Dark sky and lightening storm displaying impending doom in the time of Jacob's trouble

Chronology of end time events and the time of Jacob's trouble

By Don Koenig

A correct study of the book of Daniel indicates that there remains a week of years (seven years) for God to deal with Israel. Daniel's vision of seventy weeks of years was given to him while studying Jeremiah which talks about a time called "Jacob's trouble" (Jacob is Israel). The prophecy says the Messiah would be cut off after sixty-nine weeks of years. That was fulfilled exactly at the time of the death of Jesus. The Church age was inserted until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled and then God will again deal with Israel for the final fulfillment of the prophecy for the last week of years. This week is the time known at Jacob's trouble and it is also known by Christians as the tribulation.

I would not limit all future prophetic events from the Rapture to the second coming to only these seven years as many teach. These seven years are a time of cleansing for Israel. There may be an additional time period called the beginning of sorrows or false birth pains that include the four horsemen of Revelation.

I expect 10 1/2 years from the rapture until Jesus returns.

I believe there could be 10 ½ years from the Rapture and beginning of the birth pains until the second coming. The Rapture of the Body and Bride of Christ is likely to occur on the feast of Firstfruits which is the same day that the Lord rose from the dead. The seventh week of Daniel will start on the Feast of Trumpets. This occurs some 3 1/2 years later. Many Jews speak about there being 10 days of awe before the restoration of the kingdom (possibly 10 years, not 7 years as most premillennial Bible prophecy teachers say).The last seven years of the seventy weeks of years of the prophecy that is explained to Daniel is about the Jews. Thus this final seven years might not begin until the sealing of the 144,000 Jews after the 6th seal judgment in Revelation.

The best way to explain the way I see events is to give a brief chronology of end time events in the order I believe they will take place but please don't cut it in stone. (For more detail see my commentary on the book of Revelation).

Chronology of end time events

For a more complete story read my complete commentary on Revelation. For a realistic timeline of these events happening in our generation see my rapture and second coming timeline table

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