Do all Christians need to know why revived Gnostic lies are blasphemy?

By Don Koenig


Recently in churches across America “The Da Vinci Code” was the main topic. Even the church I attended at the time did a four-week home study on "The Da Vinci Code. I guess we should all get on the bandwagon and learn to rebut these loony inferences based on already thoroughly refuted Gnostic and fraudulent writings. I may be alone in my views with a few exceptions but I am beginning to wonder about the wisdom of having anyone in the church study why any specific heresy is so “paramount” when most in the church have not yet read the absolute truths of the Bible even once.

Some churches are even telling their people to go see these films so they can discuss them. So I guess we should fill our minds with rotten vile lies in order to discuss biblical truths and make the film makers of blasphemy rich at the same time? Using that reasoning, I guess I should go see "The Last Temptation of Christ" so I can discuss that blasphemy as well. Or perhaps, I should even go to see a cross placed in urine put on display in a museum so I can discuss the blasphemy of the pervert who called it art and the spiritual and mental state of those who actually believe it is.


Paul Proctor, in his article, Dialoging Da Vinci, surmised that this topic would become a diversion to get Christians off focus. He implied that agreement on this common truth will help some ecumenical minded Evangelicals find unity with heretical groups and denominations that continue to distort other biblical truths. I think Paul Proctor was right. Pope John Paul came out against the book and the film but in the very same speech he told everyone about how Mary comforted and taught the apostles in the upper room and how she still comforts and intercedes for the church today (they have thus placed a woman "savior" between Christians and Jesus). Now that the Vatican is dialoging "The Da Vinci Code" by saying Catholics should not see this anti-Catholic film, the Pope is seen to be in agreement with leaders in Evangelical Christianity. Now some of the ecumenically minded Evangelical leaders are even more inclined to view him as a fellow soldier in the army of Christ despite the ever-progressing heresies that continue to originate from the Vatican.

Christianity is dialoging Da Vinci and other Gnosticism even though everyone but historical and biblical morons know that these theories are based on fraud, unscientific nonsense, and heretical books refuted by the early church. One has to wonder--why we are bothering wasting our time on regurgitating these totally refuted doctrines of demons?

The church leaders tell us it is to learn answers to give to those unbelievers who ask us about these latest nutty conjectures. Yeah-sure, as if everyone is going to ask their generally biblical illiterate “Christian” neighbors why "The Da Vinci Code" or the "Jesus Family Tomb" is nonsense! These “Christian” neighbors often can not even explain truths in the Bible, like
how one is saved. I wonder what biblical truths they will talk about after they get past the one or two things they remember from the church study on the heresy? The Da Vinci Code movie has been out for quite some time now and I have yet to hear one word from any neighbor about the film. Some pastors seem to believe in a world that does not even exist.

For Christians who believe the Bible is the written word of God, "The Da Vinci Code" blasphemy and other heretical Gnosticism is not an issue, since these heresies do not line up with biblical truths in any way, shape, or form. If a Christian does not already know that the Bible is absolute truth, I really have to wonder what truth their salvation is based on.

For those who say these movies will confuse Christians and harm their faith, I have to wonder how, after being saved by Jesus and receiving the Holy Spirit as a indwelling witness and presence could Christians now come to believe a lie about the deity of Jesus Christ? Actually, what some seem to be saying is that most "Christians" in their churches are not true Christians at all. That really seems to be the truth of the matter anyway. If you do not believe that this is true,
just read the latest polls about what even Evangelical Christians now confess to believe. Two thirds do not believe in absolute truth and more than one third believe that Jesus sinned, less then ten percent have a Christian world view. These are the beliefs of those in today's Evangelical Bible churches. It gets much worse in the more liberal main line denominations!

Let us be clear about a couple of things.
No true Christian is going to lose their faith over revived Gnosticism in books or movies and no non-Christian is going to be anymore damned than he already is if he does not come to Jesus to be saved. The movies and the books are not going to change wheat into tares or tares into wheat. We as Christians should know, that it is quite impossible for Jesus to lose any children the Father has given Him to save. The only conclusion possible is that "Christians" who lose faith in Jesus were never born into His Body to start with. For if Jesus lost even one, He would be a failure and therefore could not be God. These Gnostic teachings might aid in separating the wheat from the tares in our churches. In fact, there could be a mass exodus from some churches who do not teach the truth necessary for salvation. That exodus might be a good thing. Perhaps the church will again become a gathering place for true believers rather than being a social club for anyone.

