Christians will be caught unaware because they gave up premillennialism.

One of the chief signs of the end times that premillennial futurists fluffed over in their eagerness to see the return of the Lord for His Church is the passages that make it clear that the Lord is coming at time when we think not (Luke 12:40).

We also know that in the last days there would be Christians mocking other Christians about their belief in the soon return of the Lord.

2 Peter 3, Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, 4  And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

In hindsight, one of the reasons why the hope of a Rapture in the 20th century was premature was because during that period a great percentage of Evangelical Christians believed in premillennialism. They believed in a literal and future fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Therefore, the coming of Jesus really did not fit what Jesus said it would be like in the Church just before His return. Let me explain.

The doctrine of the Rapture and the Lord’s Second coming was one of the major focuses of the Bible believing Church in the last third of the 20th century. Yet, scripture implies that many Christians would not be expecting Jesus when He comes. So one of the signs that premillennial 20th century believers were presumptuous, and that Jesus would not return on our time-lines, was the general expectations that prevailed during that period among Christians. This irrational exuberance led to date setters and the fallout of that led to a general discrediting of all teaching dispensational Premillennial Theology.

Futurist Premillennial Theology probably reached its peak from 1970 to around the year 2000. In those days it was hard to find a Evangelical Bible believing church that did not believe in the soon coming of Jesus with the Rapture of the Church. They also taught that the Rapture would be followed by judgment of evil on earth, followed by the establishment of the millennial kingdom where Jesus would rule and reign on earth with His Church for a thousand years, and then Satan once again would be loosed to deceive mankind into a final rebellion.

Because of the Lord’s delay and the presumptuous false hopes presented by some, there since has been a  falling away from premillennial theology. Many pastors now have post-millennial beliefs where the Church will have to Christianize the world before the Lord will actually physically return. Preterism is also gaining ground. They teach that prophecy about Israel was all fulfilled in 70 AD and the prophetic promises to Israel are either annulled or are now only promises to the spiritual Church. With preterists, the Church is the kingdom promised on earth and the Church allegorically fulfills Bible prophecy. When all the saved come in, God will then judge all and eternity will began. There is no literal thousand year reign on earth in Preterism.

Today premillenial futurist Dispensational Theology is losing ground every day in Evangelical Christianity and you will seldom hear it taught from the pulpits anymore. It also will not be found in your Sunday school material. I think this falling away from premillennialim and the teaching of the imminent coming of Jesus is prophetic in itself. It had to be fulfilled, if we are indeed in the last days.

Jesus said He would come at a time when most think not. That would not have been true when people were still claiming His soon coming and also followed the date setters.  Few premillenial believers in the 1980’s thought that we would still be here in 2011. There are still some premillennial Christians that are hanging on to the hope of the Lord’s soon coming, but they are becoming a smaller and smaller minority within Christianity.

I suppose that those following the 2012 end of the world presumptions and heretics like Harold Camping will just make premillennial believers even more rare in the future. This will set the conditions in Christianity for what Peter said would happen in the last days.

Peter said Christians will be mocking other Christians saying, “where is the promise of His coming”, they will obviously insinuate that your belief of a soon coming Rapture and the return of Jesus is a false hope that is even harmful to the Church. Pastors will teach that we must put away all such foolishness and work to Christianize the world through social justice programs. All that are teaching Premillennial Theology with the physical return of Jesus will be marginalized and perhaps not even welcomed in their fellowships.

The trend In Christianity is already this way in the churches that have become unequally yoked with unbelievers that intend to set up an interfaith world of social justice. This trend away from premillennialism will only increase because of more failed date setting. Soon premillennial evangelicals will become open game for soft and hard dominionist media Evangelicals, and their mocking will spread into the general church populations.

That is when this “where is the promise of His coming” rant will be literally fulfilled. Some have claimed fulfillment in the past, but they were really grasping at straws. I do not believe it will be some subtitle innuendo. It will be a direct mocking confrontation against those that hold fast to Premillennial Theology and the soon return of the Lord. This is what I believe Peter is saying in his passage. We have not seen that fulfilled yet, but we see that things are rapidly trending in that direction. We now see the Seeker, Purpose Driven, Emergent and New Apostolic Reformation churches are becoming increasingly hostile toward Premillennial Theology. Get ready for more flame throwing against anyone that takes Bible prophecy literally.

