Is Jesuit Pope Francis the Antichrist or the False Prophet?

This Blog deals with world and church trends and Bible prophecy so I would be remiss if I did not write something about the first Jesuit Pope ever to take the throne. Pope Francis now rules over half of what is called Christendom with its 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. This Pope will also have great influence with other world religious leaders and world governments.

I recently have already written on the supposed prophecy attributed to St. Malachy. The prophecy says that Peter the Roman will be the last Pope before Rome is destroyed and judgment comes on the world. This present Pope is the 112th Pope and last Pope on the Malachy list. I will not be rehashing that story here except to briefly mention that some have already found reasons to believe that Pope Francis fits the description of Peter the Roman.

The new Pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina. He is a son of Italian parents so some think that qualifies him as being a Roman. This Pope took on the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi who some say was once named Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone. They see some significance in that. I do not. What the last Pope proponents see as more significant is that Pope Francis is a theological conservative Jesuit. They say that means that he will try to establish a one world religion under his own authority. For people to understand the implications I will get into some of what the Jesuits are about.

What I will be saying about the Jesuits is not a scholarly study on the Jesuit order, if you want scholarly research on the Jesuit order you can find plenty of material for that study on the Internet along with probable misinformation. For example, Brannon Howse is now offering a $19.95 four hour CD on the Jesuits (as of this writing it is free to those that are members of his situation room). Understanding the Times also has a good free article named The Jesuit Agenda and the Evangelical Protestant Church.

There are countless articles written on the Jesuits but to separate fact from fiction takes real scholarship. I do not have a clue if they actually say the gruesome oaths that have been attributed to them and that are all over the Internet. There are also articles debunking these oaths. So who really knows about what goes on in highly secretive societies?

I think it is safe to say that only the very brightest priests are allowed into the Jesuit order and the primary mission of Jesuits is to counter the protestant reformation and bring the whole world under the Pope’s authority and establish a world church on earth.

The Jesuits have been working toward that end since the mid 1500’s. Jesuits do take oaths of obedience to the Pope and they take oaths to oppose those that are opposing the Roman Church agenda. They intend to bring about a counter-reformation through any means necessary. They very much are the secret police of the Pope and have taken oaths to follow any orders from the Pope without question. The brightest of them even act as secret undercover agents. You likely will never find out that some very high up figures in government, science, religion, corporations and economics have sworn allegiance to the Jesuit order and its agenda.

The Jesuits have a vast network of teaching centers all over the world. They also infiltrate Protestant higher education institutions in order to subvert Protestant beliefs. You name an intellectual movement in mainline seminaries that turned Protestant pastors into liberals and the Jesuits were probably behind it.

The Jesuits were behind the Higher Criticism agenda used to get students to doubt the infallibility of the written word. The Jesuits talked about establishing social justice before Karl Marx even picked up on it. They played a role in Liberation Theology. They founded heretical Preterist Theology. The Jesuits probably even started Masonry and the New Age movement and have played a role in the mysticism within Eastern religions. The Jesuits run a number of observatories and will probably be the first to announce some extraterrestrial contact for some future deception. Jesuits are much of the mystery in Mystery Babylon.

Today, the Jesuits are having great influence in once Evangelical theological seminaries and Bible colleges thanks to the influence they had on Peter Drucker, Richard Foster, C. Peter Wagner and many others. Many of the top leaders in the evangelical movement are now dismissing doctrine and promoting mysticism implanted by Jesuits. That is why spiritual formation techniques with contemplative prayer is now the rage among the New Evangelicals.

The end agenda of the Jesuits is to have a one world ecumenical system that is under the control of the Pope. There is good reason to believe that the Jesuits are behind globalist organizations and ideologies. Those that think world events are being orchestrated by a Masonic conspiracy probably should be looking a layer deeper for the Jesuit connection.

With that background given, let me get back to Pope Francis. As a Jesuit, this Pope is not about to modernize his church to conform to the world or to compromise with real Bible believers. If anything, under his leadership, the Catholic Church will become more mystical and will harp on a gospel of social justice and ecumenical dominionism led by the Vatican.

Pope Francis has already appealed and prayed to Mary since he was elected. He soon could officially make her Co-Redemptrix. That means that she is playing an on-going roll with Jesus to bring about the salvation of the world. That heretical doctrine from this Pope would be appropriate infallible Bull for deception (pun intended).

In any case, I have no doubt that Mary apparitions are going to play an increasing role to help sway people toward their ecumenical end. Expect to hear much more about mystical experiences all over the world and expect to hear messages that have a humanistic gospel of social justice and good works in all messages coming from this church or related demonic apparitions. The social justice theme will play into the United Nations socialist agenda and that plays into the Jesuit agenda of a world theocracy under the Pope.

Rick Warren announced to his followers that he was thrilled with the announcement of his new Jesuit Papa, and why not? With Warren being a member of the CFR and on the board of directors of Tony Blair’s interfaith foundation they are working toward the same ecumenical and globalist end. Many Baptists and other Evangelicals need to take their blinders off about Rick Warren and the Creekers should do likewise with Bill Hybells. Both are highly influenced by Jesuits.

Since the reformation and until more recent Dispensation Theology, most Protestants historically believed that the Pope was the Antichrist. They really had good reason to believe this. The message coming out of the Vatican pays lip service to Christ but their overall message is antichrist. The Roman Church does not believe salvation comes through grace through faith in what Jesus did alone on the cross to pay for all sin.

They add that salvation can only be achieved through obedience to their church and salvation is only possible for those dying without mortal sin. That means that Christians have to stay obedient to the Vatican and stay out of mortal sin or confessed up to a Roman Catholic priest for any chance to escape Hell.

The Catholic Church has decreed many anathemas against Protestants unless they return to being under the authority of the Pope. These damnations can not be rescinded because Popes are infallible. So don’t let people tell you that Roman Catholicism is just another Christian denomination that Christians should unify with so that we can all be one.

Their gospel of works and submission to their Pope will only lead people to Hell. They teach there is no salvation for anyone outside of Roman Catholicism. So don’t think the Roman Church looks at you like brethren. All they want is to put your soul in bondage to their church. Misery loves company.

It really is crazy because most Catholics are living in mortal sin according to their own church doctrine. Those that die in mortal sin go to Hell according to their own doctrine. Therefore, Catholics know that their sins will send them to Hell but they do not care enough to obey their church doctrine. Yet, they still want to identify with Roman Catholicism even through they know they will be going to Hell because they do not obey their infallible decrees?? Who knows, they may get lucky and die in front of a priest and get their mortal sins absolved. Such is the eternal hope of Catholics that actually know Roman Catholic doctrine. Most Roman Catholics do not even know what the Roman church teaches and hardly attend any church functions at all but yet they still like to identify themselves as Roman Catholics and love to idolize priests and the Pope as holy men.

The illogical rational of religious minds just proves man’s total depravity. Roman Catholicism is a perfect example of the clerical blinded leading the lay blind into the pit. And the Jesuits mission is to bind the whole world under the black light of mysticism. No wonder the world turns against the religious Harlot and burns her with fire when some charismatic figure appears on the scene debunking the religious doctrines that held them in bondage.

So, will this Pope turn out to be the Antichrist or False Prophet like some believe? Actually, any Pope is already an antichrist and a false prophet. It goes with the job description. However, if we are talking about the Beast/Antichrist who is also the Son of Perdition that comes out of the pit and his false prophet. I doubt it. This Pope is probably just another imposter.

Maybe as we get further into the reign of this Jesuit Pope while watching him try to lead everyone back to Rome we will see things more clearly. This pope is 76 years old, maybe if this Pope can live another 15-20 years he will turn out to be the last Pope because the real Antichrist and False Prophet will be due on the scene about that time IMHO.

I actually wrote this article to hear what you people think about all this because thanks to the latest Horn conjectures, it appears that this topic is going to be all over Bible Prophecy sites for the next couple of years. If people Google this topic they might as well get the views of the best biblical thinkers. That is where some of you come in.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


159 thoughts on “Is Jesuit Pope Francis the Antichrist or the False Prophet?

  1. Hi Don,

    I think Malachy was completely accurate in writing down what the local demonic influence instructed him to write. It’s smoke and mirrors, all designed to do a couple things… To the Catholics, scare them in to staying catholic. To the non Christian, further give the non believing world an excuse to think that “biblical” prophecy is a joke.. (I think many in the world lump Malachy’s work with Biblical work, which we know is not the case). This guy probably is just an imposter designed to continue aiding in the “stage setting”. I personally think the Tribulation needs to start by 2021, but thats just my lay opinion. Also, this guy is 76.. With one lung… I think he will be a short timer.

    Interestingly… Even if this guy was “Petrus Romanos”, there are two reasons why he would have chosen a different name, and tried to hide his identity… First, it would freak out all the Catholics, and of course the preppers and Alex Jones types… And 2.. I would have interfered with any agenda “peter” may have… So the guy would keep his mouth shut if he was… Which I don’t believe.

    It’s just smoke and mirrors from the father of lies and deception… In my humble opinion…….
    Rod in Oregon

  2. “Is Jesuit Pope Francis the Antichrist or the False Prophet?”

    His credentials show both to be improbable. He is a religious leader not political and he is of Italian descent (the False Prophet is almost certain to be Jewish although one can never be sure of a man’s lineage). However it is a possibility that he will be the head of the Harlot religion.

    Watching the reaction of Roman Catholics over the past hours makes it clear they indulge in open idolatry. I should add that the similarity of behaviour among sports fans just widens its scope. It is becoming increasingly obvious that idolatry is engulfing the world.

    Yet even with the increasing darkness there is still the great positive:
    Christ has not called his Church home therefore there must be others yet to come unto the light of the gospel.

    Under the extremes of satanic idolatry, preaching the gospel will become increasingly dangerous, therefore we who know the truth, we who have experienced the saving power of that Gospel MUST be wise to the world’s evil – and harmless (gentle and thoughtful) in the presentation of that truth.

  3. I have seen many of my Morningstar Ministry type friends saying this Pope is “annointed” I don’t know if Joel Osteen has annointed him as yet. We should know soon.

  4. Yeah Brian,

    As they go ecumenical they will marginalize Bible believing Christians and even say that we are a danger to the world. We have had recent American Presidents say as much, along with the likes of Rick Warren.

    I agree that the Roman Church is likely to lead the Harlot. The prime example of a spiritual harlot was Israel. She practiced fornication with the nations around her. Likewise, the Harlot of Revelation 17 will fornication with the nations of the world. The Vatican has embassies in many nations of the world and has an advisory seat at the United Nations. When the nations of the world are finished using the Harlot for their pleasure they will burn her with fire.

  5. Wow Don,

    Who needs the “Peter The Roman” prophecy when you have the Jesuits ?

    I had no idea about Jesuits until just reading your article.


    From your article….

    They very much are the secret police of the Pope and have taken oaths to follow any orders from the Pope without question.

    The end agenda of the Jesuits is to have a one world ecumenical system that is under the control of the Pope.


    I surely do not know enough about the history of the Jesuits to say much other than they certainly appear to be another cult that has nothing to do with salvation through The Lord Jesus, obviously.

    Follow any orders from the Pope without question ? Really ?…didn’t we see that in the Third Reich ?

    Money, Power, Corruption seems to be the only traits that these “orders” have going for them.

  6. ~David,

    What make the Jesuits so effective and dangerous is that they do not care about money or personal power. They are not likely to be corrupted by material things. They are zealots and operate like the Star Trek Borg all working together for the collective agenda which is the establishment of Roman Catholic Dominion Theology everywhere on this planet.

  7. I have not read much about the Jesuits.. But they do sound like the Catholic Version of the Navy Seals. Were the Jesuits the guys who came over with Cortez to the “New World” to spread the word of Catholicism?


  8. Don,

    I am of the belief that “Power and Control” is the core reason behind most evil endeavors since the dawn of humanity….whether we are talking about Cain and Abel, Islam, Catholicism, Most Religions for that matter, The Nazi’s, The Borg, etc.

    Money might not be the primary focus of a cult like The Jesuits, however, I’m sure they know that with money, comes the Power and Control they seek.

  9. “The illogical rational of religious minds just proves man’s total depravity.” “No wonder the world turns against the religious Harlot… debunking the religious doctrines that held them in bondage.”

    [I’m being facetious here] So, if the pope is infallible, what was he before? Jesus was sinless all of His life. Yet, pope’s die. Let me get this straight, they are infallible but they die due to sinful nature. I guess the sinful nature occured prior to being elected-by-seance as pope, and so the pope dies because he couldn’t overcome his prior sins before he was pope? Who’s on first and I pick up the ball and throw it to naturally because why and I don’t care (Oh, he’s our shortstop).

    If I make it to 76, I really don’t need the hassle of being some elected leader anywhere. Did he “throw his hat in the ring”? I wonder if they display the count in roman numerals? Although I think 112 is easy – I wonder if there’s a hidden code in that? Hmmm. That is one seriously messed up organization.

    Mankind, without the true light, is almost pitiful to “watch”.

  10. ~David

    There are religious zealots that actually think they are doing God’s will but are unknowingly working against His will. Saul was a prime example and so are many Jesuits. Jesuits have little interest in money, many take vows of poverty. They are not working to establish their own power and control as you suggest. They think they are doing the will of God by their total obedience to the Pope as the vicar of Christ on earth.

  11. Craig,

    You are making presumptions based on a lack of knowledge of what the term “infallibility of the Pope” means to the Roman Catholic Church. When Roman Catholicism declare that their popes are infallible they are only talking about his infallibility when speaking in his official capacity of prophet on matters of Church doctrine. The Papal Bulls.

  12. First of all I am Catholic and I am offended by your statements to my religion and how Catholics live by their Doctrine. There are many Catholics in this world. There are many types of Catholics as well, Traditionalist, Orthodox, Cafeteria (ala cart) and Lapse Catholics. I am a practicing one, Church Sundays, Holy Day, Holidays, Adoration when able (caring for elderly father) and attending stations of the cross. I go to confession every 2 weeks, I am fasting all Fridays on lent and have given up something for lent. Now you know who is speaking to you! I have grown up all my life believing that there was only 3 more Popes till a bad one enters. I follow all the Saints and their Stigmata and visions from Virgin and Holy Trinity. I have researched Jesuits before he was even elected. I have a clear background on Masons and Night Templar’s. I have studied many popes and their Prophecy’s like the Saints. I believe Fatima whole heartily and the 3 secrets. Like Malichi Martin, I believe 4 popes disobeyed the Virgin Mary. I believe Father Oconnor who was to be excommunicated in the 80’s for calling out NWO and the infiltration of the Homosexual group. I believe Bella Dodd being an agent for Communist USA party and sending over 1000 agents into the Monasteries. I believe we had 4 Popes that were Masons like the book Malichi Martin was writing when he mysteriously fell and died before calling out the names in his book. I believe like he said there were 2 sealed envelopes from Fatima’s 3rd secret. One with 67 lines telling the vision that did not support John Paul ll assassination (way off) St. John Basco confirms it with his 157 dreams (visions). I believe the 2nd envelope revealed 25 lines of words of the Virgin Mary Like Malichi Martin has said being he read the message with Pope John XXlll. He was the Vatican exorcist under john XXlll. He also confirms in his book Windswept of a Ritual that took place a week before Paul Vl was set into the seat the enthroned Lucifer by the masonic group on Vatican grounds which is consistent with the St. Cathrine’s vision in the 18th Century …our lady of good success, Google that. I believe the holy spirit does guide them to select the Popes other than the dark ages when kings selected them, they are called anti popes in the Catholic religion. I believe Cardinal siri was selected in 1958 but was threatened by someone, the white smoke blew then 5 minutes later black smoke and then again 24hrs later Pope John XXlll was elected. An ex FBI witnessed this. I believe a few murders happened in the Vatican, one from that very election and another of an appointed lawyer for Father Oconner. I believe the Vatican has been fighting a spiritual war from the beginning of time and is infiltrated by 4 groups. I can name. I believe the war started from the Garden of Eden. Google Pope Leo the Xlll he goes into detail of the battle that is occurring today. The 4 groups that have infiltrated are believers of Lucifer. I believe the Catholic Faith is the True Church but has been under attack by Satan. I have been researching this over a yr. Not to mention my mother spent her life on it. When you have a mother calling out Masons and the banking system for 30 yrs and didn’t listen then till you are living through it. You start to listen! I have much more and all the research to back up my believe. Watch Father Gruener, Kramer, Oconnor and Malichi on youtube. Hear there speeches from the pulpit, conferences and radio talk shows. Your eyes will see the Catholic faith and whole different light. Don’t forget Pope Leo Xlll his message is VERY important. Read Geniesis 6-9, Book of Daniel and Book of Enoch (only 1). God Bless!

