The Great Apostasy of the Evangelicals

I think the most shocking thing going on in our nation is not that Marxists are actively running and ruining America. After all, people that reject God in any nation are going to look for a human substitute for God. The most shocking thing in America is that heretics are now taking over the Christian Evangelical movement in America and few Evangelicals notice or care.

If you take the Bible believing evangelicals that give the gospel of salvation to the world out of America, a Christian might have to wonder if God has any good purpose left for this nation in the world. Instead of America being a blessing to the world through the gospel we will just make everything worse by enforcing the elitist agenda as long as we have the firepower to do so. In other words, America may become the enforcer of UN Agenda 21 and if that means eliminating half the population on earth, so be it.

I do not think I need to try to recreate the wheel here to point out the many facets of the great ongoing apostasy of the Evangelicals in America. There are already great websites that specialize in doing just that. One very good website is called Apprising Ministries. There are others and some of them are on my links page (you can access it from the top bar).

Anyway, humor me and at least go to this Apprising Ministries website and look at the most recent posts. As of this writing I found the following information on just the first page of Rev. Ken Silva’s site.

There is a story about someone that went to an Emergent festival that has some of the usual heretics as speakers. They include Brian McLaren, Jay Bakker, Shaine Claiborne, Doug Pagitt, Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo and Franky Schaeffer.

There is also a long article with many references about the mixing of Christianity and Islam. Many of our Evangelical leaders want us to believe that Muslims worship the same God as Christians. Some very big names in Evangelical Christianity have signed on to the heresy that Jehovah and Allah are the very same God. Rick Warren and Bill Hybells are two of them, and of course the Emergent crowd leaders are also among them. I guess over half of Evangelical Christianity has hitched their wagon to one of these three influences alone.

It seems to me that the Harlot of Revelation chapter 17 is coming together in Protestantism from the church growth, seeker friendly and emergent crowd. All they need is to find the umbilical lifeline back to mother Rome. But have no fear, Tony Blair is here working on that merger through His Interfaith foundation. And yeah, Rick Warren also sits on that board. Not to mention that Warren also belongs to the globalist CFR. Seems that Warren has his face on every postmodern socialist agenda but that does not seem to stop mainstream Evangelicals from continuing to support him?

I am trying to think of the type of people that Rick Warren has been supporting from his platform and in his endorsements recently. I suppose that would include just about everyone but those Bible thumping fundamentalists that Warren thinks are a danger along with those that muse over any soon fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Let’s see now. Warren supports working with Muslims and Catholic leaders to carry out his socialist world peace plan but it does not contain the gospel of Jesus Christ. Warren along with Hybells and Schullar is one of the daddies of the seeker friendly church growth model where you hide the gospel until some opportune time that usually never comes. Warren endorses the postmodern heretical Emergent Church movement and he has endorsed Worth of Faith heretics. Not to mention that his Daniel Plan presents to Christendom one Christian heretic, one Muslim and one Pagan Guru. They apparently have the health and lifestyle answers that have eluded the Church. We will not even get into Warren’s political hobnobbing. It just seems to me that Warren’s face is on just about anything that detracts from good biblical doctrine. Yet, mainstream evangelicals still think that Rick Warren is their man to study and follow?

Then I also see on this Apprising website that the Key Note speaker at an upcoming BGEA meeting is a Word of Faith preacher? Then in the following post on this website it talks about the BGEA giving an award to a Word of Faith heretic?? Last I heard, there were 21 people on the BGEA board of directors so one might think that 11 out of 21 of these Evangelicals would actually get it? In case you all somehow missed out on what Word of Faith teaches it might be time to get yourself educated. I am sure you can find some article on my Blog or on this Apprising Ministry website. World of faith theology is clearly heretical and I think Rev. Silva documents why quite well in his articles. So better for BGEA and others to get educated than to find themselves promoting leaders of another gospel and building on the house of God with straw.

There also are articles on that site about Rob Bell. He co-pastors the Mars Hill Bible Church but he just wrote a book teaching Universalism and his book has gone to the top of the Christian best sellers list? Excuse me if I do not promote it by mentioning the Books name. You might think that Mars Hill would now at least take the word “Bible church” out of their church name since they are not a Bible Church when they redefine what it says to what they want to believe? But I guess you cannot expect any honesty coming from postmodern Emergent liberals anymore that you can get honesty from postmodern political liberals. Everything is about their emotions and their feelings rather than absolute truths. In other words, they think God is either like them or should be like them. They define God through their feeble brain. It is something like the pot telling the potter to become dirt or they will refuse to hold His water.

