Saving America from selfishness by extending the American dream to others

Abortion and birth control is the destroyers of nations. It was allowed to reign in the mid to late 20th century to destroy new life but it will likely lead to the destruction of all life in the first part of the 21st century.

The economic problems we now have in America and the world are largely because we eliminated our next generation. Many in our nation have now reached the age to retire but there will not be enough young people to support our aging population. Other nations have even far worse demographic problems than America due to abortion, infanticide, and birth control. For example, Japan and China are rapidly aging. Japan will go into decline in a decade and China will start their great decline around 2030. Europe and Russia are already in decline. Europe imported Muslims to replace the children they never had and this will bring civil war to them soon.

Many countries are just borrowing from a future generation that will never arrive to pay the costs of their present lifestyle. This population imbalance is a sure sign that we have arrived in the last days. The fields are turning white and are about ready for the great harvest. There will not be much more new wheat coming up in the field so it is almost time to send in the reapers.

The population of the earth will soon peak but before that happens the older people with their superior numbers and large assets and appetites will eat their remaining young through wars to acquire what their children could have given to them had they allowed them to live. So, although I will suggest a way for the United States to remain the foremost nation on earth for a brief period, I am not totally deluded, I know the world population will be decimated through great wars wars within a couple of decades.

You might say, I understand why abortion is the world’s downfall, but why do you also say birth control?  Because one is the sin of murdering your young but the other for the most part, shows selfishness and a lack of faith that God can really provide. So the blessing we could have received we rejected by our own choices.

Lack of faith is understandable in non believers but that should not have been the case in true believers. Christians would now have much more influence in the world if true Christian had more children and brought them up in the way they should go. If that had happened, we probably would not have the present leadership in America and also would not have many of the problems that were brought about by an increasing majority of unbelievers. In any case, both past abortions and birth control are part of the reason for the situation that mankind now find itself in.

Although the long term outlook for the world is truly bleak because of the unbelief displayed and made evident through world demographics, there really is something in the short and medium term that the United States can do to deter this time-bomb from going off on our own soil. We cannot atone for the sins of the past but like Nineveh we can repent of our sins and extend the life of our nation. National repentance by the majority for the sins of the past must go hand-in-hand with any solution to remedy our future.

The downfall of our nation is primarily because we aborted 50 million young and also because confessing Christians did not have the faith to have more children. If we now had those 100 million or more people the population of the United States would now be well over 400 million people and the state of our union could be much better off. Abortion has been legal for 38 years in the United States so about one half of that number would already be adults. They would be consuming things, paying taxes and contributing to Social Security and Medicare. The rest of the aborted would have become adults within the next twenty years. These 100 million people that never were, would also already be having babies. So had there been no abortion in this nation or birth control among Christians the population of the United States would have become about double of what it is now projected to be.

Liberals would say, and you also might, that we cannot support that many people in the nation and the world, it is unsustainable. I say where is your faith in God? God can and will provide if we are living within His will. Many brains were not born that might have had answers to our present problems. For example, we might already have limitless cheap clean energy through cold fusion or something that nobody ever thought of because they were not born. There could have been huge advances in food production as well. In fact, I will frankly suggest to you that by the end of the thousand year reign of Christ over 100 billion people will be living on the earth and they will be living better than us. Don’t limit God or the abilities he gives to man. God and the earth that God created will support as many people as God wants it to support.

We would not have the spending imbalances if we had these additional taxpayers unless of course we were also spending a lot more. I know all that is hypothetical and water over the dam, we can’t undue the past. However, we can change our future by changing our demographics. We are probably the only great nation on earth that can actually do that.

What is the one thing that much of the world wants, that America has, but they cannot now get? American citizenship! Therefore, I propose that we import ten million people each year for at least the next ten years. We have to very carefully regulate how we do this, but the end goal would be to double our present population by 2030. So, we would want to mainly bring in couples that have or will have children. We also need to immediately stop killing our young through abortions and Christians need to have as many children as God allows. The key point is that we would be saving America from its selfishness by extending the American dream to many others that hunger for it.

There are other things that would also need to be implemented for anything like what I suggest to work. We must do away with individual income tax and taxes on businesses and instead collect revenues through a consumption sales tax. We must do away with much of the regulations that strangles our manufactures so that our factories cannot be competitive in the world. Employers would also no longer have the burden to pay for health plans of employees (read my national health plan. There is a link to it in the paragraph below). We must have a balanced budget by the end of the decade and write laws that will not allow spending more than our revenues (except in a national emergency).