  13. Having been raised a Catholic,I can affirm it is even more strange than you say. It is a manifold elastic system of compromise.I will give one example. If a Protestant commits a mortal sin he can be forgiven,but only if He makes a perfect Act of Contrition,which is hard for even a Catholic to do.But then the Protestant would not even know what that means.They also have the doctrine of invincible ignorence.And their doctrine of Transubstantiation is so absurd,I won’t go into it.They pray to Mary who is not omnipresent,but she hears their prayers anyway.As to the Jesuits,they destroyed the Janesists,who were followers of Augustine.Very strange Churh.Almost as crazy as the Mormons.

  14. Lynda,

    Linda I grew up and was educated under Roman Catholicism I know more about it then 95 percent of Catholics. All the things you say you do will never save your soul. You cannot save yourself through what you do. Salvation only comes by what Jesus did for us.

    You believe a lot of things that you really cannot really prove. Quoting mystics and Alex Jones types are not proof. Obviously you believe there is a lot of evil in the Roman Catholic Church, and there is, so why would you want to submit to such a system? A house divided cannot stand.

    All that is required for Salvation is believing that Jesus died according to the scriptures, paid for sin according to the scriptures and that God rose Him from the dead according to scriptures and all that trust in Jesus for their salvation will be born of the Spirit into new life.

    Then all instruction needed for living out your new life in the body of Christ is found in the Bible. You don’t need to submit to what you admit is a demonically infiltrated system to be a Christian. Trying to figure out such a convoluted system is insanity.

    Get rid of all that baggage. The salvation message is very simple you cannot be acceptable to God by anything that you do and that includes everything that you mentioned. You are acceptable to God if you believe in God’s righteousness to save. Jesus was God’s salvation. Trust in Him and you will be saved.

  15. First of all, Catholics aren’t Sola Scriptura Don. BTW since everything you believe is in the Scriptures can you please give me the Chapter and verse of where only scripture is the word? I don’t think you will have a leg to stand on with that. You are missing the beauty of a full church Don. 2. The Catholic faith whole heartily believes Jesus Christ our Lord is our savior, that’s a given in our Faith we don’t need to be told this nor do we need to be Re dunked! We were all baptized with the Holy Spirit from the get go Don. We don’t need to be “reborn” Born again because that Scripture is SO misinterpreted it’s a crime. It means when you open your heart and allow the Holy Spirit into your heart and life, you will be reborn. Like St. Paul on the road to Damascus! When he takes hold of you, you will not know what hit you over the head! I know this because I am living it NOW. I am a Catholic that has been reborn and I did not need to be Baptized 2x. You cannot be reborn till you open your heart and Submit to God all your free will so you can do his will. Only then will the scales fall from your eyes.

  16. When I first heard the “Malachy Prophecy” I thought wow,that’s exciting! As I learned more I grew suspicious. Ultimately I came to the position that since it isn’t in God’s Word then it’s not something I will give much credibility to. (Should have come to that conclusion first)! The only thing that gives me pause is its timing with these last days.
    I have heard it said that satanic prophecies have just enough truth to appeal to the gullible and preppers. OK, I threw the preppers part in.

    As for Jesuits, I have heard of them but was completely clueless as to their history and goals. I thought they were something like monks…living in monasteries! So thanks for the input on that, Don. I guess I should get out more.

    So, is this guy the last pope? It’s like wanting to know who the antichrist is. Yeah, I am curious but who I am really, really looking for is my REDEEMER!

  17. Don,

    Not having been Catholic myself, I certainly am no authority. But what you have said is true. If rituals were all we needed for salvation.. Then Jesus didn’t have to die and be resurrected.
    I like what John said… False prophecies usually contain just enough grains of truth to seem believable, but are really only going to deceive and lead people astray. It is interesting that all of this Pope stuff is happening as we are headed into end times events. While not setting dates in any way.. I am thinking the Tribulation has to start by 2021.. Probably wishful thinking… 🙂

    Rod in Oregon

  18. Lynda,

    You are taking this post off topic so don’t bother answering with even more of your aberrant theology. I suggest you read my commenting policy if you want your comments posted. Most of your many comments have not been posted for that reason. I am not going to sit here all day dialoguing with you about Catholicism.

    Your suggestion that because there is no chapter and verse for Sola Scriptura that it is false is ridiculous. There is no chapter and verse on the Trinity either but both Catholics and Protestants believe it. Jesus Himself used scripture as the authority for what he did even through He heard directly from the Father. What there is no suggestion of in scripture, is a clerical priesthood and Popes who think they are infallible.

    If you really want some scriptural arguments for Sola Scriptura. Read this link.

    If you believe Jesus is your Savior why do you believe He is going to let so many of you go to Hell if you do not follow the teaching of your admittedly demonically infiltrated church? Obviously then, it is not your Catholic beliefs that save you, it is trusting in Jesus alone. Yet, your church says those claiming to trust in the Savior will still go to Hell if they do obey the Papal Bulls? So in the final analysis your Popes condemn most Catholics to Hell.

    How does one get baptized with the Holy Spirit from the get go? Where is that found in scripture or even in Catholic doctrine? That is about the most ignorant statement I ever heard from someone claiming to be saved.

    How do you open your heart and let the Holy Spirit in when your dead in sin and when does that happen? I thought you had to hear the gospel and believe in Jesus for that to happen, but your saying you can just open your own heart and let the Holy Spirit in. So, if you could just open your heart and let the Holy Spirit in what do you even need a Savior for?

    Paul was chosen by Jesus to be an apostle, he did not open his heart and let the Holy Spirit in. He did not received the Holy Spirit until Ananias laid hands on him.

    Acts 9:17 And Ananias went his way, and entered into the house; and putting his hands on him said, Brother Saul, the Lord, even Jesus, that appeared unto thee in the way as thou camest, hath sent me, that thou mightest receive thy sight, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.

    Most Catholics were not even baptized once, so I do not know why you are harping on some second baptism. Infants cannot believe and be saved, that is not baptism. Water baptism never saved anyone anyway. Jesus does the baptizing into His Spiritual Body.

    Like all in religion you have it all backward. You think something that you do will save you rather than what Jesus has already done for you. All you need to do is accept what I already told you in my last comment. However, if you think that you are getting in by something that you do because you are so Catholic or spiritual you will never make it.

    I have given you the truth, do what you will with that information. I hate trying to explain the way of salvation to religious people, they are the most unteachable beings on this planet. This article might help by some chance that you are an exception.

  19. I too was raised Catholic and came out of the dark in my twenties. I went to a non denomination church one day with a friend and finally found out who Jesus Christ was. Going to a Catholic church, I never learned a thing. I am not entirely well versed in the bible, but I do know that so much of the the things Catholics do are not biblical at all. It doesn’t say in the bible that you have to eat fish on Fridays, it doesn’t say you have to sacrifice for Lent, it doesn’t say priests can’t marry. In fact they used to marry and should again, there wouldn’t be the pedophile problem if they were allowed to marry. And you can believe the whole pedophile thing isn’t over. I think so much of these practices are about nothing but control. It does say in the bible to not let the ways of man get in the way of Jesus. In other words, all these things that people do, become more important than Christ himself. It gives them a feeling of self righteousness to be able to say “I’ve given this or that up for Lent, etc”. A feeling of pride if you will. I also never understood all the prayers to Mary and various saints. They actually pray more to them, than Jesus Christ I think, at least that’s how I remember it. I don’t know if this pope is the last pope. I’m sure there was more than age that caused Benedict to resign, but but we’ll never know. I personally find the hero worship of the pope rather disgusting. He is a man, nothing more. A man with a lot of power, but that’s it. He is not a direct descendent of Peter as I’ve heard some Catholics tell me. He absolutely is NOT! It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. Deception is alive and well.

  20. I was brought up Catholic, went to Catholic school early on, and was surrounded by those who are Catholic. Early on, thankfully, disillusionment became apparent to me, along with various other evil environmental factors, that I was able to escape any lasting ill effects. I found truth and the Lord and accepted salvation and became a temple of the Holy Spirit on my own life’s walk. I am living on this earth, resisting evil, as an alian, with the light shining, guided by the Holy Spirit (not of my own accord, but elected – thankfully). I voluntarily obeyed baptism (a second time) when I was aware of the truth (vice the first time when I was too young to know good and evil).

    The solution to all of this religion nonsense is quite simple — read the bible. That’s really all there is to it. I am exposed to numerous Catholics and they will avoid reading, let alone studying, the bible like it is the plague. As Don said, Catholics and religion types are “unteachable”; I am not going to waste my time or breath throwing “pearls before swine”. Revelation even states that this prophecy / prophetic book won’t change minds / hearts:

    11 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

    “Religion that is pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world”. Whether this is in or out of context, I cannot say – but that is a scripture that I have internalized.

    Apologize if I’ve furthered the off-topic sub-thread. Yes, I do admit I have a lack of knowledge on in-depth knowledge of Catholicism, for which I am completely thankful — otherwise, I might have been brainwashed and missed the true message of salvation. I don’t quite fully understand some of the advanced Catholicism topics, but that is not my ministry.

    Don – I really do appreciate your ministry and correction. We keep you and this ministry in our prayers.

  21. Don,

    Not to stray off topic… But it was the “religious” that Jesus had the biggest problem with.. As the Pharisees used religion to hide their hypocrisy and to control… So do many of the religious today… It always comes back to human kind trying to find any possible way to be saved other than Jesus. Just more lies from satan… There is but one way.. Praying to Peter, Paul, or Mary will not get you saved… Or an autographed album….

    Just my 2 cents…

    Rod in Oregon

  22. As a former Catholic as well I struggled for years with Mary whorship. One day I read Luke chapter 1, where Jesus’s bith is fortold. Mary is called the immaculate conception, born without original sin, but yet she states in verse 46 “I rejoice in God my Savior” if Mary was born without sin then why did she require a Savior. You are completely correct Don, keep your eyes on Jesus. People have to find that personal realtionship with Him or else as you just said we just have a religion. The Gospel is not complicated or confusing it all about Jesus and his love for Man.

  23. Wayne,

    Mary also offered a sin offering if you check into why she brought two doves to the Temple in Luke 2:22. So obviously Mary was not without sin.

  24. Thanks for that Don, it does say that. I would tell Lynda to read John Chapter 14, where Thomas asked how do we know the way, and Jesus Said ” I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH ME”. Not Mary, not Paul, not Joseph Smith but through Jesus. It is also interesting that in the Acts, Paul is continually fighting against the Jews in regards to going back to their old religion through the law, which is why Jesus came in the first place, to replace with his death on the cross.

  25. One more thing to add and that will be it, 1 Tim 2:5 “There is one intercessor between God and Man, the man Christ Jesus”. One day we will all have to face our Lord, we will not able to blame anyone for our mistakes, so you can’t blame the church or anyone else, we all have been given a free will, use it to find the True God.

  26. Our sin natures are inherited from our fathers. Jesus didn’t have a human father so He didn’t have a sin nature. Mary did. I’ve been told by a catholic relative, a man with a doctorate who is a professor at a franciscan university, that if I’m “arguing with a catholic not to assume that the bible is the final authority. We have other writings we go by.” What can I say after that? It closed all future discussions. Is pope Francis The antichrist or false prophet? With my knowledge of prophecy I vote no. I lean toward believing the false prophet will be jewish and the antichrist will only worship himself.

  27. Don,

    It appears the only support for Catholic belief lay in.. Well.. Extra Biblical works. But if Catholics are going to accept “catholicism”, then they might as well go back to the indulgences system…

  28. Wayne,

    It’s a frustrating thing to have your entire theological position on “Mary as intercessor” dismantled by one verse… Glad I’m not Catholic…

    Rod in Oregon

  29. Don,

    It appears to me that most of the time, the majority of people out there are “cut and paste” debators. They respond not by their own research and reasoning, they just cut and paste someone else’s works… And really do not understand what they are copying and pasting…

    Rod in Oregon

  30. rn4dstork
    19 minutes ago
    A JESUITS OATH ; You will then give and receive with him the following questions and answers:-”

    So he is Peter the Roman anyway !!!!!!!!!
    Question:- From whither do you come?

    Answer:- The Holy faith.

    Q.:- Whom do you serve?

    A.:- The Holy Father at Rome, the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church Universal throughout the world.

    Q.:- Who commands you?

    A.:- The Successor of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Soldiers of Jesus Christ.

    Q.:- Who received you?

    A.:- A venerable man in white hair.

    Q.:- How?

    A.:- With a naked dagger, I kneeling upon the cross beneath the banners of the Pope and of our sacred order.

    Q.:- Did you take an oath?

    A.:- I did, to destroy heretics and their governments and rulers, and to spare neither age, sex nor condition. To be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own, but to implicitly obey my Superiors in all things without hesitation of murmuring.

    Q.:- Will you do that?

    A.:- I will.

    Q.:- How do you travel?


    Q.:- Whither do you travel?

    A.:- To the four quarters of the globe.

    Q.:- For what purpose?

    A.:- To obey the orders of my general and Superiors and execute the will of the Pope and faithfully fulfill the conditions of my oaths.

    Q.:- Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.”

    Read more:

  31. The Catholic church fits exactly, the description of Mystery Babylon. It has murdered more true believers and Jews than any other organization and has been married to nations, kings and rulers through the dark ages. The office of the Pope is anti-christ, as the pontiff’s call themselves Vicarious Christi, meaning in place of Christ. The Pope could be the False Prophet over the world wide religion to come, the whole goal is to get everyone under the Roman umbrella, as long as you don’t take the bible literally, anything else (mysticism, Buddha, eastern idolatries,) pretty much goes.

    I think that the new pope, being of Italian extraction and taking the name of Francis (middle name Peter) is more than enough to fulfil Malachy’s prophecy. It’s more evidence than some of the previous popes had. The trouble is, we probably shouldn’t put much if any stock in it. It is interesting to watch at any rate. His age is a factor, I thought the new pope might end up being a little younger.

    I agree with you Don that being from the Jesuit order is the most problamatic aspect. In my understanding as well, this order was established to counter the Protestant Reformation. His tendancy towards humble living and the poor will draw millions to him as they all attempt to make this world a better and more comfortable place to live through social justice. It is all coming together, more stage setting. This pope will only be allowed to do what the Almighty allows him to do. I think I’ll keep watching for my Savior. Maranatha

  32. Hi Rod,

    I agree, and because they can cut and paste they think that makes them theological experts or agents of God spreading some theology. You can usually tell the cut and paste people by the formatting, the length and the endless comments. There are people cruising the Internet that are on some crusade to spread usually aberrant doctrine. Many of those do not get posted.

  33. LOL.. Thanks for the confidence.. 🙂 I have had to learn how to sift through research and information to determine how reliable it is. Cut and pasters are pretty easy to spot.


  34. It seems many Catholics have a tie that binds them to their religion which is greater than love and allegiance to Jesus Christ.

    Lynda might throw a spanner through her computer screen at the mention of Martin Luther but he, a Roman Catholic, knew enough of Scripture and of his own nature to know he was not reconciled to God by the constant and traumatising penance required by his religion.

    Luther was delivered by a verse from the Bible, “The just shall live by faith” Romans 1:17

    The truth of this verse is that those who have been justified through faith in Christ will also live their life “by faith” in him and not in obedience to any religion.

    It would appear from Luther’s experience that he was a believer in God, tied up in spiritual and psychological knots by the dogma of his religion but delivered by that still small voice of Scripture. Hopefully there will be many more.

