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Don Koenig's philosophy and theology on Christian and social issues in America

Warning! - The views expressed in this webpage may not be politically correct even among Churchianity

Seeker friendly purpose driven church growth movement

Rick Warren's Global P.E.A.C.E. plan

The purpose driven hijacking of Christianity

The age of Laodicea has arrived - next comes the rapture and the tribulation

We have met the enemy and they are us Evangelical Christians

The graceful side of Christianity

Christian conservatives in America often lack the compassion of Christ

How to find a good church

A worthy church model for Christian growth and not just church growth

I Need More Self-Esteem - You Need More Self-Esteem - We All Need More Self-Esteem

The Church age is almost completed and Jesus is coming very soon

Wise owl studying a book of knowledge or philosophy

Don's philosophy on various issues in Christianity and the world

This series of articles gives my philosophy on various topics related to present thinking and practices in some evangelical circles and my experiences within certain institutional churches. I also give some views on several other subjects that might be of interest to some

Is the war of Psalm 83 and a greatly enlarged Israel imminent as stated in the book "ISRALESTINE"

The Death of Integrity in America

Some are now saying the Beast government is Islam and the Antichrist will come out of Islam but maybe that is a Satanic deception

Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof by their faithlessness

Do all Christians need to be taught why The Da Vinci Code and other revived Gnosticism is blasphemy?

What would Jesus do (WWJD)?

Bible studies in Southern Baptist Churches

Are most Christians even Christian?

Are Christians commanded to tithe?

Church covenants are they biblical and are they sensible?

Committees, search committees and pastors leaving their church

Why I left my church

My experiences in searching for a new church

Why am I so negative you ask? 

Murder in the name of Allah

The Gospel of Judas and the Gnostics

Was the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters God's judgments?

This road map to peace leads to Jerusalem on video live 

Iinternet censorship will soon come from government directives or search engine companies policies

A Christian website often is a full time ministry

Statue of a Greek man in classic position of deep thought the image often represents a philosopher

Don Koenig's philosophy on current national social issues in America

This series outlines complex problems in the United States and my politically incorrect philosophy to solve them.

Health care in America is a national disgrace

Major reform is needed in the criminal justice system of the United States

The solution to free the United States from foreign oil dependence

Minimum wage law reform in the United States takes some common cents

Illegal aliens have brought us close encounters of the third world kind

The decline of products and services in the United States reflects her morality

Decline part II - My recent experiences with corporate and governmental America

Decline part III - Solutions for the ethical problems of corporations and government in the United States

A few selected emails

Hank Hanegraaff against premillennial theology

Jesus is new Israel - Jesus was not a Jew - replacement theology

Is Islam the Government of the Antichrist?

Mary interceding for Christians?