This road map to peace leads to Jerusalem on video live

by Don Koenig - about 2008

The reasoning for the present road map to peace seems to be that if we create a state for the Arab refugees that claim Israel then the problem will solve itself. It is total nonsense! There is no provision for peace with Jews in the Quran or in the the hearts of the vast majority of Muslims. All polls are very clear on this fact. The fact that the Palestinians democratically elected a terrorist outfit to govern them should be a wake up call to the West. The fact that terrorists now run free in "democratic" Lebanon should be a second wake up call.

Islam also has no tolerance for Christians on earth. Yet, the West is living in denial and ignores the millions killed in the name of Islam in Africa and the East. The facade of Islam being a religion of peace is being fed to the public by Western governments and the media and it will help set the path for the rise of Mystery Babylon and Babylon The Great spoken about in the book of Revelation.

In the 1930's people downplayed the Nazis and this lead to a world war. Islamic fascism has so many things in common with the Nazism of Germany that books have now been written on the subject.
Islam today asserts control over the people of 67 nations and more than a billion people. This happens while the Western world sleeps and is in denial about the evils that Islam teaches.

Jerusalem displayed on your video cell phone live

It is very prophetic that Israel recently decided to make Jerusalem more secure. One of the proposals was to build a wall around part of Jerusalem but that was rejected. What was accepted by the Israeli government is the development of a security system using video surveillance devices. In other words, the whole city will be monitored by video cameras. Soon the temple mount will be under constant video surveillance. What is prophetic about this is that for the first time ever it sets up the means where the prophecies of Revelation may be fulfilled literally. Revelation says that the whole world will be viewing live events in Jerusalem. When this video surveillance system is set up it will make it possible to upload live streaming data to the Internet and download it to everyone's personal display devices (cell phones). This will make it possible for the message of the two witnesses to be broadcast live and to also document their death at the hand of the Beast Antichrist. Revelation says that the whole world will look upon their dead bodies lying in Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days. Revelation also says the world will see their resurrection after 3 1/2 days. After that, the image of the Beast will be displayed live in the Temple in Jerusalem for all the world to view and to worship.

We will soon have Jerusalem on video live. It will probably take several years to fully implement this video security surveillance system in Jerusalem, but the  video system planned is just more evidence that we are nearing the time that God's prophets spoke about.

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