Will the Antichrist and his Beast government come from Islam?

I get emails asking me if I believe the Antichrist will be Islamic. Some give me a list of reasons why I am wrong in my articles to think that the Antichrist will come from Christianity or Judaism. They send me reasons from other Bible prophecy teachers why the idea that Bible prophecy teachers thought the Antichrist will come from the Roman Empire was wrong and why he will really come from Islam. Although I respect the Bible prophecy teachers that are now teaching this I do not believe that the Antichrist and his Beast government will come out of Islam.

I will start with a slightly modified excerpt from my article on Islam:

“How the “holy war” with Islam will bring in the Antichrist?

There are now large Islamic populations in most European countries and among these populations are those trained in terrorism. When the war between the West and Islam does occur it will be totally necessary to isolate Islamic peoples in Europe in concentration camps. In order for this round up to be successful these States will have to become police states. This police state will get out of control and ultimately bring about the Beast Antichrist government and system. Hitler’s reign was a foreshadow of how this could come about but instead of a national socialist movement there will be a world pseudo Christian dominionist socialist movement. When the satanically possessed European dictator comes on the scene he will somehow appease Islam and Islam will join into the one world religion movement. Later, the dictator is killed and becomes incarnated by Satan. At that time he will claim to be God. He will move the world government headquarters to Babylon and he will turn on and destroy the harlot world religion. He will be easily accepted by most Muslims as their concept of “God” because he has the exact same nature as their Allah. He will seek to kill all those who will not worship him as God.

Islam is setting the foundation for the Antichrist Beast world system. Islam now totally controls or has major influence over forty nations in the world. In most other nations Islam is a rising force. Islam controls the masses by force and when it has control it does not tolerate other religions or those who do not adhere to its dictates. Islam in reality worships the god of this world and his name is Satan. When the god of this world becomes incarnate in the man we call the Antichrist he will be recognized by those in Islam as Allah. I am not saying that the Antichrist is Islamic although that is possible. I tend to think the Antichrist figure when incarnated by Satan will claim to be Zeus and will have supernatural help from fallen angels. Nevertheless, subtly Satan has established a worldwide foundation for his monotheistic world religion with himself as God and this foundation is called Islam. I do not think the Antichrist will claim to be Allah. He will claim to be above anything called God. (2Th2:4)

My point is that the leaders of Islam will recognize him as their own concept of God and the followers of this counterfeit god will use the world network already in place in Islam to rapidly bring in the forced world religion and the political system of the Antichrist. We get a strong signal from the book of Revelation about the power base of the Antichrist because like the Islamic fascist’s of today they also behead their enemies.”

So, it is not that Islam will be the Antichrist government. Those who have been indoctrinated by Islam will recognize Satan as the God they worship that they call Allah. I still think that radical Islam will force world religious wars that will bring in the Western Antichrist figure out of the area of the Roman Empire. I still believe that harlot Christianity will be the head religion that rides on the back of the Beast of Revelation chapter 17. I see no other option to fulfill that prophecy. At the mid-point of the seven years the Beast claims to be greater then anything called God and all people that do not love the truth will buy into the lie through his deception.

Nevertheless, Islam is setting the foundation for that intolerant religion all over the world. I think an ecumenical movement will follow the religious wars where all names of God in all Religion will simply mean the Creator. Then one will arise claiming to be the Creator but he will have the attributes of Satan and the world will follow him believing that He is the Creator.

Having said all that, I fully understand why Christians would think that the Antichrist will come from Islam. It is antichrist. But when pseudo and dominionist Christianity fight the person labeled by the West, “the Islamic Antichrist” it will set the stage for someone in the West who will defeat radical Islam all over the world. This Western leader will be the actual Antichrist but he will be labeled a hero and the Messiah. The pseudo Christians and Jews will receive Him as a Messiah figure so you can understand why everyone even the elect will be deceived if that were possible. Like Jesus said to the Jews, “one will come in his own name and him you receive”. The Jews would never receive someone out of Islam as their Messiah. They will accept someone who will counterfeit their Messiah and lead them to destruction.

Meanwhile, dominionist pseudo Christians will expect Jesus to come after the defeat of the person that they had labeled the Antichrist. However, those wars will only be false birth pains with a false tribulation created by man’s wars. Antichrist will try to counterfeit the role of the second coming through a satanic false tribulation that can be identified with the four riders in the Seal Judgments of Revelation. I do not think the 70th week of Daniel actually starts until the sealing of the 144,000 Jews at the sixth seal but you have to also realize that I believe there are at least 10 1/2 years from the rapture until the second coming not 7. I believe when pseudo Christianity is expecting some type of Christ they will get the Antichrist.

I am almost sure aliens (demons) will somehow be involved in that deception as well as Marian apparitions. The pseudo Christian world and Israel will get a Christ like that they want. He will lead them to take over the world and set up a world kingdom called by God, “Babylon the Great” but after Antichrist sets up his counterfeit kingdom of god he will turn on those who will not worship him with a vengeance. So in my opinion those teaching that Islam is the government of the Antichrist could be setting people up to be deceived through the future holy wars and by the real Antichrist. In my opinion, they are not seeing the whole picture. They have substituted something that today seems obvious on the face of it. It makes sense from today’s point of view to say Islam will be the government of Antichrist but if all scripture is taken into account it really does not fit. It is all too simplistic, just like those who thought Hitler’s Fascism or Communism were the demonic movements that would bring in the Antichrist.

Also understand that Islam is a bastardization of the scriptures. It really does not mater if Muhammad distorted Bible prophecy, or if his followers did, or if it came from Satan. The point is that Islam is a counterfeit of the real. We should not take lying prophecies of the counterfeits and expect to find truth in them just because their lying prophecies seem to fit Bible Prophecy of an Antichrist.

The Bible implies that the Antichrist is Assyrian. He very well could be a Catholic with Jewish blood who will be brought up in a Middle-East country. Thus, he will appeal to all three religions and fulfill their expectations. Think of an Obama type person with a Jewish mother and a Arab father who claims to be a Christian. Of course that is just meant as a suggestion it may turn out quite different.

All religions are moving toward pluralism and universalism. Once radical Islam is defeated people may be free to believe what they want in private but in public there will be no proselytizing allowed and all exclusive clams to God will be outlawed as hate speech in the name of world peace and security. Wait until after the war against Iran, Syria, and all radical Islam and you may see the picture more clearly.

Why should we look for a revival of Catholicism? Because it will provide the answers the world is looking for. The supernatural manifestations claiming to be Mary will be a deception used by Satan in the last day. Read the works of Roger Oakland on this topic. Catholics worship Mary, Muslims have more regard for Mary then they do Jesus and many have images of Mary and follow the Marian manifestations. Even Eastern religions have high regard for Mary idols. So imagine a scenario where during a bloody religious war a so called divine intervention comes from this “Queen of Heaven” demon (there is nothing new under the sun). The world is then set up for a one world religion. It also is no accident that the Emergent and Emerging Church movement is moving back toward Catholicism, and mysticism, as are some mainline churches and Word-Faith, NAR, New Wave Pentecostals.

I admit that if you just look at the situation today it would look like the Antichrist comes out of Islam but there are always backlashes and counter-revolutions. Thirty years ago everyone though Communism would be the catalyst. Today they think it will be Islam. Islam will be the catalyst but it will be the catalyst to bring in the Antichrist out of a Roman Empire that will proceed to unite all religion back under the Pope. Also keep in mind the leader of the Roman Church at the time of the Antichrist is after the true Christians are removed. So the remains of the Catholics will not contain true Christians. In addition, take note that the Vatican is the only religion on earth that has embassies in almost every nation and has a seat at the U.N. and they are mentioned in written U.N. plans to establish a world religion.

When pluralism and universalism is the world religion Jesus will not be regarded as God. That will be outlawed. How anyone can think that the Western world that is now rapidly moving toward religious pluralism, universalism and amorality is going to accept the exclusiveness and the laws of Islam is beyond me? That is not at all realistic and there is no way that Islam can militarily conquer the West.

When Satan is actually booted out of the Heavens with his angels and he claims to be God on earth and he has his fallen angelic army to help him enforce his decrees then he will use those in Islam and all repressive religions to further his agenda. That is the parallel. It is not that the Antichrist is Islamic, it is that Islam and all religion outside of true Christianity is antichrist and all of those religions will help bring him in power.

The only biblical reference to the decent of the Antichrist is that he is possibly Assyrian. He appears to move his throne to Babylon only after he actually becomes incarnated by Satan. The woman that sits in the midst of the ephah in Zec chap 5 seems to be the same woman that John talked about as sitting on seven hills ruling over the world at the time of his writing. This woman was in Rome but this woman called wickedness is carried to Babylon for the last 3 1/2 years.

Having said that, go ahead and believe what you want. It is not going to change the future one iota and I am not going to be convinced by anyone that the Antichrist or the Beast government will be Islamic.

If you want more background information on the identity of Mystery Babylon you will find it in Chapter 17 of my Revelation Commentary.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


89 thoughts on “Will the Antichrist and his Beast government come from Islam?

  1. The only ones collecting fame and cash are spammers like you that like to laugh at decent folks in the name of peace, love and unity while making big money on superficial universalistic pep talk that deliberality chooses to ignore reality and the hard facts about such topics as Islam and doesn’t offer people any true message of salvation and forgiveness.

  2. Sorry Mike, for the delay you were in a spam filter probably because of your links at the end of your comment.

    You are wrong about the conflict being among one tenth of one percent. I do not know where you get your poll numbers from but it certainly is is not from the Earth.

    Yeah, there are actually people who believe there will be demons posing as aliens or as those from another dimension. This is even part of Eastern and New Age teachings. Ever hear of ascended masters?

    Half of Catholicism and large segments of other religions believe in these Marian manifestations and messages. Half of the world beliefs in all kinds of spirit beings. Tell them these beings are not real. I do not have to wonder who these spirits are. Any spirit that does not confess that Jesus has come in the flesh and rose from the dead and is now Lord of all, is satanic.

    It is only most of the secular West that does not believe in evil spiritual beings. But the West acts as if man is God or he believes there is no personal God at all. Well that sounds rather foolish to me and that is what God said about the issue (ps 14:1 ps 53:1.)

    I see you like to throw the word hate around. You think that those who do not believe like you are full of hate. To you Christian Bible prophecy is hate because it tells that man is evil and unless he receives the Savior he has an appointment with judgment. So now any Christians who loves people enough to tell them the truth so they will get saved hate. Sure, and light is also darkness.

    Religion is all about man becoming like God or to become equal with God. That is impossible. Christianity on the other hand is all about God becoming a man to save us from our own evil nature so we can have a relationship with Him. So your talking apples and oranges.

