Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues May 2013

As you probably already know Israel bombed targets inside of Syria recently. The word from Assad is that if it happens again He will declare war on Israel. Even so, I think that Assad should have received the message that it will not be in his best interest to allow advanced weapons from Iran to be transferred to Hezbollah through Syria.

I am sure that either Iran conspired with Assad to allow the weapons transfer, or Hezbollah is running its own show in Syria. It could be that Assad and Iran are hoping that if Israel keeps attacking Syria it will get the different factions fighting against Assad to come together to fight against Israel.

Technically Syria has been at war with Israel since 1948, so declaring war will not be any more meaningful than the recent North Korean declaration of war against South Korea and the US. If Assad actually takes any military action against Israel, he is likely to be taken out by Israel. In order for Syria and Iran to save face there probably will be some terrorist action against Jews somewhere else in the world.

Israel is capable of setting Iran’s nuclear program back a decade and taking care of the forces of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Syrian military at the same time, so I don’t think it would be wise for Iran and Syria to now give Israel an excuse to do that, but wisdom has never been a strong suit in Islam.

After three successful Israeli bombing runs into Syria over the last couple of years, you would think that Syria and Iran should get the message that their air defenses are not adequate to protect them against an Israeli attack. Sure, Iran could cause damage in Israel but Iran would lose their nukes, their proxies, and their influence in the Middle East. That seems inevitable anyway since they are not a player in the Psalm 83 war.

I have been asked if I think the current situation will bring about the prophesied destruction of Damascus where Damascus becomes a heap of rubble and ceases to be a city? I don’t believe what is happening now will come to that. I cannot see Israel using several H bombs on Damascus and killing millions of people in a war they know they can win by conventional means. I think something else causes the destruction of Damascus later. It is probably a tribulation event, the reading of the context of the rest of Isaiah 17 passage suggests that it is.

I think it is quite likely that the US will hit Iranian nuclear facilities this fall if the new Iranian president does not announce a change of direction. With all that is coming out on the Obama administration, a war would serve him well if all goes well. I am not sure it will go well, because an attack on Iran very likely will start a Shia against Sunni war because Shia Iran will attack Sunni Saudi Arabian oil fields and other Sunni states. That will bring a world economic collapse because of oil shortages.

That would be a war the Shia cannot win in the long haul but the Twelver Cult running Iran believes that the 12th Imam Mahdi will come fight for them and unite Islam under Iranian leadership. Nevertheless, it will not happen, there is no Mahdi. Turkey is the Sunni elephant in that room and Turkey is still part of NATO. The Shia will be defeated and Iran will be humiliated and align with Russia.

After that war I can see the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood getting enough unity around Israel to set up the Psalm 83 scenario.  I think the United States will be out of the world picture by that time but that is not certain.


The “gang of eight” in the Senate wants the US to give benefits and a path to citizenship to what they say are 11 million immigrants that are illegally in our land. It is probably much more than 11 million. Some are saying the gang’s proposal will allow 30 to 50 million immigrants to locate here and most would qualify for medical and social benefits. The Heritage Foundation puts the cost to our nation at $6.3 trillion. We cannot even pay our bills now. So how do we come up with over 6 trillion more? This is what US citizens get when they elect gangs of outlaws to run the federal government.

We might just let the 31 Mexican states join the USA because with all the new Mexican voters they will eventual vote to erase the US borders anyway. If they join the USA they could all live in our nation without even moving. Just think, we would then have 81 states (or 88 if Obama is counting). We might as well invite Central America and Canada to join and see if we can make an even 100. With progressive thinking then we would be a nation too big to fail. After that happens the “progressives” can change our name to the North American Union and move the capital to Espanol New Mexico.


If you want to believe US economic data, you probably think that things are getting back to normal in America. That is because this administration does not have a problem spending money they do not have and distorting the real economic picture. You can throw a pretty good party on credit cards and counterfeit money but it will not last forever.

According to our government our workforce has continually shrunk since 2006 even through our population continues to expand. The shrinking workforce is the main reason that unemployment keeps falling and not full-time jobs being created. One reason for the shrinking work force is that millions more people are retiring or getting on total disability. Even so, it is taxpayers that pay for people not working (come to think of it taxpayers are not paying the cost these days, they just let government put the bill on their no limit credit card).

Unemployment is also falling because employers are hiring more part-time employees to avoid paying medical costs when ObamaCare kicks in. Obviously, if you spread the work around to more part-time employees, there will be less unemployment but more underemployment. That is why median family income still keeps falling and the number of people on food stamps keeps rising but the government keeps reporting less unemployment.

Did you know the government is going to even adjust the GDP to make it look like there has been more growth than there really was? They are going to increase our GDP by more than 3 percent through smoke and mirrors and double counting. It is probably timed to influence the 2014 election. The government is getting very creative in manipulating figures to make it seem like our economy is expanding.

