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People are wondering how the House of Representatives not funding parts of our federal government will all play out. That really is not the main problem because they already funded most of our government in separate bills. About 83 percent of government employees are working again and they all will get paid. The more critical issues is the need to raise the national debt ceiling limit by October 17th or the U.S. Treasury says we could have a debt default.

This is not to be taken lightly because Treasury Secretary Lew, has cleaned out every government trust fund in existence over the last couple of months to pay the bills. That is why the national debt clock stopped months ago. By October 17th, there will be no more government trust funds to “borrow” from. So any debt ceiling crunch is not going to be like last time when they just found money in these trust funds until the debt ceiling bill was passed. “Borrowing” from trust funds set a bad precedence and the Treasury now routinely cleans out the trust funds before they set a default deadline. Maybe this time they will borrow from our 401K’s and bank accounts to avoid default?

If the ceiling is not raised, they just might have to pay with IOU’s and that is not going to fly well for those collecting government checks or those invested in the United States Treasuries. Nobody really know what will happen if the default occurs and China is warning us not to let it happen. If the debt ceiling is not raised, Obama chooses who gets paid from any new tax revenues and he is already hinting that social security recipients might not get their checks. That is a scary thought. And I assure you there is not enough new tax revenues being collected to pay for all programs.

The reason the House is playing hardball with Obama on funding the government is because they want to let the people that they represent know that the Affordable Care Act is not good law and it certainly is not yet ready to go prime time. When things go wrong under the ACA, as they obviously will, they can point their finger at President Obama and his refusal to delay the program until the problems were worked out. I also think the House is fed up with Obama’s dictatorial ways. They are sending a message to him that he was not elected to be dictator and he will have to deal with Congress to govern.

Obama thinks the Republicans controlling the House will cave, but maybe not. Maybe the Republicans think Obama will cave like he did after saying he was going to strike Syria. Maybe Republicans should tell Putin to give Obama a deal he can’t refuse.

Keep in mind that everyone in the House of Representatives is up for reelection next year. Many in the House want the ACA to be rescinded and some were elected to Congress to do that, but they also know as long as Obama is in office that this is not going to happen. The best the Republicans can hope for is some compromise and some publicity that tells those that elected them that they are doing their best to oppose Obama’s socialistic programs.

The powers that be, had better work something out by that Oct 17th deadline or there is going to be one hell of a panic in the financial markets late next week. I suppose there is a good possibility that they will come up with a short-term debt ceiling raise and kick the can down the road so that we can do this all over again in a few months.

Even if they do raise the debt ceiling, if the continuing resolution is not fully funded, Veteran disability checks may not be sent out next month. Last week the House tried to fund the Veterans but the Senate and Obama oppose a separate bill funding the Veterans. The House will try again, and if the Senate and Obama do not allow the funding of the Veterans to pass, millions of Veterans and their supporters may soon be marching on Washington DC for an extended stay. Somebody in Washington had better face reality soon. Nobody is going to score political points by screwing the disabled war veterans of this nation.

If that happens, It might be time for the military to step in and dissolve our government and hold new elections like is underway in Egypt. I am not sure that a two-party system even serves the people of this nation anymore. We might have to set up a parliamentary system where all majority and minority parties have representation and together they come up a Prime Minister to govern. In that system, when enough people lose confidence in their government the parties agree to dissolve the government and hold new elections. It keeps things more peaceful. It seems that we have come to a point where the two-party system that we now have has become dysfunctional.

A one party system did not work in the USSR and our two-party system may be the next casualty. Many Americans are not being represented by these two parties. There appears to be too many different factions in the United States to just have two parties decide who will lord over all Americans. This is no longer the WASP nation that the founders set up.

Dare I say it? Maybe it is time for a Constitutional Convention. Our government is not following the Constitution that we have now anyway. Do your realize that the Democrat majority Senate has not even passed a budget in more than three years.? The government has run on continuing resolutions since 2009. That is one dysfunctional way to run a government.