    Actually the following statement was not written with the intent of promoting hatred.

    “He will be easily accepted by most Muslims as their concept of “God” because he has the exact same nature as their Allah. He will seek to kill all those who will not worship him as God.”

    The above statement was actually written to explain to Christian bible prophecy students that now believe the Antichrist will be Islamic why Muslims and all man-made religions will accept the Antichrist figure as God. That this figure will seek to kill all those who will not worship him as God is taken right out of scripture (Rev 13:15).

    The links you posted peg you for what you believe so everyone ought to consider the source. In case you did not know it, this is a Christian Bible prophecy Blog that gets into Christian eschatology issues. We do not expect unbelievers to be able to discern what we are talking about.

    It is equal to me going on the sites you posted and telling them that salvation is through Jesus alone and those who do not come trhough Him will go to Hell. I am sure I would be well received there.

  3. I’m always amused at the open display of hypocrisy by those who go to other people’s blog to accuse them of hate. Don’t they see what they’re doing? They display hate in going from “house to house” to accuse and judge. They hate our right of free speech! Why don’t they show by example how we’re supposed to act— as if non-Christians even know what that is?

    Anyway, Don, lots of good points.

  4. Hi Paula,

    Mike is on an anti fundamentalist postmodern ‘can;t we all get along” pluralist religious crusade. I suspect he does the same thing on many sites and that is why his comments always get caught in my spam filter. He knows nothing of Bible prophecy. I imagine he agrees with Tolle.

    Getting on the thread topic. I hope not too many people are not mislead into thinking that the enemy of the West is a Beast out of Islam and if we resolve that problem they can be looking for a Messiah and a Kingdom. That type of narrow thinking will lead to the dominionism of the real Beast Kingdom and Antichrist. The enemy of Christianity is all who reject the truths about Jesus Christ and many of those people call themselves Christians.

  5. Anyone is welcomed to view your material but Mecca is not the Woman that rides the Beast. the Woman represents all counterfeit religion since Babylon and that includes many who identify with Christianity. The world will adopt religious pluralism and anti fundamentalism to try to stop the religious wars that are coming. That Universal religious harlot will be the Woman on the Beast although she will become a very prominent queen and force in the last days. Remember that the blood of ALL the saints were found in her. That means that she has to be past present and future.

    Also people who comment might read the arguments and comment on the post arguments instead of just sending links to the theories of someone else and not even addressing the arguments that I took a lot of time to explain.

  6. When Jonathan comes on this blog weeks apart and makes a comment with the exact same words with a link to the same bazaar Mecca theory website that promotes that Mecca is the woman who rides the Beast and both comments also say that this is not spam. IT IS SPAM!

    Both comments have been deleted and if I see it again Jonathan ought to realize that he will be blocked from making comments on this Blog as a spammer. I do allow links to other websites in comments when they are appropriate but I do not allow troll spammers.

  7. this is what the woman represents:

    Revelation 17:18

    And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

    You said: “the Woman represents all counterfeit religion since Babylon and that includes many who identify with Christianity”

    Sorry, but those are two entirely DIFFERENT renderings. And you are wrong. Do not think that you can explain an explaination of the woman, that was already explained sir. Because the symbol was already explained, the woman being the symbol, and the explanation of the woman was revealed, and not to be explained as something else or by someone else.

    When will all of you learn that the symbols presented in Revelation, are presented in such a way so you do not forget them? The symbols were ALREADY given an explanation for and the symbol stays the same so you can drill yourself and not forget, yet people still try to explain something that is already explained to them. Like in Daniel, visions troubled him to the point that he needed a messenger obviously to explain these things to him. And of course Elohim Himself gave explaination to Daniel of the dream the king had Daniel interpret, without knowing the dream first.

    the woman is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.


    it is quite evident sir, that you did not read the research or its cover page; i can tell this by your comments.

    And a question i have for you sir:

    How did our Lord come?

  8. You know Jonathan your very arrogant tone is extremely annoying and frankly I am tired of those like you who think they know everything when they obviously know nothing.

    You tell me what one verse in revelation chapter 17 said as if I have never read it, GET REAL! Yet, you obviously have never understood what the whole chapter is even about.

    The Harlot woman on the Beast has to be explained in the entire context of Revelation chapter 17 and biblical history. It is about Mystery Babylon and not just about the city ruling over the earth at the time of John). Read the chapter in context and do not ignore the whole message in chapter 17. No city on earth can completely fulfill what is said in that chapter so obviously it is you that is missing the message.

    You say I did not research this but I did enough research and study to fully explain Mystery Babylon in my book. Read it.

    I am not going to rehash everything here or I world have to quote the whole chapter and frankly I do not know what your point is in relation to this post.

    Inform us of the profound research that you have published on Chapter 17 of Revelation that proves your simple assumption that the Harlot woman, the Woman on the Beast, Mystery Babylon (they are the same) can be limited to a physical city in the past or future?

    I have a answer for your last question as well, sir. You might learn to communicate! I do not like playing guessing games. If your implying that Jesus has already come physically as foretold by the prophets you are delusional. If you are implying that Jesus is the Holy Spirit you are a heretic. I think that answers your question.

  9. Well, you need to understand, most kingdoms, that have kings, are Islamic nations.

    Do not say that you have taken what you have read in Rev 17 to heart sir, because the way you have described the woman is in no way described as a city. Unfortunately you read it, but came to your conclusion.

    And for this city to have written on her forehead “Mystery Babylon”, yet Mecca is the Islamic Capital of the world, which includes Iraq, and not only that, Mecca beholds the Kaaba – the basket that was carried to the land of Shinar, translated; Babylonia. Was italy ever part of Babylonia sir?

    You still have not read this research graciously put in my lap by the King, and all you have to do is click my name on this post and your there.

    Also note that Jidda, Mecca’s port, is the wealthiest city in the Middle East and western asia. And that says a lot. I don’t know if you have ever taken a gander at the United Arab Emirates in that they make Bill Gates look like a used car salesman, but then to look back and see that Mecca’s port is the wealthiest city in the area says a lot (which is not part of the UAE). And they do trade in the areas as described in Rev 17.

    Have you even researched the history of the Kaaba? No one even knows how far back it goes.

    Have you researched the kings of Saudi Arabia? Five have fallen, one is.

    Did you know one of those kings were assasinated and shot in the head? Fatal wound.

    Did you know that while the woman rides the scarlet beast, some are going to wonder when they see the beast that he was and will come?

    If the ten horns are ten kings who have received no kingdom yet, and we see in Revelation 13 that those ten horns have crowns on them, then it is evident whoever those kings that have received no kingdom yet, have recieved them.

    The angel said that the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings;

    So it is evident that the Lamb overcomes by the seven bowls of the wrath of God, and by the brightness of His return.

    1 John 4:1

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

    2 John 1:7

    For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    And from the above verses, please show me by the scriptures, how you know He came in the flesh.

    It is one thing to believe it, and another to know.

    If the Bible commands to test the spirits, than you ought to know when someone tests you; for we are all one in Christ, not one above another in Christ.

  10. Arrogant tone?

    2 Timothy 4:1-4

    1 I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at* His appearing and His kingdom: 2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

    Forgive me, if i seemed arrogant, i believe i was only exhorting.

  11. Also note when i said:

    “If the ten horns are ten kings who have received no kingdom yet, and we see in Revelation 13 that those ten horns have crowns on them, then it is evident whoever those kings that have received no kingdom yet, have recieved them.”

    Have received them in the sense of the vision, i am not talking about today.

  12. And when i said:

    And for this city to have written on her forehead “Mystery Babylon”, yet Mecca is the Islamic Capital of the world, which includes Iraq, and not only that, Mecca beholds the Kaaba – the basket that was carried to the land of Shinar, translated; Babylonia. Was italy ever part of Babylonia sir?

    i am talking about what was spoken by Zechariah. Zechariah 5.

  13. Jonathan I do not mind you replying to my comment but four comments in a roll might be considered spamming by me.

    If you want to believe Mecca is Mystery Babylon that is up to you, your not going to convince me. Those who are teaching that Islam is the Beast are wrong and the Western war that is inevitable against true believers of Islam are in my opinion setting up the world for the real Beast and the real Antichrist and that is why I posted this post.

    Did you even read my commentary on Revelation chapter 17? I suppose not, because you already have divine research in your lap! Have you ever considered that there is a difference between Mystery Babylon of Chapter 17 and Babylon the Great of chapter 18? You might also read my commentary on chapter 18 as well and find out why that is.

    Who says the Kabba was carried to Mecca? Your own argument refutes your premise. Why do you say it was carried from Rome if you say Italy was never part of Babylonia?

    The fact is that the seat of Mystery Babylon was transferred to Rome through the Babylonian priesthood that moved to Pergamos where according to Revelation Satan throne was located at the time of John. The priesthood later moved to Rome and those practices eventually become incorporated in the Roman Empire and later Roman Catholicism. Those are historical facts. If you need these facts they are documented in books such as “A Woman rides the Beast”, by Dave Hunt. Mystery Babylon also includes Islam but it is not limited to Islam, Islam is a offshoot, so you are not entirely wrong but It will eventually be transferred back to where it began in Babylon but that is only after the Beast Antichrist defiles the Jewish Temple. So we are not there yet. Mystery Babylon is all religious harlotry from Babylon past to Babylon future worshiping a false God. Just as Babylon in God’s eyes is all world kingdoms under the control of Satan from Babylon past to Babylon the Great under Satan. I give the path of Mystery Babylon at the end of my comment. It comes from my book.

    I teach that Babylon the great will be set up from Babylon Iraq but this is post Islam. The Antichrist will say he is above anything called God not just Allah.

    There is plenty of reason to hate the demonic religion of Islam but be careful. The war against this evil is designed to bring a greater evil and when the world thinks it won the battle and rejoices its troubles have only started.

    I believe the truth of the mater is that you put together this Mecca is Babylon theory without any biblical support whatsoever and now you are posting comments on my blogs to draw attention to yourself.

    Why would I read research that was not graciously put into your lap by my Lord? You should know that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. Yet, you claim the Lord gave you things not taught in the scriptures.

    Here is the way I see the history of Mystery Babylon. This is taken from my commentary on Rev chapter 17. It is in bullet format there so it is best viewed there but here is what is says:

    “The tale of two nations or two women. The struggle between the woman from the flesh (harlot woman) and the woman from the promise (those who believe and trust God) can be followed in the following timeline (This is only a sample to help you understand and it is not meant to be all conclusive):

    · The Babylonian rebellion against God by Nimrod – the mystery religion and the Babylonian priesthood is founded at Babylon.

    · Abraham is taken out to be the father of all who live by faith in the true Creator. He believes God’s promise.

