Evangelicals and Apostates Together: Warren Osteen and Oprah

Can you imagine any of the Apostles appearing before millions of people but never giving the gospel message to them? Yet, the pastors of two of the largest churches in America, did just that, when appearing on three hours of Oprah’s Lifeclass program.

Forget politicians, the real reason for America’s problems become more evident in the churches Americans go to and the religious leaders that they follow. Evangelical leaders don’t even know what the Christian message is anymore, or else, they cannot or will not express it. I think Joel Osteen, Rick Warren together with Oprah and all their followers represent the real problem in America among those that still identify with Christianity. “Apostates Together” is a fitting name for this movement.

Two of the most well-known “evangelical” pastors in America are given three hours on Oprah’s program, but instead of giving the gospel of Jesus Christ they promote their own misguided philosophies and themselves. Yet, undiscerning “Christians” keep flocking to their churches and buying their materials.

Joel Osteen hyped his new book, “I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life“. Many Christians think that Osteen is just a feel good gospel lite pastor. That is not all one should know about him. Joel Osteen is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing with a different gospel. This man also has a very deceptive dangerous message that is a lie from Satan.

Joel Osteen inherited Lakewood Church from his father John Osteen, who was a leading Word of Faith Theology promoter.  The apple did not fall far from the tree. Joel Osteen might have started out with his feel good gospel lite message but now he is taking up where his father left off, claiming that your own words can create reality.

Joel Osteen, like New Age guru Oprah, claim that you get what you say. There is not a whole lot of difference between Word Faith teaching and New Age philosophy and that is why Osteen and Oprah are so much in agreement. “The Secret”  of New Age, and Word of Faith Theology say about the same thing.

As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together”. I realize that some evangelicals say that they would appear with the Devil if they could just give the gospel message to people, but that hardly applies here, because neither Osteen or Warren gave any true salvation message.

It was not only the size of their churches that got Joel Osteen and Rick Warren invited on Oprah’s program, it was that they have common beliefs and those beliefs are very much a satanic lie.

From what I read, Rick Warren gave his usual God has a purpose for everyone and they need to find it, message. When a woman called the program saying that, “she needed God” and asked, “what should I do”? Warren could or would not lead her to Christ. Here is a clip from a discernment website that documents Rick Warren’s response to this woman on the Oprah program.

What was really hard to watch is when a woman in Norway Skyped to say she realized she needed God but wanted to know who God is and she asked, “What should I do?” It was clear that she was ripe to hear the gospel and needed Jesus! It was a great opportunity to share the gospel with her, and at the same time, for Oprah to hear it. Instead of giving the gospel, Rick Warren seemed uncomfortable and finally just said something like, ‘Go to God and find your purpose.” It was a terrible moment! The woman looked surprised and sad, like she was expecting something else. I prayed for her later and am hoping that the many Christians who witnessed this will pray for her. source

This is nothing new. Rick Warren has yet to give a clear salvation message on any of the many world platforms that he has appeared on. Yet, Warren has the second largest Southern Baptist Congregation in the country? If Bible believing Christians were actually running Saddleback Church, I doubt if Rick Warren would be there anymore.

Rick Warren has been pretty consistent in his double mindedness. I have many articles about Rick Warren being off target on this website. You can find them through the search box on the bottom of my website homepage. Like many of the new evangelicals, the key to Rick Warren’s popularity is telling the world what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear.

Of course, the problem of apostasy from biblical Christianity is not limited to just Warren, Osteen and Oprah.

Billy Graham is the grandaddy of the Evangelical Movement but the BGEA website suddenly just removed the view that Mormonism is a cult. So What changed? Did Mormons denounce their demonic doctrine? Does BGEA actually believe that Mormonism is now Christianity, or is it that they do not want to say anything that might harm Mitt Romney’s chances to be elected? From what Billy Graham said recently, he is all-in for Romney, but what does that have to do with telling the truth about Mormonism? Billy Graham has a history of compromising the Gospel to please some political or religious establishment.

