Fabian Push For Global Governance Means The Day Of The Lord Is Near

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If Christian think that Jesus is going to return in the next two decades, and many of us do, then it should not surprise us that nations will now align and the world will become like the prophets in the Bible foretold about the end days.  In fact, Jesus told us that we are not of darkness that day should come upon us like a thief (1 Th 5:4). If we are to be aware when the Day of the Lord is near, there must be things that are uniquely observable to us Christians before the Day of the Lord arrives.

If Jesus is coming within twenty years, I would think that we should already be able to see the establishment of some of the things that the prophets talked about. Of course, the prime prophecies would be that Israel would exist and be surrounded by enemies and the world would be moving toward a system of global governance over people, commerce, and religions. Those signs are more obvious and evident today, but I also think that there would be other stage setting events going on as well.

Fabian socialists believe in bringing in global socialism through Hegelian dialectical evolution. Fabians, or in fewer cases Leninists now control the United Nations, many national governments, educational systems, multinational corporations, foundations, globalist organizations, most Christendom and to some extent the leadership of other world religions. They are all laying the foundation for global governance over all nations and people through social engineering, social justice huckstering, ecumenism, environmentalism, religion, and postmodern relativism.

There are still some obstacles in their paths called Bible believing Christians, rogue nations and superpowers but I think they believe that they can steer world events to play out in a way that will eliminate all these obstacles. I think this recent massive Fabian push that we see toward global governance means the Day of the Lord is near. If you want to know what a Fabian looks like, you need go no future than David Rockefeller, George Soros, the UN or half of the top-level people of US or European administrations in all branches of government.

There is only one that is worthy to rule over the earth and that anointed Messiah of God will rule a God-fearing theocracy not the Fabian humanistic socialistic utopian pipe dream that was founded upon atheistic humanism. Bible prophecy students know that before Jesus comes the Day of the Lord will arrive with an Antichrist that will bring the wrath of God upon all enemies that oppose the return and rule of God’s only begotten Son. With man now planning to set up global governance that denies any God interacting in the affairs of men, the Day of the Lord must be close at hand.

With that in mind we need to look at the situation in the world now. Suddenly we are seeing a big push by the Fabian socialists to get rid of secular authoritarian leaders in the Middle East. Apparently, these Arab dictators have become an obstacle to global governance, so they have to be removed. There is no logical reason for the western élite to support Islamists over military dictatorships other than the belief that religion can be instrumental in their quest for global governance.

The Shiite Muslims make up only 15 percent of Islam while the Sunni are 85 percent, so the sect that would ultimately win in a war between the Sunni and the Shiite is a no brainier. It makes no logical sense for the United States to be supporting the demise of dictators like Mubarak, Gaddafi, and Assad and supporting Sunni radicals unless the western power élite now support a Sunni Caliphate over all Islam.

Shiite eschatology allows no compromise for a global religion or a global agenda not totally controlled by Islam. So the Shiite need to be taken out of the picture in the Fabian quest to bring in global governance. The western élite believes that it can deal with Islam led by the more pragmatic Sunni nations even through there are Jihadists within these nations that ultimately would have to be dealt with.

So, who are the Shiite nations that will need to be defeated and what comes next? The Shiite controlled nations of any military consequence are Syria, Iran, Iraq, and the Hezbollah terrorists of Lebanon. All of these are now militarily involved in the Syrian civil war and are actively supporting Assad. The Syrian resistance on the other hand, is really not Syrian anymore. About 90 percent of those now fighting against Assad are imported foreign Sunni fighters.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Hamas and the West are the main players behind the effort to keep the Sunni led war against Shiite controlled Assad of Syria from being lost. This war is really about Sunni taking control in Syria and checking Iran’s influence in all the Arab nations. Assad, with the military help of Hezbollah and Iran, recently started winning this war causing the Saudi Arabian Sunni clerics to go ballistic. Now there is an urgent call for more Sunni Muslims to get into the fight and for NATO to provided weapons and a no fly zone over Syria.

Russia and China are not stupid. They know what is going on here. They do not want a Caliphate of Sunni Muslims that will cause more problems for them. They have significant Sunni populations of secessionists giving them trouble in their own land. There are other strategic factors as well. For example, Russia fears a NATO leaning Sunni Caliphate on its southern flank.