Your friendly Republicans want to pass what is called the Chained CPI. It chains cost of living increases to the whims of bureaucrat control freaks. It would reduce cost of living increases to all on Social Security or receiving any other government indexed incomes such as public employee pay increases, veterans benefits, and public or private pensions. They want to reduce your cost of living increases because the Bloomburg’s of government think if the price of soda goes up you should be drinking a smaller size anyway, if the price of chicken goes up you should be eating rice and beans anyway, if the price of clothing goes up you should be getting your clothes at second-hand thrift stores anyway, if the price of transportation goes up you should be walking anyway, etc.

These Republicans think the cuts in cost of living increases is for your own good, it will not only cut the budget it will lead to a more socialized planet. Such is the hidden deceit in bills passed in Washington and if they have their way you will never find out how they ball and chained you to the chained CPI. If you think that is deceptive, wait until the full force of ObamaCare kicks your behind.


I guess we are finally getting some truth about Benghazi because a few threatened employees decided to blow the whistle on the State Department. It now should be obvious that there was a conspiracy to lie to the American people and cover up what really happened.

Obama told the military and CIA to stand down and not try to rescue the Ambassador that was under terrorist attack. The Obama Administration then conspired to lie to the American people and Congress about what happened.  This cover up is a federal crime and an impeachable offense but who is going to enforce it?

The questions remain, why did they not provide adequate security at Benghazi even though it was requested by the Ambassador, why Obama gave the stand down order, and why was there a conspiracy by so many in the Obama administration to cover up what really happened with all the lies to the media?

Will the dam now break and all the other lies told to the American people start leaking out? Soon the Obama birth certificate forgery is likely to be heard in Judge Roy Moore’s court. The forgery evidence presented will come from the Cold Case posse of Arizona. Who knows where that might lead and who in media will even report on it?

Sometimes I get this feeling that there will be a radical shake up in the federal government and that Obama will have to leave office before his term is up and when he goes he will be taking a lot of people with him. Then I look at the ignorance, immorality, deception, and apathy in this country and that feeling goes away.


With all that you heard about gun crimes and the need for gun control the latest FBI report says wonders. The FBI reports that there is 50 percent less gun crime than there was 20 years ago but there are many more guns in this nation. Obviously then, more guns do not lead to more gun crime in this nation. The reverse proves to be the case.


Another Christian website owner and editor went to be with the Lord on April 30th. I do not know his name because he never published it. The Lord knows. He ran NuggetNetNewsline. He was like a Christian Drudge, he listed scores of links to articles that might be of interest to Christians each day. Some of my own articles made his list. I used to get quite a bit of information from that website in my daily reading. I hope someone out there picks up the ministry, or perhaps someone out there should think about starting a similar ministry. It was a very useful resource.


I was having some problems on the homepage of my website that made just the homepage almost inaccessible for a few days. All I can say is that using free software can be risky. That free software issue is why the last ten posts are no longer given on my website homepage.  You now have to come to the blog to view my latest posts unless you subscribe to the RSS feed.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


38 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues May 2013

  1. “…more guns do not lead to more gun crime in this nation. The reverse proves to be the case.”


    I’ve been reading reports of the same thing.

    I guess it’s our government and media with the agenda of disarming America that promotes the gun crime heavy news.

    Now, it is true that there surely are brutal, sick, and high profile news stories about gun crimes we see in the news…were they always there and we are seeing it in abundance now only because the “powers that be” have their anti-gun agenda ?

    Probably…but since Columbine to Newtown, etc. to sick people like Jodi Arias and the Ohio kidnappers, it sure does seem prudent to be able to defend ourselves.

  2. ~David,
    Some think these mass shooting are really the result of legal brain altering drugs. There does seem to be a connection to both that and the occult.

  3. heard- can’t remember where- that Benghazi was a staging site for recruiting muslims to be our eyes in ears in other countries. CIA did not want this operation compromised. and so 4 good americans died.

  4. If Obama and Hillary do not spend the rest of their lives in prison over Benghazi, I am convinced that Obama can have a Presidential News Conference on all the news channels and tell the American people that he hates them, tell them bluntly that he wants to destroy them and this nation, and finish it off with giving the American people the middle finger….and he’d still not get kicked out of office.

    From what I’m reading, this is just too much, what does Obama have to do to be kicked out of office, order a nuke strike on an American city ?

    Then again, I guess that wouldn’t work either, the majority of American people not effected by the nuke strike would still be oblivious to that and would vote for Obama a third term if they could.

  5. Hello Don,

    To your reply to David, about “legal brain altering drugs”. There was research that came out a few years ago that admitted the truth about many of the anti depressant medications that are being prescribed. They don’t really do what they were sold to do. The reality is that many of these mind altering medications have unpredictable side effects. Also, many who are prescribed these mind altering meds are given 3 or more different prescriptions. What they don’t tell you is this… If one medication is prescribed, we are very sure how it will effect you; Two meds, were relatively sure how the two meds will interact and effect you; Once you are on three meds, the results are completely unpredictable. This reality actually applies to all different types of medications. The pharaceutical industry is making absolute fortunes now that 50% of the population is on at least one prescribed medication.