It is well documented that Catholics that responded to Billy Graham’s crusades were turned back over to the Roman Catholic Harlot by the order of Billy Graham. It was Graham that agreed not to proselytize Roman Catholics.

The Magazine, “Christianity Today” was founded by Billy Graham but it has become a very liberal big tent Christianity magazine that now helps promote all sorts of heretics and heresies.

Billy Graham has said that he believes that people in other religions can know Jesus without anyone ever giving them the gospel message. It makes me wonder what he thinks the great commission and his crusades was all about if everyone can now find Jesus through osmosis?

So, are we to believe that all the martyrs for the faith died for nothing? After all, we have evangelicals out there that think everyone can find Jesus without ever hearing the message that these people died for! I think what happens here is that as some people age and see their  loved ones die, their theology broadens to help accommodate the salvation of their dead loved ones. Now, even Jack Van Impe’s pets will go to Heaven.

It seems that many mega churches that are also called evangelical churches became mega churches by giving people a false gospel. If a knowledgeable discerning biblical Christian went down the list of mega churches in America, they would find out that about one-half of them are into some kind of heretical doctrine that just itches people’s ears.

Evangelical leaders are falling all over themselves to broaden Christianity to please the world. Many Christian leaders seem to believe that, decency, morality, and American patriotism now equate to Christianity. The fictionalization of what real Christianity is among the evangelical leadership in America and their large following does not speak well for any renewal in America. However, it does speak well for “Apostates Together” in America.


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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


34 thoughts on “Evangelicals and Apostates Together: Warren Osteen and Oprah

  1. Don,

    Thanks for another eye opening article. I knew that Warren and Osteen were wolves. I didn’t know that Warren was Southern Baptist. As a member of a Southern Baptist church, this is troubling. Where have the Adrian Rogers gone? It seems the liberals have once again taken over the Southern Baptist Convention, but now there is no Adrian Rogers to fight them. I guess this may be the start of the great falling away from the true faith the Bible talks about. Christians must be careful in these days and become saturated in the scriptures lest we be led astray.

    I had no idea Billy Graham agreed not to proselytize Roman Catholics and turned them away. I found that part of the article very disturbing. However, it also served as a wake up call. I do not want to be like King Solomon and fall away in my later years. We must stand firm and hold steadfast to the word of God. I get a feeling tough times are ahead for those of us that do.

    Forgive us, Almighty God, for our apathy, our silence, and our cowardice. Please God, keep a remenant that will not bow there knee to Baal. Give us courage and strength and wisdom to stand firm in these last days. Let your children encourage one another and lift each other up as your early church did. Give us discernment to prepare for the days ahead. Thank you for Don and his ministry. Amen.

  2. Wow, I hope and pray that when I have another opportunity to give an answer for the hope within me I will not deny the gospel or The Lord Jesus! I pray this will be a wake up moment (Rev 3:2) for Rick and others! I hope like Peter he went and wept!

    These are the times we are living in.
    So very sad.

  3. Don,

    You have probably offended half of Houston-the Lakewoodies and fellow WOFers, the Southern Baptist Warrenites, the Oprah deceived, and the Mormons among us.

  4. Adam, to be clear, Billy Graham did not turn Catholics away that made the altar calls, he just turned them over to Catholic priests.

  5. Greetings Don~Another excellent article that shines light in the darkness, which should be the world, but sadly it’s the church! I too have noticed that as some people in the church grow older, they begin to accept many beliefs they never would have years ago. I was dumbfounded by this at first, but now see that it’s a different church than it once was. Again I ran into a comment by a Christian that there are ‘saved people in all churches’, meaning ALL churches. It no longer matters what you believe only that you love God & you are sincere in your belief. Oprah has done much to hurt the church in America, there’s no denying that, yet the ones that are in the pulpits are even more dangerous. Some may not give ‘O’ the time of day, but they will follow their shepherd wherever he may lead them. I grieve for the church in America. Whenever I read a piece of literature that has the Gospel in it, (a tract for instance), sometimes it states ‘find a Bible believing church’ or something similar, & get involved. It always makes me wonder where they will find a Bible believing church today. Thanks for exposing the darkness Don. Your effort is not in vain!