    · Ishmael is born of the flesh from Abraham’s slave girl – Ishmael mingles with the pagans of Babylon.

    · Isaac is born of the promise and follows the God of his father (Abraham).

    · Esau is the first son of Isaac but Esau puts no value on the promise of his birthright and sells it to Jacob for a meal.

    · Jacob becomes Israel and becomes a nation that is to keep the oracles and promise of God for the benefit of all the people of the promise.

    · Israel’s son Joseph speaks of the vision God gave him for the people of promise.

    · Joseph is sold into slavery to Egypt by jealous half brothers.

    · Joseph becomes prime minister of Egypt with the help of God and saves the descendents of Israel from physical starvation.

    · The Egyptian world government forgets Joseph, becomes totally corrupted by Babylonian pagan practices, and enslaves and persecutes the descendents of Israel.

    · God raises up Moses to deliver Israel from Egypt and the Law is given to Israel to lead them to the promised Savior.

    · Judaism becomes corrupted by harlotry with pagan gods.

    · The world empire of Babylon enslaves Israel.

    · The Mystical Brotherhood of the Babylonian order moves its headship to Pergamos after the fall of Babylon.

    · Some of the Jews return to Israel and rebuild God’s temple.

    · The Babylonian priesthood is moved to Rome by the last will of Attalus king of Pergamos.

    · Julius Caesar becomes supreme Pontiff (high priest) of the Babylonian Order in BC 63.

    · John the Baptist is born to restore Israel so they are ready to receive their promise.

    · Jesus “is the promise” and comes to save all mankind.

    · The Babylonian influenced Jewish priesthood and the Roman world system kill Jesus. The priests rejected the promise for adultery with Rome.

    · Jesus rises from the dead and the promise is given to all who by faith trust in this risen Savior.

    · There is a secession of Pontiffs from Julius Caesar to the year when the Babylonian Order becomes the ruler of the Roman Church in 378 AD (a very long story).

    · The wheat grows in the same field (the institutional church) as the harlot tares and grows up with them.

    · Islam is born and it teaches the sons of Ishmael and Esau to worship a single pagan God that persecutes those born of the promise.

    · The tares in the institutional church choke to death many of the people of the promise in the inquisitions.

    · The Protestant reformation is born by those who teach that salvation comes from trusting in the promise of Jesus alone.

    · Most of Protestantism plays the harlot with philosophy, psychology, new age paganism, humanism, pragmatism and materialism.

    · The people of the promise are now the wheat among the tares in the Catholic and Protestant Churches.

    · The printed Bible becomes available to the public. Smaller fields grow so much wheat the tares find little room to root.

    · Higher critical thinking philosophies war against those who believe the promise in God’s word.

    · The people of the promise are removed in the rapture and all the wheat not entangled with the tares (harlot) is removed from the earth.

    · All religions of the world unite after a great world religious war to form a world religion led by the Vatican at Rome. This woman will ride the Beast into her end time role.

    · The Beast devours the woman that rode on his back (world religious institutions and leaders). The tares are burned.

    · Satan through the lying wonders of His Beast and False Prophet sets himself up as God, declares the Kingdom of God has come, and he moves the political and religious capitol of the world to Babylon where he builds a city of gold for himself.

    · The wheat bound with paganism is threshed during the great tribulation the Beast brings on the earth.

    · All people of the promise that were in adultery return to her husband – the true God of heaven – and are gathered into His barn.

    · God avenges all the people of promise by destroying the Beast and by setting up the real kingdom of God on the earth ruled by Jesus.

    The woman who rides the Beast has actually existed since the days of Babylon but she will play her major role in the last days. She in the end will be eaten by the Beast she rides because he will claim to be God and will not tolerate the worship of anyone or anything other that himself. Many who were in harlotry will come to understand the truth in those days through the teaching and the judgments that take place in this time of trial for the whole world. These who come out of Babylon will not worship the Beast and these along with a remnant in Israel will return to the true God of heaven but it will cost many of them their mortal lives. In those days all who seek to save their lives by worshiping the Beast will lose their soul and those who lose their life for Jesus’ sake will gain eternal life.”

  14. i never said the Kaaba was carried from Rome; huh? i understand though why you might say this.. and that’s fine.

    and i am pretty sure, if the kingdom theory is intact, the angel told John, “the beast that you saw was, and is not.”

    and is not.

    So we know “one is” during his time, and if that is Rome, and the beast he saw, was and is not, then we can conclude that it is not Rome. And when the angel said “and is not” , also said the beast is one of the seven. otherwise the angel would have said, “the beast that you saw “is” ” Or five have fallen, and the beast that you saw “is”, but that doesn’t make sense, because the beast he saw was, and is not.

  15. I see true to form you do not answer my points or questions but you think I should be answering yours.

    If you do not think the Kaaba came from Rome where did it come from?

    What kingdom theory are you referring to?

    The was and is not passage is difficult but you have to read the whole context of the passage. The Beast the angel was talking about was the eight king and that is explained if you read down to verse 11

    The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.
    9 And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.
    10 And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space.
    11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition

    You also have to take into account Daniel’s vision there were only four kingdoms from Daniel’s vision and they are of historical record with the last kingdom being the Roman Empire.

    17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.
    18 But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.
    19 Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;
    20 And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows.
    21 I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them;
    22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.
    23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.

  16. Ok, i see the points made here, and what i am trying to say, is that i am not going to discount other theories. i am not saying that others are wrong and i know it all. all i was doing was merely presenting what i have researched, and that is all. if a beast has seven heads, and it is concluded that the beast is a kingdom, then why is there not a view that this one kingdom will have seven kings and one of these seven kings is the beast, or THE anti-Christ, and will be an eighth king. From studying, it appears that the scarlet beast is the one that comes out of the sea, or, where else do you find an abyss? The scarlet beast did not have crowns on the horns, which makes sense because they are kings that have not yet received a kingdom, but the beast that comes out of the sea, or ascends the abyss or bottomless pit, in Rev 13 has crowns on the ten horns, signifying whoever those kings are that recieved no kingdom yet, received them, the crowns being evidence.

    the scarlet beast that was, and is not, from Revelation 17 seems to be the head that recieves the fatal wound, and is healed and comes to life in Revelation 13.

    the angel said the Lamb will overcome the beast and his horns who make war with the Lamb, and it is obvious the Lamb overcomes them with the seven bowls of wrath, and His return to capture the beast and the false prophet, and cast them alive in the lake of fire. And on top of this, God puts the purpose into the hearts of the ten horns to give the kingdom to the beast so His words are fulfilled; so they destroy and burn the harlot with fire.

    are we following here?

    if you want me to go over your research, i would be more than happy to do so, but it looks like that might take time.

  17. Oh, and by the way, i don’t ascibe to any kingdom theory, though i know the beast is a king, which concludes he has a kingdom, but that is as far as i go into the “kingdom(s) theorie(s)” possibilities.

    and PLEASE forgive me if i assumed you ascribed to any kingdom theory, and if i did, i am sorry, because it seems everyone does, and i don’t know why; because if there is one beast, that is one kingdom, i don’t see how the beasts HEADS could be seven other kingdoms. rather i see seven kings in one kingdom, and the beast is one of the seven, and the beast is a king, and this beast has a kingdom; there is no kingdom without a king.

  18. Seems to me that you are mixing a lot of apples with oranges here. I am not following you and I cannot spend all day trying to figure what you are saying out. Your also getting off topic of this post.

    Your certainly welcomed to read my commentary maybe it will put some apples in the apple crate and oranges in the orange crate.

  19. Ok, i will do that…

    I guess i was plainly trying to say that the scarlet beast, and the beast that rises out of the sea are the same…

    i mean, how many visions did daniel have that an angel did not come later and interpret?

  20. ok, well this is good ground, so i will also say that i have looked for the fulfillments in Revelation, and researched and been critical of every area, but it all seemed to fall of the bone, like a well cooked roast into my mouth, and so i made a blog about this and i am quite amazed at how every area i have looked for fulfillment, i have found it…

  21. You said the ant-crist will come out off the moslem nations and that they will worship him because he have the characteristics of their God, ALLAH,. Don’t hate me for what i’m about to tell you, all i’m trying to do is educate you about our beleive, the moslem way,. According to the Qur’an, we don’t worship a human being like jesus, we only beleive jesus as a massenger of God just like Mohamed,. We beleive jesus was saved by God from his enemies back then, and will return at the end of times as God promised and that jesus will take care of the anti-crist.

    Secondly, according to the Qur’an, God is the Only God of all things that exist, He is the God of the known and the un-known, The ONe, and the Only One,. God don’t eat, don’t sleep, don’t get tire, He does not need a source of energy from anywhere like we humans do from food and sleep, and so on and on and on,. We moslems believe God never had children, and never was he begotten by anything, and nothing is like him period, let me say it again, nothing is like him, according to the Qur’an.

    But christians like you preach your people that a human being like you, with stomach that needs to be fed, goes to toilet, gets tire, looks for food to eat, drinks , all that mention of human charactristics, could actualy be a God, logicaly, it is you people the most likely once who will worship a man that will come and ask humans to worship him, the anti-crist,

    Lets say a man claiming to be jesus comes to superpower, well, a christian beleiver will probably stand up for him and start worshiping him, that is what their parents been teaching them since they were babies, the claim of, , God jesus, or juses God. Well, prove me if i’m wrong,. the question is wouldn’t a christian be the most likely one to follow a man who wants to be worshiped and prayed to as a God, the anti-christ,?.

  22. Hi Mahbar,

    I understand what you believe and why you say what you do. I really was not talking about Islam of today worshiping a man. I am talking about the watered down pluralist version that will come to all after the next great war. I believe all religions will compromise some of their exclusive beliefs for the sake of world peace.

    The Antichrist is not going to be a human being in the sense you may think. He will be supernatural and scriptures say ALL will worship him whose names are not written in the Lamb’s (Jesus) Book of Life. All means All.

    Actually I do think the Antichrist will come out of a pseudo Christianity. I was merely saying that when he becomes supernatural and moves to Babylon those that now call themselves Muslims will also accept Him as there concept of God because he will have the attributes of your God but all other religious will accept Him as God as well. I do not think he will call Himself Allah or even Christ. More likely he will claim to be Zeus. Zeus was said to be the God of Gods and the savior God and the ruins of the throne to Zeus is still found in Pergamos Turkey

    3. Pergamos: The church that committed adultery with the world system

    *Background: Pergamos was the great religious center of the area. Zeus was said to have been born there. The great altar of Zeus stood on a foundation 115 feet above the ground level. Aesculapius (the god of health) and Zeus the (savior god) were actively worshiped. The pagan practices that took place there can be traced back to the time of Nimrod who founded the Babylonian religion. This ancient religion included the worship of his widow Semiramis and her son, also known as Ashtoreth and Tammuz of Phoenicia, Isis and Horus of Egypt, Aphrodite and Eros of Greece and Venus and Cupid of Rome. (Hislop).

