Comet ISON: Harbinger of death of a great nation or World War III?

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Update 11/30/13

(Apparently ISON flew too close to the sun and got pretty much destroyed by the great heat and gravitational forces. So, there will be no great show in the sky this December. If there is going to be any harbinger in the sky in the near future, we will have to wait to see what else shows ups. These small icy comets are very unpredictable and more often than not they do not live up to the comet of the century expectations. When or if God sends a real sign it will be spectacular and it will be obvious.)

Forty years ago I heard Herbert W. Armstrong talking on the radio about the coming of Comet Kohoutek and what that might mean. I do not remember what he said, but I believe he was implying that it was going to be a great sign in the heavens that end time biblical events would soon be playing out. Some scientists were saying Comet Kohoutek would be the comet of the century and that the comet would be as bright as the full moon.

I was brought up in Roman Catholicism, I did not even know what end time biblical events were in those days. Anyway, since I did not know anything about Bible prophecy I began to search it out and was soon led to a Christian radio station that played conference speakers who quite often talked about Bible prophecy.

It was through the teaching on this Christian radio station, a Gideon New Testament, and Hal Lindsey’s “The late Great Planet Earth” that I found the true gospel of salvation through faith in God’s risen Son. That year was 1973.

At that time, the Soviet Union and the United States were at the height of the Cold War. Both countries had enough nukes to destroy the world many times over. So, in that period it really seemed more likely than not that the world would not survive much longer.

Bible prophecy teachers like Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe expected all to be fulfilled within 40 years from the rebirth of Israel in 1948 because of their interpretation of the fig tree prophecy and what they believed was the length of a biblical generation. With that 1988 outer date in mind, their followers expected the tribulation to start at any moment and it was believed to be almost certain to arrive by 1981. World events seemed to support their hypothesis.

I soon found out that Herbert Armstrong was giving out a false gospel to the world and Comet Kohoutek never became the bright light in the sky that was expected (darkness is something they both continue to have in common).

Hal Lindsay, Jack Van Impe and others were also proven wrong about their interpretation of the fig tree parable. Later, the unforeseen fall of the Soviet Union put the expected imminent Gog invasion on hold. It actually seemed like Jesus had delayed His coming. In this seemingly delay, many evangelical churches that were once looking for Jesus to return became laodicical, or went to sleep. Some Evangelical leaders even became cynics of all teaching Bible prophecy.

Now, forty years after Comet Kohoutek, there is a comet replay about to take place. This comet is named ISON. Maybe this comet will turn out to be the sign or harbinger that Kohoutek was not. Once again many scientists think that this coming comet could be brighter than the full moon and that it will even be seen during the day.

ISON is a very large comet, so it is not likely that this comet will just dissolve as it gets very near the sun, but it could break into several pieces. Nobody really knows what a comet will do as it approaches the heat of the sun and is swung around the sun by the sun’s gravitational pull. Even so, the expectation of astrophysicists is that this comet will be a great light in the sky starting in November of this year (2013).

In more ancient times, comets were thought to be harbingers of momentous events. In that link you will find some examples of the relationship between the appearing of a comet and a momentous event on earth. Only coincidence? I am not sure there even is such a thing as a coincidence in God’s creation.

The Bible tells us that the Magi knew that the star that they seen in the sky was a sign of the birth of the King of the Jews (Mt 2:1). This may or may not have been a comet but I believe that it probably was.

Scripture says that lights created in the heavens would also be for signs (Ge 1:14). The Book of Revelation talks a lot about signs in the heavens. Who can say that these signs in the heavens are only metaphors and that there will not be literal signs in the visible heavens as well? People are said to hide in holes in the ground for fear of what they see coming upon the earth. Revelation talks about great stars falling upon the earth and about great earthquakes. That sounds more like the remains of a comet hitting the earth than any metaphor to me. Jesus also told His disciples that there would be literal signs in the heavens before His coming (Lu 21:11).

In the days of Exodus people were looking up quite a bit. The problem was that they started worshiping the creation and the lights in the heavens instead of the Creator. The Israelites might have been stubborn but they were not dumb enough to think that a calf was God. The golden calf they made was probably a representation of what they seen in the sky when the solar wind blew off gas on both sides of a great comet that was caught in near geosynchronous orbit above their area of the earth. That is a long story. There are books written on this subject if you have an inquiring mind.

Those great signs in the Heavens in Revelation might be seen and could threaten the earth for a couple of years. Satan and his angels being cast down unto the earth could also be displayed on earth as some literal visible event. We might keep in mind that Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 first passed near Jupiter in 1992 and then the gravitational pull of Jupiter broke the comet into pieces. These 20 visible pieces all hit Jupiter just two years later over a six-day period in 1994. Had such a multi-headed comet the size of Shoemaker Levy-9 hit the earth, it would have eliminated all flesh on earth.

I am not saying that ISON is one of the signs that Jesus talked about, but if it appears as bright as advertised we might be foolish to ignore it as being some harbinger. After all, God knows where each body in the heavens will be at any point in time and He knows when each comet will be visible on earth. He created them for a purpose. Knowing that, is it then too far-fetched to think that God also appoints the timing of these heavenly lights as harbingers announcing soon coming events on earth?

I know that most Christians will not agree with what I have suggested, but most Christians would not acknowledge any natural event on earth or in the heavens as being a real act of God either. They would rather think that everything is random and by chance like evolution.

Some think that God plays no role in His physical creation even through they should know that He entered it by becoming a man in order to save humanity out of what Satan corrupted. Until the restoration of all things in His creation, God has placed His very real angels in charge over the earth because He really does have future plans for the descendents of Adam that trust in Him. If there were no divine intervention on earth through God’s angels there would be no humans on earth to save either.

If this comet is a harbinger, I would think it being a harbinger of the death of a great nation or a harbinger of a great war would be most fitting to the times that we live in.

When looking at the Obamanation that was once called the land of liberty, the death of this nation seems inevitable, and when looking at the world, a war with Islam also seems inevitable. Maybe ISON is a harbinger of both or maybe there will be more harbingers coming. The USA is sealing its fate by continually adding more abominations to the long list weekly. I see no hope for most living in this nation.

From what we see being announced on the news daily, we can know that the hedge that was around America has already been taken down. God already gave most in this nation over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1 19-32). We allow our government to promote sin and blaspheme God continually, thinking that there will be no judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah, when perhaps, the angels already have been given the order to cut America down once Lot is protected.

I personally think the handwriting of God will be seen in the sky and now I am not talking about a comet. A solar or nuclear EMP is observable before it literally knocks our lights out. Most in America are so self-deluded, complacent, and apathetic that they are even complicit in profaning marriage. Marriage is a covenant union between a male and a female. It was designed and ordained by God and God made this marriage union holy (Mr 10 6-9).

I think an EMP is about to be delivered over our heads while Americans profane what is sacred and then celebrate their perversions in the public arena and even in churches. The evils in our nation are just too widespread and too deeply entrenched in all of our institutions…even our religious institutions, to be remedied. America continues to move away from God, not toward any national repentance from rebellion against the Creator. What then is left but the fall of this once great nation?

I am no prophet. However, Comet ISON might signify this to the world: “prepare for the death of a once great nation and the great darkness that removing this once great lighthouse will bring upon all that dwell on the earth”. Even so, I really do not need a comet or any harbinger to tell me that America is heading for a great fall. The only question I have, is who will be removed first, America or the faithful Church?

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