But, blessed is the the person that holds fast to the promise of the Lord’s coming. That promise of His patience was held by only one of the seven church types that identify Christianity, and they are the only Church type that was promised to be kept out of the great trial that will come upon all those that dwell on the earth.

Rev 3:10  Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Jesus said, “will there be faith on the earth when I come” (Lk 18:18), Jesus probably was not talking about faith to believe that salvation came through Him. The Church has to have salvation faith, or it is not the Church. Jesus was referring to faith that He would soon return and judge the earth. The answer to His question is that other than a small minority that kept the promise of His coming and His patience, there will not be that kind of faith on the earth when Jesus comes.

We need to keep the faith, the Lord is not slow in coming. He just is not willing that any should perish. Nevertheless, the signs of the times are evident, the Lord will not delay His coming much longer. We are not in darkness, that this day should overtake us as a thief (1 Th 5:4).

Lk 21:36  Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Finally, one reason not usually talked about why Jesus must return very soon is The Singularity. We are only a few decades from when man will be able to extend his lifespan indefinitely. The doubling of knowledge every 18 months means that artificial intelligence will soon make it possible for collective man to solve any technical problem, but he still will not deal with the problem of his own sin.

Unforeseen technology will get into the hands of evil people and they would destroy the world if it went on past the middle of this century. So Jesus must return and deal with evil before that happens. The mark of the Beast probably somehow ties in. Man will attempt to undo the confusion given to him at Babel. That is not acceptable while mankind is still in rebellion against God. So the end is soon for sure, but first the scoffers must come from even those that call themselves Christians.

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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


41 thoughts on “Christians will be caught unaware because they gave up premillennialism.

  1. The same things as I can see. It surprised me… Here in Czech republic the Seeker, Purpose Driven, Emergent and New Apostolic Reformation teachers have a huge audience. And they realy preach that kindom must be established on the earth by church before Jesus come back again. And these things now apear across the denominations … and I cant hear any loud voice against these teachings here … btw.

  2. Thanks for the article Don. It reminded me of an incident in my previous church. I had been taught replacement theology and once I began reading the Bible for myself I realized that wasn’t correct and I began studying and questioning a lot of what I had been taught. When I sat down to explain what the Bible was saying, the response was “Why you sound just like a dispensationalist, we must correct this right away”. I had to go home and look up dispensationalist on the computer because I’d never heard that before! I was glad to know others believed the same way. Anyway, when I asked about this being caught up (rapture) my Pastors wife said basically “Oh, yeah we used to believe all that hoopla but don’t anymore – the final straw was in the 80’s when He didn’t come back….” I didn’t understand all that she meant then (I didn’t know at that time a guy wrote a book about 88 reasons why…and then 89 reasons why…..) but I later realized that so many dates had been set & people followed a man’s date setting & when a certain day came…and went….that they became discouraged and eventually left off believing the blessed hope would ever even take place at all! Most I’ve met like this are either those who have left the church completely or have gone on to replacement/dominion/ type of belief systems and now no longer believe in a literal fulfillment of large chunks of eschatology. Even when they can look around and see that this world isn’t getting ‘better & better’ onto some glorious church age which we’ll deliver a perfected world to Jesus! Now even, from some of my other believing friends I’m hearing things like “Oh well, I’m no longer dogmatic about a lot of the Bible, I’m just going to see how it all plays out and go with that”. Sounds like a good recipe for deception. God gave us His Word and constantly warned us to not be deceived. One thing I believe that should seriously be considered by all calling themselves Christians while they are scoffing is the verse you referenced with the addition of the next verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:4&5 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness.
    If that day overtakes you like a thief, and for those still scoffing it will, then how can you be in the light? ………makes you think.

  3. Thanks for those insights Shauna, that is what I see as well.

    When someone tells me that they are pan trib (how it all pans out) they think that they are giving me a clever answer but it actually tells me that they are too lazy to study to discern the truth. When a Pastor tells me that, I know I will never be joining his congregation.

  4. Don, I followed the link and read their Statement Of Faith and didn’t see anything in there that would raise a red flag. What am I missing??? I see by the conference info that they are promotion the wealth movement philosophy, so is the doctrinal statement in conflict with that? Just for the record, I don’t buy into the prosperity movement, just wondering why their statement of faith sounds so very . . . orthodox.