  6. Kiki

    As one gets older and begins to hurt one loses the mental as well as physical energy to fight apostasy. Especially when there are so few sufficiently interested in God’s word to even question what is being taught. It is much easier not to make waves, or as I have done, to brush the dust off your feet and leave.
    I believe this is one reason why Satan is taking the church by storm, because young men have been seduced by the world and the older men are tiring or dying out.
    Which brings to mind the words of our Lord “… when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?”.

  7. Hi Brian~Your observation is sad but true. No one really seems to care about the fidelity of scripture anymore. I agree about making waves. The scripture you quoted is perfect! Lord Bless you!

  8. Good morning Don, and others;

    Just read this powerful article. A great read with my morning cup of coffee. As much as I don’t want to admit it, the field of Psychology has also contributed to what we are seeing now. The emphasis on “self” that has been a focus of psychology has ran contrary to the message of Jesus. I have colleagues who do not see this problem the same as I. The unhealthy “self” psychology messages have been pushed by people like Oprah, and the others you mentioned do indeed “tickle the ears” and clearly lead people away from the Gospel message which points out or need for a savior.

    The Purpose Driven life garbage is yet another example of the influence of crap psychology. Having read this book, it’s all about the “self”. It leads to a works driven, feel good about how great I am relationship with God. Which is really no relationship with God at all.

    Joel Osteen is all about, well, Joel Osteen… However, his feel good, think it and it will happen garbage reminds me of the “four agreemants” by “Albion”. I think I have the name right. It comes right out of Toltec paganism, as well as other satanic lies. It leads right back to the original sin of “you can be like God” lie.

    Being in the field of Psychology myself, but being led by God into the field of chemical dependency, I have avoided many of the dangerous ideologies that are being pushed. But it was not without considerable effort. Which is why I read blogs like this one! LOL Thank you Don… Your writings, and the many mentors who are my living Biblical examples, help keep me centered.

    Have a great day everyone… :)

    Rod in Oregon

  9. Don what do you think of Romney’s “photo op” with the Graham’s?
    Romney asked Billy to pray for him…. but to which Jesus?

  10. Al,

    I think Romney was given the blessing. This was an obvious effort to sway some evangelical votes. Graham is worried about America, maybe for his Grand kids. There is no question who is the more moral man and which party is anti-God. There is nothing wrong with Graham trying to get votes for Romney since there really are only two choices, but nobody should be under the delusion that God is now going to bless America just because America elects a cult leader.

    I think Graham only knows one Jesus, but it is not the same Jesus as the one that Romney believes in.

  11. Thanks Don. Ya I agree with that. Billy and his family still have a huge influence on a considerable chunk of evangelical voters. I was recalling Billy’s appearances on Larry King Live and his responses…. given that someone recently told me that John Macarthur had also been on Larry King Live a few times. I checked that video out on youtube, and boy was I impressed. John’s answers were not opinion, no compromise…. just God’s word doing the talking through this man’s voice. No compromises whatsoever, no murkiness… just some forthright reproof with calmness and with Christian love. Not sure if you have seen the video footage – if not you MUST check it out.

  12. True, true, true, Don. The apostate evangelicals along with the Catholics, the liberal “Christians” and the cults, are all in step with identifying with the harlot. How it must grieve the heart of God. When I think of the saints who have given their lives for the faith and the bold witnesses who have died in their work of translating the scriptures for the common man, I wish that church history was manditory reading for all believers, real or not.

    Satan is the prince of the power of the air (ways) and he is using them more effectively than ever. Stand up Christian, in the power of the one who indwells us. What can man do to us?

