Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Dec 2012

Obviously the world did not end on Dec 21, 2012. Once again the prophets of Baal were wrong. Researchers can analyze every pagan prophecy that exists anywhere and they still will not know anything about the timing of future events.

Everything Christians need to know about the future is already written in the Christian Bible. The Lord God does not reveal the future through ancient pagan writings, or through modern men and woman who learned to tap into the occult, or through those that hear the imaginations of their own minds and claim that the message came from Him.

It appears that we will be here for a while longer, so let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas and an interesting New Year that is full of joy in Christ.


The rebels in Syria are getting ready for a major new offensive. Will this action make Assad and his supporters use their chemical weapons and get NATO directly involved in the war? That is still anyone’s guess. In any case, someone besides the Syrian’s are going to have to secure those WMD.

Iran is not happy about Assad losing ground, or Americans with missiles being on the Turkish border. I read that Iran has sent trained teams into some NATO countries to carry out terrorism in response. I am not sure about the reliability of the source, but we will not have long to find out. If this turns out to be true, it might not be such a happy new year in Europe but they may finally wake up about the Iranian and Islamic threat.

Just about all sources that are following the Iranian nuclear program are saying that something will have to be done in 2013 to stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program. I believe our government has set a mid summer deadline. It is going to be a very intrusting year in the Middle East.


It is pretty certain that those of us that pay taxes will see higher taxes in 2013. At this point, nobody has a clue when any tax bill will pass or what will be in the bill if it does pass. The only thing the IRS can do if nothing is passed in the next 10 days, is to go back to the higher tax rates that existed before the temporary Bush tax cuts.

If the higher rates stay in effect, it will mean the largest year-to-year tax increase in history and it will mean more recession and more unemployment. They even compare it to falling off a cliff. Keep in mind, that no matter what happens, they have no plans to keep that 2 percent reduction in social security withholding. Both you and your employer will go back to the old rate. Further, if nothing is passed, a 1 percent Obamacare tax will be added.

The bottom line is that I can see the possibility of take home pay of most middle class workers being 5 to 10 percent lower in January because of the increased federal and local taxes that are withheld. What do you think that would do to the economy? How long could it last? Then, after the damage is done, the Democrats will scream murder and blame it all on the Republicans even though all the Democrats had to do to get a bill passed was make spending cuts rather than raising taxes.

The Federal Reserve is now starting quantitative easing number four. They plan to create at least another trillion dollars out of thin air in 2013 to buy up our national debt. That will keep interest rates low for now, but eventually it is bound to bring about hyperinflation through a worldwide crash of the dollar. Before the Federal Reserve ends the next round of printing, they will be holding over 4 trillion in American debt that they bought by just increasing the money supply.

Have you ever played the game Monopoly where the rules were changed so that everyone would have more money to buy property? Like putting all taxes collected on the free space so that whoever lands on this handout would get all the collected taxes and fines (sounds almost prophetic). Under these made up rules, pretty soon the bank ran out of money, so then you had to create fake monopoly money made out of slips of paper. Pretty soon the players had all the land bought up and everyone had a heap of money in front on them but their was nothing left on the board to buy. So the next step was to try to get players to sell their properties by offering them more than the face value of their properties. If someone wanted to sell the property they had, it would go to the highest bidder. It was not long before the price of all properties started to soar and even the cheapest properties could only be bought by the richest players. The point is that the real world works the same way. If our federal reserve banks keep making new dollars the price of everything bought with those dollars will be bid up making each dollar buy less.


The shooting at the Sandy Hook School was sad and tragic. From what I read, the guy had a defective brain and he also was into the occult. I think that is a deadly combination. Fatherless homes and those that allow their teens to become obsessed with violent video games also seems to play a role in creating these modern mass murderers. Islam also creates mass murderers, but it is not politically correct in the West to tell anyone the truth about the hateful violent brainwashing that Islam offers.

Like usual, the liberals want to blame the guns instead of blaming evil and the dysfunctional system that they created to deal with evil. If guns were taken away from all law-abiding citizens in this country the crime rate would sky-rocket. Criminals would still get weapons and the police would still show up after the crime was already committed.