  35. Don,

    Interesting blog! I see some mention of the Blessed Mother here. I see you were once a practicing Catholic. Question, do you/Protestants believe in the Immaculate Conception?

  36. Frank,

    Many protestants don’t even believe that infants have original sin. Having said that, I want people to get back on the post topic or their comments will not be posted. That is why I deleted many comments from yesterday including some of my own. Unfortunately we have been getting more into Roman Catholicism rather than the Jesuits or the Pope. I know that some of that goes with the territory but nobody is going to settle all the points of differences between Protestantism and Roman Catholicism on a comment section of a post and this post is not about all the Protestant and Catholic disagreements. If it is related to the post topic it is appropriate, otherwise it is not.

  37. How is this off subject? You brought up the fact that Pope Francis has already appealed and prayed to Mary possibly making her Co-Redemptive and being heretical doctrine from this Pope would be appropriate infallible Bull. (see your quote below).

    You/Protestants don’t believe the Blessed Virgin has a hierarchy? Based on your response, I would think you don’t believe Mary is the Immaculata.

    “Pope Francis has already appealed and “PRAYED TO MARY” since he was elected. He soon could officially make her Co-Redemptrix. That means that she is playing an on-going roll with Jesus to bring about the salvation of the world. That heretical doctrine from this Pope would be appropriate infallible Bull for deception (pun intended).”

  38. Frank,

    I was not saying that you were specifically off topic. I am sorry if you took it that way. You just gave me the first opening to bring that point up since I deleted 15 comments from yesterday that were a distracting rabbit trail. I was really saying that much of the comment section of this post was off topic.

    If people will read my commenting policy they should get the drift that keeping the comments on the post topic is my number one rule. If I cannot keep post comments on topic I see little reason to allow any comments on my articles at all. I do allow brief exceptions at my own discretion but generally people are only allowed to stray from that rule on my monthly perspectives posts. That is also one reason why I monitor all comments.

    As to your question, it has already been mentioned by Wayne and myself that Mary had sin in her life. There are other scriptures to back up that all have sinned without exception (other than Jesus). There is even scripture that suggests that Mary and His brothers (Yes, according to scripture Jesus had brothers) did not even believe Jesus was in His right mind in part of His ministry. The Judgment seat of Christ has not taken place yet. So no rewards have been handed out. That means that Mary awaits that day like every other believer.

    That is as far as I am going down this Mary trail, if you do not believe what I told you, you are free to go elsewhere. The vast majority of Protestants do not see any influencing role or honor given for any dead soul before the First Resurrection and Judgment seat of Christ. Only then will rewards for what we did in our natural body after conversion take place.

    I don’t expect Catholics to believe what I say because they mix Catholic doctrine with scripture. I do not. Even so, this post is not about convincing Catholics. It is to inform Christian believers about what may be coming through Jesuit Roman Catholic deception.

    There is only one Redeemer of mankind and one intercessor between God and man and He is Christ Jesus.

  39. Hi Don. It seems to me that this is just another step towards isolation of the true believers. As I was reading the comments I kept thinking of Col 2:8. As Paul uses the word BEWARE to begin his statement it rings clear to me that we should heed his advice. It not only describes the Catholic church but many protestants as well. My prayer is that mercy and truth will enlighten your readers through the Holy Spirit. We can argue these things over and over but only Jesus can change the hearts of man. As we get closer to our Lords coming we will experience what 2Tim 3:12-13 really means.

  40. Don,

    I have much more to say on the subject of the Blessed Virgin but will leave it at that. I do not agree with much of what you say on the subject but, I do respect your opinions and believe’s.

    God Bless

  41. I have been watching the Pope Francis election with interest and was astounded to learn that he was a Jesuit. It appears to be something of a coup for the order to have a Jesuit pope, but then also a little confusing. If their whole agenda is (to quote Monty Python) an almost fanatical devotion to the pope, then having the pope as one of their own would surely create confusion (?). I also wonder that if they have always been politically active and powerful, why have they not installed one of their own in the papacy before now? The timing is very interesting, and also raises a lot of questions. This is surely no conventional appointment for many reasons.

    I couldn’t help but notice the timing of the announcement of his election on the 13th of the 3rd month of 2013. If you add up the numbers 1,3,3,2,1,and 3 they all add up to 13, and Francis, age of 76 also adds up to 13. Then there was the lightning bolt on the vatican etc. All of this symbology may just be the mind wanting to make something out of nothing, but then nothing is coincidence when it comes to the Vatican, they have always had an agenda for world domination, the last few popes making public statements about their desire for a World Government, and one papal contender even saying that it was every Christian’s duty to be loyal to a central world government. It is all chugging along very nicely thankyou.

    If nothing else, this appointment proves to me that our time now is short. Another 20-25 years? If this is so, Jesus return will be in my lifetime. My children are now young adults and they would like to have careers and families of their own, of course I would love grandchildren, but in these last few weeks we have been discussing world events and have all felt very strongly that our task in these last days is to be drawing even closer to God, to know his will for our lives, and to be sober, vigilant and redeem the time, as every day now brings us closer to the finale.

    I pray that you will all know the will of God for your own lives, and be kept by his grace and power so that you will all endure until his return.

    God bless.

  42. Don,

    I am amazed at how fervently people cling to non Biblical beliefs.. I liked Annes response.. All of these “coincidences” are interesting to watch. Also of interest.. A seagul landed on the chimney just before the white smoke came out announcing a pope has been chosen. The seagul being an unclean animal in the Old Testament. It does appear that this choice of pope is an interesting one.

    It also appears that more and more, people are relying on the interpretation of “other people” when it comes to the Bible. That, or the internet… The stage is certainly set for mass deception as critical thinking skills are lacking.


  43. Wow! I read the article you cited above.. I had not realized that the “emerging church”, and “social gospel” fits in with the Jesuit agenda in this manner.. But it does make sense. It is all about the tangible, mystical acceptance of anything but true, total dependence upon Jesus.

    As far as the protestant church goes.. It is almost like the war in Vietnam… You really can’t tell who is, and who is not the enemy… sitting in the pew with you can be someone who has absolutely no relationship with Jesus.. But certainly claims to have one.

    This deception is certainly widespread…

  44. I liked the article for the most part.
    What I see most of in reading the comments are christians bashing christians. Only The Lord Jesus can save and only he can judge hearts.

    This is the problem with christians, they feel the need to judge other christians that are a different denomination.. but Are we not all Christian? Can we not see what we are doing to Christ? Ye Blind leading the blind, ye men of little faith!
    No wonder we have lost respect of others in the world . WE Christians can’t even get along.
    We as christians need to stand together under The Father, Son and Holy Spirit .

    Christian = Belief in Jesus, the gift of his life for us.

  45. All~4~Him,

    Not all that claim to be Christians are in the Body of Christ. Do not confuse Christian identity or institutions that claim to speak for Christianity with true Christianity. Christianity is a birth into the Body of Christ through belief in the Savior that God sent to pay for our sins.

    We also are not judging the salvation of individuals withing Roman Catholicism. Only God knows who really believes. However, the heart of man is deceitfully wicked according to scripture (Jer 17:9), so what people believe in their hearts will not save them unless they believe that salvation comes through Jesus alone (not following institutional doctrines of their denomination and not through Mary or contemplating the Jesus made up in their own mind). It is obvious by what some in religion say and do that they do not really believe in the biblical Jesus.

    I am afraid that the Church is tasked with sorting out truth by comparing dogma to what scripture actually says. That is not Christians bashing Christians. Truth bashing damnable heresies is not Christian bashing. If we just let people go to Hell without telling them the truth their blood will be upon us. We must contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints (Jude 1:3). The passage says was once delivered, notice that it does not say it will be will be delivered by future infallible Popes.

    I think I have already mentioned that many of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic church are antichrist so there can be no unity upon a false gospel that leads people to Hell even if some people want to believe that all mentioning the name of Jesus are Christians. Jesus says otherwise:

    Matt 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
    24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:
    25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. (The Word is that rock and is both the written Word and the Word that dwelt among us).
    26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:
    27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

  46. According to 4 him.. I guess the letters from the Apostles should have never been written.. They should have just let all the first century Christians just adopt whatever opinion they wanted about Jesus, and not correct them… lest they be “bashing”, and “judgmental”… Truth is truth.. Andy any dogma or theology that takes away from the supremacy of Jesus is a lie… A lie that is taking people to hell.. And another thing.. When did we get so squeamish about telling people that without Jesus, they are going to hell! That is not bashing.. That is truth outlined by Scripture. I guess Jesus was bashing when he mentioned hell more times that he mentions heaven.. Or when he said that the Narrow Gate was the way, and few shall find it. This emergent feel good emotional kumbaya singing phony gospel is taking people to hell….

    Additionally… Were not talking about minor theological differences like “did Adam have a belly button”.. We are talking about serious theological matters that need to be taken with the level urgency deserved… Those who do not understand the seriousness, need to get better informed.

    Sorry Don… I just had to get that off my chest… It may be off topic, and not get posted.. And that is ok, I wont be offended.. 🙂 This was a great thread by the way.


  47. Don, this has been a most interesting topic, I can see your zeal for Christ by some of your comments. I also notice that your answers are soley based on scripture, this is good. Scripture constantly warns us from start to finish to beware of false prophets, who use the name of Christ. It also states that they way to destruction is wide and many their are that go by it’s way, but the road to salvation is narrow and few their are that find it. Scarry isn’t it.

  48. Yes truth is truth, the only way to the Father is through the Son. Too many have forgotten His love for all.
    Heaven is real, but so is hell.
    When One professes Christ as Lord and savior
    That He lived and died for their sins, They live their life Following the 10 commandments,
    yet is Luthern or Babtist.(protastant) … Eastern Orthodox or Catholic that name is not what saves them, it is only Christ.
    The faith in him, his love and mercy is my simple faith, and what will get us thru these dark days
    Just my humble opinion.

  49. If anyone is looking to get more info on this topic, you can get the book by Dave Hunt “A Woman Rides the Beast”. In my humble opinion, it gives a good history of the catholic church and of the popes. It also deals with the jesuits in detail. It reads like a textbook though. Don, have you read this book?

  50. Adam,

    Yes I have read it. It is a very well documented book. I highly recommend it. It is one of Dave Hunts greatest works.

    The history of the Roman Church in “Petrus Romanus” by Tom Horn and Chris Putinam is also very good. However, their book brings in a lot of pagan conjecture and mysticism that I do not recommend. I did a write up on that book last June. People should read my article or the book to understand why there is all this speculation about this Pope.

  51. It’s interesting to share, (in the context of his forum ) about the unfolding of short term global prophecies by Maria Divine Mercy at in time and space such as the Spain earthquake, Volcanoes, assassination of Gaddafi (as I have personally confirmed with the visionary months before the event) and also about the forced departure of Pope Benedict XVI to happen much before the Warning event). The latest prophecy is about a false prophet taking over the seat of Vatican if it turns out to be true especially if the Holy Eucharist is compromised I think the clergy should take those Crusade and Litany prayers (over 100 Nos) seriously

  52. This post by Alb is posted to show what some Roman Catholics are expecting just from the prophecies of just one Catholic mystic. There are many. Therefore, you should see that many in the Roman Catholic Church have already been set up to receive the signs and messages that I said will come to deceive many that believe these extra biblical revelations.

  53. They teach there is no salvation for anyone outside of Roman Catholicism?

    That is not true.

    The Catholic Church teaches that salvation comes through Jesus Christ, and that the prayers of the faithful will help guide all to the Salvation of Christ.

  54. The scripture in 1Cor. 4:6 that exhorts us “not to go beyond what is written,” comes to mind. The Lord has revealed to us, through the canon of His word, what we need to know for today and every day. But what a temptation it is to go after the titillating, which tends to puff up.

    The Mayan calendar turned out to be a fluke, so here comes the next bit of extra biblical excitement. Thanks for the great article, Don, it sure has created some very interesting conversations and has revealed how the enemy uses “religion” and the doctrines of men to blind people from the simple truth of the gospel.

  55. Mark,

    That may be what they tell people but like usual the Devil is in the details. For example, in their infallible doctrine they say:

    So, then, if anyone says that the Roman Pontiff has merely an office of supervision and guidance, and not the full and supreme power of jurisdiction over the whole Church, and this not only in matters of faith and morals, but also in those which concern the discipline and government of the Church dispersed throughout the whole world; or that he has only the principal part, but not the absolute fullness, of this supreme power; or that this power of his is not ordinary and immediate both over all and each of the Churches and over all and each of the pastors and faithful: let him be anathema. (Vatican I, Session 4, Ch. 3)

    That statement means anyone that does not submit to the Pope is under damnation.
    So when they are saying that prayers of the faithful will help guide all to the Salvation of Christ. They are talking about the faithful Roman Catholic’s prayers converting the world. They are not saying that people that will not submit to the Pope can be saved. There are at least 100 such infallible damnations against those that will not submit to the Pope, if I recall correctly.

    By the way, even what you said is heretical. The prayers of the saints do not guide all to the Salvation of Christ. First of all, the scripture is clear and even Roman Catholic doctrine says that not all will be saved, and second, it is the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit that draws people to Christ not the prayers of the faithful. Only those given to Jesus Christ by the Father can be saved.

    Rom 9:15 For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.
    16 So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.
    17 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.
    18 Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will he hardeneth.

    The Church plays no role in salvation of others, other than giving the gospel to the world. People must still hear, believe and repent from their own ways and turn to God’s Savior by faith.

    Now you may want to claim that people that have no knowledge of submitting to the Pope can be saved. That of course is true, but then they really do not know Roman Catholic doctrine and really should not be labeled Roman Catholics. We might just call them Christians that gather at a denominational building, or no building at all.

  56. What myammi said about maybe this all being just another Mayan prophecy type of thing has a definite ring of truth. I mentioned earlier that I only really trust prophecy in the Bible. That’s not to say that I am blind to what is happening in the world. All this stuff is somewhat like circumstantial evidence that might be brought out in a trial. One or two evidences might not convict someone but get enough and you’ll hang ’em. Never in my life do I recall so much happening in the world that either obliquely or directly seem to fit what God’s Word says about the nearness of “the time of the end”. Mayan prophecies, papal prophecies, middle east problems, UFO’S, weather patterns, earthquakes, apostate churches…the list goes on. Now everyone is jumping on the next “big thing”. So what is a Christian to make of all this? Oddly, I find at least for myself, these topics energize me and I get more resolve to understand the REAL prophecies and how they relate to these times.

    Which by the way leads me to ask your opinion of an article on Rapture Ready (if it’s of any interest to you and you have the time). It’s titled “Stuff Just Got Serious!” by Donna Wasson. It’s about the new Pope, his Jesuit background and the role Jesuits may be playing today. I don’t know much about her except she is a regular poster on the RR site. Not knowing anything about Jesuits I can’t say how much, if any, is true. She comes across a bit like some conspiracy type and I’m not quite sure what to do with it. It was a pretty fascinating article, I’ll give her that. I just don’t want to get too carried away with all this papal stuff. Just some more circumstantial evidence? Here’s a link for those interested:

  57. John,

    I read RR quite a bit. They have some good stuff. Donna is pretty on target. She gets a bit direct and can come acrossed as a bit harsh at times. But she is pretty theologically sound. I find her direct approach refreshing after the lukewarm Oprah-ized feel good touchy feeling kiss the world’s rear end approach that we have seen for the last 20 years… 🙂


  58. John,

    I read the link it started off good but then it went into a lot of conjecture.
    I would agree that the Jesuits are now the major force bringing the one world agenda upon the earth. However, I think the article is about 60 percent true, 30 percent conjecture and 10 percent total BS from someone that thinks she has total knowledge about the inner workings of all satanic groups. And apparently she also knows the mind of Satan and what God is going to allow in His own sovereignty and when. It is not going to work out quite like she thinks, but I see no point in trying to get into the conjecture points.

    If we go beyond history and then advance into fictional conjectures and if we go beyond what the scriptures say into our own version of the end times, even those that say they see are themselves being deceived.

