Will the Antichrist and his Beast government come from Islam?

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I get emails asking me if I believe the Antichrist will be Islamic. Some give me a list of reasons why I am wrong in my articles to think that the Antichrist will come from Christianity or Judaism. They send me reasons from other Bible prophecy teachers why the idea that Bible prophecy teachers thought the Antichrist will come from the Roman Empire was wrong and why he will really come from Islam. Although I respect the Bible prophecy teachers that are now teaching this I do not believe that the Antichrist and his Beast government will come out of Islam.

I will start with a slightly modified excerpt from my article on Islam:

“How the “holy war” with Islam will bring in the Antichrist?

There are now large Islamic populations in most European countries and among these populations are those trained in terrorism. When the war between the West and Islam does occur it will be totally necessary to isolate Islamic peoples in Europe in concentration camps. In order for this round up to be successful these States will have to become police states. This police state will get out of control and ultimately bring about the Beast Antichrist government and system. Hitler’s reign was a foreshadow of how this could come about but instead of a national socialist movement there will be a world pseudo Christian dominionist socialist movement. When the satanically possessed European dictator comes on the scene he will somehow appease Islam and Islam will join into the one world religion movement. Later, the dictator is killed and becomes incarnated by Satan. At that time he will claim to be God. He will move the world government headquarters to Babylon and he will turn on and destroy the harlot world religion. He will be easily accepted by most Muslims as their concept of “God” because he has the exact same nature as their Allah. He will seek to kill all those who will not worship him as God.

Islam is setting the foundation for the Antichrist Beast world system. Islam now totally controls or has major influence over forty nations in the world. In most other nations Islam is a rising force. Islam controls the masses by force and when it has control it does not tolerate other religions or those who do not adhere to its dictates. Islam in reality worships the god of this world and his name is Satan. When the god of this world becomes incarnate in the man we call the Antichrist he will be recognized by those in Islam as Allah. I am not saying that the Antichrist is Islamic although that is possible. I tend to think the Antichrist figure when incarnated by Satan will claim to be Zeus and will have supernatural help from fallen angels. Nevertheless, subtly Satan has established a worldwide foundation for his monotheistic world religion with himself as God and this foundation is called Islam. I do not think the Antichrist will claim to be Allah. He will claim to be above anything called God. (2Th2:4)

My point is that the leaders of Islam will recognize him as their own concept of God and the followers of this counterfeit god will use the world network already in place in Islam to rapidly bring in the forced world religion and the political system of the Antichrist. We get a strong signal from the book of Revelation about the power base of the Antichrist because like the Islamic fascist’s of today they also behead their enemies.”

So, it is not that Islam will be the Antichrist government. Those who have been indoctrinated by Islam will recognize Satan as the God they worship that they call Allah. I still think that radical Islam will force world religious wars that will bring in the Western Antichrist figure out of the area of the Roman Empire. I still believe that harlot Christianity will be the head religion that rides on the back of the Beast of Revelation chapter 17. I see no other option to fulfill that prophecy. At the mid-point of the seven years the Beast claims to be greater then anything called God and all people that do not love the truth will buy into the lie through his deception.

Nevertheless, Islam is setting the foundation for that intolerant religion all over the world. I think an ecumenical movement will follow the religious wars where all names of God in all Religion will simply mean the Creator. Then one will arise claiming to be the Creator but he will have the attributes of Satan and the world will follow him believing that He is the Creator.

Having said all that, I fully understand why Christians would think that the Antichrist will come from Islam. It is antichrist. But when pseudo and dominionist Christianity fight the person labeled by the West, “the Islamic Antichrist” it will set the stage for someone in the West who will defeat radical Islam all over the world. This Western leader will be the actual Antichrist but he will be labeled a hero and the Messiah. The pseudo Christians and Jews will receive Him as a Messiah figure so you can understand why everyone even the elect will be deceived if that were possible. Like Jesus said to the Jews, “one will come in his own name and him you receive”. The Jews would never receive someone out of Islam as their Messiah. They will accept someone who will counterfeit their Messiah and lead them to destruction.

Meanwhile, dominionist pseudo Christians will expect Jesus to come after the defeat of the person that they had labeled the Antichrist. However, those wars will only be false birth pains with a false tribulation created by man’s wars. Antichrist will try to counterfeit the role of the second coming through a satanic false tribulation that can be identified with the four riders in the Seal Judgments of Revelation. I do not think the 70th week of Daniel actually starts until the sealing of the 144,000 Jews at the sixth seal but you have to also realize that I believe there are at least 10 1/2 years from the rapture until the second coming not 7. I believe when pseudo Christianity is expecting some type of Christ they will get the Antichrist.

