Revolution against hard left progressive tyranny begins in 2014

When a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them [i.e. the people] under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776

The above is pretty strong language, but it is the wording used by the fathers of this nation when they declared independence from Great Britain in 1776 during the American revolution. Many now think that those running our government have become even more tyrannical than King George III of Britain ever was.

If that statement in the Deceleration of Independence was moral justification for the revolution from Great Britain, perhaps the progressive tyranny coming from the ruling hard left minority in America is also moral justification for throwing off their tyranny by any means necessary? I think that could become the defining issue for many Americans in 2014 unless an even more critical issue such as a foreign war, economic collapse, or grid collapse occurs first.

The ruling hard left in America like to call themselves “Progressives” but we first need to define who these “Progressives” really are. They are Communists or very close cousins of Communists such as Fascists or Fabian socialists. These are not the Liberals of the Democratic Party that many of our grandparents identified with.

Most Liberals today do not have the ideals that were found in liberal America after world war II. In those days Communism was actually the national enemy of most calling themselves Liberals. That all changed when radical hippies following Mao became identified as Liberals and joined and greatly influenced the Democratic Party. Now these hard left socialists control the Democratic party

They prefer the name “Progressives” because they want to believe that they are progressing the human race to some idealist collective utopia. However, any nation the hard left takes over quickly becomes an ant farm. The elite predatory queens kill off all threats to them using their soldier ants, then workers ants are permitted to live to keep the elite queen ants fat and happy. Now that you understand what “Progressives” really are, I will go on.

Obviously the preferred means for Americans to keep government from getting out of control would be by peaceful means. However, if tyrannical government becomes well established and it cannot be thrown off peacefully then Americans have the right, the duty, to throw off that despotic government and reestablish liberty by the means necessary.

If those under tyrannical government do not set themselves free, they will remain subjects of that government just like so many other nations in the world. They are not a free people and will only have the liberty that the oligarchy allows. Make no mistake, Progressives war against free people having individual liberties because liberty is not compatible with collectivism and statist control. With Progressives in power, the unique claims of America being a free nation under God with liberty and justice for all just becomes an oxymoron.

Those that hold federal office in this country must swear to defend our Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Yet, our government from the top down has been infiltrated with  domestic enemies that openly trash the very Constitution that they have sworn to uphold. Most that are not among the domestic enemies are ignoring the oath that they swore to defend. That must stop! If we are not going to abide by the oaths that we swear to, why swear oaths at all? Have we become a nations of liars? If so, we deserve our enslavement.

The issues are obvious. We have an imperial President that does not abide by or enforce laws that he does not like, but he makes lawless decrees that citizens are required to follow. He uses agencies of government to push lawless and immoral agendas and he uses them to oppress any that dare oppose him. We also have a House of Representatives that will not impeach him because they are afraid of the consequences and we have a Senate that is controlled by hard left entrenched thugs.

Progressives are appointed to positions by the President as Czars and Cabinet officers to rule bureaucracies that too often enforce unconstitutional and lawless decrees. They also are appointed to the judicial system and these legislate from the bench and rule against constitutional state and local laws.

With such a bleak picture of who is in control in America, why would I think revolution against this tyranny could begin in 2014?

President Obama’s approval ratings are the lowest in modern history for a president at this point in his second term. Even so, Obama always will have support from those that hate what America stood for. Most of these want government hand outs or want world socialism where ideally everyone would share equally in the collective wealth of the world. Of course, collectivism has never worked in the real world because it is contrary to the fallen human nature and it encourages mediocrity. Obama’s big promise of change for America is a change toward socialistic collectivism. As the majority of traditional Americans catch on to that fact, he is losing support.

As Obama’s policies hit home, even some Democrats are catching on that this guy is nothing but bad news for America. Most that vote Democrat are not hard left. Most just believe what the system and the media tell them. The reality that they live in will eventual trump government and media lies. We may finally be reaching that point.

No matter how much government lies about how things are improving, the vast majority of people in this nation see otherwise. Wages are still falling and many only can find low paying part-time jobs without any benefits. Only the top one percent are getting richer in this nation.

Falling wages and less small businesses are part of the reason why most people are getting poorer. Other reasons why most are becoming poorer is because the Federal Reserve just creates dollars to buy bonds to keep interest rates below what the market would normally demand. Therefore, savers lose buying power each year when adjusted to the real inflation rate. In addition, Government cost of living adjustments are kept artificially low, so all receiving cost of living adjusted funds from the government also have less buying power each year.

The rich are getting richer because the Federal Reserve encourages big banks to borrow from them at almost zero interest rate, but these banks use the money to gamble on the stock and derivative markets. The Federal Reserve money creation policies have created the big run up in the stock and bond markets where the rich play. At some point the rich will see the handwriting on the wall and dump stocks and bonds for tangibles and then the markets will crash and mutual funds and retirement fund will be decimated.