    Pergamos became the center of the official religion of emperor worship. A temple for this was erected at Pergamos in 27 BC, when Cyrus conquered Babylon and founded a new center at Pergamos and the king of Pergamos became Pontifex Maximus, (high priest) of that pagan system. (Pember). Both Hislop and Pember trace the subsequent transfer of the cult from Pergamos to Rome, with the appointment of successive Caesars as high priest and ultimately, to that office in 378 AD of Damasus, the Bishop of Rome, with the complete and permanent absorption of “Babylonianism” into the Roman Church.

    In 312 AD, Constantine claimed a vision from God and declared his conversion to Christianity. He assumed headship of the Church, repealed the persecution edicts of Diocletian and advanced Christians to high office in the state.

    It was only a small step to convert the worship of the queen of heaven (Semiramis and her son) to the worship of Mary and an infant Jesus.

    *(Most of this information on the background of Pergamos was taken (but modified by me) from Chuck Missler’s supplemental notes on The Book of Revelation, pages 29 – 32, Koinonia House inc., 1995. Missler used information from Hislop and Pember. Missler has more to say about the background of Pergamos than what I have here.)

    I have recently heard that the great altar of Zeus is now undergoing restoration.
    You need to understand that people who are now in all religions will worship the Beast Antichrist but he will set his headquarters up in Babylon. Where all false religious systems started it will also end when he claims to fulfill all religion. Only Jesus Christ will have the power to destroy him at his coming.

    You have a misconception of the Christian God. Jesus is the only visible image of the invisible God. He came as a man for several reasons. Man was made in God’s image so naturally man has the features of the only visible image of God. The only visible God then came as a man to save us from our sins and died and rose again and still looks like a glorified man. He looks as he looked in the beginning when He created everything with the Father except now He also bears the scars of the cross as a reminder to us for eternity of what God did for us to save us from our sins that would have separated us from God for eternity. It is not like God had offspring. the Son of God always was the only visible Image of God and all things were made by Him. I think people get hung up on the word “son” as if Jesus was some kind of offspring when actually it is not like that at all. Think of Jesus this way and you will be much closer to the truth. Jesus is the only visible Image of a invisible God. He is called the Son because in every way he reflects the Father who cannot be seen by man. Jesus was also the God of the Old Testament although He was called “YHWH” He did not just begin when He came into the world as a human and death also could not hold Him. He arose to start a new creation and all who believe in God’s righteous to save will enter in. That is meaning of the name “Jesus” anyway – “YHWH is salvation”.

    Again to answer your question ALL on earth will worship the Beast Antichrist who are not written in the Lamb’s book of life. Jesus is God’s Lamb. True Christians will not be on earth when the Antichrist figure is revealed. God will take them alive like He took Enoch before the Flood. However, there will be plenty of pseudo Christians left behind that will worship this Antichrist but so will most of the world.

  23. VaticanCity is not a UN member. It is the only country besides Kosovo, not to be a UN Member.

    Moses warns the world of the seed of Ishmael [Muhammad and Muslims] from the book of Genesis. He has been given 11 kingdoms thus far and the Muslims are awaiting the 12th and final Imam, their Messiah [al-mahdi], which is actually the Christian’s antichrist. There is NO way Muslims will convert over to Christianity. Their entire lives center around their religion, from mandatory: 5 prayers a day, to what they wear, eat, drink, to their laws [Shariah] and lunar calander, with different times, then the rest of the world. The Qura’an is crystal clear that te only way to heaven for Muslims is by deeds, and te only thing that can save them is a badge of servitude, or “Charagma” the Greek word from John, which was translated into our bibles as “mark” (for Mark of the Beast). Anyways, everything is backward from Chistians and Muslims.

    Abrahams Son’s seeds (Isaac seed Christians & Jews and Ishmaels seed Muslims) will battle in the end, just as the bible says.

  24. Jonathan said »

    “I guess i was plainly trying to say that the scarlet beast, and the beast that rises out of the sea are the same…”

    They are not the same, but one of the same. The beasts from the sea, are the religious and political power the Antichrist will use. The scarlot beast is the Antichrist. Satan has set up his religion, on earth. Remember when Satan tempted, Isaac’s seed, Jesus Christ, to give him the kindoms of the earth, if only he’d worship him? Well Jesus wasn’t falling for it. So, to me, it makes sene that Satan went to the other son of Abraham, Ishmael’s seed Muhammad, and offered the same thing.

    Our all-knowing God said that Ishmael would make war with all people.

  25. Mahbar~ Jesus Christ died for our sins, for your sins also. He was resurrected 3 day later so that you may have eternal salvation. I pay you find him.

    You do not need to kill for God. God took care of that through Jesus Christ.

    If you study the bible and the Qur’an you will see that Muslim’s awaited Messiah “al-Mahdi,” is really the Antichrist. Muslims believe Jesus will return and help the al-Mahdi, which really isn’t Jesus but a false prophet. Then Muslims believe the Dajjal or Antichrist will come and battle with the al-Mahdi and Jesus, and they will be victorious. That is NOT the case. They will be battling Jesus Christ, who will destroy the al-Mahdi and his prophet and all that follow and worship them.

  26. Most of us are just anti the obvious heresies that are unfortunately present in most Christian religions in these last days. Catholics are more against some critical Catholic teaching then any people I am aware of. Thus many Catholics have no problem voting for people who support abortion etc. Therefore, many Catholics are anti-Catholic.

  27. Everybody loves to slam the Catholic Church. Such a convenient target. False Prophet, Whore of Babylon, Church of Apostacy and the list goes on. I take out all the 1 Billion+ Catholics are on the fast tract to hell correct ?

    How many different dominations do we have in the Protestant faith ? Well over two dozen not including fringe faiths, all with with different doctrines, beliefs, customs and traditions. Yet it is always the Catholic Church that is in heresy and teaches false doctrine.

    It is unfortunate that the Catholic Church is not more progressive and in tune with Protestant faiths in the area of : Abortion, Homosexuality, Rabid Zionism, Divorce, Capital Punishment etc.

  28. Cyric,

    I don’t think anyone here is slamming Catholics. There are just as many problems in the catholic church as there is in those who hold to emergent church beliefs, Dominionists, name it and claim it, etc. The point is that the anti-christ will use all these goofy tangents as well as Islam to build his universal, worldy church.

    As one who was raised a Cathollic and left the Roman church because I could not reconcile the traditions of Mary veneration(co-redeemer), pope infallibility and sacrements to the Bible. Primarily, I go by what the word of God says and try to be a Berean searching and weighing how what is spoken today from pulpits and compare it to what God says in His word.

    In the end, It’s all about Christ, His atoning work and walking with Him, not trusting in traditions or worldly, ecclesiastical authority.

    So, I’m off-topic and I’ll shut up now.

  29. Cyric,

    You seem to be reading things into what is said here. I say the Harlot of Revelation chapter 17 is all religion that departs from the true Christian faith and goes into harlotry with pagan religions in the name of religious pluralism and universalism.

    I think part of the problem is that you do not understand premillennial pretribulational eschatology. We believe that the true Christian believers of all denominations are removed from the earth before the religious Harlot rides the Beast Antichrist into power. The Harlot is people of all denominations that are left behind and play the whore with the world system. I say the remains of the Catholic Church will head up this harlot simply because it is the largest denomination on earth and scripture suggests that the Harlot will be in Rome. At that time there will only be one pluralist universal religion allowed in the Western world but that religion will be a Harlot and is called a Harlot.

    All denominations have truth and error. Some more than others. I think Catholic true believers who actually live out their faith are on much sounder ground then liberal Protestants who do not. As you implied, the Catholic church is taking the biblical position on moral social issues and many Protestants are not. But having said that, how many Catholics actually practice what Catholicism teaches? I think it is obvious from just the way Catholics vote that over half of Catholics in the U.S. do not believe in the Catholicism that they claim.

  30. So few people understand what anti christ really is…The Bible says anti christ is a spirit that indwells the children of disobedience…He is that spirit of lucifer that claims and has always claimed he is the real God of Abraham….John 8 is an example.. Idumean (ishamel-esaus descendants) pharisees professed to be son of
    Abraham and to worship Abrahams God……But Jesus said these were SEED of Abraham and worshiped the devil and were in fact children of satan..These were of the many anti-christs John said was among them then..
    This anti christ spirit comes as messiah in latter days.. He will profess to be the way, the truth and the light, the holy ghost comforter, wil profess he ascended into Heaven and that he descended into hell…He also promises to return in last hour of time with the name HUSSEIN.. The antichrist was Mohammed.. He was the counterfeit of Jesus ..He brought a false gosepl and established his church …We are approaching the last hour of antichrist reign.. Jus bear in mind his name will be Hussein the same as Mohammed’s grandsons and most of the12 imams..This is all recorded in history..

  31. The Bible says Babylon will be held responsible for all the death of all the prophets, and righteous men, back to adam… This is not the catholic chruch.. It is that babel system of religion that originated in the Garden of Eden.. It is the same religion of Cain that God would not accept and it is the same WAY OF CAIN that Jude said would be on earth in last daysThe Babel religion is the religion before the flood and after the flood…It is the worship of the sun, moon and stars and host of heaven as God said in Deut 4-19… It is the ancient ASTROLOGY worship ….and this is proven by history and archeology..

  32. Ruth,

    In your first post you need to be aware that you are taking some truth and inserting supposed Muslim fables and calling it an interpretation of Bible prophecy.

    I do agree with most of what you said about Mystery Babylon in your second post but I would not limit Mystery Babylon to Astrology, it is all satanically inspired religion.

  33. What is interesting is that all three of the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Islam and Christianity are all awaiting a messiah/saviour. Futhermore, each accuses the other of embracing a false messiah. No wonder Marx said that Religion was the opium of the people, though I can think of a more colorful adjective.

  34. Don, let me show you a few interesting things about the scripture and current events….The Bible many times says of names BEING INTERPRETED means ……..For instance Immanuel being interpreted means God with us, or Golgotha being interpreted means place of a skull… God most definately included ths for a purpose… Consider the name BARACK… It being interpreted means LIGHTNING in Hebrew…. Now consider…Luke 10-18… Jesus ..said “I beheld satan as LIGHTING fall from heaven… The name Barack means ‘Blessed” in Arabic…Barack will be the blessed messiah of the arabs (Islam) but satan (anti-christ to Christians…
    Jesus said in Matt24 end time prophecy….As the LIGHTNING shines from the east to the west so shall my coming be…I am pretty sure satan coming as LIGHTNING means he is counterfeiting the return of Jesus… i.e. a false messiah…It also means the light of satan’s Islam will shine from the east to the west…
    Make no mistake about it… Allah is not the god of Abrahm..He is the one who has always claimed to be God as did the false prophets of ball try to convince Elijah that Ball was Abrahms God..