Putin has at least one thing correct about Syria. The claims of gas being used was staged by the Free Syria fighters to get the US involved. If Assad actually authorized the use of WMD, it would not be limited to use on a few people. Assad is not that dumb. He knows that the use of WMD would bring in NATO. If the American people fall for another lie like this claim of WMD being used, they will be dragged into another war that has no upside for America and that really was none of our business. Ann Coulter has it correct, let Allah sort out the war between the Shiite and the Sunni.

It appears to me, that the western power brokers are now trying to reestablish something like the Ottoman Empire that existed just prior to World War I. After that war, this area was divided by the western powers into the Arab states of today and authoritarian secular tribal leaders and royal families ruled. Maybe the western power brokers believe that division of the land has served its purpose, or maybe they are seeing that it was a big mistake, or maybe they are trying to appease the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood to be more moderate and pragmatic by holding out a Caliphate carrot to them.

The 12’er Shiite Islam sect is running the non Arab country of Iran and their eschatology believes that it should lead Islam to world conquest under the leadership of the soon returning 12th Imam/Mahdi. That is the reason Iran is not just striving to develop a nuclear weapon. Iran is striving to become a nuclear superpower that would force the world to convert to Islam and submit to Sharia law. That obviously is not the socialistic utopia of tolerance that the Fabian world power brokers have in mind.

The war between the Sunni and the Shiite has already begun. There is the obvious war in Syria but there also is fighting in Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere. The Western supported Sunni along with inevitable NATO air support will continue to gradually ramp up the Syrian war until Assad and Hezbollah are defeated and there is either an Iranian revolution to put Iran back under more moderate secularism, or NATO authorizes a bombing campaign to bring that Revolution about, or that at least destroys Iran’s nuclear and military capabilities.

The wild card of course is Russia. They can make things more difficult than the Sunni and the West ever dreamed. I do not think that Russia is in any position now to take direct military action in the area but they are likely to provide advanced weapons to Syria and Iran that could make the war much more costly to the West and extend the war. Then after a stalemate Russia would want to come in and broker a peace deal. Even so, in the near term if Assad keeps gaining ground it will bring direct military action by NATO aircraft into the equation that could escalate into strikes on Iran’s military presence in Syria and then spread to the Republican Guard support bases in Iran and even to Iran’s nuclear assets. Of course, if Iran ever goes for nuclear breakout, the bombing of Iran would happen no matter what takes place in Syria.

Assad and Putin are not wrong when they say that the arming of Sunni radicals is going to increase terrorism in Europe and elsewhere. Iran of course says the same thing. And after the Muslim Brotherhood takes over the Middle East and North Africa, what makes sane people think that they are going to play nice with Israel and the West?

The Sunni Shiite war could be followed by a world war against Islam if the radicals retain control and then they attack Israel and the West like the Sunni al-Qaeda and other radical Sunni factions claim that they will do after they defeat Assad. A world war against all Jahidists seems more likely to me than Islam suddenly changing its spots voluntarily. The Sunnis that have taken over parts of Syria have killed and are expelling Christians that live in those areas. Even Assad did not do that evil.

Is it just a coincidence that there will be a Sunni takeover of Islam while the leader of the world has a President that grew up as a Sunni? Perhaps not. And the fact that Obama claims to be a Christian speaks wonders for the coming Chrislam Harlot that is also being pushed by Pope Francis, liberal protestants and even many New Evangelicals preaching a gospel of social justice much like the Fabian socialists.

After all, we can’t all get along on this globe unless we take out everything that is offensive to everyone else and that includes the cross. This “tolerance” for others belief would mean more than just re-educating or imprisoning fundamental Islamists, it would include re-educating or imprisoning fundamental Christians with their own eschatology of the coming wrath of God on all who oppose the return of Jesus.

Thus, it is not hard to see how the world embraces a religion of inclusive tolerance for those with religious beliefs but has total intolerance for true Christians. And it is not hard to see how this can happen within the next 20 years. Even in some western countries muzzling Christians and Christian doctrine is already law and after a world religious war it is certain to spread everywhere.

In any case, after Muslims assimilate into the Harlot or after they are defeated by the West, the Harlot then will have global governance over religion.