I am almost sure aliens (demons) will somehow be involved in that deception as well as Marian apparitions. The pseudo Christian world and Israel will get a Christ like that they want. He will lead them to take over the world and set up a world kingdom called by God, “Babylon the Great” but after Antichrist sets up his counterfeit kingdom of god he will turn on those who will not worship him with a vengeance. So in my opinion those teaching that Islam is the government of the Antichrist could be setting people up to be deceived through the future holy wars and by the real Antichrist. In my opinion, they are not seeing the whole picture. They have substituted something that today seems obvious on the face of it. It makes sense from today’s point of view to say Islam will be the government of Antichrist but if all scripture is taken into account it really does not fit. It is all too simplistic, just like those who thought Hitler’s Fascism or Communism were the demonic movements that would bring in the Antichrist.

Also understand that Islam is a bastardization of the scriptures. It really does not mater if Muhammad distorted Bible prophecy, or if his followers did, or if it came from Satan. The point is that Islam is a counterfeit of the real. We should not take lying prophecies of the counterfeits and expect to find truth in them just because their lying prophecies seem to fit Bible Prophecy of an Antichrist.

The Bible implies that the Antichrist is Assyrian. He very well could be a Catholic with Jewish blood who will be brought up in a Middle-East country. Thus, he will appeal to all three religions and fulfill their expectations. Think of an Obama type person with a Jewish mother and a Arab father who claims to be a Christian. Of course that is just meant as a suggestion it may turn out quite different.

All religions are moving toward pluralism and universalism. Once radical Islam is defeated people may be free to believe what they want in private but in public there will be no proselytizing allowed and all exclusive clams to God will be outlawed as hate speech in the name of world peace and security. Wait until after the war against Iran, Syria, and all radical Islam and you may see the picture more clearly.

Why should we look for a revival of Catholicism? Because it will provide the answers the world is looking for. The supernatural manifestations claiming to be Mary will be a deception used by Satan in the last day. Read the works of Roger Oakland on this topic. Catholics worship Mary, Muslims have more regard for Mary then they do Jesus and many have images of Mary and follow the Marian manifestations. Even Eastern religions have high regard for Mary idols. So imagine a scenario where during a bloody religious war a so called divine intervention comes from this “Queen of Heaven” demon (there is nothing new under the sun). The world is then set up for a one world religion. It also is no accident that the Emergent and Emerging Church movement is moving back toward Catholicism, and mysticism, as are some mainline churches and Word-Faith, NAR, New Wave Pentecostals.

I admit that if you just look at the situation today it would look like the Antichrist comes out of Islam but there are always backlashes and counter-revolutions. Thirty years ago everyone though Communism would be the catalyst. Today they think it will be Islam. Islam will be the catalyst but it will be the catalyst to bring in the Antichrist out of a Roman Empire that will proceed to unite all religion back under the Pope. Also keep in mind the leader of the Roman Church at the time of the Antichrist is after the true Christians are removed. So the remains of the Catholics will not contain true Christians. In addition, take note that the Vatican is the only religion on earth that has embassies in almost every nation and has a seat at the U.N. and they are mentioned in written U.N. plans to establish a world religion.

When pluralism and universalism is the world religion Jesus will not be regarded as God. That will be outlawed. How anyone can think that the Western world that is now rapidly moving toward religious pluralism, universalism and amorality is going to accept the exclusiveness and the laws of Islam is beyond me? That is not at all realistic and there is no way that Islam can militarily conquer the West.

When Satan is actually booted out of the Heavens with his angels and he claims to be God on earth and he has his fallen angelic army to help him enforce his decrees then he will use those in Islam and all repressive religions to further his agenda. That is the parallel. It is not that the Antichrist is Islamic, it is that Islam and all religion outside of true Christianity is antichrist and all of those religions will help bring him in power.

The only biblical reference to the decent of the Antichrist is that he is possibly Assyrian. He appears to move his throne to Babylon only after he actually becomes incarnated by Satan. The woman that sits in the midst of the ephah in Zec chap 5 seems to be the same woman that John talked about as sitting on seven hills ruling over the world at the time of his writing. This woman was in Rome but this woman called wickedness is carried to Babylon for the last 3 1/2 years.

Having said that, go ahead and believe what you want. It is not going to change the future one iota and I am not going to be convinced by anyone that the Antichrist or the Beast government will be Islamic.

If you want more background information on the identity of Mystery Babylon you will find it in Chapter 17 of my Revelation Commentary.

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