied up in the Middle East as an opportunity for them to expand in their own regions.

Assad of Syria, is not getting rid of his nerve gas like was promised in the Obama-Putin agreement. Al Qaeda has taken over part of Syria and they are training terrorists for attacks against the West. Because of these developments, the U.S. is now rethinking its Syrian policy and it is quite likely that it will involve some kind of U.S. military action. Russia will oppose that and Russia will soon assert itself by expanding into areas of the old Soviet Union. It might first start in the eastern Ukraine so keep an eye on that.

Iran already knows how to build nukes and is working on delivery systems and perfecting the warhead triggers and designs. If they do not already have weapons grade nuclear material for their warheads, they can get it within weeks of any decision to do so. Only a major air strike by the US or Israel could set back the Iranian nuclear program for awhile. The Obama administration has been suckered into giving Iran more time to perfect their nuclear weapons program. Iran has worked on their nuclear weapons program for three decades now. They are not going to just end the program to appease nations and leaders that they openly mock as being too weak to take any military action against Iran.

Iran is now allied with factions in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. Al Qaeda has recently taken over a region in Iraq. Thanks to Obama’s foreign policy, all the U.S. blood shed in Iraq to stabilize that nation and create a democracy there will have been done for nothing.

A confrontation between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran for control of the region and Islam could start in short order. Any conflict that hinders the oil flow from the gulf oil rich nations could lead to world financial collapse. America and NATO certainly would be dragged into the conflict to try to prevent that from happening.

The Taliban will take over in Afghanistan just about as soon as America pulls out and all that military effort by America and NATO will also be for nothing. Afghanistan once again will become a major terrorist training area funded by heroin and the Taliban will increasingly radicalize nuclear armed Pakistan. A huge increase in world terrorism will be coming from Islamic sanctuaries thanks to Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement and withdrawal. Obama’s actions will not lead to world peace, it will lead to world war.

The peace talks between Israel and the “Palestinians” is not going to result in peace. If Israel gave into all the demands for peace, they would have no nation. Even if the Arab’s agreed to an interim peace agreement, it will only be a temporary ruse. The Arabs will not be satisfied as long as Israel exists and the Arab’s would still war against each other if there were no Israel. Getting rid of Israel would not bring peace to the Middle East.

China is building a modern navy and the Obama administration is dismantling the navy of America. China is now threatening her neighbors that also have claims on portions of the east and south China Sea. If the U.S. gets involved in a naval confrontation in that area of the Pacific, our fleet might get the worst of it. Any war directed against mainland China would also bring about the destruction of America so it would be foolish to go that route. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  Americans can thank their “Progressive” leaders, that set up and ratified economic treaties, that redistributed America’s jobs and wealth to China for China’s emerging superpower status and its brand new modern navy.

Those are some of the world realities that have developed because of the “Progressive” foreign policy of appeasement, globalism, and the downsizing of America’s military. However, It may not be foreign enemies that will bring about the end of the USA. It very well could be the home-grown domestic enemies of the U.S. Constitution and the traditional American way.

Obama and crew are dividing America to try to achieve their own Progressive dream of global socialism. The chance for a civil war in America is now greater than any time since the last civil war. Obama, and most of the people that he appointed to rule with him are socialistic radicals. They are Communists, Fascists, or other socialist fellow travelers. Most in America reject socialism but most Americans have become so dumbed down by the socialistic government/education/media complex that they do not see that Communist statism is really the change that Obama administration is peddling.

Statist Progressives fully intend to control everyone and everything for the sake of the collective ant farm, but there still are several roadblocks that the Communists need to remove for total control to become a reality. For example:

1. Free speech and a free press must be put under government control.

2. Christians and constitutional conservatives must be muzzled.

3. One more conservative or moderate Supreme Court justice needs to be replaced with a Progressive (statist collectivist). They now usually get 5/4 decisions that hinder them, that would change with just one more Progressive judge.

4. The Senate in 2015 has to retain enough Democrats so that Democrats set the agenda of the Senate, approve the radical appointments of the President, and so that the President cannot be removed if impeached by a Republican House.

5. The majority of people in this nation must become dependent on federal government to just live their daily lives. That is where government-run food, health care, social, and immigration programs are leading Americans.

6. Guns must be taken away from the people so that they have no means to resist or overthrow statist government tyranny.

The removal of those roadblocks are now underway:

1. The plan to muzzle free speech on conservative and Christian radio and the Internet is in the works. NSA has the means or will soon have the means to monitor and control all electronic communications. If they get the order from the President they will do so.

