Is the prophesied destruction of Damascus imminent?

* I think Hal Lindsey is correct in this clip quoted from his article that appeared on WND. Syria will be wiped out in the war on Islamofascism. Then the moderates will ascend to power in the Islamic nations and there will be a period of peace with Israel. Then Iraq and Israel will become the economic hubs of the Middle East. Later Gog (Russia) comes down against Israel that is resting in peace and many Islamic nations join with him but not Iraq. These forces are defeated by God. Iraq then becomes the center point of Babylon the Great of Revelation and the Middle East.

WorldNetDaily: Prophesied destruction of Damascus imminent?: “To Ahmadinejad’s way of thinking, if somebody has to be martyred to the Mahdi’s cause, why not Syria? Twenty-five hundred odd years ago, the Hebrew prophet Isaiah prophesied of the destruction of Damascus. This prophecy is made more fascinating by the fact it remains unfulfilled in history. Damascus is the oldest continually inhabited city on earth. Although conquered many times, its status as an economic and cultural center of antiquity preserved it intact to this day. But Isaiah predicted Damascus would one day face utter destruction: ‘Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and it will become a fallen ruin,’ he writes in Isaiah 17:1.”

“Bible prophecy doesn’t make allowances for a full-scale unconventional war of annihilation of Israel by Iran, however. Ezekiel predicts Iran’s participation of the Gog-Magog invasion as part of a Russian-led alliance, not a regional alliance with Syria. Both Iran and Israel are listed as participants in that future conflict.
But Syria isn’t.
Syria isn’t numbered among any of the various protagonists prophesied to participate in the conflicts of the last days.”

*Link to this article by Hal Lindsey was broken and I can no longer find the article on WND.

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41 thoughts on “Is the prophesied destruction of Damascus imminent?

  1. It’s interesting how new phrases are born. No one would have used the word Islamofascism pre or post World War 2, and is not due to the fact the countries we refer to were not fascist then. They were most certainly fascist at that time, perhaps even more so than now. It’s just that we (the United States) had other options for oil and we were not manipulating the political infrastructure of the Middle East to the extent we are today. The bankers who controlled the political process of the United States (post 1913) and acted as catalysts for war between the giants had another agenda at that time.

    It’s funny that many Americans will acknowledge the fascism of others but ignore the fascism of the United States. Well maybe it’s not so funny…seems to me that the destruction of Damascus makes perfect sense. The rebirth of Israel coupled with all the other warning signs Jesus told us about is our signal of what is to come. After the destruction of Damascus in a presumed Israeli-Syrian conflict, next on the list is the war against Babylon. I am not sure about this timeline, but it is logical that America will no longer be able to defend Israel against Gog-Magog.

    It is clear that the United States is Mystery Babylon. The interesting thing is the chronology. It’s hard to decipher whether the United States gets destroyed before or after Damascus. It is time for all Christians to repent, not just about the social woes in America. The actions of our leaders and military have violated all of God’s laws. The actions of our past four Presidents have been violations of the Constitution and the liberty of American citizens. When are the Christians going to wake up from their slumber?

  2. Clarification: I meant immediately post World War 2, obviously the rest of human history is post WW2 and the word “Islamofascism” is being used.

  3. The U.S. is not Mystery Babylon. There is no way that the U.S. can fulfill the prophecies of Mystery Babylon. If you want to know who Mystery Babylon is, I explain it in my Revelation commentary.

    Also, I wrote a recent article and critique that I think helps explain how Middle East events will unfold.

  4. Indeed, the USA is “mystery Babylon”, the harlot whose “fornications will be visible the world over”. This can only be a reference the internet, and the multitude of porn sites on it. These porn sited are literally “visible” the world over, all one needs is the technical equipment to capture and decode the signals emanating from said communcations satellites. Secondly, Babylon is identified as being one which “sends death and destruction to all parts of the Earth”. Again, the USA is the worlds largest exporter of lethal military hardware, and by far. The weapons we send around the world have been, and are being used to kill literally millions of innocent people. Thirdly, Babylon is described as a place of plenty, awash in gluttony and excess. As 5% of the world’s population, the people of the USA consume close to 25% of the oil produced on the planet, and far and away the greatest percentage of its other resources such as timber, metals, food products, furs, concrete, you name it. The fact that places like India and China are growing at incredible rates is still irrelevant, as even with their consumption, we continue to be easily the worlds largest consumer in every area of measurement. So, there you have it, anyone who says that the USA is not “mystery Babylon” is either sadly mistaken, in a state of denial, or just plain out being deceptive. Sorry, but it is just that simple.

