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As you probably already know Israel bombed targets inside of Syria recently. The word from Assad is that if it happens again He will declare war on Israel. Even so, I think that Assad should have received the message that it will not be in his best interest to allow advanced weapons from Iran to be transferred to Hezbollah through Syria.

I am sure that either Iran conspired with Assad to allow the weapons transfer, or Hezbollah is running its own show in Syria. It could be that Assad and Iran are hoping that if Israel keeps attacking Syria it will get the different factions fighting against Assad to come together to fight against Israel.

Technically Syria has been at war with Israel since 1948, so declaring war will not be any more meaningful than the recent North Korean declaration of war against South Korea and the US. If Assad actually takes any military action against Israel, he is likely to be taken out by Israel. In order for Syria and Iran to save face there probably will be some terrorist action against Jews somewhere else in the world.

Israel is capable of setting Iran’s nuclear program back a decade and taking care of the forces of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Syrian military at the same time, so I don’t think it would be wise for Iran and Syria to now give Israel an excuse to do that, but wisdom has never been a strong suit in Islam.

After three successful Israeli bombing runs into Syria over the last couple of years, you would think that Syria and Iran should get the message that their air defenses are not adequate to protect them against an Israeli attack. Sure, Iran could cause damage in Israel but Iran would lose their nukes, their proxies, and their influence in the Middle East. That seems inevitable anyway since they are not a player in the Psalm 83 war.

I have been asked if I think the current situation will bring about the prophesied destruction of Damascus where Damascus becomes a heap of rubble and ceases to be a city? I don’t believe what is happening now will come to that. I cannot see Israel using several H bombs on Damascus and killing millions of people in a war they know they can win by conventional means. I think something else causes the destruction of Damascus later. It is probably a tribulation event, the reading of the context of the rest of Isaiah 17 passage suggests that it is.

I think it is quite likely that the US will hit Iranian nuclear facilities this fall if the new Iranian president does not announce a change of direction. With all that is coming out on the Obama administration, a war would serve him well if all goes well. I am not sure it will go well, because an attack on Iran very likely will start a Shia against Sunni war because Shia Iran will attack Sunni Saudi Arabian oil fields and other Sunni states. That will bring a world economic collapse because of oil shortages.

That would be a war the Shia cannot win in the long haul but the Twelver Cult running Iran believes that the 12th Imam Mahdi will come fight for them and unite Islam under Iranian leadership. Nevertheless, it will not happen, there is no Mahdi. Turkey is the Sunni elephant in that room and Turkey is still part of NATO. The Shia will be defeated and Iran will be humiliated and align with Russia.

After that war I can see the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood getting enough unity around Israel to set up the Psalm 83 scenario.  I think the United States will be out of the world picture by that time but that is not certain.


The “gang of eight” in the Senate wants the US to give benefits and a path to citizenship to what they say are 11 million immigrants that are illegally in our land. It is probably much more than 11 million. Some are saying the gang’s proposal will allow 30 to 50 million immigrants to locate here and most would qualify for medical and social benefits. The Heritage Foundation puts the cost to our nation at $6.3 trillion. We cannot even pay our bills now. So how do we come up with over 6 trillion more? This is what US citizens get when they elect gangs of outlaws to run the federal government.

We might just let the 31 Mexican states join the USA because with all the new Mexican voters they will eventual vote to erase the US borders anyway. If they join the USA they could all live in our nation without even moving. Just think, we would then have 81 states (or 88 if Obama is counting). We might as well invite Central America and Canada to join and see if we can make an even 100. With progressive thinking then we would be a nation too big to fail. After that happens the “progressives” can change our name to the North American Union and move the capital to Espanol New Mexico.


If you want to believe US economic data, you probably think that things are getting back to normal in America. That is because this administration does not have a problem spending money they do not have and distorting the real economic picture. You can throw a pretty good party on credit cards and counterfeit money but it will not last forever.