2. There are plans to muzzle Christians by making biblical truths hate speech and to make anything Christian unacceptable in the public arena. They intend to stop political commentary from Christian organizations by new bureaucratic rules proposed through and enforced by the IRS.

3. Some Supreme Court justices are getting very old, it is almost certain that one or more of the five critical non Progressive Supreme Court justices will be replaced by a Progressive before the end of Obama’s term. The Democratic administration is also packing the lower courts with Progressives and many of those cases will never get heard before the Supreme Court.

4. Obama just said that the top priority for Democrats must be to retain control of the Senate. All efforts by the national Democratic Party will be toward that end. You can be sure that there will be lies, dirty tricks, illegal actions and a great deal of election fraud coming from the Democrats in the 2014 elections.

5. Obamacare subsidies, food stamps, and government-run social security and disability programs are forcing most Americans to be dependent on federal government for their daily living.

6. Change one member on the Supreme Count and they will find some way to twist the second amendment to take away private ownership of guns in America.

There is little question that Obama can achieve all of the above during the next three years if he is not stopped by traditional Americans that love free enterprise and individual freedoms. Therefore, the 2014 election is the last best chance for the people of America to stop the Progressive (Communist) agenda of the Obama administration. The Republicans must control the Senate in 2015 and control the Senate with people who will uphold America’s Constitution.

If Republicans control both houses of Congress and Obama then dares to be an obstructionist that rules by unconstitutional decree, his impeachment and removal becomes more likely. Even Democrat senators want to be reelected. A Republican controlled Congress can shut down the Obama agenda by their control over the purse and by not approving any Progressive radicals that Obama appoints. They also can take unconstitutional issues before the Supreme Court.

If the Democrats still control the Senate after the 2014 election, the battle for a peaceful resolution is probably lost. There is some hope for a convention of the states to take place to make amendments to the Constitution to nullify the collectivist statist agenda, but I think it will come too late to avoid civil upheaval. And what makes anyone think that a lawless President that does not abide by the Constitution would abide by new amendments to the Constitution if he knows the Senate will not remove him? Maybe one amendment should be an easier way to remove a lawless President than the process America has now.

The only moderating influence on Obama now, is because of the need for Senate Democrats to be reelected so they can retain control of the Senate in 2014. Obama said that 2014 will be a year of action with or without Congress. If he says that now, before the election, just wait and see what Obama will do after the election with a Senate that remains under Democrat control.

Some people and states simply will not abide by the federal tyranny that Obama will try to enforce and that could mean the end of the Union or civil war. You can be sure that there will be actions and overreactions because of the tyranny, but that will just give the statist Progressives more reasons to try to take away everyone’s guns. Doing so will not be as easy as they think in rural area in many states.

Many big city people probably will comply with tyrannical orders that tramples over their civil constitutional rights because they have little choice since their own militarized police forces are controlled by Democrat political machines. Most big city police forces will become de facto enforcers of the Federal Government. That does not mean that there would not be rebellion, but it will be contained.

In the much more conservative rural areas it could be quite different. There, people are not just going to let federal government roll them over. The people in rural areas still control the small city police and the sheriffs. Civil disobedience will be quite intense in rural areas. Oppressive federal governments cannot even control rural areas in third world countries where light armed native groups resist against them. It would not work out like some think in rural America either.

So how does America avoid the coming foreign wars or civil war? By first taking over the Senate in 2014 with those that will uphold the Constitution. After that, by electing a President in 2016 that will follow the Constitution and provide for a strong national defense. It will have to be someone of the stature of Ronald Reagan. That means shifting the leadership of the Republican party to the conservative Right in just two years.

In nine months America could start that change. If not, “Progressives” will try to force statist collectivism on everyone and America will be in turmoil both at home and abroad. If you vote for a “Progressive” evil party in 2014, better plan for a costume party, because you will soon be putting on a helmet.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


29 thoughts on “Will America avoid the coming foreign wars or coming civil war?

  1. Great post Don. Keep up the good work. I don’t even know where to begin there are so many topics you mentioned. I think the biggest issues we need to be aware of is the immigration policies, the downsizing of our military, and the power balance of the supreme court.

    Immigration is a big issue today Democrats are pushing hard for reform and I doubt if the republicans will stand strong. People don’t seem to realize that if we have 10-20 million new mostly democrat voters that it may insure the democrats win every election for decades. Nobody seems to understand the gravity of this. The democrat leadership is mostly hardcore leftist progressives bent on our destruction but the average democrat voter doesn’t seem to care.