The middle class in America is being destroyed and this will only get worse in 2014. That becomes the reality in any hard left socialist nation. Should it be any surprise that a President brought up by Communists would take us into big government socialism? The biggest supporters of Obama are leaches, billionaires, the five big banks that government favors, and the favored corporations receiving government contracts and favors. That is also a definition of national socialism (Fascism).

There are signs that the economy is growing even weaker. Unemployment claims have been going back up and Christmas sales look to be down. Thanks to easy money by the Federal Reserve the stock and bond market has blown into a bubble that is likely to explode in 2014. I guess the Democrats will blame the Republicans as being obstructionists, but how long are Americans going to continue to believe that yarn? There is an election in November and if there is another official recession even Democrats running for office will not be supporting the agenda of an unpopular president.

Obama’s foreign policy has been a failure everywhere and that is sure to continue in 2014. Iran was on the ropes, but Obama stabbed Saudi Arabia and Israel in the back with his Iranian appeasement deal. Iran is sure to take advantage of the weakness in American leadership. All this could lead to a real war in 2014 or more loss of face for Obama. You can bet that there will be more than one crises in 2014 that will test Obama, and when those tests occur, Obama probably will be missing in action like usual or making all the wrong moves. Will Americans really put up with a president that cannot lead for three more years?

The Unaffordable Care Act (Obamacare) is a disaster and it will impact 1/6th of our economy and the full force of it really has not even started yet. In 2014 people will start to get the real picture instead of the lies. Obama is pushing the employer mandate off until just after the 2014 election to keep people in the dark but the truth will get out. Insurance plans with new AFA mandates will be hitting millions in the pocketbook and just this health care issue alone could cause the Democrats to lose the Senate. Would Obama dare veto any bipartisan action to make major changes in the AFA?

Nationalism is rising with a vengeance in Europe. The European people are being impacted by the wrongheaded immigration policies of the Fabian socialist social engineers pushing multiculturalism. The people of Europe are turning against immigration and Islam. Yet, Obama will be pushing for legalizing illegal aliens in America and will continue denying the threat of Islam even as Islamic terrorism increases in the world. The most advanced nations in the western world are now moving right while Obama continues to try to drag America toward hard left socialism. Even dumbed down people feel reality when it kicks them in the butt. I think nationalism will be rising in America as well.

Many American people cannot even find a job now, so will they really favor more immigrants or will they revolt against politicians that try to shove immigration reform down their throat? They certainly will insist on enforcing national borders, but we have already been shown that this President can choose not to do that. Therefore, will empty promises of future border enforcement even be believed? That does not seem likely.

A recent Gallup poll said that 72 percent of Americans believe that big government will be the biggest threat to this county in the future. The NSA big brother surveillance exposure and the IRS scandal obviously woke some people up. When people are seeing federal government as the big danger, that should favor the smaller government Conservatives.

It seems that the issue of a no confidence vote against Obama is almost certain to come up in 2014. If it can be demonstrated that there is no confidence by a large majority of Americans, could it be followed by a demand for resignations? It happens in other nations. What if half the nation went out in the streets like happened in Egypt? Far fewer people in the streets brought down the once great Soviet Union. The Obama administration could not survive anything like a national strike for very long.

The head of the Cold Case Posse in Arizona that is investigating the Obama birth certificate controversy said that catastrophic and criminal information has been uncovered. He said it probably will be released to the public this March. Will this reveal more cover ups from Obama and his people? I do not think the Obama administration can survive many more lying cover ups.

We should also realize that many other investigations are still ongoing about the many illegal activities that the Obama administration was involved in. Any one of them could bring Obama down if he was actually personally involved. Just one example, is the IRS scandal. With all the possible scandals already uncovered it is not out of the question that one of those scandals will catch up with Obama in 2014. If  any major discovery is found of illegal activity from the White House the Democrats running for election in 2014 could turn against Obama for their own self-preservation.

The intimidation of normal people by the tiny minority of homosexuals probably just jumped the shark. The age of permissiveness may have peaked in 2013. The pendulum always swings in both directions. I don’t think a couple of percent of abnormal people can force their lifestyle on others for very long without repercussions. Not long ago these sex acts were illegal so they stayed in the closet. Instead of being thankful for the new tolerance in society they continually shove their abnormal perversions and lifestyles in our faces and that is likely to backfire on them.

They have the gall to have in your face public exhibitions that disgust decent society and they make a mockery of the God-given marriage covenant between a male and a female. Not to mention the financial costs that taxpayers will pick up for accommodating them. We just saw the rejection of the homosexual agenda in Russia, India, Jamaica and in parts of Africa. The Islamic nations never embraced it. Those prancing on thin ice in this world will never conquer it.