    Another serious misconception about our economy is the stock market. The media would have you believe that the market going up means the economy is improving. This is just a lie. The reason the stock market is climbing is twofold. 1. The value of the dollar continues to plummet as the Fed continues to “just make more”. Econ 101 teaches that increasing the dollar supply results in devalued currency… Duh… 2. The interest rates are so low that the only place investors can put their money with any real chance to make profits is in the high risk stock market, so thats where they are putting it. The bubble will pop again, and it wont be pretty.

    Great post Don, thank you again for your insights. :)

  6. I’m just waiting for the first nuke to hit this Nation. Most likely NYC. Watching this Nation implode is like watching a slow motion train wreak.If there were a list of insane Nations,this one would be number Uno.

  7. J

    The first nuke to hit this nation will probably be 200 miles up and you will not have nothing to see because it will be dark and there will be no TV or Internet.

  8. People who make comments like J need to get out of the country more… There are many, many nations right now that make us look moral and sane. The “hate America” feeding frenzie needs to be kept in perspective.

    Rod in Oregon

  9. Don:
    Obama is begginning to develop what all dictators and wannabe dictators suffer from.A case of Meglomania. The feeling they are invincible and cannot be touched. So they begin to flaunt their arrogance and dare anyone to stop them when they let their lawlessness be public.It’s a “in in your your face”,little people.Mess with me and I will destroy you.If this man did gain total power,it is scary to contemplate what He would do.It might turn out that only God could stop him.Only a feeling,but I feel “Something wicked soon cometh”.

  10. Moral and Sane ?

    Rod, isn’t that dependent on perspective.

    From Islam’s perspective, they are the only moral and sane one’s and the “Infidel” U.S. is Great Satan and Israel is little Satan….apparently they are taught that from an early age.

    I think China and many other nations view us as a nation like a carefree, crazy “rich kid” whose had it too good for too long and are working the system to take the “rich kid” down…very effectively, I might add.

    Not to mention, there is a point to be made about the greed, insanity, and immorality from the U.S. Government, “powers that be”, and citizens of our country, the U.S., that have effectively already taken down this country.

    I think there was definitely a time in the past where we could define the bastion of freedom and a sane influence for the world but how can we do that now with what we have going on right here at home at all levels ?

  11. @Rod
    Hi Rod, Are you saying that if a person is prescribed three different anti depressants it could cause a mind altering reaction or just three different meds of any type? I’m thinking of some elderly people who take a dozen different meds a day. Also are there particular anti depressants that cause this side effect or just any three combinations? I’ve been out of the mental health field long enough to not know what is most commonly prescribed these days. There is someone I want to warn.

    Hi David, I understand what you’re saying about Obama and I’ve just about arrived at the same conclusion.

  12. @Caitlin,

    Medically speaking, anytime 3 or more medications are taken, there can be unpredictable results. While medications are necessary to treat various conditions, people just need to be very mindful about taking them. In my opinion, we are over prescribing medications without enough thought to the both short and long term ramifications. I believe that the comfort level with medications do set up a scenario by which the government could indeed control a large segment of society. It does appear that many of the headline nutjobs have been heavily medicated… As Don said, how much is the occult tied into this? A good question.. And David, yeah, it’s a perspective thing. Thats why I said having experience in other nations, and being informed about what is going on in “those other nations” would show that were certainly not number one on the insane list. Just my opinion. :)
    Rod in Oregon

  13. Don, I am still trying to figure out this whole Benghazi thing. Why would he tell them to stand down and not give them help? Ive read a lot into this but im puzzled why they wouldnt send help. Is that the whole conspiracy? That he wouldnt send help or watched ot happen?

  14. Donovan,

    The conspiracy is the lie many agreed on to cover up the truth that this was a planned Al Qaeda attack and not what they told the Media and Congress.

    I suppose, but I don’t know, that the mission they were on in Banganzi was an illegal black CIA operation. It was probably some kind of weapons transfer program from the Al Qaeda faction in Libya to the Syria resistance that the president would say he knew nothing about if it were found out.

    The weapons probably went to a different faction in Syria or someone in Libya did not get what they asked for. Thus, they decided to kill the person that set up the deal.

    The reason they may have been told to stand down is that it was an illegal operation and if any innocent American got killed in an operation to try to rescue the people running this illegal weapons transfer program they would be complicit in their murders.

    The two seals got killed because they disobey CIA orders and tried to rescue the Ambassador and his aid. Anyway that is as close as I can come in guessing about the reason for all this. I think these things could come out but perhaps Congress will choose to keep them secret. They can take action on the conspiracy to lie and cover up that Al Qaeda was involved without exposing the black Top Secret operation.