    Our military is smaller than it has ever been, yet when I mention this to people they say we spend too much money on it anyway. They also seem to think we are much stronger than we actually are. Why would you cut our military when Russia and China are spending billions upgrading their own? They also don’t care our nuclear arsenal is being decimated. They assume a couple of nuclear bombs is all it takes to destroy an entire enemy country.

    If the supreme court turns liberal then we are all toast. All the supreme court has to do is set a precedent in a certain case and then it will be allowed and enforced over the whole country. If banning gay marriage is found to be unconstitutional in Oklahoma then all states who ban it will be forced to change their laws. Just insert any case in place of gay marriage and its the same outcome.

    I really think we need to start being more proactive and create more media sources that are not afraid to report the truth. It is not too hard to create your own website, newspaper, TUMBLR, or Youtube channel and do this. People say that taking a stand on political issues will only turn people away but that is not entirely true. Look at what happened to chick fil A and that gun shop that posted a sign saying “no liberals welcome”. Their sales have gone way up. People are itching for an alternative and if its done right it can be successful.

  2. DON,

  3. Hi Tom,

    I agree, but is not just third party candidates that conservatives need to be aware of. The crossover vote is a real big problem in some states, it helps Progressives in the Republican Party get nominated as the candidate rather than true conservatives. I also have to admit that I am not optimistic that the Republicans will not once again screw it all up and get defeat out of what should have been an easy victory.

  4. Don great post,

    It is getting harder and harder for me to support this nation because of the moral decay that continues to spread. I like to think of myself as a patriot, but we have fallen and fallen hard Don. I am a police officer down in charleston and interact with every type of person. I have noticed people are so clueless as to the times they live. This is especially true amongst our youth. The young people are so lost and have no one to direct their paths.Rich and poor it doesn’t matter. I really do fear this is the end of the America we love. I just dont see a revival the likes of which we need on the horizon. But if it is the Lord’s will who am I to argue? It just hurts to see where we were and what we ve become. Thanks for all you do Don.

  5. Hi Don,
    I like what Steve in SC has to say. Perhaps we are seeing what happens when empires die. The question I have is: are Christians going to get the blame, as they did in ancient Rome? It chills my blood what some “progressives” are saying. They don’t even try to hide their hatred of Christianity. I think we are being judged, but I pray for His mercy upon us. I don’t recognize the United States anymore.

  6. Hi Anna,

    If the nation continues to go down the road of the “Progressives”. Those that actually believe the fundamentals of the Christian faith and that claim that people need to turn from their love of sin and be saved through trust in Jesus Christ will be targets of various kinds of persecution.

  7. Don,
    I have also heard the argument from various talk radio hosts that the 2014 elections will probably be our last shot at turning the country around. While this may be true, where is the opposition? Sure we have the Tea Party, but are they organizing like they did before the tax day march a few years ago? I also wonder who our Christian spokesman is for this generation, because I see no one standing up and speaking out against the outright treasonous and immoral acts of this administration. John Hagee seems to be the only mainstream voice condemning these acts, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe everyone is afraid they will be shut down by the IRS?

  8. Hi Steve,

    There is a long term occupation of Washington DC planned for this Spring. Whether it will fire up the Tea Party probably depends on what Obama does, the economy, and who shows up. I do not see any national Christian leaders doing anything. When you look at the people that our “Christian” leaders enforce I have my doubts that most of our “Christian” leaders are actually Christians.

  9. Interesting article as usual Don, however I would like to point out a few things:

    1. Even under this progressive government the US still spends nearly $700 billion on it’s military which is twice that of every other nation combined. – re, Those are some of the world realities that have developed because of the “Progressive” foreign policy of appeasement, globalism, and the downsizing of America’s military

    2. So called Republicans are every bit as socialist as the Democrats; there is no conservative government in the US or my country, Canada for that matter, and we have a ‘conservative’ government. The so called conservative right in the Republican party are reviled by the rest of the Republicans just as much as conservatives loathe Obama – re, Therefore, the 2014 election is the last best chance for the people of America to stop the Progressive (Communist) agenda of the Obama administration. The Republicans must control the Senate in 2015 and control the Senate with people who will uphold America’s Constitution.

