What do you think will happen in America and the World in 2013?

I think I wrote enough articles for a while that tell others what I believe will happen in the very near future. Now I want to hear what you readers think will happen in the United States and the world before the end of 2013?

This is a brainstorming session and I want your own gut feelings but try to base them on reasonable arguments.  I am not much interested in the views of the brain-dead. There must be other critical thinkers out there that have some worthwhile insights about where we are heading other than the talking heads on the media?

Your free to be creative, but I will warn you up front that I am not going to post visions of people who claim to be prophets, or quote claimed modern prophets, or say they received some unique divine revelation about events in the future. So, don’t even waste your time going down that trail.

I am not going to filter comments except for the reasons that I mentioned in this post and I probably will find little reason to reply to most of your individual views. However, others are free to ask questions on the food for thought that you  present and reasonable follow-ups should be expected.

I do ask that you realize that you are talking to mainly a Christian audience, so keep it clean. If this gets good response I probably will allow more of this type of brainstorming on various other topics in the future.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


45 thoughts on “What do you think will happen in America and the World in 2013?

  1. For the past few years I’ve read online the news about the situation in the Middle East and waited for war to break out, but it never happened. Things looked bad but it seemed the end-time players were just moving into place. Now though, things are getting more dangerous, with Assad making threats against Israel, Israel threatening back, Russia sending missiles to Syria, Iran getting close to nuclear weapons, Hamas continuing to fire rockets at Israel, more countries and nations turning against Israel that weren’t before, and now even groups that were supposedly in the same camp against Israel are beginning to become divided over who they support in Syria, Assad or the rebels. Lebanon just gave Hamas the ‘boot’ and Israel is determined that none of Syria’s weapons fall into the hands of the Hezbollah. They’ve already made their position clear here. If war doesn’t break out in the Middle East this year, I will be very surprised and know that it’s the hand of God holding things back once again. I don’t claim to have any idea who the players in the war will be but I feel strongly that something will break out. I think we should watch the Middle East closely this year and continue to pray for Israel.

    As for the US, if anything major happens at all, I think it will be related to a financial collapse or perhaps a reveal of the purpose of all the huge amounts of ammo the gov’t has been buying up. I’ve also read various articles (legit or not) that claim the US may reveal that UFOs are real. That would be huge. I guess we’ll see. Not being an American, my knowledge is limited to what I read online though, being Canadian, I know that anything major that happens to the US will have an affect on us up here. I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a significant year, prophetically speaking.

  2. I’ll wade in, but I probably can’t offer much in that I am generally consumed with trying to hold down a job and for how much longer I can’t say. My biggest prediction could be one of whether or not I will actually have a job come the end of 2013. Age, experience, talent, wisdom and salary are all working against me (I see a concerted effort to remove anyone who is not “indoctrinatable”).

    I see a considerable increase in solar activity. X-Class flares have happened with regular occurrence over the past month, albeit most are fired “non-earth-bound”. We should see > 50% chance of X-Class flares in a potentially “earth-bound” direction at least every other month judging by the last couple months’ actvity.

    I can’t keep up with / track of all the world war activities going on or potentially may occur (Don’s been doing a good job of that). I read an article about American warships’ missile defence capabilities and deployments thereof. I wonder how come we can spend big-$$$ there but not on hardening the power grid? Mind boggling. I can’t say if it would happen in 2013, but a surprise EMP by an unexpected adversary in an unexpected / unconventional means / vehicle is most certainly not a low probability, even for 2013. This may or may not be coupled with a middle east / Iran-targeted war where the US is drawn in. I think the US comes out a loser now matter how you want to speculate on the middle east / Iran war scenarios. But whether that translates into the dreaded EMP scenario happens in 2013 is not getting my top bet (although it’s not that much lower than a solar scenario).

    Similarly, I can’t keep up with all the politics. Seeing the Sunday night TV lineup, there’s the whole feminization agenda “concert”. I am reminded of Hezekiah, when he laid it all out to the Lord (the arrogance of the wicked / Israel’s enemies). Or when Billy Graham said that God owes Soddom / Gomorah an apology. The arrogance of the wicked and enemies of Jesus are out in full force. Certainly for 2013, this arrogance and intollerance and attacks on truth and morality and scripture and holy spirit are taking dangerous upswings in frequency and insanity.

    All the US adversaries, big and small, are gearing up for war, standing up to the US, if not scheming on how to take the US out for good, while the US is marginalizing it’s talent and military / defense, losing credibility in every turn, and is arrogantly turning a blind eye to potential catastrophe and peril. I can’t help but easily put 2+2 together and see the “non-mention” as manifested in the permanent loss of the power grid. At which point, there is no US (government or otherwise). That could happen in 2013, but I can’t say. I’m convinced it certainly will happen, most likely before 2016.

