Stormy skies suggest end time judgment in the prophetic years of Bible prophecy

World current events, trends, signs of the end times and Bible prophecy

The great tribulation with the Antichrist is almost upon us and like the almost prophetic song by Barry McGuire said, you see these things, "but you tell me over and over and over again my friend, Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction".

Don Koenig has written 25 detailed articles below about world trends, world current events and signs of the end times that all correlate to indicate that the world is on the eve of destruction. The judgment on the earth spoken about in end time Bible prophecy is now imminent.

Yeshua is the Lord of Bible prophecy

(Read about these many world trends and signs of the end times so that the coming great tribulation and great deception or strong delusion will not come on you unaware. You can escape the great trial and great tribulation that is coming on this evil prophetic generation by trusting in the Lord Jesus to save you from your sins.

World current events, trends and signs of the end times

The Jews
World debt
The end of the age
Subtle signs in scripture
A new super state in Europe
Designer diseases and genetics
Nuclear chemical and biological weapons
Islam and the rise of an Arab confederacy
A new world wide green movement
The witness of the Holy Spirit
Wolves in sheep's clothing
Violence all over the earth
The rise of paganism
The harvest is ripe
World government
Sexual perversion
False prophets
Black is white

Fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy was not possible until Israel once again became a nation dwelling in her promised land with Jerusalem as her capitol. The restoration of Jews to their promised land is one of the prophetic signs of the end times but there are many other world current events, world trends and signs of the end times that indicate that the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is now at hand. Many in the world will find out too late that they are on the eve of destruction after the rapture of faithful Christians is followed by the arrival of the great tribulation, the great deception, and the Beast Antichrist.

The book of Daniel tells us that seventy sevens of years (490 years) is determined upon Israel and the Holy City to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, to make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most Holy. Thus far, 483 years (69 weeks of years) have been historically completed. After the 483rd year Daniel tells us that the Messiah would be cut off (Jesus). We know that the last seven years of this prophecy were never historically fulfilled because there was no restoration in the land of Israel or judgments as the prophets clearly declared. Therefore, we now should understand that the fulfillment of the last seven years for the Jewish people comes after the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled (Luk 21:24).

The times of the Gentiles is the age of God's grace to all nations who come to the Messiah through their trust in Jesus. After the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled there still remains the final seven years of transgression for the nation of Israel after which she will be restored to her rightful place as head of the nations. The prophetic scriptures indicate that toward the end of this tribulation period she will repent, call on the name of her true Messiah and at that time He will come to rescue her from the Beast Antichrist and establish the promised Jewish kingdom on earth.

Daniel, also tells us that the last seven years begins when Israel signs or confirms a covenant with a world leader that scripture identifies as the Beast (Antichrist). Jeremiah, in his prophecy, calls this time the time of "Jacob's trouble" (Israel's trouble). Daniel, Jesus and John in Revelation speak of 1260 days of great tribulation just before Israel's restoration. During this period true Israel accepts Jesus Christ as her true Messiah and at the end of the 1260 days Jesus comes to earth in great power and glory and destroys all of the armies of the world that the Beast Antichrist deceived to come against Israel. The Beast Antichrist and his False Prophet will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire. Jesus will then set up the promised kingdom age of peace and justice on earth ruled from Jerusalem for one thousand years

The 1260 day period, also known as the "great tribulation" and the "day of the Lord", will begin when the Beast Antichrist enters the rebuilt Jewish temple and claims to be God. He and his false prophet will deceive the whole world. Jesus warned in in His Olivet discourse that this event would mark the time of the worst destruction on the earth that it will ever know. Jesus said if He did not shorten the days of this destruction no flesh would survive.

Jesus will remove His faithful Church sometime prior to these 1260 days of great tribulation and great deception or strong delusion. Those that remain and go through this end time turmoil on the earth will ultimately have to make a choice. Those that remain in the world will either choose to worship the Beast Antichrist that will appear in the image of Satan as the counterfeit god of this world, or else they will choose the true image of God and the true Creator of this world (Jesus). Most that will not worship the Beast Antichrist counterfeit god will lose their physical lives but in losing their lives for faithfulness to Jesus their eternal souls will be saved.

I believe most people living in the world today will see the fulfillment of these end time Bible prophecy events. Most world trends, church trends, world current events and prophetic signs of the end times indicate that the world is now on the eve of destruction and near the great deception that was foretold in the Bible. All world trends correlations seem to indicate that the Beast Antichrist will be on the scene around 2030AD. Most of the conclusions in each of the 25 world trends articles in this series enforce that conjecture.

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