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Nuclear biological and chemical weapons (NBC) - Man's big bang

by Don Koenig

Nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) weapons in the hands of many nations now make many of the judgments in the book of Revelation possible by man's own hand for the first time in the history of the world.

The United States and Russia now have the means to destroy civilization. China will also have this capability within a decade. Japan will soon find it necessary to arm herself due to the nuclear capacities of North Korea and China. Japan now has a huge stockpile of plutonium and with its existing space missile capabilities she could become a major nuclear power shortly after making that decision.

Countries with regional military power undoubtedly will use NBC weapons within a decade. The four horsemen of the book of Revelation with the judgments over one fourth of the world may begin as a regional war. Iran, Syria, North Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Israel, France, Great Britain and others all have or will soon have the power to begin a major regional war using NBC weapons.

Plasma weapons

Within a decade the United States and a few other countries may have developed a new weapon of mass destruction using electronic pulses and lasers". They may have the destructive power of small nuclear weapons without the radiation or the need for critical mass. The numbers of such weapons will not be able to be verified and any country possessing such capabilities will have the capability to destroy many targets at will. The US already has already developed lasers capable of stopping small boats and planes and these prototype weapons will be made much more powerful by the 2020's.

Biological and chemical weapons

Let's not forget the biological weapons and the chemical weapons that are the weapons of mass destruction for the poorer countries of the world. If they use biological weapons it may have consequences that goes global.

Don't worry, be happy

Pakistan and India were recently on the brink of nuclear war. Pakistan has over 60 nuclear weapons and India has over 100. Pakistan is becoming increasingly controlled by Islamic radicals.

North Korea probably has a dozen nuclear bombs by now and has developed a missile system capable of reaching the United States with nuclear EMP weapons. North Korea threatens to attack South Korea and Japan if the United States tries to first strike their nuclear capability (which is certainly a possibility in the short term). Anyone who actually thinks that North Korea will do away with its nuclear program under its present leadership is delusional.

Iran is well on the way to developing nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them globally. The United States or Israel may do something about Iran's nuclear program but if they do it might trigger a world war. However, If nothing is done Iran will likely trigger a world war anyway.

China's nuclear program is being modernized and its claim on Taiwan and the China Sea could be the trigger point for a war in the very near future.

Russia is starting to rearm in earnest and is going back to a cold war mentality and it intends to form and lead a new Soviet Union of states..

Homeland security experts think that terrorists are more likely than not to use dirty bombs using radioactive materials this decade.

The world in 2030 AD if nothing changes:

If that is not enough, there will be others. Within a decade or two nuclear weapons could even be developed in several South American countries. I don't expect the armaments listed above to actually be in place in 2030 AD, because by looking at the figures, it should be evident that a world government with police powers that will have access to WMD will be required long before 2030 AD to stop this nuclear proliferation nightmare from becoming a reality. If that does not happen many of these weapons may also not exist by 2030 because they will either be used on others or they will be destroyed by others.

Here is an article that gives some idea of what might be coming within a decade or two with the development of fourth generation nuclear weapons


Electromagnetic pulse weapons (EMP)

There is a grave near term threat to the United States that would have consequences that could go far beyond direct nuclear attack on American cities or military targets. A single nuclear device strategically detonated at high altitude over the United States could completely destroy the electrical grid and modern infrastructure systems of the United States. This threat to the United States over the next 5 to 10 years is extremely grave because until our infrastructure is hardened against EMP's there is little that can be done to stop a Nuclear EMP from being catastrophic to America. At this point America can only try to prevent rogue nations and terrorists from obtaining this capability. We can only pray that Russia and China do not use this technology since they already possess advanced EMP warfare capability. Iran and North Korea are now testing their missiles to simulate an EMP attack and they should be considered EMP threats now. Pakistan would also be an EMP threat if the government is taken over by Islamic radicals.

If the American people are diligent, they will insist on having their communications and electric grids hardened against an EMP so that in five years or so such an attack would only cause disruptions rather than the catastrophic infrastructure failures that could lead to the total destruction of our nation.

A few effects of a well placed nuclear EMP over the United States:

My full article on this EMP threat including references from a commissioned report delivered to Congress

Signs of the time

The world is not moving closer to peace as some would have us believe. It is only a matter of a few years before some situation gets out of control and a major or regional power uses nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons or even more advanced weapons of mass destruction. This will cause the world to demand a world government to control these weapons and that will bring in the Antichrist figure of Bible prophecy.

As long as the fatal disease of hatred continues, man will continue to use his knowledge to develop better ways to kill. Terrorists will develop methods to kill using any means at their disposal. Jesus said that if He did not return to stop the destruction that is coming on the earth no flesh would be saved. At the rate mankind is going, it is hard to see how mankind can survive longer than this present generation without God's intervention.

The rider on the red horse rides after the rider on the white horse on a stormy night of judgment

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