It would take a couple of years for the states to even vote to hold a Constitutional Convention and by that time, I have a feeling that the “progressives” will not be in favor in America. So it may be a good time to get the ball rolling. We need to firm up the wording of certain parts of the Constitution and do some adjustments to limit federal government and change some things about how our federal government governs. We also need term limits and a balanced budget in the Constitution. And like I said, a parliamentary system might now be more suitable.

It is hard to say who will take the most heat for these budget crises’ in the next election. Conservative Republicans are going to have to turn public opinion against the uncompromising Democrats. I think they may have started to do that mainly because of the message and efforts of Senator Ted Cruz and the influence of alternative media. If the Republicans play their cards right, more support will come later because the ACA will prove to be a dysfunctional nightmare.

Everything the Democrat “progressive” socialists do ends up in a disaster because these people do not deal with human reality. I have said before, if you give the socialists enough rope they will hang themselves. They have enough rope and it looks like they are on the path to the gallows.

The man who Conservatives have looked for, could be Ted Cruz. He is shaking up the Republican establishment and he leads those that want more limited Constitutional government. It is a little early to say if Cruz can stay true to his message or succeed in his efforts, especially since he is being demonized on both sides of the Senate aisle and by MSM.

Certain high-profile established Republican leaders in the Republican Party fear Ted Cruz, and well they should. Their jobs will be on the line if they lose control of the Republicans to actual Conservatives. Cruz is nothing short of brilliant, he also seems to be incorruptible and unflappable. Ted Cruz very well could be the next President of the United States if the majority of Americans get fed up with the Republican establishment that relentlessly caves in to left-wing programs.

I know one thing. The ACA is the biggest government grab for power in the history of this nation. The Act is insanely unconstitutional, and when people find out what this Act means to them, they are going to go ballistic. Obama delaying parts of the Act, and his giving exemptions to whomever he wants, is against the law. He does not have the authority to selectively enforce the ACA. He needs to enforce the laws of this land equally for all or he should get impeached. I do not see how the Supreme Court allows these Acts of injustice on Americans to stand. Certainly, Americans should not allow this injustice to continue.

Perhaps the best policy is not to hinder the socialist self-destruction. The ACA will crash and burn in due time. When it does, progressive heads will roll. By wanting to delay this Act by a year, Conservatives might actually be helping Democrats win more seats in the 2014 election. I am aware of the argument that if we do not stop the ACA right now, that by 2014 or 2016 the American people will become dependent on it, and then it may be too late to rescind it. Maybe…but who says that Americans will not be in full revolt against these socialistic program by 2016 because of bureaucratic tyranny, irresponsible overspending, debt, money creation, rising costs, and what all this does to our already frail economy?

We do need affordable health care for all in this nations but this ACA regulatory monstrosity and the government bureaucracy and tyranny that will be required to enforce the Act is not the answer for America.

We should not assume that there will not be major negative consequences to the standard of living in America because of the socialistic Obama programs. As things further deteriorate in this country, Obama’s approval rating will drop. In the last Gallop poll it was down to 41 percent. If it drops into the mid to upper 30’s, Obama becomes a liability to the Democrats. They will trash him if they think it will save their own skin.


Many of the same progressive loons that run our economic policy also run our foreign policy, so it should not surprise Conservatives that the Obama administration is also making all the wrong decisions in foreign affairs. For example, appeasing the known murderous liars in Iran will do nothing but encourage them to continue to ramp up their nuclear arms program in secrecy.

Iran is going all out to develop nuclear weapons and if anyone in a position of power says differently, they either do not want to be confused with the facts, or they are complicit in wanting Iran to become a regional nuclear power. Even so, the power brokers of the West should not think that they can bully Israel into doing nothing about Iran. Israel will do whatever it thinks it must do for its own survival. They are not going to just sit around forever watching Obama play out these failed games of appeasement and diplomacy while Iran continues developing the means to destroy them.

Israel must have finally figured out that America under Obama has become a liability to them. They must know that soon they will have to take matters into their own hands or a religious cult in Iran will attempt to destroy them. Israel is really in God’s hands, but most in Israel believe the enemies of Israel will be defeated through Israel’s own military might. In other words, many in Israel give lip service to God protecting their nation, but they think they have to help Him out.