    If the job situation deteriorates further, civil unrest is likely to break out. Again, probably not all out in 2013.

    I know this – when TSHTF (I won’t expand that acronym), the fallout will be quick and absolute. And likely a surprise. So, considering I think that would be a surprise in 2013, one has to take pause.

  3. Hi Don;
    I like everyone else have no idea what WILL happen in 2013 but If the IDF goes after those Russian missiles I can see calamity occurring all accross the globe. Its probably what the Obamites want to divert negative press that they SO deserve. Any hiccup in the Middle east right now will send all of the markets and economies into a tailspin that is sure to crash land. What then? Economic collapse!

  4. Syria could go either way at the moment but I think her more likely end will be a Muslim Brotherhood takeover. At the moment the battles for Syria are not life threatening to Israel even though they are a concern. When the Brotherhood take over Syria we will see Jordan as their next target, so I see the present and near future battles continuing to be between Arabs, all members of that religion of peace, Islam.

    If anything of major prophetic proportions happen this year it will be to do with Iran. Iran is not part of the judgement of the Arab consortium seen in Psalm 83 yet is part of Gog’s later invasion of Israel when Israel is at ‘peace’, so the next big prophetic step will be Jeremiah 49:35-38 where Elam (and therefore Iran) is removed from the current Arab/Islamic machinations.

    It does seem as if God is keeping the trigger to end time events in his own hands and that trigger may very well be the ‘catching away’ of the Church but I believe the Church will see Elam’s calamity and the judgement of Psalm 83, but Ezekiel 38 will be after the Church is called home.

  5. My wife and I were discussing these things and she asked the question; “If the Church age is an intercalation then surely the prophetic situation for Israel at the start of Daniel’s final week will be similar to the situation at the cutting off of Messaiah”.

    This begs the question: What was Israel’s situation in those days? There was no military problem with the Arabs because of Rome, and Rome’s tyranny was the most threatening situation she faced.

    If this idea has merit the Gog invasion might also be part of the Church age or at the same time of the Church’s removal. Food for thought.

  6. Hello Don, I read your site on a regular basis, as well as the posts. I can say that your bibical standards follow scripture, which I believe to be our only guide, along with Holy Spirit. I am a Canadian, but do believe our standard of living to be quite alike, we are most influenced by your Nation in all aspects of our lives. Listening to your media it sounds like your economy is doing great and all will be as it was within a few years. I cannot agree with that simply by looking at the massive amounts of debt that exist in the US and all over the world. Just from a perspective of North America I can see the falling away from God and his son Jesus is increasing daily. We are constantly bombarded with homesexuality, marriage rights, sex, money, you name it we are displaying it, and scriputally speaking right is wrong and wrong is right. I do believe that we are in for a rude awakening very soon. Families who were once strong are now on shakey groung, I can see this in my family, were people are chasing the almighty dollar, stating that this is what God wants for them. Not being satified with food, clothing and shelter we want more. The church as well is so far adrift with people who have pink hair and go to heavan, climbing Jocob’s ladder, and going back to the old Law. It’s a mess. I would ask that your contributors pray for each other daily in order that we may truly hear from the Lord. I do feel that things are about to come upon the face of the earth that not many are ready for. I come from a Law Enforcement background and cannot believe the things I see and hear, but it is happening. Hope this has not gone of topic, and I certainly do not claim to be a prophet, but I do believe when I look back at my life that God has certainly been in it and IS who HE says HE is.

  7. If you have noticed the silence of the Catholic church about being forced to include contraception in their health care plans, the district of columbia taking umbrage over Congress cutting off their abortion funds ( oh yes my friends you pay for abortions)the boy Scouts now accepting openly gay scouts, the rates of autism and ADHD ( overdiagnosed to get access to special programs- read that as state and federal funds- in my opinion)the time of the great deception is already here. We haven;t been openly persecuted yet but it will come.I had thought they would control access to medicines and make criminals of many citizens..but obamacare just takes money out of everyone;s pocket- more poverty means more control.

    More drugs means more control and easier access to these lost minds by demons.

    All of this means that we christians may be the ones in those reeducation camps(FEMA hah!)…not sure it is this year. but the degradation of values and morals, the number of murders-even cops killing citizens!!!!! parents moving their kids’ gay or straight partners into their own houses and they think it is just great! and they go to church!…anyone speaking truth is now a danger to the government.I get funny looks when i say i am a christian. people are offended.

    One natural disaster or riots over loss of jobs and it all falls apart….

  8. What will 2013 hold? That is an excellent question.

    From what I can tell, things in the Middle East have not yet lined up for Psalm 83. Jordan is not yet in place, Syria is in the midst of a civil war, and Egypt is struggling. Psalm 83 depicts a powerful, unified coalition that is threatening Israel’s very existence – their plan is literally to “cut [Israel] off from being a nation”. The coalition just isn’t there yet and likely won’t be for some time. It is entirely possible that the coalition won’t gel for another few years.