  15. Seems at the onset of Bengazi the msm put our so much conflicting info. I heard from the start this was a deal to supply the Syria “freedom fighters” with arms and to weed out the Al Qaeda and other terrorists groups. And another quote from a CNN reporter on the ground at the time of attack. (I since lost),that this was to be a hostage taking so the US obama admin would release the blind shiek. (and I guess the narcissist-in-chief could have his Iran/Hostage victory before the election) And the deal went bad when the orders to stand down in Bengazi was disobeyed. The decision not to send backup because of the delivery time does not hold water either. As Chaiman Issa said on Meet the Press. Just how would they know how long this seige would last, it could of went on for days? Don’t doubt these people are into gazing into the future with crystal balls, howver……….as Rep Dowdy said “our people were left there to die”

  16. Wow. After reading the responses to my question it makes a lot more sense now because I knew there was something I was missing out of this. When I read the whole story this seemed more than just a random attack, there had to be something behind it and the fact it is probably being kept secret makes it even more odd. It really makes me wonder what else they are hiding in Washington….so say if the real story came out, what do you think would happen to the administration?

  17. Donovan,

    That all depends on what they were doing and why, but if it is something harmful to national security interests the truth will not come out for decades. At least not from government and anything said through independent journalism will just be disavowed.

  18. You see everyone, Obama is into doing the right thing for the youth in his home country (Your tax dollars at work).


    As Hillary would say….What Does it matter ?


    Or, maybe she should have just said, “it depends on what your definition of is, is”

  19. On a monthly perspectives blog, topics are a bit more open, so…

    Lots of M-Class and X-Class solar activity as of late. Oddly, spaceweather.com went off the air (OTA) this afternoon. I’m sure no connection, other than possibly web-traffic to blame, but I do take slight pause.

    Definite “russion roulette” going on. An X-3 or above, positively charged and angled at the proper location and, well, I guess “God” took care of matters.

    Also on an aside, but apropos topical – Jerry over at futurescience.com/emp is quite helpful and his site is very informative. He hooked me up with a “MOV surge protector” (and I could expand MOV, but it still wouldn’t mean anything to most everyone) — about a couple bucks at RadioShack if you can find one and now which bin to look in (because the salespeople are fairly useless). What you do is hook one side of the lollipop in your stored portable generator on the plus and the other side on the minus of your 110 VAC (that would be volt alternating current… deep breath) receptacle. I just followed Jerry’s directions (my field is computer science, not electrical engineering). I any case, that is about as good as you can get to protect your generator from an EMP (and, don’t hook a grounding rod to it… as per Jerry’s instructions).

    For what it’s worth.

  20. Hi Craig,

    Last I heard there had been 3 “X” class flares in the last 2 days and one was an X-3 and they were increasing in strength. This solar storm (sun spot) causing this is just rotating into view it is not yet pointed at the earth.

    If this storm keeps going, in a few days solar flares could be directed at the earth and then if there is an even stronger flare, national grids and satellites could get damaged. We have not had a solar storm this active during this solar cycle so it is a threat that people should keep an eye on.

    If there was a major X class flare directed at the earth people could only have a day or two to get fuel for their back up generator before grid power goes out long term. Don’t expect to be able to buy a generator after the CME is on its way. You may be able to get some food and supplies because we really don’t know what the damage will be and people will be in denial, but after the lights go out it will be too late because the looting will clear out the stores in hours.

    It looks like we are now entering the peak of this solar cycle so the next few months could be critical. We Know that there is about a one in ten chance of having a flare and CME strong enough to damage our electrical grids each 11 year solar cycle. Yeah, we are still playing Russian Roulette with the life of our nation to save the billion dollars it would cost to protect our high voltage transformers.

  21. I think it’s to the point that if Obama isn’t taken out of office soon over all his scandalous behavior that continues to surface, then he’s not going to be taken out of office and will serve his full term.

    I know part of the problem is concretely linking him personally to any wrong doing like the IRS abuse, AP wire tapping, etc…but to go along with Benghazi and everything else, I’d think it would be enough to oust our Noble Prize Award winning, Homosexual and Chief.

    Sure, then we get the seemingly senile Joe “Smiley Face” Biden…but at least we know he’s an American and I doubt he could match Obama in the corruption department.