    The Jesuits have influence in all world ideologies, so no matter how world events actually turn out they continue to advance the prime directive. That prime directive is the Roman Catholic Church ruling the world. How they get there is through the dietetic process of thesis and antitheses. Like Chess, they cannot know all their future moves until they see how the last move affected that game plan. So obviously an outside observer is not going to have all their moves figured out in advance either.

  59. I often thought if the RCC would like nothing more that to bring about another neo-Holy Roman Empire. Is it not global domination that more powful rulers seek; i.e. Communist, Islam ….?

    Seems our early presidents and Founding Fathers also had some concerns about the Jesuits and the RCC. Don’t quite get the connection to the assassination of Lincoln. Except for his defending a priest who dared to speak against a bishop.

    Not sure about the web link, so you’re on your own on the link, unless Don has some input.

    The Jesuit Connection to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

  60. AnnS,

    I have nothing to say about speculative hits by the Jesuits on Lincoln, JFK, or Pope John Paul I, etc., because God does not brief me on these matters. On the other hand, the wretched means of Jesuits in the past is a matter of historical record.

  61. I find this site to be interesting. Pope Francis is the 6th pope in my lifetime and every one of them have been accused of being the anti-Christ. Than the Pope dies and the anti Christ thing starts over with the new pope and on and on. Actually us humans have no idea who the anti christ is-and I’m sure it won t be a pope–not with the repetition of the anti -Christ thing with each pope. The pope is mearly the leader of the largest christian denomination in the world–a billion and 1/3 Christians in this faith. Seems many don t understand the RCC so there is a fear of what they don t understand. I am not Catholic but I have many Catholic-Christian brothers and sisters in christ–We all believe in Jesus as the son of God -just that simple. There are many doctrine issues between Christian churches, but we still have the same God. Doctrine in any church is mostly man made-just our interpation of how worship and bliefes should be and no one is all right or all wrong. So, seems after going through a number of popes who died before they could be the anti-Christ-it is time to move past that nonsense and stand together with our brothers and sisters. Divide and conquor was very successful in bringing down nations and that concept is being used by those who wish to destroy the christian faith–that should not be allowed ot happen if we stand united. thank you and God bless you good souls—

  62. Scott,

    Your problem is that you do not know what the Roman Catholic Church adds to Christian doctrine to make it an antichrist religion. Christ came to lead people to salvation. The Roman Catholic Church leads people to Hell. I was a devote Roman Catholic, so I know what they teach, obviously you admit that you do not.

    Just because the Catholics you know say they believe in The Son of God does not mean much if their Jesus does not offer any way to salvation except through their own religiosity. I can say I believe in Allah but Allah is not the God of the Bible. How do I know? Because the teaching said to come from Allah contradicts what God said in the Bible. How do I know that Catholics have a different Jesus? Because their claims of How He saves sinners contradicts what the Bible says.

    I can say I believe in the great tooth fairy that puts quarters under my pillow if I stay on the yellow brick road to the wizard but unless there are such beings my faith is just in a made up fantasy, it is in vain.

    The problems with Catholics is that they do not trust in Jesus for there salvation, they trust in a gospel not given that has a different Jesus that tells the Pope to put traps in the way of people trying to find the free gift of salvation. The Jesus of the Pope has a different gospel, because the Popes have a different Jesus. Their God even needs a human mother interceding to save the world. This is not the gospel once given through which people must be saved. Is is a false gospel that if people believe leads them into condemnation.

    So don’t tell me that Catholicism is true Christianity and don’t tell me that doctrine of real Christians is mostly man-made. If that were true nobody would be saved. Correct doctrine about salvation is what the scripture teaches about salvation. And if that doctrine is false it is heresy. The Catholic Church is into many damnable heresies. These are matters of life and death to the soul, they are not secondary issues. The Roman Catholic Church is the Harlot of Revelation 17. Read her wretched history. This is not Christianity, it is a perverse counterfeit.

    Having said that, some Protestant denominations are just as far off but they are not true Christianity either. Christianity is a personal relationship with the Creator of the universe through a spiritual rebirth, it is not a religion that just identifies with the name.

    True Christians cannot unite with Harlots just so everyone can say they are one. It was the heresy in the Roman Church that caused the split and if they do not repent of their heresy there can be no unity. If Satan has infiltrated the Roman Church, and we Christian unite with them, just who are we suppose to stand united against?? The real Jesus?

  63. There are several words that the socialist media have taken and abused; gay is one of them but that is so false it is almost laughable, but there are others with far more subtle and destructive changes.

    Conservative has been changed to non-progressive – backward; fundamentalist to fanatic – terrorist; with the word doctrine, especially regarding the Bible as rigid – inflexible – then on to critical – unloving. This meaning has been eagerly accepted by ignorant Christians, for it excuses their lazy attitude to the Bible and leaves them free to follow their own lusts.

    If these professing Christians would busy themselves with Jesus Christ they would at least study the New Testament to see who he really is and what he taught, not what their particular Wolf (Pastor Priest Bishop Pope) wants them to believe.

    Bible believing Christians are hated in this the Devil’s world because of their stand regarding God’s Word. That word is an indictment on all who prefer their own opinions rather than God’s; those who prefer self-righteousness rather than what God SAYS is right.

  64. @Scott, I understand people like you, it seems, who are motivated by mercy. But, mercy without knowledge can’t even be called loving, and I’m sure you think your eccumenical attitude is just that. But love that doesn’t warn about false teaching, stumbling blocks, or the traditions of men, and allows a fellow man, woman or child to continue on their way to hell, can not be called love.

    Even the demons believe in Jesus, and they tremble because of the coming judgment that has been appointed for them. I would humbly suggest that you spend more time in the word of God so that you can truly know & recognize the genuine gosple. Then when a counterfeit gospel with it’s counterfeit Christ comes along you will immediately recognize it to be false. Don is exactly right that true Christians can not unite with harlots. We are to “come out from among them” and be holy.

  65. Just a thought about the Pope’s chosen name Francis. It’s said to be in recognition of Francis of Assisi who it would appear this man is apparently emulating. There is another Francis though in the early history of the Jesuits – Francis Borgia, a relative of Pope Alexander VI, King Ferdinand of Aragon, and Emperor Charles V. I wonder if there is a connection and whether it would be of any significance? Not that it really matters anyway!

  66. Hi Dave,

    There is probably a duel purpose here. He can claim to be a man of the people like Assisi but also honor the Jesuit Borgia.

  67. 25 March 2013/ 14 Nisan 5773 / Passover

    I find the following quote from the CNN article referenced below to be quite prophetic with very chilling implications for the true “Body of Christ.”

    Pope Francis I on 3/14/13 to the cardinals who elected him as next Vicar of Christ: “I would like for all of us, after these days of grace, that we find courage to walk in the presence of God … and to build the church with the blood of Christ,” the pope continued. “Only this way will the church move forward.”

    Reference CNN Article:
    New pope talks courage on first day

  68. Thank you again, Don, for your insight in these latest articles. I purposely watched Jack VanImpe the other night and he dedicated most of the program to the new pope. Not once did he mention the Jesuit information. You are so right, he feeds in to the Catholic stuff. He must have many supporters. He so often refers to men who have left the doctrines of the faith by his words “May God help him!”. I pray Jack will openly admit his error to the Catholic doctrine and stand on what he seems to always state that salvation is by Christ alone. We always pray we will end well and I pray this for men who preach, teach, and exhort others in the faith. I don’t like to see something so newsworthy to Christians brushed under the table. I gave the websites you recommended to Christian friends and they were amazed. They are not hearing about this Jesuit information anywhere. Thanks for your insight!

  69. G’Day Don
    Interesting blog.
    For those who have mentioned Dave Hunts book “A woman Rides The Beast” I would agree that it is a solid study on the role of the Roman Catholic Church in the last days.
    It is an amazing book incredibly well referenced for the diligent student.
    The world now has a Jesuit Pope.
    No surprises there.
    The group who’s desire is to unite ALL religion under Rome have now got their man in top spot.
    Given all the other signs that show we are in the very last of the last days before Jesus comes for His Bride, we can look at this news from Rome and cry Maranatha.
    “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” (Luke 21:28 NKJV)

  70. Marc,

    I hate to tell you this but you have the wrong Cardinal. Bertone was one of the front runners but he was not elected Pope and is not Pope Francis.

  71. Don,

    You are right, I am sorry, I had the name of the wrong cardinal…

    But perhaps the present pope Francis I doesn’t count on the prophecy of St Malachi because pope Benedictus XVI is still alive and a pope remains pope until his death, maybe a next pope that will be elected will be Cardinal Tarcisio PIETRO Evasio Bertone that fit so well the prophecy, and maybe Benedictus XVI retirement and the fast election of pope Francis I is done for that purpose, that people get confused and won’t more pay attention to the prophecy anymore when the true Petrus Romanus will come… just thingking…

  72. To all,

    The following link has the entire mottoes attributed to St. Malachy and the popes that were said to fulfill them.

    As you see, the mottos end at 112. The unusually long Peter the Roman motto is number 112 (the 112th pope is Pope Francis if your keeping track)

    If you really can put the 38 mottoes since 1590 with each of these last 38 Popes, I think your mind probably has crossed over from critical thinking to wanting to see things that really are not there.

  73. I am preferring to withhold my entire first name as I am a public school teacher who would like to keep her job and continue to bring God’s Light into such a dark system. My in-laws are Catholic and my husband grew up Catholic. I also have a close friend in a Bible study who is Catholic. And every time I hear Catholic I want to shake people and scream! The Bible clearly does NOT want us to pray to anyone but God. My husband left the Catholic church and never looked back. Our church even mentioned how praying to these saints (even Mary) was NOT worshiping God but idols. But I digress. Our church did a long study on the End Times and what to expect. I’m sure you already know this, but the devil enjoys mimicking God. Antichrist (the devil’s version of the Messiah), etc. This new pope has been doing very humble things and winning many young people. I don’t think he’s the Antichrist but I am wondering if he is paving the way for the Antichrist. In other words the devil’s version of John the Baptist. Thoughts?

  74. H,

    John the Baptist was the prophet that witnessed the coming of the Messiah. So, if Pope Francis were the Devil’s version of John the Baptist he would be the False Prophet of the Antichrist.

    This Pope is really being deceptive with his false humility. He washes the feet of convicts who are incarcerated for doing evil and not following Christ. Jesus washed the feet of his 12 disciples as an example of how we are to serve each other in the spiritual Body of Christ. How is washing the feet of outlaws anything other than a grand show of false humility? Then on top of that this pope washes the feet of a Muslim Woman and calls Muslims brothers. Islam is Antichrist. Allah has no Son according to their religion. They are not our brothers.

    Even so, if we are near the last days and if the Harlot of Revelation 17 is an ecumenical world religion led by Rome we are going to have to see world religions coming together on humanistic themes. We have seen nothing yet.

  75. Hi Don.
    This Peter the Roman thing reminds me of a true psychiatric case where the patient claimed he was dead. The psychiatrist could not convince him otherwise. Then the “doctor” came up with an idea.
    He asked the patient, “Do the dead bleed?”
    “Of course the dead do not bleed,” the “dead” patient replied.
    “Then,” said the psychiatrist, “we could easily prove if you are dead or not. If you allowed me to prick your thumb we could prove it either way.”
    The “dead” man confidently offered the trick-cyclist his thumb. When the latter pricked it, a trickle of blood flowed from it.
    “Wow!” said the “dead” patient, “The dead DO bleed!”
    Those who believe the Malachy “prophecy” have shown themselves to have the same mentality.
    So do religious people and those who follow political parties. You can hit them with all kinds of facts. They will only accept those which squeeze into their already help paradigms.
    I was a Catholic and found that there was substance to the old cliche: You can always tell a Catholic but you can’t tell him much. But I apply that to every religion and political so-called philosophy.
    Sadly, a lot of non-Christians can’t tell the difference between Churchianity and Christianity. We have ecumenism to thank for that.
    We have much to be thankful for regarding sites like this one. It is cheering to see that you, Don, are willing to contend for the faith [Jude 3] rather than compromise.
    I did recently get the news, as Bruce has mentioned, that Dave Hunt has gone to be with the Lord. While I am glad for Dave, I am sad for the rest of us. He will be greatly missed. I have learnt so much from him.
    God bless.

  76. MARY is sinless and conceived without sin..

    Adam and Eve were created sinless as well before the fall so why not Mary who was soon to be the vessel of the WORD. Otherwise God in the person of Christ would have fallen into the original sin as well.

    The Angel Gabriel said: “Hail, Full of Grace!” which by this alone confirms her preserved sinless state as Adam and Eve were created also full of grace at the moment of immaculate conception.

    Mary exclaimed “My saviour” which reveals her humility before God and men. And thus by this, she prophecized that ALL GENERATIONS SHALL CALL HER BLESSED. Only Catholics do that. The rest, do otherwise and everything to humiliate her, debase her and dishonor her!

    Remember Jesus is GOD? So why does he have to subject HIMSELF to circumcision on his 8th day after birth? Its humility dear! How can you teach others if you yourself is not subject to the law.

    This is same with Mary. The mother of GOD for she bore God in the person of Christ in her womb.

    While this is true, it doesn’t make her GOD just because she is the mother of GOD. It is only by virtue and by grace that she became the Spouse of God the Holy Spirit and the Mother of God the son,

    but she will still remain as the daughter of God the Father.

  77. Ed,

    The Bible clearly says all have sinned

    Ro 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
    Ro 5:12 Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned:

    If Mary is human she was in the same fallen state that all humans were in. By one man, sin entered the world and by one man’s obedience sin was paid for. That is why scripture calls Jesus the second Adam.

    You’re wrong about Jesus being in the fallen nature. He always existed as God and was conceived in the egg of Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was God in a human woman. Mary was a segregate mother, but Jesus was God before the incarnation. He was always God and was still God in the womb of Mary.

    The angel Gabriel saying that Mary was full of grace did not mean she was sinless. All that trust in the Lord for their salvation are in God’s grace. Gabriel was just telling Mary that she was blessed over all other woman because she was chosen to be the mother of the Savior of the world. That is a fact, and it was through the grace of God that Mary received this honor not because she was born superhuman or had reached perfection herself. There were no perfect believers ever in the history of the fallen world other than Jesus. If Mary was not a fallen human then Jesus would not even qualify to be the kinsman redeemer of the Human Race. He had to be fully human to do that. Through the DNA of Mary he became fully human but through the conception by the Holy Spirit He was fully God within a woman’s egg and then a womb.

    Jesus kept all the law for us because there is no way that we can possibly keep all points of the law. Jesus came to fulfill the law because we could not do it. He went to the cross sinless in our place. Jesus did not come to teach us how to be righteous by keeping the law like Himself. That was impossible for fallen man and that is why He did it for us and bridged the gap between fallen man and a righteous sinless God. For by one man’s disobedience sin came into the world and by one man obedience unto death on the cross sin is now covered by His blood. We become righteous by trusting in the the righteous Son that God sent to save the world and not by trying to emulate the works of Jesus.

    All true Christians are in the Body of Christ by betrothal to the King. Mary also is in the same body. She is a great Saint but you dishonor her when you go beyond scripture and make claims about her that she would never claim. The real tragedy is the claimed messages from Mary always have a works theology that is totally contrary to scripture. Mary would do no such thing. So if the message is not coming from Mary and is conflicting with the gospel of Grace through Faith given in the scriptures you can be sure there is a demonic entity of deception behind it. And I can tell you who. It is the same Queen of Heaven demon that Israel worshiped in the Old Testament. Open your bible and read what God had to say about that entity in Jeremiah.

