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Christian identity and the Christian patriot movement

By Don Koenig

There has been a great sucking sound coming from some people who say they are Christians. The sound is that of their brains being sucked out of their heads and then being replaced with the hot air of illogical rhetoric. The brain suckers are those that are making a living on the fears of those who correctly see we are near the last days but have little faith in God. Christian patriots are led to think that they are going to fight the Beast of Revelation from the backwoods of America.

There are many Internet sites and talk radio programs that are proclaiming that the "illuminated ones" are about to bring in their secret plan to set up a world government and bring in the Antichrist. The leadership of this movement identify themselves as Christians but some of what they are teaching Christians is clearly Satanic. Those that get sucked into this movement are just as much controlled by Satan as are the one-world socialists that they oppose.

The philosophy of the Christian patriot movement is that there are a few powerful occult families that are so powerful that they run the affairs of the whole world. They believe these satanic "illuminated ones" decide who will become the leaders of the world and all top levels of government. There may be some truth in this belief but what they fail to realized is that God is in ultimate control of the world and all governments. The illuminated ones they should speak of are not men but are fallen spirits who possess and influence men in positions of power. The "Beast" world government controlled by the man of sin will not and cannot come until God allows it. This will not happen until the mid-point of the time known as the seven-year tribulation. This world government called the Beast and that is led by the Beast cannot occur until the restraining influence by God is removed. That will occur post Rapture.

Many in the Christian patriot movement state that Christians need to prepare to protect themselves with arms for the coming tribulation that is already underway or about to immediately take place (many of these obviously hold an erroneous post tribulation rapture of the Church theology).
The Christian Identity cult is part of the root of this deception. I will not discuss the neo-Nazi replacement theology that Christian Identity teaches in this article. I will just say, the core evil doctrine the Christian Identity cult embraces should be quite obvious to any informed true Christian. Nevertheless, many Christian patriots now accept, practice, and believe some of the evil lying doctrine that originated in this Christian Identity cult. Some of the evils Christian patriots have embraced are listed below.

Some of the evils in the Christian patriot movement:

A China Man in every bush

Some of the claims of the Christian patriot movement about what is taking place in this country are not likely to happen any time soon because the events are not at all feasible at this time. For example, one prevailing claim that has been around for decades is that there are secret Chinese forces in camps around the United States. The propaganda says that the United Nations, using Chinese, Russians, Canadians, Mexicans and others, are about to invade the United States to control our population and subject us to the new world order.

To believe that this is possible you have to assume that all of our leadership is non-Christian, totally corrupt, and so unpatriotic that none of them would blow the whistle. You also have to believe that the UN has capabilities of moving troops that it clearly does not have. In addition, you would have to believe that a foreign occupying force could really control the people of the United States. After all that, to buy into this loony theory you have to assume that other nations of the world would be willing to lose their sons for some abstract new world order before there is even a global grass root movement to support it. The whole theory is moronic but even some evangelical Christian leaders have spouted some of this drivel.

Christians must oppose world government?

The people caught up in the Christian patriot movement somehow believe that world government is in itself somehow more evil than national governments. All the wars of our time involve national governments. The world government of the Antichrist is evil because it opposes God and His people, not because it is a world government. The kingdom of God will be a world government, so are we to oppose that when it comes?

There may be a world government before the Antichrist takes power that is totally within God's permissive will. The 10 horns spoken of by Daniel may be a world government that takes place before the little horn appears among them and then takes over. So should Christians oppose the original ten horns if we are still here? I do not see where scriptures teaches this.

There were prior world governments listed in Daniel but nowhere did God's people oppose any of them. Furthermore, no elite group can start a world government without the popular support of the people in the world. The idea that the elite can bring this world government into existence without a real world crises and social movement is not at all realistic. Any of the elite of the world who think they can, will find out that they were wrong when the masses turn against them.

For a world government to come about anytime soon there will first have to be a need for a world government to solve a real world crises and there will have to be a world wide popular movement demanding for it to be established. This will probably happen very soon but God is in control of the timing of the events that will bring this about.

The "Beast" government cannot happen until the Church leaves

Most of the people that hold Christian patriot movement beliefs think that the Church will go through the tribulation. Perhaps most in this group will, but the true faithful Church of God will be removed. The world government of the Antichrist cannot come to power until He that hinders is taken out of the way. As long as the true indwelled Church is here on earth, the Antichrist and his world government will only be wishful thinking on Satan's part.

It is true that plans have been made for world government by some Jesuit and socialistic power brokers in the world and we should know that this has been their goal for hundreds of years. The last unsuccessful attempts to bring about world government was through Hitler's socialism and Communism and the next will be through the disorder that radical Islam and deficit spending brings on the world. Sometime soon, this will bring about the collapse of capitalism and democracy and when this collapse occurs, people will willfully give up any freedoms for a more authoritarian government that will offer them security.

In any case, nowhere in scripture does it tell Christians to oppose Government. We are told to pray for our leaders so we can live peacefully upon the earth. Christians should pray for our leaders to oppose evil and should not be partaking in evil to oppose evil. Those that oppose government will reap the consequences of their own rebellion. God will not be in it and they may bring upon themselves a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So should Christians be doing nothing?

No! The attempt by the socialist elite to bring about world humanistic government that leaves out the Creator should be known. Christians should:

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