  22. Im not sure that a solar flare could cause enough of a prolonged effect to knock the States into a 3rd world style nation for very long, atleast long enough to erase us from a 7 yr period in prophecy. After listening to the Isaiah 9:10 & alot of research i noticed some things. In Isaiah 9:14 , it speaks of part of God’s judgement on Israel & Judah , a dividing & a closer examination of the words ,using a concordance shows something interesting.
    Isaiah 9:14 Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day. Lets look at the 2nd part first. The term branch is #H3712 in strongs hebrew concordance & rush is #H100. Branch has 5 related definitions , a branch , a leaf , a frond , palm frond , a palm leaf. The root word for rush in strongs #H98, it is defined as a 1,a pool , a troubled pool , troubled or muddy pools , marshes, swamps , reeds or rushes.
    In rabbinic tradition , prophecy is looked upon more as a study of patterns than the western interpretative approach as one of foretelling the future.Although , if the pattern holds true , it would by reasoning , reveal a limited options of occurrence in the furure. From someone having an interest in earthquakes ,after surviving the alaskan earthquake , im familiar with their history in the states. I had thought that the worst 2 in U.S. history were the slaskan & san fran earthquakes. Actually the worst (in energy expended ) was the 1812 earthquakes of the New Madrid zone. Just a yr or 2 ago , FEMA was notified of a recent spike in activity in the new madrid & wabash fault zones & they did a study on preparedness & likelihood of another quake & the results on the preparedness should alarm most of us. In the report it goes in detail on the estimated building & highway/bridge infrastructure as well as estimated deaths & injuries & if that wasnt dismal enough , what is more alarming is what they didnt say. Most of our petroleum refineries are along the mississippi & gulf (palms)& to the north around the rushes , pools ,swamps , are the great lake basin & illinois with more nuclear reactors than any other state. As i read the report & it got to these implications , coupled with a destroyed electrical grid & completely destroyed road/bridge infrastructure cutting a 100’s of miles swath down the center of the states , the fema report just stopped with their assessment of the situation. This would throw the states into total anarchy for decades . The electrical grid would go down from coast to coast , petrol shipments would stop immediately. Grocery deliveries would stop immediately. Jobs & manufacturing=gone. And this damage isnt anything that could be rectified anytime soon. Power would be sporadic & only for govt utilization , as well as limited fuel , it too would go to govt & only in the biggest cities. Law enforcement would be gone , remember katrina. Military would be law. All of our military forces would be needed here & not in gulf or middle east , just to try & maintain a very limited group of vital areas. The rest of the country would be thrown into chaos . If the pattern holds true , the most likely way a dividing of this nation from the ponds to the palms could occur would , would be a quake or series of quakes similar to the ones from 1811-1812. BTW , the USGS report says a recurrence is likely but the estimates of when are vague .

    This would also account for a lack of inclusion into the nations mentioned in the various end times scenarios & lack of help to israel in the last days.If you get the time , watch the isaiah 9:10 judgement film, then watch for seismic activity on the new madrid & wabash from CERA site or the USGS. I believe judgement is coming & soon.Time & time again throughout our history , the remark has been made about a house divided , were we speaking prophetically without knowing it here also?

  23. James,

    I dispute what “The Harbinger” book says on this blog. Read what David James has to say about Cain’s handling of scriptures and also see that the facts did not happen in the United States the way that Cain has claimed in his book.


    Isaiah nine is not about the United States it was talking to God’s covenant nation Israel, and their is no duel prophecy here or message to Gentile nations like the United States. Anyone can make scripture say anything if they are going to handle scriptures anyway they want, and then you’re even adding your own unfounded speculation to Cain’s false presumptions.

    America is already under judgment. God has already given us over to those that will not retain the knowledge of Him. The people America elect and the sins they embrace are the results of a nation not wanting to retain the knowledge of God or His word in their minds. So he gave them over to reap the folly of the Obama’s Holder’s, Polosi’s Reed’s Romney’s McCains, etc.

    If we received catastrophic judgement in one day or not is up to God, but we are already reaping judgment by our choices that can only lead to the downfall of the nation.

    Having said that, I agree that a catastrophic New Madrid earthquake could cause the damage to this nation that you claim. But, your wrong to assume that a Carrington type effect from a Solar flare could not put out our lights as a super power.

    We have about 200 Ultra high voltage transformers in this nation and if they were burnt out by electricity being generated and back-feeding in our long lines after a solar flare these transformers will be damaged or destroyed and that would send everyone dependent on the grid back to the 1800’s. Not to mention that we have thousands of less critical high voltage transformers. These ultra high voltage transformers are as big as a house and they take years to build, they are made overseas and are back ordered so there are no spares. For more information on the Solar threat do a Goggle search

    Further, there is little indication that the New Madrid fault line is now an imminent danger but the Solar storms are, because like I said in my previous comment, each peak solar storm cycle brings with it about a 10 percent chance of a solar storm that would unleash a Carrington type effect of the strength of 1859 ( It melted telegraph wires). Today such a solar storm would extensively damage our power grid and satellites and it would take years to repair. Meanwhile the whole nation would be under martial law and under totally rationing but before that could even be set up millions would die in the riots and looting.

    Anyway, don’t expect me to argue the points of the The Harbinger book here. Just read the article and form your own conclusion. Or better yet get David James’s book that refutes The book point by point.

