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Designer genetics and diseases caused by man

By Don Koenig

Man can create designer genetics in this generation. Much of this creativity is being used to create biological weapons for man's own destruction. Germs being developed for biological warfare by a score of countries could devastate the globe if released. The book of Revelation says that much of the population of the earth will be killed by pestilence and the beasts of the earth (the rider on the pale horse). What is described might be designer diseases developed by man from animals or diseases that crossed species from animals to man.

Terrorists may find or may have already found access to the pathogens developed in many countries for their germ warfare programs. They may use them with or without state sponsorship. Terrorist groups may also have the capability to culture their own deadly pathogens and to find ways to deliver them.

Resistant diseases

There are other problems due to man's intervention that are unique to our age. Drug resistant old diseases are emerging faster than new drugs can be developed to combat them. The golden age of antibiotics may now be nearing an end as more virulent forms of common diseases emerge that are resistant to antibiotic treatment. India is still a country without proper sanitation so the people are commonly overusing antibiotics to prevent diseases that could be avoided by even second world sanitation practices. Super germs resistant to the antibiotics have emerged in India and they will soon spread from India to the rest of the world.

Mycoplasma infections are probably responsible for the chronic fatigue and other wasting diseases that have become prevalent in the last few decades. No one really knows why these Mycoplasma infections have emerged but animal based vaccines are highly suspect.

MRSA " drug resistant flesh eating staph bacteria" is now a widespread epidemic in the general population largely because active homosexual men with their promiscuous lifestyles often involving skin and body waste contact and AIDS, are much more likely to acquire the disease and they are also helping to spread the disease throughout the general population. One report I read dated in 2008 said homosexual men were 13 times more likely to have MRSA than the general population.

In just a few years since that 2008 report MRSA has spread and has become a pandemic. It is a venereal disease among homosexuals and it is also spread by casual contact in the general population. It now is almost everywhere and it is a common disease caught in hospitals and gyms. Anyone with a open wound on the skin might contact MRSA. Some medical scientists warned that this would happen but the politically correct acceptance of once deviant sexual practices in our society has muzzled truth and sound medical practices just like it did with AIDS virus. Society is reaping the consequences of allowing and even promoting disease spreading behaviors that would have been outlawed just a few decades ago.

Other bacteria resistance diseases such as TB and Malaria are on their way.

Genetic experiments on man and animals

Genetic experiments on animals to develop organs that can be placed in the human body could allow deadly diseases to jump to the human species. They are now creating new species of animals mixed with human genetics (chimeras). This is done with good intent but the ultimate outcome might be disaster.

Genetic engineering will (if it hasn't already) create human clones. It is one step from that to duplication of intellectually or physically superior people (a super race). You can bet cloning and gene manipulation has peaked the interest of the rich and famous and the world socialist elite that are pretty much running this world. The Antichrist figure known in Bible prophecy as the Beast might turn out to be the fruit of a genetic experiment.

Genetic experiments on food

Food is now being genetically engineered, grown and marketed even though no one knows the long term effects on humans or on the ecosystem. Who knows all of what is going on? There is little control. We only find out what the companies have developed when we see super seeds passing off genetic code to produce super weeds. If certain corporations get what they want, crop seed will soon have no ability to reproduce itself. If that happens all we will be able to buy and grow will be engineered super seeds that are protected by a patent. The world food supply may become controlled by a few international super seed growers that are themselves controlled by the few hundred world power brokers.

Signs of the time

Man is now playing creator without the necessary wisdom. If a plague is not released upon us first through war or by evil people, sooner or later diseases caused by man from out of control designer genetic engineering experiments will bring designer diseases and plagues on mankind.

We should see that this generation uniquely is the one that has a high likelihood of seeing significant plagues designed and engineered by man himself.

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