  5. Thank you for this encouraging article Don. I see what you are saying, as far as the condition of the church. Several times recently I have found the message of pastors to omit important information regarding the gospel. It is these ommissions that are harder to catch for some. For example, these last several presentations I have heard while visiting churches basically includes an explanation on how a relationship with God will make a person feel better about themselves because we are important and loved by God. This is of course true but the important part of reconciliation due to personal sin and the cost for that reconciliation were left out. Your ministry encourages me to really study and to “… be ready to [give] an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” (1 Pet. 3:15)

  6. Doug, this is the New Apostolic Referendum or Third Wave (Latter Rain) where God supposedly has raised up anointed latter day apostles prophets and healers that will teach others how to take the world by force for Christ. It is hard Christian Dominionism.

    They have set themselves up as God’s anointed and produced the likes of Todd Bentley and Rick Joiner and the other Kansas city false prophets that speak lies in God’s name. In the final analysis, the NAR is a bunch of men and woman wanting to play god that love lording over their followers.

    Lately as part of taking over the world they are claiming that there will be a great wealth transfer from the world to Christians. This whole movement is not rooted in anything found in the Bible it is rooted in the teachings of these self anointed prideful neo-Gnostic heretics claiming to be someone great with special knowledge and anointing from God.

    Documentation on the NAR and their false claims and false prophecies are all over the internet if you care to check them out.

    Here are some article from my own blog that deal with this issue.

    And you will find a wealth of information if you follow the links on this page.

    The NAR is really the militant arm of the developing world Harlot.

  7. Interesting article and comments above… amillennialism / Church Replacement theology has always been around, but apparently the post-mill view is coming back into popularity. Increasingly I see the visible church growing more and more apostate, and as it’s something the Bible predicts, we should not be surprised to see it coming. At another blog I frequent, the author has been lamenting that only older people (over 50) are attending the dispensational conferences, and the Reformed (and anti-disp premill) “movement” is attracting the majority of young believers. It does seem to be part of God’s plan that as the end approaches, the majority of professing Christians will be caught up in other issues and completely unaware of what is going on and Christ’s imminent return. Just as the Jews in the 1st century were overly focused on Christ’s Second Coming (the Kingdom) so that they missed what had to happen in the First Coming, so now the majority of believers are too overly focused only on Christ’s First Coming so that they will be similarly unprepared for the Second Coming.

    As to your reference to “pan-trib” above — I think you mean the term “pan-mill,” and know what you mean… people who say they don’t know what millennial view is correct, and think that God’s word is unclear and too confusing. It’s really just an excuse for their laziness, but they also rob God of His Glory by their charge that God is a God of confusion and not clarity, that God purposely wrote His word to confuse us. As to the term “pan-trib,” I have heard that term used by a preacher who is clearly premillennial futurist with Israel / Church distinction — the word “pan-trib” there refers to the understanding of the timing of the rapture only; he presented different scriptural arguments for pre-, mid- and post-trib rapture, and the different strengths and weaknesses of each of these timing views, and then declared himself “pan-trib.” But that’s not the same as those who reject futuristic premillennialism and declare themselves “pan-mill.”

  8. I guess you are technically correct but I have never heard the term “pan-mill” expressed to me at all in a private conversation. However, I have heard many people tell me they are “pan trib” and they were not always referring to the timing of the Rapture. Some were clearly amillennial. Some that are using this term are saying that they have no position about events concerning the tribulation or even if there will be any future tribulation before the second coming. They imply that the Church does not need to waste time on Eschatology.

    I agree that most still retaining premillennial dispensational beliefs are older people. It is hardly taught in Bible colleges anymore other than as an overview of theologies. So young pastors are now teaching nothing about Eschatology. As the old people die off premillennialism will go with them and set the conditions for the 2 Peter 3-4 rant against the premillennial holdouts.

  9. Don, thanks for the links. I recall reading your Rutz Crackers article a little while ago. No doubt this movement is heretical. I just found it confusing, or perhaps it was a purposeful deception, that their doctrinal statement did not state — far as I could see — their true position. Simply reading it would make people think this is a mainline church — or am I still missing something? Maybe a code word that like minded folks would have picked up on?

    I appreciate your thought-provoking articles. Keep it up.