Anyway, I do not mean to make this a long post. This is just a tiny sample of what is going on in evangelical Christianity today. The great apostasy of our American evangelicals is taking place right before our eyes and few see it. Check out what I am saying for yourself.


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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


23 thoughts on “The Great Apostasy of the Evangelicals

  1. In regard to Jehovah and allah being the same …..I ask people if they have ever read the quran and then read the Bible and actually studied them comparing the contents. I have done that. What I have found is that the quran is very confusing and irratic and chaotic while the Bible is very organized and poetic and clear. I would say that the author of the quran (muhammed and allah) are schizophrenic while the author of the Bible is …IN HIS RIGHT MIND. This argument usually gets people stirred up to actually do the comparison…all the while they discover our precious savior.

    In regard to Rob Bell…my hackles are raised! The bottom line with that worldy heretic is that he doesn’t fear God and he promotes himself all the while leading the sheeple over the cliff. I watched a video clip someone sent me where the interviewer (who wasn’t a Christian) tore Rob Bell to shreds…it was very good! I will try to find that for you if you haven’t seen it.

  2. “Many of our Evangelical leaders want us to believe that Muslims worship the same God as Christians.”

    Yeah, too bad these Evangelical Leaders don’t tell their congregation that Islam wants to kill them for mixing Allah with Christendom.

    So, what’s the point ?

    To indoctrinate people into accepting this heretical Christian/Islam hybrid, then have Muslims entrench and kill those who bought into it ?

  3. I believe it is found in Sura 9 of the “holy” quran, but when “JESUS” Himself(allegedly) emphatically states that he wasn’t crucified and died for our sins and subsecuent salvation, what more does anyone who even remotely claims to be “Christian” need to see that this rag of a “holy” book is nothing more that a pack of lies straight from Hell?? Oh wait…my bad..accoeding to “Pastor” Bell (more like Beelzebub) there is no hell. How stupid of me.

  4. dettemc,

    I can’t watch video clips with my dial-up connection put you may post it for others if you find it.

    I already knows that Rob Bell’s views can not stand up to the scriptures anyway.

  5. I don’t know if it is in the Qu’ran or not but I have read that the Muslims believe and are told by their taskmasters that when Jesus comes back, he’ll tear down any crosses, say he was wrong, he was just a misquoted prophet, and put to death all who don’t subscribe to Sharia Law.

    Really ?
    What kind of prophet is wrong in the first place.

    I will say that I think it is awesome that there are some former Muslims who used their head and rejected the Islamic nonsense. If anyone ever hears a former Muslim speak, they’ll always tell you to “NEVER trust a Muslim, man, woman, or child”.

    Of course, these former Muslims who speak out are running for their lives because if they are caught by any current Muslims, they are put do death.

    Yeah, this will make a nice bridge into Christianity.

  6. Here’s at least one difference between allah and the true God of the Bible : allah sits at the top of the heap,alone, unknowable, unapproachable,and requiring things of mankind that he himself is unable to do, such as fellowship, submit, love, etc.Who is he going to fellowship with ? Who will he submit to, because there is no one else like himself to do these things with.
    The God we worship in the Bible is able to do the same things He requires of us. For example, the Son submits to the Father, the Holy Spirit submits to the Son; all three members of the Godhead know what it’s like to fellowship among equals. In other words, our God doesn’t require us to do things that are impossible for Him to do.

  7. Paul Simmons,

    Add to that…

    The God Of The Bible is the True and Living God.
    Allah was created by man for geopolitical and elitist dominance reasons.

  8. Don,

    Good to talk with you again my brother; thank you for this cup of cold water for a weary soldier. Sometimes I wonder if anyone hears what I write in the Lord, though I’m blessed the very ones I write about read me.

    And it’s my undeserved privilege to serve the God’s people, even when sometimes it’s just letting them vent to me as a pastor. I’m praying God will make the way funding-wise for me to stay here along the Internet Front.

    If it helps, in my opinion, we are in a New Downgrade and while most church leaders are oblivious to it, the people in the pews are going through times based on letters I receive who need Biblical counsel.

    Certainly I pray the Lord gives us eyes to see what He sees and ears to hear as He guides us in using the gifts God as given us. We need all of us to warn the flock what’s happening around and even to them.

    We may indeed be seeing the very beginning of The Great Falling Away because the Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism I write of is now everywhere within the visible church; even the Reformed Camp now.

