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China the sleeping giant awakes with many surplus men

By Don Koenig

There are now more than three billion people in China, India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia. This area of the world now contains one-half of the population of the earth. The book of Revelation indicates that a two hundred million man cavalry will one day come out of the East. This physically was not possible until this generation. China the sleeping giant is awake today and due to its one child policy it has a lot of surplus men.

The policy of China is to become economically and militarily strong enough to force the United States to abandon the far east. China believes it is her destiny to become the world superpower that dominates over all of Southeast Asia.

China has a huge surplus of men because of its one child policy of strict birth control. Approximately sixty percent of parents since 1980 have chosen to have a male child. This ongoing one child policy over several decades will produce 50 to 100 million surplus males of military age by 2035. India has similar problems and it will also have tens of millions of surplus males. Other nations in this region also will have many surplus males. The surplus of men in this region means that many males will never have the possibility of marriage or to have a family of their own. The civil disruptions this will cause will make its leaders more than willing to sacrifice these males in war to achieve military objectives.

The following is an excerpt from a recent ABC news article a few years ago on this population imbalance

"Today, as ultrasound machines have become readily available, China has seen an epidemic of sex-selection abortions — so many, that the ratio of males to females in parts of China has been thrown wildly out of kilter.

For every 100 girls born here, there used to be about 105 boys. Now, roughly 120 boys are born for every 100 girls.

It's an imbalance that some believe will have dire consequences for the future.

"You're going to have millions of men who have no stable family life of their own," says Adrienne Germain of the International Women's Health Organization. "And the frustration and the alienation that comes from that situation can lead a lot of boys and men into broader community violence."

Already, there are so-called bachelor villages cropping up in rural China, populated almost entirely by unemployed men.

Officials say millions of female births have probably gone unreported in recent years. No one knows how many of those babies may have been abandoned or killed.

Chinese leaders are well aware of the problem. They have recently relaxed the one-child policy to allow some in the countryside to have extra children. They've also banned doctors from revealing the sex of a fetus during ultrasound screening. And they've launched campaigns that emphasize the important status of women in Chinese society."

A disposable 200,000,000 man Asian army dominated by China

It looks essential for China that she be successful in stopping this birth imbalance. The official Chinese policy says that this gender imbalance in births will be stopped by 2010 AD but this had not yet been the case in 2015 AD. If China and India are successful in stopping the birth imbalance in the near future, the surplus men of fighting age will peak about 2035 AD.

The reason I use that date is because the first born of this huge surplus of men began around 1980 when China's one child policy was put into place to stop population growth. The first born of this surplus will be over 55 years old by 2035 AD and will become too old to fight in the military. Those born before 2010's will be at least 20 by 2030 AD. As a result, there seems to be a specific window set for this army of peak surplus men that is between 2030 and 2040 AD.

God said in Revelation that an army of two hundred million from out of the East will be raised for a specific year, month, day, and hour to kill one third of the men of earth. The timing for the use of this army is likely to be when this surplus of men of fighting age reaches its peak near 2030-2035 AD. The prophecy in Revelation says that this army will have multicolored breastplates this indicates that that this army from the East may include several different armies and nations. The future surplus of men in Asia from multiple countries appears to be that army.

Signs of the time

China the sleeping giant awakes in this generation and is on a military and economic course that will make her a world superpower by AD 2020. Recent stolen nuclear secrets from the United States, the trade imbalances and the ten percent growth rate in the economy of China each year makes this almost certain. Relations between China and the West are deteriorating over Taiwan and ideology. China will become much more dependent on Middle-East oil as it industrializes and its own supply dwindles (oil). Larger than expected purchases of oil by China is the chief reason for the last run up in world oil prices. China will march to the Middle-East to secure these oil fields if necessary. China also has security pacts with Islamic nations that could bring her into an East-West conflict.

China is planning a 1.4 trillion dollar silk road project that will reach Europe and all places in between.

"This colossal program is 11 times the size of the U.S. Marshall Plan, which reconstructed Europe after World War II. It envisions new roads, high-speed rail, power plants, pipelines, ports and airports and telecommunications links that would boost commerce between China and 60 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa."


According to the 2000 CIA report, the military fit males in China alone now already exceed 200,000,000. China's one child policy will create a surplus of at least 50,000,000 men by 2035 AD. China will soon have the largest gross domestic output in the world to fund their military. Today this funding of their military is growing at a rate of 20 percent per year. All this appears to be more than just coincidence. The stage is now being set to fulfill what God said would happen and it is likely that it will occur in this prophetic generation.

Because of the one child policy China has a demographic time bomb that will shut down internal growth and make it impossible for the minority young to support the majority old by 2030. This will case China to use that young surplus in war to try to maintain the standard of living for the old.

This is probably the army spoken of in Revelation that comes from the East prepared for a specific year, day and hour to kill a third of the men on the earth in the latter half of the tribulation. If we have calculated correctly that this army of surplus men will peak about 2030-2035 AD and march to the Middle East toward the end of the tribulation, then the logical conclusion is that the start of the tribulation is in the mid to late 2020's. The rapture of the Church would even be even sooner.

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