  10. I am so thankful that the Bible doesn’t have a lot of “big words” in it. As a software engineer, however, in my field, we do have a lot of acronyms. Chuckle.

    Great blog and insightful.

    I guess what bothers me about, for lack of a better phrase, “those that claim to be in the light” (and don’t get me started on Catholicism either) is that they won’t even make an honest effort to pick up the [King James] bible and actually read it. What are those false preachers doing with their time? Reading other sources? How delusional?

    Jesus specifically said don’t set a date (only the Father knows the exact date). That should be enough to disregard anybody who were to set a date. Instead, we know the season: “Lk 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always …”

    I must say, I am really out of step with all the big words. If I didn’t know the truth (by reading it), I think I would feel really small, in comparison. But I have the hope and I have the fear and, thus, the wisdom (but obviously not the vocabulary, chuckle).

    Take care (humor anecdotes no extra charge — now there’s a big word, chuckle)

  11. Don, I know your stance on what you think the timeframe for the fufillment of all the end-time prophecies will be, but (and please, I’m only making an observation here, because I’m starting to lean the same way you do) it almost sounds like you’re anticipating the Rapture sooner that you used to. If I’m wrong, so be it; its just the way it sounds to me

  12. @DON

    I believe the Spirit is moving my friend – this was in my mind the whole time during a 1 hour conversation just last week after worship. Fantastic wisdom my brother. I believe most people have cried wolf on 2 Peter 3:3-4; it hasn’t really happened yet. It’s just another in a long list of prerequisite false fulfillments Satan is implementing so that when the real things indeed come we’ll [read conservative Christians’ll] be completely stagnant.

    In fact, I would go so far as to say that the ones Peter is talking about [though you correctly applied it generationally over a season of time] will actually be all the remaining conservative Christians right now [not so much even the swathes who have already apostatized, which are most people], even many of us on these boards, who are convinced Jesus simply has to come back this decade or else, or at least sure hope He does or else. I imagine if this decade turns out like you project many of us may turn into those very scoffers. Very sobering.


    I’m 24 and have a rather face-like-flint view of American Evangelicalism. I’ve watched my generation amuse itself into spiritual genocide and am convinced we are so under the judgment hand of God that we as a generation will only have ears to hear again when the money completely dries up and our parents who are so spiritually clueless finally [too late] put their proverbial feet down. A day will come when entertainment vanishes into midair and America will truly see the beast she has sculpted.

    The remainder of my Christian friends have been sifted in the past 5 years. My age and younger will kill you. Young folks went 60% emergent [and have since either dwindled into atheism or pure apathy], 25% Willow/Saddleback [and can absolutely not stomach anything perceived as negative], 5% hardcore legalism [very few though, and many sadly pendulum-ed back into licentiousness], and less than 10% went Neo-Reformed, though even that is becoming a mixture of the other leaven.

    Just because he came to Nashville, I went to see Joel Richardson speak. I stood up during Q&A, surveyed the pews, saw 2 other people below the age of 45, and asked if anybody in there had a clue what their kids really believe as well as what the young are going to do to their parents in the coming age. It was such a telling picture of the younger generation and the waning cluelessness many [again not the apostatized] 50+ folks still possess. No, there is a thick, thick veil on young people in regards to where all this is heading. And if I’m honest I believe the whole land has come to a standstill. We are under the judgment of a Holy God. I know of 6 young people my age who still read the Bible like a Christian reads the Bible.


    Being from the art world a lot of the leaders [read Damien Hirst & Jeff Koons] were seducing educators to teach we college students about the Singularity. I felt J.P. Moreland’s Chapter 11 [?] assessment of Technological Consciousness in Strobel’s [who btw I avoid these days, as his evangelism has been only 4 Spiritual Flaws & he has completely aligned with Dan Kimball & Bill Hybels … sad] The Case for a Creator. Seeing so many of my colleagues philosophize about the Singularity has made me weary, especially since almost all of them are ath/nostic. Nevertheless I’ll grant you that demons can do great works and it is not uncanny that last day leaders may accelerate such a concept.

    – – –

    Enjoy your work, thank you for all your studies, grace and peace to all readers.

