The Satanic world system is rapidly progressing toward Antichrist

With so many people calling themselves “progressives” these days you would think that the progressives would have made some progress over the years but it looks to me like this Satanic world system is now rapidly progressing toward the Antichrist and its own doom.

The hippie generation of the 1960’s thought they were about to  enter the age of Aquarius where peace would guide the planets and love will steer the stars. The old communist hippies and their progressive offspring are now ruling the world and these godless diehards are still singing the same utopian song. Even so, the reality coming upon the earth will have somewhat different lyrics than that old Fifth Dimension’s song.

When the moon is blood red
And Jupiter opposes Mars
Then war will guide the planet
And hate will steer the movie stars
This is the dawning of the age
Of Antichrist, the age of Antichrist
Antichrist, Antichrist

Any rational person should be able to see that the world will now be heading into one crisis after another. At some point, someone claiming to be like God or to be God, will come along with what will seem like all the solutions for this dysfunctional world. He will be the Satanic usurper that astute Christians know as the Antichrist.

In reality, he will not have the solutions for the world, his war against Israel and the God of creation will instead bring the world to near destruction. Only the second coming of Jesus Christ will save the world from total destruction.

First, Jesus will come to save His elect Church from the time on earth when the man empowered by Satan will rule. Then, some years later, Jesus will come to cut short the destruction of the Antichrist so that a remnant of Israel can be saved. Otherwise, no flesh on earth would have even survived the period under the rule of the Antichrist (Mt 24:22).

When Jesus comes, those still alive will enter the Kingdom Age, not the Satanic pagan New Age envisioned by the progressives that do not know the God of creation.

How can I be so sure? For three reasons. I believe what the Bible says. I believe that present world trends all confirm what the Bible says about the last days, and I believe that the Holy Spirit  confirms to me that these things are so.

The times we live in are really self-evident:

  • Islam is causing warfare and terrorism all over the world. Islam wars against and persecutes all that will not submit to their oppressive fascist antichrist system. Islam can be compared to the spreading Blob in the movie of the 1950’s. In the Blob, the government also dismissed reports on the Blob until it was almost too late. Islam like the Blob will be exterminated before it consumes everyone into its collective hell.
  • Europe is in moral and economic decline and is now being subverted by Islam. The Antichrist’s future rise to power will happen as a result of the coming civil in the EU and the coming world war against the Islamists and not before.
  • America is in moral and economic decline. Most of her politicians are corrupt, most people are dumbed down and apathetic and her inner cities are controlled by gangs. America’s police have been militarized. The people are divided. Her days seem to be numbered.
  • Japan has rejected Christianity and is in economic decline, the demographics of Japan alone indicates a very bleak future.
  • Fascist China with 1.3 billion people is persecuting Christians, militarizing, and threatening its neighbors.
  • Russia is run by thugs and is again militarizing and is planning to form a new fascist union to replace the old Communist Soviet Union.
  • An evil alliance is forming in the world. What unites these nations is common hatred against true Christianity, Jews, America, and any nation that allows people to have individual liberties.
  • The Arabs hate Israel and the Arab tribes hate each other. There are civil wars all over the Middle East, but it is only a matter of time before they again focus on Israel.
  • The hatred between the Sunnis and the Shiite Muslims will bring a war within Islam.
  • Iran is developing nuclear weapons and she will try to start a world war if their nuclear facilities are attacked. They will be attacked within the year if Iran does not halt their nuclear weapons program.
  • North Korea is developing nuclear weapons and any incident can bring about a major Asian war and attempted EMP attacks over South Korea, Japan, and the United States.
  • Central and South America is radicalizing and being increasingly controlled by drug and socialist thugs. Murder rates are horrendous.
  • Africa is heading toward a regional war because Muslims continue to slaughter Christians in the name of Allah.
  • Abortions and infanticide is widespread in the world. This abomination will bring judgment.
  • Diseases that cannot be cured or are very difficult to cure are on the rise and spreading. Some of these treatment resistance diseases are rapidly spreading because of legal and illegal drug abuse, homosexual practices, immune system compromised people, and politically correct junk science regulations (e.g. the ban on DDT).