  5. The U.S. is not “Mystery Babylon’ Did you read the link I have in my last comment? I clearly explain why in that chapter.

    Those who think America is mystery Babylon are ignoring the facts that the U.S cannot fulfill the prophecies in scripture about Mystery Babylon or Babylon.

    That is not to say that America will not be judged for her sins and I surmise that judgment on America is now underway and is decades before what is described in Revelation chapter 17.

  6. I used to think that the US was Babylon the Great also. But, the US is run by the same International bankers who have created all the wars since the 1800s, and who will ascend to power, yielding only to Antichrist as their God. It is a perfect counterfeit with Satan having his people, the Jews, the false Jews, those who are really the sysnagogue of Satan, about whom Jesuus spoke. Why was John “astonished” when he saw the woman who rode the beast? The 7 hilled city of Rome would not have been astonishing to John, but Jerusalem would be. It is also a city built on 7 hills and the world will be run from that city, albeit temporarily, during the new world order and antichrist. Satan will produce a complete counterfeit; city, people, false prophet, false miracles, world domination. The pharisees and their “tradition” which Christ also warned against, are those who were also not Jews in many cases but Edomites. They have created the Talmud, which rabbi’s hold higher than the Torah. It is a pig book. The star of David as their sign is satan’s star, not Hebrew at all. The whole package of what is today called Israel is a fabrication of Satan, a great delusion. God holds his still though, the true Israelites, who will prevail, and Christ will be King, with a new Jerusalem coming from heaven. Why would a new Jerusalem be needed if it were not polluted? We have been deceived, it will all come to pass, and soon.

  7. Gog. It is a name, from Genesis, a son as it were of Japheth. In the region of the Caucasus, those who were Turks, and Huns, who moved westward, into southern Russia and eastern Europe. Also known as Khazars. They are those from whom have descended many of the vermin who now rule the world behind the scenes, imposters who place blame upon God’s people. The region of Gog and the people are those of the north countries who will invade jerusalem with their cohorts from around the middle east. These people (Gog) have gained control of the whole world, while we slept. They will sacrifice Israel and Jerusalem in their quest to rule, but God preserves His remnant. Many who claim to be jews are not, they are of the synagogue of Satan. It’s obvious that Satan will rule for a time, and from where and with whom. research the Illuminati, Weishaupt and others. This is the culmination of their big plan. It cannot be stopped. Christ will prevail in time.

  8. I should have said if they use any weapons of mass destruction against Israel. It is possible but not likely that there could be a limited ground war where WMD are not used.