What I suggested is just the start of the story, shortly after these suggested events we arrive to the time when Russia and other nations come down against Israel and then China and other nations come from the Far East to kill a third of all men on earth (Rev 9:15). When we get into those end time events people will know that the Day of the Lord has arrived. Is Russia and China now building up its military in order to carry out those biblical prophecies some 10 to 20 years down the road. The answer seems to be yes.

I also believe the United States will fall some years before the Day of the Lord. It seems that America will have to go as we know her for the sake of global governance. An enemy delivered EMP would be very convenient to eliminate the only superpower where many of the people are still blocking socialistic globalism and it can come from a nation unknown.

A decade after the big warnings were delivered to Congress about our vulnerability to an EMP attack still nothing has been done on a national level to address The deadly EMP danger to America. It probably is now already too late to do anything about it. Can a great nation or city that has rejected God and fallen into every sort of moral evil be destroyed in one hour? It has happened before in history and Bible prophecy tells us that future Babylon will be destroyed in just one hour. (I am not saying that the U.S. is Babylon but we would be very foolish to think that a nation can not fall in one day when the people of that nation have become totally dependent on their own inventions that can be easily destroyed by one nuclear electromagnetic pulse from an enemy or the sun).

We have Fabian or Leninist socialist leaders at top levels of every facet of our society working to make sure that the downfall of America becomes inevitable. They are even in the top levels of most evangelical Christian institutions. Whether they are just dupes or are Satanic plants is hard to say, but those leaders buying into globalism and socialism under the social justice banner and/or some theocracy worldview are everywhere. America is not in Bible prophecy because there probably is no superpower called America existing in the end days.

Global governance over commerce is also now evident. When world governance controls the policies that favor multinational corporations and force out small business and free enterprise you have global socialistic Fascism. We already see a lot of that in some nations of the world. China is a prime example. Within the next decade there is sure to be a world economic collapse caused by world debt and demographics (there will be few young to support the old). It is even a foregone conclusion among financial leaders and bankers that any wide scale economic collapse would be followed by a new global economic system.

The big mystery here in the rather short time frame that is left, is exactly what is the 666 buy/sell system, and how is it carried out globally? With the way human knowledge is doubling every 18 months that is not even necessary to know now. We already see certain possibilities but who would have thought that TV, the Internet, or Global Warming would exist worldwide 20 years before Nobel Peace prize winner Al Gore invented them? The 666 system actually could be some capability that just comes along with the fallen angels and the genetic change that taking the Mark might bring.

How can you buy or sell with the Borg if you are not one of them and cannot communicate with them? Apparently you can’t. What I am saying is that this fulfillment of Bible prophecy is not necessarily based on any advancement in human technology. We could be wrong about it being done through computer technology and satellite communications. Is God dependent on the technology of humans to bring in the Day of the Lord? I somehow doubt it. Even so, whatever the Beast buy/sell system turns out to be, we should now see that even man could develop a buy/sell system for the whole world given just 20 more years. A Google futurist just said that he thinks that they will be able to upload your mind into new designer bodies in just thirty years. If we were anywhere near humans being able to create some sort of soulless immorality, Jesus obviously would return prior.

We can see certain things using logic and Bible prophecy that tells us that the Day of the Lord is near and is most likely coming within the next twenty years. Here is but a brief summery.