  • Christian doctrines, symbols, and practice are being outlawed by secular governments in most of what were recently called Christian nations.
  • The family structure is increasingly being destroyed by “progressives” that never saw a sin that they will not try to justify or traditional families and parents that they will not try to control.
  • The salt has lost its savor. Most Pastors in Christendom are not teaching Christianity and most people calling themselves Christians are not practicing Christianity. True Christianity is rapidly losing ground in the world to secularism, Christian cults, New Age pantheism, and Islam in spite of the large scale revivals and conversions that pseudo Christian organizations claim.
  • Pagan “Christianity” is gaining ground all over the world through the false teachers in various forms of Word of Faith Theology. The great revival they claim is a counterfeit revival orchestrated by greedy wolves in sheep’s clothing (This is no bum rap). Then there also are the false teachers that are replacing God’s written word with philosophies of men or techniques to teach others to have mystical experiences.
  • Ecumenicalism is gaining ground through false teachers yoking up with unbelievers and professing believers teaching another gospel. These false teachers often preach what is often called the social gospel which turns out to be no gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ at all.

The main place where man is progressing in this Satanic world system is in the area of replacing God with Satanic and man-made substitutes. However, astute Christians know where these counterfeit substitutes lead. They lead to the Harlot of Revelation 17 or to the Beast Antichrist of Revelation 11, 13, 14,15 ,16, 17, 19 and 20!

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


26 thoughts on “The Satanic world system is rapidly progressing toward Antichrist

  1. Hi Don,

    Well, your new article was perfect in timing.. This being my 47th birthday, it was a perfect gift to start my morning with coffee! Regarding the latter part of your post, most of the books being written start with the premise of the author’s “opinions”, with scripture references sparsely placed to support what he/she wants the reader to hear… Rather than.. Starting with the word of God, and then working from the truth. Opinions are replacing facts, which come from the word of God. It’s easier to deceive people that way.

    Thanks for your post Don,


  2. When one dismiss the authority of God from one’s life doors are opened to selfishness, then indifference and contempt for others to hatred; and hatred where there is no law, to murder.

    The world’s societies have dismissed God from their thinking and substituted him with gods of materialism and lasciviousness, and for those who claim to be religious people yet dismiss or distort God’s authority, self-righteousness can be added. In a lawless society that too will eventually lead to hatred and to murder.

    Don, you are so right; in a world where God’s authority is dismissed, the inevitable end to selfishness and hatred is self-destruction. This is not good news to those who know not God, and ‘watchmen’ seem therefore to have no good news to tell, but there is bad news and good news; in the coming self-destruction God will give the world one last chance to repent: The joy of it is that he foresees many millions who do.

  3. Jesus never implied, insinuated, or affirmed a “pre trib”, secret rapture “catching away”. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Convincing people they will be privileged and secretly taken away in the precise moment to avoid antichrist is a delusion. He said, But when you shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not, (let him that reads understand,) then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains:

    One cannot see the antichrist abomination if one is not on earth. And he was speaking to his apostles, the first members of his new church, the chosen, the elect, the chosen Jews. All of the apostles were martyred…even John, the one Jesus loved, died in prison. Not all believers will be martyred. And he will shorten the days after this event, as a relief to his elect. The apostles were afraid of government persecutiion after Jesus died and resurrected. They hid away. Then the Spirit came upon them, and they were no longer afraid. Not even in the face of brutal death. God will do the same for his elect. He said don’t think about what you will say when you are challenged to defend your faith, the Holy Spirit will speak through you. Be not afraid.

  4. Ken,

    The snatching away of the Bride before the great tribulation could not be revealed before Jesus paid the blood price and the Bride of Christ is given. Not all that will be saved will go in the Rapture and that is why we can find scriptures that seem to support both views. Nevertheless, both the taking of the Bride before the great tribulation and believers going through the Great Tribulation are true.

    My advice to all is to be identified with the Church at Philadelphia. Rev 3:10 “Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

    For more about the pre-trib Rapture proofs read my article.

    This topic always becomes an endless argument and rabbit trail on Bible prophecy blogs so no further arguments for or against a pre-trib Rapture will be posted here.

  5. You state emphatically that Islam will be exterminated before it consumes everybody in its collective hell. Why are you so certain? And how do you suppose it will happen? I think you’ve mentioned it before but I can’t recall which article. Is it not possible that Islam will just assimilate into the one world whore? Aren’t some islamic clerics and imams engaged in ecumenical talks with Rome and have been? Just wondering. It’s seems incredible that the day will come when there will not be Islam until Jesus finally puts an end to it. Right now we see the opposite happening. Apostate Christianity is embracing islam and accomodating them in their “churches”.

  6. Anna,

    Islam may assimilate but there would have to be a reason for that. It will not happen before a world war. Radicals are totally in control of Islam and it will remain that way until they are overthrown. There is only one Mystery Babylon and one woman riding in the Beast. I can’t keep repeating what I write in my comments. You and others are going to have to use the search tools available to find articles. There are the top 100 on the sidebar, Categories, Tags, related posts, a search box on top the blog and a search box on the bottom of my website homepage.