  9. Good points you have made Don.
    The statements that Jerusalem or the US are Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17 are incorrect for the obvious reasons.
    Perhaps the US is the PHYSICAL Babylon of the last days as portrayed in Revelation 18. Perhaps!
    However, the term MYSTERY suggests something that is hidden, therefore occultic. Besides, Mystery Babylon’s colours are purple and scarlet, the colours of Rome! And they have also been the colours of the Catholic Church for centuries, presumably since there has been a Catholic Church.
    Also, we are told in the Book of Daniel where the anti-Christ will come from: the people of the Roman Empire.
    All of Rome’s religion–Ancient Roman and Roman Catholic–is purely Babylonian (and lest I be called anti-Catholic, I hasten to add that I was educated as a Catholic and raised as one as a child).
    A person has only to read Hislop, Chinquy, and the writings of many former Catholics to see that. For example, ALL the Reformation writers had been Catholics prior to their becoming Christians.
    One good book which will put a total end to any ideas against the Catholic church being Mystery Babylon–without it even going into the Papacy’s involvement with Hitler and Arafat and its ancient and modern anti-Semitic policies–is “Alpha, the Unofficial Guide” by Elizabeth McDonald and Dusty Peterson (Published by St Matthew Publishing LTD, Cambridge, England [Check Amazon]).
    Jesus tells us clearly, “Salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22). Paul also warns us of speaking against the Jews in Romans. And Jesus Himself is still a Jew (Rev 5:5).
    So-called Christians who are anti-Semites have tried to twist Scripture regarding certain comments about the Jews. This is in spite of 2 Peter 3:16’s threats regarding twisting of Scripture.
    For example they take a line such as Romans 9:6 stating that not all of Israel are of Israel, to make that say that many if not most Jews are not Israelites.
    This is in spite of the fact that the rest of the verses make it clear that Rom 9:6 is talking about the descendants of Ishmael, saying THEY are not Israelites although they are descended from Abraham. The immediately following Scriptures make it clear that those who are descended from Isaac are the true Israelites.
    The next quote such people use is from Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 which states “those who say they are Jews and are not…”
    We have already been told who do that in Romans 9:7-13. (One example: Arafat said to Pope John Paul II, publicly, that Jesus was “A Palestinian freedom fighter”!)
    It can also be used in another sense in Rev 2:9 & 3:9:
    Who, then, claim to be Jews who are not? (Other than those who are not of Israel?) Well… no-one!
    So, if anything, other than applying it to the Arabs, it could be talking metaphorically in those places about pseudo-Christians. I personally think it ALSO means that.
    After all, Jesus has already been introduced to us as the Lion of the Tribe of JUDAH (Rev 5:5)–in other words, as the King of the Jews. Therefore the true faith is “…of the Jews” (John 4:22). So it could mean those who say they have the true faith but who do not.
    In my opinion, if that’s so, it would apply to ecumenists, preterists (2 Pet 3:4), pseudo-Christian cults and the like.
    So why was John astonished on seeing Mystery Babylon?
    Remember, it was claining to be a CHURCH. John was an apostle. He was in the first church. He saw Jerusalem’s apostasy and its dispersion. Now he is looking at a church which is rich, opulent, luxurious and is covered in jewels and idolatrous. Now that would astonish him for a church to be like that. He would have known that Jerusalem had been rich in the past, though never a world power. As an early Christian and a Jew, knowing both had been the victims of luxurious Pagan Rome, he would be uttlerly astonished to see it in the same frame of mind but now as a church.
    Besides, Jerusalem was never drunk with the blood of the martyrs. The only “Christian” it martyred was Christ Himself and at the hands of the Romans who carried out the deed. Soon after that, the Romans slaughtered the Jews and drove them out of their city and country before going on to persecute and martyr both Christians and Jews.
    Who hasn’t heard of Nero, Vespasian, Domitan, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Septimus Severus, Maximin, Decius Valerian, Aurelian, Diocletian and Julian the Apostate, to name but some of the Rome rulers who persuected the Christians and weas drunk with their blood? And it was in Rome where Christianity became utterly paganised and still is.