  13. A couple of things here. Rod in Oregon, you’re right on the money in your analysis of the “field” of Psychology. I wasted several years in college pursueing a degree in a system that insists on perpetual SELF-examination(in essence, a form of idolatry in itself) in order to obtain a gratification of every primal need a human could ever have WITHOUT the silly need for a god. Sheer rubbish that came basically from a bearded, sexually obscessed cocaine freak. Regarding Billy Graham, does anyone possibly think that mabey he isn’t in possession of all his marbles but noone wants to address that possibility, or did he actually get twisted up along the way? I mean no disrespect, because I still have a level of respect for the man. Regarding people beibg saved without hearing the real gospel message (and no, I don’t believe it if there was a legetimate chance that they did) I have been thinking about something for a while. If a person was born and raised in a culture where the name Jesus was used, but it was used INCORRECTLY, and they really did’nt ever hear about the TRUE Jesus before they died, what about them? I am referring to a Muslim in any of the backward, backwater Muslim countries where Christianity was never allowed and all they heard about was the artificial jesus who will supposedly help out the madhi at the “end time”. Just like Catholicism where most Catholics have no clue what to believe scripturally or doctrinally, I have to think a whole lotta Muslims only know what some half-baked smelly “holyman” tells them what to think. Or someone brought up a Hindu who only MABEY heard about some avatar named jesus. My question is, I guess…did they ever REALLY hear about the true Jesus, or would they be in the category described in the Book of Romans? Anyone?

  14. No one is without excuse. Even in a [uhumm] Christain culture, one still has to make a decision for themselves. If one who is unsaved prays for the message, I’m certain that person will get a messenger from God to deliver the true message to them. And it won’t be Oprah or Warren. That woman on Oprah will get a true messenger sent to her from God if she truly wants the message.

    I’m up to chapter 22 of Revelation (and commentary) [again] and I’m convinced that God can take care of the battle and that He will provide the message to the elect, no matter where they are or what culture or “nation” they are in.

    A few years back, I “harvested” (lead a person to Christ) practically out of the blue. Some one was looking for Christ and I was the messenger in the right place at the right time. I only allowed myself to be a vessel and my ambassadorship was known in my vicinity, so to speak.

    Thank you to Don for the commentary. It keeps me going (studying, learning, …). It if weren’t for that, and the web site with all the supporting material (particularly as pertaining to the Americas), I don’t know. Oddly, I found the “prophetic years” site when I did a google search for info on the temple rebuild (which, surprisingly, hasn’t been on my radar for quite some time… hmmm).

  15. Michael,

    Those born of the Spirit after they believe and confess that Jesus is Lord will be the only members in His spiritual Body. That does not come by osmosis it comes by hearing the Word of God and believing and confessing it. This belief and confession must also come before natural death and before the wedding takes place in Heaven when the two become one.

    Christians continually get mixed up because they falsely believe that all not in the Bride are destined Hell (the Lake of Fire). They are not! They will be much like those who come to believe in the millennial kingdom after Jesus is married and rules and reigns with His Bride. After the Judgment, there will be a New Earth, this is not the Holy City. Not as many are going to the Lake of Fire as some Christian like to think. Many will occupy the New Earth. The Lake of Fire was made for the Devil and his angels and of course all that reject Jesus as Lord of His own creation will share that destiny.

  16. Hi Don,
    I agree with you when you say “forget politicians.” Indeed, the real problem lies with our pulpits and with our churches and not in Washington. Politics is a symptom. I believe any social ill that we can point to belies a spiritual problem at it’s root. If the church had an ounce of discernment left they world recognize word of faith, or name it an claim it for the sorcery that it is.

  17. The fact that the BGEA would back down by removing Mormonism from their list came as a real shock to me when I heard it. They’ve always been such bastions for evangelism to me, it’s unfortunate to hear they too have compromised the gospel’s truth.

    I’ve noticed that the posts on this blog tend to be rather negative. Is there a reason behind that?

    As a side note, I think you’ll be happy to know your site is read by people of many ages. I’m a university junior now, and I’ve been lurking around here on and off probably for a pretty long time, I want to say at least two years. Came across the site via your page “When Will Jesus Christ Return?”. Interesting stuff.

