Illegal aliens have brought us close encounters of the third world kind

By Don Koenig - 2006



This is a hot subject and there is no easy solution that will satisfy all people. Therefore, if you disagree with what I say here, you probably are quite normal. I believe the United States has made its own illegal immigration problem through its own foreign and domestic policies and by doing so we have now put the country in danger. We now need a remedy for the situation before the United States becomes more overrun by illegal aliens, drug smugglers, and terrorists than it already is.


We have been told that there are 12 million illegal aliens living in the United States and that each year millions enter into the United States illegally. The US Border Patrol catches perhaps a third of those that enter illegally but they are directed to catch them and to release them back to where they came from. Seeing the United States Border Patrol using this policy in action in Arizona makes it obvious to me that they are just carrying out a catch and release program developed by Washington bureaucrats who had watched too many Tom and Jerry cartoons. Those that are caught and released become smarter and sooner or later they get by the cat.


This cat and mouse program might look like fun and games to some bureaucrats but those who pay coyotes money to ride and hike through the southwestern deserts in summer to obtain jobs think it is very serious. They risk their lives in the deserts on each excursion – scores actually do die each year. Most of these people are not coming to the United States because they want to live here or even be here. They come to the United States because there is high unemployment in the nations they come from and they need to make money. Many do end up staying for various reasons.


What are the dynamics that brought about this alien invasion?


  1. Demographics
  2. High unemployment rates and low wages in the nations they come from
  3. Past amnesty without doing anything about future illegal Immigration
  4. Government give away programs
  5. Children born to parents that are in the US illegally automatically become US citizens by law
  6. United States government foreign economic policies


1. The demographic problem is obvious. The population in Latin America is exploding and many of these people are growing up and starting new families. They need employment to support these families.


2. The unemployment rate in some of these Latin nations is as high as forty percent so the unemployed must take risky and difficult paths in order to obtain the basic necessities of life for themselves and their families.


3. In 1986, amnesty was given to illegal aliens without doing anything about the borders or the conditions that continued to bring them here. By pushing a pen, the President and Congress went through the façade of solving the illegal immigration problem. Amnesty in the past has given hope to illegal aliens that if they occupy long enough they will be granted United States citizenship. History and the present circumstances in the country prove that this hope will prove to be correct.


4. Why would people go back to third world conditions when they can get almost free basics like food, shelter, medical treatment and a good education in the United States? The social give away program that prevails in many states has actually brought this problem on their own head.


5. By the law of land, anyone born on United States soil is a US citizen. Many who work here had children born in the US. Therefore, their parents could be deported but the children could return as citizens. When these children grow up if they are not already located here they come to the United States and they also help their illegal relatives to live here.


6. The economic policy of the United States is the number one reason for the alien invasion. People really do not travel to another country to work without good reason. We sold Latin America a false promise with the signing of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). United States corporations moved there to take advantage of the cheap labor and to produce goods that they could sell back to the US for more profit. Most of the money did not get down to the working people. Further, after many companies moved to Mexico and other Latin America countries and employment was picking up in that region our government sold them out by allowing the Chinese to be a most favored nation, a member of the World Trade Organization, and the number one exporter of products to the United States. The Chinese now undersell almost every nation in the world. For several years the United States has imported over 200 billion dollars more goods and services than it exported to China. If this foreign trade were largely diverted from totalitarian Communist China to the poor struggling democracies of Latin America, the immigration problem would be largely resolved.


Nevertheless, we will not stop importing hundreds of billions of dollars of goods from China because it seems that China is somehow actively blackmailing the United States. That is my opinion of what is happening because the only other option I think possible, is that what we see in world politics is nothing but a facade put on by new world order power brokers and the new world order conspiracy people have been correct all along. Nothing else would seem to account for our insane policies toward China at the expense of ourselves and everyone else. It should be clear, that our economic policies toward China are bringing unemployment to other nations, causing new social unrest in South America, and is helping China to become a nuclear and economic superpower in opposition to our own world interests. United States economic polices have established a huge foreign debt that can only end up in blackmail/enslavement and/or the total economic collapse of our nation.


What is the real solution for the illegal alien invasion?


Some say we should give amnesty but what they propose would just put a larger band-aid on a wound that is hemorrhaging. Will amnesty alone stop the flow of illegal aliens into this country? It is obvious that amnesty by itself is no solution at all. I think we should give amnesty to most living here now but for completely different reasons (see below). However, before we give anyone amnesty we must first solve the problem of Illegal immigration into the United States.


I say I support amnesty for those who can prove they have been here for more than three years because our nation is really to blame for them being here. I do not think the foremost issue in amnesty is that we would be rewarding lawbreakers like some say. These people really were only doing what many employers and politicians in this nation encouraged them to do. If these people could not have found jobs or government assistance, they certainly would not be here. Furthermore, if most politicians at any time really wanted to stop the illegal flow they certainly could. Many are now only talking about it because there is a national election coming up and activist groups have brought this problem to the attention of the American voter.