    It was also drunk with the blood of the Christian and Jewish martyrs of the Middle Ages, when Rome was now professing to be not only Christian but to be the only Christians. True Christians and Jews and Moslems perished in the Church of Rome’s Crusades and millions perished in the Inquisition, at the hands of the Dominicans and Jesuits.
    In my native Scotland, some of our famous Protestant martyrs were burnt at the stake, under the orders of Romanist priests, with Bibles hanging round their necks, as they were in other countries.
    The Albigensians and the Cathars and the Waldensians all perished by fire and sword for daring to believe the word of God in the Bible rather than the word of any pope.
    The papacy signed concordats with Mussolini and Hitler. In fact, there is much literature showing that many Nazis escaped to South America on Vatican passports. (Check Avro Manhattan on Amazon and “The Secret History of the Jesuits” by Edmund Paris, Chick Books).
    And people wonder why John looked at that whore in astonishment!
    Remember: John talks of the filthiness of her FORNICATION (v 4). She is an adulteress–that is, a spiritual adulteress, the MOTHER OF HARLOTS. Yes, it’s even in capitals in the Bible.
    When did Jerusalem persecute Christians? If anything it was so-called Christians, mainly Catholic and (Russian and Greek) Orthdox who persecuted the Jews during the Diaspora. We know in Catholic countries like Argentina, Jews are still being persecuted. Jews had relative or total freedom in Protestant countries. And while Israel allows Catholics and Orthodox so-called churches to build their places of worship they have popes and priests who side with “Palestinians”!
    Also, Rome is a woman. The Catholic Church is a woman and represents itself as one. It is also represented by Mary, not Christ–Who it shows as dead and still on the cross or as a mere baby in all its statues. And these are statues which are venerated by millions of Catholics although this is utterly forbidden in Scripture as idolatry.
    And this church/city (Jerusalem is only a city and has NEVER been a church) is a woman which rides the beast (v7); in other words, it controls it.
    This beast is made up of the kings (rulers) of the earth (V 10). Israel on the contrary was to remain alone and not be reckoned or numbered among the other nations (Numbers 23:9), let alone rule them! Rome has ruled over many nation nations. In fact, it ruled over the known biblical world in Jesus’ day. John, a Jew, given the vision by the Greatest Jew of all (Rev 5:5)would surely have known the Book of Daniel, which the Book of Revelation virtually completes. They go hand in glove. That means he would have known about the dream Nebuchadnezzar had and which Daniel interpreted for him. He would therefore have known that all those world powers were Gentile, and oppressers of the Jews and of true Christians.
    We know that Rome is part of that image Nebuchadnezzar saw because the prophecies the image tells of containing Rome have already happened. They were the last parts of the statue prior to the feet containing the iron and clay over which Rome will rule.
    We know from Scripture that Israel will never be accounted among the nations of the earth so how on earth could it rule them!? And when were Jerusalem’s colours scarlet and purple? When was ANY other nation’s or faith’s colours scarlet and purple? None was and not ever! These are the colours which belong alone to Rome and now alone to the Roman Church.
    Interestingly, to get back to those two pals Arafat and Pope John Paul II: Arafat–while he was training children to be suicide bombers against unarmed Jewish men, women and children–himself publicly called the then pope his friend. And John Paul II never once contradicted him.
    In fact, he didn’t contradict Arafat, either, at the time the latter stated to him that Jesus was a Palestinian freedom fighter. And this Arafat did publicly. As Dave Hunt asked, why didn’t the pope rebuke him when he had the very opportunity to show that this terrorist was lying. Surely the pope knew what the Bible says about where ALL liars are going to end up!
    Mind you… you have to wonder if he ever did. As an open Mariolater, he couldn’t have known very much about the Bible.
    Obvioulsy the pope must have seen himself as Arafat’s friend. After all, he had a famous phone line straight from the Vatican to this terrorist’s bunker in Ramallah. Actually, I suggest that any people who have read this far purchase the book “The Power and the Glory” subtitled “Inside the dark heart of John Paul II’s Vatican” by David Yallop.”
    To my mind, therefore, it is pretty obvious who MYSTERY Babylon is and it definitely is neither the US nor Jerusalem.

