Worldviews in Collision

Christians in surveys often do not even have a Christian Worldview. I think this article is a very good summery of the six main worldviews in the world today. There are worldviews other than just these six but these are the six major worldviews on earth today.

Some people teach and are taught and believe different combinations of these worldviews. For example, Humanism and Marxism are often part of a mix because they have overlapping concepts. True Christianity in contrast is in absolutely collision with all other worldviews.

The six major world wordviews are:

The Christian Worldview
The Islamic Worldview
The secular Humanist Worldview
The Marxist Worldview
The Cosmic Humanist Worldview
The Postmodern Worldview

Although I agree with the statement of the hope and goal of Summit Ministries. I do not believe in this idealist concept that thousands of informed Christians will bring the world back to some Christian worldview before the return of Christ. Nevertheless, this is good information that everyone should know because the worldviews of mankind do influence everything done by mankind on earth.

Understanding Six Worldviews that Rule the World

We cannot overstate the significance of these five anti-Christian worldviews. The basis for much of what is taught in the public classroom today comes from Secular, Marxist, Cosmic Humanist, and Postmodern thinking and takes on a variety of labels: liberalism, multiculturalism, political correctness, deconstructionism, or self-esteem education. Or, as is often the case, the labels are dropped and courses are taught from anti-Christian assumptions without students being told which worldview is being expressed. Neutrality in education is a myth.

The first chapter of the Book of Daniel explains how Daniel and his friends prepared themselves to survive and flourish amid the clash of worldviews of their day. We believe that Christian young people equipped with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Christian worldview and its rivals can become “Daniels” who will not stand on the sidelines, but will participate in the great collision of worldviews in the twenty-first century.

Society will flourish in the light of truth only when the emphasis shifts back to a Christian perspective. This dramatic shift in emphasis can be brought about through the leadership of thousands of informed, confident Christian students who think deeply and broadly from a well-honed biblical worldview and emerge as leaders in education, business, science, and government.

Our desire to bring about this shift in emphasis is the fundamental reason Summit Ministries produces curricula and resources for Christian schools and homeschool families (primary, middle, and secondary), presents in-service worldview training for teachers across the U.S. and around the world, and provides worldview conferences for students and adults. Information is available at

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