Will Israel really let Iran go into another winter season when Israel loses much of its surveillance capability because of cloud cover, or will they strike Iran before this winter? Who really knows? I know this, Israel certainly will not allow Iran’s Plutonium reactor at Arak to go operational. The Arak reactor got delayed a year but it is now scheduled to go critical within a year. After the reactor goes operational, any attack to destroy it would spread deadly Plutonium on a number of countries. If they don’t attack the reactor, it will be producing enough Plutonium to produce the material for two nuclear bombs a year. That is how North Korea got the bomb. That is why Israel will destroy this heavy water reactor before it becomes operational, just as they did the reactors in Iraq and Syria.

Therefore, if Israel bombs Iran within the next year, what will Obama do? He probably will blame Israel for starting a war with Iran. If Congress does not stop Obama, he might even take more action against Israel than just blaming Israel. He certainly will not be helping Israel, but Israel should have known the history and the psychological makeup of Obama before they put their trust in him to stand with Israel like previous presidents.

Israel has no excuse for ever thinking that Obama changed his spots. This guy is no friend of Israel and he never has been one. All the talk of support for Israel was just a lie to appease supporters of Israel for their contributions to his election campaign and for their votes. People are known by the friends they keep. With all of Israel’s intelligence they ought to have known that it would come to this.

I would say that if nothing is achieved to stop Iran nuclear weapons program, that the very latest Israel will act against Iran will be the fall of 2014, and they could take action this fall or in the spring. I do not think Obama will take any military action against Iran unless the American public puts so much heat on him that he sees no other choice. After his about-face in Syria, Iran is now also convinced that Obama will never order any bombing attack on them. They see no reason to stop developing their nuclear weapons ambitions. The nuclear talks with Kerry only exist because they know that America is incredibly gullible. It seems that Liberals want to be lied to because the alternative upsets their utopian apple cart. The peace talks in Israel is much the same as is the talks with North Korea. Liberals never learn.


There is a populist but demonic Pope in the Vatican. He is giving out a message to the world that could lead people to their damnation. The Pope said that if people do what they conceive is right that they will go to Heaven. Psychopaths do what is right in their own eyes so will they go to Heaven? Some mass murders and world tyrants do what they conceive is right, but they are wickedly evil and they never will be in Heaven. The Pope wants people to believe that if everyone just follows their conscience the world will be great and when they die they will go to Heaven.  I have news for this Roman joker, that would make Heaven a Hell hole.

With every word that proceeds out of the mouth of this false vicar of Christ, one has to ask? Is the Pope Catholic? It seems that he opposes some Roman Catholic doctrine. Some Catholics would call him an anti-pope. He certainly cannot be Christian when he promotes Universalism and salvation through your own works theology. This Pope is especially dangerous because he says some true things about the Roman Catholic Church that need to be said. However, truth mixed with error has always been the deadly poison that Satan uses for deception. Pope Francis appeals to those that think that people can earn their way to Heaven by trying to do what is right in their own eyes, but that is taking the broad gate that leads to destruction (Mt 7:13). One must come in through the narrow gate that leads to life and that gate is Jesus.

It is interesting that soon after this Pope was chosen, I wrote an article asking if Pope Francis will be the Antichrist or the False Prophet? That article has already ascended to the number three spot on the all time downloads on this six-year-old Blog. Obviously a lot of people are wondering about this Pope, and for good reason. He simply gets the Christian message all wrong. He seems to be a fitting leader of the end time Harlot of Revelation chapter 17. This Pope is antichrist but probably is not the Antichrist. In any case, things are rapidly shaping up for all prophecy to be fulfilled in the very near future.


Pastor Chuck Smith went to be with the Lord a few days ago, he was 86 years old. Sometimes I bring up his name in Christian company and local Christians do not have any clue who I am talking about. That tells me that most people know little about what is going on in Christianity outside of their own little bubble or denomination.