  10. Martin ,
    Lots of good information in your post, Thanks for sharing. I have Alexander Hyslop’s book ,
    The Two Baylons, diffucult to read but very informative. I also recommend Mystery Babylon by
    Ralph Wooddrow ( google artisan sales ) . Totally disagree with Woodrow on his end times
    prophetic views , but the book on Mystery Babylon is excellent. Always remember : Acts 17:11
    BLESSINGS !!!!!!!!!

  11. Martin I generally agree. But we do need to keep in mind the topic of the post is really about the destruction of Damascus. Also break up long statements into paragraphs otherwise few will even read them.

    Dave Hunt wrote a great book named “A Woman Rides the Beast”. I recommend that Christians interested in Mystery Babylon read it.

  12. Syrian president Assad could lead a war against Israel at anytime to cause a Middle-East crisis before he is taken out of power in Isaiah 17th chapter. All his chemical weapons. Where are they now?

    Libyan rockets have been given over to the Sudanese/ Ethiopians whom have given them over to Persia/Iran in their new military alliance. These are Ezekiel 38:5 nations. The prophecies are definitely in this generation.

  13. Sorry Don, you’re correct!
    I wandered from the point of the Destruction of Damascus to deal mainly with Mike’s point. I get the impression he’s been reading a lot of stuff on the so-called Khazar Jews that is found on conspiracy blogs. A little logic and a knowledge of real history is a way of putting such error to rest. So will Scripture.
    (And I endorse your statement of Dave Hunt’s book, “A Woman Rides the Beast” which is a far easier read than Hislop’s “Two Babylons”. It also deals with more points relevant to our present time. As to Woodrow: he actually changed all his views in “The Babylonian Connection” –which I found to be quite pro-Vatican and a bit odd.)
    Yes, the Destruction of Damascus! I personally think it is going to happen fairly soon. Obviously, I cannot give a time. But as Lujack Skylark says, “The prophecies are definitely in this generation.”
    We know from Scripture that it IS going to happen. I notice that Assyria is mentioned in the Psalm 83 prophecy, as are all those nations immediately surrounding Israel. Interestingly, those nations are not mentioned in the later Gog & Magog prophecies in Ezekiel.
    I don’t know if any people looking in on this site have heard of Bill Salus’ book “Isralestine.” I mention it because I feel that Mr Salus has come up with the correct conclusion–viz., that none of these nations adjacent to Israel are going to be around when the Gog-Magog invasion begins. Israel herself will have dealt with them.
    I personally believe that Israel’s defeating those nations happens the same time as the war prophesied in the Book of Obadiah. The Edomites (“Palestinians”) are to be annihilated and God shows that he is going to use Israel (especially Judah and Joseph) to carry out His Will in this instance. But it stikes me that this extirpation of the “Palestinians” will occur with this confederation of the war with the Psalm 83 surrounding nations. My belief concurs with the view of Bill Salus because when the God-Magog attack starts, Israel will be dwelling in safety. She is not dwelling in safety now.
    As it would be too much for me to go into here, regarding how Israel will, through this war with their neighbours, bring about their own safe haven. I would suggest that readers try out Bill Salus’ site. If they haven’t heard of “Isralestine” it can be found on or by googling Bill Salus. He also goes into a fair bit of the destruction of Damascus.

  14. Hi Martin,

    I also read and highly recommend the book “Isralestine” by Bill Salus. I have discussed his book on this site. Many of my posts and comments reflect the view that the Psalm 83 war will occur before the Ezkeiel 38-39 war for the same reasons that Bill and you mention.

    There is a link to Bill’s site from my links page.

  15. Martin Horan,

    You just summarized what Don K has been telling us for a long time in his previous article posts…you did a good job.

  16. I have been watching the site, Intrade. There has been a recent spike in speculation that Assad will be gone by 6-30-2012. Of course, that does not mean that Damascus will be destroyed. I just found it interesting that the betting increased on Assad becoming “history” in Syria.

  17. Thanks David. Your point is encouraging. Sorry to be so slow in getting back to you. I haven’tlooked in on this site for a few weeks.
    As to Don: Your latest message is very interesting. You mention that the moderates will ascend to power in the Middle East and that there will be a period of peace with Israel. But, as Bill Salus maintains (or perhaps insinuates), the Psalm 83 prophecy will come to pass first.
    I’m not so sure that there really is such a thing as a moderate Moslem in the true sense of the Islamic view. Mohammad himself converted by the use of duplicity and terror–which Arafat himself condoned. (Indeed, at the Camp david talks, Arafat boasted to an American journalist of Mohammad’s barefaced lie to the people of Medina before ordering their utter extirpation.) Though I have personally known a couple of moderate Moslems who didn’t seem anti-Semitic, I still have to bear in mind that Islam has taqqiya which allows Moslems to lie to infidels–in other words, you, me and any other non-Moslem!
    It would seem to me that if there is to be peace between the Arabs and Israel it would be a tentative one on Israel’s part. The Israelis would have to be incredibly stupid to accept any peace deals with Arabs, no matter how moderate they claim to be.
    My personal view is that it would take a few decades of peace before Israel could even begin to trust them. From what I read and believe about Bible prophecy, I don’t think we actually have decades left.
    I would appreciate your take then, Don, on the Psalm 83 prophecy.
    Do you think that the prophecy regarding the destruction of Damascus will happen prior to Psalm 83 being fulfilled, during Israel’s war with this confederacy, or after it? Presumably, it’s going to happen a fair bit before the Gog-Magog confederacy attacks Israel as I reckon that would be the beginning of Armageddon.
    I’d be pleased to know how Iraq will become an economic hub in the Middle East. Some Christians reckoned that Saddam was going to rebuild Babylon and, because of the mention of Babylon in Revelation, that the ancient city of Babylon was to be rebuilt. My own take on this (having been educated as a Roman Catholic) was that this was Rome, which the early Christians called Babylon. Indeed, papal worship, ritual, etc., all goes back to Babylon.
    So I am simply wondering if you believe then that some kind of world power is going to be centred in the area of Ancient Babylon.
    I’m sorry if I’m going back over gound you’ve already covered. Thanks for your interest.