  24. My hermeneutics & exegesis are not lacking & neither are Cahns(not Cain). To imply that a verse only has 1 level of applicability is ludicrous. The rabbis practice a form of scriptural interpretation referred to as pardes (pashat , remez, darash, sod). Christian scriptural interpretation allows for 3 levels of interpretation. An example is the passover. Another widely studied example are the 7 epistles in rev. To assume they were only applicable to those 7 churches to whom they were addressed & sent to is very limiting.God promises to do nothing to His ppl without revealing it to them first.Can you honestly say that all the occurrences stated in the isaiah 9:10 judgement are coincidence & NOT warning? Rabbis also have a quaint saying “coincidence is not a kosher word”. Christians teach that there is a purpose for everything.BTW , i did not state my resource as the HARBINGER , i only stated the isaiah 9:10 judgement & it is not formatted like the book the harbinger . It IS non fiction & just deals with the facts. I have researched the claims on the film & have yet to find anything fiction. God deals with foreshadows/similitudes/parables/allegories ect ect & ALL of these deal in a pattern. An example is the israelis when in the wilderness whining for meat & God gave them enough to choke on & vomit. He still uses same pattern today (sometimes) when dealing with a stubborn person. You would be correct in stating that isaiah 9:10 was primarily directed toward the israelis , but to limit it to that , would be to say God would never deal with us that way.
    As for effects of solar flares , im extremely aware of the potential , as my whole family is or was involved in telecommunications & electrical engineering. My father updated all of northern ohio & parts of illinois from the old carrier system in telecommunications to the server style. My uncle that just passed away was supervisor to all installation & repair for United/sprint . My brother spent 20+ yrs in same field & my siister is an elec engineer. I study it as a hobby, im a machinist/tool maker.I am also aware of the fragile & also decrepit nature of our elect infrastructure. I remember in the 90’s when a supposed squirrel around akron ohio got into a substation & blacked out the whole east coast to ohio. In 1859 , they were just implementing ground lines for telegraphs & elliminating dual lines , but they lacked in understanding of ground conditions for proper grounding. The first transcontinental line with complete all points grounding was finished in 1861. We have come along way in our engineering practices, this is not to say we’ve done a good job in anticipatory implementation of the principles we’ve learned.
    Most of the verses regarding prophecy in end times deals with a predominant darkening/blackening of the sun , except for a verse or 2 in isaiah .I am not saying it couldnt happen that way , that God would never utilize that to deal with us , anymore than i would never say the pattern of dealing with a stubborn nation like israel would never be a pattern used in dealing with a stubborn ppl like the U.S..

  25. James,

    Do not put words in my mouth. I never said that Bible prophecy can only have one fulfillment. I said that Isa 9:10 cannot be a duel prophecy about the United States. How anyone can get a prophecy about the United States out of the context of Isa 9 is beyond me. The target of the scripture is made clear in the passage, we are not Israel. Besides, this passage is not a warning to Israel it is a statement of fact, and if one is going to apply this message to Israel to America than there is no purpose for Cahn’s book because repentance is not in the prophecy. Also, to say what is said here to true believers in America is dishonoring the body of Christ, and unbelievers in America do not give a hoot what Cahn says and they are not going to be changing their sinful ways because of anything that Cahn said.

    1 ¶ Nevertheless the dimness shall not be such as was in her vexation, when at the first he lightly afflicted the land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, and afterward did more grievously afflict her by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, in Galilee of the nations.
    2 The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.
    3 Thou hast multiplied the nation, and not increased the joy: they joy before thee according to the joy in harvest, and as men rejoice when they divide the spoil.
    4 For thou hast broken the yoke of his burden, and the staff of his shoulder, the rod of his oppressor, as in the day of Midian.
    5 For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood; but this shall be with burning and fuel of fire.
    6 For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
    7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.
    8 ¶ The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel.
    9 And all the people shall know, even Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria, that say in the pride and stoutness of heart,
    10 The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.
    11 Therefore the LORD shall set up the adversaries of Rezin against him, and join his enemies together;
    12 The Syrians before, and the Philistines behind; and they shall devour Israel with open mouth. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.
    13 For the people turneth not unto him that smiteth them, neither do they seek the LORD of hosts.
    14 Therefore the LORD will cut off from Israel head and tail, branch and rush, in one day.
    15 The ancient and honourable, he is the head; and the prophet that teacheth lies, he is the tail.
    16 For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.
    17 Therefore the Lord shall have no joy in their young men, neither shall have mercy on their fatherless and widows: for every one is an hypocrite and an evildoer, and every mouth speaketh folly. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.
    18 For wickedness burneth as the fire: it shall devour the briers and thorns, and shall kindle in the thickets of the forest, and they shall mount up like the lifting up of smoke.
    19 Through the wrath of the LORD of hosts is the land darkened, and the people shall be as the fuel of the fire: no man shall spare his brother.
    20 And he shall snatch on the right hand, and be hungry; and he shall eat on the left hand, and they shall not be satisfied: they shall eat every man the flesh of his own arm:
    21 Manasseh, Ephraim; and Ephraim, Manasseh: and they together shall be against Judah. For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still.

    Look, I am not going to argue with people that want to believe they found something in scripture that is not said or implied in the passage. I am fed up with people that make scripture say anything they want. There are many out there making excuses for Cahn’s error and they have been used by Satan to attack good discernment ministries that do not agree with Cahn’s handling of the scriptures.

    They are not going to get a platform here on my blog, so don’t waste your time giving me the usually nonsense that is pushed on WND and the talk circuits in order to keep peddling this stuff. God can do what He wants when He wants to America but He does not need people putting words in His mouth either.

    The Bible is clear that all nations take paths that will lead to their downfall. No national repentance in America is going to come about because of Cahn’s book. He is just preaching bad theology to his own choir and this bad theology is being used to confuse the Body on other issues that are obvious to me but I am not going to get into them here. Likewise, the judgments on the US and all Gentile nations are not coming because Cahn’s book is rejected by unbelievers.