  • The massive push by Fabian and Leninist world leaders toward global governance.
  • The brainwashing through mass media to get the people to believe in evolution and secular humanism.
  • World economic collapse caused by nations living beyond their means and imbalanced demographics caused by abortion and birth control.
  • The push by world secular leaders and religious leaders to an inclusive all paths theology to any god, or even no god, in place of the worship of the real God of the Bible.
  • The outlawing of Jesus in public through the facade of religious neutrality.
  • The push by world leaders toward global governance of economics.
  • The push to justify and accommodate human depravity even within Christendom.
  • The teaching of social justice, collectivism, relativism, and tolerance to allow obvious moral evils at all levels.
  • Christians following those that itch their ears rather than following teachers of sound biblical doctrine
  • The “Christian” postmodern push to teach people to emotionally and mystically experience God rather than actually teaching the gospel of salvation and sound biblical doctrine. This fulfills the prophetic words of 2 Ti 4:3
  • Christian leaders proof texting or cherry picking scriptures and teaching anything but the scriptures taken in correct context. This also fulfills the prophetic words of 2 Ti 4:3.
  • Heretical books being some of the most popular books being bought and read by confessing believers (2 Ti 4:3).
  • The rising hatred toward premillennialism and pre-trib or pre-wrath Rapture beliefs even within Christendom.
  • Christian leaders that are always on the wrong side of every clear-cut biblical issue and the reasons why so-called Christian people still hire them and follow them.
  • The push in Christendom to ecumenism based on an inclusive social gospel and not an exclusive gospel of salvation that comes through Jesus Christ alone.
  • The naïve belief among most that humans are basically good and all humans are children of God and worship the same God
  • The global indoctrination to brainwash people to believe philosophies of demonically influenced men.
  • The alignment of the nations, as foretold in Bible prophecy.
  • Israel being back in their land, as foretold in Bible prophecy.
  • Israel being surrounded by nations that hate her, as foretold in Bible prophecy.
  • Rising violence, social unrest and injustice all over the world.
  • The world is moving back toward tyrannical authoritarian governments.
  • The rising big brother police states.
  • NATO becoming the enforcement arm of the Roman Empire area.
  • The rise of the total surveillance society.
  • Extraterrestrials as the replacement belief for demonic activity.
  • Abortion and the killing of the innocent all over the world.
  • The Sunni Shiite war and where the religious wars will lead.
  • Whole nations vulnerable because of their total dependence on their own invented technology rather than God.
  • Man being able to destroy the world with his own creations.
  • Human knowledge increasing at an exponential rate to even make what seems unthinkable possible.
  • The planned rebuilding of the Russian military allowing the Gog led invasion and the building of a Chinese superpower that can lead an army that will kill a third of the men on earth and literally fulfill prophecy only in our time.
  • The slaughter of Christians in many places of the world in the name of the state or Allah.


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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


15 Responses to “Fabian Push For Global Governance Means The Day Of The Lord Is Near”

  1. Hi Don,

    You left little to chance with this article. I enjoyed it greatly. I will of course need to read it again, there was a lot there. The middle east is a ticking time bomb, and our media seems to be keeping people as minimally informed as to what is happening as they can. Could we be seeing the Psalm 83 war within the next five years or so? Seems to fit with the middle east scenario that is cooking right now.

    Again, really enjoyed the article… I’m still holding out for my Rapture event by 2020… :)

  2. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Rod,

    Thanks, If the Day of the Lord (the last 3 1/2 years) starts by 2030 I would think that the Rapture would have to occur by at least the early to mid 2020’s. Its hard to say about Psalm 83. There is not much agreement on the timing of that. Some don’t even think it is a war. Some think it already happened, some write books on how it will all play out, and some like me don’t totally buy into any one conjecture.

  3. CraigNo Gravatar says:

    I prefer alternate translations like “quickly” or “suddenly” vice the word “shortly” as the King James translation uses when describing “the events which must take place” in Revelation.

    I anticipate the America’s being taken out (removal of superpower status) prior to the Rapture. I don’t buy in to the volutary submitting to the new Roman empire by the America’s and, hence, I use the phrase “taken out [of the picture]”. The America’s are a non-mention prior to the breaking of the first seal, while the Rapture does not have to occur, techincally, until prior to the 6th seal breaking (correct me if I’m wrong).

  4. As I read this article, my heart sank more and more because I believe this is an accurate portrayal of the times we’re living in. I’ve been repenting on behalf of America and asking God to “forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing”. The global elitists will not humble themselves or seek the true God, so we’re being forced to reside in the belly of the beast, while having to endure this ticking time bomb… It’s completely humbled me.

  5. Great article Don and well thought out. I totally agree and I don’t think it is too far down the road. It seems only what is to come will truly shift out who are true believers and those who will side with the goats. It seems more and more difficult to simply debate with them as they just don’t want to see or listen. For me I may be ignorant in my perspective but I think what you have written needs to come about soon. We sadly need these disasters, wars, government control and persecution to awaken those who would hear the voice of the true Shepard. Rev 3:2 has been a motivating verse for me and I believe specific to these times.