Therefore, since it is really the fault of our government that they are here, I think we should give the bulk of illegal aliens in this country a path to citizenship without making them jump through too many hoops that they can not and will not jump through (like fines, back taxes, and long paths to citizenship). There should be some requirements such as learning English, knowing the civil laws of the land, swearing allegiance to the Constitution and flag of the United States and a criminal background check. Perhaps, if we want to inflict a cost, we could have them do a few hundred hours of community service (like cleaning up the trash they dumped all over the landscape when they invaded the land). To be fair, we also should allow most of those now on the legal immigration track to become citizens. Do you think I am being too easy on them? What do the scriptures say about how to treat immigrants and strangers in the land? It seems to me, it does not say what some "Christians" advocate.


Now that we understand that we need to blame our own government and that it is not feasible or wise to try to round up 12 million people and dump them in Mexico and Central America we can deal with solving the problem. That problem is how we can stop more millions of illegal aliens from ever coming here in the future.


As I said, they come here for employment but I do not advocate any expanded guest worker policy. It seems to me, we will have plenty of workers when we give amnesty to nearly ten million people. In another article, I also proposed that we use our huge prison population to do some of the agriculture work. I think bringing in guest workers will only invite more immigration problems in the future (there is an old song line that applies, “How Ya Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm After They've Seen Gay Paree”).


Stopping illegal migration through enforcement actions on the employer is of primary importance. Instead of having checkpoints all over the roads violating everyone's rights and delaying those that must pass through it daily, the government might use a similar number of people to have frequent inspections of places of employment (or is the US Border Patrol secretly taking over the duties of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency?).


In the future, anyone who knowingly hires an illegal alien should serve jail time. Certainly many illegal aliens now have false papers that might fool employers but with today's electronics, enforcement could be accomplished fairly easily along with a government background check. Day workers would be required to stop at a government office to receive a card that they would carry and present to temporary employers. Certain charity organizations could also assist in their obtaining these cards.


After amnesty is given to most that are now here illegally, no new illegal alien would get any non-emergency social services from any government agency in the United States. All illegal aliens not under amnesty protection would be given a six-month grace period to find their way out of the country. After this period, if caught, the adult males found would be charged with a felony, given a six month suspended sentence and shipped home. With this felony charge on their record, they would not be eligible to become a US citizen. In addition, their felony conviction would show up on any future job background search. If they ever illegally show up in this country a second time, they will get to serve out the six months sentence in a prison labor camp plus six more months for the second offense. Those males serving time in the labor camps would be given $2.00 per hour so they could send some of it home to support their families. The females and children found in the country would just be shipped back to where they came from since most will not come without the males. I guarantee if the polices I propose are enacted, that an extremely high percent would get the message and stop coming.


If no legal resident in this nation will pick the fruit or do the job on the wages offered perhaps it is because it is really time to raise the minimum wage.


Instead of having guest workers come to the United States why not give them employment and decent paying jobs in their own nation by buying goods made by them. To do this we need to give favored status to exports of most Latin American nations over Chinese exports. It really makes no sense to help China's oppressive antichristian government to become a nuclear and economic superpower. In the long term, we are cutting our own throat and in the short term, the people in our hemisphere have no future and feel they have to come here for one.



Yes, we will still need a fence on the border.


We will need a real fence except in the more inaccessible areas (the not easily accessible areas could be monitored by satellite and sensors). A fence will also be needed in the more accessible areas of Canada. If we take the correct measures to help the economy of poor Latin American countries the fences will be needed more to stop drug smugglers and terrorists from entering the nation then they be needed to stop migrant workers. My proposal would not take any more government employees then what we have now. With the fence and the new policies in place the border patrol agents could be spread much thinner and the surplus government employees could be transferred to monitor employers, sensors, satellite images and our coastlines.



It is a matter of national security


Getting control of the illegal alien invasion is now a matter of national security. Those that carried out the attack on 9/11 were not citizens of this nation. Frankly, no one even knows if nuclear devices have already been planted in this nation by terrorists. What we can be certain of is that if the borders remain as they are then any terrorist can also get into this nation just as easily as the twelve million illegals that are already here. How many sleeper agents in the twelve million are already on US soil awaiting an order?


We can do nothing and wait until the next shock to the nation causes panic and government overreaction, or we can be proactive and take the war on terrorism and illegal alien migration seriously. I think we can be certain that this problem will not be resolved unless the people of the United States demand a solution from their representatives. The terrorists are counting on apathy to prevail in the United States. When we are living carelessly in blissful ignorance, they will find the opportunity to hit us hard. The national security issue does not even take into account the long-term financial and social burdens that a continual illegal alien invasion will bring to the citizens of the United States.


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