The liberals know they cannot repeal the Second Amendment to our Constitution, so they will use other methods until they can get a liberal Supreme Court to just redefine what the words of the Second Amendment mean. Even so, you can be sure they will not let this mass slaughter go to waste. I do not rule out unconstitutional action against gun owners by this Obama administration.

The clear intent of allowing citizens to have guns was so that they would have the power to overthrow the government if it became lawless and tyrannical. However, the founders should have realized that a government that already became tyrannical would not abide by their Bill of Rights either. That is why I believe James Madison said that our system of government would only work if the nation had a moral and religious people.

The people who take the oath to uphold our Constitution should be the very ones to enforce it. Once the oath to uphold the Constitution means nothing to those that swear by God to uphold it, the nation the founders set up is already lost. Obviously then, those swearing the oath to God, but not meaning it, is a moral failing. That moral failing in a nut shell, is pretty much why we already have lost the nation that our founders set up.

How many times in the history of the world have we already seen government kill thousands and even millions of its own people because the government became tyrannical and had all the weapons? That is the real reason that the Second Amendment to our Constitution was written and passed by our founders. Nevertheless, if the liberals are successful in making citizens guns about as effective as bows and arrows against Gatling guns, the freedom loving natives in this country, like the original natives that survived our early history, will be put on government reservations at their whim.


North Korea just put a satellite in orbit around the earth. Thus, they have proved that they can put a package in space high over the United States. Now all they have to do is learn how to put a small nuke on that rocket and they would have an EMP threat to the United States from their own homeland. Our defenses against these intercontinental ballistic missiles are limited at best. I suggest they we start taking the N. Korean and the Iranian missile and nuclear development program threat seriously or the whole nation may wake up to TEOTWAWKI.


Apparently Rick Warren has not even understood what God said about homosexuality and marriage in the Bible. Rick Warren recently reportedly said that he did not know if homosexual marriage is sinful. I guess that statement should not surprise anyone that has been aware of the double mindedness of Rick Warren over the years.  He is not alone among those that call themselves the New Evangelicals. Everything in Christian doctrine that offends the sinful world can just be redefined to try to please everyone in the world but true Christians.


Last month I let you know that I was finally getting high-speed Internet here. That has occurred and it makes quite a difference. With the new WiFi router that I also got, I can now get an Internet connection anywhere in my house with my new PC replacement laptop.

I am still working on getting the programs I need downloaded on this new computer. I suppose that will be a gradual process because I do not want to just copy all the garbage that is on my old computer. I also got a small tablet computer for taking on the road. Now I have to figure out the Android operating system so I can use it for approving comments and such tasks.

Since I got a new Internet Service provider with the high-speed Internet, it was time to get a new email address as well. The old email address will still be forwarded from my website host but you won’t see any replies coming from that address anymore.

I hope you and yours have a great holiday season!



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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


27 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Dec 2012

  1. Don,

    Your monopoly analogy really makes Quantitative Easing and the economics of it really clear for a novice like myself.

    Hey, I have an idea, perhaps the government “powers that be” should use monopoly money for their nonsense and even play monopoly to understand basic economics before using OUR real tax dollars.

    Oh wait, they’d probably cheat at that also and miscount on purpose to land where they want…just like they do in real life : )

  2. Don,

    I’ve been following your blog for a couple years now, but I have never commented due to not being in the same league with regard to Biblical prophetic knowledge as your regulars. However, it has been truly enlightening and has helped to focus my Bible study. I have turned numerous people onto your website as well. I did want to ask for your thoughts on the sale of the NYSE yesterday. I saw where it is being called by author Jonathan Cahn a further “harbinger” of the downfall of America. Obviously, everything is at this point and it is inevitable – just another nail in the American coffin?


  3. Thanks Don. I have not read Cahn’s book and probably won’t given that it is not 100% accountable to the Bible, as the reviews on the link you provided suggest. Anyway, NYSE was bought by Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which shouldn’t affect individual investors at first. Who knows what it means for the long haul though. Time will tell.