I am not saying that Christians should not be aware of heresy but outside of absolute truth, it is all heresy.
We have heresy in every aspect of the fallen world. The whole foundation of man's worldly knowledge is based on popular heresies rooted in satanic evolution, philosophies, psychologies etc., so why don't we have studies refuting all these heresies and doctrines of demons? My, if we did that, we might even call it a Bible study! So how did the lame excuse for a theory called "The Da Vinci Code" come to be the primary heresy and focus of the church?

Mostly through hype!  A good part came from Satanic world media, some came from normal advertisement techniques used to sell books and movies but a good part of the hype comes from Christian leaders who think the sky will fall if they do not refute the latest damnable Gnostic heresy. I guess it might if they do not have true Christians in their church. However, I have news--the latest blasphemy and heresy originated from non-believers and these attacks against the truth will certainly continue. These doctrines of demons all originated from ancient pagan and neo-pagan thought but the modern church should spend more time teaching against the doctrines of demons that have subtly infiltrated the modern church. Some have become obsessed with exterminating a cockroach in the house of Satan but show little concern that the house of the Lord has become infested with the rats that the Bible calls wolves in sheep's clothing.

Is the church really going to change a satanic world that loves to believe lies and doctrines of demons and win the majority of them to Christ? Those who believe that the church will, believe another
popular modern heresy not founded on scripture! Jesus said the gate to salvation is narrow and few find it. Church leaders overlook the fact that doctrines of demons that are in the world is the rule, not the exception. Refuting doctrines of demons to a world system under the control of Satan is like spitting into the wind (it is something like casting pearls before swine). If you want to waste your time doing it, be my guest but I doubt if many will think it to be a very productive activity for very long. Ever try to refute those blinded by heresy in a cult? You can talk to them until you are blue in the face but they will not hear anything you say because they simply have no spiritual ears to hear.

Jesus told us to occupy or hold fast until He comes and while doing so to tell the world the good news about His death, resurrection, and His free gift of salvation for those who believe. Those who believe in Him will be saved; those who reject the truth of salvation through the risen Son have rejected the only salvation provision given by God for man to be saved. This is the truth we should focus on and it is the good news that we are to proclaim to those dead in their sins. It is the
only truth that saves.

So after the blasphemous movies, if someone comes to your door and asks about your views, tell them that lies and conjecture about Jesus are the norm in the world but you know without a doubt that Jesus died for their sins and the sins of the whole world and that He rose from the dead and now lives so that whomsoever believes this truth can receive eternal life. That is the good news. They can either accept it or reject it, as mankind has from the time of Pentecost. They are much more likely to hear this truth from God's word and accept it or reject it than they are to be convinced that Jesus is Lord through man's arguments that dispute the blasphemous lies of some heresy.

Having said all that, Christianity has now already fallen for the world marketing techniques that use controversy as a tool to sell their books and movies. Thus, we see that these organized demonic attacks will be the most widespread in human history. Therefore, since we hyped the problem and helped spread the lies we now have the obligation to inform all in the world about the true facts. It should be done using the same media methods that they used to attack the fundamental truths of Christianity. We should refute these blatant attacks on Christianity by showing rebuttal films in every church in Christianity and by buying time on every major national media. Videos are being developed and have already been developed for this purpose. We should use top scholars even from the secular world to debunk and demolish these distortions of history.

We can use these attacks on Christianity as opportunities to bring the true gospel to the whole world. I do not think just the in-house methods the churches are now using are the the way to defeat this enemy. We need to pull out all the big guns and leave none standing. I think if such techniques were used, the haters of Christianity would first count the cost for spreading their blasphemous lies when they see that the Church can actually use these lies against them as a tool to get the absolute truths of Christianity out to the world. However, don't hold your breath expecting churches to actually get behind this. The truth is that nothing much will really be done by the churches to reach the world and Christendom will soon forget all about this latest heresy.

In any case, if you or anyone really wants to know why these books and movies are nonsense, there are experts who have made it all very clear. I have provided one link below to one of them but please do not make disputing Gnostic heresy an endless diversion that replaces your own study of the Bible, especially if you have not already become well grounded in the truths therein. The deception the Bible tells us that will come in the last days can only come against the Church if the Church is not grounded in the word of God.

Crash goes the Da Vinci code, by Dr. Ron Rhodes

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