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False prophets and prophecies in the world and the church

By Don Koenig

The liar's club

The false prophets have always been with us but never was there such a proliferation of prophecies pointing to the end of the 20th century and then 2012 AD and now 2016 or 2017 as the end of the age. None of the modern prophets that I have examined about prophecies near the end of 20th century were correct. The 2012 false prophets were wrong as well as will be the more modern date setters using twisted scriptures or pagan information.

The time is way past for the prophecies that were supposed to have been fulfilled at the end of 20th century. Nevertheless, many of the same false prophets are are still being followed. (Those who just give world trends, opinions, or teach about signs of the times do not claim to be prophets. These should not be confused with this group of liars that claim supernatural knowledge or direct revelation about the future.)

Instead of holding the false prophets accountable for what they say, a strange thing happens to their faithful followers.
They try to find some obscure meaning to what they once thought was a clear prophecy. The followers of these false prophets say we just misunderstood what was meant in the prophecy so they twist the meaning to mean something else (followers of Nostradamus love this trick). Or they say that the prophetic event changed due to human intervention. If that could be proven to be the case then logically all prophecy about future events would be totally worthless.

Another method the false prophets use to keep their following after the time for the prophecy has come and gone, is to say that the precise timing of the prophecy can change (even though they previously put a date on it). They say the event will still happen but of course it never does unless its fulfillment in time is obvious. If gullible people are going to believe these type of excuses then how can any prophet ever be proven false?

If the people of today lived in ancient Israel the directive by God to stone false prophets could never be carried out by the generation that was given the prophecies. They would have to wait for all the excuses to expire. (Using today's rational for God's directive we could only stone the false prophets after they died of natural causes.)

God who is outside of time can see the end from the beginning. Only those prophets who truly hear from God can tell us the future. When destruction was prophesied by the prophets of God in ancient Israel the lying false prophets were also there telling everyone a more ear pleasing story.

Today, like in ancient Israel, there is a surge of modern lying false prophets who contradict God and tell people delusions of their own mind or what they heard from demons. The problem demons have is that they are stuck in time like every other created being. Satan can only guess the future, try to influence it (if God allows), or read the prophetic scriptures and repeat what God has already written. Satan's lying false prophets are almost always wrong unless God (for his own purpose) has used them to deceive those who wish to believe lies.

The test of a true prophet of God was they had to be 100 percent correct at the cost of their lives. If that test were enforced today there would be no living prophets alive on earth today.

Some of the false prophecies given by top secular prophets in the limelight recently

- Followers of Nostradamus have interpreted his writings to say many things but the clearest passage was that something earth-shaking would come from the sky in July 1999.

- Edgar Cayce's readings clearly said the earth's poles would shift in 1998.

- Gordon Michael Scallion along with a lot of Scallion clones said that the Western part of the United States would be underwater within a few years (this was said two decades ago). He and others even drew maps of the new world.

- Jean Dixon in one of her first books said there would be nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia in 1988.

- Ed Dames -- a remote viewer, who claims 100 percent accuracy said on the Art Bell show that the earth would be stripped of vegetation by things that would come from the Hal Bob comet and that there would be 200 to 300 MPH winds devastating the whole world. He also said people would have to move underground and that eighty percent of the population of the world would be killed. He said all this would occur within 3 1/2 years. (this was said in 1996). This is the same nut case who claimed to have remote viewed Satan. He still can be found spouting his latest delusions to the media.

- Robert Ghost Wolf in 1996 said on the Art Bell show "the next 120 days will see the biggest change in man's consciousness in the history of the world."

This article was published about the accuracy of Astrologers:

"Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hardly Any Predictions Came True

By Wolfgang Polzer
Special to ASSIST News Service

DARMSTADT (ANS) -- It was a bad year for astrologers. The Society for Scientific Research of Para-Sciences in Rossdorf near Darmstadt, Germany, examined
90 predictions about the year 2004; none of them came true.

One astrologer predicted in 2003 that US-President George W. Bush would be assassinated. Los Angeles was due to be destroyed by asteroids. German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder should have handed in his resignation and would have been replaced by opposition leader Angela Merkel according to astrological forecasts.

“Clairvoyants usually turn out to be failures,” says mathematician Michael Kunkel of the Society. He recalls that astrologer Patricia Bahrani predicted a terror attack on Berlin and Anton Tewes even a nuclear attack on New York.

Some predictions are so general that they may be interpreted either way. Others are incomprehensible to normal human beings. Astrologer Rosalinde Haller, for instance, foresaw “serial vibrations in Southern Australia”. She did not even bother to explain what she meant, commented Kunkel."