    Best to you and your family for a very merry Christmas, Don!


  4. Don,
    I just discovered your website a few days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it’s content. It has been extremely informative and I have added it to my favorites list. I wanted to ask you if you have ever heard of Gerald Flurry and his publication “The Philadelphia Trumpet” which is a magazine devoted to biblical prophecy? I wanted to get your opinion on him and his publication.


  5. Merry Christmas Don and family. I have stopped reading the news more than 30 minutes a day and have started reading your stuff weekly and I keep digging through your articles and digging things up in the Bible for a second, third and fourth read for understanding. I came across an article that sounded like you were burned out and I hope that isn’t true. I am clearing my life out of “junk” all the way around and learning to live on less and think about what is important and not think about the rest. I so enjoy your writing and thinking and making me dig and think. I hope you enjoy all the new toys and internet and are refreshed because I think the next year will continue to spiral out of control in this country and in Christian religion. Faith is so easy and man makes religion so convoluted! Thanks for being there and sharing.

    A follower in Christ,


  6. I do so agree with Julie. The TV news is a pretence that deliberately hides the real manipulative evil in the world. The real news is given by those who are not brainwashed in the Politically Correct way of thinking – mostly Christian blogs, but also by others who also love freedom.
    Freedom loving people may not believe in Christ now, but under the extremes of a pagan left dictatorship could very well do so. The great multitude that comes out of the tribulation will be those who love freedom more than life. I don’t think it amiss to pray for them even now.

  7. Don, and others who might be interested,

    I’ve switched to using ubuntu full time. Been going on 3 years now. I rarely use microsoft except for those very narrow rare cases where a linux app won’t work. It’s all free and comparatively safe/secure, most certainly as compared to microsoft.

    As for apple – this is microsoft part 2. Although comparatively safe / secure as compared to microsoft (as with ubuntu/linux, since apple is a proprietary unix under the covers), apple is significantly more expensive.

    I can get a cheap piece of hardware (desktop/laptop) and throw ubuntu on. I’ve even heard of people who get apples and put ubuntu on them. Interesting. Not all hardware is supported, but the nice thing about the combo cheaper microsoft/ubuntu platform is that you can switch to microsoft, even in a VM, for those rare cases where you can’t get what you need done in ubuntu – and only do those tasks.

    Since the computing subject was brought up… I’ve been using ubuntu 3 years and haven’t looked back or around. I just set up a friend’s laptop, moving windows-7 aside.

  8. Craig,

    Linux is something to think about running on my old computer sometime in the future. I also need to get a new webpage creation software for my new computer. It is so old that it is not supported and it will not run on the new 64 bit system. Therefore, I cannot update my old html pages and even the homepage of this website on the new computer by using that old webpage creation software.

  9. Don, thanks for your articles throughout the year. They’ve been informative and thought-provoking. Your blog is an ever increasing island of sanity amongst the dissemination and spin that masquerades as “media” nowadays.
    Wishing you and yours, and all your readers, a blessed and peaceful Christmas season.

  10. Today is December 25th, 2012.

    The day that parts of the world celebrate the Greatest Gift EVER given to humanity.

    The Birth of the Lord and Savior of the World…The Messiah, The Christos, The Anointed.

    I hope we all appreciate and are so thankful for this wonderful gift The Lord has given to us, not just today, but every day of every year.

  11. ^^^ I do wonder about how the Harlot and Anti-Christ are going to “dismiss” all the evidence and various “traditions” of Jesus? There is still some homage to Jesus in the big Vatican flock / mass at Christmas, et al.

    I know there will be Satan’s false attempt at the tri-une and the false kingdom et al. I guess he’s just going to have the “power” (granted to him for such purpose) to change all the traditions et al – but there’s a lot of built in conditioning about Jesus (even if rejected by the bulk of humanity today) to overcome.

    As for me, I guess I am just numb to all the enormous attempts by the populous at large to corrupt the meaning of the key holidays surrounding Jesus (and even the 4th, for that matter) to the point that saying something such as “Merry Christmas” seems a bit bogus. I guess when the populous attempts to remove the word Christ from everything, it will almost be restored to it’s rightful place for Chistians to say “Merry Christmas”.