  18. Hi Anna,

    And never do I fail to see 2 Ch 7:14 slogans ripped out of context and plastered all over the World of Faith churches walls and spouted by their leadership on the Media and their followers.
    The verse roughly says,(if My people will fast and pray I will hear from Heaven and heal their land)
    Yet, They cannot even see that they are contradicting themselves. If they actually thought their words of faith had power to create reality it would just show that they lacked faith if they had to fast and pray for whatever claims they already made.

    The Word of Faith teachers cannot get their own theology straight because they are mostly clones of Rhema Bible college and any further indoctrination comes from their anointed Media gurus. If takes about a week for the latest word faith brain fart heard on TV to make it to the local pulpits.

    They picked up on the 2 Ch 2:14 twist, because they are also dominionists. It is not the first time they used Scripture out of context for the biblically illiterate just because Americans want to believe that there is some magic fix for the nation’s unbelief and ever increasing contentiousness that will keep them in prosperity.

  19. Hi Shawn,

    Its good to hear that you follow the blog.

    I deal with reality. Anyone teaching the truth about world and church issues these days is going to be called negative.

    I even wrote an article for such inquirers.


    If I were to write positive posts about world and church trends I would not be correctly discerning the evil times that we live in.

    People of all ages read this blog but there are not many youth that have not already been brainwashed by the government indoctrination system. If anyone can put a positive spin on what this system is doing to the minds of Christian youth, I would like to hear it.

  20. “I’ve noticed that the posts on this blog tend to be rather negative. Is there a reason behind that?”

    The Scriptures have not only been rejected by the world, but generally relegated second place to experience and emotion among professing Christians; this is apostasy and must be condemned.
    Don has often referred to himself as a Watchman, and this blog is the wall from which he warns of the approaching dangers.

    The Bible is God’s word and therefore should be treated with GREAT respect. When ‘supposedly’ Christian men override God’s word with their emotional and blatantly false views a watchman will be judged by God if he fails to warn and condemn.

    Every believer who has a knowledge of God’s truth will find him/herself embroiled in confrontation against those who deny that truth. We must all be ready to play the watchman and as Don has said, we live in an age of evil and apostasy – there are very few positives on the horizon.

  21. Well put Brian.

    Folks can correct me where I’m wrong… Following along with another post… In the first “caught up”, I don’t see (relatively speaking) great numbers, noting that those [saved] who are entagled in the world will not be “caught up”. However, with that said, following along in Revelation, I see a very large number of people (left behind after the first “caught up”) who will become part of the bride in the “wine pressing” (those that will not take the mark of the beast and choose faith in Jesus).

    Hence, we who are in the bride now (who will be caught up) are planting future harvest that will take place throughout the 10.5 years et al up to (and possibly to those remnant thereafter) the “wine pressing”;

    Further, with the harlot being so prevalent through the tribulation (first 3.5 years), I don’t see the big leaders changing the error of their ways since they will be so embroiled in the harlotry, but I have no idea what would be in their hearts. With that said, I can’t remember the timing of the bride marriage, but I think it’s somewhere around that mid-point of the 7 years. (I think I’m starting to get this, chuckle).

  22. Craig,

    The wedding in Heaven is near the end of the seven year period, it occurs after the destruction of Babylon the Great on earth.

  23. Don,

    I read your comment to Shawn and being a young college guy myself I have first hand knowledge of what the educational system is doing to the American youth. First off I would say most kids are oblivious to reality. They have no idea about international affairs and most dont follow politics or world events. The extent of their knowledge is whether or not they like the president. The teachers are almost entirely liberal.

    I was surprised however that the kids I work with are coming around about Obama and most of them will not be voting for him again based on the fact that nothing is getting better under him.

  24. Jim,

    Sounds pretty much like it was when I was in college back in the ’60s — at least like it was at my little college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I just don’t think “kids” are yet that involved in politics. But take heart! They will be after they get a couple more years under their belts and realize how the whole sordid affair affects them, especially in the area of the wallet.

  25. Don,

    Ah silly me. I read that page a long time ago, but forgot about it.