We also have to realize that the global warming threat was just hyped to redistribute wealth. Even if there were AGW warming and rises in CO2, when all things are considered this would actually be beneficial to life on earth. CO2 is not any threat to the earth and it does not need to be taxed or regulated. We must allow full development of our vast natural gas reserves, oil reserves, oil shale reserves, coal deposits, and mass produce micro nuclear reactors (much like what now powers our nuclear warships but cased in concrete and buried). We should have a goal to be total energy independent before 2030 and expect electricity production at less than 10 cents a kilowatt hour and also expect gasoline to be plentiful at about $2 a gallon (it can be done, for example, shale oil can be profitable at less than $50 a barrel and we have the biggest shale oil deposits in the world). America would also have to get medical costs down to about ten percent of our GDP. I wrote on how we can do that about five years ago so you can read my medical plan if you want the details (It really is not that hard to do).

I do not want to get bogged down in all the minute details of how to extend this American dream to others since there are many unknowns, but I think a working plan could be hammered out without too much effort. What follows are some of my own suggestions for this immigration plan to work but I have not thought of everything – I am giving that up for Lent.

  • We would give visas that will not expire for those meeting our criteria. Only after the the immigrant fulfilled the determined period of time and the criteria for full citizenship would citizenship be granted.
  • No felons or enemies of the United States would be given visas. No enemies of religious freedom would be given visas to the United States. No enemies of the free enterprise system would be given visas.
  • We would seek some balance in demographics, there would not be an overwhelming amount of people coming from any single nation.
  • All Immigrants would need to learn English and pass an exam based on the U.S. Constitution, history and civics before they could become citizens.
  • Only citizens of this nation would be allowed to vote in government elections.
  • Poor immigrants would have to obtain sponsorship and the sponsors would have to give reasonable proof that they cannot employ Americans in these  jobs. If these poor immigrants lose their sponsor and cannot find a new one within a reasonable period they will have to return to their nation. After ten years of working in America any guest worker should be eligible to become full citizens.
  • Babies born in the United States to non citizens would not automatically become citizens, parents would have to become citizens for their children to be citizens.
  • All obtaining visas would agree to be scanned for their biometric data and that data would be put in a national database and be available to all police forces. Federal and local enforcement officers will be equipped with biometric scanners that will instantly identify people that are here on visas. Those that obtain citizenship would be deleted from the national database.
  • It will be a Federal crime to employ anyone that is not a citizen or that is not in the national database. Proof that a perspective employee has a visa will be obtainable at any police station. Any foreign national without a visa allowing them to be in the United States will be deported from this country.
  • Anyone on a visa can be deported for committing a felony in the United States.
  • All Immigrants would locate here at their own expense and they would not be eligible for Federal or State benefits until the time that they become full citizens. There would be some hardship assistance available, but this would strictly be on a case-by-case basis.
  • Immigrants coming on visas would be given choices where to locate but they may or may not get their first choice. For example, those in the military coming back to the United States put in for several choices of location. They do not usually get their first choice but they do usually get one of their top choices. Immigrants would be distributed in such a way that we would not create towns of foreigners in America. The immigrants would be integrated into our society. Anyone on a visa that wants to relocate to another area of the country will have to obtain permission
  • Visas could be pulled if the immigrant violates the agreement (For example, moving to another location without prior permission).
  • Immigrants would pay local taxes to pay for schooling of their children and services.
  • The younger immigrants would have to have a desired skill or degree. Remember the brain-drain of the 50’s and 60’s? There is no reason why we could not have brain-drain II. Many of the brightest of the world would come to America became it would still be a place where people have the freedom to rise to their full potential.
  • Older people given visas leading to citizenship would have to show a means of self support. For example, in some Central American countries you can live there and even eventually become a citizen if you can prove that you have about $250,000 in investments and/or a certain monthly fixed income. One’s net worth would need to be quite a bit higher to live here. Older people of course would not be allowed into the Social Security/Medicare system and they would be required to have a private catastrophic medical plan.
  • I think importing people that can start a mom and pop small business on a shoestring budget should be one of the major goals. In these days where most manufactured goods come from China and are sold in huge box stores, what we really need in America is a whole lot of small shops in low rent districts that will sell our own locally made handcrafts.
  • We should give visas to whole immediate families of multi-millionaires and those that wish to relocate their businesses and factories to the United States. We should give political asylum to those that come from tyrannical countries like China.