  13. Hi Don,
    Hope yourself, your wife, and all your dogs are good.
    After reading your latest, boy do I ever thank our Heavenly Father
    for my Pastor Teacher, my local church, my fellow believers in my church.
    I have always enjoyed the information you share with your readers.
    It jives with what we learn in our Bible study.
    I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to sit in our class
    and take in the spiritual food as taught by our Pastor Teacher.
    Your fellow believer,

  14. Doug asks for a red flag on the Joyner website. Here’s one:

    The MorningStar eJournal apparently offers “fresh revelation” every issue.

    It seems to me that a lot of ‘churches’ in these movements will indeed have relatively traditional statements of faith. But once you have been sucked in by the personality cults or the money-mongering, they quickly start feeding you with their own crooked angles on theology. It’s just like the Roman Catholic church – they claim to be founded on the Bible, and are increasingly attempting to market themselves in a way which is going to be attractive to the average milk slurping Christian, but once inside the system you are chained in the same old dogma they have been peddling for centuries.

    Roman Catholicism has it’s ‘fresh’ (non-biblical) revelation…
    Rick Joyner et-al have theirs.

  15. You’re right, there does seem to be a drift away from a pre-trib rapture expectation, although the reasons are probably complex. One I’ve encountered several times is that people can’t believe that a fair God would whisk us away while the rest of the world is sentenced to unparalled suffering. They confuse persecution with the wrath of God. Persecution is a permitted trial/test while the other is divine judgment. They are not the same. We are not destined for wrath, period.

  16. Just thought I’d chime in and say that SOME Bible Colleges are still teaching this Premillennial dispensational theology; I’m attending one right now. We actually just had a great, in-depth overview of Revelation.

    As a bit of a side note, I feel like many adults in the real church nationwide are overlooking my generation, though I’m thankful for being a part of a body that celebrates the youth. I attend school in a college town known for it’s partying. I can attest to the many evil things that go on here, I was walking in them not more than a couple of years ago. That said, there is an exciting movement going on here. There are a great number of college-aged kids with hearts for the Lord. While we are surely immature in our faith, there is a longing for heavenly things. I’m not old enough to know if this generation is unique, but the youth of this country are being drawn to the Father. Please pray that eyes and ears are opened to see the truth before it is too late.

  17. @thealanknox

    Funny, I just read your post after posting above. Maybe it is the area of the country I’m in, but there is definitely a youth movement going on here in the Northwest. While I know many, many young adults who are completely blinded, I also have many friends who have true hearts after God and delight in His Word. Our church recently held a week of prayer and fasting, and at one of the prayer meetings all of the youth were called up to the stage to be prayed over. We made up 60% of the large meeting. I attend a church where the Word is taught from the pulpit every Sunday. It is awesome to see the college ministry grow, not because of gimmicks or fun activities, but because our College Pastor gets up in front of 150 kids every night and preaches from God’s Holy Word. It is one of the great travesties of most churches in America: the youth hunger for the things of God but are not being fed the TRUTH. Praise God he’s put me in a place where the college leadership fears God and wants Him to have the Glory. I pray with all my heart that Spirit led teachers will be risen up in college towns to preach the Word.

  18. Chris,

    The influences on young people in this generation are brutal. Nevertheless, God will raise up a people in every generation. There are still some good Bible colleges and young Christians need to seek them.

    By the way, I am not at all suggesting that Premillennial Theology will completely die out. It just will fall into increasing disfavor among a rising majority that believe the Lord will not return until the Church subdues the world.

    I am a bit confused why someone would even post before reading the post?

  19. My first post was on your article and just included some random thoughts about my generation and the things I’m seeing. After posting it, I read the last couple of comments (which I hadn’t yet read) and saw that thealanknox was talking about something similar, so I replied to him.

  20. Oh, and how is it possible that logical, reasoned individuals could actually believe the church will “subdue the world”? Especially when this is contrary to scripture…I just don’t understand it. Why profess Christ as your Lord if you aren’t going to listen to and study the words he spoke?

  21. Many people are just playing following the leader. They do not know or understand the scriptures or use them in proper context. But yet, the NAR wolves in sheep’s clothing are having more influence in the world by lying signs and wonders than traditional missionaries, and the post millennial gospel light social justice churches disguised as Evangelical churches are the fastest growing churches in America.

    I guess one could argue that many in these movements have never been saved. Without the Holy Spirit all you have is another Goodwill.

  22. Hey Don,
    I think this year and next will see a lot of Christians becoming discouraged in looking for the return of the Lord. It’s not like the 1980’s but many people are really hoping this is the year with their fig tree interpretation.