    Another sticking point is that Iran is in the thick of things, and Iran isn’t a part of the Psalm 83 coalition. That implies that something has to happen to Iran to temporarily take them out. (I say temporarily because they are a part of the Ezekiel 38 Gog-Magog invasion.) That tells me that Iran is next on the prophetic calendar – but their day of reckoning may not happen this year. Since Iran is allied with North Korea and since North Korea has nukes, it is highly likely that Iran already has access to nuclear weapons. Israel may move against them this year, or they may be cowed into doing nothing. Taking Iran out would be an extremely difficult task, and Israel may not be up to it (either militarily or politically). It is entirely possible that Iran will suffer some sort of earthquake that will devastate her for years to come. Iran’s nuclear power plant is built in an earthquake-prone zone; it’s possible that a Chernobyl-type event might occur.

    To me a natural disaster in Iran seems far more likely than a military strike. If the US was going to hit Iran they would have done so by now. It is hard to see Israel doing anything; as far as I know they don’t have the type of bunker-busting weapons that are needed to take out all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Besides, that type of operation would lead to massive civilian casualties, and it’s hard to see Israel being willing to risk that unless its very existence was at risk. I am afraid that Israel has waited too long.

    Another problem is that it is too soon for major, open war in the Middle East. If Iran’s allies launch a major open war against Israel then Israel will hit back, and that will take out some of the Psalm 83 players too soon. Those nations need to survive for a bit longer. Likewise, if Israel nukes Iran now then it’s hard to see Iran ever coming back to participate in the Gog-Magog conflict. If some kind of war does break out I would expect it to be relatively mild, since pretty much all of the players will need to survive intact. Therefore, I predict no major events in the Middle East this year, with the possible exception of something setting Iran back. But Iran can’t be destroyed.

    As far as the US goes, our country is in trouble but it is not dead yet. Our debt crisis is serious but I doubt it will come to a head this year. Our banking system is in trouble, but Europe’s is in far worse shape and somehow they have kept things together (although no one knows how much longer that will last). If Europe is still alive then I think we have a little bit of time left. When Europe falls we will know that our time is just about over.

    At some point China is going to make a move and take over Asia, but I doubt that will happen this year. If they were truly serious they would not be playing little games like squabbling over islands with Japan. At this point they are just testing the waters.

    North Korea may go batty and launch a war, but I doubt China will let them do that until China is good and ready. North Korea may well have EMPs, but they haven’t used them yet. I don’t think China will let North Korea plunge the world into a nuclear war until China is ready for it.

    I think things will be tense this year and there may be a small war in the Middle East, but that is probably it. The wildcard here are natural disasters. Certain types of natural disasters are increasing, but they are impossible to predict. A solar flare could destroy our power grid, but that might not happen. The Yellowstone megavolcano might erupt, but that might never happen. A major earthquake along the West Coast (or along the Madrid fault, for that matter) could kill countless people and wreck the country, but that may not happen either. Those kind of disasters can happen at any time; you can’t predict them or plan on them happening.

    It’s possible that this will be the year that God finally destroys us, but I wonder. When God judged Sodom there was literally only 1 righteous person left in that city (Lot). Our nation is in bad shape, but there are still faithful believers who are aghast at what is going on and who are still fighting. Let’s also keep in mind that in Sodom, things were so bad that rape gangs literally roamed the streets. America is certainly not healthy but there is still a remnant that is faithful. God may wait until the remnant is gone. (The fact that so many prophecy teachers have died lately greatly concerns me, as does the fact that so many people in this arena are old. I sometimes wonder if God is clearing the deck in preparation for something terrible.)

    Another wildcard is the Rapture. We know it will happen before the Tribulation, but that’s about all that we know. When God judged Sodom He sent angels to remove Lot and then He burned the cities to the ground. At some point in our future it is possible that God may send Jesus to get His Church and then judge the nations after that. (I think there will be some sort of judgment before the Tribulation. The Tribulation is still many years away – decades, probably – and I doubt that the West has that much time left. Our debt crisis certainly can’t go on for another 30 years. I think God may judge the West and then set up new powers in preparation for the final judgment during the Tribulation.)

    One thing I am keenly interested in is how the Supreme Court will rule on the gay marriage case. If they legalize gay marriage nationwide (and I admit they may not), then that might be the end. All the government has to do is say that churches aren’t allowed to discriminate against homosexuals who want to get married (or homosexuality at all, for that matter); it can then forcefully shut anyone who stands against it (just as it is in the process of doing with insurance coverage of contraceptives). It would be so easy for the government to use the homosexuality issue to crush the church and leave behind only the compromised “tares”. In the past persecution has led to the growth of the church, but I don’t think that will happen this time. The last days are not characterized by revival, but by apostasy.