    John shows us clearly who the beast is in Rev 13-1.. He says he stands on the SAND OF THESEA.. This is Ishmael’s descendants… Ishamel’s line is as the SAND OF THE SEA…READ REVELATION 20 – 7, 8 …satan deceives and gathers the men who are numbered as the SAND OF THE SEA… Matt 7. is about the false prophets of the BROAD WAY THAT IS BUILT ON SAND/……..Revelation 3- 9, 10 is about satans church of Islam that tempts the entrie world to leave the true God… It is of men who say they are jews but are liars.. John 8 shows what this means.. It is men who profess lineage to Abrahm and profess to worship Abrahams god but are liars and of satan..And this is just the beginning..
    Barackiel is the fallen angel who taught men astrology…BOOK OF ENOCH
    Barackon is the demon angel Solomon summoned…
    Barak is Mohammed’s mythial horse…
    Jesus said ” I am the way, no man comes to the father except through me”… This eliminates Mohammed..Jesus also said his words would stand forever.. This eliminates koran..

  35. Don , Astrology is the origin of all pagan gods and goddesses… Astrology has infiltrated every religion on earth.. including some of Judaism and Christianity..History and archeology prove this…
    Beginning about 1000 years before Jesus satan saw fit to begin making some of the astrology religions monotheistic….This includes an egyptian pharoah who declared there is only one God… but sad to say these monotheistic religions choose the sun god to be the only God…He was still only an astrology mythical god….Islam choose the astrology moon god Allah …THIS IS PROVEN BY HISTORY AND ARCHEOLOGY…
    God told Abraham to cast out Hagar and Ishamel…Have you never read the parable about the rich mani n hell imploring his father Abrahm to go warn his brothers..This is an example of those cast away from Abraham..
    Astrology was satans version of his creation of the sun, moon and stars….Astrology professes to know the intermost heart of men..It professes to prophecy future events of man and the world..via the stars, planets, etc..It is the birth place of all pagan god, of black arts,, of divination…Astrology is the perversion of astronomy… It is theology mixed with astronomy ….as Deut 4-19 clearly reveals.. If you look up and see the sun, moon and stars (astronomy) and host of heaven and be drivien to worship them (theology)…GOD STILL FORBIDS THIS….

  36. Cyric,

    There is only one truth. Judaism had their Messiah killed when He came the first time and the Islam Messiah is a bastardization of Christian eschatology. Funny that you would quote Marx, like you believe that atheist fool knew anything worthwhile.

  37. Ruth,

    With your subjective reasoning you are putting meanings on scriptures that are not there, reading into scriptures and cherry picking scriptures out of context to claim things the Bible does not imply.

    Astrology is a root cause like you imply and a corruption of the divine truth. People did start worshiping the created rather than the Creator but I think you are putting the cart before the horse. People started worshiping the created because they rejected knowledge of a Creator and made God to conform to their own imagination. The same is true of all corrupted religion today.

    The bottom line Ruth, is that there is truth in what you say but everything you say is not true. You cannot rely on any truth coming out of lies of Islam eschatology. One of the major problems with those who think that Islam is the Beast is they quote Muslim lies as if they will come true. I am saying it is all part of the deception and the Antichrist will not rise out of Islam but instead there will be a total paradigm shift in religious belief when the “gods” (fallen angels) are cast to the earth at the mid point of the seventh week of Daniel.

    My view of Mystery Babylon are given in chapter 17 of my Revelation commentary.

    Glad you like the Blog

  38. Show me Don where i put meanings on Scriptures that is not there.. If this is in reference to Deut 4-19… History and archeology prove this ancient astro-theology was astrology…
    If it is about Islam being antichrist.. read 1st John 2-22…SHOW ME MY ERROR…please…

    Rev 17-8..The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

    Rev 17-9…And here [is] the mind which hath. WISDOM… The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

    The above 2 verses show that this woman of Babylon is the mind THAT HAS WISDOM.. Verse 8 shows this is connected to the foundation of the world that began in Eden with the delusional teachings of the WISDOM of the good and evil tree…..Read the book of Enoch.. He speaks of the seven mountains and of the wisdom tree in Eden…

    the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD is not the same thing as the creation of the earth in Gensis 1…The foundation of the world is when satan taught men his wisdom ..ie.e the tree of knowledge of good and evil..His wisdom was of the sun, moon and stars…astrology…, etc.
    We all have lots of things to learn……God is revealing them now to many people……We are in the end of the WORLD.. means the end of satan’srule over mankind… Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the EARTH..not the WORLD

  39. Islam is of course anti-Christ but is not to be confused with the Antichrist/ Beast figure. All theologies outside of the gospel is anti-Christ.

    The ancient theology you talk about was not exactly astrology that came later. They did not have telescopes in those days and the planets and the stars would hardly be noticeable to the naked eye yet they clearly worshiped planets as Gods. Something else was going on in those days to make them worship Mars (Baal). Very likely Venus, Mars or the Earth were in different orbits in those days and there were close encounters with those planets every fifty years or so that caused cataclysms on the earth. That made people believe that they needed to appease these gods.

    Revelation 17-8-9 that you quoted does not show that that Babylon is the mind THAT HAS WISDOM. It is really saying that those who understand what is said about where the woman sits have WISDOM.

    I have read Enoch and it is not a inspired book, in fact, the copy you have of Enoch is a very corrupted book. The Bible clearly teaches that wisdom comes from God. So wisdom could not be delusional that is not logical. Just look at the number of times the Bible tells us to seek wisdom.

    You are adding to the scriptures your own subjective and erroneous reasoning and also saying that many are getting special Revelations. So did the Gnostics. My advise to you is to stick with the clear teachings in scripture because all your extra biblical speculation and nonsensical conclusions puts you on very dangerous ground.

    I think I have had enough of this, you are wasting my time and not really adding anything worthwhile to this thread. So I advise you if you are going to comment in the future that you leave your extra biblical nonsense with the subjective interpretations at the door.

  40. Wow. All of you must have spent a lifetime studying. All I know is that Christ will return and
    take the righteous to heaven and anyone left on earth will be part of Satan’s kingdom. Maybe some of their grandkids will learn the truth, before the final war that Christ stops?
    I am glad that the leaders of my church spend more time teaching us how to be good Christians than worrying about what will happen after we all are gone, either by the rapture or by death….Hang in there, you are all interesting reading for me!!!

  41. It is not going to be quite like that, Marie. Everyone left on earth will not be part of Satan’s Kingdom. Many millions will find Christ through the trials of the tribulation.

    Also the wars comes almost immediately after the Church is removed. The generation living at the time will see the final wars not their grandkids.

    It does take a good deal of study to understand Bible prophecy issues.

  42. peace dear friends
    if your so worried about the anti christ ill be watching out for that gorden brown
    in islam it is told by prophet muhammed that the anti christ will blind in one eye.
    so wait 10 years for the mahdi to come,then the islamic kingdom then the antichrist then jesus he kil lthe antichrist and rule the earth and the people will worship allah as the one true god that he is . allah is the frist and the last of all things and there is no god but he amen

  43. im sorry to say but islam belive in jesus we belive in his second come we belive he is in heaven and we belive in his birth
    we belive in him killing the anti christ and we belive he will rule the earth after our 12tth imam
    it is the jews who rejected jesus then and now still reject him today
    and yes we muslims and jews worship the one same god but us muslims have submitteed full to his command and have become muslims.
    peace be apond my brother and sister in islam all that have follow his final faith ISLAM
    adam al mahdi ramov berat

  44. Actually the prophecy comes from the Old Testament not just Islamic traditional teachings that got it from there. It probably relates to the deadly head wound that the Beast receives. That is mentioned in Revelation.

    “Zec 11:17 Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.”

    Brown does not qualify. The Antichrist will not be an idiot besides there is nothing wrong with browns right arm.

    Why wait ten years for Mahdi when the president of Iran said he was coming in two or three years and that was two or three years ago? But all who wait for fairy tails to come true might as well wish upon a star.

    The God of Jesus is not Allah. Jesus is the only visible image of God and reflects Father God to men. Therefore you must accept Jesus in order to have any relationship with God at all.

    You say Islam believes in Jesus but what you believe about Jesus is false. So your Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible and therefore is a counterfeit Jesus. Some Jews accepted their Messiah (Jesus) and became founders of the Christian faith. Other Jews rejected their Messiah and even today are reaping the consequences. However, the Bible is clear that one day the whole nation of Israel will repent and accept Jesus and He will save Israel.

    You have not submitted to the God of Israel or you would have accepted God’s path of salvation that only comes from believing in God’s righteousness to save. Instead those in Islam are trying to earn their own way to salvation threw their own good works which is really an insult to God. Jesus is God’s righteousness to save displayed to men and this was proved by God when He raised Jesus from the dead and Jesus ascended to Heaven to sit on His Fathers throne. All must now believe in Jesus the Christ to be saved.

  45. Don, do you not know that Eve looked upon the tree of knowledge and said it was a tree to make one WISE..Sad to say it was satan’s version of God’s wisdom…Gen. 3-6
    For instance the wisdom story of God creating the light, the sun, moon and stars and earth and mankind in Genesis 1 and 2….Satan’s corrupted version of this wisdom is the doctrine of the sun, moon and stars and host of heaven which is positively astrology …Satan’s version of “LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE” was men emulating the false gods and godesses they learned via astrology…These became like satan (Genesis 3-22)
    Think for a minute..God said IF YOU LOOK UP AND SEE the sun, moon and stars…this is same as astonomy…and the worship of the host of heaven is theology..presto the invention of astrology.. As I said in previous text satan counterfeited God’s revealation to Abraham that he alone was God…He did this by those who professed the astrology sun God was the ultimate god.. Mohammed declared the MOON GOD as the god of abraham…..Every religion that has existed stems to astrology…Think about it..

  46. Hi Ruthie,

    I partly agree with you although I think there is much more to it than what you said. Something was going on in the heavens that we do not see in the heavens today. There were cataclysmic events when planets encountered the earth in orbits that they are no longer in. Baal of the Bible was Mars. If Mars or Venus had close encounters with the earth it would looks like a calf because its atmosphere would be pushed out by the gravity of earth or the solar winds on both sides of the planet. In the sky it would look like a head with fiery horns. So that is why they worshiped these heavenly bodies and why Israel make the image of a calf that they seen in the sky in the time of Exodus. Other gods probably also have some basis in fact. I suggest reading “Planets in Collision”. I am not suggesting that everything in the book is correct but I think it has more truth than the gradualism that science teaches and the foolishness that suggests that ancient people were so stupid that they worshiped dots in the sky that they could barely see with the naked eye. People feared what they saw in the heavens so not knowing about the vast universe and astronomy they thought these bodies were god’s and being fallen people with sin in their lives when cataclysmic came on earth they thought that the gods needed to be appeased.