You might think that all these new people would take away jobs from Americans living here, but I think not. It would instantly cure our housing surplus situation. New construction and new consumption would lead to many new jobs in America. Soon, under truly free enterprise like found in Hong Kong our products and services would be competitive with anyone in the world. With new factories and many new mom and pop enterprises Americans could again buy products made in America. The wealth of the nation adjusted for inflation in GDP terms would triple in two decades solving our debt crises. I think the only way America can survive the demographic caused debt bomb and our own selfishness is by expanding our population base by extending the American dream to many others that want it. I really see no other way to survive the coming economic time bomb.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


14 thoughts on “Saving America from selfishness by extending the American dream to others

  1. Mike,

    I would expect jobs to come from the same place that Jobs in China are now coming from. If we have increasing populations, increase our educated base, Increase our skills base and set up an environment for free enterprise unhindered by the state like in Hong Kong we will have more internal and external markets for our products. Corporations will once again want to set up shop in the United States rather than deal with tyranny in fascist China. Read the whole article and think about things and you might actually find a point or two worthwhile and not just label all my observations shallow and pointless.

  2. Don,
    I agree with you concerning abortion and birth control with its resultant effects. And yes, if our population was larger, then it would support the economy better (as it stand, our economy needs to be contracted because our current population cannot support it – not even considering the debt bomb). However, your proposal would only work in theory. If this country introduced mass immigration, of the scale that you are suggesting, then sure Balkanization would occur. In our current climate of relativism, multiculturism and pc climate we would never demand that the arrivals adapt to our way of life: linguistically or otherwise. The nation would fracture along cultural lines; as is already occuring.
    Honestly, I do not see the United States surviving in its present state (which may be God’s plan). If people are willing to make the hard decisions, then I think this article describes an effective strategy:
    That being said, too many factors are in place for those plans to be implimented.

  3. Don, you make some good points, and you are absolutely correct about the murdering of several generations stiffing this economy. I think the best idea you present to stimulate the economy is to eliminate the IRS and and go to a flat sales tax, exempting perhaps a few critical items. That way we would capture tax from the underground economy and massively stimulate our economy. As far as encouraging a huge influx of immigrants, that will necessitate a huge new bureaucracy, and that’s not what we want now when we need to shrink the government. I think Mark, above, is correct in his analysis of the results of this move. Yes, we ought to become energy independent, and we ought to disclaim anthropogenic global warming, and what is an ideal temperature for the earth anyway? But what we really need to do is cut expenditures. Ruthlessly cut them! In this regard, the CATO Institute, as usual, has come up with a very good plan. Check out this link:

  4. Don, these are good observations and sound ideas. Short of a miraculous movement of God in peoples hearts, I see this alternative as being much less likely than collapse and civil war in the USA, and the west in general.

    The *only* chance a snowball has in Hell is if God’s hand is upon it.

    All that said, I think we *are* witnessing a miraculous movement of God in that things should have collapsed and war overtaken us (and the west) some time ago, BUT *somehow* we are still here, still on the razor’s edge of the abyss. (Of course I’m speaking from the world’s perspective – as a believer, I am very aware that I exist on the edge of eternity whether by rapture or death.)

    Don, your mention of birth control in the context of faith is an interesting restatement of two motivating views people seem to have with respect to their sustenance: “scarcity” mentality and “abundance” mentality. Scarcity tends to think in terms of limits and “I’ve got to get ‘mine’ and conserve (even hoard),” while abundance relaxes in the promise that God will provide for His own. The “scarcity” believer may hold-back in ministry because they “don’t have enough” while the “abundance” believer may not seem to have enough, but they give (however/whatever led) knowing that God will makeup the shortfall. Interestingly, when people think that life is a “zero-sum game,” they often get stuck with the consequences of that. AND other people who are stuck in “zero-sum games” are often able to go beyond these in creative ways.

    So, what’s an individual believer to with what Don has proposed? I think the first and maybe the only truly effective thing we can do as individuals is to grow in our trust of God: mostly we will need to take “baby steps” from trial-to-trial choosing to trust what God has said or promised instead of what the world says or our own natures would have us do. It’s a bit by bit thing, and people will see and notice (and we’ve been able to share what God does for us when we’re asked how/why we can do what seems unlikely (if not impossible). As more and more of God’s people let God’s Spirit cause them to grow, then we will start to see Him work on the scale of families, communities, peoples and nations.

  5. Mark,
    you are correct that Balkanization could occur but I am assuming that we not allow that to occur. That is why I included location restrictions. As for the PC climate, I am assuming that when the sane take over the country that they get rid of all that garbage. We have had mass immigration to this country before and until recent PC multiculturalism kicked in most assimilated. Actually the scale I suggest in percentages is no greater or even less than other mass migrations to America.