    I think we’ll find many want to give up prophecy study after 2012 but others who have a real desire to see His return will be looking you up Don. I think you have a more realistic timing quess for the Lord’s return.

    One site I respect and read a lot and has I think the top rated site is strongly opposed to the idea that we will enter into anything other than business as usual, meaning no real trouble begins until the rapture has happened and then the tribulation begins.
    I think that when economic or war trouble does hit hard and after 2012 comes and goes and we are still here a lot of Christians will be questioning what those very respected leaders have told them.

    That’s not to question those teachers and leaders, but the real problem is the people aren’t checking things out for themselves.

    As the older Christians die off, (I’m one of them, but not planning on dying off {I want to see the end of the show}), what they will be replaced with are all the emergent type believers who were told not to even concern oneself with the prophecies.
    I don’t believe a lot of these emergents are really true believers, but they will surely be willing to mock the believers who will still insist that the Lord is still coming back.

    If the gov. doesn’t shut you down Don, I think you’ll get a flock of new readers around Jan. 2013.
    Maybe you can get some retired web-designers from the other sites to help you get some cool graphics.
    I bet you can’t wait.

  23. @Leonardo Da Vinci

    I agree with everything you put forth sir, and hope, if the Lord permits, you can indeed see the end of the show. And I most certainly agree that what Don needs is less study and more emphasis on those slick graphics. Remember, that’s where the power is.


  24. Hay Leonardo,

    I am more worried about corporations like Google, The domain name registrar, the web host, a hacker, or the ISP’ shutting me down than I am government. In any case, it is pretty bad when there are at least five different organizations in the Internet loop that can shut you down because they think something that you said violates their PC policy. There would be yet another in the loop if I had this blog on a blog hosting site like Blogspot.

    Frankly, certain free speech is not going to be tolerated on the Internet much longer and if that does not darken the Internet the EMP will. So the real question is what will get here first – 2013, censorship, or the EMP?

  25. Don,
    I read a lot about the looming EMP on your site and sites like , but I never hear much about it in the MSM. If I do a search, I find a lot of technical info, yet few writers seem too concerned. Some treat it like another Y2k. Personally, I think it’s a very real danger, and wonder why the major news outlets avoid the topic. Is it not newsworthy enough? Is it out of ignorance? Is it politically incorrect to talk about? Are they afraid of starting a panic? Or are we simply part of the paranoid fringe? I know my wife would be nodding now if she were here reading over my shoulder. 🙂

  26. I read that in Donald Rumfield’s book that he said that he is quite concerned about the EMP threat. I think the view is that Iran and N. Korea are the only ones that would do it and they do not yet have the capability. Understand, that the liberals in our government and the MSM actually believe that we will talk these countries out of there nuclear weapons program.

    Nobody wants to think that China and Russia are already a EMP threat because we think that they will be reasonable. However, both are fascist states and both are enemies of the United States and both become unpredictable in a crises. The trigger for China could be our support of Taiwan in a conflict, or a turf battle that gets out of hand at sea, or even a trade war or default. The trigger for Russia could be some NATO stand against Russian expansion into a former Soviet satellite.

    There is also about a ten percent chance of a large solar CME EMP within the next two years but I guess a small chance like that, that could kill over half our population is not worth telling people to prepare for. By the way, we just had a x2 flare yesterday and that is the first x class flare since the last peak solar cycle.

  27. How very interesting. I did a quick search and found this on that x2 Flare:

    according to ISWA:
    Event Issue Date: 2011-02-15 05:47:44.0 GMT
    CME Arrival Time: 2011-02-17 02:57:50.0 GMT
    Arival Time Confidence Level: ± 6 hours
    Disturbance Duration: 6 hours
    Disturbance Duration Confidence Level: ± 8 hours
    Magnetopause Standoff Distance: 5.5 Re
    Thu, 17 Feb 2011 02:57:50 GMT
    (for the source, click ISWA in the main menu on top, select ‘Alerts’ and click ‘CME arrival Time Prediction’)

    Maybe we ought to stow away some electronics in a Faraday cage for a day or two? Will keep my eye on this.

