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Computers and the mark of the Beast economic system

By Don Koenig

For the first time in history there is something that can be placed in the hand or on the person that can control the ability to buy or sell on a world scale. The prophecy spoken about in the book of Revelation where no one can buy or sell without the mark of the Beast can now be literally fulfilled using computer technology that allows for a mark of the Beast economic system..

Computers and the Internet now control more than ninety-five percent of buying and selling in the developed part of the world. Computer chips have been developed that can be implanted in the human body to replace credit and debit cards. Similar chips have been created to track criminals and pets and military personnel by satellite.

RFID Chips or more advanced identification chips that are now being developed will soon be placed within all products sold. There is wide-band wireless technology being developed that will eventually bring high speed communication to all humans on earth. There are now plans to put up communication systems that will contain hundreds of low orbit satellites and to have such systems operational by 2020. They will cover all of the earth with Internet communications just like all of the earth is now covered by GPS satellites for location.

Some think that we are not far from the time when a chip implanted in the hand could establish a direct neural link with the brain. Soon all people who allow the mark of the Beast to be implanted may have a full time neural link to all of the information in the world linked through the Internet and they may may also have a link from their brain to the Antichrist figure and mark of the Beast economic system of Revelation.

RFID Tags are computer chips that will soon be required in all products

All manufacturers will soon have to have a RFID tag in all their products or they will not be purchased by major buyers (A RFID tag is a computer chip that transmits identification data about the product). The reason this is being done is to enhance all phases of inventory management of the product. Everything you buy will be automatically debited from your bank account as you pass through the scanner upon exiting a store. The technology to do this already exists. The phasing in of the technology will take several more years. It will take more time to convince people to put their bank account on a chip under their skin but security issues will prevail and in a short time people will accept it. More advanced chips then even RFID tags have been developed and these next generation transmitters will have greatly enhanced capabilities. they are now in the testing phase of development.

Signs of the time

We are still in the adolescence stage of computer development. Faster processor speeds, cheaper computer memory, and miniaturization will continue for about twenty more years. At that point we will be closing in on the theoretical limits and this technology will be mature. A world authoritarian leader will at some point use this mature computer technology to his advantage to try to manage the world and he will implement the polices listed in the book of Revelation (where no one can buy or sell without the mark of the Beast)

We now have the necessary technology to track all buying and selling in the world electronically. If a future world government implemented a world wide economic buying, selling, and tracking system using implanted microchips it would take a few years to get this technology implemented all over the world. Since no world government with that kind of power is likely until this world government is required to solve a real global crises (foreseen by current world trends in less than two decades). The time for full implementation of this system worldwide is not likely to be sooner than 2020 but it will be almost a certainty by the early 2030's. In any case,
we should be aware that control of buying and selling on a global scale is now possible. The possibility of it being used and thus fulfilling the mark of the Beast economic system prophecy in Revelation is a real possibility for this generation.

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