  78. I notice, ed10908, that you call Mary the Mother of God.
    I remember at my Catholic schools having to pray to the images of this Semiramis (on which this Mary is based), painted and sculpted from the imaginations of artists. Often they looked quite different from each other.
    The usual prayer we recited had in it the words “Holy Mary, Mother of God.” As God has always existed, how in the name of common sense–let alone of logic and Scripture–can God then have a mother?
    I’m sorry, but the very idea is utterly ridiculous.
    Jesus makes it very clear that, as a Christian, Mary was no greater in God’s sight than any other Christian [Matt 12:46-50; Mark 3:31-34].
    Not so long ago I read about Jewish men being uncomfortable on reading the way Jesus spoke to Mary in John 2:4, addressing her as “Woman”. They considered it inappropriate in their culture to address one’s mother in that way. So in no way would they have seen Jesus regarding His mother in any way as equal to God.
    By the plain statements of Scripture neither should any Christian for it does not give us any santion to do so.
    Mary herself stated plainly that God was her Saviour [Luke 1:47]. So there is no way she would have wanted anyone to look upon her as God. The idea is utter blasphemy. It would have been blasphemy to any Jewish person then as it still is now to all but the Messianic minority.
    Indeed, Jews tried to stone Jesus for making Himself equal with God. And, if Jesus had been any other person who ever lived, they would have been well within their rights!!!
    As to Mary’s being full of grace putting her on a par with God: let’s consider something. Surely we will all be full of grace when we spend eternity with Christ. Will that then make us all equal to God?
    Of course it won’t. We need God to give us that grace. So did Mary.
    It is interesting in Roman Catholic worship that Mary is not only called the Queen of Heaven, as Semiramis was; but she is also worshiped with a child. So was Semiramis, Isis and other forms of the same pagan goddess.

  79. Sorry, I missed out some words in the sentence above starting, “It would have been blasphemy to any Jewish person then..” The words following should be “to put anyone on a level with God” before @and it still is now to all but the Messianic minority.” My mistake!

  80. According to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church:
    [The “Code of Canon Law” and the “Catechism of the Catholic Church.”]

    The Catholic Mary is the Icon/Idol of “the Church” in these Final Days.
    The Catholic Mary the “all-holy ever-virgin Mother of God.”
    The Catholic Mary was “pure from all personal sin throughout her life.”
    The Catholic Mary is exalted above the Apostles of Christ.
    The Catholic Mary “goes before” the Church.
    The Catholic Mary was conceived without sin.
    The Catholic Mary is one they pray to.
    The Catholic Mary is who they surrender their lives to.
    The Catholic Mary brings the “gifts of eternal salvation.”
    The Catholic Mary is put on the same level as God.
    The Catholic Mary is perfect and her name is to be honored.
    The Catholic Mary is the Queen of Heaven.
    The Catholic Mary is a “god” of the “Church” and is to be worshiped!
    The Catholic Mary is the “bride without spot or wrinkle.”
    The Catholic Mary has taken the place of Christ!
    The Catholic Mary is worshiped by the “Vicar of Christ,” the Pope!
    The Pope is Peter’s successor.
    The Pope is infallible by virtue of his office.
    The Pope is the Vicar or substitute for Christ on this earth.
    The Pope has full, supreme, and universal power over the whole Church.
    The Pope has full power and authority over all ecumenical councils.
    The Pope must approve all decrees of the ecumenical council.
    The Pope has full authority over the college of bishops.
    The Pope has the final word with no appeal process whatsoever.
    The Pope seeks to have power over all men everywhere in all churches.

  81. C. Read,

    All true, and that is why the whole Roman system gives a message that is in direct opposition to salvation offered only through faith in Jesus Christ. And many ecumenical Protestants think Christendom can unite with those that believe such blasphemy and damnable heresy?? Maybe the Harlot of Revelation 17 can, but true Christians cannot.

  82. The Catholic Church is and always has been leading their followers astray, but lets not be so quick to opine on these followers being led so far astray that they are doomed to Hell. For confirmation of this there are dozens and dozens of verses in the Word, but one needs to look no further than Romans 10:9 or 1 John 5:1. If you accept The Lord Jesus Christ’s work on the cross as penalty for your sins, you will be saved. Period.
    In response to some speculating that the AntiChrist will likely be Jewish, this is false. In Ezekiel 44 7:8 when God returns to the Temple after the 2nd Coming he charges the Jews of bringing uncircumcised foreigners in both flesh and heart into His sanctuary. This is a reference to the anti-Christ and his false prophet and confirms they won’t be Jewish.

  83. John,

    The problem is that most Catholics do not accept the Lord Jesus Christ’s work on the cross as the penalty for their sins or they would not be confessing their mortal sins to a priest believing that if they die before they confess they will go to hell. Obviously there is no assurance of salvation in Catholicism unless you follow the decrees of the institution until death.

    It comes down to believing in the actual Savior that God sent rather than a counterfeit Jesus make up by some Institutional Church with all the conditions that they add. Catholics may or may not be saved but salvation for Catholics did not come through following the erroneous doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church that teaches no assurance of salvation by just confessing Jesus.

    Ezekiel chapter 44 7-8 just says you have brought uncircumcised in heart, and uncircumcised in flesh into His sanctuary. Jews can be uncircumcised in heart and in flesh. I don’t see why anyone would think that an Antichrist with Jewish bloodlines would be a believer? Besides, true Jews do not bring the Antichrist into the Temple. He enters the temple himself and desecrates it. So, I do not think you proved your point even though I personally think the Antichrist will probably be a Gentile.

  84. Don,
    There’s a lot more depth to the first sentence in your response than can be summed up in, well , one sentence. Not unlike many who show up to Christian Church, just going through the motions with no true belief, on the polar end of the spectrum there are undoubtedly true believers in Catholic Church going through their Church’s motions, who may or may not suspect that something doesn’t match up with what their Bible states, yet they continue on in their Church for various reasons( blissful ignorance, family, region of the world etc)
    At the end of the day though, away from the priests, the confession booth and the tainted theology when these same believers pray to Jesus Christ and ask his forgiveness, does he turn away because they were led astray to a bogus theology? Ill let someone else make that speculation. I personally believe that the leaders of that Church’s flock will be the ones held responsible, as stated in scripture in passages such as James 3:1
    In regards to the Antichrist and the aforementioned verse in Ezekiel. Being uncircumcised, as is used in this context and throughout much of the Bible is symbolic. Uncircumcised in the flesh is of course a symbolic reference to genealogy, not the physical act of circumcision. And I respectfully disagree on your last point.
    “in admitting foreigners, uncircumcised in heart and flesh, to be in my sanctuary, profaning my temple, when you offer to me my food, the fat and the blood. You have broken my covenant, in addition to all your abominations”. (Ezekiel 44:7 ESV)
    Note the first three words. Admission to something does not happen unless its allowed to happen. In this case, the Jews, having rejected Jesus Christ as their Messiah, have accepted( admitted) the AntiChrist into the temple as their false messiah. He doesn’t desecrate the temple until later on in the Tribulation.

  85. John,

    Apparently you are not very familiar with Catholics. I grew up Catholic, was educated Catholic, and all my family is Catholic. And except for a few exceptions they do not even open any Bible, yet know that salvation comes by believing and trusting in Jesus period.

    At the end of the day they also do not pray in the way you think either. They say rote prayers and most of them are to Mary. Nor, do they confess sin and ask for forgiveness in the way you think. They confess their sins to a priest at a confession booth, most of them do not ask God for forgiveness outside of that formality. In fact, the priest is the one that intercedes for them and tells them to pay a penitence so that their sins will be forgiven.

    The bottom line is that you really ought to learn something about Catholicism before you become an apologist for Catholics claiming that they are just like any other Christians.

    In regards to the Antichrist, you again have it wrong because you’re not understanding the nature of the Antichrist and you also do not have sufficient knowledge of these prophetic events. The man who becomes the Antichrist does not put on that Son of Perdition (Beast Antichrist) moniker until Satan is cast out of heaven and the Son of Perdition rises out of the abyss and incarnates this man. So there is no Antichrist figure until the midst of the last seven years anymore then there was a Messiah in Israel before the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.

    Only after the two prophets are dead does the Antichrist enter the Temple claiming to be be above anything called God. So it is not the Jews that let the Antichrist into the Holy Place. No Jewish priest would ever allow a non priest enter the Holy Place and you already said the Antichrist will not be a Jew so why would they allow a non Jew to be their promised Jewish Messiah and also allow Him to be their High Priest? It simply does not compute. Jews that believed their own prophets, will flee to the mountains for protection when this abomination takes place in the Holy Place. They were told it would begin the worst time on earth that ever was or ever will be again.

  86. Actually I grew up Catholic, all the way from my infant baptism until early Teens. Family separated, and I started reading the Bible and then it hit me: what am I telling my sins to a guy in a booth for? Why not go straight to the source? Sadly, many( most) Catholics are still caught up in the nonsense. Apologist? Hardly. For the record, I dont believe all Catholics are saved, but I believe there are many in that congregation that indeed pray directly to Christ, and in my opinion, purporting to speculate on the salvation, or lack thereof rather, of some misled brothers and sisters who are being misled by their leaders is in direct violation of Matthew 7:3 and 1 Thess 4:11.
    “The man who becomes the Antichrist does not put on that Son of Perdition (Beast Antichrist) moniker until Satan is cast out of heaven and the Son of Perdition rises out of the abyss and incarnates this man. So there is no Antichrist figure until the midst of the last seven years anymore then there was a Messiah in Israel before the Holy Spirit descended upon Him.”

    There will be no Antichrist figure until 3 1/2 years into the Tribulation? True, he will not be indwelt by Satan until Satan is cast out of Heaven, but he will still possess supernatural abilities at the beginning of Daniels remaining 70th week. ( Daniel 9:27)
    These peace brokering abilities and charisma will make him one of the most popular characters on the planet, especially to Israel, having just sealed the deal for a Temple to be constructed.
    “No Jewish priest would ever allow a non priest enter the Holy Place and you already said the Antichrist will not be a Jew so why would they allow a non Jew to be their promised Jewish Messiah and also allow Him to be their High Priest?”

    First, this wouldn’t be the first time that a gentile has been considered an ” anointed one” , or a “divine messiah”, as was referred to Cyrus the Great who was Persian( Isaiah 45:1)
    Second: it may be hard to compute today, but the Rapture of the Church will have just happened as well as war in the Middle East. And again: the Antichrist will have helped construct the Temple, and essentially be viewed as Israel’s Savior. Only until he proclaims himself to be God will true Jewish believers realize something is terribly wrong.

  87. Having been raised a Roman Catholic, I actually have good memories of my time in Catholic grade school, going to Mass every day, and singing in the choir. However, when I went to public school it really bothered me when the kids would accuse me of worshiping Mary; and even though I never did, I have since discovered that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church does indeed advocate this idolatrous practice.

    Like most people, I used to believe that Catholicism was just another denomination of Christianity, and when I quit going to the Catholic Church (in the mid-eighties), it was not because I saw the great evil of the Roman Church—it’s just that it was getting too hard with three little girls under 4 years of age, to go to Mass and the Baptist Church every Sunday morning. When I told the priest about our decision that our family would just be attending my Husband’s Church, he was really taken aback, but I believe he sensed my sincerity, and didn’t try to talk me out of it.

    The leadership of the Roman Catholic Church, namely the Pope, is guilty of usurping the power and authority that exclusively belongs to the LORD Jesus Christ, and they use God’s name in order to advance their hidden agenda. And all who willingly support or have joined the Roman Catholic Church, and remain a part of this corrupt entity are an accessory to their evil deeds!

    2 John 1:7-11 “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an anti-Christ. Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.

    Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son.

    If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”

    The Catholic Church espouses many teachings contrary to the Holy Scriptures, and it has affected all of Christendom! Sadly, so many Christians blindly follow doctrines that were setup by Rome long ago, even though they defy God’s Word! The Roman Church exalt their beliefs and traditions above the Word of God, and they have cursed, persecuted, and even murdered those who did not comply with their edicts and commands!

    The Holy Days that God has directed His Chosen people to remember have great eternal significance, and they all center around Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel! Satan knows this, which is why the Wicked One has tried so hard to devalue, defile, or diminish God’s Word altogether.

    A true Christian would never advocate or celebrate Christ’s mass dismissal from its churches and society, but that is exactly what has happened! And under the cover of Darkness, the world has been led into an all-out celebration of a false-Christ! And the “apostate churches” are leading the way to the exaltation of the “anti-Christ!”

    2 Corinthians 6:14-18 “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath Light with Darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?

    For ye are the Temple (or the body) of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the LORD, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, and will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the LORD Almighty.”

    I can honestly say I never met Christ in the Roman Catholic Church, and not until I was in the deserts of Yuma, Arizona, in November 1979, at an extremely desperate time in my life, did I truly meet the LORD, when I called out to Him! He has never left me, and I Am certain He never will! Praise God! ?C. Read

  88. Against my better judgment I posted a comment that I suspected would get off the post topic and lo-and-behold it did. The post topic is the title and content of the posted article. It is not people’s views of the Catholic Church unless it directly relates to Pope Francis and the Jesuits and the possibility of him being the Antichrist or the False Prophet.

    There are already over one hundred comments on this post and I suspect that people will be downloading this article for years. Therefore, any comments that do not stay on the post topic will not be posted.

    As a final word to wrap up what I said to John, I will say this. We both can agree that some Catholics do believe in Jesus and will be saved in spite of the religious system that they are in. That is true of the Liberal protestant churches as well. I think the Lord’s letter to Thyatira and Sardis in Revelation apply. Notice those that do not overcome are not given any hope of escaping the great tribulation that is coming to try all on earth. However, the Bible believing Philadelphia Church is given hope to escape the great trial. Therefore, I think the great number saved in the tribulation will be those that now identify with Christ through their denomination rather than a birth into the body of Christ, but salvation will cost them their mortal lives.

    As for John’s suggestion that the man that will become the Antichrist will have supernatural abilities before he receives power from Satan at the midst of the seven years is not suggested anywhere in scripture. A man that is not yet the Antichrist is not already the Antichrist with less power in the first half of those seven years. The son of Perdition, The Beast Antichrist does not exist on earth until he rises out of the Abyss. Only then does the lying signs and wonders come via his False Prophet. There can be more than one human candidate for the Antichrist since men have free will. Only when he enters the temple and declares to be God will the astute know who Satan chose.

    What about the seven year covenant with Israel? Is that not with the future Antichrist? Many world secular and religious leaders might confirm that seven year covenant with the many. However, the Antichrist will be the one that gains the power to break the agreement and he probably does that by removing three of the ten kings and kingdoms and only then does the revived Roman Empire morph into the final Beast.

  89. Don, I hope you will allow me to thank C. Read for her simple yet eloquent testimony.

    Not having had anything to do with Roman Catholicism I have only seen its excesses and tended to paint all Catholics with the same brush.

    Such a testimony as hers can only be beneficial to all who read it; those like me should have a great deal more gentleness toward people within Rome Catholicism and those within Rome’s system might see the reality of the risen Christ, not just some historical religious/mystical figure.

  90. This isn’t to offend anyonre, an this doesn’t go towards catholics either. Its not catholics that are bad it’d the beast of Rome, which the leader of course is the pope, it explains very clear in Daniel an revelations about thus beast. Something they claim as sealed books, an that’s because it points right at them to the T. If we already know that the pope is a lead role in end times, then we obviously know he’ll demand worship, which is another thing he claimed to have power over, changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, now before I jump the gun lets see why that’s an issue.

    1. It is the day of rest which God made for us to rest, and he put a big “remember” in front if it. It wouldn’t be a big deal otherwise, an no the Sabbath was not just made for the Jews, but everyone. An to think it was done away, then so were the other 9.
    2. We also know its about good an evil an picking sides, well if it clearly says the beast demands workshop, then it goes back to remembering the true Sabbath day created by God an not man.
    If the Sabbath was, which isn’t done away with, then I can pick whoever I want to kill…… Just as long as I know in my heart there a bad person….
    the real issue is, when are we gonna finally get off or hind quarters an warn everyone else???

  91. David,

    I have studied Bible prophecy for forty years and I can assure you the teaching about the Beast is not as clear as you make it out to be from Daniel and Revelation (not revelations). The Beast cannot be both the religious Harlot of Revelation 17 and the Beast since the ten Kings that give their power to the Beast hate the Harlot and burn her with fire. Not to mention that the Beast/Antichrist of Revelation does not rise out of the sea until the midst of the last seven years, so it is a future event and the Roman Church of the past is not playing a part in it.

    As for the Roman Catholic Church and other denominations changing the Sabbath to Sunday. Most did nothing of the kind. Christians celebrate the Resurrection on Sunday. You are eating up too much Seventh Day Adventist propaganda. Christian worship on Sunday was established long before the Roman Catholic Church came into being.