Yet, all of these false prophets and all the rest of the loonies like them still have a following???

Prophets in the Church?

There are the self appointed Christian prophets who claim to receive special revelation from God. They tend to appear on the Prophecy Club or TBN or other "Christian" media and they also travel from city to city giving "their prophetic message from God". The prophets message from God are almost always wrong and in the case of the "Prophecy Club" (Stan Johnson's Prophecy Club not Lahaye's Prophecy Club), they promote lies and hate against the government that God has given us. Many who follow Stan Johnson's teachings are neo-Nazi Christian identity loonies who like to identify with a homemade version of Christianity that lives by the sword. I have never heard one of Stan Johnson's guest prophets on the Prophecy Club ever give a message that has come true. Most of these false prophets tell the discontented what they wish to hear rather than any real message from God.

Pat Robertson of the 700 club and CBN has claimed prophecies from God every year for quite some time and he has yet to be right about anything that he claims the Lord told him. Even so, he still has a great following.

In the "Latter Rain Movement" we see Christians opening up schools to teach others how to become prophets. The founders of these schools and their students claim that prophetic gifts are learned from self effort and practice. Usually what you hear from these self proclaimed church prophets is flowery speech that speaks to the fleshly desires of those who love to hear a "personal word from the Lord through "His anointed". In most cases even their misty messages are proven wrong.
Their standard excuse for this is that the prophetic gifts ministry in the Church is one that has a learning curve. In other words, until they get it right they can be wrong!

There also are the traveling prophets who claim to have a word of God for you in the Pentecostal and Charismatic circles. I do not discount all of them because God sometimes does speak through members of the Church. The ones that travel from church to church as a ministry are my focus. I will only speak on this topic from my own experiences and I will give just three of my own experiences from those who claim these prophetic gifts.

+ Once a well know pastor and evangelist in charismatic circles claimed such a gift and he had the church come forward. When he got to me he put his hand on me to push me over and said to me "God is telling me something about you" With eager ears I listened. He said nothing further to me and went promptly to the next person. I guess what God told him about me is still his secret. By the way, that fellow was well known Word of Faith teacher named Charles Capps.

+ A women who was a former prostitute did a regular circuit with her prophetic gifts. She was invited to our small singles group and she had a prophecy for everyone. In my case she rebuked the spirit of financial poverty. I was going to college on the GI bill at the time so I guess that spirit really needed rebuking. She said the first love offering taken for her was not sufficient so they passed the hat around the second time. I found out later that she had a secret prophetic message for my fiancée. She told her I was not the right person for her. Turns out she was correct but apparently the 5 or 6 men that this woman married over the years were not right for her either.

+ Another traveling women claiming prophetic gifts was invited by some Charismatic influential people in the large singles group that I co-led in a very large, very conservative, Presbyterian church. I was not involved in recruiting her to do her act. At the meeting she gave a message to anyone who came up. I did not come up but I know she spent quite some time with a lady in the group who the next morning committed suicide by putting her head under the wheel of a bus. I have to wonder what this women said to her. Surely she should have at least told someone in leadership that the women was in grave danger if she really had any prophetic gifts.

False prophets in Catholic circles

There are the false prophets of Mary with their very deceptive message of coming signs and earning brownie points through rote prayers and penance. The "queen of heaven" that they believe in is the same "queen of heaven" demon that Babylon worshiped, even if it disguises itself as Mary. The danger besides spiritual adultery is that those looking for signs and wonders are the ones most likely to be deceived by the signs and wonders of the Antichrist's False Prophet.

The desire to believe lies

People have very short memories because they continue to follow these liars in spite of their dismal record. The success rate of modern prophets has been researched by reporters and was found to be no better than chance. Less then 2% of prophecies came true and even that two percent was something that most people could foretell without any prophetic gift. Many people that accept these lies by liars also accept the false gospel of works that always accompany the messages. These messages are always telling people what they must pray or do to save the world from disaster. The common new age pagan message in the prophecies is very revealing as to the source of these lies.

Signs of the time

The pagan new age themes (such as the claims that mankind will somehow evolve to a Christ consciousness) that accompanies the lying prophets is a true sign that we are living in the last days when men will not endure sound doctrine but will accept doctrines of demons and then claim they came from God. The false prophets in the church are unstable men and woman that are just blowing their own horn to tickle gullible ears. That was all predicted to happen in the end times by God's own prophetic word.

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