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Imminent Danger for the United States of America Superpower

By Don Koenig - 2006

The clear message of this series is that the United States is in imminent danger of losing her superpower status even before the events of end time Bible prophecy and the tribulation.

Those living in the United states of America could wake up tomorrow to find themselves experiencing a completely different world than the one they are comfortable with today. It could be a world where the things the people in the nation take for granted for everyday living are no longer available. Those who were in New Orleans and southern Mississippi after hurricane Katrina experienced first hand what I am talking about.

Without God's intervention, the United States of America most likely will lose superpower status within the next twenty years due to one or more of the clear and present dangers in this series. Any of them could even happen today.

Warning! Although there are some who claim that the United States is in Bible prophecy. The United States is not in Bible prophecy with one possible cryptic exception. The United States is in Bible prophecy if the dire prophecy of Isaiah 18:1-7 is about America. Even if the prophecy in Isaiah 18:1-7 refers to America it indicates the land spoken of in that prophecy will see disaster. The overwhelming silence in Bible prophecy about any superpower that resembles the United States indicates that America will not be a major player in end time events. (Those who believe that America is Babylon should read chapters 17 and 18 of my Revelation commentary.)

With the United States today dominating world affairs and with most world trends indicating that fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy is imminent, one has to wonder why the Bible is silent about this overwhelming superpower. The likely reason is that at the time of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy the United States is no longer a superpower. The superpowers the Bible does mention are one from the utter most parts of the North (Russia with her allies), a revived Roman Empire (Europe and some of the Middle East), the kings of the East (China and other nations from the East. Kings is plural), the king of the South (an African alliance of nations) and Babylon The Great (the final world empire of the Beast with headquarters in Babylon, Iraq). The United States cannot be identified as any of these end time world powers.

Many in the U.S. think that America is a Christian nation and that God will not allow any major judgment to come to her. That theory fails for a couple of reasons. The United States is not really a Christian nation. The United States has taken the God of Christianity out of just about everything and has inserted materialism, paganism and every lust anyone can imagine in His place. As Billy Graham was reported to have once said, "If God does not judge America He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah". What if judgment brings repentance and what if what is called Christianity in America is so corrupted that God choses to judge the nation in order to get His people to trust in Him rather than in their riches and their self help programs?

The theory that God will not allow judgment of America fails for a second reason. True Christians all over the world in many countries are suffering and being persecuted or killed. In reality, there are more true Christians in China than there are in the United States but the persecution against Christians in China continues. In the 9/11 attack on the trade towers many true Christians were killed. In the hurricane Katrina disaster many true Christians died. God promises to be with Christian believers through the troubles of this world; He does not promise believers the security of long life in the flesh.
As proof, Christians have about the same life span as non Christians.

It is true that God knows how to deliver His people when they please Him and when it is in their spiritual benefit that He do so. However, God may not deliver people who are identified with his name but insist on living in a sinful lifestyle. God's Church is perfected by suffering because when she gets rich and comfortable she becomes like her mother, ancient Israel. She believes she acquired it by her own idols and own efforts and she forgets the God who redeemed her. Such is the nature of mankind living in the flesh. The Laodicean church of Revelation who thought she was rich and in need of nothing, was actually spiritually poor and blind and in darkness. This is also the state of most of those who identify with Christianity in the United State of America today.

God will bless a nation that follows Him, and He has blessed the United States tremendously, but America for the most part has now turned her back on God. Ancient Israel was God's people, but the majority of its citizens fell into corruption and God judged the whole nation and sent the whole nation into exile
including the true faithful Jews within her. What then makes the United States of America exempt from judgment because it also has "some" true believers?

In this series, I will only write about the dangers that are imminent to the United States of America that should any one of them occur the impact would remove America from world superpower status. There certainly will be other events of a more regional nature like earthquakes, terrorism, local wars, storms, etc., that will not significantly reduce the superpower status of the United States.

If my thesis is correct that the United States is not in Bible prophecy, and is no longer a world superpower when the end time events occur, the question one might ask is how does the fall of the United States from superpower status happen? I will suggest some possible scenarios that either most do not know about or the blind optimists think can never happen to America. The imminent dangers I outline are clear and present dangers for the United States of America before the biblical tribulation.

I believe world trends, church trends and Bible prophecy indicate the great tribulation will come around AD 2020 to 2040. Thus, the dangers imminent to the United States that I am writing about span the time from now until the beginning of the end time events described by Jesus, Revelation, and the prophets. Therefore, I believe one or more of the dangers described in the links below will occur in the next two decades (from 2006), unless there is a radical unforeseen change of direction in the United States of America back to the God of the Bible.

One of the following imminent dangers may be the reason why the American superpower is not in Bible prophecy: Follow the links to read the articles.

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States - Imminent danger to the U.S. # 1

Massive oil and gas disruptions - Imminent Danger to the U.S. # 2

Economic collapse in the United States - Imminent danger to the U.S. # 3

Coordinated Nuclear Terrorist Attack - Imminent danger to the U.S. # 4

WMD Attack on America by Russia or China - Imminent danger to the U.S. # 5

Break Up of the United States of America and Civil Upheavals - Imminent Danger #6

Cyber attack - Imminent danger #7