This classic alien from outer space has flashing demonic eyes of deception

Aliens from outer space or the great deception?

by Don Koenig

The scriptures tell us that in the last days God will allow a
great deception to take place. It will be so great that it would even deceive the elect if this were possible. This deception may be one delivered by beings some people call aliens from outer space. It is no coincidence that there is common pagan theological agreement among those in the occult, those in the new age movement, and those that believe that we are being visited by aliens from outer space.

It is obvious that some form of alien beings are interacting with the human race. The Bible declares that there are beings in space or the atmosphere of the earth that interact with men called angels, and demons.

The core message supposedly said by those posing as alien beings that claim to come from another world or dimenison is always contrary to the teachings of Christianity.
The basic message is humans are their offspring and that human beings will evolve into a higher state (like them) and their role is to help us evolve into this advanced state. This supports the theory that these beings are really fallen angels. Their real motive is to deceive mankind. In addition, they may also be trying to genetically alter the human species so Jesus cannot legally come as a son of Adam and be mankind's kinsman redeemer. They apparently did it before the flood.

Angels once poised as gods from outer space, they are recorded in Genesis

The Bible in the book of Genesis records that genetic altering of man by angels has happened in the past. The scriptures indicate that before the time of Noah some angels left their first estate, came to earth and took the daughters of men as their wives. Their offspring were a hybrid race called the Nephilim. These offspring were the mighty men of renown who were giants being half human and half angel (Hercules etc.). This event is the source of ancient literature about gods being on the earth that most people today claim are myths.

The book of Enoch

The book of Enoch is not in the Canon of scripture although parts of it are directly quoted in scripture. It is an ancient book that dates back before 200 BC. The book gives a detailed account of angels coming to earth that totally supports the theory I have stated in this article and it supports the account as given in Genesis. The person who wrote this ancient book had no logical reason to write such an account unless it was something that he knew happened or that he was told had happened.

The great historian Josephus gives a similar account about angels taking women and producing offspring as do other ancient writings. The truth about what happened in the book of Enoch may be partly corrupted today but that does not nullify any truth contained in it. Parts of the book of Enoch pertaining to this event were quoted almost verbatim in the New Testament by Jude. It is also clear that pagan history contains accounts of gods coming to earth and becoming entrapped in fleshly bodies. Even today some modern pagan cults have a theology that includes gods that became entrapped in flesh (e.g. those who believe the readings of Edgar Cayce).

Why the worldwide flood?

It is likely that the Satanic reason for this genetic altering by the fallen angels was to legally prevent the Messiah from coming from the lineage of Adam to be kinsman redeemer of the human race. If no genetically pure man could be found to redeem man from his sinful state, Satan and the angels would retain administrative control over the fallen earth indefinitely.

Scripture indicates that God destroyed all air breathing flesh except those on the ark because of its total corruption. Noah and his children and the animals brought to the ark were most likely still genetically pure and had not yet been corrupted by the genetic altering by the fallen angels.

The scripture says that Noah was pure in his generations (or genealogy). This genetic altering gives the only sensible reason why God sent the flood to destroy all air breathing flesh in the world. The humans on the ark were brought through the flood to preserve a pure line from Adam. If it were only a spiritual sin problem there would have been no reason to wipe out animals for the sins of man. They obviously were also becoming genetically corrupted. (Where did flesh eating animals and dinosaurs come from? According to early Genesis God created animals to eat the grass of the field. There was no death on earth before the fall of man.)

The man/angel hybrids probably still had not corrupted the flesh of all of mankind and animals but the certainty of that happening resulted in God's decision to destroy all flesh except for the pure lines that He led to the Ark
. The man/angel hybrids lost their fleshly bodies in the flood but since they were part divine they still live out their immortal existence as earth bound spirits without bodies.

These disembodied spirits the Bible calls demons or in some translations devils. One or more of the wives of the children of Noah may have had corrupted genetics because after the flood we once again see giants (Nephilim) in the land. This could be the reason for God's directive to Israel to wipe out all men, women, and children of the tribes that dwelled in that area. This theory admittedly is difficult for most to accept but the standard sons of Seth theory used to explain what happened in Genesis makes no sense at all.

The sons of Seth theory?

Just about all of the church today believes that the sons of God spoken about in Genesis were the offspring of Seth and that the sons of Seth married the daughters of Cain and that they somehow produced the Nephilim giants spoken of in Genesis. This theory makes no sense whatsoever by reading the text or by correlation with other scriptures. There was no reason for the descendants of Cain and Seth to produce a new species of giants.

No one can assume that all the offspring of Cain were not saved and all the Son of Seth were saved sons of God so that Genesis would identify all the daughters of Cain as daughters of men while the book would identify all the male offspring of Seth as sons of God. In reality, the term "sons of Elohiym" in this passage are the same words that are used to identify angels in many places in scripture.

