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War and violence on the Earth

by Don Koenig

Man, led by his pride, greed, covetous and hatred has a disease that is fatal. Adults and even children kill and hate each other because they want respect or because they want things that others have. Countries arm themselves to the teeth and war with each other because they want world respect or want the resources of others. Violent men come to power because the citizens want them to carry out their own hated on others and to satisfy their own lusts. Men kill others and themselves in the name of religion to appease their false god and then they think the Creator of the universe is obligated to fulfill their desires after they die.

The world wars that were fought to end all wars obviously did not. Even after the last two world wars man has become more inclined to violence and not less. Even greater wars loom on the horizon and threaten the very existence of mankind. Those in the 1960's who dreamed that their would be a utopian paradise on earth by the year 2000 now wake up to news reports each morning that confirms that their worst nightmares have become reality.

Jesus said at the time that He comes back it would be like it was in the days of Noah just prior to the flood. One characteristic of the time before Noah was that there was violence all over the earth. Jesus also said, if He did come to shorten these future days of violence on the earth, that no flesh would be saved.

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Welcome to man's utopia:

Signs of the time

War and violence is on the increase in many places on the earth. Islam has brought hatred and violence to many nations in the name of Allah. Violence and hatred against non Muslims is being taught to children in many Muslim nations and homes. The violence spawned by Islamic fascists will only increase in the world. The statistics indicate that Islamic fascists have already started a worldwide war. Drug wars are destabilizing the Americas. People are rioting in cities all over the world because of religion and covetousness.

We are now in a world with no absolute values. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes. The only possible outcome is total chaos. This generation will reap the consequences of pride, greed, covetousness and hatred. The predicted violence that will be on the earth in the last days is now a reality and further increases in violence in the decade or two that remain is a forgone conclusion.


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