    There is not one teaching or instruction to the New Testament Church about keeping the Sabbath and there is a passage suggesting that those that put themselves under such bondage are not wise.

    Col 2:16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

    There is instruction in the New Testament about the other nine commandments but the Sabbath is not mentioned because it is fulfilled for those that died with Christ, are now risen with Christ, and are now walking by the power of the Holy Spirit. Those in Christ are now in the Sabbath rest.

    You do not keep the Sabbath perfectly anyway and neither did most of Israel. There is much more to keeping the Sabbath than worshiping God on a certain day of the week.
    Anyway, the Sabbath is off the topic of this post, so there will be no follow-ups posted. I just thought I would clarify things for those with ears to hear.

  92. Dear Don,
    God will richly bless you abundantly. I was born into roman catholicism but the grace of God has appeared onto me. Everything you said is very correct. May God bless you and keep you.

    Remain rapturable

  93. I concur with Obi! But thanks for your comments on the Sabbath, Don. Though educated as a Catholic, I ended up in Armstrongism and was convinced by the man himself that it was incumbent upon Christians to keep the Sabbath.
    I know some people who have come out of Armstrongism but have returned to Sabbath-keeping. It’s partly because of that old argument that because the Sabbath is not dealt with in the New Testament as other commandments are, it shows that it is incumbent upon us to keep it. On being reminded of that argument, it started to niggle at my mind again. You have put my mind at ease for reminding me why the Sabbath is not mentioned in the NT.
    I know it’s now off topic for this post but I just want to thank you for clarifying why it’s no longer incumbent upon us.

  94. Apparently in fact at the moment we have two Popes.

    Right from the start I thought it unwise for the ‘old’ pope to remain at the Vatican. But I was even more surprised he was allowed to just walk about dressed as a Pope. After all the white cloth is only attached to the function of Pope. It shows how entirely ignorant they have become at the Vatican. Because apparently they feel they have to create the illusion that a Pope is something sacremental and hence they stay also after a resignation. This is nonsense even to staunch catholic standards, but the want to create the illusion apparently. The few popes who resigned in the past though were mostly locked up or murdered.

    Referring to the well read catholic lady who referred to three Popes these were Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II according to one visionary of Garabandal Conchita, who repeatedly said that then there would be one who not be Pope. Benedict strictly formly wasn’t, because he was only installed as Bishop of Rome. Also Francis only talks about him being bishop of Rome. Benedict would be that evil Pope. I agree with the first comment that it’s all smoke and mirrors, but exactly as such still correctly to the letter of their law. I have the feeling we haven’t seen the last of Benedict yet….

    See the following:

    Following article may show why:
    VATICAN CITY (The Borowitz Report)—Pope Emeritus Benedict’s return to the Vatican began on a sour note today as the current Pope, Francis, reprimanded him for rolling his eyes sarcastically during meetings, observers said.

    The trouble started when the former Pope showed up at a meeting Francis scheduled to discuss plans for his Christmas mass, a meeting that “Benedict wasn’t even invited to,” a Vatican source said.

    “It was awkward,” the source said. “Francis started talking about making an appeal to the world’s poor, and then Benedict started sighing in this really loud and obnoxious way.”

    After about ten minutes of suffering through Benedict’s sighing and eye-rolling, Francis “totally called him out on it,” the source said, adding, “What Benedict was doing was totally disrespectful. Plus, he is supposed to be retired, so he shouldn’t have been wearing his Pope costume.”

    Reached at his apartment at the Vatican, Benedict downplayed the incident, saying he “was just trying to be helpful.”

    “Look, Francis is insecure—I get that,” he said. “He’s new at being Pope and it’s not surprising that he’s making so many mistakes. Once he checks his ego at the door, I think he’ll thank his lucky stars that old Benedict is around to back him up.”

    Sources said that Benedict ignited tensions upon his return to Vatican City earlier this week when he posted a sign outside his residence reading “Home of the Original Pope.”

  95. Alan,

    Do you have a link to the source? I think that account is a little unbelievable.

    It may really get strange if Pope Francis dies before Pope Benedict.

  96. I’d like to see that source too. I have read a couple of the Borowitz Reports which appear in the New Yorker. They are satirical pieces written by the Comedian Andy Borowitz, and are hilarious to those of an ironical sense of humour.
    When Jonathan Swift wrote “Gulliver’s Travels” in the days when much of the world was still undiscovered, a well-know English clergyman wrote somewhat angrily, “I don’t believe a word of it.” Swift must have laughed himself to tears.
    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Bendedict either. But not because of anything Andy Borowitz has written about him.

  97. Martin,

    Thanks, I located links to the Borowitz report, it is obvious that nothing he says can be taken seriously. People ought to check out the source before they quote satire as fact.


    I think you mistaken entirely. Or you have no clue about how the catholic church functions internally. Benedict’s and Francis’s views on the papacy diverge miles away from each other. If you would know the ins and outs of the Vatican you know that Benedict as well as JPII were very far with their intentions to actually disband the Jesuits and replace them with Opus Dei. Obviously you are also not aware that also the Jesuits are more or less divided in the middle and has a current General and a supposed retired one, who behind the scenes is actually still very active.

    So you may think that the described behaviour has actually no foundation in reality. I wouldn’t know, because I was not there, but to me it sounds very credible and in line how such clergy behave. Behind the facades of ‘all bright and beautiful’ its a real clown’s circus…

  99. Alan,

    I am quite aware of the working of the Catholic Church. After all, I read Tom Horn’s books.

    I just do not buy into the writing of a satirist as fact. Now if you can quote someone who was actually at the Vatican event or even had second hand knowledge it might be more believable.

  100. The fact that Benedict is still living at the Vatican is pure fact. The fact that Benedict still wears his white papal clothes is pure fact. The fact that Francis is living in a hotel still, whereas Benedict is living in the Vatican permanently allegedly at the back the Vatican gardens is 100% fact. The fact that Ganzschwein Benedicts personal secretary is now serving both is 100% pure fact.

    The function of satire is to bring to surface a reality which is unspeakable in political terms. The factual situation is in fact unbelievable and if someone had mentioned the idea one year ago he would have been called ‘nuts’.

    If already the papacy has modernized and it was reasonable for Benedict to retire then the logical conclusion was. Fine! Thanks for the years of service and go for a well deserved retirement in Germany.

    But the very cardinals have already expressed their dismay about the situation and are taking care that in future such will not happen easily again.

    One of the first reactions of this thread strikes me as very true. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The vatican press itself from the 1960s onwards has done everything to make popular and believable the prophecy of the Popes.

    Technically the Pope is no Pontifex Maximus any longer. That means that the Bishop of Rome has now finally forfeated that. Benedict without anybody realising. Francis quite openly and nobody still taking notice.

    Does that mean that the Cardinals won’t want to claw it back in future? Or at least try? That seems very obvious.

    Do you have problems with this? Or only with an alleged happening describing the situation quite adequately as far as I am concerned.

    If you think that Benedict lives quietly in the backgarden praying 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week fully in obedience to the current Pope keeping his opinions to himself then I think, good for you! I don’t believe it for one minute though.

  101. Alan,

    I don’t know what the two Popes are doing in the Vatican, they might be playing Bridge with each other for all I know. Until you can up with a reliable source instead of quoting a Newyorker satirist’s column don’t expect other people to take seriously what you quoted as an actual happening in the Vatican, anymore than people should take quotes from Mad Magazine on the two Popes seriously.

    Come up with a reliable source for your claims if you want to taken seriously. Anyway, that is the end of the discussion on this, quoting a few known facts does not validate the rest of your fiction.

  102. Alan, I don’t doubt your sincerity for a second. But I have to concur with Don. After all, being sincere never made anyone correct. Having all the facts does make us correct–provided, of course, that they are not selected facts.
    You mention certain things are 100% pure fact. If so, would you please give your sources.
    Please remember that you are writing to Christians and it is incumbent upon us to “Prove all things” [1 Thess 5:21] and “Test the spirits” [1 John 4:1]. You will notice those Scriptures are in the imperative verbs for a very good reason–i.e., they are the same verbs in the original Greek. So that means they are commands to us and not suggestions.
    If you expect us to accept what you say is true, you must bear in mind that it is incumbent upon us Christians to obey those Scriptures. Before we can do that we need your sources.
    Also, Satire has plenty of functions. The first two, I reckon, is to amuse and inspire to laughter and I’m sure that was Borowitz’s intention.

  103. Alan has not done anything of the sort.
    Alan quotes an article in the general news that tells us what we all already know about the former Pope moving back to the Vatican and then acts like it is proof of what he has been saying.

    Then he follows that up by saying that the Pope fulfilled the Malachy prophecy but the prophecy does not say the end has come.

    Then Alan suggests as an excuse for his lack of proof, that I also am saying that Pope Francis is the Antichrist without any proof, when I was clearly just asking the question. Read the Title.

    Frankly, Alan just wants to argue things about this Pope that he cannot prove and he has wasted enough of the space on the comment section of this post. Alan’s comments other than the one above are no longer being posted because he is not credible. He ought to read my posting policy.

    Later, Alan makes the following statement.

    Christians are never humble. Because if they were they would realise that Jesus will never come back, because he has ages ago. And that’s funny, because they obviously do not believe his own words that he would so do.

    And of course admit in the same breathe that actually they do not know what they are waiting for.

    So in the end Alan exposes himself as an unbeliever or a heretic that quotes satire as fact for his own deceptive ends.

  104. Sorry, I haven’t looked at this post for over a month, Don.
    It’s interesting that Alan’s ideas are warned of in 2 Peter 3:3. Peter plainly states that those with such ideas are scoffers. So Alan, scripturally, is not only a scoffer but he is accusing Peter of not being humble and not believing Christ’s words!
    Ironically, Alan obviously doesn’t believe Christ’s own words in Matt 24:27; 37, Rev 22:12 & 17 for examples.
    It would be interesting to know what Alan would think of those Scriptures. Actually, No! It wouldn’t! I’d best not give him ideas. He would go off on another tangent for the sake of arguing.
    He’d do well in politics.

  105. Maybe Benedict and Francis are the antichrist and false prophet
    or false prophet and anti-christ ,Francis is going to brazil with an open vehicle
    no bullet proof top.
    just a speculation.
    and if the old white haired preacher on tv in the 1970’s with the black board was correct, Christ will return on August 7nth, 2022 ,and tribulation will start in 2015.
    he listed years added to when the dome on the rock mosque was built from Daniel the prophet, 1948, 1967, (3/26)1978/79 2022 or 2023
    as I read a post someplace that changed the date or year.
    and maybe neither of them is the beast or fp
    listen to mask of the great deceiver on seeds of change – kerry livgren along with waiting for ground zero…….
    Matthew chapter 24, Mark chapter 13, Luke chapter 21 ,Zechariah chapter 14
    ,May our Lord and God bless us each and everyone who calls on the name of Jesus Christ, as in 2nd Timothy.

  106. Kevin,

    I don’t even know who the old white haired preacher on TV in the 1970’s with the blackboard was? Nobody is going to figure out the date of the Lord’s return by adding conjecture to conjecture. The time is set by the Father and He is not telling because Satan and the Church is not to know. Can you even imagine what would happen on earth if we actually knew the date? As for Benedict and Francis fulfilling the roles of the Antichrist and False prophet, there is a greater chance that it will be Obama and Rick Joyner.

  107. I’d like to know the significance of the pope going to Brazil in an open vehicle with no bullet proof top?
    I’m not sure if Kevin’s impying that the pope is indestructible or that he is flaunting that he fears nothing? Perhaps Kevin’s insinuating that the pope is going to be shot or is going to be shot and raised from the dead.
    There are two theories on that: One is that Antichrist is to be killed and raised from the dead by Satan; or that that Antichrist will only seen to be killed and Satan will feign a pretended resurrection.
    There is another theory that the resurrection is not regarding the man but the Beast power (Rome, as some have reckon or resurrected Babylon in Iraq as others reckon). We know that Rome looked like it was dead but is now going through a resurrection in the EU–or, at least, can be interpreted as going though one.
    I get the impression that we won’t know who the Antichrist is until after the Rapture. If that is to be the case then I don’t want to know who he is. If I do I’ll be in the Great Tribulation!

  108. Hi Martin,

    Any literal reading of that passage in Revelation indicates that both the land of the Beast and a man identified as the Beast receive a deadly head wound. The head wound on the empire probably happens when 3 of the 10 original kings of the revived Roman empire (7th kingdom) are pulled out by the roots by the Beast. They probably will be assassinated and then the reordering of the kingdom becomes the eighth Beast kingdom. The eighth that was of the seven will apparently be led by the Beast who also received a deadly head wound but lived through the power of Satan.

    You are correct to believe if you knew who the Antichrist is you would be in the great tribulation. That’s why I think all these attempts to identify the Antichrist now is futile. He does not become the Antichrist until Satan is cast out of Heaven and the Son of Perdition (Apollonian?) is no longer hindered from rising out of the Abyss.

  109. Hi Don,
    Thanks for those comments. I hadn’t even thought of the Antichrist not becoming Antichrist till Satan is cast out of heaven. Would you reckon, then, that Antichrist (who presumably is alive now) would be unaware that he is Antichrist?
    So, of course, the kings are actually people representing the Empire. I haven’t come over it presented in such detail before so I hope I’m not asking a stupid question. But do you think the Beast himself could order the deaths of these kings?
    I hope I’m not belabouring a point here but–just wondering–the deadly wound healed of the beast: that would not be the same thing as Satan resurrecting him, would it?
    What would the difference be? Are we meant to understand these things?

  110. Martin,

    I do think the man can possibly know what will happen to him until it does. The ten Kings give their power to the Beast. They could be leaders of ten nations or leaders of ten zones within the revived Roman Empire (proposed) or leaders of ten world zones (also proposed). The Beast will probably actually kill three of the ten kings or just remove three of the zones. There could be ten zones in the Revived Roman Empire but then the zone system could go world wide and be led from Babylon.

  111. Right. Thanks for that, Don. It does make sense.
    When you say “be led from Babylon” do you mean Babylon in Iraq or the Mystery Babylon of Rev 17?
    I have read a few takes on Babylon. Mystery Babylon would seem to be Rome, considering Rome’s colours–both pagan and Catholic–are scarlet and purple and, also, that she is built on seven hills.
    I have heard the US named as Babylon which doesn’t strike me as correct because the US is a nation as opposed to a city which rules the world.
    In Daniel’s vision, the head was ancient Nebuchadnezzer’s empire and the two feet are obviously a mixture following the two legs of Rome. The interesting thing is that Rome took on ancient Babylon’s style of worship: Semiramis, Mother and Child, worship of images, &c. These were utterly rejected by Islam and Islam is an Iconoclast religion which ancient Babylon’s was not.
    The Babylon Mystery Relgion has influenced Hinduism, Jainism, and even atheistic Buddhism but especially Roman Catholicism and it’s easten orthodox counterparts.
    Having said that, Allah–the name of the idolatrous god of the Kasbah–was kept by Mohammad to portray their god, which is actually a personal name and not a generic one as Moslems would have us believe. (That way Christians think it is okay to pray using Allah as it can mean their God too–which is utterly false.)
    But though they have kept the ancient name of a Babylonian god, they haven’t kept very much else of Babylonianism.
    That’s why I am wondering what you mean there by Babyon. I apologise if you have dealt with that already.

  112. Martin,

    Mystery Babylon is religion she will be led by the Vatican but be more than just the present Roman Catholic Church. The Beast kingdom is different, remember after the Beast appears the 10 kings that give their power to the Beast hate the woman on the Beast and burn her with fire. That will end the Harlot religious rule on earth. The worship of the Beast is something quite different. Satan and his angels will be cast unto the earth and will be earth bound and they will openly blaspheme the God of heaven. Rome and Islam never did that. Then the center of world power will be moved back to Babylon Iraq where it all first began. Many that were in Harlot religion will see the errors of their ways. They will not take the Mark of the Beast. That is why there is so great a number that nobody can count that give up their lives in the Great Tribulation rather than worship the Beast. These are seen around the throne in Heaven as God destroys those that follow the Beast on earth.