Now that we have the Dead Sea Scrolls we know the book of Enoch existed prior to 200 BC. We see in the writings that people of that period were quite familiar with the book of Enoch. One passage from the Lord's brother (Jude) directly quotes a statement that is in the book of Enoch (Jud 1:14). Thus, the book of Enoch was either quoted from directly by the early fathers or they got the exact same words by direct revelation from God. In either case, what was said conflicts with the Sons of Seth theory.

The main support for the sons of Seth theory comes from the passage in Matthew that says angels in heaven do not marry, "
For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven".

There is no conflict in this passage to stop one from believing the actual account as described in Genesis, Enoch, and Josephus. The angels of God in heaven do not marry. It was only some angels in earlier times that left heaven and went to earth to act like men that took humans as wives. Jude tells us where these angels are now because of this sin. These angels are not in heaven they are in chains.

Jud 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day

I will not get into all the fine detail in this article. Those who are open to learn why Jesus said it would be like it was in the days of Noah just prior to His return and to learn why there will be another deception from satanic angels should research the information on the following websites.

Jack Kelly's excellent commentary on the Nephilim search for the audio downloads on the coming deception (the link on this subject moves from time to time)

The real invasion of the body snatchers

According to scripture demons look for bodies to possess. They prefer humans but we also know from scripture that they they can possess pigs. Jews practiced exorcisms of demons before the time of Jesus. According to the gospels Jesus delivered many people from demons. The Bible identifies them as disembodied spirits. The belief in reincarnation originates from demon spirits leaving one life form to occupy another. These disembodied spirits have roamed the earth and have possessed people since the great flood.

Many new age channelers, psychics, remote viewers, mediums, etc., are possessed by or get their messages from these demon beings. Jesus said it would be like it was in the days of Noah just before He returns. The doctrine they accepted then is what many are accepting today. It is called in scripture the doctrine of demons
(1 Ti 4:1).

It is possible that in these last days the fallen angels will again genetically alter man to create a hybrid race and that somehow ties in with the 666 mark of initiation. The stories about people being abducted for genetic experiments may to some extent be true. It is possible that human/alien hybrids will be revealed to us soon, as a evolutionary bridge between us and them. There are no cases of true Christians being abducted against their will that I am aware of; this says much about their source. Most of the people claiming these encounters tend to have a form of pagan theology or they dabble in the occult.

It seems that Satan and his angels before the flood wanted to corrupt the human race so that the promised redeemer coming as a son of Adam could not legally happen. Jesus however, did come as a son of Adam and He died for the sins of all mankind and arose to a new creation. Those saved into this new creation are born of the Spirit that they received when they trusted in the Creator's finished work of redemption on the cross.

Satan's prior attempts failed, but he may one more time try to corrupt the human race genetically so that that all those deceived will not qualify as adamic beings and the redeeming work of the kinsman redeemer (Jesus).

The great deception may just persuade people to choose to live in an evolved form of their corrupted flesh and to continue to dwell in the corrupted old creation with Satan as God rather then to be spiritually born into God's new creation by faith in Jesus.

For whosoever would save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's shall save it (Mar 8:35).

The mark of the Beast in the book of Revelation could be the key. Anyone who takes this mark can no longer be saved according to scripture. This mark may include an implanted bio-chip and/or a genetic altering that in some way changes the human genetic code from being made in the image of God into being transformed to an image of Satan. Thus, they are forever disqualified for salvation through the Kinsman Redeemer that God choose to save the human race (Jesus).

At the cross the Creator died to His old creation and He created a new one.

At the resurrection Jesus started a new creation. The Son of God who created all things died to our present universe on the cross and the corrupted old universe is now doomed without Him. Jesus arose to a new creation and the only way into this new parallel universe is through Himself. He will first redeem all things given to Him by the Father out of His old creation and then all that remains will be cast into the Lake of Fire. This redemption process is the reason for the delay in His second coming. This new universe is like Jesus created the universe before the rebellion of Satan and his angels. The new creation will totally replace the old and it will go into eternity after all of God's enemies are defeated. At that time Satan, his angels, their followers and all that are not redeemed, are cast into the Lake of Fire and they will be remembered no more. In God's new creation there will be no more death, destruction, suffering or second law of thermodynamics.

Signs of the time

Many today are buying into the facade that there are aliens from other worlds or dimensions. The facade the world is being indoctrinated with by books, movies, and new age/new spirituality teaching is that these are superior beings and that they come from a more highly evolved civilization to help us realize that all are all one and all are part of God. These beings really are fallen angels and demons who will bring a great deception to all on the earth who reject God's truth.

The huge amount of indoctrination preparing us to accept these alien beings from outer space should tell the astute that we must be very near the time of that great deception. God said this deception would come upon the whole earth to try those who do not love the truth (Jesus is Lord), but choose to believe the lie (we all can become like God). The root of that great deception has already been planted in human consciousness using the facade of evolution and alien higher life forms.

Flying saucer  of aliens from outer space

Interesting link that gives abundant ancient evidence that there were giant beings on the earth.


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