A Movement of God, Or Spiritual Incest?

Some of what he says here may be true in America but it certainly is not true in China. There is a place for the house Church and there is a place for larger churches. If so many people are starting house churches because they are angry at their traditional church you might ask why that is? Let’s face it, many are tired of playing church a few hours a week and only getting the seeker friendly fluff or emerging mysticism that is now found in most large churches.

Others get tired of paying for the bigger and bigger entertainment centers that they meet in once or twice a week. Having said all that, you do make some good points.

My own main concern with home churches is that there will be few qualified to teach others the Bible. They are likely to depart into some heretical viewpoints. Many people think all you need is a Bible and everyone will understand enlightened truths by reading the words of some Bible version. However, that is not true, you need good teachers to explain what the Bible teaches in the light of all scripture and other God given gifted teachers in the Church.

A Movement of God, Or Spiritual Incest? – CWN: “Now, allow me some personal observations of over 35 years in ministry. The Home Church Movement is nothing new. It is just experiencing a new enthusiasm because of the support of some heavy hitters in Evangelicalism. Through the years I’ve experienced dozens of House Churches. This is only my observation – but without exception – the people involved in these “churches” are people who have been hurt in some church, are struggling with bitterness and have a problem with authority. They are angry at some pastor, deacon or elder and have decided that they will just start their own little church and they draw like minded people to them. Also, in my experience, there is enormous spiritual pride. There is an overwhelming attitude of “no one is as spiritual as we are”. They are a world unto themselves with little or no spiritual accountability outside of their little “congregation”. Thus my observation about spiritual incest.”

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2 thoughts on “A Movement of God, Or Spiritual Incest?

  1. Hi Don
    This post goes back a way but I was browsing and came across it.
    Your comment “If so many people are starting house churches because they are angry at their traditional church you might ask why that is?” throws the ball back in the traditionalists court.

    They DO NOT ask themselves the question so will never know and consequently will continue to lose their sheeple to greener pastures and purer waters.

    Your concern regarding sound teaching can be laid to rest in the knowledge that God does supply.

    We have had a home fellowship for years under the tape and other forms of electronic ministry and unlike the average church it is not restricted to a mid-week feed on gruel or a Sunday morning sermonette but sound doctrine available on demand seven days a week.

    I could name you a dozen men (mostly from the US) whose teaching is second to none (I do not cater to your vanity when I include you) and we are in a constant state of thanksgiving for this latter days provision. There is no excuse for ignorance of the Truth, it is available in abundance.

    As to outreach, that is a result of spiritual growth and anyone who knows the Truth will be given opportunity to share it. The ministry of reconciliation is not given to the organised Church (I have seen the heavy handedness of their methods) but to individuals who love God and desire that others should love Him also.

    Don never allow negative thoughts regards this ministry of yours, it is one of teaching and pastoral care and very obviously appreciated by more than myself.

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