  113. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I really found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Google for something else. Anyways I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a tremendous post and an all round inspiring blog. (I also like the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute, but I have added your website to my favorites, so when I have time I will be back to read more. Please do keep up the awesome job!

  114. Jay,

    Usually when nothing specific is said about the post topic and generic things are said about the blog I tend to think it is spam and I do not post it. I have given you the benefit of the doubt which does not happen very often.

  115. Rome is a conglomeration of many ‘religious’ practises so nothing will have changed when she absorbs whatever else she thinks is needed to remain in charge.

  116. Thanks for that, Don. It’s certainly an explanation that I’ve never come across before.
    I have often wondered about the one Beast attacking the other. I had thought it was Islam attacking Rome.
    It has just struck me that as the woman (the harlot) rides the beast, and the Beast later destroys it, the Beast could not be either Rome or Islam.
    As usual, you have given me much to think about and I will have to rearrange some views!

  117. Don et al,

    I encourage you all to review the research of Dr. Walter Veith. He is a former roman catholic. His research is based on facts, not speculations or assumptions. Thank you.

  118. Dan,

    Obviously the research of Dr. Walter Veith is another useful tool to understand how the Jesuits influence the world. Of course since he is a Seventh-day Adventist with a historicist view of Bible prophecy I would not form my eschatology on prophetic positions that are speculative and also have a record of being continually wrong.

  119. If you can get your hands on an old classic, Nicolini’s History of the Jesuits, it is a real eye-opener on the Jesuit influence in the world and on their doctrines.
    Nicolini himself was an Italian from Rome. You can actually read this book on-line on for free. The style is a bit old-fashioned but it is easy enough to understand.
    As to a good understanding on SDA flawed doctrines, a book definitely worth perusing is “Cultic Doctrine of Seventh-Day Adventism” (subtitled “An Evangelical Wake-up Call”). It is by Dale Ratzlaff and published by Life Assurance Ministies, LLC, P.O. Box 11587, Glendale, Arizona 85318.
    Mr Ratzlaff was a fourth generation S-D Adventist and pastored an Adventist church for 13 years and was a Bible teacher for seven of those years at Monterey Bay Academy, La Selva Beach, California, for seven of those years.
    His book deals with various SDA doctrines and shows how refutable their doctrines are. I think this book is truly worth reading because its main point only exposes the root of SDA thinking but also where the same thinking applies to every single cult.
    As someone who was educuted at the schools of probably the world’s largest cult (Roman Catholicism) and was a member of the Armstrongite cult for about twenty years, I am certain that this book would be a boon to any Christian; especially with friends or family involved in any cult. It could be of help to them in dealing with cultic mindsets.
    I know that I’ve gone a bit off the point of the Jesuit pope and Antichrist, Don, but I think those two books home the points relating to the Jesuits and the SDAs.

  120. I did a simple search on the internet for Trulibulation, and I found this link.
    This is very classic Evangelical gobbledygook. Lol
    I am a proud Catholic and I get a kick out of belongs like this.
    Frankly the only Anti Christ I see these days is the strengthening
    Growth of Arheism and a Secularism in our country. This is far more scary
    That that tiny little Vatican can muster. I have many friends from many
    Different schools of evangelical thought and each if them has the same worry here
    In the USA and it’s not Catholics they worry about, it’s themselves.
    Protestant churches across our beloved nation are dying. And yes! Catholic Churches to
    In the USA are shrinking. You see its not Catholicism that will defeat you, what will
    Is the fad of non belief and secularism. You only have to look at Europe
    Today, the birthplace of the reformation. It’s dead!! Europe today
    Is nearly now a perfect secular and atheist society. The only remnants
    Of christinity there making waves and receiving scorn for its
    Conservative beliefs are Catholics, the few that remain. Most
    Protestant churches in Europe are completely engulfed in heresy, particularly
    Being ok and approving gay marriage and other violations if natural law.
    And so it is your brethren there are almost non existent and Martin Luther
    Himself must be turning in his grave. Modern Germany, the birthplace if
    Martin Luther is a proud atheist nation today. Europe for me is exactly
    Why I don’t trust the Reformists message. In your defiance you have
    Only divided us and weakened us against the Devils ultimate weapon by having
    Us in this world belive in non-belief. And that is exactly why
    Catholicism has survived so long and had beaten many
    Prior theological heresies before the reformation but dogma matters guys!
    I know I will get all kinds of angry responses for this but I cold care less.
    I know a 100 years from now American Protestantism will be
    Dead along with American Catholocism. But my Church will live on
    In other regions of the world where Christianity in the Catholic formation
    Is growing strong and history has shown that it will
    Be Catholics who have moral theological disclosing that will
    Make sure the world knows Jesus and not worshipping
    Secularism as a God. The Devil is Ercularism and he
    Got rid of most of you from where you came from. Europe us lost
    And unfortunately we in the US are next.
    May God save your congregations. Because we are
    All in this fight.

  121. Roland,

    What you seem to miss is that liberal Protestant churches are dying because wolves in sheep’s clothing crept in that deny that the Bible is the word of God, the same as they did in Roman Catholicism. Satan did not change his methods to corrupt the churches just because of the reformation splits. However, what you miss is that Bible believing evangelical churches continue to grow and continue to win new converts in much of the world as the liberal Protestant churches die off.

    If Protestants never departed from the Roman Catholicism, she would still be the Harlot that she is now and would still be killing true Christians on earth. True Christians had to depart and go somewhere else for survival and to hold fast to the gospel of salvation by grace through faith that the wolves in Rome deny.

    Yes, many Protestant denominations eventually were deceived just like the religious institution that they came out of. That does not make the Roman church any less a Harlot. True Christians are leaving the Liberal Protestants churches for churches that continue to teach and keep the word of God.

    You talk about liberal Protestantism, but you have a Pope that does not even believe in Roman Catholicism, yet in Christianity. He is teaching that people get to heaven by doing what is right in their own eyes. That is antichrist doctrine out of the pit of hell, but Catholics are stuck with him because you make men idols.

    So, obviously your church is not going to exist in a hundred years either unless the great religious Harlot of Revelation 17 happens to still exist on earth. Somehow I don’t think that is possible. The Lord will most likely return within a few decades because the earth could not survive otherwise. Just read the news or my website.

    The Bible tells us that there will be a departure from the faith in the last days so the movement toward secular humanism should not shock any Bible believing Christian.

  122. Roland, I read your comment with interest and some sympathy, for you too see evil and destruction coming upon the world, which should cause all lovers of freedom feelings of sickening sorrow.

    Don has pointed out the evil within the reformed churches and the reasons for it, so that need not be repeated.

    All those who profess the name of Christ need to lay aside the doctrines of men and seek only God’s word on things pertaining to Christ and their life in Him. The Bible alone is that word and we need to place all other thought and doctrine under the test of, “what does the Bible say”, not ‘what does so and so say’ but what does the Bible actually say. I would encourage you to study the Bible on its own, “to show thyself a workman, thoroughly furnished unto all good works rightly dividing the word of truth” (2Timothy 2:15). I have always found John’s Gospel chapter three a good place to start.

    It is interesting to see Paul’s continuing exhortation to Timothy in the following verse, “But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness”. These profane and vain babblings are the false and destructive doctrines wolves have and ‘ever seek’ to add to the scriptures, thereby taking away its God given authority. Such has been the Roman Church with all its ‘dogma’ and rites, and now also includes the so called evangelical churches with their socialist humanism.

    We are living in perilous days.

  123. Re: Brian from OZ
    Good points Brian from a Protestant point of view but only your ethnocentric opinion based only on rigorous biased opinion. And no need to feel sorry for me. My relationship with the lord is un shakeable as is my Church and its commitment to teaching the gospels and equally teaching the value of tradition and good works. You ask if I have read the bible, this question alone suggest you have not researched Catholic practice. Catholic Churches around the world in lock step read through the entire bible at each service little bits at a time. The bible is completely covered in about a 3 year period and then starts over again. Although one can argue this is probably a difficult way to learn the bible in its entirety but nevertheless History has shown us it works in that the Church is so old and still around after 2000 years while using this practice. Same can be said for other ancient Christian traditions such as the Orthodox or Eastern Rite Catholics as they use this similar practice for bible teaching. I thought to respond to this site because I felt sad for the writer of this blog. So much hate against my Church but yet can we all agree that Christianity as a whole is dying in America? So why pick on mine? My position is that this is a direct result of a lack of “Dogma” Brian in the protestant message. As a sect of Christianity, you have no central body that governs or protects core beliefs about what can be agreed upon in the bible. This is why I can find just about a 100 or thousand individual non catholic churches in your city who would absolutely have a different opinion of scripture then you. So thus the protestant message is lost in the never ending interpretation of the word. There is no uniformity in the Protestant world and has resulted in an alarming degradation of christian churches in America and abroud. Essentially anyone can be his own pope. Catholics do have an opinion about what the bible stands for, what biblical laws must be protected at all costs. Yes! Dogma does matter! And change for the sake of modernity is not an option. This is why my Church is frequently attacked by the Secularists as Medieval and and not in keeping with the times. No Brian, what is far more troubling then an old Catholic Church is what is now here and what has already engulfed Europe and that is Secularism and Militant Atheism. Men like Richard Dawkins laughs at guys like us regurgitating old arguments going back to the reformation which is now all but dead in Europe. James:”Prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves” (1:22); for “faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself” (2:17). Jesus himself described his continuation as not a book but a Church:Matthew 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Jesus did not say upon this rock I will build my “book.” I don’t suscribe to the faith alone argument Brian but rather that “faith and works” combined leads the most stable sure path to salvation. But we can go on and on and on and on quoting all kinds of conflicting scripture to make our points. Thats pointless at this stage in our lives if both our Christian beliefs are dying and being attacked by this new and strong militant Atheist movement. But I see that Christianity is flourishing in other countries in the Catholic tradition and some pockets of evangelicals as well. But not here. You can thank Barak Obama for that but that is for another discussion. But i’m not worried because in the end Jesus says the gates of hell will not prevail against his church and find it peculiar that after so many millennia the Catholic Church, even in times of corruption, good works, bad works, raw faith, no faith, good popes, bad popes is still here. And Yes, I do read and believe the bible but I also respect the writings of the early Christians and what they believed about the early church and this is tradition that is respected in catholicism as they were closer to the times of Jesus as we are not of course. I believe Jesus when he says this in Matthew 16:18 because when I look around my Church is still standing. So contrary to Don and his previous quote Im dead sure catholic churches will be here a 100 years from now, 200, probably another thousand. But the Devil is a very sick, wicked deceiver and you have to be prepared for the possibility for all your vitriol against Catholics, could it be possible that is be you, the so called reformists, who are actually taking us down the road to destruction in this age. I say once again, Germany, the birth place of Martin Luther himself and all his discourses, good natured as they may be, amounted to a near complete Atheist Germany today. And thats all the results I need to see with what works and what lasts the test of time in keeping guard of the faith. I wish you guys all the best luck and to answer Don, I agree with you man. I don’t like Pope Francis either. I think his rather neutral off the cuff position on homosexuality is not in catholic Church teaching. But he being a Jesuit will most likely result in that he will follow his vows and not change the Dogma as you call it. And if he does he will probably die sad to say. Although, even he recently excommunicated a Pro gay rights Priest in Australia. This pretty much ended the liberal media love fest for now. But Im not liking his style. I suppose gentlemen we all have a similar problem. Weak Pastors trying to please everyone but once in a while you gotta shake things up and go against the grain. Im not sure why I even spent the time to write to this blog. I usually don’t but I felt a bit of sorrow for the premise. It’s easy to blame your life’s problems on many things: booze, women, materialism, Catholics, etc. But sometimes if you see a downward trend in your life, or religious belief, you need to look first at yourself before you cast the first stone. Take care gentlemen and God bless. May God protect us all as we need it in this age.

  124. Roland,

    This will be your last comment on apologetics for the Roman Catholic Church. People need to stay on topic on my Blog, read my commenting policy. Brian may respond to you, but after that there will be no more followups by you since my Blog is not the Catholic debating society.

    I grew up Catholic, and if they read through the Bible in three years at the Mass services the priests must have done it under their breath because I never heard any such thing.

    Why pick on the Roman Catholic Church? Because it gives a false gospel and leads people astray and Christians need to know that and not get sucked into thinking that Catholics believe the same Gospel as Bible believing Christians.

    Bible believing Protestants have only one Pope and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. The authority we live by is God’s written word. That is why Catholics have accused us of having a paper Pope. If so, that Pope is really infallible unlike your Pope that makes doctrine up as he goes along and does not stay true to God’s word.

    Like all Catholics you misunderstand what Jesus said. When Jesus said “upon this rock I will build my Church”, the rock that Jesus referred to was Peter’s statement of faith that Jesus was the Messiah. That confession of faith is the rock that Jesus builds His true Church upon. Jesus was not saying that he would build the Church on Peter who even denied Him shortly after. You are also denying what Paul said, when you say salvation is not by grace through faith alone and add your own works to salvation (Eph 2:8).

    The writers closer to the time of Jesus certainly did not have any better knowledge of what Jesus and the eye witnesses said than we have today, in fact they had less. Many did not even have access to the scriptures or at least not all of them. There was the Gnostic heresy and many other heresies going around even in the very early church. Frankly the Canon of scripture and the creeds of the faith came about in opposition to the heresies. What you miss is that we have a very good copy of the inerrant word today and the early fathers often did not. If they did have the scriptures their doctrine should have been based on their understanding of those scriptures and not on extra-biblical knowledge. Those that claimed a different revelation or twisted the scriptures to say what it does not, are the wolves in sheep’s clothing that Paul warned about. The Catholic Church follows some of those.

    You say that you are dead sure that the Catholic Church will be standing in one hundred years? You being dead sure does not make it reality. The reality is that this religious Harlot will not be here in 100 years because she is burned with fire in the Great tribulation by the ten kings that follow the Beast and his False Prophet. I doubt that the tribulation that you do not believe in is even more than twenty years in the future.

    You cannot blame today’s atheistic Germans on the Christian reformers anymore than you can blame the paganism that is mixing with Catholicism in the Americas and African “Catholic nations” on mid-evil Popes. Even in Germany there is a remnant of true believers. You seem to be saying that if religion is oppressive and keeps people under religious bondage like Catholicism and Islam does, that is all for the good? In the final analysis then, you are saying that staying in a religion saves people rather than trusting in Jesus.

    Pope Francis as we speak is rewriting the Catholic Church constitution, so obviously he will change things and not for the better. From his own words he obviously believes that people can get to heaven by their own works. He said that if people do what they conceive is right they will go to heaven. That is a lie out of the pit of hell. Everyone should just do what is right in their own eyes and they will go to heaven? That makes fallen people able to save themselves. This is the antithesis of the Gospel of Christ. This Pope is antichrist and he is kissing up to unbelievers so they will embrace him rather than find salvation in Christ.

  125. Roland

    It is a proverb of Solomon that if one was to… “Train up a child in the way he should go: when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Pro 22:6).

    Coming from wisdom given by God, the basics of this proverb should then have force in all fields both secular and religious and I put it to you that religion is especially in keeping with this Biblical proverb. I think you would agree that religion has a way of capturing a man’s soul.

    Nicodemus was such a man. He was a member of the Sanhedrin and a teacher of Israel and steeped in his religion, a religion of commandments and obedience. So why did he seek a private audience with Jesus of Nazareth, the unassuming carpenter from Galilee.

    We are never given Nicodemus’ reasons, for he had spoken but a handful of words when Jesus cut him off with, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Jesus knew and went straight to the heart of Nicodemus’ need.

    All his knowledge, all his abilities, all his religion was worthless in his quest for the kingdom of God, yet Nicodemus had one redeeming feature… he came to THE TRUTH for answers.

    He needed to be ‘born again’ and the means of that rebirth were explained to him. That which is born of the flesh is not of the Spirit and all men need to be born again of God’s Spirit.

    Roland, Nicodemus was not being given an option here, this was an imperative. If we are not born of God’s Spirit we are not of him, and all our intellect, our piety, our religious understanding is of the flesh and fit only for the grave.