According to our government our workforce has continually shrunk since 2006 even through our population continues to expand. The shrinking workforce is the main reason that unemployment keeps falling and not full-time jobs being created. One reason for the shrinking work force is that millions more people are retiring or getting on total disability. Even so, it is taxpayers that pay for people not working (come to think of it taxpayers are not paying the cost these days, they just let government put the bill on their no limit credit card).

Unemployment is also falling because employers are hiring more part-time employees to avoid paying medical costs when ObamaCare kicks in. Obviously, if you spread the work around to more part-time employees, there will be less unemployment but more underemployment. That is why median family income still keeps falling and the number of people on food stamps keeps rising but the government keeps reporting less unemployment.

Did you know the government is going to even adjust the GDP to make it look like there has been more growth than there really was? They are going to increase our GDP by more than 3 percent through smoke and mirrors and double counting. It is probably timed to influence the 2014 election. The government is getting very creative in manipulating figures to make it seem like our economy is expanding.

Your friendly Republicans want to pass what is called the Chained CPI. It chains cost of living increases to the whims of bureaucrat control freaks. It would reduce cost of living increases to all on Social Security or receiving any other government indexed incomes such as public employee pay increases, veterans benefits, and public or private pensions. They want to reduce your cost of living increases because the Bloomburg’s of government think if the price of soda goes up you should be drinking a smaller size anyway, if the price of chicken goes up you should be eating rice and beans anyway, if the price of clothing goes up you should be getting your clothes at second-hand thrift stores anyway, if the price of transportation goes up you should be walking anyway, etc.

These Republicans think the cuts in cost of living increases is for your own good, it will not only cut the budget it will lead to a more socialized planet. Such is the hidden deceit in bills passed in Washington and if they have their way you will never find out how they ball and chained you to the chained CPI. If you think that is deceptive, wait until the full force of ObamaCare kicks your behind.


I guess we are finally getting some truth about Benghazi because a few threatened employees decided to blow the whistle on the State Department. It now should be obvious that there was a conspiracy to lie to the American people and cover up what really happened.

Obama told the military and CIA to stand down and not try to rescue the Ambassador that was under terrorist attack. The Obama Administration then conspired to lie to the American people and Congress about what happened.  This cover up is a federal crime and an impeachable offense but who is going to enforce it?

The questions remain, why did they not provide adequate security at Benghazi even though it was requested by the Ambassador, why Obama gave the stand down order, and why was there a conspiracy by so many in the Obama administration to cover up what really happened with all the lies to the media?

Will the dam now break and all the other lies told to the American people start leaking out? Soon the Obama birth certificate forgery is likely to be heard in Judge Roy Moore’s court. The forgery evidence presented will come from the Cold Case posse of Arizona. Who knows where that might lead and who in media will even report on it?

Sometimes I get this feeling that there will be a radical shake up in the federal government and that Obama will have to leave office before his term is up and when he goes he will be taking a lot of people with him. Then I look at the ignorance, immorality, deception, and apathy in this country and that feeling goes away.


With all that you heard about gun crimes and the need for gun control the latest FBI report says wonders. The FBI reports that there is 50 percent less gun crime than there was 20 years ago but there are many more guns in this nation. Obviously then, more guns do not lead to more gun crime in this nation. The reverse proves to be the case.


Another Christian website owner and editor went to be with the Lord on April 30th. I do not know his name because he never published it. The Lord knows. He ran NuggetNetNewsline. He was like a Christian Drudge, he listed scores of links to articles that might be of interest to Christians each day. Some of my own articles made his list. I used to get quite a bit of information from that website in my daily reading. I hope someone out there picks up the ministry, or perhaps someone out there should think about starting a similar ministry. It was a very useful resource.


I was having some problems on the homepage of my website that made just the homepage almost inaccessible for a few days. All I can say is that using free software can be risky. That free software issue is why the last ten posts are no longer given on my website homepage.  You now have to come to the blog to view my latest posts unless you subscribe to the RSS feed.

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