  18. Martin,

    I probably have covered about everything of importance on Bible prophecy in one place or another on this website but lets see if I can answer your questions. I don’t want follow-ups on my points here unless it is on topic. Otherwise find a post that is on topic. I have search aids. (It is best to use the homepage of the website search box)

    I wrote this post before Bill Salus even published his book. I agree with much of what he suggests in his book. The Psalm 83 prophecy will be fulfilled before the Ezekiel 38 prophecy and both probably take place before the final seven years.

    In this post I said there would be a relative peace around Israel. I still see that happening because prophecy requires it. I think the Psalm 83 war actually brings about the peace that is required to fulfill the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy. Yes, there could be a decade or more between the two wars so that Israel can be at peace. I do not see the last seven years starting before the mid 2020’s but that is a long story. I have articles on the timelines. Do a search if your interested.

    No Muslim that actually believes all their own scriptures can be moderate but there are moderate Muslim nations. There has to be or Islam will not exist, because any and all Muslim nation will lose a world war with the West.

    Nobody really knows when Damascus will be destroyed. It most likely will be destroyed in the Psalm 83 war. It could happen before, in fact it could even trigger the fulfillment of the prophecy.

    I think Iraq will become an economic hub because after the Psalm 83 war. I think Iraq will make peace with Israel and oil pipelines and commerce will go through Israel. It now only takes a decade to build a great city. There are still plans to make Babylon a world cultural center and international theme park. When the antichrist arrives it will get done if it is not done prior.

    Babylon in future prophecy is mention in more places than just Revelation. I know that there are some that think that Babylon is Rome because of what Peter said (1 Pe 5:13). However, there is no evidence that Peter was ever in Rome. Peter probably was actually in Babylon which had a large Jewish community in those days. Rome is the Harlot of Revelation 17 but there is a physical Babylon. I wrote an article on Babylon.

    Also Read my Revelation commentary on Rev chapter 17 and 18. (top bar)

  19. Martin ,
    I’ll make an attempt to answer your question about Babylon becoming an economic focal point. All false relegions started in ancient Bablylon under Nimrod ( with Satan’s help ) . The false relegion eventually moved to Rome and is very much a part of Vacatian heresy today. According to Zechariah , Chapter 5 , verses 5 through 11 it moves back to ” The Land of Shinar ” ( Babylon)
    The storks mentioned in verse 9 are represenative of unclean as the stork was an unclean bird.
    There is an excellent book on this subject, ” The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hyslop. It is a difficult book to read , you really have to concentrate and focus . Many scholars and teachers
    believe Babylon will be rebuilt and become a vital city of commerce. BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Hi Don,

    I totally agree. I have how that happened in my Revelation Commentary.

    “*Background: Pergamos was the great religious center of the area. Zeus was said to have been born there. The great altar of Zeus stood on a foundation 115 feet above the ground level. Aesculapius (the god of health) and Zeus the (savior god) were actively worshiped. The pagan practices that took place there can be traced back to the time of Nimrod who founded the Babylonian religion. This ancient religion included the worship of his widow Semiramis and her son, also known as Ashtoreth and Tammuz of Phoenicia, Isis and Horus of Egypt, Aphrodite and Eros of Greece and Venus and Cupid of Rome. (Hislop).

    Pergamos became the center of the official religion of emperor worship. A temple for this was erected at Pergamos in 27 BC, when Cyrus conquered Babylon and founded a new center at Pergamos and the king of Pergamos became Pontifex Maximus (high priest), of that pagan system (Pember). Both Hislop and Pember trace the subsequent transfer of the cult from Pergamos to Rome, with the appointment of successive Caesars as high priest and ultimately, to that office in 378 AD of Damasus, the Bishop of Rome, with the complete and permanent absorption of “Babylonianism” into the Roman Church.

    In 312 AD, Constantine claimed a vision from God and declared his conversion to Christianity. He assumed headship of the Church, repealed the persecution edicts of Diocletian and advanced Christians to high office in the state.

    It was only a small step to convert the worship of the queen of heaven (Semiramis and her son) to the worship of Mary and an infant Jesus.”

    This information came from Chuck Missler’s supplemental notes on The Book of Revelation, pages 29 – 32, Koinonia House inc., 1995. Missler used information from Hislop and Pember.

