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World government is coming soon

By Don Koenig

There already is a loose form of world government called by many names, United Nations, World Trade Organization, World Bank, World Court, various world treaties etc. The Book of Daniel indicates that there would be only four Gentile world governments, Babylon, Persian, Greek and Roman, and out of the Roman would come the last world empire before the return of Christ, it is called the Beast in Revelation. The European Union (EU) from all indications appears to be the latest attempt of the revival of the Roman Empire. If it succeeds, the Beast spoken about in Daniel and Revelation will come out of this revived Roman Empire.

The EU now has 28 nations and it is likely that other nations will be added when the planned Mediterranean states come in. Some Eastern European nations that were not in the original Roman Empire, so some will probably leave. Future wars led from Rome under the Beast (Antichrist) will then expand the authority of this new Roman Empire worldwide. According to the book of Daniel, ten kings will have power with this world leader for a short period of time. How this happens is not known.

The prophecy of the ten horns on the Beast could mean that the area of the Roman empire is divided into ten regions with a governor over each or even that the globe could be divided into ten regional zones. Both may be true. The Club of Rome has suggested just such a plan for the European area and for the world. The regional trade zones that are now being set up all over the world may just be the start of dividing the world into ten governed regions. What took place in Europe started as a economic trade agreement but now we see how far beyond trade the socialist power brokers have taken it. It is likely that The EU today is just a pilot project and a model for the future global government that is in the planning.

Once the Antichrist comes to power, foreshadows of the nature of government that might be set up worldwide are the Roman Empire under the Caesars or fascist socialism under Hitler.

Global world government led by Europe or the UN?

The United Nations has a plan to become a global government and that is no secret conspiracy. Committees in the UN have been working toward that end for quite a few decades now. They have developed plans for a global taxes to fund this world government. They also want to remove the power that some countries have over the UN by eliminating the veto in the security counsel or by changing the membership of the security counsel.

Besides the UN, there are many other groups all working together for global government. The socialist elite in the world have an agenda to bring about world government answerable to only themselves and they are using political, environmental, educational, religious, media, and social platforms to bring this about.

It is very possible that there will be a power struggle for control of the coming world government between the socialist elite in pseudo Christian countries led by Europe and a coalition of third world/Islamic nations that come under the control of Russia and/or China. The power struggle and the resulting military conflicts may be what takes the power of the revived Roman Empire and its Antichrist worldwide. The EU states now have 28 separate votes in the UN and soon will have more if the Mediterranean states come in, if they speak with one voice they will control the UN and the world.

It is likely that the UN headquarters will first be moved to Europe and probably to Rome. This may take place after a global tax is in effect and/or the EU takes over most of the administrative costs of the UN and it is no longer dependent on the United States for funding. It may also happen if the UN building in New York is damaged or destroyed or if it becomes too dangerous for world ambassadors to live in New York.(This is very possible today due to terrorism focused against the United States because of her support for Israel - one plot to blow up the UN has already been exposed). The moving of the UN also will happen if the American people revolt and do not go along with the globalist agenda or if the USA breaks up or becomes greatly weakened.

I believe after global world government is firmly established and the Antichrist is established the headquarters will be moved from Rome to Babylon. Is it just a coincidence that the UN is being asked to help shape the future for Iraq? Why is the USA really building the largest embassy complex in the world in a little country like Iraq? Could this become the future administration center of world government?

Signs of the time

World treaties are eroding national sovereignty. Population pressures, resource depletion, environmental and security concerns are certain to make global world government a necessity very soon, at least the elitists power brokers of the world think so.

The stage is being set today for fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Under the present course, it may take another 20 or more years for world central government to evolve enough to supersede all national priorities. During conditions of war and troubles like we see developing, world government that supersedes national sovereignty probably is coming even sooner.

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