    As for the rest of what you said it has nothing to do with the Solar flare threat to our Grid. The vulnerabilities to our ultra high voltage transformers from a solar EMP are well known and they can be found through any Google search.

  26. hm. Especially as a teenager, I would read the prophecy books my friends recommended and wonder how they could twist things to make it mean the US. We have known, yes we have, that this country was no longer blessed, for awhile.I guess the “salt has lost it’s saltiness” and we Christians are just not making any difference in society at all. As a matter of fact, we’ve become oddities…which except for Catholic Europe, has been true for much of our existence. Might be time to read some of Paul’s writings about being a Christian in a non christian society.

    God will fulfill every promise to Israel. this seems to be still partially prophetic as it occurs with spiritual revival…not just physical occupation of the land.i am eager to see Israel stand up and truly be God’s people!

    The Church has a slightly different path. We are called to “go and sin no more.” How well does anyone in America really do that? How well do we spread the Good Word? How often do we feed the hungry, visit those in prison, pray for others….including our own government. I think that;s quite a lot for one lifetime…as well as taking even the prophetic material as GOOD NEWS. we are warned. so we may be prepared, and not in fear as the world will be…Don as had some wonderful ideas for maintaining self and family for what is coming…we are supposed to be drawing people to Christ, to salvation…not telling them who to vote for ( it no longer matters, in case you didn’t notice)

    I;m kind of glad the sun is flaring and storming..as several years ago, the scientists thought maybe the sun had ceased creating flares and sunspots. this downturn led to some of our wonky weather. so try to be of good cheer….and keep working to make someone in government get serious about EMP’s. instead of gun control and gay marriage. They want us hating each other and never turning serious eyes on THEM.it’s ugly….but not unusual.

    Thank you again Don for keeping this blog going.

  27. Faith,

    Thanks and your welcomed, but I do not think we can expect Americans to do what you suggested when you and I both know that most Americans do not really believe.

  28. I believe as most of you do that America will be taken out of the picture before end time prophecies are fulfilled, but I don’t when. We’re still here and as long as we are I think it matters very much who we vote for. Is there any reason why believers can’t be political activists and still talk to others about salvation? It does not have to be one or the other.
    I’m very concerned about the issues whether it saves the country or not. I’m going to be stuck with Obamacrap-I mean Obamacare because of who was elected. Now they’re planning ways to take my gun and every other freedom that is supposed to be protected under the U.S. constitution.
    I was hoping the Gosnell trial would point out the abomination of abortion to a lot of pro choice advocates. From what I’ve read all they got from it was a need to more closely monitor abortion clinics and make sure women get safe abortions. BS.
    It seems like I stay perpetually angry over all the issues. It isn’t just the U.S. it’s the whole insane world system. Can’t wait for Jesus to get here.
    Any way it’s all a matter of principal what I fight for. I was mugged at a truck stop once and the punks had to drag me 15 feet because I wouldn’t let go of my purse. I knew I would eventually lose but it’s a principle.
    So what do you people think? Am I wrong? Should we just give up on it?

  29. Caitlin Lane,

    Lot was a wimp and offered his daughters to the perverts but the angels shut the door and blinded the perverts. Come to think of it, Abraham also had to rescue his weak nephew. And it was Lot that sought safety in the cities.

  30. We can look at the life of the nation Israel as a ‘type’ of an individual believer. She was redeemed from the slavery of Egypt to be Jehovah’s witness to the world, but succumbed to the lusts of the eyes the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life with very few actually entering into the ‘promised land’ or staying there when they did (Israel has suffered and is now suffering major dispersions from the land). We know from Scripture that God is going to deal with her in judgement where she, as a nation, will repent and be brought into all the blessings of the New Covenant.

    (Those of us who have lived a ‘normal’ Christian life, of warfare between the flesh and the spirit, should be able to empathise with her).

    No other nation or empire can be compared with Israel because no other nation or empire has been redeemed as Israel was, or called as she was, or used in spite of herself as she was (and is).

    Today individual believers can liken Israel’s experiences to their own, but to do so from a national viewpoint is fraught with arrogance and nationalistic pride.

  31. Caitlin, I never suggested not to vote. Just that we realize being a good citizen and being a Christian may not be the same thing anymore.

    Lot was not saved because he was good. He was saved because of the covenant with Abraham. if Abraham could save Lot. we should be encouraged to pray for those we love unceasingly.And for our country and leaders.

  32. @Faith, Hi. I know you didn’t suggest we shouldn’t vote. It seemed you were saying America was so far gone it wouldn’t matter who we voted for but apparently that isn’t what you meant. I responded to what I thought you meant. Besides praying I believe God expects us to take action where we are able to. As you and Don both pointed out, Abraham rescued Lot but it wasn’t by sitting down and praying then waiting for God to do it. My point was that whether we win or not shouldn’t we keep fighting for what’s right? Maybe I don’t know when to give up. I really hadn’t thought of it in terms of being a good citizen.
    The gay community organized and got their perverted lifestyle legalized. The pro choice people got the supreme court to legalize baby murder in 1973. Now we’re facing the loss of freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms and I’m wondering how Christians let this happen. Well it happened and we can’t turn it around but we can at least fight for right as long as we’re here. It’s only my opinion. I know plenty of Christians who don’t get involved with any of these issues. So that’s what was on my mind when I submitted my comment.