    Lastly, and I don’t mean to offend, if the portrayal of typical Americans on everyday TV and news programs are accurate, Americans are too stupid to know what’s good for them, which in my opinion, makes them the most dangerous country in the world. I’d still prefer to have America as my neighbour over Russia or someone else, but not by much! Certainly not as much as before. All the things we hated communists for back in the 70’s: China’s one child policy, lack of freedom of the press in Russia, the ‘papers please’ in East Germany are fast becoming a reality in AmeriKa. Your government was hijacked a long time ago…Democracy might be the best form of government, but the USA has proven that even that doesn’t work.

  10. Steve,

    Is this the same John Hagee that doesn’t believe that Jews have to be saved by trusting in Jesus because He didn’t come for them?

    Please be careful with who you listen to and trust.


  11. Wayne.

    Actually the military budget is $633 Billions for 2014 and its not only about the amount that we are spending now it is more about the projected military cuts for the future. The U.S. is the wealthiest nation of the world by a large margin, so if it is going to lead the world it has to have the most formidable military. With greatness comes many responsibilities. By the way, the world spends $1,756 billion on defense, so no, we do not spend twice as much as all the other nations combined as you claimed.

    If America had not and will no longer protect some rich economic nations from the predators in the world, these nations would soon go nuclear. The situation in the world would then be much worse. Tell you what, if Japan, South Korea, Europe etc., even picked up half the bill for America for the military that is protecting them from Islam, China, N. Korea and Russian expansion maybe we could make real military cuts without nuclear world war being the end result.

    There are too many Progressives in the Republican Party but the way our Congress votes obviously shows that there is quite a difference of values between the two parties. I admit that that our government is not Conservative but the majority of people in our nation are much more conservative than the government we have now. That is the whole point. The government needs to reflect the people, and if they don’t the people in this nation need to do something about that while they still can.

    American TV is run by “Progressives” that approve programs that will brainwash and dumb down America. Most of America is not like what you see on TV. Just take a trip to rural America and you will find that out.

    What you say about where America is heading is true. That is why if there are enough Americans that still care, they need to work to turn it around while they still can. America was not established to be a Democracy, we have a Republic if we have the morals to keep it.

  12. Hi Don:
    I totally agree on what you are saying about America and a near future foreign war. With Iranian warships headed to our coast as I write this one can only guess where that might lead. It seems that new threats occur almost every day from some nation or groups of people. I respectfully disagree with any sort of civil war occurring ever though. These progressives and this president are showing the American patriots that they are not going to answer to anyone. The tea party is now falling apart due to the IRS and too many people will discontinue to support the cause. I believe that there is good reason why there is no Christian leader to follow during this perilous time. Disciples of Christ are not called to lead nations. They are called to spread the gospel until he comes. I do hope that Congress will be victorious and then impeach this president but I highly doubt that the media or the corrupt system that runs this country will allow it. I’m not saying that civil disturbances won’t happen, I just fail to see it occuring as an organized affair.

  13. Hi Kevin,

    You might be right about the Tea Party, we only have months to find out, but I still say men in rural Americans are not just going to roll over no matter what name that they identify with. The main thing that stopped the Patriot movement last time was 9/11. If there is a next Ruby Ridge, they will be coming out of the woodwork.

  14. Hello everyone, I read the comments about an hour ago and there is one I can’t get off my mind.
    Kevin said, “Disciples of Christ are not called to lead nations. They are called to spread the gospel until he comes.” I have heard other Christians make similar statements and it always disturbs me. Why does it have to be either or? A Christian can’t lead a nation AND tell others about salvation? Are we supposed to let evil take over our society because we’re Christians? I’ve heard many comments regarding America being under judgment because of declining morality. That’s exactly why we need Godly leaders.
    I will stand with the Patriots whether they claim to be saved or not. Just the other day I was privileged to present the plan of salvation to a neighbor. I have a gun in a drawer and a bible on the table; I can do both.

  15. Caitlin,

    I agree, even OT biblical history tells us that God’s people were put in high positions of power in Gentile nations for His own purposes. Also, it all seems to fit within the “occupy till I come” order of Lu 19:13.

  16. I see no way possible we as a nation can avoid pretty much anything short of a Balkanization of this country anywhere in the future, and I say that both as a Police Officer in the largest city in the Midwest(hint hint) and as a Serb after seeing what happened to Yugoslavia because of Slick Willie and his “wife”. I have a question for Steve from SC, however. Steve, are you as sick of the militarizing of the Police Departments as I am? I don’t know about you but I signed up to be a Peace Officer, not a Nazi. God knows, my people fought long and hard against them

  17. I have a question to all law enforcement officers that read this. In your opinion, what percent of the police force that you are on would blindly follow clearly unlawful and unconstitutional orders? I know that can be redundant, but I think you know what I mean.