    We can talk about ruthlessly cutting expenditures all we want but you know it simply cannot happen in a democratic republic. The people will get rid of anyone who even suggests cutting their entitlements. Those budget cuts sound great until one of the cuts impacts you. Also, what they do even consider is that interest rates will soon increase and it will become a much larger expense. The costs of refinancing our debt will soon be higher than the costs of nation defense. So the cuts are not nearly enough and they are not all cuts anyway since I see that they are raising medicare payments. They also make the usual assumption that they will get more revenue by cutting fraud and such. It just will not happen. Some of those cuts can only occur on paper.

    Unfortunately for this nation you are right, people will not make the hard choices and America will reap the consequences. You are also correct that people in this nation need to start walking in faith trusting the God that they claim to believe in. However, we both know that this will not happen before some severe chastisement falls on us.

  6. Don, Good article. Not only abortion, but living Christian principles in general will help bring our nation back into God’s protect I do believe. The living God has given us this Earth, not “Mother Nature” or whatever the Liberals think.

  7. I guess what I want people to get out out of my message is that blessings come from God to both people and nations when they become selfless rather than selfish. Like Jesus said, the greatest among you will be those that become servants. I think there is an application there for nations as well.

    By the way, people ought to be aware that we already allow about one million legal immigrants in this country a year and also millions of illegals come in each year. So if we got rid of the illegals and expanded the legals, the main difference is that most immigrants would not just be unskilled labors,drug mules and drug gangs coming from south of the Border and congregating in latino ghettos. We would be managing the migration from many nations for the benefit of all rather than continuing to allow the present immigration anarchy.

  8. I do not have any children, but that is God’s will, not any action on my part. With that said, God had used me to His will, which is all that matters.

    I really can’t stand the word “entitlement”. I have never approached my life as if I’ve ever been “entitled” to anything. I think you call that grace. Although, I probably expect mercy a bit more than I should (shrug).

    As for fixing this country / world, well, I think there’s enough prophetic material / revelation to know what’s coming.

    Good discussion fodder, however. Definitely not shallow or pointless, put it that way.

  9. Real entitlements are what people are entitled to because they earned and were promised them in exchange for their employment, service and monetary deposits. It is a contract and if government will not keep its contracts with the people it cannot be trusted. For example, let government take away all military pension entitlements and see what happens to government.

  10. Don

    I’ve been thinking about this for a week and I believe it is a good plan for the US.

    As you know, I am from Central America and personal and government corruption doesn’t permit many young people to have good educational and job opportunities, so many leave the country and go north. On the way some die, others get their legs amputed by trains and some get illegally inside the US (and some get abducted by the drug cartels). If immigration for working purposes were legal in the US then the immigrants would not have to pass through all this. But more young people would go and leave our country and this is not good for us.

    I am kind of a success story in this harsh poor ground. My mother and father grew poor and worked their way up through public and then private education. I went to a bilingual school and have a specialty and a subspecialty in a brand of medicine. I have my needs covered. I have not thought of going to work or live outside my country. But maybe my kids would have to if there are severe socio-political problems.

    The dream for my country would be that the gospel would spread even more and that we would have enough courageous honest hardworking people so that God may bless our land and we would get out of poverty and be a blessing o other nations. I know this is possible. So I am focusing my efforts on making disciples of Jesus Christ. But my purpose is not to change my country. This comes as a by-product of making disciples for the glory of God. Because God tells us that we are strangers in this world and that even Abraham was not looking for an earhly country but he desired a celestial city, a heavenly country.

    But getting back to the opening of immigrations, I think it would work for the US, many young latin americans would move north, as they have been doing.If immigration opens up, I hope you don’t get much muslims as Europe has.

  11. One of my major points was that no enemies of religious freedom would be allowed to enter. That pretty much rules out most Muslims. Muslims would have to come from secular moderate states unless we know that they are being persecuted in their countries for being against Jihad, Sharia, and a Muslim world caliphate. Most would also be disqualified because they choose not to integrate with non Muslims.

    I do not want to see Central America empty out into the United States. So the amount of unskilled people would have to limited according to our need and we will have to insure that we are not importing drug runners and gangs. That is why people from parts of Latin America and the Caribbean will have to come with recommendations by noted professionals like yourself and also be sponsored by people in the United States that personally know them and/or are willing to take responsibility for what they do here until they become citizens.

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