1984 was prophetic about the world in 2024 but the prototype is already under development in Britain and China.

George Orwell’s prophetic book “1984” where big government controls everyone and everything has already arrived in Great Britain and China and if Americans continue to go down the road of the socialist control freaks now in power we are only trailing them by a few years. If the present trends in America continue we will have many phases of George Orwell’s 1984 world right here by 2014 and the whole world will be under total Big Brother control by 2024.

What was written in this book that was to come to pass in 1984 will come to pass forty years later.

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Total surveillance society being developed on schedule for Satan’s 2030 Antichrist.

What if Satan wanted to totally control the world through some future world ruler and knew a total surveillance system had to be operational by some future date, lets say Satan’s goal is to have it worldwide by 2030AD.

Satan knows that his world ruler will not be omnipresent, omnipotent or omniscient so this world ruler and his government will have to depend on a surveillance system that will watch, monitor and follow the movements of everyone on earth and also have access to all information databases in the world.

Satan is also quite aware that that countries such as the United States with its pain-in-the-butt Christians would not allow such intrusion in their lives so he knows the system could not be developed in most democratic states until he is permitted to bring events on the earth that will convince the majority to give up all their freedoms for the promise of security.

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The control freak leftist agenda to totally control your world is underway in America.

The real agenda of Obama and the radicals he appoints and the Congress that support him is all about establishing government control over everyone. I have listed some quotes from Harry Lamb’s article but the agenda goes far behind just what Lamb points out in his article.

You might as well forget about the rights guaranteed in our Constitution if you are not going to do anything to keep them. Most of those in high places in government already pay no attention to our Constitution. They have already passed laws or will soon pass laws that are clearly anti-constitutional. For example:

  • They have set a energy policy in place that will insure the tripling of energy costs through a hidden carbon tax that will drive up the prices of everything made in the United States and make our products uncompetitive with nations that do not comply.
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Marxism and Fascism is coming to America

I was going to write an article about where the radical left is taking this nation but Paul Walter came out with this article that I quoted that says most of what I wanted to say. Paul Walter was in the Communism system so he knows what he is talking about. Marxism and Fascism is coming to America

Lets see what Obama and the demoncrates already achieved

In just the first 50 days the Obama’s administration has turned this nation into a socialist flunky of the elitist run United Nations.

Obama proposes unlimited abortion and supports taxpayer funding of abortion here and abroad and will now allow aborted babies to be used for stem cell research.

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Mary apparitions may be the deception that unifies world religions into becoming the Harlot of Revelation

The excerpts of the article I quoted are from an article on “The Coming One World Religion, by Jim Simmons. I think in his article he has done an excellent job of communicating the Hallmarks of the false religious system called the Great Harlot in Revelation.

He like Roger Oakland and myself and some others believe that Mary apparitions will be a major unifier of the world religions. We know the apparitions and the messages will not be from Mary because the messages contradict what God says in the Bible. I believe the apparition is the same Queen of Heaven demonic being that God condemned in the Old Testament.

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The blinded elite advance towards the “New Age” “New World Order”

I guess we have all heard about the terms “New World Order” and “New Age”. But have you every wondered what the elite of the world really think about when they use these terms? This article will give you some views of where the elite think mankind is heading in the very near future.

As you watch current events and the actions of world leaders unfold in the next two decades just remember that the crises and transitions that the world will be going through is not a human conspiracy because there is no cabal of illuminated men in some back room planning this all out.

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Debunking the local Islamic Antichrist malarky because scripture actually indicates the Antichrist is Global

I am liking the teaching of Nathan Jones. He gives very good answers to those who expect a local Muslim Antichrist. Besides this article he also had a very good article the other day on the Divided States of America.  I wrote on this topic myself and like me, Jones also see the possibility of a break up of the United States because of deep moral divisions.

Having said that, lets go to this new article about the rational for a Global or Local Antichrist.

The Muslim Antichrist proponents see the Beast and its Antichrist fighting a regional war against Israel.

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The real story about the rising CO2 global warming religion and scam

You may want to know the real story about how the global warming scam got started and how Al Gore got to be a leader in it. You may also want to know that the person who started the global warming theory also cautioned everyone that the data for global warming was not conclusive and told people to use caution because much more research had to be done. But Al Gore dismissed this mentor of his as if he was a senile old man and pushed his own radical catastrophic global warming religion to foster his idea of global governance and also to make himself filthy rich.

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Babylon the Great is about to rise.

This article probably has plenty of Bible prophecy significance. Iraq is trying to set up a group of nations like the EU in the Middle East. Many who study Bible prophecy have been saying that Iraq will rise again as a great world center of prosperity in the last days and fulfill the prophecies of Babylon and Babylon the Great. This most likely is the first major step in building the foundation for that entity.

Also notice that other regions on earth are doing the same thing as this EU pilot project prototype. All generally are following the Club of Rome’s plan for ten regional governments under a central world government.

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Will a U.S. Constitutional Convention be called soon?

I was not aware of this. This is a critical issue of national importance we are only two states away from a Constitutional Convention and Ohio will vote on it as soon as today. If a Constitutional Convention were called today under the present political climate it is very likely that our constitution would be changed to be much like that of the EU and reflect humanist pluralist socialist globalist agendas. Everything including our bill of rights would certainly be up for grabs at the convention and we would not emerge as the same nation. This convention alone could see some States not abide by the new U.S.