  6. Dear Don,
    Thank you for this wonderful article.You covered so much that is so timely.
    I would ask you this…..how soon do you see this nation becoming part of a
    North American Union ? Itseems with this amnesty fight going on,that we will
    be gone very soon.
    I heard Erwin Lutzer say this week that there is a coming tsunami on Christians
    in this nation over our beliefs and we who have studied prophecy for many years
    can see it all being set in place.
    Thank you again for your teaching.

  7. DonNo Gravatar says:


    It is hard to say how the NAU will be formed. It could come because national leaders sold out their nations to join it but it also could come about because nations like the USA break apart and the new smaller nations want a loose NAU for regional self defense and to compete globally. The question is how does it come into being? By force and intimidation like the old Soviet Union or through nation states voluntarily joining the new union like the nations of the EU? That is yet to be determined.

  8. Steve in SCNo Gravatar says:


    I was just discussing the singularity article with my dad a few days ago and was comparing the “Days of Noah” to today. I too share your belief that Jesus would not allow singularity to occur before his return..or at least maybe not advance very far..but at the same time it seems that the generic manipulation that occurred with the fallen angels advanced pretty far. Anyway It really is almost surreal how much our technology has advanced. I often come to the conclusion that there is no way we do not have a cure for cancer and other diseases..anyway thanks for your blog and all that you do. God bless

  9. Caitlin LaneNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Don.
    I was out of town for two weeks and had a lot of catch-up reading to do.
    What are your thoughts on the massive protests taking place in Egypt? Is there any significance in the scheme of things?
    One of the protesters stated that The Muslim Brotherhood was making them [Egyptians] hate Islam.

  10. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Caitlin,

    Hope you had a good trip.

    Some think Ezekiel 29 will play out. I think that probably already occurred in the past. Isa 19 could play out if the civil war talked about then continues through the tribulation. It seems to me that these uprisings and wars will continue throughout the Middle East until the revived Roman Empire takes over those areas. What you could be seeing in Egypt and Turkey and later in Iran is the start of people in those nations throwing off the oppression of Islam. That then might spread with the aid of the revived roman empire and the Gospel might be opened in the 10 x 40 window for a brief period like what happened in the area of the Old Soviet Union after its fall. Then the Harlot takes over all religion on earth but it probably occurs after the Rapture and after that the Antichrist rises.

  11. AnnSNo Gravatar says:

    Don, thanks for article. I have read a few articles whose authors believe that European cartels and globalist were behind the islamic uprisings. Is the Fabians “useful idiots” for the Islamic world caliphate or is the muslims the “useful idiots” in helping to bring about a world crisis for the rise of the Antichrist. It’s possible; but Islam believes that they are superior to any religion or politcal system in the world, so would they take a back seat to any other type of world leader?

  12. AnnSNo Gravatar says:

    Just watched a video recently that goes along with your article. History shows the numerous global tentacles of the Fabians that put obama in the Whitehouse. Quite amazing rat maze and while we slept. Skip to the 40 minute mark to see the chart, for those too busy to watch the whole movie.

    AGENDA: Grinding Dowm America


  13. DonNo Gravatar says:


    To answer your question. Fabian socialists do not see the possibility of any religious fundamentalism continuing on the earth in the long term. They also do not believe in any Antichrist. Islam is useful to them because it is a socialistic system that controls a fourth of the earth.

  14. I do so enjoy your pragmatism Don, its refreshing.

  15. MarvinNo Gravatar says:

    I didn’t know about this prophetic website. I just completed reading the “Fabian Socialist” comments, and was not aware of such a term. I enjoyed the reading, and would like to continue reading prophetic articles by Don Koenig–‘most fasinating, for sure. As a Christian, I am astonished how uninformed our churches are today concerning world events. I attend a church that is rather large here in Springfield, Mo. I am completely bored at the soft ball sermons that continue to be preached from their pulpit–there’s not even a clue about prophetic events. I don’t know where to begin to find a local church here in Springfield that teaches, and preaches about what’s really going on in America; and in particular, our government. There seems to be a fear among preachers to tell it like it is…Sad thing is that the congregation doesn’t have a clue concerning prophetic events in light of Bible Prophecy…
    Thanks for the article…I have been trying to keep up on world events, and found your article most helpful…thanks, and God bless you, and your ministry. Marvin

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