    Astrology was a system created to keep track of what was going on in heavens and became a system trying to explain the impact on people on earth. What we call astrology today is not at all the same as the astrology of the past. It has lost its meaning because the concepts that it was established on have been lost over time. Religions have some ties to Mystery Babylon and astrology because Babylon is where people began to worship substitutions for the actual Creator.

    Yes, Muhammad selected the moon god out of hundreds of gods that were being worshiped in the region to represent the one most high God. That does not mean that Muslims today worship the moon or believe in astrology. The moon is just their symbol for the God of creation it is not the God of creation. There is quite a difference. So who do Muslims really worship today? If they do not know the Creator fully represented in Jesus the Son they worship Satan, as do all other religions on earth.

  47. Don, I respect what you say and first of all none of this can happen until the holy spirit has been taken away. My guess is that would be the church. The only way that can be done is through muslims and the catholic church. It would have to be altered in such away that both of the two faiths can twist it in order for it to be allowed. Below is just some other rambling.

    I have an open mind about a lot of things. They say study prophecy but only to gain insight. I don’t think everyone should take it to heart. Thats how satan will deceive you in the end. World war 3 will kill 3/4 of the worlds population. Study all religions including prophets such as nostradamus, mayans, hopi and mainly the bible. They are all connected with events will will occur in our near future. The persian empire is rising once again through iran with the help of russia to back them up. We are told to be watchmen only, not prophets. You know the truth. Jesus died for our sins. He is our lord and christ. I was watching a document on naitive american prophecy. The basic message was that we have forgotten how to live on earth. Theres a certain way we need to live such as the ten commandments and jesus taught us to love our enemies. You need to focus on that rather then whos wrong or right about whats going to happen in the end. Just know the basic message of jesus and keep an open mind. I’ve read anything from a muslim to jewish to a christian will be the antichrist. In muslin imahdi is christ and that is Jesus Christ. There is true islam and radical islam. It’s said satan deceives almost the entire world except for the true saints. Just as theres radical islam, theres radical christians. We all have false prophets that lead us astray and corrupt the true religion of GOD/JESUS. There are many antichrist in these days but i do believe once satan is cast down to earth he will take a human form. There is something about him being an alien shapeshifter. The bible does meantion ufo’s in revelations and the possibility of lucifer coming to earth on a ufo. Thats one scnerio, it sounds crazy but there are numerous articles on the web about it. You can even youtube it. I don’t know what I believe on that. Again I remain open minded so I won’t be deceived. See what I say right now is just words except I won’t change my mind about jesus dieing for my sins. So I will honor him.

    Thank You.

  48. Jason, you seem to have mixed Christian and pagan beliefs. They are not at all compatible. Nostradamus, Mayans, Hopi’s, Cayce etc. do not have any truth about the future. In almost all cases what you are reading or more likely watching is someones interpretation of what they said. The facts are that different authors suggest completely different interpretations and you cannot show me anything that ever came true from these sources.

    These people were in the occult and you ought to know that Christians and Jews were forbidden to be involved with those in the occult because believing messages from the dead, and demons only lead to demonic lies and deception. You do not go to this source to learn truth about the future. We have a God that revealed the future and He did that through his prophets. So why go to blind pagans and their blind interpreters for truth? Everything we really need to know about the future is available to anyone who will study the Bible and show themselves approved.

    If you wish to know the basic message of Jesus it is this. Believe in His death and resurrection and turn from your sins unto Jesus and He will give you new life. Only through a spiritual rebirth from Jesus can you even begin to keep the commandments.

    God did not appoint the Church to be blind . We are to watch and know the season of His coming but that comes from knowing scripture and signs of the times. We certainly do not get that by believing pagans into the occult.

    Islam is a false pagan belief no matter if people take it literally or figuratively. You are not going to get any truth about the end times from Islam all you will get is deception.

    Yeah sure, Satan is an alien shape shifter coming to earth on a UFO and Revelation tells us these things 😆 I think you have been watching “Hero’s” too much instead of reading your Bible. Have you ever even read your Bible or Revelation? I did not think so.

    Also do not expect to get truth on Bible prophecy on Youtube.

    You are already deceived with your opened mindedness so you better read your Bible and listen to some sound teachers and get more closed minded like a Christian that knows the truth.

    It is incredible the things people will come up with when they comment on things they really know nothing about.

  49. The comment that the jews would never receive any one outside their own religion as messiah may be wrong. When jesus was to be crucified the people were asked what was to be done with THEIR KING they cried out that they had NO KING BUT CEASER. To make a statement like this is in reality a denIal of divine truth. These people were blind in their actions. The Lord came in his Fathers name another will come in his own name him they will receive. It makes no distinction at all in this verse as to that persons believes, rather the fact he will come in his own name, own his own merits etc, it could be anyone. We have to understand that in this day and age Israel is very much a secular and heathen counrty. I do not mean to be offensive in this, but wish to show that if you are in this spiritual state you will believe anything, anyone even a lie.

  50. so quoted this:adam al mahdi ramov beratNo Gravatar said »

    peace dear friends
    if your so worried about the anti christ ill be watching out for that gorden brown
    in islam it is told by prophet muhammed that the anti christ will blind in one eye.
    so wait 10 years for the mahdi to come,then the islamic kingdom then the antichrist then jesus he kil lthe antichrist and rule the earth and the people will worship allah as the one true god that he is . allah is the frist and the last of all things and there is no god but he amen

    whatttt!!!!!hey moslem! why beat arround the bush!!!! your Jesus was not ,is not,wont be like our YahShua Ha MAsiach Nagid,He is Alpha And omega…He Is The Great I Am ..so there is no way that YahShua will submit to islam ,,…..it’s a blasphemy by claiming that !!!! your worshiping allah jesus is abundanly false prophet..

    it is imam mahdi who will lead the world to worships allah( the arab pagan deity) by force, allah is the beast from the ancient time…did you ever notice arabic wrting the word of allah: 4ijjI,OPEN YOUR EYES ,dont it look like a Snake to you???? ..well it how allah apears ,his real character, a serpent!!!

    allah was the same serpent that deceived The first human being adam ,and it preveiled!!!
    allah also was the same serpent who tried to deceived YahShua Ha Masiach (is also called the second adam) ,but it failed!!!
    six century later ,allah also was the same serpent who deceieved mohamad, it prevailed !!!!
    so was then mohamad ‘s sanctified by lucifer to be islam prophet,satan offered the same thing to mohamad, same thing just like he did to YahShua Ha Masiach.satan(the serpent) offered YahSHua all the kigdoms of the earth ,all the power he might have, only if he would surender to the serpent….YahsHUa Rejected it
    mohamad took lucifer ‘s offers ,all the kingdoms, the power,women….you name it… he then became lucifer beloved pious since then…

  51. Don… Mohammed did believe satan’s lies that he would inherit the kingdoms of the earth as do ALL MUSLIMS ALSO BELEIVE IT.. It is called jihad…..Tod bad mohammed and muslims are not smart enough to know satan lies..He promises everything, gives nothing and takes evernthing.
    I am impressed with what KIDON JUDAH said.. He seems to know that the temptation of Jesus was the same end time temptation of the entire world by Islam….Jesus temptation was example for men to follow when they encounter Islam’s lies..
    Revelatoins 12 -Says the seven headed dragon is THAT OLD SERPENT called satan and the devil…that tempted eve and is back to tempt the entire world…Revelation 12-17 also says this dragon goes to make war with the remnant of the woman’s seed..And in the original bibles the first verse of Rev. 13 -1 was originally the last verse of Rev 12.. which shows clearly the war mentioned in Rev 12-17 is what takes palce in rev. 13-1 ..i.e. the beast (man) who gets his power from the dragon… I understand a few things about the beast but I am not going to speak of them now….But the bible says the beast is a man.. 666 is the number of a man…

  52. Your mixing apples and oranges. Islam is not the Beast and Muhammad did not receive the kingdoms of this world. Nor will he or his followers.

    That deception is reserved for the man that Satan indwells after Satan and his angels are booted out of heaven and all on earth who take his mark. It has not happened yet so Muhammad could not have fulfilled that role. Muslims that reject Jesus after they hear the truth will certainly join with the Antichrist but the Antichrist will not be identified with anything people call God today.

    2Th 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

  53. Don you better wake up…all who will not bow to the beast are killed.. islam has done this for 1400 years…We are in the last hour of this demonic temptation…
    If you would only open your mind..Mohammed was a total counterfeit of Jesus…Islam is a counterfeit of Christianity.. It teaches old covenant, and jesus and the sprit of god and a koran gospel and heaven, and hell and angels and resurrection and the return of Jesus,,etc.
    The beast of Revelation 13 is a man…indwelled by satan… Satan claims through this man that allah is the god of abraham… The false prophet beast kills all who will not bow to the image of the beast…These false prophets are the same false prophets of the broad way whose foundation is built on SAND.. of Matt7….Read Revelation 13-1 and see that John is standing on the SAND OF THE SEA… This is the SAND foundation of Matt 7…and then read Revelation 20- 8, and see that satan deceives and gathers the men who are numbered as the SAND OF THE SEA to battle Jesus.. THIS IS ISHAMEL’S descendants..
    Or Don you can preceed on in your own deception and perhaps you too will bow to the beast..It will happen in America soon..

  54. I almost forgot…The deadly wound of the beast is healed.. one of his heads it killed.. this would be the 7th king…The beast is called the beast that was and and is not… But when the 8th king comes it is called the beast that was, and is not and yet is..
    The dragon and his seven heads (kings) are satan and the fallen angels of the Garden of Eden..
    Better wak ep…

  55. Ruthie,
    When quoting the Bible try using the versus in their proper context. It looks to me like you pulled scriptures out of your hat to try to fit your own theories. That is not how Christians properly discern the word of God.

    As for the Muslim Antichrist theory, I have written about it and debunked it so many times that I am not going to waste my time here again. Follow the links if your want to know why Islam or any of its leaders are not the Beast. Also read the many comments in these posts, if you want to learn even more.

    (Somehow, I just know that this really will not happen because certain people want to see what the Bible does not say.)