  18. Great article regarding external war and internal strife. I do not think there is enough ‘rabble rousers’ to stand up to this progressive liberal anti-Christian government primarily because the youth are not with us. In order to successfully launch any significant opposition to tyranny it requires the enthusiasm of the young. We do not have that group in any substantial numbers. They have been co-opted to the progressive camp with free government benefits, removal of God from our schools, and time consuming tech toys that have not allowed them to have rational objective or logical thought processes. Additionally the rural folks are such a minority to the city masses of thugs that it seems unlikely real civil strife can proceed. Without the young I do not see civil war.

    Everything else is so succinctly stated and outlined that I wish I could force every American to read it to provide a sobering view of how far we have drifted from God and country. I do believe the Middle East will explode into chaos which might give the sheeple cause to rally around the incumbents enough to forestall any real gains by the true conservatives in 2014.

  19. Hi Carl,

    Good observations about the youth and a war in the Middle East giving a boost to the incumbents.

    We do have 26 million Veterans and they make up about a third of all adult men and most of them are armed so I think that should also be weighed. I am not saying that the rural people will invade the cities, I am saying that a hostile government will have a hard time controlling the armed rural areas. We see that everywhere in the world.

  20. If gun owners refuse to give up their weapons, and someone gets killed in the process, they will be painted as domestic terrorists by the mainstream media. This is especially true if the supreme court ever ruled private gun ownership illegal. Then what? Does the government send out armed enforcement agents to go physically confront these people?

  21. Jim,

    I think the truth would get out their through social networking sites and the alternative media.

    If they ever made guns illegal, there probably would be a voluntary buy back program at first. After that you might have paid government snitches and jackboot raids. That is why they need a national gun registration database first so that they will know what doors to break down. They would rely on snitches but snitches might have a short life span in rural America. Also, many Sheriffs and small city police forces would not enforce the Federal orders. The Feds would be on their own at best. I do not even think they could pull this door to door operation off in the big city urban areas. Does anyone think that inner city gangster are just going to give up their guns without a fight?

    I just read a report that said that a very large survey of law enforcement officers are strongly against disarming the general public and would not support gun confiscation.

  22. Don,
    It’s funny that you asked that question, because my team within the department recently had a brief discussion about this. It was not a formal discussion like information that is passed along from command staff, just a conversation between friends so to speak. Everyone that participated in the discussion, 10 or so people, were against confiscation and the general consensus was that we would turn in our badges if it came to that. Now keep in mind not everyone was participating in the discussion and this would make up only a handful of officers in the department. Even so I was glad to see so many in support of gun rights. I also have many friends throughout other local departments and sheriff’s offices that seem to take the same stance. The Charleston County Sheriff, who is the sheriff in my county, recently spoke up for gun rights and stated his promise not to uphold any law from the Federal government infringing on the right to bear arms. However, with all this being said I am sure there are some police chiefs and officers etc that would change their minds if it meant they would no longer have a job and a way to feed their families. And I am sure there are some who are for gun confiscation. Police departments are made up of various people just like every other organization, and with that you get a myriad of opinions and moral beliefs. I truly believe that you would see a split in law enforcement alongside those in the military who would be willing to stand up for our rights. Unfortunately, I believe the DHS is preparing for such a scenario and will be ready to supplant any loss in numbers to departments nationwide. In the event a confiscation is ordered, I’m sure the Federal government would automatically federalize all police officers nationwide. This would ultimately require some sort of catastrophe in my opinion i.e. Katrina, which led to confiscations by military personnel.Thanks

  23. Steve,

    That is the impression I get from the people that I talk to as well. I am sure there would be exceptions in some of the very liberal cities but Police officers seems to be more for following the U.S. Constitution than are the big city politicians and media. The same goes for the military and the veterans. I think people need to keep in mind that most police officers are working to protect law abiding Americans.

    The Missouri legislators passed a bill in both houses to make it illegal for the Feds to try any unconstitutional gun regulation or gun grab in our state but the Democrat Governor voted it. They were only one vote short of a veto override last year but they are trying again this year.