Chuck Smith was and is a giant of the faith. Smith started the Calvary Chapel movement …who are they, you ask? The first Calvary Chapel started as an outreach to hippies in California. It was also known as the Jesus movement. There are now 1600 Calvary Chapel churches across the country that have followed the leading of Chuck Smith. The main emphases of these churches is expository teaching through the Bible. Their teachings in the Sunday service go verse-by-verse through the Bible. The teaching of the Bible is in-depth and the teaching message usually lasts the better part of an hour on Sunday. Calvary Chapels also have lengthy music worship that appeals to those that want to worship the Lord through songs of reverence and praise. Many Calvary Chapels also have home groups or small group Bible studies during the week.

A lot of Calvary Chapels have become mega churches because they are good churches and there usually is only one or two Calvary Chapels within reasonable driving distance even in the big cities. Also, Calvary Chapel pastors do not jump ship for bigger churches, they stay and grow their own congregation. These are not seeker sensitive churches with the watered down gospel and they are not postmodern emergent churches that are guided by relativism and mysticism.

Calvary Chapels preach the word as if it is God’s message to the world and Church. It is! They also are premillennial and they teach the soon return of Jesus Christ. They are not concerned with being politically correct. They take biblical stands on all the issues impacting our society. They believe the only solution to the problems of the world is spiritual rebirth by Jesus and trusting in God’s written word for instructions on how to live as new creations in Christ.

There are now many great teachers in the Calvary Chapel movement. The first ones started teaching in Chuck Smith’s own church Bible studies. When they showed themselves approved, Smith helped them start-up new Calvary Chapel churches in other parts of the Southwest. Then these successful churches followed Chuck Smith’s own example and they produced many other great teachers. Now there are 1600 Bible churches calling themselves Calvary Chapels and the movement continues to expand to all over the United States and now parts of the world. Calvary Chapels really are not a denomination, they are independent Bible churches, but to use the Calvary Chapel name there are certain requirements that have to be met.

Chuck Smith’s teachings were first available on tapes from free tape lending libraries. People moving from Smith’s mega church in California to other areas of the country still wanted to hear Smith’s messages so tapes were produced and lending libraries were set up in other cities. Often Chuck’s teaching led to small home groups that then became the core group for the start of a new church.

Today Calvary Chapels have their own radio network. They have dozens of excellent teachers broadcasting 24/7. You might want to check to see if you have a Calvary Chapel radio station in your own listening area. If not, the broadcasts also can be download to your computer, Ipad, Iphone or Android. You might even have a Calvary Chapel church in your local area. I certainly would attend a Calvary Chapel church myself if there was one anywhere near where I live. The nearest Calvary Chapel is over 2 hours away.  :cry:

I can think of no contemporary Christian man who did more to positively impact true Christianity in America. He also never compromised his message like some other good teachers have done through their ungodly lifestyles and hypocrisy. Thank God for Pastor Chuck Smith! He will be greatly missed on earth… for a short season.


I have not told you this, but for a couple of years now ~David has been proofreading my articles. I am telling you this so that you will blame him for any grammar or spelling mistakes that you see. :wink: Don’t get on his case too fast though, I first post the article and then sometimes it is hours before he proof reads it, then I still have to make the corrections that he points out.

If you read an early addition of my posts, you most likely will see a number of grammatical errors. God did not bless me with a brain that easily learns proper English skills or that sees all omissions of words or words that should not be there. Sometimes I will read something over a dozen times and still not see an obvious word missing or some other obvious error. So ~David helps a lot. Thanks David!

I changed a few settings on my comment spam software and changed some things on the site access file. I think some people were getting needlessly blocked and some people and robots that should be blocked were getting through. With all the spammers and hackers out there, it is hard to keep up with Internet security. I probably will be backing up everything on my site to the Cloud before long since it is so easy for someone with a little skill to hack into a site and destroy years of work if it is not regularly backed up.

If you are having a problem accessing this site or commenting, send me an email but also try to explain the problem so that I can research it. I have 34 plugins activated on my blog and about a dozen of them just deal with comment spam and hackers. None of these can possibly work perfectly because some real people do look or act like robots. :mrgreen:

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