    Or better yet just use “what you are looking for” for a complete website search on what you put between the quotes (you might leave off the quotes unless you want only to find that exact wording)

  7. Hi Don. I can’t see that Iran will stop developing their nuclear weapons program on their own. I suppose Israel will be the attackers then so if Iran tries to start a world war will they be successful?

  8. Caitlin,

    The US might do the job or Israel, but will Iran be successful in starting a world war if they are attacked? The more denuclearizing Iran is put off the more likely a world war becomes. Not that it matters that much because if Iran does not start a world war others in Islam still will.

  9. Very good article Don, stating the truth as found in the Word of God. The rate of the decline of “true Christianity” is rather evident in these last days. Many believers who “gather unto His name” in the local assemblies are now worried to minister on things such as seperation, the priesthood of all believers and even marriage etc. Not so much from fear of the unbelievers nor from the criticism of those attending churches within christendom, but more because not wanting to offend the “young ones” with the truth who may leave the fellowship and join that which is not seperated unto God but governed by man in its various forms, part of which you rightly suggest will lead to the Harlot as described in Revelations.
    God Bless.

  10. The times we live in are really self-evident:

    An article in line with your list above is of interest.

    The oil Baron Putin will not be happy to be cut out of such an arrangement and would look on it as a ‘spoil’ worth the taking. The US would have to be a spent force, and we can see Europe is too limp-wristed to do anything about such aggression, so yes I can see the article as having merit.

  11. Hello Don and others,

    One of your points about the break down of the family is being further evidenced in the juvenile court system. For instance.. The County Juvenile Departments in the past had funds to assist teen probationees in the following manner: Funds were provided for bus passes, sometimes gym memberships, club activities, paying for counseling when there was no insurance available, tattoo removal (in the case of gang involvement), fees for pro social activities to get kids headed in a positive direction. Now… All of those funds are gone.. But… There is currently $100,000 in a slush fun for county public defenders to make sure that the teens who are arrested in the community avoid detention, and legal sanctions all in the name of “protecting their rights”! What a fine message we are sending our youth! And this is happening around the state. These public defenders have even fought against my recommendations for kids to do treatment, or other appropriate counseling. All of this is leading to less parental authority, less accountability, and more societal breakdown. At least thats how I see it… Not sure if states other than Oregon are behaving this way…

    Rod in Oregon

  12. Rod in Oregon

    Such perverse actions as you relate make it difficult to envisage things getting worse, for such planned destruction of young people is worse than barbaric, it is calculated evil. “It were better for the instigators that a millstone were hanged about their necks, and that they were drowned in the depth of the sea”.

    The hell bent aggressiveness of such evil demonstrates the old adage “give the Devil an inch and he will take a mile”.

    It would seem that their is insufficient salt in the Church, for the world has gone mad.

  13. Rod & Brian,

    Rod, you are certainly someone who is seeing first hand what is happening to our youth in the judicial and juvenile systems.

    I worked for a ranch for troubled teens myself and have seen it also, not to your extent, but I was a counselor/coach who tried to instill a positive, truthful, message.

    I had teens who were thief’s, violent, a cannibal (and other demonic activity) and of course, the drug users, etc.

    The system has failed our troubled youth and even these “ranches” are so much into political correctness and preaching a NON-Biblical message, they rarely turn a teens life around.

    I wrote a letter to “the ranch” while I worked there about showing the kids some love and understanding…I had the kids excited about doing the right thing and looking forward to life…but that was not part of the curriculum and the ranch insisted on ruling with the iron hand…I left soon thereafter, and that ranch is now closed down.

    Also, we are seeing in the news almost daily today of funds by the mega-millions going to countries that hate the U.S. and all it stands for all for the sake of political power…instead of investing right here at home.

    Rod, I do thank you for what you do and are trying to do, I know it’s a tough battle.

    Yeah Brian, I also agree with you…some of the things that are done to our youth at a very young age (pre-teen) makes me think about the “millstone” analogy that The Lord talked about.

  14. Don,

    I agree with your dismal assessment of our state of affairs here on earth. What I can’t understand is where in other places/articles you state that the return of our Lord 30 years out. Then there are a slurry of comments following your article(s) saying things like, “Don, I will be 98 by then”. Don, I will be 83 by then”, etc.