    If I had to guess, I would say that the biggest event in 2013 will be the legalization of gay marriage and the persecution of the church by the government over that issue. If the Court does not legalize it then that will buy us some time and give us a relatively quiet year.

  9. I think that a financial disaster may be coming. The whole thing with Japan printing money like mad and now they want to take their pension money and put it in the stock market is a recipe for disaster. They’re basically gambling now. We’re right behind them in what we’ve been doing as well. The bond markets are starting to leak, when everyone tries to get out at the same time, look out. The fed will not be able to stem that tide. The recession never really ended, it was just put on hold with money printing, but it will rear it’s ugly head again and it may be worse. As far as the Middle East, I don’t know. If Israel is forced to act, it will certainly bring the whole world against them as always happens to them. Will we be there to help? There was a time I would have said yes, now I’m not so sure. I also think there might be some kind of federal mandate making gay marriage the law of the land. God continues to be removed from every aspect of life and few seem to care, I think that will accelerate as well. All in all, it’s a very bleak future that I see. We’ve dug ourselves a hole that seems to be too deep to get out. Our living for the moment mentality may finally catch up with us.

  10. Brian,

    I often think along the lines of your wife. Everyone seems to be looking for a war to kick off the tribulation but the Bible suggests there will be peace on the earth just before the end (Zec 1). If Israel had accepted their Messiah who would have been the enemy? They were the same people that Israel’s leaders were afraid of and said that it was better for one man to die than the whole nation perish. It is the same people that destroyed the temple in 70AD and the same people that will confirm the convenient in the last seven years and then break it. They are the Romans. Therefore, I do expect a revived Roman Empire and Israel to be a state in that empire much like it was in the time of Jesus on earth. Being affiliated with this revived Roman Empire is a logical reason why Israel is living securely with none to make them afraid at the time of the Gog invasion.

  11. I do think something is imminent in 2013, but it’s really a nobrainer and is already happening…it just hasn’t completely evolved yet.

    I believe with the U.S. Government escalating attempted control of all things in this country, I look for them to attempt to thwart or make difficult, blogs such as this (Don’s Blog).

    The U.S. Government wants to censor anything that opposes their views or end game.

    Sure, Don’s Blog currently doesn’t have the following to have nationwide (or world) impact like Rush Limbaugh (or Hal Lindsay) or other Watchmen on the Wall, Whistle Blowers…but eventually, the coming snowball will effect Blogs like this.

    The current scandals (as of May, 2013) by the out of control U.S. Government Mafia more than prove that they are on a mission to discredit or make difficult all things that oppose them.

    So, will we see Don’s Blog active by the end of 2013 ?…Highly Probable, yes…but I’d look for increasing covert pressure by The Government Mafia also.

  12. I do not know what will transpire this year, but I believe that Obama will try to invlove us in a conflict, if he has the opportunity, to take the heat off his scandalous administration. I can’t help but wonder, does our military still have what it takes to endure combat, especially the “boots on the ground” variety?
    I say this because, having served in the Marine Corps from 1966-70, they were very careful to prevent homosexuals from entering that branch of service. At Parris Island, our platoon was given a final chance of coming forward, if anyone was of that deviant persusaion, and were told that if we were caught at a later time in training, we would not leave that Island alive. Very different times! They believed that homosexuals did not have the mental stability to face combat and I think they were correct in that thinking.
    I would appreciate hearing what Don or any reader thinks about this.

  13. ~David,

    Thanks for giving me up to the gangsters that are running our Government.

    They probably thought I was in compliance with their progressive BS until now. Politically correct enforcers don’t usually read what I write about because it is more than a soundbite and reading comprehension is not their strong suit.

    The big danger is progressive robots… I know, you say you already cannot tell the difference.

  14. I honestly see much of the same for the rest of the year. I doubt there will be a major conflict in the middle east this year although I believe one is coming very soon. We always seem to find ourselves on the brink of war and then it simmers down. Once Iran and it’s allies believe they are strong enough and ready to do some real damage then that is when I see a major conflagration. They are just buying time. The longer they wait the better.

    I see rapid destruction of our military by the Obama administration continuing as long as we have these radical anti Americans in power. In fact I think there are three critical points the radicals are targeting. These are our military, economy, and our borders. How else can you explain the absolutely insane policies we have for each? The plan seems to be to disarm the Americans, then crash our dollar, and finally legalize millions of illegals. These new citizens will mostly vote democrat for life and will probably turn the tide in favor of the left wing for years. That is what I see being kicked into overdrive this year.