  28. Have no fear an X2 is no threat. It would have to be a flare many times stronger than an X2 to knock out power grids on earth. A solar EMP is not the same as a nuclear EMP it is not much of a threat to electronics. Big solar flares and CME’s are mainly a threat to ultra high voltage transformers. It would take at least a x30 directly pointed at the earth to be a threat and there are other factors involved as well.

  29. Hey Don,
    As usual I always enjoy the insight in your blogs. I think Pakistan could and should be added to the list of countries with a growing reason in their minds to use an EMP type weapon against the USA.

    As for those not believing in a pre-trib rapture; I think the picture given us in Matthew 25 of the ten virgins fits……five with oil, five without. If the five without had truly believed the Bridegroom cometh, they would have prepared. Interesting to me, all were virgins, only half with oil.

  30. Hi Johhny,

    Pakistan does not have the capabilities to deliver an EMP over the U.S. and I see no likelihood that this will change anytime soon.

  31. i’ve ran into several men in radio that scoff at the rapture and even called it an evil, with much contempt. in their view we must go thru the tribulation in order to be purged. purged of what?? has not Christ taken care of all that? yes. it seems alot of this is coming from the charasmatic folk. how is it that those who claim to be christian cant see the forest from the trees.there is enough scripture or parallel stories in the old testament that say we will not be subject to God’s wrath. if the Spirit shall lead us into all truth, how can these men be such haters on the rapture?

  32. Margaret,

    Its complicated because different Christian sects have different reasons for hating the thought that the Church will be removed before the judgment.

    With some of the Charismatics it is because they believe they have to take the world for Christ before Jesus can even come back. Therefore, those preaching on the Rapture are a hindrance to their dominionist agenda to rule the world. What really drives these people is the idea that they have or are about to get powerful spiritual gifts to accomplish taking the world for Christ. That means they believe they have become or are about to become little gods on the earth. The core of the problem is that they elevate themselves spiritually and make God dependent on them.

    Other Charismatics are more fatalistic. They think it is actually the fault of the Church if all people on earth do not get saved. They think if we do not reach everyone in the world for Christ before they die or before the end, it will be our fault that some people will go to Hell. I received a track the other day from a Charismatic that pretty much said exactly that. The root of the problem is they think that everyone on earth can be saved if we just work to find a way to get them to see the light. Guess they never understood the parable about the wheat and the tares or prophetic scripture. Again, they elevate themselves and demote the work of the Holy Spirit. The Charismatic leaders love to promote this stuff because most are control freaks and guilt is their top tool to keep their flock under their control.

  33. I have a friend deep into Charismatic dominionistic belief that believes that Isiah 17:1, and other prophecies, can be avoided or erased by prayer. In other words, it is possible to change Scripture prophecy so believers can take over and evangelize and save everyone. The leaders believe they are the ones chosen by God to lead this movement.

  34. Hi Bob,

    Jesus has a scripture for them that they will not change, and notice they are many.

    Matt 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

  35. It seems that dominionists lack knowledge and/discernment with regard to prophecy and the end game. It’s astounding how people can spiritualize literal prophecies to create another Jesus, another Gospel and are completely blind to their own spiritual blindness.

    Concerning the pre-trib rapture of the Church (the bride). It does seem that the doctrine is under strong attack but so is the message of the soon coming LITERAL Kingdom from Heaven on earth. Apparently, Satan must really HATE these doctrines as evidenced by his ability to diminish and eradicate them so successfully today. When studying the post-tribulation position, I too got VERY confused and started disbelieving it, thinking yep, misled again. Thank God for Don Koenig’s excellent paper on the pre-trib position. With the supporting scripture proof he provided and other documentation from credible sources, I’m more convinced than ever that the Bride will not be on earth during tribulation. Sadly, many are not doing their own homework and are watching too many you tubes. Thank’s Don for your faithfulness and for providing this web-site with valuable information in a world FULL of dis-information.

    Back to the Dominionists, it may be that well meaning Christians confuse the verse “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in heaven”, as being just a SPIRITUAL Kingdom for which the Lord needs our fleshly help to bring to fruition. Without an understanding that the Kingdom is LITERAL, and the King needs NO HELP to fulfill his promises, some will continue to believe they are responsible to “bring heaven down” to earth. I bought into this belief for awhile until studying truth. It’s seductive. It appeals to the flesh and produces a sense of power, purpose, ego, importance.