    On the other hand, “… but every day of the year…” is more apropos as I have the hope of eternal life with the King of Kings / Lord of Lords (where we are the lower kings and lords), where He will wipe away every tear and we will pay no mind to the condition of those judged to the fire – this I put in my head daily and even more so at Christmas.

    And to that, I say “Merry Christmas”.

  12. Craig,

    I don’t thin the Harlot will dismiss Christian traditions. She will be inclusive of all major world religious.

    The Antichrist on the other hand will hate the Harlot. In other words, after the False Prophet promotes this man as God, the Beast Antichrist will be the only one that is allowed to be openly worshiped on earth.

  13. Personally, I prefer to greet people this time of the year the way I learned from my partial Serbian heritage (even though Orthodox celebrate Christmas on Jan.7) because, regardless of exactly what time of the year Jesus became Manifest, the Serb way goes right to the heart of the matter. So to you Don and all the bretheren, at this time of the year, until the Trumpet sounds, I wish you all Mir Bozic…Hristos se Rodi! (Christ is Born…INDEED He IS Born!).

  14. Hi Don and family, hope you are enjoying the holidays.

    I have been reading about the mark of the beast on this website:

    The cloning of animals, GMO food and now a virus implanted to change our DNA in illness and disease. I am concerned that these will make the mark of the beast just another “credit card” by the time the world gets there. I wondered if you had an opinion on this. I have always believed anyone playing God with genes is bad, just as using fetal tissue for study and rejuvenation is wrong.


  15. Hi Julie,

    I looked at the link but I am not going to read all that and try to figure out what in the world he is saying. I know one thing, DNA is not the image of God.

    No Christian is going to take the mark of the Beast so don’t worry about it. Exactly what the mark of the Beast is will first be make known to all on earth or the angel in Revelation would not be warning everyone on earth not to take it.

  16. I just saw that there is a petition to label Roman Catholics as a hate group. I wonder if Lutherans, Presbyterians, or Jews are next.

    As Brian From Oz would likely say: “The extreme pagan left is hard at work.”

  17. Don,

    Do you and your readers think that there are any correlations between the recent school massacres and kicking God out of our society ?

    In past history, the children from grammar school to the upper grades used to stand up before morning class and do the pledge of allegiance, “One Nation Under God” certainly hasn’t been said in a long time in schools today…I said that pledge myself.

    Any mention of God has been banned in schools today.

    Liberal theologies in schools discourage showing pride in the U.S. as a nation.

    The young “minds of mush” are then taught to have pride and confidence in themselves…I guess to show pride in our human species that evolved from tadpoles and apes.

    So, I guess, the message is…there is no good and evil…no heaven and hell…just a species (us) in an ant farm that continues to “evolve” and procreate.

    It all makes sense now :(

  18. ~David,

    Actually, kids do say the pledge of allegiance in many schools and last I heard the pledge still reads “One Nation Under God”. Of course there are certain teachers that take it on their own to tell kids to leave God out.

    So what is the connection to taking God out of the public society and the school massacres?

    The humanistic control freaks in charge have many of our kids on drugs and government does not allow parents and teachers to discipline their kids as they ought. Our society teaches kids that they are the judge of what is right or wrong for them. Our society has become so permissive that it allows kids to sell and use illegal drugs and further get their mind altered by also getting into the occult. Even our churches have the youth contemplating their navel or on an emotional trip instead of teaching them Christian doctrine. Half the children in our society have an absent father and a working mother and that is probably the largest part of the equation because kids are being brought up by peers and by electronic Media.

    Look, there are nations that have a demonic God or even no God in their school, yet, they still do not massacres other kids in their schools like happens here. So there is much more to the equation than the absence of Christian teaching and prayer in schools.

  19. Angela,

    I have heard the rumors but I don’t know if there is any truth in them. I do not have any insider information but I know the pope said a number of years ago that popes should resign if they could not continue to perform their functions. So it does not surprise me at 85 that he would retire.

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