    I have not written anything with the purpose of putting you or your beliefs down but only that you might glimpse the imperative nature of Christ’s words and seek the truth of them.

    For where else should we go?… He has the words of eternal life (John 6:68)

  126. Good reply, Don.
    I too was “educated” as a Catholic. Roland accuses Brian of ethnocentric opinion based only on rigorous biased opinion. He doesn’t even see that that’s all his own views are.
    He then accuses Brian, in spite of the latter’s logical question, by asking if he’s ever read the Bible, stating that Brian’s question alone suggests that he hasn’t researched Catholic practice.
    Why would Brian need to research Catholic practice when reading the Bible is enough for getting saved [2 Tim 3:16-1]? Actually, Brian’s question was answered by Roland’s reply (which he seems to deem to be an actual answer).
    If Roland really had read the Bible he would know that above verse which is famous to readers of Scripture.
    Also, Roland’s ignorance of the Bible is further shown in his reply that the Catholic “Church” has a commitment to the teaching of the gospel and equally the teaching of the value of tradition and good works.
    If Roland knew the Bible, he would never have quoted tradition. The first thing that would jump to any Christian’s mind regarding tradition is what Jesus Christ said about it. Obviously he has never read Jesus’ Own words in Matt 15:3,6; Mark 7:3-9,13 regarding tradition. It is equally obvious that he does not accept Col 2:8 or 1 Pet 1:18–that’s if he’s ever read them!
    If Roland read the Bible he would know that salvation is of grace through faith and NOT of works [Rom 4:16; 11:5-6; Gal 5:4; Ephes 2:8]. Bible-believing Christians know this and not just Protestants. There were Christians who believed this before there was either a Protestant Church or a Catholic one.
    I have never been in a Catholic church where the Bible was read. I knew nothing of the Bible by the time I left school. The little I did know of it was in Cecil B. DeMille’s films like Samson and Delilah and Solomon and Sheba. And even they were far from biblical. The first teachings I got regardomg a brief explanation of Scritpure was in a cafe run by Baptists when I was around sixteen or seventeen years old.
    Nor did any Catholic I knew back then–in the 1960s–know anything about the Bible. Most I still know, even church goers, are bible illiterates. (That’s not to condemn them. It’s hardly their falt that they were kept ignorant of the Bible.)
    If Catholics are taught the Bible these days, how come their priests, bishops and popes ignore or reject Jesus’ statement in Matt 23:5? You cannot see them for their phylacteries. They are covered in the things.
    Why do they believe Peter was the first pope? Why did they have an Inquisition? Why do they not allow their priests to marry? Why do they use images in their worship? Why do they pray to saints and to Mary? Why do they believe in transubstaniation? Why do they believe in Unam Sanctum?
    These things are clearly condemned by Scripture. I would not insult the average Christian here by giving the Scriptures to back my statements because they are so obvious.
    I don’t know a single Catholic who knows the Scriptures that back what I say. I don’t know a single Catholic who know any of the Scriptures that show that Mary was neither to be worshiped nor remained an eternal virgin. Where in the Bible is the Assumption mentioned?
    The list goes on.
    I am sure that Roland doesn’t mean to insult the intelligence of the readers of this site. But by his statements he’s showing the Bible literates on this site that he is clueless about the Scriptures. Either that or he’s clueless about what the Roman “church” teaches.

  127. I would first like to thank you for informing people on this topic and importance of a Jesuit Pope.
    Although a Jesuit Pope is significant.
    Just the title of “VICARIVS FILII DEI”
    applies to all popes. And when taking on a numerical value in roman numerals adds up to 666.

    The popes have not only changed times and laws of God. But also claim the seat of Christ as head of the church.

    Something interesting I stumbled across was that the definition of the word vaticsn. One being ” great city of prophrcy” two being “Seat of the devine serpent.

    I do not want to step off topic or into error. But also it is interesting when looking up the word ” Nicolaitan” I find priest clergy dominating/ruling the laity.

    I apologize if I stepped off topic.

  128. Don,

    What are your options if you feel both the Protestants and Catholics are teaching a false gospel and different Jesus? No, I don’t subscribe to any cult or denomination but as close as possible I align my thoughts on doctrinal matters to what I can best ascertain was the thinking of Jesus, the Apostles and Church leaders.

    I don’t call myself or identify with those who today call themselves Christians because the doctrines they have are so different than the ones of the people who were first called Christians in Antioch.

    On a side note: Both Preterism and Futurism are believed to have been started by the Jesuits in response to Protestants firm belief from scriptural interpretation that the Roman Catholic Church was/is the “Anti-Christ”. The idea that “Anti-Christ” is to be some future individual was brought from the imagination of Jesuit Priest, Francisco Ribera, in 1590.

  129. David V,

    The words to live by for all Christians attending any denomination is found in the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word for all believers not denominational doctrine. All Christians first and foremost need to study the written word of God. They also need to pray to be led into correct understanding of the more difficult passages.

    The fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the future is clearly taught if the words of the prophets are to be taken in any normal literal sense. Preterism has unfounded conjectures that cannot be supported by the scriptures without resorting to spiritualizing and allegorizing a quarter of the Bible for no reason other then it supports their preconceived theology.

    The clear teaching of the Bible is that the Church was grafted into the Commonwealth, she is not the commonwealth and Israel will also be restored after the fulness of the Gentiles comes in. Preterism does not stand on many arguments, including their unsupported claim that Revelation was written before the experts say they were.

    Just because all of the institutional Church was amillennial for 1500 years does not make their eschatology correct. Futurism really came back in the Church after the printing press allowed Christians to read the Bible for themselves instead of just having the clergy repeat the doctrines of the denomination. Many still tell people that Bible prophecy and Revelation can only be understood through the teaching of clergy that are experts in explaining away the plain truth and replacing them with man made allegories that have meanings that even the different denominations never agree on.

  130. Spot on, Don. It’s so sad, though, that even in fairly sound churches a lot of people don’t even bother about the times we live in or care too much abot preterism or end times prophecy. I wish more ministers would shout what you’ve written above from the pulpits.

  131. Spot on. The pope seat is anti-christ by nature. That is clear if you know your bible and know what Rome is all about. It is almost exhausting getting the truth through to a catholic, especially the ones who know their catechisms. I was horrified to learn the new pope was Jesuit. I thought, well, The ball is rolling now. Especially when I hear Boehner and Pelosi extend an invitation for the pope to speak before congress. Washington want to hear his message. Thomas Jefferson would not like this. In my opinion his views on seperation of church and state were primarily to protect the state from Rome, among other reasons. Now we are inviting a Jesuit pope before congress. I also feel Thomas Jefferson would not like a lot of things our country has done to ruin our rights so many fought so hard for.

  132. Joseph Stalin was a Jesuit Priest. At the very least, there is solid evidence that he attended seminary to become a priest and took the Jesuit pledge. If you do nothing else but read the pledge they take during initiation, you will realize that Brother Koenig’s position is correct.

    I would be very opposed to having the Pope speak to the US Congress. Speaking to Brother Copeland’s ministers’ conference was bad enough. Brother Copeland was flattered by the attention. I supported his ministry for many, many years with a monthly bank draft, but discontinued my partnership after he had Joseph Prince on his TV program and then had the live message from Pope Benedict during the conference. Nancy Pelosi and Boehner would be likewise flattered and begin ogling over the gentle Padre from South America, who is a fire-breathing demonic puppet of satan. Don’t forget that there are rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. That is the very definition of the Jesuits.

  133. All I can say is wow! You all must have a lot of free time in your hands. I hope you post this and not only comments that agree with your point of view, because that is what it is, a point of view. So, why don’t you just write: “The devil is here and is going to kil us all, run for your life!” If people wants to follow whatever denomination they want to follow, or the Pope, for this matter, let them be, how is that affecting you? Find yourself a place in your attic and hide from the Antichrist! I hope you publish my response, otherwise that would mean you only want people what you want them to hear, just exactly what you say Jesuits are doing! People, instead of writing: “Oh, I didn’t know!” find several sources, read, research, don’t believe the first person that one day thought he has the answers to humanity’s problems!

  134. Andres,

    The title is in the form of a question in case you have not noticed. Since the days of the Reformation many Protestants have believed that the Roman Church is antichrist and the Antichrist or False Prophet of Revelation is talking about this apostate church. That is a fact of history, you can check it out.

    This is a Bible prophecy website and we believe we are living very near the Day of the Lord and the Antichrist figure that the book of Revelation speaks about.

    Some Christians seriously believe that Pope Francis could fit the role of the AntiChrist or the False Prophet spoken about in scripture for a number of reasons. However, even the Bible prophecy “experts” do not agree that He does, and that is why we have these discussions.

    For those interested in Bible prophecy these views are interesting. If you are not interested in end time Bible prophecy issues go to a Blog that talks about the weather, or the price of tea in China, or how Jesus can be found in your gray matter, or is like your girl friend, or can be found in your communion wafer.

    I don’t just write the “The devil is here and is going to kill us all, run for your life!” as you suggest, because Christians are not afraid of the Devil as you wrongly assume. The Devil has been on earth for a very long time but He that is in us Christians (the Holy Spirit) is greater than He that is in the world (the Devil)(1Jo 4:4). Christians born of the spirit of God have nothing to fear from the Devil.

    In fact, if you knew Bible prophecy you would know that Jesus will take Christians out of this world before the Antichrist is even revealed. It is those left behind that need to fear the Antichrist. So repent and trust in Jesus if you want to escape the great trial that is coming upon on on earth (Rev 3:10) through the deception of the Antichrist and his False prophet.

    By the way, I did not allow your comment to be posted just because you insinuated that I would not be fair or opened minded if I did not post it. I could care less about those that make such claims. Those types of innuendos are likely not to get posted because they do not address the issues. I suggest you read my commenting policy and comply with it if you wish your comments to be posted here.

    If you stay on topic and add to the knowledge on the topic here, you will get posted. However, if you have your own agenda or just want to mock my theology or the beliefs of other Christians that comment on this site you will not be posted.

  135. Don,

    If it is appropriate for me to comment on what Andres said…

    Andres has the stance of the majority of Americans, I believe.

    The majority are still brave and fearless at this point and have their faith in themselves and humanity. The polar opposite of where we, who put our faith in The Lord Jesus.

    The majority like Andres do not take Scripture literally or seriously and are not seeking the Truth…which, to us, is only found in God and God Alone.

    It will not be until Biblical Prophecy is happening with swift life changing force and effecting people like Andres that they might seek Truth and realize the error of humanities ways.

    I think the good news is that Andres found this blog and, at some point, Andres might find himself in the attic on his knee’s praying to The Lord Jesus for Salvation.

    And, for the record Andres…we do not run from evil, we run TO Jesus.

  136. Hi Don.
    I find it interesting that people who are not really interested in truth become angry and indulge in accusations and reply in ad hominems. Such emotive replies are merely retorts and not answers; they are clarification that these retorts are illogical.
    When people retort emotionally, they are telling us–albeit unwittingly–that they are not interested in anything that contradicts their already held paradigm(s). In other words, they are telling us they do not want to be corrected, whereas Christians welcome correction as 2 Peter 1:20 reminds us to be exegetes rather than eisegetes.
    It would be nice if Andres, and those like him who go on the attack, would learn from your example and that of these like David and other commentators.

  137. Dear Bro. Don:

    Great article! My wife and I had to leave the last two churches we attended because of doctrinal error. One pastor taught that Catholics were our brothers and sisters in the faith, and that there weren’t really any major differences between us. He even allowed a lapel pin sporting, ring wearing Freemason to substitute one Sunday morning for Bible study. I was even called a Catholic basher by one of the members. Another one proposed the following in one of his Bible studies: he asked if revival were to occur in a Catholic, or a Baptist church, if we would be obedient. I emphatically stated that revival would not take place in the Catholic church, and that Catholics were not my brothers and sisters in Christ unless they were born again as Jesus said in John 3:3, and then the Holy Spirit would move most, if not all out of that institution.

  138. Hi Don, great article.

    I do believe the Papacy is the Antichrist system mentioned in the Bible. In Daniel 7, the Papacy fits the “Little Horn” description, coming into power among the 10 sections of the Roman Empire in 538AD. Also in Revelation 13 we see the beast was “given a mouth to speak proud blasphemous words” and in Revelation 17, it clearly is represented by the woman clothed in purple and scarlet riding the beast.
    I don’t put a lot of stock in the St. Malachy prophecy but I do find it interesting that this could be the final pope.. I guess time will tell.

    Do you see the final Antichrist and false prophet as two separate entities or the same person? I’ve always been somewhat confused by that.


  139. Hi Drew,

    Revelation makes it clear that the Beast/Antichrist and his false prophet are two separate beings. Also the Harlot of Revelation 17 is neither of these two beings because she is eventually burned by the followers of the Beast and his False Prophet. The Harlot of Revelation 17 is mystery religion that has a satanic Babylonian type religious and priesthood system. This religious system actually has been historically traced as moving from Babylon to Rome and I show how that occurred in my Revelation commentary (top bar).

  140. The Vatican church is the aluminati. The Catholic Church is sac-religion. They make you call the priest father
    They make you confess your sins in a booth to the priest who has says he has the power to forgive. They display Jesus on the cross.
    They make you worship saints and statues. This pope is obviously trying to bring in a one world religion.
    I was raised Catholic but I thank god that he opened my eyes to the truth and I was baptized in the name if Jesus at 30 years old.
    Gods prophesy is coming true on a daily Basis more rapidly then ever before.
    Allot of people need to wake up and fast. Before the ways of the the enemy swallow you up. He will deceive you with the truth
    And his goal is to take your soul to the deepest depth of hell with him. Believe in Jesus the one that died for your sins the only one that can save you. The one that loves you more than anyone. I don’t care how bad are your sins what you have done in life. It’s never to late to start your walk in Christ. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us. In Jesus name we pray for all the sinners if the world
    And show all mercy.

  141. My grand-uncle was a Jesuit. He was member of an industrialist’s family from Flanders.

    The Jesuits offered him a humid room to stay in where he died of TBC …so his inheritance could be seized as fast as possible …

    I truly believe that our Jesuit-pope Francis might be THE anti-Christ …Let’s see what his ambitions in Jerusalem will be …

  142. I am somewhat in disbelief that a friend, whom I considered Biblically knowledgeable, was delighted that Kenny Copeland linked arms with Pope Francis.

    I guess I should not be as many in the WOF den of Dominionists are deceived into believing they are taking back the earth for Jesus.

  143. People make the same mistake as to the Malachy prophecies.
    1. No where does it say that the last Pope will be Satan, it says he will lead his flock
    in troubled times leading towards the end.
    2. No other Pope had to have his discription in his name, So why should Peter the Roman
    be his name? it is a character description.
    Francis has more or less distanced himself from all Papal hoopla except his function to the Church as ‘Peter’. He never calls himself the Pontiff, does not wear any if its ritual clothing for that. Even doesn’t live in the Vatican Palace. He lives in a Hotel in Rome. Hence IS a Roman citizen!!! en at that its Bishop. No further does he claim.

    This qualifies without all the satan hoopla involved.

    But…. People forget also there still is someone living in the Vatican who DOES qualify, even has jewish descent through the maternal line en may have resigned being bishop of Rome, but who is to say other jobs he has (Because popes have many besides ‘Peter’ collected throughout history (like a king who is also count of this or that and other titles). Who has to say he resigned those? Even the bit of ‘for a time’ and then not ‘and again’ would qualify. What for instance would happen if Francis would be killed amid many troubles making it impossible for Cardinals to elect a successor. There STILL would be someone in the Vatican, the Vatican itself insists (against all logic and precedence) to call Pope, pope emeritus. By the way that’s not how Francis addresses him. He calls him BISHOP emeritus.

    Every word a Pope says is significant. At least that’s what they say themselves. What were Francis’ first words. You went to the END OF THE WORLD to choose a successor. AND ‘May God forgive you’. He actually absolved the cardinals, because they elected a successor whilst the previous pope was still alive (and who according to Francis himself only resigned the BISHOP of Rome bit).

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