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Everyone wants to know when Jesus Christ will return? Instead of trying to figure it out yourself read these projections for the Lord's coming.
When Will Jesus Christ Return? Projecting A Fairly Realistic Date For The Second Coming

Apocalypse Now" may soon be playing at a location near you.
The handwriting on the wall reads, "prepare for the Apocalypse now"

Most Bible prophecy teachers say little about the mission of the two witnesses spoken about in Revelation chapter 11.
The two witnesses of Revelation sent from Heaven will be hell to the world

When is the war of Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83?

Many prophecies still need to be fulfilled before Jesus will Return, but the Rapture of believers is always imminent

The following link is a brief chronology of the way Don Koenig believes that critical events in The Book of Revelation and end time Bible prophecy may unfold. More complete details are taught and explained in Don's verse-by-verse Revelation commentary ebook.
Don's chronology for major future Bible prophecy events

Koenig's featured teaching on critical issues

Postmodern thought within Christendom redefines scripture and Bible prophecy teaching and then unites "Christianity" with the heretical worldview of postmodern Dominion Theology.
The woman on the Beast described in Revelation has Dominion Theology

The deadly legalist's war against those trying to walk by the Spirit.
The dark side of Christianity

There are "Christians" teaching the heresy of Universalism. Other religious worldviews claim that there are other paths that lead to God besides through Jesus Christ. Find out why religious pluralism and Universalism are dead wrong.
Jesus Christ is God and the only path to God

Salvation is only possible for those that trust in and believe the God of Creation.
Eternal Salvation comes by believing in the Savior God

Many Evangelical Christians no longer have a solid foundation to stand on because they do not know or understand the scriptures.
Many who call themselves Evangelical Christians unfortunately are biblically illiterate

Preparing to Live in perilous times in America - Critical preparations for those living in the troubled times coming.