  21. Don ,
    Thanks for the additional information , should be helful to Martin also. I have many of Missler’s tapes , CD’s and commentaries in my study library. I’m still working my way through your Revelation Commentary , there’s a lot there to digest. GREAT JOB by YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yes, thanks Don. I had believed that Rome was Babylon, per se–especially after reading both Hislop and Woodrow. Then I got around to believing Rome was the Harlot and Babylon would then be the Anti-Christ power, but with the pope as the false prophet. I have just gone on to your excellent article on Babylon, which makes a lot of sense. I feel sad though that all this could take longer than I hoped as I want to live to see Christ’s return!
    I have read that Peter was never near Rome though that was in articles showing why he could not have been the first pope. But I’d never really thought of that affecting whether or not it was called Bablon. But there’s a lot of interesting stuff in both your links above thanks a lot. It’s all very helpful.
    As to the other Don (Mr Fritts), thanks for your points too. I didn’t realize that Babylon was to move back to the land of Shinar. Don mentions that too in his article on Babylon. So thank you both for that. I don’t know how many times I’ve read Zechariah 5, but obviously it never registered in my mind whenever I’ve read it. So now I can take it that it will happen in spite of former arguments I’ve read against it.
    I had The Two Baylons and read it through in the late 1970s and early 80s. I don’t know what became of my copy! I can’t remember reading the bit about the storks. I must get another copy and check it out–especially as I keep reading Hislop being quoted these days.
    Many thanks for your info Don.
    And to Don, thanks too for the info on Pergamos. There’s an English evangelist called David Hathaway who’s produced a DVD on Pergamos. I saw a bit of it on YOu Tube. Very interesting. If not the whole Peragmos temple then at least most of it is focused in this video as it is now all in a museum in, I think, Germany. I must go back to the video and check it out.
    I will also check out Chuck Missler’s CDs. Again, I’ve found them quoted on the net, though I haven’t read any of Chuck Missler as yet, other than quotes.
    Thank you both, gentlemen, very much.

  23. Hi Martin,

    Do go to Missler’s site and download some of his audios of interest. There is a wealth of topical information offered there for free and you don’t even have to stare at a computer screen reading articles. That can get very tiring.

    By the way, the faithful Church is not going to be living here on earth to see the second coming anyway. Nevertheless, you still might never die because the Rapture of believers can happen as soon as today.

  24. Thanks Don. I will go to Missler’s site and thanks for cheering me up with the fact that the Rapture can come at any time. I wasn’t actually sure if you believed that. I do. So thanks again.
    You too, Don (Fritts). Thanks for giving me those two addresses for Chuck Missler. I’ll check them now. Blessing ot you both.

  25. Damascus has fallen due to the Arab spring. I am so happy that the people in this part of the world have finally stood up for what they believe in and welcome democracy just like we do here in the United States of America. Now the challenge for them is making sure the right powers that be are elected. At least now they can vote to change their county’s future. Maybe this is the conflict that the Bible predicted.
    God Bless,

  26. Chris,

    You got to be kidding!

    According to Isaiah 17, Damascus will become a heap of rubble and no longer exist, it is not talking about an Arab Revolution. You also have to be kidding me about the Arab spring leading to democracy. It will led to Islam ruling everyone in those nations. Just look at what is happening in Egypt and Libya. The Bible talks about God destroying nations that come against Israel. The Bible does not talk about internal politics in Gentile nations. Sounds like you do not know the prophecies in the Bible at all.