  15. I believe the War in Syria is leading up to something much bigger. We can already see the growing rift between Russia and Israel with the missile and MIG fighter bomber sales. Therefore I suspect someone, either Israel, Nato, or some form of coalition to become directly involved in the regime change. Russia is the key player here though. If she had not entered the game it would have been long over (Egypt ,Libya). I also suspect some kind or strike on Iran that stems from this Syrian intervention. I believe the US and NATO are afraid of Russia. Look for Israel to be the scapegoat if there is an intervention. As for the rest of the world. I agree with Don’s idea of a new European Union of sorts. I think their economic woes will inevitably lead to many countries leaving and forming a new pact. 2014 will probably see much more unrest in Europe which will be the catalyst for The Mediterranean Union that Don talked about with Italy/Rome as the eventual central power. I must say I owe many of my ideas to Don’s website.

  16. Ken Cole,

    I think the “sexual liberation” in the military is helping to destroy it from within. Just look at the number of claimed sexual assaults already, and many of those being sexually assaulted are men. With the progressive sexual and the anti Christian agenda the few good men in the Marines and elsewhere will increasingly leave the military and then the “progressives” will take over. When that plays out, the military will compete with the Danish for the world WUSS force title.

    Of course, the few good men in our military could take a stand and change things, but they are running out of time.

  17. Don;

    I have a sneaking hunch…….At the time of Jesus The Christ’s birth, the powers that be in the synagogs were clueless, even though the knew the prophecies concerning the coming savior. It was the Wise Men from the East who somehow knew. Anna and Simeon were told. Mary & Joseph sometimes seemed to loose sight of what was going on; just who Jesus really was/is. Will GOD make it a point that we are not allowed to put the pieces together properly to form a correct picture, -or- have I fallen down yet again and bumped my head. There are so very many possibilities; each day brings SOMETHING one day closer. Something big I am sure, but I have no good grasp of just what that could be….

  18. And if i told you that even back in the 70’s there was a sort of a network inside the military (officers) to practice Satanism,sort of a cult to promote their own members and that I know this from someone I know and trust implicitly, would you be surprised?

  19. Faith,

    Don’t know why that would surprise anyone. There are those that practice Satanism in many professions.

  20. Hi Don,

    That is a very broad question.. And very thought provoking. I think I will focus just on the spiritual possibilities. I think that during this year, we will see a continued movement among the “emergent” church, and dominion theology groups, to erode the message of the Gospel in favor of the “tickle my ears” messages. I don’t think the genie will get back in the bottle, and there will continue to be in the U.S. an erosion of the true message. There will most likely be movements to consider those who preach “Jesus is the only way” as intolerant, and not really part of the body.

    The best predictor of the future is a close examination of the past… Unless something changes, the trajectory will continue on it’s current path. I don’t see a change of direction coming from the American church.

    Just a few thoughts,

    Rod in Oregon

  21. Economic collapse, EMP strike, Revolution, World War. I just can’t make up my mind which sounds the most fun!
    I keep rereading Isaiah 18 and wondering if it refers to America. I don’t really understand it but whatever happens to that nation is catastrophic and I wonder if that is the means by which the U.S. loses super power status and is taken out of the equation.
    With all the investigations going on right now I had clung to a sliver of hope that maybe some in this administration would be put out of office but I’m not holding my breath. “They” continue to get away with their lies and cover-ups.
    I’m convinced they have plans for us. Why else stockpile tanks and ammunition; which leads me to believe the FEMA camps are real.
    Whether we suffer a disaster before 2013 is over I can’t guess but I am guessing we won’t be limited to only one.
    David: Thanks for sharing the link. I was just sitting here hoping I could find something else to be outraged about. {sarcastic humor.}
    The Boston bombing and London mutilation wasn’t enough.

  22. does it surprise anyone how few “thinkers’ out there have posted?Are you surprised, Don? I love how well read and thoughtful your posters have been,

    so what’s the off the wall unexpected surprise move? what;s the least likely thing that might happen?

  23. Faith,

    After seeing the people in the nation turn into apathetic mindless robots in just a few decades nothing surprises me anymore.

    The least likely thing to happen is that this apathy and lack of critical thinking will produce a good outcome.

  24. Thoughts on Caitlin’s post of 6/2.

    I see many similarities between Enron in 1999 and the current US Government. The structure is rotting away and the key positions are held by members of The Shifty Weasel Club. The collapse of Enron started inch by inch until the final remaining critical piece was gone. Then everything suddenly came crashing down in the midst of many smokescreens and cover-ups. I suspect the US collapse will mirror Enron’s in speed of collapse and vastness.

  25. I read a very interesting article on the Fox News opinion page by Dr. Keith Ablow. Is Obama Waging Psychological Warfare On Americans?
    “Described as a set of techniques aimed at influencing a target audience’s value systems or beliefs and inducing confessions of wrong doing or attitudes favorable to the group proffering the techniques. The techniques are often combined with the black ops strategy in which covert initiatives seek to dispirit, disempower, and confuse adversaries.”
    Wow! I had never thought of it in these terms before but that is exactly what Obama and his administration are doing. It’s so covert people aren’t even aware of it and that is what makes it so scary. I hope some of you will click on to the article and read it in full. They really are The Shifty Weasel Club.

