Willowcreek has Jimmy Carter at Annual Leadership Summit. Next year, Antichrist?

Jan Markell understands what other Church leaders that attend Bill Hybels events continually miss. The Church is not about learning worldly success. It is not about inviting world leaders to teach us worldly philosophies of men. It is especially not about inviting world leaders who prove that they do not believe fundamental moral concepts found in the Bible. These leaders might call themselves Christians but when they continually are on the side and promote those living in immoral lifestyles the Bible says to remove them from the Church. We are not to fellowship with them. Yet Hybels often invites famous people to teach Christian leaders who oppose what any true Christian knows is right and moral.

Where is the discernment from the leaders attending these seminars? Out of hundreds of thousand who heard this seminar is Jan Markell the only one who sees a problem? What are Hybels leadership summits really preparing the church leader for, the Antichrist?

Willowcreek and Jimmy Carter
A big leader in the church-growth movement is Willowcreek Church under the leadership of Pastor Bill Hybels. August 9 to 11 they had their annual Leadership Summit at their church. There were 80,000 in attendance, and the program was beamed into 176 sites via audiovisual technology.

This event troubles me and here’s why.

One of the guests was former President Jimmy Carter. On the Willowcreek Web site it states, “Jimmy Carter has done more since retiring from the office of president than most people accomplish in a lifetime. The author of more than 20 books is recognized worldwide for his leading work in conflict resolution, diplomacy, and humanitarian work.”

Conflict resolution? Hasn’t Carter roamed the world bad-mouthing America and standing up for dictators? And what diplomacy? It has not been pro-American!

But the greater question is what possible spiritual input and spiritual growth could have been imparted by Jimmy Carter? If any of you heard the presentation live or via the TV feed, let me know. If church annual conferences are to feature men and women who cannot contribute to church spiritual growth, then I say they are a total failure. I don’t need to attend an annual church conference featuring Carter and Colin Powell. They are not going to teach me how to live a victorious Christian life in an evil and fear-filled world. They are not going to help me better understand my Bible. They are not going to inspire me to share my faith.
And if these aren’t the missions of the church, what are? It surely isn’t “Carter diplomacy.”

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