Roaring fire saying - For the Lord thy God is a counsuming Fire - a warning to those who practice abortion abominations

Abortion is an abomination

By Don Koenig

Abortion is an abomination. In the United States alone, in a country with Christian roots, where almost 80 percent of the population still identifies with Christianity, there have been almost sixty million children trashed. In other countries, like China, hundreds of millions of kids have been trashed and even eaten in the name of birth control. How can the world not be judged in our time??


Even apart from God's judgment, nations bring judgment on themselves by this abomination. In many countries the practice of abortion has eliminated a large part of the next generation. In some countries the birth rate is much lower than the replacement rate and populations have started going into severe declines. When the population in these countries becomes elderly there simply will not be sufficient young people around to support the old.

This population imbalance will cause huge problems in the next 10 to 20 years and it will set the overburdened young against the old. In democratic countries the elderly will have the majority of the votes and thus the political power. Therefore, the minority young in these democratic republics will have no choice but to support the programs of the majority old.
There is however, one other choice, and that is open rebellion. I think we are already seeing the start of this with the increasing police state fascism that is rising in the world.

In some countries the highest population growth rate by far is with non native minorities who immigrated from other countries. For the most part they have not assimilated or abided by the customs of the native population. When these people because a significant force in these nations, civil strive is likely, as is increasing police state powers.

Certainly the reduction of the number of young in developed countries will adversely affect economic prosperity. There will be fewer and fewer young people to buy goods and services and much of the durable goods and housing that they get will not be manufactured it will be inherited from the old. This will cause decades of high unemployment and economic depression in rapidly aging nations. It apparently has already started in Japan and Europe.

Abortion also is causing disparity in some countries between males and females. China for example, will have a huge surplus male population with no chance of ever having a wife or family life (see my article on
China for further information). In China and in some other Eastern countries there will be a disposable surplus male population that political leaders may be more than willing to sacrifice on the battlefield to achieve their goals and to achieve a balance in their population.

Birth control a blessing or a curse on the world?

In addition to abortion, the practice of birth control will bring its own curse for the world by further contributing to population imbalances. This practice is accepted by even evangelical Christians although the reasons for birth control are usually selfish and materialistic.

Most Christians simply lack faith that God can provide for them if they have more children. How then can they walk in faith in any other part of their lives? One end result being, instead of receiving blessings from God (children) they may reap the curse of loneliness and warehousing in retirement villages and old folk's homes. They may even reap selective medical treatment and earlier death. It is already happening in Great Britain.

Christians by the practice of birth control have also limited the size of the next generation of those brought up under Christian training relative to the earth's population. Fewer Christians in the population result in a society that is less moral, more anti-Christ, and more likely to persecute Christians than it might have otherwise. Furthermore, if God is looking for a specific number of Christian people for replacement of the fallen angels like some theologians believe, fewer Christians could even delay the Lord coming for His Church.

Islam has a much higher birth rate than the native populations in European nations. Already as much as a third of all the school children in some European nations are Muslim and in some cities they are already the majority. This birth control imbalance between native populations and Muslims will present immense social problems in Europe in the very near future. A civil war between Muslim immigrants and the native populations of Europe is highly probable.

Signs of the time

The abomination of abortion, although practiced in earlier times, was never state sponsored and as widespread and morally acceptable as it is today. Some who call themselves Christians don't even believe that abortion it is wrong! It is certain that those living during the next couple of decades will increasingly reap the consequences of this worldwide abortion abomination. It is certain that the people that enabled abomination and birth control with the resultant demographic unbalances will reap the consequences of their selfishness.

This coffin represents all the aborted babies and the culture of death but the wording on the coffin tells that Jesus is the resurrection and life

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