Dark sky and lightening storm displaying impending doom in the time of Jacob's trouble

Chronology of end time events and the time of Jacob's trouble

By Don Koenig

A correct study of the book of Daniel indicates that there remains a week of years (seven years) for God to deal with Israel. Daniel's vision of seventy weeks of years was given to him while studying Jeremiah which talks about a time called "Jacob's trouble" (Jacob is Israel). The prophecy says the Messiah would be cut off after sixty-nine weeks of years. That was fulfilled exactly at the time of the death of Jesus. The Church age was inserted until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled and then God will again deal with Israel for the final fulfillment of the prophecy for the last week of years. This week is the time known at Jacob's trouble and it is also known by Christians as the tribulation.

I would not limit all future prophetic events from the Rapture to the second coming to only these seven years as many teach. These seven years are a time of cleansing for Israel. There may be an additional time period called the beginning of sorrows or false birth pains that include the four horsemen of Revelation.

I expect 10 1/2 years from the rapture until Jesus returns.

I believe there could be 10 ½ years from the Rapture and beginning of the birth pains until the second coming. The Rapture of the Body and Bride of Christ is likely to occur on the feast of Firstfruits which is the same day that the Lord rose from the dead. The seventh week of Daniel will start on the Feast of Trumpets. This occurs some 3 1/2 years later. Many Jews speak about there being 10 days of awe before the restoration of the kingdom (possibly 10 years, not 7 years as most premillennial Bible prophecy teachers say).The last seven years of the seventy weeks of years of the prophecy that is explained to Daniel is about the Jews. Thus this final seven years might not begin until the sealing of the 144,000 Jews after the 6th seal judgment in Revelation.

The best way to explain the way I see events is to give a brief chronology of end time events in the order I believe they will take place but please don't cut it in stone. (For more detail see my commentary on the book of Revelation).

