Why I am so negative about the world and the church?

By Don Koenig


I often talk about Bible Prophecy and ongoing apostasy in the church. I have heard the comment "why are you so negative" said to me enough that I will make a reply even though many of you bind optimists will never get the message.

God has called me to teach on end time issues in the Church and on Bible prophecy. If you feel it is negative to teach on what the Bible says is coming on this earth because of the world's
satanic rebellion against God. It could be because you were never born from above and/or you are still too attached to this world. Many who call themselves Christians do not know the basic truths of the Bible and most have now bought into the popular heresy of our time that teaches the Church will Christianize the world before the physical return of Jesus. So they believe the world will only get better and better.

If you find yourself in this heretical camp, you must also believe the judgments in the Bible will not be literal. This belief is contrary to the clear teaching of the Bible. The Bible clearly indicates the world is heading for destruction.
The Bible says that No flesh would be saved if Jesus did not physically come back to shorten the days of destruction that are coming on the earth.

Therefore, does your error and lack of knowledge of the prophetic scriptures make my teaching negative? If you feel teaching the truths of the Bible are negative, you really have a problem with what God said and not me.

God called me into this end-time discernment ministry. Since I know He called me to that ministry, I would be totally remiss in doing my job if I were not pointing out the problems that exist in the movements that now identify with His name. If you believe pointing out error in the institutional church is negative, I would like to ask you how the prophets corrected Israel? How did Jesus correct the leadership of Israel? How did the apostles correct the heresy that came into the Church? How did Martin Luther correct the institutional church on earth in his day? These are my examples and my justification for teaching what I think people need to hear rather than what they wish to hear.

The false prophets of Israel told the people what they wanted to hear but believing them led to Israel's judgment. This same process is now going on in Christianity. There are many false teachers telling people what they
want to hear rather than any truth from God's word. Following their teaching will lead to judgment for those who identify with His name but do not believe or follow what Jesus said in the Bible. Make no mistake - God is consistent. What happen to unbelieving Israel will also happen to unbelievers who have identified with Christianity.

What would Paul say about western Christianity and our denominational doctrines of men? What did Jesus say to the seven churches in Revelation for our correction? 
You can not tell everyone they are doing things right when you see it will lead their souls to damnation and the world to destruction. What kind of love is that? Heresies have brought the institutional churches to the apostasy it finds itself in today. Man-made doctrines in many denominations are preventing people from finding the true path to salvation and also hindering Christian growth. Many wolves in sheep's clothing that Paul warned would come, are today teaching things that are clearly satanic and clearly contrary to scripture. Nevertheless, many of those identified with Christianity can not get enough of their false teaching.

There are plenty of people praising the ministries of those who are leading the church astray. However, there are few praises for those of us who warn about the doctrines of men and demons that have infected Christianity. If you feel my teaching is negative, I am in the company of the founders of the faith and of the few giants of our time that some people also call negative. People like Dave Hunt, Paul Proctor, Chuck Smith, John MacArther, Brannon Howse, and others who examine the scriptures and tell the truth even if it is not what those tied to the world want to hear. Therefore, if you call yourself a Christian and think my teaching is negative prove that from scripture! Otherwise, you are being negative toward God's word and those who teach what the Bible really says.

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