    Brian from Oz,

    I understand what you mean. I’ve often been around people who emphasized emotion and experience more than Scripture. Sometimes I find it hard to restrain myself from trying to correct them. 😡


    Fellow youngster! 😀

  26. WHILE ON THE SUBJECT OF Apostasy don’t forget how Billy & Franklin Graham met with Romney in an unholy Trinity. The Hypocrite Grahams took down from their Website that Mormonism is a cult religion.
    Now they have added validity to this religion they long protested as being founded by a delusional Joseph Smith false end time 18 century prophet. Next time someone from this cult knocks at the door of an unsaved person they will think they are just another Christian denomination, instead of a religion that teaches about an Angel Moroni and many gods, including Jesus as a created spirit brother of Lucifer.
    Mormons are NOT Evangelical Christians but thanks to the Grahams they have legitimized them as such for the sake of helping Romney a devout Mormon win.
    Graham just undid years of Evangelizing for the reaL Jesus Lord & Savior.

  27. Guest,

    That is too big a leap of judgment for me. I am sure it was all about politics and their concern about what another four years under Obama would do.

    Taking something you had about Mormonism down from your website does not mean that you now endorse it. People that have websites put up and take down whatever they want. I am sure that they thought having that up was working against getting Obama out of office. Unsaved people do not go to the BGEA site to check out if Mormons are Christian so that is not logical either and Christians are more likely to go to a site that majors in apologetics and discernment which BGEA does not. So taking something down from their site is not going to have the impact that you claim.

    I have my own concerns about Evangelicals implying that Mormons are Christians but I don’t think BGEA is saying that and saying that the Graham’s just undid years of Evangelizing for the real Jesus is false.

  28. Don,
    I disagree with you. Billy Graham’s fraternization with Mitt Romney definitely sent the wrong signals! And yes, to the undiscerning, it implied the acceptance of Mormonism! Furthermore, you may want to do some research about Billy Graham and his prior associations. You will find it very enlightening. Without a doubt, Billy Graham is undoing evangelization for the real Jesus!! I hope you take the time to humble yourself and acknowledge that you are not right about everything!!

  29. Bill,

    You have the right to disagree but you seem to think I am not unaware of the shortcomings of Billy Graham, and I have news, I have done a lot of research on Billy Graham. There is information on this Blog where I take positions against him for his past associations and views. Your stand against someone that reached more people in the world with the real gospel of the real Jesus of the Bible is frankly, just not Christ like (no disrespect to Frank Graham). And why did you have to throw in your statement about me humbling myself and acknowledging that I am not right about everything? That was uncalled for just because of what I said. I do not believe Graham talking to Romney had much impact on Christianity or the elections. I am sure Graham would have supported any Republican against Obama. This is my blog and foremost it gives my views if you expect anything else you might go elsewhere.

  30. Thank you for this article, I have been preaching this to our spanish church out here in Florida, that we are in perilous times, and that many of these men that have the oportunity to preach and defend the Gospel have not done so. If the Apostle Paul or any other was here, they would be hated by many today. The apostasy we are experiencing today is coming from religious men and women dressed in sheeps clothing. Its time for the gathering of the real children of God, the rement God has.

  31. Rich Warren’s delusion to his philosophy of inclusion come from not understanding Col. 2:9 “For in Him dwells all the fulness of Godhead bodily”. Truth evades the disobedient,like the History of Israel to their Apostasy, into confusions.

  32. Being interviewed by Larry King who asked Osteen what will happen to Muslims & Buddhists who never hear the gospel he replied: Well you know Larry, my job is not to judge people but to tell them God simply loves them. As for Billy Graham he is all over You Tube saying “God is adding people every day to His church from every religion”, he goes on to say; “They may have never even heard of the name of Jesus but I believe they are saved”. Fuller then replies, That’s fantastic to hear you say that, there is a wideness in God’s love.” See it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axxlXy6bLH0 What gross deception is this that is being lauded from the USA? Contending for THE faith. Dave D

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