    It is a vehice which could be ushering in the the Global Religion that Antichrist would rule over. Up until CSM spread into Protestant evangelicalism I couldn’t see how that kind of false unity would come about.

    Please pray for me as well because I’m under pretty heavy enemy attack pinching my supply lines. To God be the glory, I do believe Satan would love to shut Apprising down. Thanks again Don, you were among the very first to open the door to the Net for me.

    I’ve never forgotten your kindness to me.

  9. Hi Ken,

    It sometimes seems like we are mostly speaking to the wind and the Internet robots but somebody has to warn those that still have ears to hear. I think the Holy Spirit knows how to lead the right people to our sites.

    It looks like all roads are now leading to the Harlot. The wolves have infiltrated the last Christian stronghold called Evangelical Christianity and they are tearing down all that was built on God’s word.

    The Bible told us this would happen in the last days which confirms that the Lord is coming soon.

    Keep up the good work my brother and may God supply all your needs.

  10. Wow Ken,

    That new post above has enough references to keep anyone busy for a month. What a great resource that you have provided for Christians that want to know what the Emergent church leaders are actually teaching.

  11. There is a lovely example of the True God vs. Allah ( or that is my interpretation) in – a children;s book by CS Lewis. in the 7th of the series,(Narnia), you have an Antichrist figure (an ape- a fake man. and a fake lion-or Christ. a donkey dressed up) and you have- a truly terrible God, Tash. if you have followed the books, the references to Islam are there…

    But I love what Aslan ( Christ) does with the follower of Tash, who has truly always looked for God. he says-anything evil cannot be ascribed to me and anything good cannot be ascribed to Tash.( paraphrase)I just give you that little sketch to help when you explain objections to Islam. Jesus offers salvation and forgiveness from sin. Allah offers a set of practices to follow and a vague notion of doing more good than bad.or get blown up so you can have the 72 virgins.

    It is damning to consider every Muslim to be following a false god, whether demonic or simply-made up. I’ve never been sure which it is.

    Please consider asking God in your prayers to send the message of Jesus to Islamic countries.


  12. Hi Doug
    I thank God for your life and the wonderful job you are doing in warning the church of this age on the very issues that many believers have become blinded to. You can be sure that those the Lord wants you to reach through your efforts are being reached. The issues you discuss and many apologetics like you on the web are very crucial for the very survival and faith of the Lord’s remnants. Though your focus is what is happening within the American church but these issues go beyond the shores of USA, they are global trends in the body of Christ. My prayer is that the Lord will keep you and continue to grant you the grace to do what you are doing. Please be encouraged, you are not speaking to the wind.

  13. Hi Paul,

    Thanks very much for that encouragement. At least I think you were talking to me..Don, although I do know we have Doug’s commenting on this blog that are also doing the work of God.

  14. Hi kev and don
    hope i got your names right. I myself am outstounded with thd types of books i see in koorong christian book store books like how to diet biblically or faster way to stay fit i may be wrong but it seems not right. Im having a hard time going to church its a small church of about 30 but every couple including the pastor are remarried except me and my husband we do not understand this. The most talked bout christian school here has a lesbian couple working there when i tried to bring it up to the school they commented that oh well no ones perfect we have gods grace. Most christians i know think

  15. Con….
    Most christians i know say quiet putting down sexest jokes when u say something to them they tell u god wants u to have a sense of humour. Recently i was reading spirit wars i brought from koorong the bok sounded quiet good until he claimed that he can go weeks and sometimes months without sinning. Every time u listen to missionary workers they often talk about we are doing this we have raised this much money eg isnt it only god that allows us to do anything doesnt gods word say do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing.
    What is hapoening to our churches were can we go ?

  16. I was saved at age 17. I’m now 53. I have wondered MY WHOLE LIFE…where is the outrage pf the Church?? As we see our faith weakened and mocked in society, decade after decade. Are we truly witnessing the great falling away? I persomally know those brothers who have gotten caught up in the semantics of all of the “Emergent Church.” They speak blandly with more words and (human) explanations than the simple plan of Salvation, provided in the Holy Bible. These men’s love has grown cold, the purity and simplicity they once passionately for Christ, has been replaced by endless, blaize’ and emotionless empty words. Is there hope for these? Is there hope for us who recognize it?

  17. Lori,

    The Apostles told us this would happen in the last days. True Christians have no reason not to hope. We know the end of the story.

  18. hello don,
    AS always these blogs and comments are such great insights.I am amazed with the link from ken
    to apprising ministries.What a wealth of understanding.

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