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The Holy Spirit's witness tells Christians that Jesus is coming soon for His Church

By Don Koenig

The Holy Spirit operating in true believers has made it known to many that Jesus is coming soon. There never before in history has been huge numbers of Holy Spirit inspired teachings, songs, books, and movies informing us about the soon return of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is not leading all these dedicated teachers, writers, readers and believers astray. God's purpose for this message is to get out the good news to all those with ears to hear that Jesus is about to return for His Church.

Certainly there are major segments in Christianity (even in the evangelical churches) that have been downplaying the soon return of Jesus. We see this trend in the postmodern "seeker friendly" and Emergent Church Movement with their watered down gospel and Laodicean attitude. We also see it among the dominionists who believe the Church must fix everything on earth before Jesus can even return. The mocking coming from "Christians" toward those who teach on the Lord's second coming and those that teach that there is a blessed hope of escape (rapture) from God's judgment was also predicted to occur just prior to the coming of Jesus (2Pe 3:3-4).

In these last days puffed up windbags have come along within Christendom that downplay the Gospel of salvation and Bible prophecy and instead teach contrary to God's word that Bible prophecy about the Lord's soon return is just a distraction. Fulfillment of Bible prophecy obviously does not fit their agenda of making a socialist utopia on the earth before Jesus even returns. Never mind that the Bible teaches just the opposite. That Jesus will come for those offering the gospel of salvation and patiently watching and waiting for His return. The scriptures clearly say that Jesus will come for the Church suddenly like a thief. Of those left behind on earth no flesh would have survived the troubles on earth if Jesus did not come back to save a remnant of Israel.

The pseudo Christian message of humanistic works, social justice philosophies and/or dominionist agenda has replaced the gospel of salvation but it is nowhere found in the Bible. A social agenda gospel has replaced the revealed prophetic truth written in the scriptures about the last days. We should not be surprised because the New Testament writers told us that this would happen in the last days. The scriptures clearly say that there would be those that would not endure sound doctrine and that people with itching ears would follow after them.

The Christianity many have is nothing more than a religious culture. They downplay that Jesus is coming soon because they spiritualize Bible prophecy so they know nothing about it. They are in love with the things of the world and any coming of Jesus just does not fit within their humanist agenda.

The true Church will know the general time of the coming of Jesus

It is written in scripture that true believers will know the general time of His return. "
But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that this day should overtake you as a thief"(1Th 5:4).

Some evangelical Christians who downplay the possibility that the Holy Spirit is behind the awareness in some Christians that Jesus is coming soon, say that they know they are saved by the witness of His Spirit, or that God told them to take this job, or move here, or to go to this church or do this ministry. Why is it then so hard for them to accept that God would also tell His own people that He is about to fulfill the prophecies of His second advent? Especially since He made it clear that He would do just that to those that are faithful watching.

It is also important to note that the majority of Christians who claim a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and who are doing works led by His Spirit are also the ones who loudly proclaim His imminent return. While on the other hand, the majority of those who are Christians by tradition, and who think that the Christian life is fulfilled through Sunday ritual, rote observances, mega church entertainment services, mystical feelings or through the humanistic efforts of man are the same ones who are downplaying His return.

Jesus made it clear in scripture that there would be those that would not be watching and waiting and that they would not know the time of His coming. Jesus said He would come as a thief to these people and then weeping and gnashing of teeth will be heard from those He left behind.

So which group today do you think the Spirit of God is really speaking through? The ones who are aware of Bible prophecy and the world conditions and the increasing rebellion against God by mankind, or the ones who are asleep and/or think that the humanistic efforts of man will bring a paradise on earth before Jesus can even come?

Signs of the time

The astute in the evangelical church are expecting Jesus to come back soon. The dead church will not accept any knowledge that we are near the end times. Their unbelief is displayed in their paganistic and humanistic worldly wordviews and lifestyles.

The Holy Spirit led awakening of the true Church to the soon return of Jesus is a very strong indicator that that is this generation that will see the promise of the coming of Jesus fulfilled.

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