  56. i could’nt help to quote yer words on this below:
    “Your mixing apples and oranges. Islam is not the Beast and Muhammad did not receive the kingdoms of this world. Nor will he or his followers. ”
    with all due respect here mr koenig,in case you hadn’t noticed that ,mohamad with his invented religion islam,were grafully thanking allah or lucifer or the old serpent for he had abundantly poured upon mohamad with whole bunch of vicious bless….he made him the most feared war lord in the region of the midle east..he blessed him with booties,he blessed him with many wives and concubines (with all these women arround him,compare him to caligula!)
    islam not long after its birth could practically one by one invade and conquer the whole regions in mid east with its feracious blood-thirsty swods and dagers,and that goes including syriac(the eastern roman empire),egypt,all of the old babylon region,which is today iraq,iran and eventualy going up norh to byzantium empire(which is also roman empire) which is now todays turkey ,to the land of balkan,on and on to eastern europe countries,some of them succumed to islam…. their slogan is : submit to islam or die by swords!!!!
    those aboves are one point sir..you said that momamad did not inherit any of kingdom of this world ,well …you could go dig up to the richful historical evidence regarding the history of islam, aecheological evindece along the northern ,midle ,southern arabia during 6 th century available everywhere in book stores or ye might aswell start browsing you internet.. its all there sir..
    evidently mohamad had many sucescors after his death in order uphold the shariah law .
    and i’d like to display this below for you ,which i quoted from wikipedia:

    Notable Caliphs
    Main article: List of caliphs

    1 .abu bakar: First rightly guided caliph. Subdued rebel tribes in the Ridda Wars.
    2. umar ibn al-Khatab: Second rightly guided caliph. During his reign, the Islamic empire expanded to include Egypt, Jerusalem, and Persia.
    3 .Uthman ibn Affan: Third rightly guided caliph. The Qur’an was compiled under his direction. Killed by rebels.
    4 .Ali ibn Abu Talib: Fourth and last rightly guided caliph, and considered the first imam by Shi’a Muslims. His reign was fraught with internal conflict.
    5 .Muawiya I: First caliph of the Umayyad Dynasty. Muawiya instituted dynastic rule by appointing his son Yazid as his successor, a trend that would continue through subsequent caliphates.
    6 .Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan – Fifth caliph of Ummayad Dynasty, translated important records into Arabic, established an Islamic currency system, led additional wars against the Byzantines and ordered construction of the Dome of the Rock.
    7 .Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz: Umayyad caliph considered by some (mainly Sunnis) to be a fifth rightly guided caliph.
    8. Harun al-Rashid: Abbasid caliph during whose reign Baghdad became the world’s preeminent center of trade, learning, and culture. Harun is the subject of many stories in the famous work 1001 Arabian Nights.
    9. Selim I the Brave: First Caliph of the Ottoman Empire with the conquest of Egypt and the Holy Cities. Defeated the powerful Shia Safavid Empire.
    10 .Suleiman the Magnificent: Early Ottoman Sultan during whose reign the Ottoman Empire reached its zenith.
    11.Abdul Mejid II: Last Caliph of the Ottoman Dynasty, the 101st Caliph in line from Caliph Abu Bakr. On August 23, 1944, Abdul Mejid II died at his house in the Boulevard Suchet, Paris XVIe, France. He was buried at Medina, Saudi Arabia.

    Several Arabic surnames found throughout the Middle East are derived from the word khalifa. These include: Khalif, Khalifa, Khillif, Kalif, Kalaf, Khalaf, and Kaylif. The usage of this title as a surname is comparable to the existence of surnames such as King, Duke, and Noble in the English language..

    so with all those evidence above has proven that mohamad with the help of the beast also could inherit the moslem world the great empire , the kingdom of allah through and through with these mohamad sucescors from abu bakar to abdel madjid II to uphold the syariah law ,to lead world /moslem world..and the last the awaited 12 th caliph is to be believed to come as the islam mesiah,and moslem call him imam al mahdi(notably should be the pyre offspring of mohamad )…… SO …Says Who Mohamad did not inherit the kingdom of the world??? satan fulfilled his promise to mohamad (look up to caliph list above).satan gave all the power and kingdom to mohamad /islam is basically to fight against the kingdom of “???? (Yahweh Elohim)” and against His Saints …..which eventually will erupt during the time of tribulation……

    So i hope my adonaiI YahShua Ha masiach would open your heart and mind before it’s way too late for you to even realise!!!
    G_OD Bless you don!

    YahSHuah HaShem !!!!
    Baruch Hashem AdonaiI!!!!!

  57. I presented many arguments in this post and the half dozen links that I provided in my most recent comment why Islam and Muhammad is not the Beast/Antichrist. Of course you do not seem to bother yourself to even read them. Instead you spend endless words telling us that Muhammad could be seen as a King. Nonsense, Muslims always called him a prophet. It really does not matter anyway, because your not arguing from the Bible you are arguing from your knowledge of pagan Islam. There is no truth to be found there so why use it as a source to prove a Christian Bible prophecy concept?

    By the way, Satan can do nothing on this earth unless God permits him. Until the restrainer is taken out of the way there will be no Beast/Antichrist ruling on earth and all kingdoms of earth will not be given to no one by Satan. God is still calling out people into the body of Christ. The door is about to open in Islam for the gospel and it will after the next major war. Only after that will the end come.

    The Bible gives us a type of the Antichrist and it was not anyone like Muhammad, it that was Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He defiled the temple, set up an image of himself thinking that he was the incarnation of Zeus. The Antichrist is not going to come out of Islam and those who take that position are setting themselves up for the deception that will bring the real candidate into prominence. The Antichrist will come out of New Age/New spirituality all-paths concepts. This hedonistic world is never going to submit to Sharia law.

    The whole world rejoices when the Beast kills the two prophets of God. The Beast is not some oppressive religion of law like Islam. It is the concept, the lie from the beginning, that we can all become like Gods if we take the mark because we are all pieces of the whole. However, that simply is not true. Man dead in his sins is not God and can never be like God.

  58. To whom it may concern:

    If you are going to post your own account of the history of Islam here it is just going to be deleted. Also, if anyone cannot say what they want to say in a thousand words or less it will get truncated by the software and probably deleted by me.

  59. Don, have you read 2 corinthians 11…Verse 14…And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light…this is mohammed indwelled by satan..
    verse 4….For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or [if] ye receive another spirit, which ye have not received, or another gospel, which ye have not accepted, ye might well bear with [him]. The above are Issa, Allah and Koran….
    Verse 13..For such [are] false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. Verse 15. Therefore [it is] no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness;..Muslims claim they are the real Christians and we are antichrist..who Jesus will kill when he returns..
    Galatians 1-6…I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: .Catholics could call protestants removed from Christ’s Gospel..
    Galatians 1-7..Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ………. Koran is nothing but a counterfeit of Christianity.. It teaches jesus, spirit of God,heaven, hell, return of Jesus angels, etc..
    Galatians 1-8… But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. … Mohamed and the angel of light..

  60. Ruth

    There have many anti Christs on this earth one sits in Rome and is called the vicar of Christ, another is in Salt Lake City etc. All religions outside of Judaism and true Christianity are satanic counterfeits. So saying that Islam is anti Christ proves nothing about where the Antichrist will come from. He will come from the last world power on earth that Daniel identified and that will be out of the Roman Empire. The Harlot that rides the Beast is all false religion that at that time will be led by the Vatican. Why would the Beast turn on and burn Islam if Islam was the Beast? It makes no sense.

  61. Ruth, This is not going to be a place where people can keep posting nonsense or arguing endless arguments that have already been addressed on prior comments. I suggest you read my commenting policy on the side bar.

    David, you want to argue against Dispensational Theology and for Replacement Theology on a post about the Antichrist? You are off topic. This is not the place for your misplaced crusade!

    ………Some time latter………. after many more posts coming from these two that I have since deleted…….. I Guess you both did not get the message and then even resorted to personal attacks, so you are now banned. I suggest you start your own site to disrupt.

    To all future commentators: Don’t even waste your own time writing me comments that are nonsense, off topic or already addressed in this post. They are just going to be deleted. Read me sidebar policy..

  62. Thank you for your insightful commentary in regard to the anti-christ. I would be very appreciative of any insight that you can pass on to me about the harlet church. I ‘m of the mind that we as Christ church have strayed so far from the path that we are now, blind fools. If you will entertain me for a moment of ranting. The teaching of free will has me some what befuddled. It seems that we are teaching free will as a option that as a christian we possess. It seems that the gospels bear out that we are to do the will of the Christ who has redeemed us. Free will appears to be synonymous with self satisfaction. If that is the case, than what more are we that the world?

    It is said that when Abraham Lincoln was preparing to go to war that someone said we should pray that God is on our side. Mr. Lincoln responded I can’t do that – But I will pray we are on His side.

  63. Could it be that the Scriptures tell us who the anti-Christ will be? Why do we speculate or just guess by whatever parameters that we think will fill the bill? Daniel Chapter 8 tells us that the anti-Christ will be the Prince of Greece. Chapter 11 gives us the genealogical linage the the King of the North. When you reach verse 36 you are now convinced that the Angel Gabriel is talking about the anti-Christ. He will be of Greek origin but will have an Arab background. By deception he will first prevail. Israel will not accept him as the Messiah. They will only accept him as the peace maker. No one will know that he is the anti-Christ until much later. Yes you are totally right about him being the bidder for Satan. Islam is Satan’s culture. It is not just a religion, it is a total way of life. Spiritually, Politically, economically and Satan’s military. The anti-christ will be so charismatic that the whole world will follow him including Christianity and Islam.

  64. It is very likely that the Antichrist will be of Greek descent but your idea that he will have Arab background is sheer conjecture. The prince that shall come will probably be running the revived Roman empire and Israel will be a member of the many nations within it. Satan’s culture is all the world systems not just those now under the religion of Islam. Rather than say Islam say all world systems where people are oppressed by a ruling elite and you would be correct. Probably the best word describing the world order of the Antichrist will be Fascism.

  65. Don, it was just today that i have opened this site, i am a biblical Christian, saved by grace thru faith in JESUS CHRIST. I have understood all what you have explained to all who commented to you. I pray that God will give you more wisdom in dealing with those who claimed they believed in JESUS, but with aduterated concept.

  66. Dear Don,I`m sorry for my spelling mistakes and my bad english. I`m a french-canadian who speak french and little bit English. I can read english.Your got right Don.The Antichrist will not coming from the islam world.The Beast 666 will come from the renewal Roman Empire called Eu,that represented the former Roman Empire.The Islam world (their political,mlitary and economic system)will be totally destroyed,when it will follow the King of the North (Russia) and their allies(Germany,Turkey,Lybia,ethiopia and Egypt)on the mountains of Israel by God Himself.Probably for the first time, the israeli armed forces can`t stopped this Huge army that will invade all the Middle-East.The entire Muslim army will encounted his Waterloo.No,President Obama is not the Antichrist,is only a man who need help from the Lord Jesus to save his soul and his life.Since 1975, the year I accepted the Lord Jesus as my savior,I`m an happy man.God bless you Don,see you after the Rapture of Christ church !