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The economic crises will be used to change the U.S. from a Constitutional Republic to an imperial presidency.

This is a very sobering article. Everything Obama wants will be passed in a few days by throwing it all into a trillion dollar stimulus plan. There will not even be any debate. I was wondering why Obama was meeting with Al Gore today when so many other things seem so much more important. The last thing we need now is to spend money trying to stop carbon production and developing expensive alternative energy systems but it seems that something much more sinister is going on here.

Obama is going to use the economic crises to pass and fund the whole socialist global agenda in one bite.

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Treasonous people in government are funding America into the second revolution

The full article that I quoted excerpts from will explain the treason that is going on in Washington to fund the demise of America. The Federal Reserve which is not even part of the U.S. government is being allowed to lend the future of our nation away. Within a year we will have a $15 trillion dollar national debt with another $45 trillion coming due in unfunded liabilities within the next few decades. That $45 trillion is to pay for unfunded medicare and social security “insurance” retirement. Yet, how can the government even start to fund these unfunded liabilities when in a few years it will not even be able to pay the trillion dollars or more interest payment on our national debt?

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The subversion of the West by Socialist Marxists

This article gives some key points in the book “Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam“. The book and this article points out in much detail the Marxist Leftist agenda that is successfully subverting the West. You will not understand what is going on in the United States and the world today without understanding these issues. The author concludes that once these global socialist elements achieve significant positions of power within the United States, they will proceed with their plans to destroy Western civilization.

I have news. They have already taken over our educational system and the mainstream media and through lies of thousands of leftist groups they have just convinced enough people in the United States to vote in a socialist national government.

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World socialism brought to you by government bailing out people who will not pay their debts.

It should be a joke but sadly it is not. Those who have been paying their mortgages and not piling up debt are suckers. They will continue to pay their bills but the government will pay the bills of everyone who lived beyond their means and the greedy elite pigs that financed them.

Many people in America are now just going to stop paying on their houses, cars, credit cards, student loans etc. until government takes much of their debt off their hands. When that happens we are not talking about a 700 billion dollar bailout we are talking about a government that just keeps taking on trillions of dollars of new personal debt.

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Rick Warren the said Billy Graham of world socialism and religious pluralism brings in harlotry and the Beast

Its enough to want to make any true missionary of the gospel of Jesus Christ puke. Religious pluralism and world socialism is Rick Warren’s answer for the world not Jesus Christ.

Most “Christians” in this country just do not get it because I am not sure they understand the gospel of Jesus Christ themselves. Christians are told to give the gospel to the whole world so they can die to the bondage of this world and live for Jesus Christ. Instead, people like Rick Warren tell Christians to join with world demonic religions so they can be kept in religious bondage.

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The Bailouts are part of a conspiracy leading to the Beast economic system?

The bailouts may bring us one step closer to the one world Beast economic system but there are some things said in this article that quite frankly make unfounded innuendos about people in our government and in the financial management of our money that are just not appropriate.

The article seems to paint that since the great depression we have been control by a worldwide conspiracy that is deliberately leading us to the Mark of the Beast system. There is no such conspiracy there is no such evil cabal of men. What is happening is the inevitable results of man’s mismanagement of the world’s economic systems.

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Will the Antichrist and his Beast government come from Islam?

I get emails asking me if I believe the Antichrist will be Islamic. Some give me a list of reasons why I am wrong in my articles to think that the Antichrist will come from Christianity or Judaism. They send me reasons from other Bible prophecy teachers why the idea that Bible prophecy teachers thought the Antichrist will come from the Roman Empire was wrong and why he will really come from Islam. Although I respect the Bible prophecy teachers that are now teaching this I do not believe that the Antichrist and his Beast government will come out of Islam.

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British want RFID implantable microchips for prisoners

They are also planning to microchip their military and it will continue to spread to more and more groups. It will not stay in Britain it will soon be everywhere. This is not the Mark of the Beast system yet but it is setting the technical foundation for it. I also found it interesting that these RFID chips already have the capability of uploading information to a satellite uplink.

U.K. to Begin Microchipping Prisoners

the Ministry of Justice is exploring the possibility of injecting prisoners in the back of the arm with a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that contains information about their name, address and criminal record.

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Will George Bush also convert to Catholicism?

I do not doubt that Bush will convert to Catholicism. There is not a whole lot of difference between Episcopalian Theology and Catholic Theology anyway. Bush by his previous statements also makes it quite clear that he really thinks that all religions worship the same God. So, Bush really does not have understanding of the biblical statement that says that no one comes to the Father accept through Jesus.

I think Bible believing Christians need to realize that George Bush and most of those around him really have religion not biblical Christianity. George Bush believes in globalism and a pluralist world religion just like Tony Blair.

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The Beast will come in through the Left door.

Take heed! The “nice” leftist people that you are electing are planing to take this nation to what we fought against in World War II. They plan to replace our system with a global fascist system of total governance over everyone and everything. History is repeating itself on a world scale and this time there will be no America coming to the rescue. It is Big Brother control disguised as democratic compassionate humanitarianism. They brainwash you to fear the Christian Right while they bring in their fascist godless socialism through the Left. This Beast will not follow the American Constitution it will follow the ways of the Antichrist.

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