    @David. I hope my comment about the link you shared didn’t offend you. My dry sense of humor gets me in trouble frequently. I did appreciate having the information.

  26. Caitlin,

    What is interesting is the application of a broad range of what is called in the field of Psychology “criminal thinking errors”. Justification, minimization, blame shifting, and victim stance are this administrations stock and trade. On top of this is the “emotional hostage taking” via the race card designed to restrict your opponents options by implying and accusing something which cannot be defended against. These are not very original, and not subtle in the least, but people are sure kept at bay who oppose him.

    Rod in Oregon

  27. Rod,
    Thank you for a further explanation. It’s a chilling game believers can’t play because we can’t use the same rule book.
    When I said it’s so covert people aren’t even aware of it I had in mind the people who have been deceived. I think most of us who comment on Don’s blog haven’t been deceived by this administration but I for one didn’t understand there was a technique behind it. It’s a fascinating subject.

  28. What will also most likely happen, in my opinion, later this year, will be the complicit media spin to try and hide what a failure obamacare will be to the healthcare industry, and people in general. The upper class will pay more taxes, the middle class will get hosed, and pay more for their insurance, and the lower class will get free medicaid, but not be able to get in to see a doctor.

    Once we get closer to the end of the year, more of the consequences of implementation will come out, and the media will have to work very hard to spin this as something good. The only hope here is if the IRS gets hit hard enough that they will not be allowed involvement in enforcing it… Which they currently are.

    Rod in Oregon

  29. I just do not understand how people are letting the far left do whatever they want. No matter how bad and self destructive the policies are they come up with nobody will do anything to stop them. What is going on is everybody under some kind of spell? Are they all being paid off? Are they being threatened with death if they speak out? I just don’t get it.

  30. Jim,

    I used to ask myself those same questions but now, I see that the government entity is, and has been corrupt for so long, there is no way to stop them.

    Voting on different people won’t change the ‘by the government, for the government’ mentality…and any one person or small group will be silenced by whatever means necessary by the “powers that be” to keep their ship sailing.

    Yes, by design, the U.S. Government was supposed to be servants to our nation and people, not our lords and masters as they see themselves now…You and I, and the readers of this blog don’t believe the current liberal, immoral, God hating, covert, and illegal actions of this administration is the answer, but many in society do…until they reap the consequences, that is.

    John Adams said, Our Constitution Was Made Only For A Moral And Religious People.

    Well, even mentioning the Lord Jesus Christ in public is quickly becoming like a byword and politically incorrect and the masses of the public won’t even take a hearty stand against that.

    I do read in the news occasionally where an organization, school, or group does stand up for The Lord Jesus, that is awesome, but it is rare.

    There is, however, no shortage of Islamic acceptance (and excuses) and the atheists organizations are running amok on every front.

    That is why I am so thankful for this blog and the people who comment here…I think this blog is one of the few bastions of sanity left in an insane world.

    And, to Caitlin, I very much appreciate your input and your humor : )

  31. I think you might want to watch this movie from 1963 called “It’s a mad mad mad mad world”. Let’s just say it explains a LOT. One would ask the question: “What took 2013 so long?”

  32. As I write this in early June, the mask is beginning to come off the vile corruption that permeates the U.S. government. I genuinely believe impeachment and criminal indictments are possible but not likely. Why? I think like many despots before them, the real power in D.C. will get us involved in a major war/or precipitate a shocking false flag event to divert attention from their criminal, unconstitutional activities. I predict the world will be a different place by Christmastime.

    I hope I’m wrong. I pray for The Lord’s mercy on this country every day but if a Nineveh-like-turning ever occurs, I think we’re going to have to get knocked on our collective backsides and made prostrate before the Almighty.

    Otherwise, I think the vast majority of the population will continue to be content with bread and circuses and the cultural rot will rapidly accelerate until we’re too far gone.

    We may already be there. Only God knows.

  33. I believe our economy will continue to spiral down as the media will continue to spin it for the government that it is improving. I don’t see much out of Iran or North Korea other than the usual saber rattling. I think the big players right now are China and Russia. This year may bring more cyber warfare than militarily. But I think cyber warfare will set the stage for a world military conflict. I would really like the impeachment of our very corrupt and sinister president. But than we would just get Biden and his funny farm. I can see the beginning of a civil uprise here at home if the people wake up and see the government for what it really is. More than anything I would like to see revival break out across our nation. But of course that would mean stepping on some people’s toes and not so much of tickling there ears.