  27. Yes, that’s how I see it too, Don.
    I can’t understand why our “journalists” keep talking about an Arab Spring. It’s not what history points to and it’s not what the Bible prophesies. There is a Bible prophecy regarding Ishmael that “he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man’s and every man’s hand against him…” This is what they were from the outset, it’s what they have been throughout history and it is what they are now. History right up until five minutes ago shows this.
    No offence meant but I son’t think Chris actually has a grasp of Arab history nor of how these people think. I would suggest that he gets a copy of the Koran and read it and check out the writings of the Haddiths. These writings will show clearly how Arabs think. It will explain to Chris how Arabs not only do not understand democracy but they are appalled by the very idea.
    Arafat reportedly boasted to an American Journalist at the Camp David talks how he would deal with Israel. The journalist asked him how the Israelis could trust the “Palestinians” (which is not what these Arabs are. Palestine is built on a lie: only Jews were ever known as Palestinians until 1968) as they’d broken every peace treaty they’d made with Israel.
    Arafat told the man he would do what the “prophet” Mohammad did at Medina.
    The journalist asked him to explain. Arafat told him that Mohammad promised clemency to the people of Medina if they’d open their gates to him. When they complied, Mohammad’s so-called soldiers slaughtered the people of Medina, keeping the women–though many of whom were raped before slaughtered–as slaves and for sex.
    All Moslems are taught that story. They are taught to believe it is right and proper. Remember they even have blasphemy laws, punishable by beheading, against Mohammad, who was a mere man (which makes them idolators, putting a man on a par with God. Indeed, they accuse us Christians of that very thing).
    We have to understand then that they hold a man who was a liar and a psychopath on a par, though they deny it, with God.
    They also have in their “scriptures” what they know as Taqqiya, a clause which allows them to lie to infidels–that is, anyone who is not a Moslem.
    Of course there is also the point you made, Don, about Damascus.
    But even if we don’t accept the testimony of history, their own “scriptures”, and what we see going on in the world right now, as Christians we must accept what the Bible prophesies about the Arabs.
    There is enough wishful thinking in the world regarding them as it is.
    We should remember that Satan too is a wishful thinker: he knows his time is short yet he still persists somehow in imagining that he can win against God.

  28. Well, it appears Athens/Greece are close to total anarchy. Is there a connection with Damascus?

    I am wondering if there is a connection here. I am watching for the next “prophet” to give us a “prophetic word.” Do they have a rotation schedule? How do they keep track of who is next?

  29. Bob,

    Bob from Texas, You will have to check to see who is on the prophetic on call line this month.

    Brian, I read from a think tank report that says Iran already has five nukes. People can believe what they want, but If Iran is able to pull of an EMP. It will be the end of this nation as we know it. Our politicians keep proving that they are insane by doing the same ‘ratcheting up the sanctions” stupidity that has never worked anywhere and not preparing for what Iran might be able to do. Iran is laughing at us. Why should they worry about a war when if a war happen they believe the Mahdi will come to destroy their enemies?

    Our “intelligence” has been wrong on all secret nuclear weapons programs since the nuclear era began including Russia, China, N. Korea, Iraq, India, and Pakistan. I do not know what makes anyone believe that they suddenly have it correct now? The IAEA stuff is a show just to appease the UN. We simply do not know what Iran has been doing in secret for the last two decades. If they were scared of Saddam getting nukes they obvious were trying to keep up. (Saddam was only months from developing a nuke before the first gulf war). A good thing Israel took out their reactor. Syria almost got nuclear capability from N. Korea that is why Israel took out their secret reactor. We better pay attention to what Israel is saying or we will bring a curse down on our own head.

    One Reason America might not be in Bible prophecy is our careless foolishness. Iran will be taken care of by Israel even if it takes nuclear weapons to do so. Every wonder why that area is inhabitable by humans in the millennium?

  30. “”Iran is laughing at us.””

    Are you kidding Don ?

    I think the whole Islamic world is laughing at us.

    They see how easy it is to defeat an enemy that insists on “political correctness”.

    They see how easy it is to infiltrate and build their terrorist cell mosque’s right on the infidel’s (that’s us) soil.

    They see how the Americans are eager to appease Islam with Chrislam nonsense.

    No wonder, it was said by Muslim’s after 9/11 that the attack was a mistake, “we can destroy America faster from within”.

  31. Don, can you tell me, please, how it is that you think the Iran area will be uninhabited in the millenium? If you have given the info before, I’d appreciate it if you’d mention it again. I don’t know anything about that area in regards to the millenium. Thanks.

  32. Martin,

    I did not mean that all of Iran will not be inhabited. However Iraq and part of Western Iran near Babylon can expect to be included in the destruction of Babylon prophecies.

    I was thinking of prophecies about Babylon but end time Babylon could very well include parts of Western Iran. Iran might take over the Babylon area of Iraq or Iraq could take over western Iran or some tribes of the modern day nations of Iraq and Iran could merge and call themselves Babylon with their center of government at Babylon.

    The prophecy on Elam is probably also about those that now live in Iran (Jer 49:34)

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