  67. Don,

    I just found your blog today, not sure what I was researching though. Anyway, I noticed the debate about the “woman riding the beast”. Funny, I had that same debate with women in a Bible study I went to, it was not contentious, but I realized that the Bible study leader is very admired in the U.S. and her word is taken as oath (I do not like her studies but it was the only one they offered at church and I wanted to get connected). So, what I was saying was ignored. Basically, the leader said the same thing about the woman riding the beast as that person who wrote that long email said to you. After the DVD we got into discussion groups and one of the ladies in the group, said “I don’t understand who the harlot(woman)was who road the beast”. So I interjected that it was false religion the religious system that would exist during those days. But another lady “corrected” me and said that the Bible study leader said it was a “city” and therefore she believed as that person did above because that Bible study teacher said it and that is it. I contended that the Bible usually uses the same metaphor throughout and in the old testament when God spoke of His people “playing the harlot” or prostituting themselves it was always in connection with false religion, idols or false worship. Anyway, they blew me off because the Bible study leader with many books and DVDs would know more than I do :). I think the problem is people don’t study for themselves, they chew on “meat” that was chewed and regurgitated and handed to them so they do not divide the Word for themselves. Obviously, God has the power to reveal Himself to those who truly seek Him. I believe if there were more Bereans, there would be more Christians who could contend for the faith. I was looking for a place to sign up for a newsletter but didn’t see one. Anyway, thanks for your blog! P.S. I just came home from visiting a friend’s church because to show her support and I was dreading listening to the Pastor. Well I was surprised that the bulletin said he was teaching on Mark, specifically when Jesus was discussing the signs of the end time. Sadly, his message left more confusion and I wondered how many people would go back home to review the Bible to understand it. He read the passages, said a few “relevant” life applications, never discussed context, content, doctrine…it was awful. I left frustrated and realized he never really taught anything.

  68. c.,

    I understand your pain. I am not going to get into specifics about what you said because it is off the post topic. You can subscribe to the RSS feed by hitting the RSS button on the upper sidebar.

  69. Hi Don, i just wanted to thank you for providing this information from what must have been major research. I don’t read the Bible as often as i should, but i do know this: i do not want to be fooled by the Anti-Christ. And even though i may be Biblicly illiterate….i know that Jesus Christ died for our sins…therefore making him our Lord and Savior. Thanks again for educating me.

  70. It really saddens me to discover that John MacArthur who use to teach the revival of the Roman Empire is and has started buying into the Islamic AntiChrist myth. I really hate to see people getting into false eschatology teachings which the Lord took me out of.

  71. Shaikh,

    From what I read I am not convinced that MacArthur believes the Beast/Antichrist comes from Islam. He probably was pointing out that Islam is antichrist. Do you have a reference?

  72. ~ David thanks for the link I think it does support what Shaikh said.

    Here is the problem that MacArthur does not bring up. You cannot base biblical eschatology on the eschatology of pagan counterfeits. What happened is that a segment of Islam just took Bible eschatology and placed there own terms and meaning on all the well known Christian details. If there were no true Bible eschatology there would not exist any such Islamic parallel eschatology that has been Islamicized.

    We Christians do not form our eschatology on Islamic bastardizations of the scriptures. Should we also base our Eschatology on Catholic expectations or Mormon exceptions, Buddhist exceptions or Hindu expectations because they all see their own unique role for a coming world savior figure?

    All that reject Christ will follow the Antichrist but that does not limit the Antichrist to any religion. He will claim to be above anything called God. In other words, he may fulfill the exceptions of them all or he may replace the expectations of them all with himself as God.

    I think the second it true. He will be so deceptive that everyone will give up their native religions to follow him. In other words he will not accommodate the expectations of religious eschatology he will replace them with an entirely different view of the universe where man was created to evolve to be gods without the Creator or Holy Spirit regeneration.

    The Danger in thinking that the Mahdi is the Antichrist is that after Islam is defeated the world will think they have arrived to a new enlightened age. Instead they will have opened themselves up to an even greater deception.

    Look, God is not sending us the two witnesses and the 144,000 to just tell people not to follow a deceptive Muslim myth. After their testimony everyone on earth will know exactly what they are doing when they reject Jesus and swear allegiance to what they want to be deity. Their hope is in taking the Mark they can obtain a spiritual and physical evolutionary leap forward into the “enlightened new age” while still in corrupted flesh.

    The Great deception coming is not man made based false religion. Those in that religious Harlot will be burned by the False prophet and the Kings of the earth. The great deception is pantheism, that collective mankind has arrived to a new age of godhood. The deception will come through fallen angels poising as gods claiming to have come to save their human offspring from the forces of Jehovah.

    This contemporary Muslim Antichrist theory is way off the mark. They completely leave out the fact that Satan will be cast out unto the earth with all his angels and only then does the Son of Perdition ascend. Then Satan and his angels knowing their time is short will mislead the whole world to fight against the coming of Jesus and seal the destruction of all that follow them on earth.

    In the natural, one can fight Islam or any world religion, kingdom, or movement and still miss the point that salvation only comes from trusting in Jesus Christ. And many will.

  73. Don,

    I don’t understand your reply on MacArthur, he does not believe there is any validity in the Muslim anti-Christ, he is saying that’s the way Islam will perceive those things…and I think he is correct, based on the writings of Islam, they (Islam) will be deceived just like he said.

    Just as, if you ask the Jews today (the one’s who do believe there is a God), you ask them…how will you know “The Messiah” when he comes ?….they will tell you, “he will help us build our temple”…which is exactly what the anti-Christ is going to do.

  74. ~David

    You do not know that all you said will happen. For example, if Zeus appears and claims to be God of gods and demonstrates to the world that he has god like powers do you actually think people are still going to believe in Muslim fairy tails about some Mahdi? I am not saying that will happen but something as deceptive will happen when Satan and his angels are cast down unto to the earth.

    Maybe you ought to listen to what MacArthur said again. He clearly pointed how Islamic eschatology switches the roles by having a Mahdi as a Savior (instead of the Antichrist) and a Jesus that is not Jesus. Then he went on to say that most of Islamic Middle East came out of the Eastern leg of the Roman Empire to back up a Muslim Antichrist theory.

    My point is that the reason that Islam has similar eschatology as Christians with different names applied to the end time figures is because they got it from the Bible and twisted it to fit their own traditions. Just like they made the chosen 12 tribes of the Bible the sons of Ishmael.

    You are saying that MacArthur thinks that Muslims will believe the Mahdi will be their Savior but he will turn out to be the Antichrist. I am saying there is no such figure as the Mahdi will ever appear and Islam will be incorporated into the world Harlot before the Antichrist even comes on the scene. We cannot interpret Bible Eschatology through pagan myth or expect contemporary world powers not mentioned in the Bible to exist to fulfill future Bible prophecy.

    By the way, the idea that the Antichrist will rebuild the Temple is conjecture. More likely it will be built under the direction of the two prophets of God. Jews eschatology obviously is not correct either and that is why God is sending the two prophets and 144,000.

  75. Don,

    There is no doubt that all the points by Islam and the current Jewish beliefs about “he will help us rebuild our temple” are lies and demonic deceptions. The “switching of the roles” clearly proves that all this nonsense is a perversion of The Holy Bible…inspired by the author of confusion and lies, Satan.

    That was the point I got out of that MacArthur video.

  76. ~David

    The problem is that the Muslim Antichrist proponents use the same arguments to prove that the Beast comes from Islam. When in reality the Beast comes out of the pit.

    There will only be three worldviews on earth after the testimony of the two prophets and the 144,000. There will be believers of the truth told, those few still needing to learn the truth, and those that hate the truth and thus take the Mark of the Beast. However, in the great tribulation the truth will be proclaimed clearly by angels to all, so by the time the wrath of God is poured out there will only be two worldviews possible.

  77. Some muslim scholars mainly from sunni school of thought have similar view on Mahdi, that its not true and is likely taken from christianity as a me too kind of thing, since even hinduism has a messiah called Kalki Avtar who will show up at that time, similar to Christ Jesus ()peace and blessings be upon him) and Mahdi, but the shia muslims and average muslims be they from any school of thought firmly believe in the concept..

    As for you comment regarding that the muslim Christ Jesus is false, how? we believe in him and Mary (peace and blessings be upon her), his miraculous birth, his talking as an infant to clear his mother of the vile accusations thrown at her, his miracles performed, that he’s still alive itaken to heaven before the enemies could get him, infact the person crucified was not him and that he will return in the end times, sounds exactly similar to what christians say except the crucifixtion part, whats false here?

  78. Ali,

    This is off the post topic so I will explain it to you once and that will be the end of the discussion.
    The average Muslim is like the average person in Christendom they mainly know only what their clergy teaches them. The Mahdi concept is a substitute because Islam does not believe Jesus is who He said He is.

    What is false in your second paragraph you ask?
    Mainly, the whole good news (gospel) of salvation through Jesus Christ. That is, this Jesus was crucified and died as a sinless lamb sacrifice to atone for the sins of mankind and God rose Him from the dead and those who believe in God’s righteous work of salvation and trust in His risen Son for life will be born into the spiritual Body of Christ as a new creation and have everlasting life. It is not our righteous works that save us, it is trusting in the righteous Son that God sent to pay the price for our sins.

    If Jesus was not crucified than all mankind remains dead in their sins and they cannot have fellowship with the Creator. That was the reason why the begotten Son of God came into the world in the form of human infant to become the kinsman redeemer of mankind. However, Islam says God has no Son. If God has no Son then the Jesus you believe in is not the Jesus that God sent and you have no savior that can save you from your sins and eternal separation from God.

  79. Ali,

    I only mean this as a possible help for perception and possibly validity, if you choose to see it that way.

    ‘Salvation Through Christ Jesus’ is extremely unique versus most, if not all of the man made religions that tell their people that they have to perform some act or do some deed inherent to their beliefs….when, in fact, Biblical teachings are clear that “Salvation Through Jesus Christ” is only attained by believing and loving him, no tasks or deeds demanded from The Way, The Truth, And The Life…..however, then again, the deeds and tasks will manifest themselves through The Spirit within those who believe in Jesus Christ…which for me, makes life joyful and worth living each and every day.

  80. Carre,

    That is wrong. Chrislam may be part the Harlot of Revelation 17 but the Harlot is not the Antichrist. In fact, according to Revelation, the 10 kings that give their power to the Beast/Antichrist hate the Harlot and burn her with fire.

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