    Do you still think we can go even another ten years before the harpazo? I see things accelerating very rapidly. And the PTB seem to be ramping up exponentially since the last election. Many people are waking up (not necessarily Christians)so I think that will cause the satanists to move ahead even faster. Susan

  15. Susan,

    I don’t believe the return of the Lord is thirty years out. Maybe you are reading something I wrote ten years ago. I believe the return of the Lord is about twenty years from now with the Rapture being at any time and almost certainly within the next 10 to 15 years.

  16. Hi Don,
    I appreciated your article. It certainly is a time of making sure we are
    `able to resist in the evil day, & having done everything to stand firm.` (Eph. 6: 13)
    (ie. on the truth of Christ`s character & His purposes.)

    Each onslaught either drives people to their `pleasures,` or we are drawn more by the Holy Spirit closer to Christ.


  17. Don, I have been reading different things about the government. How they are installing microphones on buses, devices near borders that can scan you from 164 feet away and pretty much find out everything about you, and a database I believe you and I discussed before that can track emails, texts…..but I read Obama approved the expansion of it to hold more data from the citizens. When is this all going to blow up and be a full blown and are these steps toward complete tyranny and eventually the antichrist?

    Also the FBI is keeping track of who pays with cash frequently and not card in coffee shops

  18. Donovan,

    If these surveillance devices and databases become part of the Antichrist system they have a long way to go before it can be established worldwide. I do not think it can possibly happen worldwide before world war III unless the buy/sell system is actually put in place by Satanic Angels rather than humans ( a definite possibility).

    All technology only becomes part of the Beast/Antichrist system after the two witnesses are killed and the Beast/Antichrist is revealed.

    As for the FBI keeping track of people paying with cash in coffee shops. You have got to be kidding. I find it astounding that people actually buy into such nonsense.

  19. To Don & Donovan,

    Last year, I was asked to provide ID because I made a decent size purchase with cash at my local Wal-Mart.

    They were not happy about me paying cash and treated me like I was a criminal because of it. Two managers came to verify the purchase and they looked at me like angry pit bosses at a casino.

    Was it because of the fear of the counterfeit problems going on in our country ?…maybe, but still, it was a very uncomfortable transaction, nonetheless.

    I have read that while the RFID’s that are on new items today, do not necessarily identify anyone, it is still enough to provide and build a tracking profile…and these RFID’s are apparently in a lot of things we buy now, not just on the packages themselves.

    I drove a semi-truck years ago, New Mexico and Colorado were using tracking ID’s on commercial vehicles and based on the trucker outrage over it, I found out that Colorado did issue speeding and logbook ticket violations via the tracking…of course, now almost every semi truck has satellite tracking also, so that’s old news.

    A friend of mine who is still a truck driver said that tracking every single action a trucker is involved in, including those that have nothing to do with legalities or violations is recorded and easily accessed by future employers.

    I have read that ALL vehicles manufactured after 2005 have tracking devices on them, though, they are not all active…yet. Also, it is old news that some car rental agencies now have tracking devices on them.

    Who exactly has access to all this information ?…is it “Project Echelon” (SIGINT) ?…I have no idea but the foundation sure does seem to be in place.

  20. ~David,

    There is certainly a lot of tracking in place in the U.S. but the U.S. is not the world and although these things could eventually lead to the Antichrist buy/sell system that is not what we have now. Tracking allows just-in-time-inventory and it really is a productivity issue for major corporations. The chips in cars is about safety and statistics and to determine who was at fault in an accident. If we going to live in a modern world where everything is computerized we are going to have to expect these things. They are not bad in themselves, but when tyrants have this information and use it to take away our inalienable rights and liberties we will find ourselves living under totalitarianism.

  21. Don,

    I agree.

    No, these things are not “bad” in and of themselves, but they certainly seem to be an early indicator of things to come.

    And, who says that tyrants don’t have access to any and all information ?

    Then again, the United States won’t be around (at least in its current form) when the beast/antichrist system is in full bloom, so, I guess it’s pointless conjecture at this point.

  22. You’re a rascist idiot, that’s clear. Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself. You think that everyone should believe in Christianity. If anyone’s being satanic, it’s you.

  23. Yaz,

    Everyone should become a Christian. That is because Jesus Christ is the only God given way in which people can be saved. The world is under God’s condemnation because of sin and Jesus was given to save those that trust in God out of it. Having said that, not many people will become Christian because most people love their sins and hate God. They reject the free gift of Grace that God offers them. I told you the truth. If you think telling people the truth is dirty, what is your lying name calling? Only those that reflect Satan can be satanic and Satan obviously controls your mouth, yet you do not even believe in him. My words are for those with ears to hear. If you cannot abide hearing the truth it is because you wish to believe the lies of the satanic world system.

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