A serpent with a forked tongue rising to the tune of a piper

They call evil good and good evil - Devils speak with forked tongue

By Don Koenig

In the last days the scriptures indicate people will speak with forked tongue. Darkness would be called light and evil good and good evil. This is true today; schools teach children lies made up by agnostics who teach that there are no moral absolutes; governments tells lies to their citizens about all kinds of things; corporations lie to their workers about the the long term benefits they will receive; religions lies to their members about the nature of God and the true path to salvation. Lying is common in our society and few can be trusted to tell the truth.

Evolution is taught as fact even though it can be proven false by any real examination of the facts. Belief that even a single cell could evolve with its thousands of separate processes (each integrated and dependent on each other for its survival) is comparable to believing that atoms by time and chance could form into a functioning nuclear power plant that could simultaneously develop intelligence to regulate itself and interact with its customers.

Scientists know that the known universe is not old enough for life to have formed by chance alone, so some now extend time to infinity by saying that this universe came out of a mother universe and that mother universe came out of another mother universe and so on to absurdity. They create all these theories just so that they don't have to believe that there was a Creator who spoke creation into existence.

Parents are told not to discipline their children physically contrary to scripture and the results are seen in children who are disrespectful to parents and to everyone in authority. More and more little kids with discipline problems are then given the world's solution to discipline called "mind altering drugs".

Addictions and character flaws are now called diseases so everyone is a victim and no one is accountable for their own choices and actions anymore. When leaders and high profile celebrities get caught doing something immoral or illegal they just enter a rehab program and then they are allowed to remain role models and idols for others to follow. Any moral failings will be blamed on the "disease" they have. When they get caught doing similar behaviors time and time again it is because the "disease" flared up and rehab is again the solution.

Homosexuality is being pushed as normal behavior even though the Bible, common sense, medical science and nature testifies that the practice is unhealthy and that this practice is abominable. The perverts not only want their lifestyles to be tolerated by society they now have become obsessed with brainwashing and bullying society into accepting their perverted views as being normal. Some think letting them out of the closet was good for society but the name on that closet was Pandora's box. Their unhygienic and promiscuous sex practices are now helping to spread deadly diseases all over the world.

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady of the United States, claims to be Christian but marches in a gay pride parade behind a pervert clothed only in a thong. Meanwhile, her husband says on TV that He is not having sex with the young intern that he is having sex with him. Later this same Bill Clinton becomes one of the most popular leaders in the world and Hillary without any qualifications is elected to become the senator of a state that she had no prior connection with. Now she wants to become President.

Abortion is state sponsored and encouraged. Therefore, instead of unborn children being a blessing from God the lack of children will be a curse to many nations. When the present generation ages there will be few to support them. The young will then find ways to get rid of the old.

In some nations violence and hate against others of different religions and beliefs are taught in the name of God. However, God condemns such practices.

The politically correct say the Creator is worshiped by almost all religions but these religions deny the only begotten Son of God that actually is the very Image of God that created all things.

Former President Bush and President Obama tells the world that Islam is a religion of peace while the world burns at the hands of Islamists who are only following the teaching of their satanic scriptures of hate..

The world is told to be more tolerant of other's beliefs but those that teach the absolute truth that Jesus is the only way to God will not be tolerated by the world.

There is much said today about the basic goodness of man but man's actions in the world continually prove that the man of flesh is basically evil.

Those that tell people the absolute truth out of love are labeled as hateful while those who lie and present paths to destruction are called loving peacemakers.

We are now taught in schools, in governments, in churches, and at work that all important decisions are to be made by a consensus of the majority of the team or committee, but almost all advancement in the world has always come from the ideas of individualists.

Amendment ten of the bill of rights of the United States Constitution says "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people." Yet federal judges are ruling that Federal laws can be enforced over state laws contrary to the Constitution that they swore to uphold.

Deadly bio-products such as tobacco are made legal and subsidized by taxpayers while bio-products with many known beneficial uses like hemp/marijuana are outlawed. The uses of hemp are legion and one benefit from marijuana is to those with chronic pain and loss of appetite due to disease. Many states have recognized this fact and legalized marijuana by prescription but the Federal government insists on making millions of people outlaws for no other reason then the reefer madness of control freaks in our governments. Yet this same government to be politically correct tells the Indians they can use mind altering bio-products in their pagan religious rituals. (I do not want anyone to use marijuana except as prescribed but I also think the government should butt out of peoples lives and stop making marijuana users criminals. If you put everyone in jail in the United States that ever used marijuana more than half of the nation would have served time including most of our politicians)

Religion teaches man how to be good so that we can become acceptable to God but the absolute truth teaches that the only way we can become acceptable to God is to trust in His own goodness as expressed in what Jesus Christ did to save us. Only God can save man from his evil nature.

People are taught that there are no moral absolutes, so they believe all their evil deeds are good and acceptable due to their mitigating circumstances.

We are told by some that we are powerful spiritual beings and even gods, but the absolute truth says that without God's Spirit we are all dead in our sins while we live.

We are told that troubled people just really have low self-esteem so they teach them to be full of pride. People are told "You can become anything you want to be!", "Just believe and you will receive!", "The power of positive thinking or possibility thinking is the key." All are Lies! Pride was Satan's sin and this philosophy is his own. Instead of
self esteem, these people need to know that if they esteem the Son that God gave them, they will have eternal worth.

Parents want to be informed by the government if there are sex offenders dwelling in their neighborhood but they go ahead and dress their little kids like little hookers to help to stimulate any pedophile. Hypocritical parents say they want their children to live a moral lifestyle but they continually allow their children's minds to be bombarded with perverted information from the media and educational indoctrination system. The apathy parents have and the brainwashing they allow from certain segments of this society is the reason why one third of all young women today have venereal disease and almost all of them have had sex before marriage.

The conjectures in the blasphemous films from Hollywood against fundamental truths of the Christian faith are presented as facts even though all historical evidence proves that the suppositions are pure fiction. Yet a majority of Americans say these lies only firm up what they believed about Christianity.

We are told there are no evil people - only misguided ones. They then guide the misguided by warehousing them in prisons with more misguided people who teach them to be increasingly misguided. Afterward, they release these misguided people back into society so that can demonstrate how much more misguided they have become. After the third demonstration they are declared totally misguided and are given lifetime teaching positions for the misguided who will come into the criminal injustice system in the future.

Signs of the time

Trading truth for lies and calling darkness light and good evil on a world scale is a sure sign that we are living in the last days where there are no absolute truths and everyone just does what is right in there own eyes. Judgment soon comes after evil people become a law unto themselves.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isa 5:20).

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