Chronology of end time events

  • The United States becomes a lesser power the United States falls into depression and social unrest
  • The rapture of the faithful
  • The first seal is opened....A time of conquest by peace and diplomacy on the earth under the direction of a great world leader with extraordinary powers
  • The second seal is opened...The false birth pains start....the start of a regional war between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims..The West will play a role....Many countries are overthrown or occupied....The beginning of sorrows
  • The third seal is opened....Great famine on the earth
  • The fourth seal is opened....The war of Ezekiel 38 and 39... Russia Iran and others come against Israel...There is is a major world war between Islam and the nominal-Christian West it occurs over 1/4 of the earth surface....India Japan and others will also fight on the side of the West
  • God judges Russia for coming against Israel, some Russia's major cities are nuked and some other world cities are nuked by Russia...The nations of the world seeing the intervention acknowledge the existence of the God of Israel....
  • A worldwide religious movement develops because of the divine intervention of God for Israel against the northern armies... This unites the religions of the world under the concept that there is one God…A new "Holy" Roman Empire in Europe and part of the Middle East is born
  • The Fascist form of Islam is defeated worldwide by acknowledgment of divine intervention, conquest and/or appeasement and a moderate form of Islam joins with the world Church
  • The worldwide religious movement is the catalyst for a world government headquartered at Rome.
  • The fifth seal is opened... Persecution of those who say Jesus is the only way to God... This becomes a major focus because after the religious wars the harlot world church and the western governments will have no tolerance for religious fundamentalists who oppose an all inclusive world church and propose that their way is the only way. They will believe these people are a threat to world peace and must be dealt with harshly
  • An existing covenant is confirmed by the world leader from Europe with Israel and other nations, the covenant is confirmed for seven years ... It is signed on the feast of trumpets (Jewish New Year) ...In the agreement Jerusalem becomes an international city and religious center administered by the world church at Rome.....The time clock for the last seven years begins
  • The sixth seal is opened... There is a great earthquake.... The sun becomes darkened and the moon is blood red.... The earth's crust is affected by a great comet and everyone hides underground because of what they see coming on the earth
  • The sealing of the 144,000 Jews takes place....The gospel of the coming Jewish kingdom under Jesus is preached by the 144,000 anointed and sealed Jews as a witness to the whole world. They are supernaturally protected through the wrath of the Lamb (the trumpet judgments) that comes because of the persecution of true believers at the fifth seal.
  • The Jewish Temple is directed to be rebuilt but the Dome of the Rock Mosque will remain in the court of the gentiles
  • The two witnesses also appear during that period and and give a 1,260 day testimony...All nations or people who try to harm them are in like manner killed....They will preach a coming Jewish kingdom ruled by Jesus ...There will be no rain in the area for 3 1/2 years...They will dress in sackcloth because they will lament the building of the Jewish temple being prepared for the false Messiah and the judgments that will come when this Antichrist defiles it... The majority in the world will hate the two witnesses and their message... It is very possible that the two witnesses of God themselves will be portrayed by many as the biblical Antichrist and False Prophet
  • The seven trumpet judgments of Revelation (wrath of the lamb) begin as a result of the rejection of His prophets and the killing of His people ...The dust and rock from the tail of a comet caught in earth's orbit turns water red and causes plagues on the earth
  • Part of the comet hits the sea and soon thereafter the comet "Wormwood" hits the land
  • Stinging locusts like beings come out of the bottomless pit to torment men five months
  • A third of the population of earth is killed by a 200,000,000 man demon possessed army from the East
  • Satan is cast out of heaven unto the earth with all his angels
  • The world leader is killed 42 months after signing the covenant, but by the power permitted to Satan he comes to life again as Satan incarnate. This counterfeit may be allowed to duplicate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Feast of Firstfruits in order to deceive all those that would not believe the truth.
  • The risen world leader presents himself as God incarnate.... It may be seven years after the Rapture at a time when some in the world church will be expecting the second coming of Christ...Many who identify with Christ will accept this world leader as God but some will not... He will enter the rebuilt Jewish temple and stop the animal sacrifices... He will proclaim to have fulfilled the requirement for all sacrifice... He will have a image of himself made to stand in the holy place of the temple showing himself and the world that he is God...Those that were Muslims will totally accept him because he will have the same attributes as Allah (Satan).... He also will fulfill the expectations of all on earth that in reality worship Satan rather than God......Israel for the most part will reject this counterfeit Messiah when He defiles the temple...This Roman Empire leader and Antichrist will in turn totally reject Israel and will nullify the seven year agreement that was made with them.
  • The faithful Jews who believed the message of the two prophets will flee to the mountains of Jordan where they will be supernaturally protected by God's angels for 1,260 days
  • Demons may come in the form of aliens to present the doctrine of demons…The great deception takes place (The deceiving demons might say that the Jesus/Jehovah deity is a lesser deity of a controlling hostile alien race that fathered the Jews
  • The Beast (Antichrist) is given the power to slay the two prophets at the 6th trumpet judgment of Revelation (the second woe) … The world rejoices thinking the two prophets of God were really the biblical Antichrist and False Prophet.... They continue to embrace the Beast as God.... A world holiday is declared for one week.... The world population thinks the "new age millennium" has begun and they say peace and safety and send gifts to each other.... They make plans to change the calendar..The last 3 1/2 years called the great tribulation begins and the Beast is given authority to rule all nations for 42 months
  • The False Prophet appears and demands that all worship this Satanic man as God...The world leader moves his headquarters to Babylon and builds a golden city... Babylon will also becomes the world religious center because the world leader will dwell in Babylon as God... Jerusalem will be under siege...The World Harlot Church will be burned and all who do not worship the risen leader as God will be ordered to be killed
  • The Resurrection of the two witnesses takes place after 3 1/2 days in view of the whole world .... The explanation by the Antichrist for their resurrection may be that they must be taken alive to the Lake of Fire... The 144,000 sealed Jews are now seen in heaven in the presence of Jesus
  • The 666 mark of the beast is enforced worldwide so that no one can buy or sell without it
  • The Father gives Jesus the kingdom …A pre-wrath gathering of the elect by the angels takes place
  • The wrath of Father God is poured out on the world and the kingdom of the Beast with the first six vial judgments of Revelation
  • Satan and his angels deceive the whole world to gather their armies against Israel and against the (so called) hostile alien deity Jehovah
  • The Kingdom of the Beast at Babylon is judged at the seventh vial judgment.....All the cities of the world also fall
  • The second coming of Jesus in great power and glory with his saints on Yom Kippur...The army of the Beast is judged in the winepress of God…The man of sin and his false prophet are cast alive into the Lake of Fire...Satan is bound for 1,000 years...The sheep and goat judgment to determine who be allowed to go into the Kingdom on earth by how they treated Jesus brethren during the tribulation ...All enemies of Jesus are killed
  • The main phase of the first Resurrection takes place which includes all of God's saints and occurs on the feast of tabernacles...The Kingdom of the Jews ruled by Jesus lasts for a thousand years
  • Death is conquered and the world is presented to the Father in the paradise like state it was in before Adam sinned...Jesus and His Church completed their thousand year mission and depart for New Jerusalem in Heaven
  • Satan is loosed to test those on earth who lived through the millennium ... The final rebellion takes place.....Satan gathers all nations against Jerusalem and the camps of the saints on earth....Fire comes down from heaven and destroys all who come against His anointed that are ruling from Jerusalem
  • The second resurrection takes place when God raises and judges all who were not raised in the first resurrection... They will all be judged according to their deeds
  • The Devil and all who follow him are cast into the Lake of Fire
  • A new heaven and a new earth are created...No more death or suffering...All will know God.
  • Eternity with unspeakable blessings

For a more complete story read my complete commentary on Revelation. For a realistic timeline of these events happening in our generation see my rapture and second coming timeline table

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