  24. Yeah Don I guess now that I think about it,a civil war could happen. You would have those divided from the military and police forces backed by the states presumably…fighting against the Federal Govt and those that agreed to stay in the military and police forces. Then throw in all the vets and volunteers, and you’d have quite a war I believe. Unfortunately for the patriots they would most likely be armed with cheap weapons. Supplied by the states and their ability to fund the war. Scary thought but seems possible. Hey it happened before right.

  25. Steve,

    They might not be heavily armed but they will be fighting for a good cause called freedom and they will have the home turf advantage. The other side would just be hirelings fighting for a paycheck that will soon become worthless. Actually, whole outfits might defect along with their modern weapons and if states like Texas ends up backing the movement the freedom fighters could at least achieve secession and a new Union. Of course, a civil war is still hypothetical.

  26. Reading Number 1 in your article jogged my memory of an attempt by the FCC to plant “researchers” in media groups studies. It was shelved after a huge back splash as government intrusion. So of course they are going to regroup under another bussword. You can goggle “FCC Shelves Newsroom Survey….” or here is a link on Newsmax.

    Worth considering quote by FCC Spokesman

    “The pilot will not be undertaken until a new study design is final,” she said. “Any subsequent market studies conducted by the FCC, if determined necessary, will not seek participation from or include questions for media owners, news directors or reporters.”


    BTW; an update “A Missouri bill which seeks to nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books, “whether past, present or future,” passed the Senate Thursday. SB613 would ban the state from enforcing virtually all federal gun control measures, and includes criminal charges for federal agents attempting to violate the right to keep and bear arms in Missouri.

    The measure passed 23-10.

    We’ll see how it plays out in the committee. Gov Nixon recently provided the DHS a list of all registered gun owners in Missouri, then he lied and said he didn’t but a thank you letter from Jane Napolitano gave him away.

  27. AnnS,

    Yeah, last year the Missouri governor vetoed the bill and a veto override failed by one vote. Hopefully they will succeed this time.

  28. Hi Don, great article!

    I have been reading your posts that past couple days, as i was doing research on the validity of the pre-trib rapture position (i was pre-wrath before, but now i am 100% convinced of pre-trib!)

    These have been a great blessing to me as it has been a means for God to reveal these things to me. I take great heed to the signs of the end times as i know in my heart that there is little time left. Currently i am the president of a Christian club in high school that focuses on Christians emerging out from the sinful world and boldly following Jesus (the club has been small so far because it’s unpopular, but this next school year i feel that will change).

    The main reason i’m deciding to post today is because of something mentioned in the comments. It has been said that it’s a disappointment that there aren’t any Christian leader’s willing to stand up to what’s been happening in our country. While this has been true in the recent past, In just one week an event in Washington, D.C. will happen to end this dry spell.

    I’m talking about Celebrate America led by Rodney Howard Browne, a missionary from South Africa to the US who’s been preaching about the only hope for America is another great spiritual awakening for the past 15-20(?) years

    press release: http://celebrateamericadc.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/DCPressRelease-1.pdf

    I think this will play a massive role in the direction of our country. I like to compare it to 1930’s Germany. In the 1930’s there was a great revival of the holy spirit in Germany. However, many of the messianic jews and christians left the country or were eventually killed by Hitler, and the holy spirit “left” the country with the people (not literally, as the holy spirit is everywhere, but the church was gone). With the church gone or silenced there was no morally responsible force to hold back the darkness, and what happened in late 1930’s-1945 is a result of that. Marshall law with intense brain-washing of the population followed by destruction. I think that this is what is going to happen to America. There will be a third great awakening, followed by God’s judgement on the land of The United States of America.

    What i mean to say is do not lose hope! God has a plan for America and just as we still have great world influence through our politics and economy, this spiritual revival that is to kick-off this july 4th will light the spark for the last great spiritual revival in the world, and will spread throughout the earth. This last revival has been prophesied by those in the Azusa street revival in the first 1900’s decade.

  29. Aaron,

    You are promoting the Dominion Theology deception. Rodney Howard Browne of the laughing “revival” is one of the Satanic agents that has infiltrated the Charismatic movement.

    The Holy Spirit never left Germany in World War II. You are quite wrong.

    There will be no third great awaking in America at least not from the likes of a false teacher like Browne. There may be a counterfeit revival and if there is, it will be because people have bought into the false gospel of people Like Rodney Howard Browne.

    The revival of America that you think will come, might tie into Masonic and Mystery religion but God will not be part of it. I suggest you do a little research on the people that you follow. These are the Pseudo Christian New Apostolic Reformation leaders that I am warning people about.


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