  34. I believe what lies ahead for the remainder of 2013 is more of the same Satanic influence and stronghold that has existed since the Evil Ones were thrown down from heaven, only exacerbated. As a country, we have become so complacent to homosexual behavior, crime and deviant behavior in general, that most of it goes unnoticed. As a result, our society in general will continue to spiral downward.

  35. I think in 2013 there is going to be more Christian persecution in the Islamic and communist countries. Thousands in Nigerian Christians are being slaughtered and persecution of the Copts, etc; according to VOM, Open Doors, CSI. In America, the attempt to eliminate Christianity will be more supressive into shutting our mouths, politically motivated and attempts to infiltrate Christian organizations like the Boy and Girl Scouts, the YMCA, liberal Churches by the homosexaual activists is becoming a plague.

    In Syria, the so-called “freedom fighters, Free Syrian Army (FSA) America wants to arm raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children. The rebels have forced them to leave their homes and confiscated their property. CSI (Christian Services International (CSI) has said it becoming to be a genocide too. In Homs the entire village of 80,000 was forcibly expelled. Not that I have any affection for Assad, they did have some measure of protection.

    I thank God that the Jews now have a homeland as a refuge, but the Christians have no where to go but to flee to another Islamic hellhole.

    In Turkey they have a chilling systemic pogrom in place that is reminiscent of Hitler’s “Final Solution” and the Armenian Genocide.

    “Senior Turkish military officers had made extensive plans to terrorize non-Muslims in Turkey. In the large Ergenekon[1] scandal recently a well-planned terrorist operation was revealed. The operation which is called “Kafes Operasyonu Eylem Plan?”, in English meaning “the execution of the cage – operation” was to eliminate the remaining small group of Christians living in Turkey today. Christian population was mapped out and 939 key persons from different parts of the country were identified as potential targets.
    The fully detailed operation consists of four phases: preparation, spreading propaganda, shape opinion and execute


    Look for more “stealth jihad” and “creeping Sharia in American and European countries. The infiltration of muslim and islamic influence in the halls of our government, schools, universities, marketplaces and businesses is very disturbing. States have to pass laws now banning Sharia and foreign laws in our court systems. (And our “good” governor of Missouri vetoed the ban.)

    The only good news is that we are now getting a few more voices crying the wilderness. I watch C-Span occasional online and we do have some courageous and passionate, less self-servicing Congress members such as Trey Gowdy, Issa, and Ted Cruz. ICE agents are suing for forcing them to violate immigration laws. Gold Star moms are demanding answers on the Navy Seals deaths and hundreds of anti-islamic and pro-gun activist groups are getting the public’s attention. This corrupt admin is being exposed for something everyday even though I think like most, that any higher ups will be led out of the Whitehouse in chains and handcuffs. Low level employees are taking the fall, getting another cushy transfer or riding off in the sunset with their high paid pensions. However, these incidents will probably push obama into taking more desperate measures, revenge, bribes and blackmail and get on a faster track to push their agenda to socialize our country.

  36. I think that more scandals will be revealed and they will watch to see the reactions to the public. Like many others, it is amazing how complacent the republic is to the entire NSA leak. The media is reporting over 50% are OK with this. Where are these polls and who are asked to take them because I have never been asked to partake. So I expect more to be revealed as the republic accepts them and slowly destroying what our four fathers built.

    After watching 2016 & Grinding Down America it all makes sense. Then looking at the goals for the communist(social) party and seeing that they have accomplished so many of these things. The book “The Naked Communist” was written in 1958 and read aloud to congress (I guess this is so it would be recorded on record). I think 2013 is bringing to light many of those goals. The Supreme court decision will be a key turning point if they rule in favor of. I feel they are going to rule in favor and then the LGBT will use it to destroy churches. If a pastor refuses to marry a homosexual or lesbian couple, they will be attacked by lawyers since the Supreme Court ruled in favor.

    I never thought that I would be a live to witness 2 Timothy 3. But the more I read and see what is happening. It frightens me to no end, so I pray everyday that God be merciful.

    My prediction for 2014 will be the United States Federal Reserve dollar will be replaced by the Yuan. China has already begun direct currency exchange with some major countries. They are also predicted to begin backing the Yuan with a gold standard.

  37. I expect a continuous march toward globalism and an greater weakening of national sovereignty. Increased marginalization of Christian believers, persecution of Christians including via hate-speech legislation. Greater surveilance in all public areas and through cell phones and internet. And a “nominal” Christianity that will get weaker and weaker, flabbier and more compromised, with an increasing hostility toward His Little Flock. More and more lies from the mainstream media,one economic downturn after another, social rot and moral decay. A very scary erosion of parental rights is on it’s way, I think, with children being considered more and more the property of the state. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I think more and more of everything that’s going on now, and then some, is what lies ahead. Many Christians are going to be really surprised by persecution coming to America.