    Part of the problem is their belief that the Church has replaced Israel. There again, they lack knowledge of prophecy so they spiritualize everything. They wrongly divide truth. It’s like putting a puzzle together. When a piece of scripture doesn’t click easily into place, they want to force it in, with human strength, trying to make it fit. That’s what false doctrine is. Attempts to make scripture fit where it was not designed to go, produces a distorted final image. Dominion theology is based on skewed hermeneutics resulting in many erroneous beliefs. Too bad for all involved, because every human work that is not initiated, driven, and fueled solely by the Holy Spirit, (the spirit truth), will BURN UP at Bema judgment. If they burn, there goes our rewards and crowns and our Kingdom inheritances and prizes. How sad to miss out on the greatest Kingdom goodies imaginable, such that eye, ear, and mind has never conceived of. To lose out on all the blessings because of faulty theology is really sad.

  36. An excellent and insightful comment Sherry. I liked your third paragraph particularly.

    Never having been influenced by the Dominionist beliefs, I have not attempted to understand them, but have generally dismissed them as unbelievers. Thanks for that insight.

  37. Why thank you Brother. These beliefs can really lure a person in with it’s supernatural charismatic emphasis on miracles, healing, dreams, signs, wonders. Clearly, this movement is yet another slick trick of Satan in line with HIS NWO kingdom to come. Chuck and Nancy Missler in their book Kingdom, Power, Glory, the Handbook for the Overcomer, talk about this movement as being the evil spirit of Jezebel who seduces people into disobedience and idolatry. This spirit was actually the spirit operating in the Church of Thyatira in the first century, the spirit the Roman Catholic System tolerated. It’s concerned with power, control and lust, religious pride and a burning hatred for the prophet/prophecy. Also, it’s rebellious and disobedient to the God of Israel, which is the sin of witchcraft. Apparently, it is the same unholy spirit that has infiltrated much of Christianity today, counterfeiting as the REAL holy spirit. The fruits it produces will burn when judged at the BEMA judgment and loss of rewards will be the outcome. These people will be saved from Hell, as if by fire, which means barely escaped. They will enter the Kinddom but will not inherit the right to co-reign with him at his throne. They will have no position and will not get to dwell in God’s immediate presence, due to being relegated to the outer darkness, outside the banquet table. Chuck Missler says It was prophesied that this Jezebel evil religious spirit would re-emerge in these last days to once again, go after, seduce, lure, beguile, deceive, and KILL the prophets and PROPHECY and lead men astray into spiritual fornication. Loving the things of this world more than God, is CHEATING on God and that provokes his anger more than anything else. That is why he tells his faithful children NOT to love this world and all it’s TRAPings. This idolatry sin is everywhere and it’s due to the fact that they are worshipping the god of this world, rather than the one true God.

    One other thing concerning the rapture. It’s is no accident that the focus on prophecy has shifted/diminished over time and that the pre-trib rapture doctrine of imminency is being destroyed. That was prophesied to happen as Don mentioned and is being fulfilled right as we type our notes. This has been a deliberate effort. Zealous date setters certainly did not help our cause, but it goes much deeper. Consider the “new”, CORRUPTED bible translations, with entire verses deleted, skewing true doctrinal meaning, watering down God’s Justice, repentance, HOLY living. The de-emphasis on SIN is rampant in the newer bible translations and removing the word SIN altogether is blasphemously egregious. That’s NO innocent mistake. Some word in various translations diminished Christ’s deity to the point that they deny Jesus Christ is God or of the trinity. Ever so subtly, foundational truths have been replaced with vague, neutral terms, in favor of a friendlier “voice” lest they be a gender offender. The FEAR OF THE LORD is missing. Grace and Favor and Sugary SNACKS are all people are getting from the pulpits. People are spiritually malnourished and it’s no wonder people are lukewarm and craving supernatural and “mystic” experiences. People most likely turn to fables for some ear scratching cause they’re sick and tired and weak from the steady diet of CRAP they’ve been fed all these years. LIttle by little by little, this evil spirit has taken over and the Laodicean Church is STILL sawing logs. zzzzzzzzz

    Chow for Now.

  38. great read. very encouraging. a few years back I started to question my belief in the rapture before the tribulation and after lots of prayers and careful study of the scriptures,I felt sure of his coming and thankful for the peace and assurance I received from my savior.

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