Covered up information about how such life choices impact all of society may soon be brought to light. You may hear more about the diseases that homosexual promiscuity is spreading to the general population. You may also hear well founded claims that generation cycles of predators perpetuate homosexuality and not genetics. The homosexual agenda is not going to end in America in 2014 but it could be the turning point of blind endorsement by so many.

Likewise, normal people will soon get fed up with all the other permissiveness and perversion in America. It will become more and more obvious to the majority that endorsing sinful lifestyles is harmful to the society. The revelations of the consequences of legalizing evils in society may help turn more people against much of the “progressive” agenda which denies that certain evils in society are evil and sanctions or accommodates them.

Those attacking free speech and traditional Christian expression will probably see a backlash against them in 2014. The solution to the muzzling of people and Christian expression is rather simple. People should speak their mind and liberty loving organizations should support free speech, even if they do not agree with the message. If the VA again tells people that they cannot send Christmas cards to hospitalized veterans saying “Merry Christmas”, “God bless you”, or any other religious message, then the Veteran organizations should get together a thousand Vets for each VA hospital and personally deliver cards carrying such messages directly to any patient wanting them.

If government tells the Christian majority in America that Christianity in this nation cannot be displayed through Christian symbols in public because it might offend some atheist, then that majority should light up every city square and every window with such items. Are we mice or Christian men? If government tells Christians in the military that they cannot express their faith then the millions of Christian veterans that fought for this nation should use their muscle to overrule such a tyranny of domestic outlaws. If etc, etc, etc, – you should get the picture!

Don’t confuse what I said could begin in 2014 with any large-scale Christian revival occurring in America in 2014 or afterwards. Any move back toward the traditional American way is not the same as Christian conversion (many “Christians” confuse the two).  The chickens we let hatch with our past materialism and permissiveness will still come home to roust.

You might also be aware that the tyranny from the Left could soon be replaced with tyranny from the Right. Tyrannies of the minorities that now prevail could very well be replaced by tyrannies of the majority, even if they call what they enforce – American pie morality. If we abide by the Constitution of our land, it should help keep tyranny coming from any political wing. However, history proves that freedom and liberty in the world is fleeting and not easily kept.

Of course, all this talk of a peaceful revolution against the hard left tyranny will not happen if Americans do not choose change in 2014. My supposition is that if this nation is going to throw off  hard left progressive tyranny, it is going to have to start in 2014. Otherwise, the revolution against the hard left still could happen, but it is not likely to happen peacefully. On the other hand, we could have Obama and his kind for the life of this nation. That really is up to us Americans.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


10 thoughts on “Revolution against hard left progressive tyranny begins in 2014

  1. Don, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!
    I think many Americans are fed up with PC, the Progressive Agenda, a lying government who are taxing our liberties and what is left of pay checks for those fortunate to have jobs. I have talked with several neighbors and many in the grocery stores and they all say how much more will we take as Americans. I think we are getting close, but will need a few more instances in which government want to force more large scale tax increases, or where we must surrender more freedoms via what you mentioned, e.g., war, economic collapse, EMP, etc. Due to the incompetence of both party’s willingness to abide by the Constitution, I think many people, myself included are wondering if it will be peaceful removal via voting, or physical removal of the tyrannical leaders. I think many Americans would like the former, but if it’s the latter, are waiting for some kind of movement be it physical. Then again, the NSA is listening to everything and the slightest hint of a physical removal of leadership would be quashed and those convicted would be placed in a Guantanamo type facility, less the luxuries the Muslims enjoy. God Bless you in your work Don, it is much appreciated.

  2. Happy new year Don
    I think it is nothing more than a pipe dream to think that anything will come against these so named progressives. They are going to rub their government in our faces until their doomsday arrives. Hollywood will make sure of that. The right think that they had a victory by speaking out against their freedom of speech concerning Phil Robinson but they were being duped the whole time by A&E. The only victory was made by Hollywood by getting all the families to discuss the issue while they sat around sipping eggnog. Now they can double their audience with all those duped thinking that they made a difference by threatening Boycotts. How many of those people who speak out about the gay agenda still watch adultery or fornication on their TV? Its time for the true believers to stand by Bible principles and start living according to what James 1:21-22 says.

  3. Hi Kevin, (and Robert) Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Whatever the motives of A&E, the support Phil Robinson received says that many American’s are fed up with the censorship of Christian free expression in this nation. I have no doubt that progressives will continue to be in our face, I never said that progressives would change. However, their in your face agenda is likely to backfire on them because there are a lot of social conservatives in this country and the progressive tyranny and mockery of anything Christian or traditional just pisses people off enough to actually do something about it. Further, the Obama policies will continue to fail in 2014 so that could put the progressive movement on the ropes.