  33. To Caitlin and Faith Especially,

    I am especially guilty for “throwing in the towel” for this country, as you probably have figured out by my comments.

    I feel as though I’m on the sinking Titanic with a small water-pail to attempt to help bail us out to safety.

    I feel that the only impact I can make on society is to proclaim The Lord Jesus to everyone I meet.

    I read Don’s Blog here and the news daily and think it’s heading exactly towards ‘End Times Prophecy’ regardless of what I do.

    I see the homosexual agenda expanding rapidly, I see the grotesqueness of what the Gosnell people did (and I’m sure there is many more of those who haven’t been caught), I see Major Hasan getting his “Islamic rights” and still rotting in our prison system for the Ft Hood Massacre, I see Obama making a total mockery of this country….and so much more.

    I think “freedom of speech” and the “right to bear arms” will eventually cease completely in the U.S. regardless of what I do.

    Am I correct with my bad defeatist attitude ?….probably not.

    I do not relish the thought of all the people all over the world who are going to be in great pain over the coming events, however, I see that as the problems escalate, the pop-culture in the U.S. takes bigger steps to get God and morality legislated out of existence to cure the problem…when in fact, the exact opposite needs to be done to correct things, which is obviously not going to happen.

    I saw a bumper sticker that said…

    Know Jesus, Know Peace
    No Jesus, No Peace

  34. @David. Hi. I agree. We aren’t going to change the world. I’ll make this comment then I’ll shut up about it. This morning I was thinking about the people on Flight 93 who went down in Pa. on 911. They could have sat still and waited for the end but when they realized what was happening they formed the best plan they could and tried to take back the plane. They crashed and died but at least they tried. In their case they ended up saving a lot of other lives because that plane never reached its destination of the capitol building or the white house.
    In my previous post I gave an example of being mugged at a truck stop. I was out numbered and out weighed but the idea of just handing over my purse was unthinkable. [They dragged me 55′ not 15′. That was a typo.]I had abrasions on my back and right arm. No big deal, there was a principal behind it.
    You’re doing what you believe you need to do, Faith is doing what she believes she needs to do and I’m just going to keep fighting for lost causes. [lol]

  35. First, I’d like to say that all this talk about a major “Revival” from what I’m hearing and reading….IS happening….just not so much in the United States.

    I’m hearing in the news about great turmoil in Africa because of the opposition to Christianity…we are not hearing political rhetoric against these Christians and new Christians, they are paying with their lives.

    From Christian sources that I listen to, it is being said that there are Muslims, again risking their lives to find the way, the truth, and the life.

    To what degree is this happening ?…I really don’t know for certain, but we here in the U.S. have it easy to accept The Lord, these other countries don’t…yet, they choose The Lord and I am elated to hear about these great Christians.

    And Caitlin, I am sorry you had to experience the scourge of society like you did, and good for you for fighting back…and most of all, coming out of it as well as you did.

    While I am pessimistic about our nations future, I am not advocating a passive, no fight back for your safety either…it is such a quagmire, our personal safety is related to the rights that the elites want to take away from us and we might end up having to fight like you (Caitlin) to survive.

  36. Lately, I’ve read and heard (on radio) more talking points of Atheists….and Christians for that matter…trying to prove their side is right.

    I think both sides usually do a miserable job.

    I do think that the only way some atheists will ever believe that Jesus is the LIVING Son Of God is if he appeared weekly on American Idol.

    I am hearing the slogan I knew was going to get more abundant as our nation falls apart, “if there is a God, then why does he let ‘X’ happen ?”. These people want all their sin to be ignored by a Holy God and want a Heavenly like existence on earth and want The Lord God Almighty to work like a genie for them, or they say there is no God.

    The atheists are winning a lot of battles in our court system and mainstream media but we do know in the end, they lose quite terribly.

  37. I don’t know about anyone else but I am totally sickened by two mass murderers who are getting more than they deserve in our court system.

    How is it that these two, Maj. Nidal Hasan & James Holmes, have not been convicted and faced the consequences for their actions already ?


    Maj. Nidal Hasan, Army Psychiatrist, who killed 13 and wounded many more, who will represent himself is going with a defense that would show that he was compelled to do so because the soldiers posed an imminent danger to Taliban fighters.

    Are you kidding me ?

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/04/accused-fort-hood-gunman-says-had-to-gun-down-soldiers-because-were-taliban/#ixzz2VJx6ApoD

    This gets my blood boiling so I’ll just see if there are any comments regarding this who feel the same way I do.


    James Holmes, who killed 12 & injured 70 and has now been granted the insanity plea.

    I do realize that there are more coming, like the Boston Bomber, etc.

    Everyone gets their day in court, I get that…but there is no grey area here…I guess the only swift “justice” left in our country, the U.S., is if one was to get caught cheating the IRS mafia, then surely, justice would be swift.

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