  38. Don, not sure if you are aware on what is going on with the 21 agenda in your neck of the woods but came across this article and on their “link” starting at the 8 minute mark. However, this can affect the whole US in the ripple effect. This has really been going on for quite sometime. Jim Demint brought up this huge land grab when he was in the Senate.


    This is really revolting and unconstitutional. And many of our national park are now owned by the UN Heritage Parks.

  39. Ann,

    Our National Parks become UN Heritage Parks because they meet and agree to maintain certain UN criteria. The UN does not own them. I am aware of the White Water Blueway watershed project. It certainly would eventually put government national park like restrictions on people in those counties if they allow it. I live north of that area and there was a big push to make our area a national heritage area a couple of years ago but the people in our counties became aware of the agenda and let their politicians known that they would have none of it. So the program is shelved for now.

    Having said that, what is said on Canadafreepress is misleading. I hope people do know that this is a conspiracy site and at least some contributors their believe in a form of Dominion Theology. The proof of the Dominion Theology is in the last sentence of that article.

    Agenda 21 is real but the whole sustainable development program is dependent on locals buying into sustainable development and allowing it in there own local areas. It should not surprise anyone that government at all levels want to manage the land, but with more management comes more regulations and government telling people what they can’t do on their own land. People should be aware of that before they allow any more government control in their area. Land management may help preserve rural wild areas and clean rivers but at what cost to the local landowners? Most of this stuff is being pushed by progressive people in the big cities that want the land resources preserved but they do not live in these areas or care about the effect it will have on people living in these areas.

  40. Don, thanks for the info on CFP; I wasn’t aware of their belief in DT, I often go for news to read their articles.

    Glad to see though that local residents are doing something to stop the feds land grab. According to the former Senator Demint “The government currently owns 650 million acres, or 29 percent of the nation’s total land.”

  41. Hi Ann,

    Its not a Federal land grab. The government does own 29 percent of the land, most of that is BLM land, national forest land and national parks and monuments. These Blue ways and Heritage sites would not make these areas federal or state lands but they eventually would put more restrictions on the land use in what is mostly privately owned land.

  42. I simply see more building up of the same end game that Satan is pursuing. Satan is very busy in arranging the pieces on his worldwide chess board.

    Two of his favored worldwide mountains of deception for the last days are the atheists and the Muslims – they will both continue to amaze the world with how fast they are growing in influence and favor over the Christians.

    The Christian church will continue to be internally rocked by its own members – the Cultural Christians. The main agenda for attack this year will be the “fairness and compassion for the homosexuals” movement. Based in a total disregard of what the Bible teaches about this sinful behavior – this move to ordain and create homosexual ministers in many denominations and churches worldwide – is really a denunciation of the primacy of the Bible in their lives. This will keep many Christians from being able to see the clear cut and growing signs of the end of our age.

    Part of the “black horse” attack – the debt “bomb” will continue in its rapid worldwide escalation. Growing at a completely amazing rate for the last couple of decades – the current levels and growth will undoubtedly cause real world issues in various places around the world. You could also see the over optimist valuations of the world’s stock markets be “popped” this year – largely because of the debt and its rapidly nearing almost insurmountable restructuring. A soon to come stock market crash – comparable to the 2008 crash is already considered inevitable by many of the world’s richest investors.

    The worldwide monitoring system that is being constructed for the use by the anti-Christ is also nearing completion this year. The US being rocked with “disclosures” of what the NSA is up to is but that is but the tip of this iceberg. The capacity of the data center nearing completion in Utah can easily be described as an event core to the ability of the anti-Christ to prevent all from buying or selling without his “mark”.

    There is a terrible civil war in the Middle East in Syria – and with two superpowers – US & Russia – on irreconcilably different sides – this one has the potential to rapidly expand. No surprise to where the expansion will be – attacks upon God’s holy land of Israel. I don’t see this as the Psalm 83 conflict (I believe that already occurred about 1982 – look again to the language of it and you see a conspiracy – not a war). Nor do I see it as the Ezekiel 38 / 39 conflict – too early for that. But it could be a spanking of the Islamicists (both Shia and Sunni) by Israel – which will no doubt build up to the all-out war against Israel (in about two years).

    As to the solar flare activity. Peaks will occur in 2013 yet I see a potential worldwide damage impact measured in the billions not trillions. Based on further research I also see it affecting the northern part of the northern hemisphere the most. We simply can’t be going into the end of the age with the worldwide communication infrastructure completely unusable and not reparable in time for the appearance of the anti-Christ. Not only does every eye on earth have to see the two witnesses killed and resurrected (Google this week just announced high altitude balloons to get the internet to the most remote places on earth) but he will have to have a worldwide command and control ability to enforce the mark system of buying and selling.

    All in all – a great year to be or become a born again Christian – one who truly has the faith that no matter what happens on this little blue marble we call Earth – our Father God will no doubt protect each and every one of our eternal souls!


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