  4. Hi Don,

    Looks like it’s going to be a very eventful year. It appears that the growing debacle of the healthcare law will become increasingly damaging to the majority of people. Even those the liberal elites hoped would become more dependent upon the government via the medicaid roles are in for a surprise. The laws of supply and demand will apply, and the significant increase in people on medicaid alone with decrease in reimbursement rates to medical professionals will result in long waits to get in to see doctors and access services that will become less available. This will really be very damaging to a vulnerable population. Along with the damage done to the middle class in the form of increased taxes and insurance deductables and premiums is going to be difficult for the liberals to “spin”. Hopefully America will wake up and vote in some serious change in the 2014 elections.

    Rod in Oregon

  5. Don,
    Happy New Year and thanks for another great article. I believe that something exceptional is going to happen this year. Be it revolt or EMP attack and collapse we Christians need to pray and be watchful. Also, as Kevin said, we should not be watching any garbage on TV, which eliminates most of it. Almost all of the movies are garbage as well. Do Christians know that the people that produce TV shows know how many of us are watching and those high numbers enrich them through advertising dollars?
    I think we all need to have some kind of plan as to how we will survive after a collapse.
    I don’t mean hiding in the boondocks, but having a few supplies and being armed is not being unreasonable.

  6. I really don’t see Americans getting in an uproar this year, TPTB has us right where they want us, powerless and at their mercy. A global elite run this country through subsidiary organizations and “our” government plays along with the wishes of these people.

    Our government meets these people needs and desires not ours, but what the heck can we do about it? Who can make war with the Beast? I just see more of the same as we continue the slow boil towards whatever ending TPTB come up with before the return of our King.

    I can only wait for the Kingdom, remove myself from the beast and look up, as the hope of our redemption draws closer.

  7. David,

    The Beast has not arose out of the pit yet and those that think there is nothing that Americans can do about their government or the powers that be become part of the problem because they are allowing evil to triumph over them. The people of Germany allowed evil to rule over them and the result was a world war and genocide. Yet, the Nazis did not bring in the end of the world. Evil tyrants rule when good men do nothing to stop them and that is true in many nations today. In other words, those that would not confront evil within their nation become the very reason why they are under the bondage of tyranny. The people of the United States are far from powerless at this point.

    Jesus implied that believers would occupy until He comes back (Lu 19:13). He did not say the Beast will triumph over His Church. The Beast cannot even ascend out of the pit as long as the Church occupies. When Revelation says to come out of the Beast it is after the Church is taken by Christ and Satan is allowed to control the earth through the Beast that arises out of the abyss. It lasts only for 42 months. The passage in Revelation 18 telling people to come out of Babylon is talking to converts during the Great tribulation.

  8. Don, I so much appreciated this article. It’s been a source of frustration that so many people, especially Christians, haven’t been willing to defend liberty. As far as we’re concerned I’ve been hoping for American defiance to kick in before it’s too late.

    [I let Windows install a new browser on my computer not knowing it would log me out of everything. Duh. That’s why I had to resend the information to get back on your blog.]

  9. Our opinions are different on the happenings before the return of the King. I want argue my positions on your website, at least will try not too, as you don’t tolerate varying viewpoints well.

    I would like to see you or anyone make a reasonable case of what “we the people” could do to retake our country from the interests that control everything from our thoughts to our pocketbooks.

    Also can’t remember Christ’s words implying I should be concerned about the world’s government other than to recognize and avoids it’s evils as we anticipate the return of our King.

  10. David,

    This website and blog gives a premillennial pre-trib viewpoint from my 40 years of study on the issue. I tolerate varying viewpoints within that theology but I do not usually allow others to make comments offering a different theology without some response in contradiction. I also am not going to allow others to argue what I believe is aberrant theology in comments on topical posts. That would be an endless waste of time and nobody would read the comments.

    We the people could overthrow those that wish to oppress us by similar means that others have done so throughout history.

    Christians should get involved in the political affairs of the nation that they dwell in if that is possible. The Hebrews did when they were not in the land of Israel. Paul went to the seat of Rome to teach the gospel. The Christian influence in the Roman Empire became so great that Constantine decided to make it the official religion.

    The New World was occupied by Christian people taking great risk to flee persecution against Christians in Europe. If we lose the Liberty that God gave us in America to be salt and light to the world, it is because the majority of people in Americans have rejected Christ. A nation that has a population that overwhelmingly claims to be Christian could change the government of this nation with a vote. Don’t expect liberty or free Christian expression if you show that you are content to live within a nation that prosecutes Christians by doing nothing to prevent it from happening.

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